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Monsanto Marijuana Initiative Grows in Uruguay?
By Staff News & Analysis - December 13, 2013

Uruguay becomes first nation to legalise marijuana trade … The Uruguayan government hopes legalising the sale of marijuana will tackle drug cartels … Uruguay's cannabis bill reflects liberal past … Uruguay has become the first country in the world to make it legal to grow, sell and consume marijuana. After nearly 12 hours of debate, senators gave the government-sponsored bill their historic final approval. The law allowing registered Uruguayans over 18 to buy up to 40g (1,4oz) of the drug a month is not expected to come into force before April. The government hopes it will help tackle drug cartels, but critics say it will expose more people to drugs. – BBC

Dominant Social Theme: This is great. Uruguay strikes a blow against prohibition.

Free-Market Analysis: Are considerations regarding Monsanto's business progress in South America behind the legalization of marijuana in Uruguay?

George Soros was a significant supporter of marijuana legalization in Uruguay, and Soros is reportedly also a big Monsanto shareholder. Here, from a recent Guardian article, published just before the bill passed:

Rich countries debating legalisation of cannabis are also watching the bill, which philanthropist George Soros has supported as an "experiment" that could provide an alternative to the failed US-led policies of the long "war on drugs".

In South America, Monsanto has found it rough going. Its business practices have been questioned in Argentina, Ecuador and Uruguay. And it recently lost a lawsuit in Peru over its practice of suing farmers who inadvertently plant its windblown seed on their own soil.

Here from Lab.Org, Uruguay:

Monsanto recently signed an agreement with the National Institute of Agricultural Investigation (INIA). "This was done very quietly", says says Pablo Galeano, from the leading non-governmental organisation REDES. "Our job in REDES is to uncover these cases and, if we find something wrong, denounce it," says Galeano.

At the same time as Monsanto has faced increased difficulty with its soy products in South America, the giant agricultural concern has been expanding its marijuana technology.

Here from

Is Monsanto Ready to Enter The Medical Marijuana War? … As legally allowed medical marijuana becomes more widespread, it is no surprise that many are realizing there is legal money to be made off of this traditionally illegal cash crop.

… With so many dollar signs hanging in the air, ready to be snatched, it is no surprise to see agriculture giant Monsanto may be getting poised to jump into selling genetically modified marijuana as well.

… Monsanto GMO seeds are genetically modified to produce plants that are resistant to chemical herbicides, and the most commonly known one is Round-Up. The herbicides kill all other plants, but the genetically altered plants are able to resist the herbicide and are able to planted closer together than traditional crops allowing farmers to gain greater yields from the same amount of farmland.

These seeds are known as being "Round-Up Ready," and farmers are required to purchase new seed each season for their crops. The company has pursued litigation against small farmers in the past for growing plants from seeds that were not properly purchased.

In one case, a farmer received an eight year prison sentence for conspiracy to commit fraud against Monsanto because he saved seed from one growing season and used it the next without purchasing new seed from the company.

The genetically altered seeds are also suspected in playing a large role in the 2012 epidemic that swept through commercial bee colonies. During this epidemic, nearly 50% of the nation's bee population was wiped out, with farmers in California being hit the hardest. It is suspected that the neonicotinoids that are bred into the seeds are causing the bees to die after coming in contact with plants that sprouted from the genetically altered seeds.

… As the largest producer of GMO plants, moving into medical marijuana may seem a logical next step for the agriculture giant. US labs already use strains of genetically modified cannabis for testing and research, and the growing demand for legally obtained medical marijuana is sure to spike in the near future.

It looks like Monsanto is already ahead of the game due to their research into RNA interference. The company is investing millions of dollars into this new technology dubbed "RNAi." With RNAi, it is possible to manipulate everything from the color of the plant to making the plant indigestible to insects.

With medical marijuana, RNAi could be used to create larger, more potent plants effectively cornering the market and exceeding the legal demand for the plant. In Canada, this scenario is one step closer to becoming reality due to new laws that will allow large-scale growers to distribute their plants via mail order … While moving into medical marijuana may be a winning move for Monsanto stockholders, it may also be a strong case of "buyer beware" for the end consumers of the product.

This is not the story being widely portrayed when it comes to the legalization of marijuana in Uruguay – and soon elsewhere as well. Here's more from the BBC article excerpted above:

This was a huge victory for the cannabis-smoking community in Uruguay. Hundreds of young people gathered outside Congress in Montevideo to follow the vote on a giant screen. Many shared a joint of marijuana with their friends. They partied amid reggae music and some waved marijuana leaves.

There was an atmosphere of celebration inside the Senate too, with dozens of supporters of President Mujica following the nearly 14 hours of the debate from the spectators' gallery. But not everyone was happy about this law. Senator Pedro Bordaberry of the conservative Red Party told the BBC his country should not become a "guinea pig for Mr Mujica's experiment".

He said: "We used to be known for our excellent meat and football, now the world is watching us because of our marijuana." Dozens of supporters of the bill proposed by the left-wing President Jose Mujica gathered outside the Congress in Montevideo to follow the vote.

Presenting the bill to fellow senators, Roberto Conde said it was an unavoidable response to reality, given that the "war" against drugs had failed. "We have the duty as the state to give a specific answer to an open territory, small and non-producing," Mr Conde said, adding that Uruguay's borders were used by cartels to smuggle drugs into neighbouring countries.


It has been reported that marijuana was criminalized in the US because of two men: Harry Anslinger, director of the newly established US Federal Bureau of Narcotics in the early 1930s, and William Randolf Hearst, owner of a huge chain of newspapers.

Anslinger needed to criminalize marijuana to support the expansion of the bureau and Hearst was glad to help because he had big investments in timber and wanted to forestall hemp paper in competition.

Now the cycle has apparently turned. Monsanto, under attack regarding its GMO seeds, may need a new market to re-establish credibility and even popularity – as marijuana will surely prove a more welcome crop than soy in the public mind.

Monsanto's efforts as regards marijuana in Uruguay may be helped by the overwhelming government involvement in the cultivation, sales and marketing of marijuana.

With its talent at bending smaller governments to its will, Monsanto may find a significant opportunity in Uruguay to establish an even more aggressive business beachhead. There is no doubt that the Uruguayan government will dominate marijuana production, at least in the short term. Here, the AP explains some of the lesser-reported aspects of the new legalization:

President Jose Mujica's goal is to drive drug traffickers out of the dope business and reduce consumption by creating a safe, legal and transparent environment in which the state closely monitors every aspect of marijuana use, from seed to smoke. That means designing and maintaining an industry that is small, contained and profitable.

The fine print must strike a delicate balance on issues including what strength to allow for marijuana, what price to charge, who can farm it, how to crack down on illegal growers, how to persuade users to buy from the state instead of a dealer, and how to monitor use without being seen as Big Brother. If the rules are too lenient, or too strict, the whole project could fail.

After Thoughts

Are there other agendas at work in the Uruguayan legalization?

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  • q

    Well, nice.

  • There is a huge difference between legalization and decriminalization. The first grows State power, the second reduces it. So for an authoritarian, legalization is the next logical step after criminalization.

    • Concerned Smoker

      I understand the point you are making here, in that legalization as it has been appearing has brought with it a host of regulatory burdens, but I still think the word legalization is what ought to be used when speaking of what should be sought after. For many people, as I am sure you are well aware, decriminalization is seen as simply a lessening of the punishment doled out by the authorities, not necessarily a total abstention from any punitive measures. If a complete cessation of any punishment for marijuana sale and/or cultivation were to happen, and were it to happen without being immediately followed by the establishment of a regulatory apparatus, I believe such a situation would best be described as legalization. Of course, regardless of what you want to call it, any state of affairs wherein it is less likely that John Doe will be thrown in a jail cell for growing or selling a plant is welcome. Ideally, the plant and all activities related to its production and distribution would be completely unhindered by any government; further, this would be done without any pathetic appeal to the ignominious arguments used so frequently today which are based around a potential for increased tax revenues. Unfortunately, that ideal will never be reached until the country is finally purged of laws which serve as enforcement mechanisms to satisfy the puritanical itch of some Americans to regulate the behavior of others. It is a fair judgment to say this clean slate will probably never be achieved, but every little bit that is chipped away from this rotten edifice is to the benefit of civilization.

  • PatrickHenry1789

    I wouldn’t buy it if I knew Monsanto grew it!

    • Lulu

      Neither would I buy it if anyone else grew it. It is easy to grow, easy to keep, and easy to use. You can freeze it and keep it for easily a year or until your next crop. It can grow outside in five months or inside in a sunny window. Who needs Monsanto? Only fools. Yes, save the heritage seeds and hope Monsanto doesn’t take you to court for whatever trumped up reason they might be able to come up with.

  • Great….yet another Monsanto buzz kill….

  • Danny B

    The original fight over pot concerned taxation. You could grow good pot but, you couldn’t make good booze. Booze was more amenable to taxation. It looks like the Uruguay plan will allow taxation. GOV has known all along that pot would be legalized eventually. That is why U.S. GOV holds the patent on medicinal Maryjane.
    Hemp is also very useful at bio-remediation of Radioactive contaminated soil. It appears to be good for cancer treatment.

    Ignore the SMOKE and mirrors and follow the money.

  • “Doomsday Seed Vault” in the Arctic – Bill Gates, Rockefeller and the GMO giants know something we don’t By F. William Engdahl, November 07, 2013

    Lets look to countries who have already started with legalization and are a real life case study for the world!

    7/05/2011 Ten Years After Decriminalization, Drug Abuse Down by Half in Portugal

    Portugal Decriminalized All Drugs Eleven Years Ago And The Results Are Staggering Samuel Blackstone Jul. 17, 2012

  • Dimitri Ledkovsky

    Who would have known? That’s why I follow the DB.
    Monsanto just wants to be the first to patent some uber effective medical marijuana. Marijuana is quite bug and drought resistant. Why modify it? It seems there are many cross breedings of it out there already that are doing a fine job of “medicating” users.
    Industrial hemp cultivation is what should be the focus of an enlightened government. Are there any of those around?

  • Chuck (Smithfix) Smith

    Just what we need. GMO Pot. Time to get Heritage seeds….

  • Ha, I just got it. Alcohol requires the distillation process making it possible to regulate. How to regulate backyard growers? Whala, the terminator seed. Of course Monsanto will be involved.

    • martae

      Ever heard of rooting cuttings?

  • Ron

    Leave pot the way it is,created by God. Just make it legal. To grow or use.

  • Harvey D Norris

    It should have the same provisions as that made for tobacco. In USA their is no taxation for citizens growing their own tobacco. But again the mass producers are highly regulated and they even have a grandfather clause. I am against this also and the govt should let that pricing scheme collapse to make it more affordable. As to the great freedom being dispensed here why does anyone even contemplate that it could fail? I am at a total loss to understand how or why it could fail so why are people thinking that it could?

  • infoanalyst

    There is a lot of idle speculation here. Monsanto may want to get into GM marijuana real bad but unless they come up with some real advantages to their plants it will not likely go anywhere. Roundup readiness in itself is not enough. A major increase in potency or yeild would get some interest. At the moment growers and users are overwhelmingly opposed to Monsanto and GMO’s. They look with suspicion on any marijauna grown under government contract. As with GM food, GM pot does not have market traction. Consumers only eat GM food unwittingly because there are no labeling laws and unless you can afford 100% organic food, you end up consuming GMO’s.

    Medical marijauna users currently have thousands of variety choices, and some varieties are deemed to be better than others for certain conditions. There is no way large corporations and governments can immediately corner the market. Here in Canada the government is proposing that approved suppliers will sell pot for $8 a gram ($1 a gram in Uruguay). This is only a small discount from the black market price and growers can produce for less than $1 a gram for their own use. No way to corner the market at this time. In the future, who knows?

    • Don’t think it is idle speculation at all. Soros was involved with this deal. Whether “something works” or not from an elite perspective is another matter. We shall see.

      • RONonymous

        Well you did use the words “may” and “could” an awful lot and your story is seriously lacking in any actual facts about Monsanto’s involvement with Cannabis in Uruguay. Maybe it’s not idle speculation but telling of half truths to elicit an emotional response.

        • We analyze dominant social themes. It is by nature a speculative endeavor. We represent it as speculative. For “facts” you may want to refer to such prestigious papers as the New York Times and the Washington Post. (Of course, you “may” have to take into account inconvenient programs such as Project Mockingbird when ascertaining the veracity of these mainstream icons of reporting.)

  • Danny B

    The franken-weed is very high in THC. The U.N. claims that Uruguay can NOT do this;
    Tetra-hydra-canibinol is one of about 50 canibinols in cannabis sativa. Different canibinols have different effects on the brain. It is suspected that ambrosia was fermented mead made from honey collected in cannabis plantations. Just imagine; alcoholic marijuana.

  • Praetor

    Two headed hydra, Soros and Monsanto, what a pair. Illegitimate children of the New World Order. Let Free Will and Free Markets decide if Hemp / Cannabis are legitimate products to be sold on the open markets, of course they are. But leviathan must control everything, regulate everything, stymie free enterprise, kill initiative and keep all profits for them selves. One thing prohibition showed us, you tell people you cannot do something, they will want to do it more than ever The Unseen Hand of Free Will at work, the very thing the elites fear, the uncontrollable. THE UNCONTROLLABLE. INTERNET REFORMATION INFORMATION WILL HELP MAKE IT UNCONTROLLABLE.

  • Freespirit

    Details.details……MONSANTO has only ONE GOAL-MONOPOLIZATION. Just as they are slowly, but surely doing with food, they will do it with Marijuana. “Back-Yard/greenhouse” growers-Ha. With only Monsanto seed LEGALIZED ( which WILL be their goal), it will be jail for you if you don’t submit and conform, and yes HOMELAND SECURITY will be looking for clues in/at your home or workplace !!!

    I have said this so many times, in many news outlets-UNTIL: we either Rid this world of or IMPRISON, the Establishment leading psychopaths, The Rothschilds, The Warburgs, Soros, the British Royal Family, the Vatican and Johnny-come-lately Bill Gates, et al, NOTHING will change. They are winning the WAR for World Hegemony and will continue, until and unless.

    What are the chances of ANYONE who has the POWER and WEALTH to actually do something against those criminals? From my observations since 1974 ( when I helped found the Libertarian Party in Canada) CONTROL has only GOTTEN tighter and MORE PERVASIVE, by those people and Poverty,Misery and SHEEP-LIKE behaviour withing the masses has increased.

    So what do I believe the chances are – NIL because the Establishment criminals can Bribe or Coerce ANYONE to do their bidding, which includes gaining MONOPOLIES, via laws and GUNS, including whoever among them may decide to “switch” sides.

    For that reason in 1980 I started buying land in “Low Profile” countries like Paraguay and will be fully established in one of those countries, hopefully by next year. NOT perfect but it will give me more Freedom-

    LOW PROFILE is the key

    • DarbyJie

      What makes you think there will be safety in Paraguay? It’s a small world…and getting ‘smaller’ every day….

      • Freespirit

        Not-with-standing my knowledge of South America and countries like Paraguay, in particular, please READ my comment again and that applies also to the sheep who gave you the “thumbs up”.

        If you have trouble understanding English here is the particular line : “NOT perfect but it will give me more Freedom-”

        How is your FIRST HAND experience and knowledge of Paraguay???

        • Don’t be so irritated. The Bush family is reportedly a huge presence down there and the government was subject to what might be called a coup not so long ago …

          • Freespirit

            Sorry to disappoint you BUT I can assure you it would take more than someone so uninformed to “irritate” me. I have had 73 years to learn self-discipline.Can you say the same.

            NOW, with regards “Bush family”- actually the property is registered in the daughters name and so far nothing is happening with the property and the main point is -WHAT is YOUR point. Many people buy property in many places.some good and some bad. ( people and places !), including politicians and their children or other relatives.

            Yes Paraguay had a “mini coup”, and in fact has had a few, as has the U.S. (JFK is only one) itself .the only difference is the U.S. and American people either don’t realize or refuse to call a “spade a spade”or don’t believe it. Some countries turn out for the better,some for the worse. ONLY time will tell

            Do you seriously believe I have not been aware of these facts, of which you speak???

            The KEY is Are you and “DarbyJie”

          • Freespirit

            I forgot to to ask-Why.Daily Bell, are you answering for “DarbyJie”???
            Could it be that either or both of you are the ones who are “irritated” by truth that the U.S. is in the final stages of collapse and are upset that a little country like Paraguay ( or Ecuador) are beginning to shine and attract the more enlightened???,

          • We were making a point about Paraguay. That’s all. Regarding DarbyJie: He is an occasional feedbacker. We, on the other hand, moderate this page for DB. We hope Paraguay does begin to “shine” and wish you good luck down there.

          • Freespirit

            I realize you Moderate this page and it is your right but I was trying to make a point with “DarbyJie”. By confronting him. I wanted to stimulate him to think and check facts and info before providing an INSINCERE question which really seemed to be a statement in disguise ( as a question)..

            I also used to be a teacher and the one of the best ways to stimulate someone who behaves as a “Know-it
            all”, is to confront him/her to THINK.

            If he had SINCERELY asked me how I believed as I did, I could have answered him from my experience, (including traveling to), regarding Paraguay and other parts of South America since about 1978.

            Maybe now he will think about South America, as a result of this banter ……ORRRR better still, go to the WEB site which has “tons” of links.

          • charles

            Uruguay, Uruguay , Uruguay , Uruguay , Uruguay !!!!!!!

        • Sara Schoorl

          Uruguay not Paraguay!

      • Sara Schoorl

        the country is Uruguay not Paraguay!

  • typodrive

    Monsanto will probably introduce paraquat resistance into the marijuana genome so that it can withstand the herbicidal spraying.
    Talk about getting a buzz.

  • Thomas Manning

    Monsanto’s foray into the pot cauldron might fade as ‘hand crafted’ strains have been refining for decades. Monsanto will likely want to be the Budweiser of pot. But looker further down the road, by splicing and dicing, Monsanto may provide the most exhilarating and flavorful blends to be appreciated by future aficionados. Just sayin.

  • martae

    As far as cannabis for medical use, what is most important is the cannabinoid profile, not plant size, or potency. Despite what drug warriors claim, marijuana is not just delta 9 THC in plant material. There are cannabinoids that are stimulants, depressants, anti-inflammatories, and goodness knows what else. The relative concentrations vary with different subspecies, and different strains. This why so many different problems can be treated with cannabis, and why for each malady, there will be particular strains that work best.
    What terrifies the medical profession, the pharma industry, and the tax collector, is the idea of someone purchasing their own seeds of the proper strains online, for twenty, or thirty dollars, and being able to grow an infinite supply on their own medicine, making themselves independent, and killing the cash cow of chronic disease.
    The market where plant size, and herbicide tolerance would make a difference is the production of fiber. In this case bigger is better, and increased fiber length would be good too. Hemp tends to grow so vigorously, and is typically planted so thickly, that weeds should not be as much of a problem, as with some crops. There is also a market for oil production, but much of this is used as food. The customers that would prefer this oil tend to avoid GMO products, so I don’t know how well they would compete.

  • BA

    if you want/need to see proof of the power to weed has to cure – see – ytube “Run From the Cure – Rick Simpson”, it makes me proud to be a Canadian to see this man’s courage, and makes me ill to see how our slimy puppet politicians mess it up (governments are a curse on humanity, everywhere).

  • Ryan

    Monsanto is such an evil ,anti natural life, super company. The bigger victory would be to keep Monsanto from ever messing with any plants or animals again. Cannabis cures cancer, do you really think Monsanto wants a natural, you can grow in your backyard cure? Its all about power and money. The lie Monsanto told was we need GMO’s in the first place. Nature has safe guards to keep balance in nature, crop rotation and giving land time to recover from planting the same crop over and over is natures way. Changing nature to bypass these natural laws is a very slippery slope to travel down. And one that has only to do with money and power.

    • MichelleBali

      amen…not more to say, unless these guys would like to built a massive retreat healing retreat center in Uruguay where sufferers of several dis-eases are able to be healed, not just treated, healed….how about you guys giving some of your money back to the average jo?….would be nice to create a balance of such..

  • V. Chems

    You can not produce quality cannabis with industrial methods. The best quality ganja will always require more hours & attention to detail than industrial producers are capable of.

    • GuestDB

      Yes, but not all customers require to buy the best quality smoke. It’s like with alcohol drinks: only small amount of people drink single malt whisky.

      I just hope that people will realize that smoking pot that has been sprayed with Round Up is crazy und unhealthy.

    • stevia

      Do not fool yourself, the best quality food has always required more hours and attention to detail than industrial producers are capable of,so what is on your menu today? The best profit Monsanto and ADM have to offer!

  • terry smythe

    Now this is ominous – Monsanto growing & selling (& patenting) marijuana! What great cover for their global criminality – keeping us all happily stoned while they litigate us into subservience……



  • itaia

    The “move” to legalize marijuana is politicial: As a new wave of social protests can be anticipated in the U.S. – just like in the early 1960’s – drugs are wedged into the young people who would take to the streets. Keep them drugged like in the 1960 – where the “movement” went eventually up in smoke rather then achieving “change”. George Soros seems also to have his hand in the advocacy for legalization of prostitution, and the “lliberty” to run a brothel. The George-Soros aim is to assemble the punk& lumpen and the useless “sociologists” in “independent” nations and forge them into a “democracy opposition” . But do not discount the hunger for profit of U.S. billionaire elites: They the need the funds for large-scale geopolitical games!

    • Insightful, thanks.

    • Charles Waller

      FBI infiltration of social movements in the 1960s was responsible for much of the disintegration of the reform movements, and your comments reveal your lack of knowledge on the subject of cannabis. I also infer from your comments that you do not support the rights of women to decide for themselves in which manner to use their bodies. Are you a professional sports fan? Do you believe it is acceptable for men to sell their bodies for a physical activity which carries enormous risk of injury and adverse health effects, but deny women the right to decide who can touch them and in which manner, and whether they accept financial support in the form of “marriage”, cohabitation or direct payment? The one thing I endorse about your comments is the enormous greed and hunger of the wealthy for profit – but it is definitely not limited to those who reside in the US. Open your mind to reality.

      • Itaia

        I agree with you on much of the substance of your ideas. But perhaps you were not an on-the-ground observer during the 1960’s and missed some of the other operations of the establishment. Did you know that after 1954 – (CIA operations against the elected government of Guatemala) foreign “military partners” of the CIA could land their planes on U.S. Air Force bases WITHOUT any inspection on what the brought in or transported back to their stations ? Thus drugs were quickly utilized by the CIA and perhaps other agencies – to entice many in the “movement” into “private business”, especially in Black communities. Notice all those exile-Cubans who flew planes for the CIA, all live in big multi-million dollar mansions in Miami. As for prostitution – like sport – once it becomes a “business” it produces negative impacts on society. It is precisely female liberations advocates who now condemn the “business” of prostitution in Europe – where women (from Eastern Europe) are now being exploited in the German “sex” industry. Germany’s leading feminist, Alice Schwarzer is campaigning to end brothels in Germany. Official statistics state the number of prostitutes in Germany as 400,000, but Alice Schwarzer estimated 700,000. Alone in Berlin are between 200 and 400 brothels. Sociologically investigation have shown that 4 out of 10 prostitutes are compelled by “enforcers” (pimps and brothel owner) to remain “active”.

        • Charles Waller

          You are correct, I was not an “on the ground observer” in the 1960s, except as a child with a parent who served in Vietnam – after our family returned from being stationed in Taiwan 1964-7. I am, however, fully aware of the nefarious activities of that agency – even when it was still under the DoD as O.S.S. Their activities with “controlled substances” predates the 1960s by several decades.
          As to your comment, “once it becomes a “business” it produces negative impacts on society.” That comment holds true for many activities and does not negate the basic right of a human being to use their body as one decides. Inadequate and deliberately misguided regulation are the cause of the ills you describe, as demonstrated by the same results of the same type of intervention in other areas. Two examples drive home this assertion, the funeral industry and the medical industry. People have been burying their dead as they could afford for millenia, but in many countries the activity is highly regulated to benefit the industry – not the public health or safety. The medical industry in the US is highly regulated to protect many interests, but 100 years ago – when the transition to the current paradigm occurred – physicians who chose to continue plant sourced pharmacology were persecuted, prosecuted and vilified. The effects of the current pharmaceutical methodology is apparent. Regulation which favors corporate interests produces the same effects when competition from individual efforts is repressed. Collegiate athletics in the US are another example.

  • Charles Waller

    References for the claim GMO strains of cannabis are being used in US labs? The claim prohibition was the results of efforts of only 2 men, Anslinger and Hearst, are inaccurate. There were many more interests involved in promoting prohibition on a federal level in the US, Anslinger was the “front man” and Hearst was a major player, but Rockefeller & DuPont were also primary instigators – as were many others representing a wide array of interests, not just “law enforcement” and paper companies.

    • Or perhaps this is simply more directed history. They simply wanted prohibition? Look at the timeline and observe what was banned ….

      • Charles Waller

        References for the claim GMO strains are being used? They didn’t simply “want” prohibition, they ramrodded it thru Congress 24 years after the first prohibition was passed in CA. The adult population at the time knew hemp was not a threat, but after 2 decades of hyperbole and lies, the propaganda took hold. The same tactics were used worldwide to ban many substances much more dangerous and damaging than cannabis, for the same purpose. Ushering in the “New Era” of petroleum and synthetic chemical compounds to replace resources which could not be controlled centrally and did not require enormous investment to produce. Steam power was dominant, coal was mined widely by large and small companies and medicine was still primarily based on plant compounds. You are correct this is more directed history, especially in the US and UK. GW Pharmaceuticals is ushering in the next “New Era” of phytocannabinoid based medicines, perpetuating the prohibition against private cultivation, possession and consumption on private property. The current surge of new propaganda is geared toward reinforcing the belief than while cannabis has medicinal properties, simply changing the scheduling to one which places production and distribution in the same corporate hands will become the new paradigm. Substance abuse and addiction has never been a serious threat to the vast majority of human beings, but it has been grossly exaggerated to justify encroachment on human rights around the world.

        • Interesting, thanks.

          • Charles Waller

            References for the claim about gmo’s alrady being used in labs? I have previously read unsubstantiated claims Monsanto has grow operations ongoing in S. America, but could find no credible sources to verify. Confirmed information of such activity in US lab’s could be powerful ammunition in the fight against Monsanto, as the only federally approved source for research in the US is the federal government supply from Mississippi. I would personally demand the DEA launch an investigation into such activity. Anyone who thinks a corporate giant such as they would hesitate to violate the Controlled Substances Act in pursuit of profit is kidding themselves, and shining a light on such activity could be a major breach in the dam of federal obfuscation. If enough people are informed, and demand action, their attempted monopolization would be a stillborn birth, so to speak. Any clue would help.

          • I can’t find any direct evidence of Monsanto and GMO cannabis inside the US, but GW Pharmaceuticals claims to be using GMO cannabis strains and they are in testing phases with the FDA.

          • Charles Waller

            I have just seen this reply, and I suggest you investigate further. The page you linked describes the manipulation of genetic material within the cannabis sativa strains GW is developing through hybridization. There is no reference to GE or GMO with viral or bacterial genetic material being used to splice or “piggy-back” foreign genetic material onto the target genes. The work they are doing is no different than treating seed with certain chemical to induce higher ratios of female plants. If you have something which clearly states GW is using either GE or GMO varieties of cannabis in their research, I would be very interested in reading it. I have been following GW Pharma’s progress since they were incorporated, and have never seen the least bit of evidence or indication of such activity. Facts please, not speculation or misinterpretation.

  • Kathleen Chippi

    Soros is the biggest shareholder of Monsanto, yes? And Soros is the biggest funder of Drug Policy Alliance (DPA, Ethan Nadelman) and Ethan brags DPA ‘helped’ Uruguay ‘legalize’.

  • againstcorporaterule

    Bill Gates also owns over 500,000 shares of Monsanto…
    WHERE is the movement to arrest and convict these people for their crimes against humanity?!!
    WHY is there no effort being made to shut down the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for their crimes against humanity (or at least to demand NPR stop using the word “humanitarian” to describe such evil people as Bill and Melinda Gates!)

  • William Scott

    I don’t know about the evil Rothschild Zionist shill SOROS… but Gates and Buffet are now apparently the LARGEST shareholders in MONSANTO? Gates is also a leading Eugenics supporter… as was his father (via “Planned Parenthood,” etc.) and Gates and Buffet et al also invest in “weather derivatives” (i.e. chemtrail spraying, to modify weather) and a whole host of other atrocities! (i.e. ANYTHING… that makes “more money?” Or anything that “reduces population??” I say, BOTH!) I’m with “Against Corporate Rule…” these perps ALL need to be tried and JAILED+. And it’s HIGH CRIME this madness STOPS! (Monsanto taking over MEDICAL CANNABIS = POISON! This company now practically RUNS, the FDA…) WST