About High Alert & The Daily Bell

Led by Anthony Wile, High Alert Investment Management Ltd. ("High Alert") is a Liechtenstein-based, free-market oriented venture capital firm.  We specialize in geopolitical and economic analysis for self-directed investors seeking the potential of early-stage investing.

When we identify a truly exceptional investment opportunity, our practice is to structure a ground-floor financial partnership for our global network of accredited and institutional investors – which potentially might include you. TheDailyBell.com is where investors find out about such early-stage opportunities first.

The Daily Bell Newswire (available to interested investors at no cost) sends its subscribers a wealth of early-warning investment research and analysis – the same intelligence that guides High Alert’s own investment portfolio.

The key to the remarkable investment success of Wile and the High Alert team is the VESTS investment model – first set out in Wile’s 2007 book, High Alert, and expanded upon in 2013 in his Financial Freedom. High Alert applies the VESTS model to analyze the primary geopolitical and financial trends that influence market cycles and that from time to time point to specific sectors as particularly rich in opportunity.

Our video and text-based special reports highlight the wealth building, asset protection and lifestyle enhancement solutions we have identified through extensive due diligence as best-in-class. We bring these to your attention for consideration as strategies to live freer in this rather unfree world, which you may wish to implement in your own life. As a Newswire subscriber, you’ll be among the very first to receive our special reports.

If you’re a self-directed investor who understands the power of freedom and prefers making your own investment decisions, consider requesting a free subscription to The Daily Bell Newswire.

  • Build your own portfolio of high potential, early-stage investment opportunities
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  • Draw on our extensive due diligence to help confirm your decisions and also to help you avoid costly misjudgments – access thousands of dollars worth of institutional research and analysis
  • Our well-informed investor services team is standing by to help you learn more about specific investment-oriented products or services introduced by High Alert and The Daily Bell.

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