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Bloomberg Columnist Admits Regulatory Capture is 'Normal'
October 02, 2014
Megan McArdle is one of Bloomberg's more libertarian editorialists, and in this column she actually comes right out and states the truth about regulation ... And what is the hidden truth? Regulation is seldom adversarial and not particularly effective because t ...
Debt Demise Is Cooked Into Current Market Mania?
October 01, 2014
There is nothing in this world today that provides much comfort for a rational investor – in the long term. In the short term, as we have argued, this expanding Wall Street Party may provide a last chance for significant, individual investment gains. More on ...
Why Is Alan Greenspan Writing This Article?
October 01, 2014
Alan Greenspan, Gold Bug, has scuttled back into view with a typical statement – one posted at Foreign Affairs – that implies a good deal more than it explains. Greenspan has spent years, decades, dealing with the continued fallout of a famous article he wr ...
Wall Street: Where Are the Real Bad Guys?
September 30, 2014
It's fairly predictable now. A Wall Street transgression is noted and trumpeted and the call goes out for prosecutions. Often the rhetoric is accompanied by demands for additional regulatory rigor and perhaps a whole new strata of regulatory oversight. It's rea ...
Flowing Cannabis Cash Speeds Up Political Acceptance
September 30, 2014
This is another article that shows how quickly cannabis is changing from an illegal substance to a marketable commodity. We recently noted this trend in an article that focused on the tax revenue that would inevitably be gained by states that decriminalized or ...
El-Erian: Damning Gold With a Half-Hearted Nod
September 29, 2014
Mohamed A. El-Erian was basically number two at the bond giant PIMCO until he decided he wasn't going to wait for Bill Gross to retire. Too bad for him ... as Gross quit the other day. El-Erian, meanwhile, is writing over at Bloomberg, among other gigs, and thi ...
Manipulated 'Occupy' Movement Goes International as Hong Kong Explodes?
September 29, 2014
Something happened on the way to the "Occupy" movement's apparent demise. It's gone international. Now according to Reuters, it's responsible for the Hong Kong unrest taking place to protest the Chinese government's stance on more forceful Hong Kong rule. When ...
Medef Cuts the Knot but Socialism Still Strangles French Economy
September 26, 2014
Suddenly, in one brief, political exchange of opinions, the pretense has been stripped away, revealing the underlying distortions of the French economy. France is suffering from the problems that Southern European countries know only too well: high unemployment ...
The Muddle of 21st Century Warfare
September 26, 2014
In our efforts to cover elite memes and their successes and failures, we occasionally notice significant signposts – reports that indicate the strengthening or weakening of a given thematic element. Chief among the instruments in the global toolkit are war an ...
Is Japan on the Road to Default?
September 25, 2014
This is an interesting article by a Bloomberg editorialist – Noah Smith – whose editorials sometimes border on the ridiculous. He's a firm Keynesian – a believer that money-from-nothing can cure most economic ills – and we've written about some of his e ...
The Legalization of Cannabis and Its Powerful Elements of Support
September 25, 2014
Ever since tiny Uruguay's announcement regarding the legalization of cannabis, we've been more convinced than ever this movement is going worldwide. There are many reasons for this but two we'll focus on in this article: (1) the money that governments can make ...
As Rockefeller Brothers Fund Divests Oil and Gas, Climate Change Meme Heats Up
September 24, 2014
There are two parts to this analysis. In the first part, we'll take a look at what's going on in Germany. In the second part, we'll discuss the announcements by Rockefeller Brothers Fund officials that they were divesting the fund of fossil fuels. Our discussio ...
Fedgov Tipster Awards: Efficiency or Overreach?
September 24, 2014
This is not actually just an SEC issue. Regulatory agencies increasingly pay out cash rewards to those who provide the government names of potential wrongdoers. Homeland Security encourages citizens to inform on their neighbors if they see anything that might l ...
Crazy Tax Times for World Finance
September 23, 2014
Yes, it's crazy time. For some reason the mainstream media is in full cry about taxes again. It's good to raise taxes, you see, higher and higher until "deficits" come down and the world's fiscal house is "in order." That's what this Bloomberg article is mostly ...
Social Media Leads the Business Trend for Cannabis
September 23, 2014
Users of cannabis are just like you and me. In fact, over time we've predicted that cannabis will assume the industrial profile of wine or cigars. There will be cannabis to suit most every taste and mood, from very expensive brands to inexpensive ones. In the m ...
G20 Officials Affirm Worldwide Equity Celebration
September 22, 2014
Every time we believe the heights of economic ridiculousness have been reached, we find there is yet a further peak proffered. In this case, as you can see from the excerpt above, we are being solemnly assured that the world's "most powerful finance ministers" ...
Is Your Investment Portfolio Exposed to Crumbling Elite Narratives?
September 22, 2014
The New York Times is scrambling to keep up with 21st century realities. It's very doubtful that the Times would have run similar stories to this one, excerpted above, in the 20th century. But that was then and this is now. The Times's readership is doubtless d ...
David Stockman … Right and Wrong
September 19, 2014
It's hard to pick stocks these days because what's going on is so wrong. Surely a crash must be looming at any second. And yet when Yahoo sat down with David Stockman for an interview, the questioner pointed out that since David Stockman had last warned people ...
New Zealand: The Other Internet Election
September 19, 2014
Yesterday we commented on the Scottish election and how Scotland's referendum on leaving Britain was important because of its larger implications. In this Internet era, elite control is continually waning. While, as we've discussed in the past, there may be a n ...
Banality of the Modern Central Bank Drama
September 18, 2014
The mainstream media is filled with noise about the Federal Reserve's announcement/non-announcement of yesterday. Basically, a middle-aged woman announced that a group of men and women would not raise or lower the price of money that they controlled – but may ...
Scotland: Devolution in the 21st Century
September 18, 2014
We've written about this once already, but we didn't want to write about it again until the aftermath. But then it occurred to us that no matter what happens regarding Scotland, the entropy of the modern age has been advanced. And that's a good thing. We've bee ...
A Leading Entrepreneur Misleads His Readers
September 17, 2014
Peter Thiel, the famous investor in such startups as PayPal and Facebook, has posted an interesting article over at the Wall Street Journal. It is an excerpt from a larger book (Zero to One) that deals with how to build successful companies. In the article exce ...
US Pursues 134 Wars Around the World
September 17, 2014
When one tries to figure out what has happened to US economic health, this figure ought to come to mind: 134. That is, 134 wars. This is not a figure you'll find mentioned in the mainstream news media, though the Global Post is actually a pretty big news organi ...
The Great Unraveling
September 16, 2014
This Times editorial was featured at the top of the well-known Drudge Report and has obviously had an impact on the chattering classes. It's written in pseudo-liturgical cadences and is reminiscent of the great allegorical poem that we have often quoted by WB Y ...
Reading Between the Lines With the UK Telegraph
September 16, 2014
Reading articles by our favorite Telegraph author, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, we are exposed to news and analysis not found elsewhere in the mainstream press. This article is a good example. But it is also an example of how elite memes are produced and presented, ...
Europe Has Lost Its Monetary Mind?
September 15, 2014
This article makes the point that the problem with the European economy is a lack of competitiveness, not a lack of money. This is an important, even fundamental point. We've written a number of articles recently explaining why the European Central Bank's new m ...
The Invisible Hand Cultivates Cannabis
September 15, 2014
This was predictable. Buffett is finally making a move. What's a little puzzling is why he waited so long. But it had to come. We've already predicted that the industry is going to see corporate participation and sooner than later. Industrial giants are all goi ...
Casting Russia as Expansionist to Advance EU Solidarity
September 12, 2014
Ambrose Evans-Pritchard provides us with a trenchant analysis of what's taking place in Europe, and then makes a wrong turn toward the end of the article. He does that a lot these days. Nonetheless, it's an interesting report, explaining that Europe is increasi ...
Antidote to an Equity Realignment? Invest in Fundamentally New Industries
September 12, 2014
According to this article, there may be a crash in the fall, but investors should protect themselves, stay in the market and treat a crash as a buying opportunity. The market is having a long-term bull run, according to this article, and investors should be exp ...
Dark Ages? Bloomberg Gets It Right … And Wrong
September 11, 2014
This is a funny editorial in Bloomberg because its author is convinced that mainstream dominant social themes constitute the truth of this world. The article worries that a withdrawal of belief in elite memes indicates that Dark Ages are creeping over the West ...
Scotland: When Does a Vote Win Before a Vote?
September 11, 2014
This article is provided to us by Norman Tebbit, a well-known "conservative commentator" and former Thatcher cabinet minister. His point is that the panicky offer by David Cameron to give more power directly to the Scottish assembly if the Scots vote against in ...
Draghi's Non-Starter: A Policy to Impoverish People to Make Governments Efficient
September 10, 2014
This Economist article is all about why price inflation is necessary to help Europe's bleeding economies achieve "fiscal consolidation." Fiscal consolidation is a polite descriptive term for raising taxes and cutting government spending. Inflation helps this pr ...
World Leaders Make Bold New Recommendations To Legalize Drugs, As High Alert Predicted
September 10, 2014
Perhaps alone in the blogosphere, as regular readers know, The Daily Bell identified the "meme" of cannabis legalization almost immediately. High Alert was then able to utilize this knowledge to identify shareholder opportunities – some of which are ongoing. ...
Central Banks: Divergence of Rhetoric and Reality
September 09, 2014
Imagine taking bits of colored paper, making more of them and then waiting for jobs to appear. One has little to do with the other, but according to a steady stream of articles in Bloomberg and the rest of the mainstream media, such an act leads to an inevitabl ...
The Legal Manipulation of India's War on Gold
September 09, 2014
Last year, India's government made it harder and more expensive to import gold and this article in the Financial Times trumpets the success the government has had in its war on gold. Because of India's insatiable demand for gold, the country's current account b ...
EU – Nothing Works, Not Even Stimulation
September 08, 2014
We've written regularly about the difficulties with the EU for years and what's astonishing is that almost all of our predictions about its dysfunctional nature – and predictable results – have been realized, and yet the EU staggers on. There were even, as ...
Cannabis Trend Keeps Growing
September 08, 2014
It is really astonishing to contemplate how far we have come in the past few years since decriminalization of cannabis exploded onto the world scene. And since the legalization of cannabis in Uruguay, conversations and actions concerning the "mainstreaming" of ...
China Economy Unraveling: How Soon? How Fast?
September 05, 2014
The "fall" is aptly named when it comes to Wall Street's prospects over the next three months. These three months, and especially October, have been most cruel to market performances, especially during occurrences of asset bubbles. Such bubbles tend to get pric ...
The Billionaires Club Is Gloomy About the Stock Market
September 05, 2014
In the other article in today's issue, we took a look at China's increasingly wretched economic performance in terms of its upcoming stock market impact. You'll see that our view takes into account China's huge size, which seems to preclude a rapid public unrav ...
Directed History of the NAU or Naturally Evolving Migration?
September 04, 2014
We've long written about plans at the highest levels of the US government to effectively merge the US and Mexico and then Canada as well into what's been called a North American Union (NAU). Of course, this sounds paranoid and "conspiratorial." But take a look ...
Powerful Trend: Cannabis Decriminalization Emerges From a Do-Nothing US Congress
September 04, 2014
This article appeared on September 1, and perhaps the editorial staff of the New York Post intended to use the paper's "bully pulpit" to remind federal legislators that they had three more months to accomplish something significant. There is however, one encour ...
Surprising Rise of the Club of Rome
September 03, 2014
The Club of Rome is a globalist think tank that expressed elite scarcity memes back in the 1970s. Its famous book, Limits to Growth, provoked fear of a "population explosion" and government intervention to define limits and enforce them. The scaremongering of t ...
'Hoarding Money' – A New Meme?
September 03, 2014
Sometimes Federal Reserve white papers attract attention and this one does because of the term "hoarding money." This is a startling phrase and – who knows – perhaps it marks the beginning of a new meme. Certainly the word "hoarding" is a popular one with g ...
Bloomberg Reports on Ruin in Hong Kong But Leaves Out the Larger Picture
September 02, 2014
What's going on in China and Hong Kong is ironic because it seems to mimic much that has held the West back in modern times. In fact, much that China suffers from at its current level of development corresponds to a similar evolution in the West. Bloomberg reso ...
Reuters Stumped as Polls Show Decline in Warming Worry
September 02, 2014
Reuters is astonished that people aren't so worried about global warming as they used to be. The editorial excerpted above spends a lot of time trying to figure out why this is so. Of course, maybe people are less worried because they have decided the threat ha ...
Bloomberg Primes the Pump of the Deflationary Dialectic
September 01, 2014
Bloomberg offers two editorials on Europe that tell us economic growth is not going well. The one above speaks to the issue of Mario Draghi's lack of courage in terms of implementing a program of aggressive money printing. The other one, which we excerpt below, ...
Pushback as US Expands Surveillance, Taxing Authority?
September 01, 2014
This article can be seen two ways. One, the US tax regime that it is trying to install in Switzerland is being resisted, at least a little. On two, the news can be seen as a message that once its tax regime is in place, US officials are prepared to be flexible, ...
The Regulatory Attack on US Business Is Not the Real Problem
August 29, 2014
The Economist magazine has decided a major problem with the US economy is that its largest multinational corporations and banks are being held for ransom by avaricious lawyers. The magazine in this issue reports that "Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, ...
The EU Eats Itself
August 29, 2014
Even though half of Europe seems to be standing in breadlines, Eurocrats have other concerns. They keep pounding out unnecessary laws. The amount of regulation produced by Brussels is staggering but now the absurdity is ascending into the stratosphere as the EU ...
Bloomberg Shock: Economics Is Storytelling, Not Science
August 28, 2014
Bloomberg's Noah Smith is back with an editorial explaining that even though economics isn't a science, it's still a swell "culture." What's funny about this article is that Smith's admission as to what economics really is corresponds entirely to the points tha ...
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