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Barack Obama and the Meaning of Socialism
December 24, 2013
Barack Obama is finishing his fifth year as president, and continues to try to move America further in the direction of increased government paternalism with the implementation of ObamaCare, a push for a higher minimum wage, more intrusive business regulation, ...
Progress Toward Peace in 2013, But Dark Clouds Remain
December 23, 2013
It is the time of year we feel a sense of joy and optimism. We are preparing for the holidays and looking to spend time with our families and friends. This year as we look back we see several developments that leave us feeling optimistic. A US attack on Syria w ...
Farce of Globalism: World Bank Becomes Top Cop?
December 21, 2013
The World Bank has a new mission. The Economic Times tells us that the World Bank has a new enemy to confront. It is not poverty but "corruption." Here's more: Corruption top foe in developing countries: World Bank ... World Bank chief Jim Yong Kim said Thursda ...
Washington Drives the World Toward War
December 20, 2013
Washington has had the US at war for 12 years: Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Pakistan, Yemen and almost Syria, which could still happen, with Iran waiting in the wings. These wars have been expensive in terms of money, prestige and deaths and injuries of b ...
I Pledge Allegiance to PHRMA
December 19, 2013
The US is attempting to give multinational corporations a status that has hitherto been reserved to sovereign nations. According to documents recently leaked from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations, the Obama administration wants corporations to b ...
Demeaning the Declaration
December 18, 2013
Given the considerable power and success of the Declaration of Independence, its detractors – e.g., Professor Garry Wills, in his massive effort to belittle it in his book Inventing America (Houghton Mifflin, 1978, 2002) – are hard put to refute the philoso ...
South Africa and Ending Apartheid: The Free-Market Road Not Taken
December 17, 2013
The public eulogies marking the passing of Nelson Mandela at the age of 95 on December 5, 2013 have refocused attention on the long struggle in South Africa to bring about an end to racial discrimination and the Apartheid system. Mandela and His Marxist View of ...
After 100 Years Of Failure, It's Time To End The Fed!
December 16, 2013
A week from now, the Federal Reserve System will celebrate the 100th anniversary of its founding. Resulting from secret negotiations between bankers and politicians at Jekyll Island, the Fed's creation established a banking cartel and a board of government over ...
Media Intimidation: Determined Policy or Wishful Thinking?
December 14, 2013
The National Journal reports: "Adversarial journalism has been replaced by secretarial journalism. Obamacare's glitches have not slowed the trend." This is not exactly a profound statement but it captures the times. Like much in the National Journal, it is an o ...
More Misleading Official Employment Statistics
December 13, 2013
The payroll jobs report for November from the Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the US economy created 203,000 jobs in November. As it takes about 130,000 new jobs each month to keep up with population growth, if the payroll report is correct, then most of t ...
Obama Amends the Constitution By Statute
December 12, 2013
The US Constitution is clear. Legislation must be approved by the House of Representatives, the Senate and the president before it becomes law. With very limited exceptions, revenue bills must originate in the House of Representatives. The Obama administration ...
Politicians' Criminal Minds
December 11, 2013
It may have been either Will Rogers or Mark Twain, I cannot now recall which of the two great American humorists it was, who said all politicians are criminals. But it makes no difference because when something is true, its source is not the main issue. Fact is ...
Time to End America's Century of Central Bank Mismanagement
December 10, 2013
One hundred years ago this month, on December 23, 1913, the Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act, establishing a national central-banking system in the United States. The governing board of the Federal Reserve was organized on August 12, 1914, and the Federa ...
Hobby Lobby Case is About Rights, Not Contraceptives
December 09, 2013
One of the most important cases the US Supreme Court will consider this term is Hobby Lobby's lawsuit challenging the Obamacare mandate that employer-provided health care plans must cover abortion and contraceptives. Hobby Lobby, a corporation owned and managed ...
Authentic Eccentric Toronto Mayor Rob Ford: Just Stuff Him Full of Crack Cocaine …
December 07, 2013
This fat so-and-so is shooting off his mouth again. Just stuff him full of crack cocaine and shut him up. After reading a recent Hill article about Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's comments blasting Obamacare's unaffordability, I looked for a little bit more informatio ...
Defeated By The Taliban, Washington Decides To Take On Russia And China
December 06, 2013
The several days of organized protests in Ukraine are notable for the relative lack of police violence. Unlike in the US, Canada, Thailand, Greece and Spain, peaceful protesters have not been beaten, tear-gassed, water cannoned and tasered by Ukrainian police. ...
Death by Methodological Individualism
December 05, 2013
The great political lie is that individuals need the state. It is a lie on at least two levels. The first layer of the great lie: It states the opposite of what is true; the state needs individuals. And the state is desperate for you to believe it is indispensa ...
Real Economic History
December 04, 2013
Although I am no professional historian, I do have an interest in what happened and why, especially involving big economic events of the past. One such event is the Great Depression. I attended a superb week long conference a while back (Cato Institute's Summer ...
Why I Am an Anarcho-Capitalist
December 03, 2013
A great many people – more than ever, probably – describe themselves as supporters of the free market today, in spite of the unrelenting propaganda against it. And that's great. Those statements of support, however, are followed by the inevitable but: but w ...
The Menace and Immorality of the Welfare State
December 03, 2013
In the United States policies are being promulgated by those with political power in Washington, D. C. that involve a massive and dangerous growth in the size and scope of government. At the core of the Obama administration's push for implementing a comprehensi ...
You Cannot Negotiate With Iran?
December 02, 2013
You cannot negotiate with Iran. That is what they told us for years. The Iranian leadership is too fanatical, they are not rational actors, they are "not like us." One US official even recently said that deception is part of the Iranian DNA. But just over a wee ...
The Careful Calibration of Mr. Huszar's Limited Hangout
November 30, 2013
Andrew Huszar has been making the rounds apologizing for Federal Reserve strategies, and he recently gave an interview to RT that was posted as " 'Easy money' a relief for financiers, burden for most Americans – former Fed trader … " Huszar's comments are c ...
What Percentage of My Assets Should I Hold in Precious Metals?
November 29, 2013
I am often asked what percentage of their total assets or liquid portfolio a person or family should hold in precious metals. I find it impossible to answer this question generically. What I can do is describe the process I use to help determine the ideal amoun ...
The Reason Police Brutality Is Rising
November 28, 2013
A headline in Mint Press News (Nov. 6) declared, "U.S. Police Have Killed Over 5,000 Civilians Since 9/11." An earlier Mint article (Aug. 19) reported, "Claims of Minneapolis Police Misconduct: 439; Officers Disciplined: 0." It is almost cliché to talk about a ...
Health Fascism On Its Way
November 27, 2013
Paul Krugman, Princeton economist and columnist for The New York Times, has never had a problem with coercing people to do what they'd rather not do. So it's no surprise that he favors the universal health care system advocated by numerous politicians in our ti ...
Thanksgiving Marks the Birth of American Free Enterprise
November 26, 2013
This time of the year, whether in good economic times or bad, is when many Americans gather with their families and friends and enjoy a Thanksgiving meal together. It marks a remembrance of those early Pilgrim Fathers who crossed the uncharted ocean from Europe ...
Can Karzai Save Us?
November 25, 2013
After a year of talks over the post-2014 US military presence in Afghanistan, the US administration announced last week that a new agreement had finally been reached. Under the deal worked out with Afghan President Hamid Karzai, the US would keep thousands of t ...
Most Bizarre Hedging Statement Ever?
November 23, 2013
Just look at this. Here it is in all its glory, from a recent Bloomberg article entitled "Gold Analysts Most Bearish Since June on Fed Taper: Commodities": "For safe-haven assets, there's no point because the economy is recovering," said Andrey Kryuchenkov, a c ...
The Kennedy Assassination (November 22, 1963) 50 Years Later
November 22, 2013
November 22, 2013, is the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The true story of JFK's murder has never been officially admitted, although the conclusion that JFK was murdered by a plot involving the Secret Service, the CIA and th ...
Measuring the Extent of a Police State
November 21, 2013
I believe America's political institutions are beyond redemption. The hope for America lies with individuals who live freedom rather than talk about it or pursue it through authorized means. Freedom now rests with individuals who say "no," in combination or alo ...
Obama's Utilitarian Foibles
November 20, 2013
The utilitarian insists that the morally right way to act is to promote the greatest good for the greatest number (of people but perhaps of all sentient beings). This goes for public policy as well! The goal overrides any individual rights, so if to secure it s ...
Opposing Bad Laws Like ObamaCare is not Un-American
November 19, 2013
Should bad legislation be supported simply because it is the "law of the land"? Larry Summers, Treasury Secretary under Bill Clinton and former economic advisor to Barack Obama, thinks so. In a recent editorial Summers argues that in spite of the false start an ...
Federal Reserve Steals From the Poor and Gives to the Rich
November 18, 2013
Last Thursday the Senate Banking Committee held hearings on Janet Yellen's nomination as Federal Reserve Board Chairman. As expected, Ms. Yellen indicated that she would continue the Fed's "quantitative easing" (QE) policies, despite QE's failure to improve the ...
Bloomberg: So Many Memes, So Little Time
November 16, 2013
Republicans are beginning to mention a gold link for the US dollar once more. This information is presented to us in a recent Bloomberg article entitled, "Republicans Asserting Reliance on Gold as World Loses Faith." This is more of a dominant social theme than ...
What Is The Real Agenda Of The American Police State?
November 15, 2013
In my last column I emphasized that it was important for American citizens to demand to know what the real agendas are behind the wars of choice by the Bush and Obama regimes. These are major, long-term wars each lasting two to three times as long as World War ...
Obamacare and the New Soviet Man
November 14, 2013
Obamacare's failure to enlist young people into its ranks may well result in an American version of the New Soviet Man. That man was the communist ideal of a person who served the state and its leader with selfless devotion. White House advisor Dr. Ezekiel Eman ...
Breaking Through the Cloud Cover
November 14, 2013
I was reading a commentary this morning by a Swiss money manager whose opinion I respect. He commented that there was a widespread perception that something is very wrong, though people can't quite put their finger on what that is. He argues that the problem is ...
New Lenses
November 13, 2013
What's happening with the economy and why? Is there no end to this? What can I do to protect my family and myself, to plan better for the future? Many of us have asked questions to this effect at one point. Running away from the madness of it all is impossible. ...
Liberty and Productivity
November 13, 2013
Statists routinely suggest their distrust of human initiative. This is why they keep advocating government stimuli instead of free markets. In a free market, one which prohibits government intrusions, regulations and regimentation, it is understood that when me ...
Restoring the Ideal of Liberty in America
November 12, 2013
The controversy and scandal over Obamacare in America today is not simply about a website that does not work, or existing private health care insurance policies that are being dropped, or government-approved health insurance policies that cost a lot more becaus ...
Chained CPI Chains Taxpayers
November 11, 2013
One of the least discussed, but potentially most significant, provisions in President Obama's budget is the use of the "chained consumer price index" (chained CPI), to measure the effect of inflation on people's standard of living. Chained CPI is an effort to a ...
Money and Power vs. 'Money Power'
November 09, 2013
Forbes has posted an article, "New York Is The New Power For Silicon Valley Tech IPOs," explaining the Valley is now subservient to New York. But was Silicon Valley ever really in charge? This article will make the point that the balance of power never really s ...
How America Was Lost
November 08, 2013
"No legal issue arises when the United States responds to a challenge to its power, position, and prestige." Dean Acheson, 1962, speaking to the American Society of International Law. Dean Acheson declared 51 years ago that power, position and prestige are the ...
The Industrial Revolution You Haven't Met
November 07, 2013
In textile factories, they were called "scavengers." The typical scavenger was about six years old, and the child's job was to reclaim loose cotton that fell under the machinery. Because the machines kept operating, terrible injuries were commonplace. History p ...
Obama versus Hayek
November 06, 2013
The most prominent of Austrian economists was the late F.A. Hayek. He won the Nobel Prize in economic science – shared it with Gunnar Myrdal whose ideas in the discipline of political economy were nearly the opposite of Hayek's – in 1974. His last book, The ...
Beware the Panhandlers of a New Inflationary Panacea
November 05, 2013
For centuries inflation has been considered a quick fix for economic problems. Create a lot of money, raise prices, and prosperity for all shall be assured in a short amount of time. With the US economy stuck in slow growth and a relatively high rate of unemplo ...
What Was Not Said About Iraq
November 04, 2013
October was Iraq's deadliest month since April, 2008. In those five and a half years, not only has there been no improvement in Iraq's security situation, but things have gotten much worse. More than 1,000 people were killed in Iraq last month, the vast majorit ...
Global Warming: The Wall Street Party Has Begun
November 02, 2013
The party is on. And you read it here first. As we observe this phenomenon, we realize that global warming is going to play a big role in Wall Street's upcoming and ongoing promotion. But let's take it from the top. Several things just happened that confirm a f ...
Is Paul Krugman a Voodoo Economist?
November 01, 2013
Readers ask me if Paul Krugman could be correct that deficits don't matter and that neither does printing endless reams of money with which to purchase the Treasury's debt instruments that finance the deficits. If people at home and abroad who hold dollars and ...
The Great Lie of Modern Unions
October 31, 2013
Few aspects of America's past are as thoroughly misunderstood as the history of the labor movements that thrived in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The modern union that arose and usurped their place was the antithesis of what it claimed to be. It did n ...
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