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The Next Presidential Election Will Move the World Closer to War
November 17, 2014
Glenn Greenwald has revealed that Hillary Clinton is the presidential candidate of the banksters and warmongers. Pam and Russ Martens note that Elizabeth Warren is the populist alternative. I doubt that a politician who represents the people can acquire the cam ...
Ramifications of Naming Piketty's Book as FT 'Business Book of the Year'
November 15, 2014
Bloomberg has posted an editorial, "Why Are We So Obsessed With Everyone Else's Wealth?" This caught my eye because the editorial mentioned that the Financial Times has just named Thomas PIketty's difficult text, Capitalism in the 21st Century, the "business bo ...
Fractional-Reserve Banking is Not Fraud
November 13, 2014
Fractional-reserve banking (FRB) is a flash point within libertarianism and a subject that elicits a rare sight: economists becoming emotional. For many in the Austrian school, FRB is theft, counterfeiting and fraud; some critics call for banning it. To other f ...
Gordon Tullock: Economist Who Explained Why Government Corruptly Grows
November 11, 2014
Why is it that government grows in size and scope, and is so difficult to stop or reverse? Political economist Gordon Tullock, who passed away on November 3, 2014 at the age of 92, was a path-breaker in explaining how and why big government keeps getting bigger ...
More Lies from 'Our' Government: The Latest Jobs Report
November 11, 2014
Just as the German media has destroyed its credibility with lies, the US government is consistently destroying Washington's credibility both with its own citizens and the rest of the world. Russia and China, the other two significant nuclear powers, no longer b ...
What The Mid-Term Elections Really Mean For Peace and Liberty
November 10, 2014
Did the election last week really mean that much? I took to my Twitter account on Tuesday to point out that the change in control of the Senate from Democrat to Republican actually means very little, despite efforts by politicians and the mainstream media to co ...
Can Anarcho-Capitalism Work?
November 10, 2014
The term "anarcho-capitalism" has, we might say, rather an arresting quality. But while the term itself may jolt the newcomer, the ideas it embodies are compelling and attractive, and represent the culmination of a long development of thought. If I had to boil ...
Can't We All Just Trust Our Governments?
November 08, 2014
Reuters has posted an interesting review of a new book by Geoffrey Hosking called Trust: A History. The thesis? Apparently that trust "provides a substitute for prescience. The unchecked pursuit of self-interest can undermine trust." This is surely one more glo ...
Paul Krugman's 'Triumph of the Wrong' Column Is Dead Wrong
November 08, 2014
"Politics determines who has the power, not who has the truth." – Paul Krugman What leads me to conclude Paul Krugman's latest column is dead wrong? First of all, I agree with him on one thing. Krugman offers a summary of supposed conservative, free-market so ...
Robert LeFevre, Paying a Debt Backward
November 06, 2014
I owe an unpaid intellectual debt to Robert LeFevre (1911-1986) with whom I associated in my twenties. LeFevre deeply impacted libertarians who met him personally but current and future generations may not understand why. They will meet only his books, which ar ...
Benjamin Constant: A Principled Voice of Liberty Worth Recalling
November 04, 2014
October 25th marked the 247th birthday of one of the greatest voices of liberty, the French political philosopher of freedom, Benjamin Constant. He may not be a household name to friends of freedom today, but he should be. He wrote one of the most principled an ...
Forget the 2014 Election: Why Ron Holland Voted With His Feet
November 04, 2014
Another election day is upon us, always a great boost to the establishment media giants that own cable and print news as well as TV and radio stations. Total political advertising spending for the 2014 election should reach $2.5 billion dollars in this cycle an ...
Presidential Crimes: Then And Now
November 04, 2014
Writing for Americans is not always an enjoyable experience. Many readers want to have their prejudices confirmed, not challenged. Emotions rule their reason, and they are capable of a determined resistance to facts and are not inhibited from displays of rudene ...
More Guns Plus Less War Equals Real Security
November 03, 2014
Last week's tragic shootings in Canada and Washington state are certain to lead to new calls for gun control. The media-generated fear over "lone wolf terrorists" will enable the gun control lobby to smear Second Amendment supporters as "pro-terrorist." Marketi ...
Global Dialogue on Drugs Changing Rapidly
November 01, 2014
Two more recent news articles reemphasize how the drug dialogue is changing – and, yes, we've been "on top if it" from the very beginning. In fact, we focused on worldwide drug legalization in a series of groundbreaking articles. You can see one here: World L ...
Can Commerce Inspire?
October 31, 2014
Commerce and Its Dubious Reputation: Given its reputation in many of the popular renditions of world religions and philosophies, commerce wouldn't be expected to inspire. Most of those who comment on such matters do not consider engaging in commerce to contain ...
The Free Market Kicks It Some Ebola Ass
October 30, 2014
The Ebola hysteria raises questions about how a free society would handle contagious diseases. Critics of freedom argue: libertarian principles, like the right against involuntary confinement, means that half the people on the planet could literally die from a ...
Foreign Affairs: Looking Offshore This Week
October 29, 2014
These changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes, Nothing remains quite the same. Through all of the islands and all of the highlands, If we couldn't laugh we would all go insane. ~ Jimmy Buffett (1977) There have been a lot of articles in the press over the la ...
Austrian Economist Who Should Have Received Nobel Prize
October 28, 2014
On October 13th, the 2014 Nobel Prize in Economics was announced in Stockholm, Sweden, with French economist, Jean Tirole, the recipient for his work on developing models to better assist governments in regulating private enterprise. A couple of weeks earlier, ...
Once-Peaceful Canada Turns Militaristic; Blowback Follows
October 27, 2014
In 1968 the government of Canada decided to openly admit Americans seeking to avoid being drafted into the US war on Vietnam. Before, would-be immigrants were technically required to prove that they had been discharged from US military service. This move made i ...
Why the Tragic Ottawa Shooting Is a Potential Boon to the Canadian Cannabis Industry
October 25, 2014
The movement to legalize cannabis is in place. It will continue. And it leads to some interesting conclusions. One can argue, for instance, that the tragic shooting in Canada's capital city earlier this week may ultimately benefit cannabis decriminalization eff ...
Bad Actors, Dangerous Products and Working to Build the Right Solution
October 24, 2014
Last week a lengthy report on an apparently fraudulent and dangerous medical cannabis-related product was brought to my attention. It is not a pleasure to read – always the case when we come across bad news but this news is particularly distasteful, as it com ...
Are We Ready for the Fall of Baghdad?
October 24, 2014
I recently was in Vietnam and spent some time in prosperous, capitalist Saigon, now called Ho Chi Minh City, and toured the American War Museum. I believe there are a number of parallels between the Vietnam and Iraq War and that history could repeat itself now ...
Figuring Out Life and Friendship
October 23, 2014
I know the secret of life. You get up each morning and put both feet on the floor. You stand up and walk through the day in as straight a line as possible. Work diligently. Treat everyone with the civility they deserve. Treat those for whom you care with patien ...
Strange Value of Gold in a World That Demands It
October 22, 2014
A recent CNBC article tells us that "gold is sending wacky signals." ... Why? Because of a strange, emergent "correlation" that gold is now exhibiting with the recently rising dollar and bonds. The article quotes trader George Gero of RBC as saying: "It started ...
The American Dream Is Still Possible, Just Not in the US
October 22, 2014
More Americans are living outside the United States. Although there are no firm statistics, the US State Department estimates that somewhere between 3 and 6 million Americans now live offshore and I think this is a low estimate. Although I now live in Canada, I ...
A Bit of Nietzsche Will Help
October 22, 2014
A distinguishing feature of Nietzsche's thought was that he believed humankind needed to overturn the old, mostly theological ethics and transform values to something new. He didn't say what that would have to be but since he identified Christian ethics with ra ...
Ludwig von Mises and the Austrian Theory of Inflations and Recessions
October 21, 2014
Eighty years ago, in the autumn of 1934, there appeared in English one of the most important books on money and inflation penned in the twentieth century, The Theory of Money and Credit by the Austrian economist, Ludwig von Mises. Even eight decades later, it s ...
National Service is Anti-Liberty and Un-American
October 20, 2014
Former Clinton Administration Labor Secretary Robert Reich recently called on the government to force young people to spend two years either "serving" in the military or performing some other type of government-directed "community service." Neoconservative Sena ...
Fury Over Food: Advantage to the Small-Farm, 'Natural' Foods Models?
October 18, 2014
October 16th was "World Food Day." Perhaps you missed it, but certainly for those directly involved, it's a contentious holiday – with two well funded farming models facing off with each other. In this article I want to show how a "third way" is one that may ...
U.S. Government Guilty of Creating Heroin Addicts
October 16, 2014
[Note: this article proceeds from two assumptions. First, drugs can be abused but the abuse could not possibly be more destructive than the War on Drugs has been. Second, drug use is in no way the same as drug addiction.] "The American narcotics problem is an a ...
Putin Speaks: Hope that Washington Hears
October 16, 2014
In an interview today with Politika, a Serbian newspaper, Russia's president, Vladimir Putin, said that it is futile and dangerous for the US and its European puppets to blackmail Russia and that the Exceptional Nation and its vassals should consider the risks ...
Pols May Reverse 'Innocent Until Proven Guilty'
October 15, 2014
Good news on the asset forfeiture front: "Asset confiscations fall to six-year low," according to The Age (Victoria). That would seem to be good news, right? But, no ... not in this day and age. We're constantly assaulted by legislative initiatives we could nev ...
Liberty versus Morality: The Free Society’s Troublesome Solution
October 15, 2014
"[M]an acts from judgment, because by his apprehensive power he judges that something should be avoided or sought. But because this judgment, in the case of some particular act, is not from a natural instinct, but from some act of comparison in the reason, ther ...
What We Can All Learn from Galt's Gulch Chile
October 14, 2014
Yes, I know most free-market thinkers have read Atlas Shrugged and we certainly identify philosophically today with the appeal of a Galt's Gulch-style community like Rand described in her novel. But let's talk about how we can learn from the problems of Galt's ...
Winning Freedom Requires Some Radical Solutions
October 14, 2014
Suppose that there was a button in front of you that if you pushed it would, in one instant, abolish all the governmental controls and regulations on the U.S. economy. Would you push that button, and transform America into a society of free men associating with ...
Liberty, Not Government, is Key to Containing Ebola
October 13, 2014
According to Forbes magazine, at least 5,000 Americans contacted healthcare providers fearful they had contracted Ebola after the media reported that someone with Ebola had entered the United States. All 5,000 cases turned out to be false alarms. In fact, despi ...
Asset Forfeitures and Securing a Secondary Residence in this 'Best-kept Secret' Location
October 11, 2014
The Daily Bell has covered the growing lawlessness of governments in ways that directly affect many of our readers, particularly in Western nations. These include ever-increasing surveillance, draconian Homeland Security powers and militarization of out-of-cont ...
US Has More Sanctions Against Russia Than Against Ebola
October 10, 2014
We have known since . . . well, when haven't we known that our public officials are incompetent. Their incompetence is always expensive, but now it risks a worldwide ebola pandemic. With so little known about a deadly disease, one would think that with ebola on ...
Libertarianism Is Not Atheist, Is Not Religious
October 09, 2014
A Liberty magazine article (March 1987) on religion was entitled "Freedom is for Everyone (Including the despised 'Rightists')." In it, Murray Rothbard observed, "The libertarian movement, and the Libertarian Party, will get nowhere in America – or throughout ...
Rights as Basic Principles
October 08, 2014
The point of having a written constitution to which the administration of a country's legal system is firmly committed is to provide a framework of viable, just social life to all members of society who renounce violations of its principles. The American framer ...
F. A. Hayek and the Nobel Prize
October 07, 2014
Forty years ago, on October 9, 1974, the Nobel Prize committee announced that the co-recipient of that year's award for economics was the Austrian economist, Friedrich A. Hayek. Never was there a more deserving recognition for one of the truly great free-market ...
The Real Status of Forces in Afghanistan and Iraq
October 06, 2014
After 13 years of war in Afghanistan – the longest in US history – the US government has achieved no victory. Afghanistan is in chaos and would collapse completely without regular infusions of US money. The war has been a failure, but Washington will not ad ...
International Distribution of Cannabis Extracts Inevitable: UN to Set the Table
October 04, 2014
Just as we've predicted, the cannabis industry is expanding rapidly worldwide – and for people following this trend, there's exciting news almost every day. It's also raised a question I want to address in this editorial. More about that further down. The big ...
How North America Came to Hate Individuals
October 02, 2014
The Spanish historian and Dominican friar Bartolomé de las Casas (1484-1566) is one of my favorite libertarian figures. He devoted most of his life to fighting the violent colonization of South America and the savage slavery it involved. Unique among European ...
More Washington Lies
October 01, 2014
Hong Kong: Whatever is occurring in Hong Kong, it bears no relation to what is being reported about it in the Western print and TV media. These reports spin the protests as a conflict between the demand for democracy and a tyrannical Chinese government. Ming Ch ...
Dangerous Words: 'I Believe in Freedom, But …'
September 30, 2014
One of the greatest huddles to a successful achievement of liberty in society is all due to the little word, "but." People will often say, "Oh, I believe in freedom in principle, but . . ." That "but" is followed by an assumed exception requiring some form of g ...
Scottish Referendum Gives Reasons to be Hopeful
September 29, 2014
Even though it ultimately failed at the ballot box, the recent campaign for Scottish independence should cheer supporters of the numerous secession movements springing up around the globe. In the weeks leading up to the referendum, it appeared that the people o ...
Sad Tale of the New York Fed and Goldman Sachs Has a Simple Solution
September 27, 2014
Well, the spinmeisters are out in force. It's predictable. A young woman has taped conversations between Goldman Sachs and the New York Fed apparently showing clear collusion –and the articles are already spewing forth on how the system is terribly corrupt an ...
Libertarian Candidates Jump Out of the Crazy Closet
September 25, 2014
It is voting season and a fever of straw hats is falling. Hundreds of 'libertarians' have jumped out of the crazy closet in their candidate costumes that are emblazoned with "this time for sure!" Hundreds of thousands more will tick a box, as the media and poli ...
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