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Legalize Heroin: The Meme Continues
By Staff News & Analysis - June 27, 2014

The war on drugs is lost – legalise the heroin trade … I did not believe it before I went to Afghanistan. But it's now clear that prohibition is no answer to this deadly scourge … – Editorial by William Patey/UK Guardian

Dominant Social Theme: Let us regulate drugs worldwide. The UN can do it.

Free-Market Analysis: Our attention was first drawn to this apparent dominant social theme when marijuana legalization exploded onto the scene.

In reporting on the marijuana meme, we began to find evidence that marijuana was not the only drug that might soon be legalized. We have thus gone on record as reporting that the larger globalist power elite contemplates legalizing ALL drugs in the future, perhaps the near future.

Of course, this is a major statement to make. But we are not afraid to make it because it builds on our observation of dominant social themes. We are dedicated meme watchers and after several decades of this we'd like to think we can tell an elite trend when we see one.

We predicted the run-up in gold way back in 2002. We've predicted the current Wall Street Party as well. We forecast the demise of the mainstream media nearly a decade ago. We reported on the deterioration of the central banking meme and warmism. We explained why the power elite was replacing secular regimes with Islamic ones in the Middle East and Africa.

We sort through mainstream articles and alternative media posts to find out what trends are and how they are being received. We marry this to Austrian economic analysis and economic literacy. Others do this, too, these days but we're pretty good at it.

The globalist power elite wants to impose as much worldwide regulation as possible these days – or so it seems – using the United Nations as the main enforcer. This helps build the credibility of world government.

One main "problem" the UN can solve is global warming. Another is the "war on terror." A third – one that is now being cultivated, in our view – is a takedown of the war on drugs.

Demilitarize the war and haul in the UN to regulate instead and you've set yet another worldwide precedent. Note, please, that worldwide regulation of drugs provides internationalist proponents with a logical argument. Drugs cut across the boundaries of nation-states.

This editorial appearing in the Guardian makes just these arguments. We would argue it is no coincidence and is more than simply a "cry from the heart" from a diplomat whose mind has been changed by his overseas experiences.

See for yourself:

After 10 years of effort with tens of thousands of troops in the country, and having spent billions trying to reduce poppy cultivation, Afghans are growing more opium than ever before. As the December US troop draw-down deadline approaches, the UN Office of Drugs and Crime estimates that last year Afghanistan produced nearly $3bn worth of opium, and its derivatives heroin and morphine.

… If we cannot deal effectively with supply, then the only alternative would seem to be to try to limit the demand for illicit drugs by making a supply of them available from a legally regulated market. Half of the world's opium is grown for the legal opiates market of which the UK grows 3,500 hectares.

This legitimate drug trade does not fund the Taliban and warlords, and there is no reason why it cannot be expanded to include non-medical trade and use. I am not the first former ambassador who has served in a drug-producing country to call for an end to prohibition.

In 2001 my colleague Sir Keith Morris, the former UK ambassador to Colombia, told the BBC that if drugs were legalised and regulated the "benefits to life, health and liberty of drug users and the life, health and property of the whole population would be immense".

Many more have made the same plea. In 2002 the home affairs select committee called on Britain to initiate a debate at the United Nations on alternatives to drug prohibition – including legal regulation. One of its members was David Cameron MP. I understand why some politicians are reluctant to take up this debate.

Before going to Afghanistan my own instincts told me that it could not be right to decriminalise drugs. But my experience there has convinced me that all political parties need to engage seriously, without trying to score points off each other.

… Putting doctors and pharmacists in control of supply in the UK will save lives, improve health and reduce crime. Ultimately we could improve the underlying lack of wellbeing that drives so many in the UK and Afghanistan into lives of degradation and misery. For the sake of both Afghans and British citizens, senior politicians must take responsibility for the failings of global prohibition, and take control of the drug trade through legal regulation.

So who is this merciful diplomat … this editorialist named William Patey? He is an esteemed British official with deep experience in the Middle East and several significant honors. From Wikipedia we learn he is a Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George (CMG) and a Knight Commander of the Order of St Michael and St George.

Mind you, these are not "awards." These are appointments that place one directly within the ambit of the still quite-functional British royal paradigm. The chances of Patey speaking out of turn or voicing an opinion considerably at odds with either the British royal establishment or its City banking facilities are fairly slim, in our opinion.

The UN itself has moved an important worldwide drug conference up from 2021 to 2015, as we've reported, and there are other evidences as well that the drug decriminalization meme is becoming a most important one.

Accept that drugs are to be legalized and the US and NATO failure to stem the Afghan poppy crop becomes more logical. A large and persistent crop of poppies tends to buttress the argument for regulation rather than prohibition.

And surely, one could argue that one of the reasons for the war was to restart poppy cultivation – a farming effort that the Taliban was well on the way to stamping out. The power elite is perfectly capable of planning dominant social themes for years or even decades, letting them build slowly so they seem to be logical outgrowths of various societal pressures.

And yet they are no such thing. They are manifestations of what we call directed history. First the ground is prepared, so to speak, then seeds are sown and finally the crop is harvested. Always the goal seems to be increased globalism and each theme justifies a new international advance.

Ending the war on drugs would be a powerful and significant action, indeed. It has the added advantage of promoting the idea that the West's sociopolitical systems are growing more liberal when in fact they are evolving in an authoritarian direction.

After Thoughts

We would be surprised if it does not progress.

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  • The resurgence of Afghan poppy production was with US funding of the northern alliance opium syndicate, with fields under the watchful eyes of US troops and shipments in CIA transports. The illegal international opium trade was begun by the euro banking elite in 1760 and this “systematic international crime created the most valuable commodity in the 19th century”, per “The Opium Wars, Britain Invades China” [1]. For a thousand years euro monarchs addiction to Chinese silk, tea and spices could only be paid for in Gold, which the Chinese hoarded with no interest in western products. Conquering China became an obsession, and opium one of the weapons. The ruling monarch-monopolists have been at WAR with meritocracy, Truth and humanity for an eternity, and introducing poison to the masses is consistent with the Demonic Warlord long term goal. Support Universal Freedom and an end to feudalism.


  • $3013856

    The legalization of MOST drugs IS the answer to this drug war madness. A few, like Angel dust (PCP) and one or two others have NO value what-so-ever except for tranquilizing animals. That’s why I say, most drugs should be legal. Prohibition is not the answer. 50 years and 1 trillion dollars later, countless deaths by war over drugs, the rich getting richer by playing both sides- private prisons while importing or financing drug supply- the ruining of a person’s future by arrest of a plant, the racial issue of Blacks and Hispanics locked up in prison longer than a Caucasion counter-part doing the exact same crime, and the rest- is simply madness. Thing is- MONEY is involved- way too much of it on all sides of this issue, so the chance of anything other than Marijuana being legalized is next to nil. Heroin legalization would not be like weed. My idea: You have to be addicted for at least 10 years without success after re-hab and provable. You have to give up certain rights- guns, a tiny amount of privacy (to make sure your playing the game right), and so on. Much like a Methadone program. I have this attitude because I am a realist. I have also lost a dear friend to Heroin…and Vietnam flash-backs, PTSD (before it became a pop-phrase), and un-employability. People over profit. Exactly why I won’t get my way and the ruthless TRUE criminals will.

  • Henry James

    ALL drugs…..OK now I get it. As presently the FDA sanctions the sale of potentially lethal prescriptive medications, bringing illegal drugs under Federal control removes the harm and risk as the fed organisations would only produce safe medications/drugs. Basically ist about ‘Soma’ ; state sanctioned then enforced ‘mood stabliizers’ or whatever the effect is supposed to be. A brave new world 🙂

  • Fed up with the FED !

    Based on what I’ve read in these comments on here, I think it’s fair to say the majority is ok with legalizing all drugs. Only because not doing so keeps the control of it in the hands of the criminals world wide. Of which is the point in not doing so. Theirs no way those in control of this trade are ever going to allow this to happen.

  • agstr1

    OK — well why not just have elections for central bankers — money is what is worshiped these days anyway.

    • It is a technocracy. Central bankers are very important people and their selection ought not to be left to voters.

      • agstr1

        OK have the bankers elect the politicians…..

        • The politicians don’t matter.

          • agstr1

            but they are the partisan opium of the masses

        • william scott

          They already DO appoint the “chosen ones,” and control BOTH politicorp parties in the US, for example. (And the US state department is controlled by the CFR, etc. Like the RIIA shadows their influence over London’s central government, etc.) Almost Noone makes it into the triad of the “City of the State” now w/o “selling out” the the overarching Intl. PTB. (i.e. UK to UN to US and Vatican controlling ELITES… dictating to the lesser political elites… puppeteering the Empire of the Statist stage show, as the Globalist Bankster Cabal et al, in the background…)

  • WScottT

    DB, another very good and timely article on an important and complex subject… And FSS, a thumb UP, as par 😉

    (FYI- that researchomatic link apparently no longer exists?!)

    Many “power elite” dynasties were created and are clearly still sustained via both “legal” and “illegal” opium, etc. (Particularly in Britain, the US, etc. where they are also now focused on “patenting” CBD and other cannabinoid compounds, and likely soon also components of other useful “drug” plants?) to finally BYPASS the former “IP” control hurdles that lead to the earlier (1937+ in the US) patenting of very expensive “synthetic” drugs they controlled and profited by that ultimately are more dangerous, not nearly as EFFECTIVE (or addictive) and people are probably now REJECTING most of them, thanks to “public awareness” due to the internet? (And they have been moving towards this, for DECADES…)

    If these “pharma” drugs (and/or compounds, thereof…) and dubbed: “legal, effective and controlled” (i.e. endorsed,
    regulated and only produced by say BIG gov/pharma controlled growers/labs/pharmacological supply chains) then they will indeed again CONTROL nearly 100% of the pie… once the CIA and US and NATO, etc. troops ARE sent in to CRUSH the newest “gang” cartels (CIA created?) who are “out of control, to powerful and need to GO,” in their view. (And then US, NATO, etc. troops will fill the VACUUM, with boots on the ground?) Then they’ll finally own and control the entire multi-trillion per year INDUSTRY… and the drug cartels can become another new “enemy of the state?” (Soon leading to ever more militarized campaigns within say Mexico, the US and Canada, for instance? And NATO/DHS/FEMA coordinated opps in North America??)

    Furthermore… the US, etc. governments can no longer afford to sustain multiple campaigns against: fake isms, faux terror, phony “Afghan” style drug crackdowns, et al… so these added sources of REVENUE (to globalist multi-million to trillionaires) benefits the wealthiest and most powerful, in both the private and public sectors… and the “globalist” agenda then continues to move ever FORWARD… vs. soon collapsing under it’s own weight? And don’t forget the elites BEHIND the RIIA, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg, etc. MOST of these “people” are heirs and perpetuators of the drug, money laundering, banking, big corporate and politico games, among other atrocities. And then practically RUN most western governments and the UN!

    Interestingly… China now has over 500 patents pending, on cannabinoids, alone. (Copy catters? Or real competition?? Perhaps they are taking over their own internal drug market???)

    🙂 WST

    • Thanks, we’ve touched on your points as well …

      • william scott

        Tony & Co: YES, indeed… and I have learned much from your “libertarian” related articles, and I’m now trying to FOCUS ON “moving forward,” vs. dwelling upon this FAILED (i.e. competitive, scarcity- obsolescence, MONEY and POWER based) system, that created and continues to perpetuate our collective “human enslavement,” to this day. (Beginning with the mining of gold, creation of money and then fiat currency, as DEBT…) The real question for another article/commentary/debate is… HOW do we make the quantum paradigm SHIFT away from the current “pluto-fascist state” of “indentured servitude…” (and ELIMINATE the real underlying, foundational problems that perpetuate it?) and MOVE FORWARD into perhaps an era of true ENLIGHTENMENT and true ABUNDANCE, vs. drowning in this cess pool of trivialism, non reality, artificial scarcity, mercantilism, corporatism, govermentalism, faux science, spiritual mythos, etc. and LACK for the soon to be 99.999%??? (And DO SO on a FAST track… irrespective of the simple FACT that up to 80% of 7 billion+ aren’t going to even begin to AWAKEN in time (whist remaining in rationalized DENAIL) to remove the noose around their necks… and EXIT the “matrix” that enslaves them, so it’s up to perhaps 10% to hold them ACCOUNTABLE!

        I agree with “Earl of Isidore” above that many drugs tend to broaden one’s perspective and thereby make individuals LESS “conformist,” in general… and also that say PCP should be reserved for big game tranquilization, as another contributor pointed out. However most people will (as they have been doing to date) be taking them in an attempt to merely “cope” (as a means of escapism) with problems seemingly beyond their control… not to REBEL in BOTH body and mind, to finally TOPPLE the gatekeepers and ultimately DESTROY
        the phony SYSTEM, and ridding us of the .01% +/-.

        Perhaps the only REAL hope for humanity presently (as I understand, in my limited view) is to BOW OUT OF this entire (very self limiting) disempowerment oriented paradigm… as so long as one primarily CONFORMS
        (i.e. continues to work within) the current controlled, closed loop paradigm… you simply CANNOT BEAT (individually, or while playing by their rules) these psycho/sociopopaths at their ancient control game! In other words, as long as we CONTINUE TO play primarily by THEIR one- sided rules (and that’s ALL they ARE…) we are definitely doomed to fail… after simply repeating the same mistakes they ensnared us with, so long
        ago. (i.e. Doing things the same way… expecting a SANE and DIFFERENT, result?!)

        As I see it presently, there are really only two CHOICES before us now… to truly move FORWARD, then MOVE ON! Either we round up the so called “Elites” and FINALLY be done with them? (Albeit, ONLY FOR A TIME?) Or we deem them FOOLS and IRRELEVANT… and REJECT and DISMANTLE their entire faux
        reality grid and SYSTEM (i.e. the underlying problem) and ALSO soon AWAKEN the masses? Either way,
        this planet will survive us, as it did prior civilizations now long VANASHISHED. Are we now also DOOMED to repeat their FATE/S by foolishly clinging to their lesser “teachings,” criminally insane “LEADERSHIP” and means of control? (i.e. History need not “repeat itself” indefinitely!? We COULD indeed, “evolve?!”)

        ATB 🙂 WST

  • Joelg

    “And surely, one could argue that one of the reasons for the war was to restart poppy cultivation – a farming effort that the Taliban was well on the way to stamping out…” DB
    “The resurgence of Afghan poppy production was with US funding of the northern alliance opium syndicate, with fields under the watchful eyes of US troops and shipments in CIA transports…” FauxScienceSlayer

    I think you have the crux of the problem. CIA and other branches of secret quasi-government (possibly Neo-Con; like the old East India Company operating independently via Royal nod) obtain useful operating funds from poppy field products (very well documented history). The debate on drug legalization is an old one, and is “useful noise” in this regard. Unlike consensus-conformity addicted USA peoples, the British have had a relative openness to intellectual policy debates on non-religious matters. Thus, applying USA perspective to UK yields dubious speculations; more interesting that no one mentions the Swiss model for heroin regulation, is it not?

  • May 13, 2014 JUST SAY NO…to the War on Drugs

    A Eugene Jarecki Digital Short

    Every day, more Americans agree the War on Drugs has failed and must change. The Smarter Sentencing Act will save billions of dollars and ease dangerous overcrowding in prisons by reducing sentences for non-violent drug offenders. It will also help strengthen communities and reduce racial injustice. Ask your members of Congress to pass the Smarter Sentencing Act. It’s a vital first step.

    Freedom works and Portugal proves this out with real world stats that the ‘WHOLE’ world can learn from!

    Jul 19, 2012 What Happened When Portugal Decriminalized Drugs?

    While many critics in the poor and largely conservative country attacked the sea change in drug policy, fearing it would lead to drug tourism while simultaneously worsening the country’s already shockingly high rate of hard drug use, a report published in 2009 by the Cato Institute tells a different story. Glenn Greenwald, the attorney and author who conducted the research, told Time: “Judging by every metric, drug decriminalization in Portugal has been a resounding success. It has enabled the Portuguese government to manage and control the drug problem far better than virtually every other Western country.”

    7/05/2011 Ten Years After Decriminalization, Drug Abuse Down by Half in Portugal

  • Fabian

    It has the added advantage of promoting the idea that the West’s sociopolitical systems are growing more liberal when in fact they are evolving in an authoritarian direction.; it’s clear you shoot people with some heroin and you can put them in labor camps and they won’t even mind. Legalizing heroin is very dangerous; that stuff is way too good. People will never stop once they start. But maybe it’s the goal.


    Yes, by all means and as quickly as possible, legalize all DRUGS. That is if you are certain the Earth is in the path of a moon size meteor streaking our way and will impact St Louis, Mo at 12:00 hours noontime on July 4, 2020.This will allow all with the money to get so swoonfully high, they won’t care. Ahhhh, that morphine, hmmmmm great-t-t.
    Seriously, we must stop with the Cannibas. Other wise admitting “THE PARTY’S OVER-R-R”.

  • solivagant7

    I had an undiagnosed small bowel section (400mm, 16 inches) that was ulcerated and
    extremely painful for 3 years – the time it took the gastros, surgeons, MRI
    specialists and the like to “find” the source of pain I would point to with a
    finger at each consultation. My quality of life – and that of those about me –
    was so affected I seriously contemplated suicide as a way out. I began missing
    work, could not sleep, was slowly losing my mind to the pain and legal

    I was prescribed legal drugs for the pain: Oxycontin, Oxycodone & Codeine
    Phosphate. Tolerance built. Dosages increased every 4 months or so. The next
    step was Fentanyl patches. I was on the equivalent of 120 mg of Oxycontin per
    diem, 20 mg Diazepam, laxatives to offset the side effects of the opiates, and 2
    mg Rohypnol for a few hours sleep each night. I heard that sufferers in other
    countries used medical marijuana with some profit. That’s it – marijuana for
    them, a cocktail from Roche and Purdue Pharma for me. Eventually the 400 mm of
    intestine was removed, and the pain ceased. 6 months later I am still on
    Oxycontin – on a tapering-off dose because the legal drug was so addictive and
    powerful, its use could not be terminated immediately without profound side
    effects (insomnia, flu-like symptoms, restlessness, anger and anxiety chief
    amongst them).

    To think that medical marijuana might have been just as effective in controlling the
    pain, and easier to get off once the pain had ceased…and that it was illegal to
    take in my country of residence (but the opiates were sanctioned by our unseen
    masters despite their addictive properties)…makes me ambivalent about this legalization

    • Pedestrian

      The legalization of marijuana, particularly for medicinal use, is absolutely justified on scientific grounds. Only that it isn’t being done out of the kindness of their hearts, or was it so done when it was first prohibited. There is always an agenda.

    • Earl of Isadore

      Whatever you do, stay away from methadone which almost no one is ever able to wean off of.

  • 2prickit

    That the WHITE RABBIT, a popular song by San Francisco 1960’s rockers Jefferson Airplane, led many young people of my generation down a hole, is without doubt, however there is no mention of pills or drugs in Lewis Carroll’s wonderful tale meant for children in the tale of ALICE IN WONDERLAND that the lyrics allude to. Yet the immense popularity of Grace Slicks powerful performance sung over a rendition of the ever expanding sweep of Ravel’s classic march, Bolero, assured a win for the Drug Culture of the ‘60’s, (and the influence of the Travistock Institute for Human Relations) and a loss for the education of children towards recognition of political awareness: a personal performance sung out loud by children is necessary (a small part) for the maintenance of an alert society: political allusions and characters are posited marvelously throughout the tale (also found in “THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS where readers are introduced to the well-known political personalities of Twidledee,Twidledum, Humpty Dumpty and much, much more political commentary—Warning—for children).

    I thank The Daily Bell for choosing to present Legalize Heroin:The Meme Continues. And I thank you for providing this facility for commentary,and, for furthering the spread of information, I thank the commentators who commited these acts of…? The White Rabbit is an Officer of the Court in both stories. It is strange to me that one goes chaseing rabbits rather than rabbits (lawyers) chaseing unfortunate victims of government, yet many times words in the stories are turned inside-out as regularly as is a change socks before they begin to stink and intractable jurors and witnesses dismissed. No, drugs are not necessary for the successful delsulionment of an intire society, but it helps.

  • Burticus

    I’m not going to argue that plants like marijuana or drugs refined from opium or coca plants are good. But what’s worse, possessing a plant or refined drug, or armed kidnapping and robbery by a criminal gang (with uniforms and badges)?
    Of course, it’s always about gubbermint control.

  • Earl of Isadore

    I strongly object to the point of view that mind altering drugs – alcohol included – make one more amenable to authority. I know Huxley thought so, and the CIA was really hopeful that MKUltra would systematize it, but it turns out the best mind control is what we have now; distorted myths that people really, really believe in while sober.

    Mind altering chemicals are concentrated or synthesized versions of the same chemicals found in our brains and nervous systems. Taking them makes people much more aware of their own perceptions and the distortions of them, and less willing to accept other peoples’ version of reality.

    If heavily intoxicated a person might be less resistant to physical restraint but they are not susceptible to outside influence over their thinking.

  • Thanks for pounding on this theme. I was a missionary in Colombia and my wife is from Honduras, so I care very much about educating people on the subject. When Colombia’s Escobar escaped his luxurious prison he had built himself, when he found he was going to be moved, D.C. retaliated by inspecting every flower imported from Colombia to Miami airports, a major economic hit. The Colombian president went on national television to blast the States, saying no nation in the world (meaning the US of course) had sacrificed more than Colombia in the war against the drug cartels, in economy, in blood, in tears, injuries and anguish. He was right.

    The best thing the US can do for Honduras and Central America is to de-criminalize all drugs. It would be a help toward reducing immigration too, because it helps grow the criminal element. it would make it easier, too, for Christian workers to approach addicts and help them.

  • Colorado’s Cannabis Consumption Conundrum For visitors to Denver, legally buying marijuana is easy, but legally smoking it is hard. Jacob Sullum June 23, 2014