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Does the Russian Bear Smell Gold?
February 19, 2015
This Mises article about Russia potentially returning to a "gold standard" was written earlier this month. We've also speculated on this idea, and the article pulls together a number of current events from a Russian standpoint. The article talks about a remonet ...
Regulate the Regulators – Or Reduce Them?
February 18, 2015
This is one of those articles that in our humble opinion starts with a false premise, one that is enunciated at the very bottom of the article: In any event, financial regulators shouldn't be afraid of cost-benefit analysis. If it's done well, it serves the cau ...
Destructive Centralization of Global Security
February 18, 2015
This anti-extremism summit is likely laying the groundwork for further repression of US freedoms. It is using the fear of "terrorism" to do so. The legal remedies created as a result will eventually be aimed at domestic critics of US fedgov's increasingly repre ...
Sub-Prime Redux? … Happy Days!
February 17, 2015
The ingredients are being assembled for another Greater Recession. Methodically, they are placed in the pot. And eventually the pot will be stirred ... and the result will not be pretty. Central banks are printing money as never before. The BIS guides them and ...
Yemen: A Chaotic Country Worth Watching Closely
February 17, 2015
There are no nation-states, only cultures. Yemen is a good example of this. Western forces are trying to put back together a "nation" that never worked in the first place. And the reason given is (basically) Western security. But we would argue along with Ron P ...
Are Central Banks Benefiting Debtor Nations Via Monetary Strategies – or Are They Merely Fixing Prices?
February 16, 2015
Here is yet another article arguing that making money worth less increases prosperity. Black is white, up is down, etc. We truly live in an age where most of the world's received wisdom is at least questionable. And it is not hard to tell why. There are conside ...
Instead of Worrying About Funding DHS, Why Don't Republicans Consider a Long-Term Shutdown?
February 16, 2015
Republicans are worried about getting blamed for a Department of Homeland Security shutdown. The idea, as always, is that government needs to function effectively. If it doesn't then somebody is at risk of losing his job. And that's usually – according to com ...
Fed Under Attack Again – This Time From One of Its Own
February 13, 2015
The comments being made by Richard Fisher are probably a result of a recent Fed scandal involving the New York Fed and Goldman Sachs. Carmen Segarra worked at the Federal Reserve in New York and started secretly recording conversations in 2012 involving Goldman ...
Understand Free-Market Economics to Understand Your World
February 13, 2015
Here is Bloomberg yet again postulating that business cycles are not predictable and that – by default – central bank money printing has nothing to do with it. Of course, one of the big breakthroughs of the 20th century was, in our view, the discovery by Lu ...
Greece Offers New Bailout Plan as Latest Grexit Drama Commences
February 12, 2015
We begin to see a pattern here. As always, we are led to believe the crisis is unavoidable and the horror is about to descend. And then at the last minute, or even after the last minute, the bureaucrats somehow manage to resolve their differences. Some governme ...
A Neo-European Marshall Plan for Europe Is Not a Good Idea
February 12, 2015
This article proposes that the US ought to get involved in European affairs as it has "twice before" in the past century. When the article talks about "involvement," what is considered necessary is apparently a large sum of US cash that will allow Greece in par ...
Bashing Central Banks – Does Rand Paul Know What He's Talking About?
February 11, 2015
This Bloomberg editorial begins with an elaborate apology regarding a mis-statement that Rand Paul referred to US$57 trillion in Fed assets in a recent speech when he actually said US$57 billion. But the article doesn't back down any further regarding Rand Paul ...
Mainstream Media Hops on the Cannabis Express
February 11, 2015
Even now, many look on entrepreneurs in the cannabis space with mild derision. The industry has boomed so soon and multiplied into such a variety of opportunities that most people cannot foresee just how far or fast a cannabis venture can travel. Forbes, on the ...
As TPP Sails Forth, It Drags the West Into Uncharted Waters
February 10, 2015
There are two free trade pacts being negotiated currently, one in the "Pacific" and the other in the "Atlantic." The Pacific one seems to get most of the attention and there is good news for those who want the treaty cancelled or radically reconfigured. The goo ...
Internet Raises 'Organic'?
February 10, 2015
This is partially one of those "backlash" editorials, designed to take a countervailing position in order to stimulate our sense of inquiry. That's what we read editorials for, editors like to believe. In a sense, it harkens back to 20th century memes having to ...
Central Bank Easing Expands – And It's No Coincidence
February 09, 2015
We've been writing about this race to the bottom for months now. From our point of view, it seems like a kind of directed history. First, central bankers announce the specter of deflation and then they gradually take steps to combat it. They also announce that ...
Dragnet Closing in on US Citizens and Their Assets
February 09, 2015
This article from Martin Armstrong is a timely reminder that cross-border protections are getting stronger not weaker. We've estimated in the past that within two years time it will be significantly more difficult to get funds in and out of the US. Armstrong ha ...
Despite Controlling Factors, Greek Negotiations Remain Fraught
February 06, 2015
Is this a dance between the EU and Greece, designed to yield tension, headlines and ultimately resolution? Or is it a legitimate unraveling of the EU's program? Once again, the world waits and watches while powerful government officials bargain over national an ...
Bloomberg: Europe Will Continue to Totter
February 06, 2015
In the other article in this issue, we've analyzed the dialectic now taking hold between Greece and the EU. We pointed out that the EU may be trying to control negotiations as best it can but that these negotiations are disruptive nonetheless and presumably the ...
S&P Lawsuit Settlement Doesn't Address Real Issue of Asset Inflation
February 05, 2015
The suit is settled and presumably it's back to business as normal for S&P. The ratings agency stood accused of providing too-rosy ratings in order to gain clients. Of course, S&P was not the only agency to provide ratings that looked overly optimistic after th ...
Colorado's Windfall Could Help Speed Cannabis Legalization
February 05, 2015
Not long ago, cannabis was generally illegal and you could go to jail for a long time by smoking it. But now with legalization and decriminalization taking place in the US and elsewhere, cannabis is being touted as a government money spinner. In the case of Col ...
Blame Corporations for Income Inequality?
February 04, 2015
The US economy is making a comeback but not for individuals. This article in Al Jazeera, a quasi-mainstream publication, provides us with these insights. The article is written by David Cay Johnston, an award-winning investigative reporter who recently produced ...
Greece – Back From the Brink?
February 04, 2015
We recently pointed out in an article – "Grexit: The Footsteps Grow Louder ... Could the EU Blow Apart?" – that Germans might be very unhappy with a rescheduling of Greek debt. But that looks like what is happening. The proximate mechanism is a proposal by ...
When It Comes to the Bull Market, Keep Your Eye on the Money Printing, Not the Regulation
February 03, 2015
This article is in line with what we've forecast in the past regarding regulation and asset expansions. When markets crash, it is easy to create regulations to "address" the perceived problem. In fact, legislators often don't know or understand the problem, but ...
Normalization of a Meme: How Rand and Jeb Create a Dialectic Necessary for Cannabis's Legalization
February 03, 2015
Despite both a US and global movement toward legalizing cannabis, or at least decriminalizing medical cannabis, there hasn't been a lot of personalized political conversation. Yet it is often such anecdotal conversations that help create a dialectic to begin wi ...
Grexit: The Footsteps Grow Louder … Could the EU Blow Apart?
February 02, 2015
There are no easy answers here now that the Greek Syriza government has been elected and made it clear (at least so far) that it will not continue down the road that Greece is supposedly – lawfully – bound to travel. A previous administration signed on to a ...
McCain Disparages Anti-War Protestors, Pushback Is Significant
February 02, 2015
The recent verbal confrontation between McCain and members (in particular) of the activist group Code Pink illustrates how the Internet works. We are reminded again why isolation and ridicule of target groups is often counter-productive in the 21st century. McC ...
The Economist's Departure Is Bloomberg's Gain?
January 30, 2015
One way to look at this move is to see it as a benefit for both publications. That's because there is not a lot of difference between Bloomberg and The Economist when it comes to editorial direction. Bloomberg is in a sense relentlessly authoritarian and so is ...
Indian Tribes Advance Into Cannabis Cultivation, Though Gaming Model May Not Apply
January 30, 2015
Indian tribes are taking swift steps to involve themselves in cannabis cultivation and marketing. This takes place following regulatory and business advances that have made the Native American entrée increasingly feasible. The Daily Bell previously reported on ...
Misdirection and Misinformation Plague EU Analyses – From the Top Down
January 29, 2015
Here is a good example of how top financial execs try to make sure "no crisis goes to waste." In the recent past, especially, we've been explaining how the EU's foundering – along with the euro – was actually part of a larger, hush-hush strategic plan. Carn ...
Is It Peak Food Yet? Yale Seems to Predict Worldwide Starvation
January 29, 2015
So now there is peak food. From the standpoint of farming and food production, peak food is probably good news. Prices will go up; demand will rise. It will surely become a self-fulfilling prophecy. But is it true? We tend to think at a fundamental level peak f ...
Bloomberg: 'That Horrible First Decade Is Over Now' … Or Is It?
January 28, 2015
We find this analysis questionable, indeed. Our favorite Bloomberg columnist, Noah Smith, has decided that the first 10 years of the century were hell, but apparently the five thereafter registered significant improvements. In other words, things are getting be ...
'Organic' Taking Its Place in the Elite Dialectic?
January 28, 2015
This article at CNN makes the point that organic foods are increasingly preferable because of the amount of herbicides the EPA is allowing in and on food-crops. We are beginning to see a dialectic here between "organic" and "Big Ag" crops. Big Ag uses herbicide ...
Shock: CNN Editorial Calls for a North American Union
January 27, 2015
Is the campaign for a North American Union officially underway with this editorial appearing in CNN? Certainly conspiracy theorists might be justified in thinking so. For years, more than a decade, some have suspected that powerful bureaucracies in North Americ ...
Legal Marijuana: This Powerful Trend Is Your Friend
January 27, 2015
Over a year ago, we reported that the cannabis industry was poised for a powerful industrial takeoff, and now this article – and others like it – confirm what we believed. This is no aberration. Over the next months and years there will be considerable addi ...
Draghi Plays His Part in Europe's 'Long War'
January 26, 2015
Every mainstream endorsement can be followed by an alternative point of view, carefully crafted. We call this the dialectic, and sometimes the points of view surprise us with their accuracy. Economics writer Liam Halligan provides us, above, with a counterpoint ...
India a 'Trusted' Nation?
January 26, 2015
Is this for real? India is one of the most corrupt countries in the world, as well as one of the most populous. If India is the second most trusted nation in the world, then God help the others. Here's what Wikipedia has to say about India: A study conducted by ...
Uneasy Dawn in Davos as Elite Sacrifices Its Own
January 23, 2015
The "big brains" gathered in Davos are mostly successful in material terms and powerful from the standpoint of our modern economic system. But in the early 21st century, these attributes may prove ephemeral. And that's probably the reason for the gloom that is ...
The Mess in Ukraine Bears Watching
January 23, 2015
The drumbeat advocating additional sanctions against Putin and Russia is evident in this Bloomberg "editors" editorial. It is this attitude that will support a continuance of the Ukraine standoff. From what we can tell, the episode was initiated by the West to ...
More Central Bank Communication Is Good If It Tells the Truth
January 22, 2015
We never believed the Fed would tighten. And we don't. Not really. We've regularly made statements to that effect. If Fed officials do "tighten" – we figure they'll find some other way to loosen. The money printing goes on. And now here come reports to the ef ...
As Prohibition Unravels this Time, Hard Questions May Be Asked
January 22, 2015
A judge is about to rule on the dangers of cannabis and the ruling may well contradict the federal DEA when it comes to sustaining the position that it is as dangerously addictive as heroin. But there is a larger issue here, which is how fedgov arrived at such ...
Why Are Central Bankers Surprised by Monetary Disasters?
January 21, 2015
Again we see the adoption of a dialectical position. The mainstream media has been in full cry over the necessity for money printing and central bank bond purchases. Now, comes a BIS former official – apparently someone with considerable clout – who says ex ...
Rickards: Gold Is Being Manipulated for China's Benefit
January 21, 2015
Jim Rickards's column has created a stir among alternative media commentators. GATA's Chris Powell posted a column of his own, commenting on it favorably. Of course, GATA has devoted many years to exposing gold (and silver) manipulation, so Rickards's column at ...
The Unraveling of the US Middle Class Is Monetary and Corporate
January 20, 2015
The West's economic system, we know now, regularly strips people of wealth. Monopoly central banks debase the currency via money printing and large corporations make entrepreneurialism difficult. If Obama wanted to revive the middle class in the US, he would ha ...
Finding Farmland: Global Maps Help Fight Hunger
January 20, 2015
Is this sudden interest in mapping farmland a back-door justification for the advancement of Big Agriculture? Will it justify as well a sudden drop in food production and rising farmland prices across the board? The idea of this article is that farmland must no ...
ECB Stimulation: The Trap Closes
January 19, 2015
So now it begins. Last week the EU Court of Justice advocate general ruled that the central bank could purchase sovereign debt. One by one, the hurdles are toppling and the reality of ECB market purchases grows closer. Of course, last year the German constituti ...
Davos Will Focus on Loss of Trust Regarding Big Business and Big Finance
January 19, 2015
This article features a mainstream newspaper reporting clearly what we already know but have rarely seen admitted in the mainstream: Big business and big finance equally have lost the "trust" battle. The paradigm is no longer believable. Having made the admissi ...
Deflation! … The Swiss Surrender
January 16, 2015
The meme is strong in this one, apologies to Star Wars. Every time we turn around, we're seeing more mainstream reports about the dangers of deflation. Now, having rejected their gold referendum, the Swiss have de-pegged their currency from the floundering euro ...
Forbes Says 'Consider Colombia' … We Agree
January 16, 2015
Over and over magazines churn out reports on the best places for retirement. The suspects are usually much the same names from year to year. But we are never to know all the variables, or why the countries place where they do in these rankings. In the case of C ...
Read the Alternative Media to Understand Bitcoin … and Money Generally
January 15, 2015
Bitcoin is not worth what it used to be mostly in our view because of various "raids" by authorities that have tied the crypto-currency to bad actors and "drug dealers." But we want to make another point. This Economist article shows us once more how one can wr ...
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