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Cannabis Investment Conundrum: Too Much Power for Too Little Yield?
November 05, 2015
As The Daily Bell has been warning, growing and marketing cannabis is becoming more complex as the industry expands. In fact, chief editor Anthony Wile has warned investors not to "rush in" because the cannabis industry is in flux and will go through comprehens ...
Paul Gottfried on Secession and Sensible Human Action
November 05, 2015
This Daily Kos article sums up the contempt with which some viewed those who were upset about the federal government training its military across vast swaths of the Western United States. The operation was called Jade Helm and perhaps (it has been suggested) th ...
Precious Metals or Monopoly Digital Currencies – You Decide
November 04, 2015
Placing the yuan in the IMF's currency basket is bound to happen sooner or later. But in the past few weeks, the prospect has been much in the news again because the IMF has brought up the subject once more. (Note: We will refer to the Chinese currency in this ...
Gun Freedom and Human Action
November 04, 2015
This article appeared in the Washington Post in early October and we can't find an update, so perhaps overt action has not yet occurred. But the proposition, in any case, is symptomatic of this administration's increasing lawlessness. Of course, the Bush admini ...
Jim Rogers Swaps Out of India?
November 03, 2015
We don't mean to pick on Forbes – this is a well-written and well-reasoned article – but we generally have trouble getting excited about India from a business and investment standpoint. Certainly the country has come a long way but it still has troubles giv ...
In Florida, Cannabis Slowdown Frustrates Popular Sentiment
November 03, 2015
The article excerpted here focuses on the difficulties in bringing a particular form of medicinal cannabis to market in Florida. But there is good news here as well for those who want to see the end of cannabis prohibition. Region by region, state by state, cit ...
Is It a Crash Yet? Two Articles Speculate
November 02, 2015
This Telegraph article was published in mid-October but we have seen many of the data points before and encountered the conclusions before as well. It is worth examining because these arguments can be persuasive in their own way and counterarguments are not alw ...
Ron Paul Defines the Truth About War
November 02, 2015
What is happening to Tony Blair is unheard of in early 21st-century Western politics. One of the most powerful men in the world (at least he was) is being pilloried for dragging Britain into the war under false pretenses and thus participating in the demise or ...
Colombia Moves Further Toward Medicinal Cannabis Legalization
October 30, 2015
In an important step, Colombia is progressing toward legalization of medicinal cannabis with a decree that would "regulate the commercialization of products with bases of marijuana, coca and poppy." Health Minister Alejandro Gaviria stated the decree "is about ...
Deadly Standoffs on the Horizon
October 30, 2015
Barack Obama seems destined to leave the country as he found it ... at war. The changes in policy are coming hard and fast now. In Afghanistan, the US is going to leave 5,000 troops on the ground indefinitely. In Iraq, US troops are reportedly facing off agains ...
Gerald Celente: Halloween Stimulation Around the Globe?
October 29, 2015
The Federal Reserve again decided not to hike. But officials put out a statement that a rate hike was more likely at the end of the year. This is in line with a recent Daily Bell analysis that you can view here. We concluded in this analysis that gold may be th ...
Shock Waves Spread From Anti-Gun Court Decision
October 29, 2015
The Daily Titan is a student newspaper, but we've deliberately led with its summary of the latest court decision regarding guns (and Sandy Hook) because it provides us with a variety of anti-gun memes that appear in various guises with predictable regularity. T ...
Ron Paul Believes Benghazi Hearings Needed Broader Focus
October 28, 2015
The mainstream media's obsession with keeping score when it comes to politics often distracts even the most knowledgeable political observers from considering the underlying, more important issues. This is just as true, surely, in Europe as it is in the US. Ron ...
The Better Safe Haven: Oil, Gold or Dollars?
October 28, 2015
Is a safe haven even necessary? Probably so, unless one wants to take Janet Yellen's word for it. And thus Park Sungjin may have a point. He believes that commodities could be the best safe haven at this point in the business cycle. His argument is a simple one ...
Australia Pops 'Pot Stocks' on News of Legalization
October 27, 2015
Well, it's happening, as we can see from this article. So let the deal-making begin. It's like any other deal-making, only the deals are cannabis deals, and that's just how it should be, given that the sector is likely maturing even more quickly than expected. ...
Simon Black Speaks of Freedoms Lost Post-Civil War
October 27, 2015
We don't mean to pick on the author of this article because we chose it simply as a representative text. In the past months, Northern revisionism regarding the Civil War has been powerfully promoted by the mainstream media. The idea is to make clear that the US ...
Barcelona Currency … What About Gold?
October 26, 2015
So Barcelona is challenging Madrid and currency is going to be the proving ground. It's a face off between the Catalan culture and the dominant Castilian culture in Madrid. It's tough not to root for the underdog here, especially because the Castilian culture i ...
The Pre-Public Cure to Spoofing Madness
October 26, 2015
Here we go again. The sanctity of US markets is at risk. The free market has to be protected at any cost from the barbarians that seek to cause market failure. Of course, there is no such thing as market failure. A market is merely a creation of participants th ...
Reasons Why Gold May Have Gone Higher
October 23, 2015
This article provides us with an interesting speculation on how central bankers intend to get out of the fix of zero-bound rates. Also, why gold has climbed some eight percent since July, even as commodities prices in some cases have lost ground. It all has to ...
Marijuana Momentum in Mexico
October 23, 2015
We've been covering the momentum for cannabis legalization most recently in Canada where Liberal candidate Justin Trudeau claimed the office of Prime Minister with a platform that includes legalizing cannabis. Now comes word that Mexico's highest court will con ...
The Internet's Countervailing Trend
October 22, 2015
The book referred to in the above article excerpt became a Pulitzer Prize finalist, though we are not sure why. Every part of the thesis seems relatively un-provable, though it conjures up a nightmarish Internet that is changing our very personalities as we inn ...
Gerald Celente Has Questions About China's Economic Numbers
October 22, 2015
In writing about China yesterday, we emphasized how sooner or later the economy was going to unravel further, following on the heels of its disastrous market drop – and that China's difficulties were a direct result of the Western, central bank model that Chi ...
The Big Budget Debate and a Personal Solution
October 21, 2015
John Boehner is aiming for a final compromise with Democrats before he leaves office. Rather than trying to negotiate with a number of dissatisfied legislators on his side of the aisle, he wants to work with the opposing party. A deal with Democrats would furth ...
China Slowdown May Provide Farmland Opportunity
October 21, 2015
This article in Quartz is actually an excerpt from a book, Will Africa Feed China? Since the full book is not available in the magazine, it is a little difficult to figure out the nuances of the argument it's making. But it seems clear that the author intends t ...
Canada's Liberal Victory Advances Cannabis Legalization Trend
October 20, 2015
Yesterday we published a news analysis entitled "Cannabis Could Win Big in Today's Canadian Election." Well, it certainly looks like it has, given that the liberals have taken a majority position in the House of Commons – and the leader of the Libs, Justin Tr ...
The Life and Times of Irwin Schiff
October 20, 2015
Irwin Schiff made his reputation trying to debunk and remove the US income tax system. He considered it illegal and immoral and went to jail three times for his beliefs. We knew him several decades ago. He promised us several "scoops" when he came to New York a ...
Cannabis Could Win Big in Today's Canadian Election
October 19, 2015
Elections, even hotly contested ones, can have major consequences and the upcoming Canadian federal election is no exception. It may end up with a victory for Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau, and also for cannabis legalization. Medicinal cannabis is now leg ...
Smoking Gun Memo Changes Context of Middle East
October 19, 2015
So it is all coming out now ... the deliberate, cold-blooded planning to create a war with Iraq no matter the consequences. The evidence is contained in communications from then US Secretary of State Colin Powell to President George W Bush. Just released – ap ...
Things Fall Apart Around Janet Yellen
October 16, 2015
Of course the mainstream media – as represented above by Reuters – is going to emphasize the normalcy of the process. There should be no doubt that the Federal Reserve has weathered worse crises and as soon as the numbers prove out one way or another, Fed o ...
Illinois Runs Out of Money as Gold Rises
October 16, 2015
In our other article today, we pointed out that the US Federal Reserve wasn't just wrestling with rate hikes but was facing a bigger challenge because people were gradually losing faith in the monetary system that the Fed represents. Within this context, Illino ...
Why British MPs May Support Legal Cannabis
October 15, 2015
The proverbial tide may be turning in Britain when it comes to legalization of cannabis. A government study has come to the conclusion that legalizing cannabis would be a tax windfall and also save £200m a year in various enforcement costs. The pressure is app ...
Simon Black Says You Need a Second Passport Now
October 15, 2015
Sovereign Man's Simon Black has been writing and distributing "case studies" focused on freedom issues and providing solutions for those who want to take action on a variety of topics. This analysis will focus on the benefits of a second passport. Black's case ...
Peter Schiff Says to Arbitrage the Fed
October 14, 2015
This is a longish article, but it has one basic point – a significant one worth repeating. The point is that the market has already "priced in" a rate hike. And it is Peter Schiff's belief that the market is wrong, and that investors can take advantage of tha ...
Is Gary North an Economic and Internet Optimist?
October 14, 2015
Our favorite economic curmudgeon – Gary North – is back with an insightful debunking of Matt Drudge's fears regarding the Internet and the recently agreed-upon TPP trade treaty, which contains a number of bad elements including a loony strengthening of copy ...
Technocratic Favoritism Versus Commodity Prices
October 13, 2015
Jim Rogers is usually bullish on commodities but this article asks if Rogers was wrong. We've been lucky enough to interview Rogers numerous times and we understand his bullishness. But read Rogers closely and you will see that his analysis includes factors oth ...
Ron Paul on the Cognitive Dissonance of the Political Class
October 13, 2015
This is a very good point that Ron Paul is making. The horrible tragedy in Afghanistan – where US pilots bombed a hospital and killed some 22 patients and doctors – was not even the subject of a formal apology when it happened. Contrast this reaction to the ...
The Incredible, Diminishing, Endlessly Discussed Rate Hike
October 12, 2015
Fischer, Janet Yellen and the rest of the Federal Reserve gang ought to print placards that say, "rate hike coming," as that way they wouldn't have to repeat themselves so much. However, here's a thought: There may be a method to the "madness" of constant delay ...
The Real Estate Bubble That Ate the World
October 12, 2015
When we think of real estate bubbles, we often think of Manhattan and London, because that's where the most egregious bubbles often emerge. We are informed by the media, as well, that these areas are most "in demand." And this perspective is fueled by reporting ...
Slave Labor in America
October 09, 2015
Abraham Lincoln, while no friend of liberty in other respects, at least ended slavery in the American South. That was a century and a half ago. Now another form of slave labor has become common. We don't see it or think about it because it hides behind prison w ...
Stealing Elections the High-Tech Way
October 08, 2015
After the many high-profile hacking incidents the last two years, it should be clear to all that virtually no automated system is intrusion-proof. Nothing can stop a highly motivated pirate who wants inside your system. What motivates the pirates? To date it ha ...
Survey Says: Americans Trust No One
October 07, 2015
The Gallup Organization goes to great lengths to tell us what we already know. Their latest national polling, for instance, says "Americans' Trust in Media Remains at Historical Low." The greater surprise is the other side of the coin. Some 40% of Americans thi ...
A Tale of Two Killings
October 06, 2015
If the local sheriff had his way, none of us would know that Chris Harper Mercer was the one who killed nine people and then himself at an Oregon community college. The sheriff thinks putting the name in print or saying it aloud somehow glorifies Mercer's actio ...
Secret Service Can't Keep Secrets
October 05, 2015
The U.S. Secret Service looks more like a rogue agency every day. Between agents partying with prostitutes, others drunkenly driving through White House gates and yet others leaving the mansion's front door unlocked, it's fair to wonder when they will "accident ...
Generals Manipulate Media, Media Complies
October 02, 2015
When top generals talk about protecting military secrets, the average citizen will think some important subject must be at stake: troop movements, weapons capabilities, intelligence sources and the like. The public presumes its generals are men and women of int ...
Orwellian UN Picks a Surprising Human Rights Judge
October 01, 2015
To the so-called neoconservative advocates of "realistic" foreign policy, Israel can do no wrong and Iran can do no right. What do they think about Saudi Arabia? Mostly they pretend it doesn't exist. This saves them from having to explain how Saudi Arabia is a ...
District Attorneys Gone Prison-Happy
September 30, 2015
U.S. prisons are stuffed to the rafters, often with non-violent offenders. By all kinds of measures, we incarcerate far more people than most of the world. Why? The standard assumption blames aggressive drug law enforcement and mandatory sentencing laws. New re ...
Pentagon-Protected Pedophiles
September 29, 2015
That evil acts occur when nations go to war is no surprise. Soldiers arrive already expecting it, their leaders having described the enemy as vermin worthy of death. What some American troops found in Afghanistan is different. It was not an evil they brought wi ...
The Age of Conditional Ownership
September 28, 2015
"After all, it's their car," says the author of today's excerpt. This is incorrect. No one "owns" his or her car, if ownership means the right to do what you want with the object you own. What we really have is a sort of long-term conditional lease. The so-call ...
The Pope without a Country
September 25, 2015
We do not know what Pope Francis and President Obama discussed during their 45-minute private Oval Office meeting this week. It would be nice if he heard Obama's confession, but they would likely have needed more time. Their conversation, whatever it was, will ...
Innovation is No Excuse!
September 24, 2015
Bitcoin promoters who long for recognition got their wish last week. It is not an official currency, nor is it likely to become one. The cryptocurrency is an official commodity, though. Whether this is good news remains to be seen. The designation resulted from ...
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