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Get Rid of the Fed
February 12, 2017
Global risks are only amplified. ...
Upcoming British Legislation Could Jail Journos for 14 Years
February 11, 2017
Legislation is in formative stages but probably will move ahead. ...
Dinos Alive?
February 11, 2017
An increasing number of videos make this case. ...
Trump Is Man of the People or Man of the Police?
February 10, 2017
He needs to expand his orbit. ...
Federal Reserve Interest Rates Are Nonsense
February 10, 2017
Rates should represent the price of money. ...
Upcoming March for Government Science Encourages Falsity
February 09, 2017
Such 'science' has little to do with the truth. ...
A Letter to Trump From Big Pharma That Protests Too Much
February 08, 2017
A letter that is not what it seems. ...
North Korea May Reach the US, but Not With Nukes
February 07, 2017
Where's the evidence they have them? ...
Republicans Reeling in Fed?
February 06, 2017
What will Trump do next? ...
‘The World Needs Globalization, It Needs Trade’
February 05, 2017
How much, and what kind? ...
Trump’s Complications in Draining the Swamp
February 04, 2017
There are alligators in the way. ...
Trump’s Planned Pruning of Regs Needs to Go Much Further
February 03, 2017
Letting America's corporations pick and choose what to get rid of only empowers the very largest among them. ...
Germany Turns Even More Authoritarian
February 02, 2017
The county will do more to repress certain people. ...
Increasingly, Evolution Has No Proof
February 01, 2017
Evolution was always the 'greatest idea' but increasing a lack of proof bedevils scientific certainty. ...
Trump Has Laid a Trap for The News Media
January 30, 2017
He has provided them a bad choice. ...
LONDON, UK - SEP 27: Financial district office buildings in street on September 27, 2013 in London, UK. London is the world's greatest foreign exchange market with major trade conducted in district.
The Special Relationship Is Also With London’s City
January 27, 2017
London's City and its banks help drive the special relationship. ...
Trump Is A Revolutionary Free-Marketeer, But Maybe Something Else as Well
January 26, 2017
The two sides of Trump ... ...
Writing About a Fantasy Trump Instead of a Real One
January 25, 2017
Taking rumor and innuendo as fact ... ...
The Guardian Wants Other Newspapers to Help Share in Trump Investigations
January 24, 2017
The Guardian wants to mimic the partnerships of the Panama Papers. ...
Now the Entire EU Is Urged to Adopt a Basic Income
January 24, 2017
Juncker begins to turn a hypothetical concept into a reality. ...
Negative Trump Coverage Is Long-Term Threat to His Presidency
January 23, 2017
Too much negativity is setting up a bad situation. ...
Worldwide Container Woes Now Hitting German Banks
January 23, 2017
Deutsche Bank's problems are just the beginning for the German banking sector. ...
Basic Incomes in Finland and Scotland Are Reaction to Trump’s Politics
January 22, 2017
Trump supposedly wants market based solutions, but that's not what we're getting abroad. ...
Real Markets Are Not ‘Pop Economics’
January 20, 2017
The closer one gets to real economics, the better. ...
More Cooperation Between America and China Than There Seems
January 19, 2017
China doesn't act alone. ...
Trump Stresses Globalism but It Should Be Within a Process of Free Trade
January 18, 2017
Free trade is preferable to managed trade. ...
British Pol Claims Trump Marked for Assassination
January 16, 2017
George Galloway says what some others will not. ...
This Bloomberg Editorial Claims Experts Are Necessary for Government – We Disagree
January 15, 2017
There's no such thing as an expert. ...
Trump Meets With Professor Who Thinks Global Warming Is Positive
January 14, 2017
Politically speaking, Trump is making appointments that upset the status quo. ...
Trump Vaccine Experts Are Not Industry Types and Might Recommend Real Change
January 13, 2017
Vaccine evidence is at least a good deal more gray than the industry suggests. ...
Austrian Economics Is Popular and Forceful
January 12, 2017
Austrian economics is both popular and distinct. ...
The Best Way for Economists to Stay Relevant Today Is to Go Out of Business
January 11, 2017
Economics Is a Profession in Spite of Itself ...
Government Prosecution of Errant VW Execs Is Out Of Control
January 10, 2017
Putting VW execs in jail for circumventing pollution requirements is ridiculous. ...
Could NATO Try to Divide Russia Up?
January 09, 2017
Is NATO getting ready to attack Russia? ...
CIA Bases Congressional Russian Hacking Report on Possibilities, Not Truth
January 08, 2017
CIA won't put its name on its own allegations. ...
Bank of England’s Andrew Haldane Admits Economic Forecasting Errors
January 07, 2017
Haldane doesn't differentiate between economics and monopolies. ...
President Obama Is No Military Marvel
January 07, 2017
President Obama is not the military chief he wants others to believe he is, ...
Supposed Russian Hack Further Illustrates the Divide Between CIA and Trump
January 05, 2017
The CIA is gradually revealing its true allegiance. ...
North Korea Continues to Claim ‘Nuclear’ Technology
January 03, 2017
N. Korea continues to make unsubtantiated claims about "nuclear" missiles. ...
China Expands Hegenomy as Part of Larger Perspectve
January 02, 2017
Is China´s new self assertion part of a larger plot? ...
Costa Rican Renewable Power Is Government Power
January 01, 2017
Renewable power is often generated by the goverment. ...
ICC Begins to Pale
December 29, 2016
The International Court is on the way down. ...
The Real Reason for Government Banking Solutions
December 27, 2016
Government solutions lead to government banking. ...
Japan Births Drop Hard as Tribe Decreases
December 26, 2016
Japanese birth drop is part of a much larger picture. ...
Finally Rand Paul Unloads
December 25, 2016
Paul's perspective is not quite timely. ...
Trump Seeks More Nukes
December 24, 2016
More nukes are always better. ...
Facebook Is Fake News
December 23, 2016
Fake all the time... ...
Facebook Fake News Checkers Affiliated With US Gov?
December 18, 2016
Suspicion over Facebook evaluators. ...
Silence Over Fedgov Anti-Media Bills Will Yield to Worse
December 17, 2016
Congress to gain unusual and even unconstitutional power over the media. ...
If Trump Wants to Root Out Pentagon Corruption, He Could Start With Nuclear Weapons
December 16, 2016
The firebombing of Hiroshima said to have been launched from Tinian island. ...
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