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Post Election, The Fed's REAL Worry
November 06, 2014
Is the Fed worried about losing its independence? Probably not, certainly not in the near term, even though this Bloomberg article makes the case that Fed officials are concerned nonetheless. But the article buries the lead. It gives away the Fed's REAL concern ...
Current US Elections Place the Fed Under More Pressure
November 05, 2014
This is an interesting article to analyze from the standpoint of elite memes because it produces so many of them. In fact, nothing brings out spurious justifications of the monetary system like attacks on the Fed, potential or realistic. The mainstream media ca ...
Cannabis: The Coming Legal Storm Against Prohibition
November 05, 2014
Free-Market Analysis: We've been predicting this for a while. Once cannabis decriminalization and legalization became a trend, the entire underpinnings of this questionable enterprise would begin to unravel. It should be evident to anyone who seriously studies ...
QE: An Ending That Isn't
November 04, 2014
We agree with parts of this Telegraph article, but not all of it. And yet ... to some degree we are quibbling. This is a startling and compelling analysis, considering it is appearing in the mainstream media. It is both startling and compelling because it focus ...
Economist Magazine Takes on Capitalism … And Whiffs
November 04, 2014
The Economist has just published a review of an interesting-sounding book entitled The Cambridge History of Capitalism, edited by Larry Neal and Jeffrey Williamson (Cambridge University Press, 1,400 pages, £150.) The magazine's review provides us a cogent summ ...
Markets Still Aim for the Sky … But for How Long?
November 03, 2014
This article makes the point that the Federal Reserve has kept rates so low for so long that at some point rates will have to rise very fast and very hard. This is congruent with our position that what we call the Wall Street Party may continue until the last d ...
Is the Media Purposefully Creating Tension Between the State and Its Citizens?
November 03, 2014
The Washington Post assigned numerous journalists to this story, which doesn't seem to have turned up much, but perhaps that's just the point. We don't recall seeing regular stories about FBI malfeasance in the major media. Sure, a squib here and there but not ...
China's Bigness Has Little to Do With Growth – Or Its Demise
October 31, 2014
Mainstream economists have finally discovered what we here at The Daily Bell have been predicting for about four years anyway, that Chinese growth is surely unsustainable. Now our favorite new mainstream media columnist, Bloomberg's Noah Smith, has written an a ...
Ephemeral Explanations Drive Gold's Reality
October 31, 2014
We cover gold closely week to week and are ever more astonished at mainstream media reasons given for the travel of the dollar against gold. For one thing, gold is priced in dollars and while it may seem to be the most natural thing in the world to write "the p ...
QE: The Fed Acts Decisively … Or Not
October 30, 2014
The Federal Reserve, as expected, is distancing itself from the program known as "quantitative easing." This program involved purchasing various US securities with freshly printed money, presumably to add liquidity and confidence to the market. The program last ...
Mexican Implosion Does Not Surprise Us
October 30, 2014
We have a provocative question regarding Mexico: Is there a larger sociopolitical plan to destabilize this great country? We've suggested this before, but the footsteps seem louder now. Perhaps the stage is being set for a collapse into chaos. And what will be ...
Facebook's Long, Strange Trip …
October 29, 2014
We've been waiting for the Facebook implosion ever since the company went public. We were not alone in reporting on the disaster-in-the-making that was the overpriced IPO, but we were certainly correct. Our skepticism regarding the Facebook IPO was generated by ...
The NRA Versus Asset Protection
October 29, 2014
This article in Mother Jones shows us how even organizations that might be expected to protect civil rights in the US are co-opted by the trend toward police militarization. The NRA has long stood as a bulwark against US fedgov overreach when it comes to firear ...
Technocracy: One More Elite Hustle
October 28, 2014
Call technocracy, the idea of a select group of private individuals running public affairs privately, the meme that will never die. Now again, almost randomly, comes a call for action. This one is uttered by someone called Clive Crook who has attended all the r ...
Feds Move to Make 'Climate Change' Solutions Part of Organic Food Production
October 28, 2014
We've been following the "organic promotion" meme and this article from the New York Times posted at the end of September further buttresses the transition of natural food from a private initiative to a public one. We haven't labeled this the "organic meme" bec ...
Beware: EU Solutions Are Sometimes Problematic
October 27, 2014
So it is Monday and some results are in, as the article excerpted above explains. While the Ukraine parliamentary election results will be announced on October 20th from what we can tell, stress test results have turned out as expected with 25 banks out of 130 ...
Cannabis Investing: When Interests Converge
October 27, 2014
Long ago we analyzed the cannabis trend as one that was going to create vibrant ventures that, taken together, would generate a business no less powerful than that of the alcohol/beverage industry. And even with the inevitable setbacks, this projection holds, i ...
The Bitcoin Experiment Continues … Gold and Silver Persist
October 24, 2014
We´ve always been a little skeptical of bitcoin and have received plenty of slings and arrows for our apparently non-libertarian stance when it comes to this private, electronic technology. But we remain interested and this Bloomberg article caught our eye. Th ...
The Hunt for Beneficial Bugs – A Growing Meme?
October 24, 2014
We've been writing a series of analyses of natural and organic farming and food; the above article in the Wall Street Journal fits right into this evolving meme. Corporations like McDonald´s are adopting "organic" as a kind of brand these days. But "organic" h ...
Gold and Silver, an Antidote for the Internet of Money?
October 23, 2014
It seems these days that every time we identify a new meme, we see a "fast-track" evolution. The "Internet of Money" is no exception. We wrote about the Internet of Money on October 20, and now in this article in The Local, we see an apparent furtherance of thi ...
'Organic' at McDonald's: When Is a Meme not a Meme?
October 23, 2014
To call "organic food" a meme is questionable. From our point of view, the word "organic" by itself does not yet constitute a promotion. However, there is a debate taking place in the feedback section of The Daily Bell and it revolves around what actually const ...
More Revelations of Market Manipulation
October 22, 2014
Veteran financial reporter John Crudele has blown up the myth of the market-driven stock exchange with this astonishing article in the New York Post. We were attracted to it not only because it tells the truth, in our view, but because we have been making the s ...
Organic vs. Green – A Growing Meme
October 22, 2014
Actually, as this book shows, it is green farming that is not sustainable. In pursuit of our organic meme, we've been investigating the growth of organic farming, and came upon this just-published book that encapsulates the VESTS model. (Unfamiliar with VESTS? ...
Zombie Ideas or Elite Memes? … Just Follow the Money
October 21, 2014
Bloomberg editorialists seem to make a habit of assuming certain elite memes are accurate and beyond reproach. Maybe they have to sign a document or something. Probably not ... but sometimes it seems like it. This editorial is a case in point. It is actually a ...
Uruguay Fumbles Cannabis Rollout … But Does It Matter?
October 21, 2014
Imagine how difficult it is to allow people to set fire to an herb and inhale it. Not very. Yet according to Reuters, this is a nearly impossible task. We have no doubt that cannabis decriminalization and legalization is sweeping the West and indeed the world. ...
Internet of Money Provides More Reasons to Consider Strategic Asset Protection
October 20, 2014
We've noticed a new meme creeping into economic reports: The Internet of Money. This phrase sounds mysterious and forward looking; in fact, it describes the process of money migrating to non-bank platforms. The big drama inherent in the Internet of Money is its ...
Pro-Cannabis Texas Lobby Pressures Legislation
October 20, 2014
We can see from this recent report that cannabis decriminalization is being actively pursued in one of the largest and most conservative states in the US – Texas. The article explains that because Texas voters "do not have the right to change the law via ball ...
Shock: Anti-Regulatory Meme Emerges in the Mainstream Media?
October 17, 2014
Remarkably, we continue to see articles about regulatory capture. The latest one is here, appearing in The Daily Beast. It would seem that the departure of uber-editor Tina Brown has provided The Daily Beast with the opportunity to expand its coverage. The idea ...
Crash & Clash: Sustainable Farming vs. Big Ag
October 17, 2014
Africa is in the grip of a meme. We've called it "Africa Rising" before, and we've written numerous articles about it. We've compared Africa's progress to that of China and Japan – and showed that there seems to be a pattern between these three nations and th ...
Impact of FATCA – and the Case for Physical and Regional Diversification
October 16, 2014
This article is a strongly worded warning about negative ramifications regarding FATCA. As such, it's a bracing affirmation of the kind of sensible reporting that circulates on the Internet beyond the filters of mainstream media. It also provides us with yet mo ...
Organic Trend Grows Despite Political Correctness
October 16, 2014
Are Whole Foods's actions regarding organic produce a sign that organic farming is being taken seriously at the corporate level? Well ... yes and no. Obviously, Whole Foods has made a serious commitment to "organic," but it is manipulating the sector as well. I ...
Soros and Grillo Crash the Euro?
October 15, 2014
And so, the UK Telegraph tells us, it begins ... the dizzy unraveling of the euro. But not so fast. We've written about Beppe Grillo before. He's a very successful comic and politician, someone who is influential both culturally and politically. But he also sha ...
Organic Farming Under Attack by Collectivizers
October 15, 2014
Collective farming – under the watchful eye of government – has been responsible for mass starvation wherever it's been tried, certainly in the 20th century. Mao's Great Leap forward, which starved some 50 million, Russia's Kulak consolidation that cost mil ...
Economist Wins 'Nobel' for Tinkering at the Edges?
October 14, 2014
Actually, as the article excerpted above points out – and as it has been pointed out to us numerous times – the Nobel Prize in Economics is actually the "Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel." The prize was obviously establ ...
Cultivating Cannabis – Government Steps In … and Out
October 14, 2014
Another article celebrating the efficiency of the state when history shows us otherwise. This is a growing trend in the expanding cannabis industry: Uruguay, too, has been slowed by government's determination to grow cannabis itself. And now Italian officials w ...
What Happens Monday?
October 13, 2014
Dubai crashed as of this writing and perhaps on Monday Wall Street and Europe will do the same. If a crash is successfully averted, next week and the week after offer similar opportunities. Regardless ... as we wrote last week, this is a central bank controlled ...
Encouraging Trend: Organic Farming Stands Up to GMOs
October 13, 2014
Genetically modified wheat has again been discovered in the US, but you won't read much about it in the mainstream media. The last time GM wheat was discovered in US farm fields, the domestic export market crashed and Japan issued a US wheat ban. The meme here ...
Congressional Hearings Show How US Intel Has Jeopardized the Tech Industry
October 10, 2014
We wish we could be more sympathetic to US tech giants, but we can't. The largest US firms have apparently – and obviously – turned themselves into a kind of Trojan horse for the US intelligence community and for law enforcement besides. Now Congress is hol ...
Countries in the Americas – Including Colombia – Emerge as Destinations of Choice in an Era of Confiscation
October 10, 2014
For a while, asset forfeiture in the US was a much-discussed topic, but then it faded away. We missed this Forbes article in September that puts the controversy into perspective and offers some reasonable solutions. Of course, the larger issue is a kind of offi ...
Dow Jones? Call This the 'Federal Reserve Industrial Average'
October 09, 2014
Just recently the Crash of 1929 loomed over Western stock markets, especially the Dow. But on Wednesday the Roaring Teens resumed. Like the Roaring '20s, this stock market is destined to climb as high as the Federal Reserve will allow it to go. Of course, marke ...
Will the Tragedy of Ebola Provide us a 'Teachable Moment' Regarding Modern 'Net Media?
October 09, 2014
We recently wrote that a certain amount of skepticism might be warranted when surveying reports about Ebola and the grimness of its potential spread. But skepticism aside, there are other larger questions as well regarding how the Ebola epidemic is going to be ...
Swiss Move to Back Franc with Gold for Real?
October 08, 2014
So having severed what was left of the link between gold and the Swiss franc around 2000 AD, the Swiss are now having second thoughts. Good luck to them. We've tried to figure out if there's more to this than meets the eye. We're not sure. Usually when somethin ...
Mainstream Article on US Serial Wars Hits the Mark – and Misses, Too
October 08, 2014
This is an interesting article by leftist columnist Paul Waldman because it explains the overarching destruction of war, not just for those on the receiving end but for those who prosecute it, even victoriously. The article is also noteworthy because it does no ...
The Puzzlement of the Gold Tumble
October 07, 2014
Gold has continued its downward trend, and confusingly so. As we can see from the above, expectations that the US Federal Reserve would start hiking rates sent the yellow metal tumbling. But is that how it's supposed to work? As we recall, rising rates have the ...
Legalization Trend Reveals Cannabis as Curative and Benign
October 07, 2014
In the past half-century or so, cannabis has been identified by the mainstream media as a "drug" that is used mostly for recreational purposes. But that's not so, as we can see from the above article excerpt. What's being rediscovered about cannabis is just how ...
Business Insider Breaks Record for Most Foolish Single Sentence
October 06, 2014
We made it up. There is no record that we know awarded for the "most single foolish financial sentence" of the year. But if there were, Business Insider would be in the running. We'll get to the sentence in a minute. First, let's examine the larger argument tha ...
Ebola and the Skeptical Trend
October 06, 2014
African skepticism regarding Ebola has been reported on for the past few months and this article posted at Yahoo shows us that the skepticism persists – warranted or not. These reports were especially numerous in mid- to late- summer when Ebola cases were sca ...
Wonkblog: Statistical Analysis Lacking a Frame of Reference
October 03, 2014
This kind of article is a fairy tale organized around selected numerical evidence. It reminds us of the famous phrase, "lies, damned lies and statistics," often attributed to Mark Twain. The article is posted at the Washington Post and is actually penned by blo ...
No, Wall Street Is Not Paid for 'Aggravation' … But for Intermediation!
October 03, 2014
We're trying to lay off Mr. Noah Smith's fatuous articles, but he has perfected a bad combination: He is intelligent enough to discern media memes but he is defiantly uneducated, a lethal combination when it comes to commenting on the themes he intends to analy ...
Shock: Cameron Pledges Tax Cuts … But Few Seem to Believe
October 02, 2014
In a wide-ranging speech and fresh off a "no secession" vote in Scotland, UK Prime Minister David Cameron sounded like a convert to free-market thinking. This has sent conservative journos into a kind of subdued adulatory shock – and editorialist Janet Daley ...
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