Do You Trust the Government, or Do You Have a Plan B?
By Joe Jarvis - February 03, 2021

Things I trust more than the government: a Facebook ad promising me a free weekend in Lithuania.

The year was 2016 and I was a starving artist, writing and living in a travel trailer on my sister’s property in rural Florida.

One day an advertisement popped up on my social media feed encouraging me to apply to an entrepreneurship camp in Lithuania called Sovereign Academy. But what caught my eye was that it was free.

All you had to do was submit a video application about your entrepreneurial journey, and 50 people from around the world would be chosen to spend a weekend learning from a handful of top notch mentors– CEOs, successful businessmen, and advertising experts.

So I made a video about the books I’d written, the mini-farm I was helping build, and all the business ideas I had, but didn’t know how to accomplish. Actually it’s the first video I ever posted on my Youtube, so you can go and see for yourself if you want.

Then I got accepted to the camp, and I was like, hold up– let me look into this a little bit more.

The camp was put on by this guy named Simon Black who founded I’d never heard of it before, but it did seem to match my general ethos on planning for a worst case scenario– I was, after all, preparing for a zombie apocalypse on a remote farm.

But Sovereign Man was less about “prepping” and more about incrementally building up a portfolio of options. A Plan B leaves you better off no matter what happens, while prepping for disaster almost leaves you, hoping for disaster. Otherwise all your hard work is for nothing.

So I said, you know what, let’s see what this Sovereign Man thing is all about, and I hopped on a plane to Lithuania by myself. What did I have to lose?

Well, my family seemed to think I had a few valuable organs to lose. This was one of those situations that seemed a little too good to be true. Suppose I was truly selected because my video demonstrated excellent kidney, liver, and heart health?

And the movie Taken had convinced us all that sketchy Europeans were lurking behind every fancy wooden door to kidnap and traffic you.

Spoiler alert: there was no organ harvesting involved. What actually happened was I gained more useful knowledge in a weekend than I had in four years of college. I got introduced to some amazing mentors, 49 other campers from around the world all working on something cool, as well as Simon and other members of the Sovereign Man team.

People have asked what Simon has to get out of throwing down $25,000 of his own money, not to mention his extremely valuable time, to give away a fun and educational weekend trip to a bunch of entrepreneurs?

It’s really just his way of giving back, but since my content is all about growing power, let’s look at this from another perspective.

Power building should be a win/ win scenario for everyone involved. This camp brings a bunch of young, energetic talent into Simon’s sphere. He’s ended up investing in companies of some of these entrepreneurs, and bringing others on to work for him.

He creates this worldwide network of interesting, ambitious people, which is really great to be at the center of.

But some people– mostly commies– view this sort of mutual benefit as sinister or manipulative. But it’s not. It’s exactly how you grow wealth, and increase the total amount of value in the world.

I learned that first hand when my writing experience and healthy distrust of government landed me a gig with Sovereign Man researching laws, bills, regulations, and court rulings that were relevant to Sovereign Man’s readers.

And one huge perk of being involved with Sovereign Man was that I was given access to Sovereign Man’s premium content. And that was a life changer.

Before, I had all these frustrations with government, and like a lot of people I felt trapped.

But suddenly I had information at my fingertips that showed me, actually, there are plenty of perfectly legal ways to pay hardly any taxes, for example.

It was through Sovereign Man that I learned of tax incentives in Puerto Rico that now allow me to pay a 4% tax rate to Puerto Rico, and practically nothing to the Feds. It’s all perfectly legal, and it’s one of the best options Americans have right now, since DC claims the right to tax your income no matter where you live or make money in the world.

I’ve been in Puerto Rico for just over a year now and that one Sovereign Man alert has saved me literally tens of thousands of dollars.

I also learned from Sovereign Man that I could acquire an Italian passport through ancestry for very little money, without having to move to Italy. In fact Sovereign Man taught me that, actually, it’s not so hard to move abroad in general, or gain foreign residency without having to move.

With a foreign residency or dual citizenship, you’re no worse off. But it could end up being a life-saving option in the event your home country quickly become unlivable due to civil unrest, insane government, ridiculous taxes, or COVID lockdowns. You now have a backup plan.

Same thing goes for transferring some of my savings into gold and silver. Now I don’t have to rely so much on banks and the Federal Reserve. I’m protected from inflation, as long as the 5,000 year history of precious metals maintaining their value continues.

I even keep some precious metals in a secure overseas facility that I learned about through Sovereign Man– a great option if you’re worried about FDR’s gold confiscation of the Great Depression coming back from the dead like other Marxist failures.

Of course if everything returns to normal, if politicians voluntarily give up their dictatorial COVID powers, if somehow printing trillions of paper dollars doesn’t cause massive inflation, if broke governments with bankrupt pensions don’t raise taxes, and cut Social Security…

Then I am still better off having set up alternatives. There is no downside, a Plan B assures you come at everything the world throws at you from a position of strength.

There are a million little incremental steps to choose from, some that take time, some take money, some you can start right now for free. But Sovereign Man goes into the details and specifics of presenting option after option, month after month for how you can take back your freedom, and control over your finances and environment.

Apart from that, Simon provides a really useful way to look at the world– a rational approach to consistently grow value.

So today, I want to offer you a product from Sovereign Man that walks you through real world solutions that give you more personal power.

It’s called Sovereign Man: Blueprintand even though it’s Sovereign Man’s least expensive product, it’s the everything you need starter pack to craft your Plan B.

Immediately when you join, you get the Sovereign Man Starter Guide, which covers foreign residency, citizenship, precious metals, retirement solutions outside Social Security, five ways to drastically lower your taxes, and a whole section on protecting your assets from frivolous lawsuits.

But then you will continue to receive the monthly letter. Some recent letters include:

  • Obtain these foreign residencies without leaving your home country (December 2020)
  • Four ways to take back control, no matter what happens next (Financial/ business skills, asset protection, plus securing food, water, and medicine, November 2020)
  • Protect Your Personal Assets if Your Business is Facing Bankruptcy (a step-by-step guide; August 2020)
  • Want your kids to be freethinkers? Move here for the best homeschooling laws (June 2020, with global options)
  • Five possible economic scenarios for a post-COVID world — with solutions for each (May 2020)
  • Puerto Rico — a little-known backdoor to a Spanish passport (February 2020)
  • What is ‘value investing’, and how can you make it part of your Plan B? (January 2020)

And of course you gain access to all these, and many more past letters as soon as you sign up as well.

Plus you’ll receive Sunday Intelligence, written by yours truly, which reviews different Plan B strategies and options that you can employ in response to real world situations.

For instance I recently reviewed the lowest tax states, delved into alternative “money” in a worst case scenario, took a look at homeschool freedom in the US and around the world, and reviewed all Mexico has to offer for a Plan B.

Sovereign Man: Blueprint is super valuable, and it’s pretty cheap. Sovereign Man: Confidential– the flagship subscription, which comes with extra alerts and blackpapers, costs $995 per year.

But Sovereign Man: Blueprint, is usually $195 a year, but using this link cuts the price down to $95 for a full year. Less than 8 bucks a month.

And there is a 30 day money back guarantee so there’s really no risk in checking it out.

Just to be absolutely crystal clear: I write for Sovereign Man, I am a Sovereign Man contributor.

That being said, I’m not getting paid to make this video, I’m doing this on my own time, and at my own expense.

I’m just actually that excited about Sovereign Man’s content.

That’s another great point I learned from a Sovereign Academy mentor– a helpful hint while hiring employees or running a company. People from my generation don’t want to just work for a company, clock in, clock out, and get paid. We need a higher purpose, and we need to be able to articulate it in a simple understandable way when someone inevitably asks, what do you do for work?

I write for Sovereign Man. We provide people solutions to take their power back from oppressive governments and corrupt banks.

I think sometimes people can have this attitude that it is sleazy to sell anything. And that’s just not true. If you are selling something you truly believe in, that you know will benefit the customer, that is doing them a service. The whole point of trade is mutual benefit.

And the only reason I’m explaining all this, is because always want to be upfront about what I’m doing to build power. That’s what my videos are all about.

The best method I know to become more influential is to provide value.

I can provide value to Sovereign Man by talking to my audience about their Plan B solutions.

BUT, more importantly, I can provide value to the viewer by connecting them to these products.

And the benefit I receive for providing that value is indirect: I’m not getting paid for selling Blueprint subscriptions. It just makes me a more valuable member of the team. And it makes me a valuable resource to the viewers.

Everyone wins, including the people who never purchase anything, because you’ll still get all this free content which does take considerable time and money for me to create.

But that is an investment I’m willing to make, both for myself, and to grow an empowered, decentralized community of people who refuse to be victims.

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