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Use of Marijuana Said to Reduce Deaths From Painkillers by Almost 25 Percent
August 28, 2014
How quickly times change. Yesterday, marijuana was a criminal offense virtually the world over. Today, research is finding that those who ingest it lessen their dependence on prescription painkillers and thus, apparently, are not so subject to their potential d ...
Put Politicians in Charge to Improve Economic Performance
August 27, 2014
Ellen Brown is back with another of her brilliant yet flawed analyses of the modern financial scene. Her idea, which she admits is not entirely original, is that the international debt paradigm is starting to change dramatically, to the further detriment of the ...
Shock: CFR Suggests That Central Banks Print Money and Hand It Out Directly to Consumers
August 27, 2014
The high-profile website ZeroHedge caused a stir yesterday by presenting an article (see above) that appeared in the CFR's Foreign Affairs magazine. The article called for the Federal Reserve to hand out money directly to consumers. Wow. The article was of inte ...
Continued EU Weakness Gives Rise to Two Inflationary Trends
August 26, 2014
What does the future hold? More and more money stimulation it would seem. China – the BRICS – and the US are printing endless gouts of money, and now it appears as if the European Union is headed in the same direction. In fact, the EU cannot simply print, a ...
Revolt of the Luddites: Berlin Moves Against Uber and Airbnb
August 26, 2014
Berlin is leading the way for neo-Luddites, confronting both Internet-based taxi services and lodging facilities. Most of the sectors where the Internet is having the most dramatic effect are heavily regulated and thus inefficient and lacking in consumer choice ...
Market Crash? The Moon Is Blue and Reuters Makes a Reasonable Prediction
August 25, 2014
The moon is blue and we agree with Reuters. Yes, this is an unusual occurrence, especially with this particular columnist. But we do agree with his summation: Equity markets – especially the US market – are due for a correction, but not one that will necess ...
'Nobel' Prize Winners Rail Against Income Inequality
August 25, 2014
The big brains have figured out that capitalism is a failure. That's the gist of this UK Telegraph article. What's the solution? Enforced income equality, maybe even a universal living wage. We've written about that here: "Profoundly Immoral, Increasingly Popul ...
Central Banking at Jackson Hole: Simplistic Dialectic, Significant Ramifications
August 22, 2014
Like Reuters, Bloomberg is a creature of the establishment and you can read Bloomberg editorials (especially) to garner an inkling about how we ought to be perceiving one of the most important dominant social themes of all: Central banking and the endlessly dis ...
Directed History of a Phony War?
August 22, 2014
The talk coming out of Washington is grim, as this short news analysis by Reuters shows. In only a month or two, an obscure insurgency making trouble in Iraq has turned into an existential Western threat. Just read: Hagel says "IS" is an "imminent threat to eve ...
Europe: Is the Deepening Crisis Coming to a Head?
August 21, 2014
If only the latest crop of central bankers had been smarter, wiser, more dynamic, then this crisis – or that one – could have been avoided. This is always the lament. The price-fixing mechanism – central banking – is never at fault. Only the bankers tha ...
Marijuana: Will Legalization Alleviate the Black Market?
August 21, 2014
This article in the UK Guardian profiles black- and gray-market growers in Colorado's booming post-prohibition marijuana environment. Unsurprisingly, it finds that decriminalization has not undone illegal acts nor removed the financial incentive from them. This ...
Asian Catastrophe of Keynesianism Now Being Arranged
August 20, 2014
The deliberate and ongoing introduction of the disease which is Keynesian economics was perhaps not so evident prior to the Internet era, but thanks to the Internet we can see clearly how pervasive this faux-palliative is, as well as how ineffective and even ru ...
Police Violence: A Parochial Frame of Reference
August 20, 2014
The author of this recent editorial in the Washington Post is Sunil Dutta. The Post tagline describes him as "a professor of homeland security at Colorado Tech University [and an] officer with the Los Angeles Police Department for 17 years." This is Officer Dut ...
Manipulated Market Parties On?
August 19, 2014
What? Equities are up again? The Wall Street Party is yet in full swing? There's no logical explanation, of course, but those following securities will always try to make one up. And so we'll hear all sorts of strange reasons for yesterday's sudden climb. As th ...
Collision of the Internet With Elite Stratagems Creates 'Interesting Times'
August 19, 2014
This poll presents a stark statement regarding people's ability to save for the future. And actually, we believe it's much worse than it appears, given the poll's leading conclusion that 36% haven't saved anything. What about the rest? Have they saved more? How ...
Did Fischer's Speech Mark the Beginning of a Significant Asset Reflation?
August 18, 2014
We expect Reuters to write about the economy from a central banking point of view and this editorial doesn't disappoint. But it also gives us a different perspective on a recent speech by Stanley Fischer, the vice-chairman of the US Federal Reserve. Fischer, we ...
IMF Supports Higher Taxes in Britain? No Surprise There
August 18, 2014
With the benefit of hindsight, abetted by the Internet, we can see what may be the real agenda of the IMF. It is the other half of a globalist tag team that helps bankrupt third-world countries and then provides them the resources to rationalize their desperate ...
Right on Time, Calls for EU Inflation
August 15, 2014
"Austerity" never made much sense to us because the economies of Southern Europe were shackled by decades of regulatory and fiscal overkill. It was like watching a man with his hands tied behind his back being thrust into octagon for a mixed martial arts fight ...
Human Action: The Answer to a Larger Loss of Control
August 15, 2014
This is a startling study that seems to tell the truth about regulatory democracy: Voting is merely a ritual; power is concentrated in the hands of a few. We knew this already, and have written about it regularly. Still ... it's startling to see these sentiment ...
The Campaign to Legalize Marijuana Grows and Grows
August 14, 2014
Another day, another poll. Let's examine this trend. We've been at the forefront of advancing the perspective that marijuana legalization is part of a much bigger elite strategy that actually involves the legalization of many other drugs as well. We've stated t ...
Western Mainstream News; Mythic or Meme-Based?
August 14, 2014
This article is written by the hard-bitten media reporter Jack Shafer who was fired by Slate in 2011. His firing caused a fuss in the journalistic community that takes such things seriously, as we can see from a report posted several years ago at The Wire: Reut ...
Monetary Inflation No Matter How Generous Won't Help the EU in the Long Term
August 13, 2014
It is probably true that the EU is slipping back toward "recession." But this not because the European Central Bank is constrained from offering the correct monetary policies, as this article implies. The ECB doesn't need more power or flexibility. The euro nee ...
Unsurprising Conspiracy Theories Circulating in Lebanon
August 13, 2014
This is a very interesting article because it shows the Anglosphere intel services are losing the ability to create realistic promotions. We are not surprised because we've been writing about this trend for years. Our perception is that the Anglosphere is under ...
Practiced Obfuscation of Central Banking: Fischer Gives A Speech
August 12, 2014
This article in the Financial Times is a good example of reporting on something without saying anything. That's not the fault of the Financial Times so much as it is of the vice-chairman of the Federal Reserve, Stanley Fischer. Fischer has given a Keynesian spe ...
Freedom Is No 'Fantasy,' as the NY Times Is Finding Out
August 12, 2014
Probably the most insufferable thing about this editorial is its smug tone. But running a close second is its tendency to err regarding facts. It's as if the editors have kinda ... given up. Recently, the Times published an opinion piece regarding wild fires wi ...
Income Disparity and Its Problematic Promotion in the 21st Century
August 11, 2014
In numerous recent articles, we've tracked the "income disparity meme," and this Reuters editorial continues the trend. This important elite meme blurs the reality of what destroys economies – monopoly central banking and corporate personhood. Top globalists ...
Times Article on Forest Fires Shows Why the Mainstream Media Is in Trouble
August 11, 2014
When little fires are denied, big ones are inevitable. But this rant in the New York Times doesn't even mention fire suppression. Instead, it tries to make political points and thus inadvertently becomes yet another exhibit in a long line of articles and analys ...
New York Times: Rand Paul and Libertarianism Have Arrived on the Main Stage
August 08, 2014
The New York Times has discovered libertarianism – and Rand Paul – and we are not surprised. We've predicted this moment and especially the part that Rand Paul is playing in it. The Times article presents Rand Paul, the Republican junior senator from Kentuc ...
Schadenfreude: The Transitory Misery of DEA Officials as Marijuana Is Legalized
August 08, 2014
It is hard to be a DEA agent these days. For years, narcotics agents have terrorized anyone involved with marijuana. Millions have gone to jail; young people have lost college scholarships and had careers crushed; children have lost parents; families have disi ...
Lesser Libertarian Arguments … and How to Make Them More Effective
August 07, 2014
One of the most prominent and certainly one of the richest libertarians in the USA has written an editorial in USA Today presenting free-market oriented suggestions that would make the US a more prosperous and satisfying place to live. The points being made are ...
Portmanteau Memes: A New Media Wrinkle
August 07, 2014
This is a good example of how difficult it is to write about elite themes without lapsing into what the mainstream media would call "conspiracy nuttery." Breitbart is writing some good articles these days about the media and this one recognizes two separate med ...
Africa Rises – and Begins to Roar
August 06, 2014
We started following this Africa Rising meme long ago, and we've watched its construction closely. It began with a murmur and now has turned into a roar. This week, the White House hosts African leaders along with the Anglosphere's top multinationals, as we can ...
As Predicted, Income Inequality Meme Is Now Portrayed as an Economic Threat
August 06, 2014
We weren't going to write another article on the income inequality meme, but it's like a train wreck – we can't look away. Here's ANOTHER article on "income inequality" – and it's not even a standalone item but one that deals with an exhaustive S&P research ...
Income Inequality: A Wounded Meme Dies Hard?
August 05, 2014
This Bloomberg article states flatly that US income disparities are a growing problem that badly needs to be addressed. You would think with the wars, disease and starvation in the world that there would be more to write about than the climbing wealth of the ri ...
Gulf of Tonkin Anniversary: Ignore the Dialectic at Your Peril
August 05, 2014
Fifty years on, Vietnam is being re-analyzed in the mainstream media. This Politico article is one of the better ones, but unfortunately, it still doesn't present the full perfidy of that war's progression, nor the manipulated dialectic that it was part of. Mod ...
Spin Reuters Backward to Understand the True Meaning of Globalist Argumentation
August 04, 2014
This article, written by Mark Leonard, the absurdly young-looking Director of the European Council on Foreign Relations, claims that the growing tensions between Russia and the West have ended the dream of globalization. But we are used to analyzing these sorts ...
British Police Scandal: The Internet is Increasingly Unkind to Government Corruption
August 04, 2014
Like the US, Britain has a plethora of policing services and secret-service facilities. And as in the US, these services are growing increasingly corrupt. Of course, corruption is in the eye of the proverbial beholder, and one can make the argument that any sor ...
Is the Wall Street Party Over?
August 01, 2014
Bail out. The party's over! That's what we're reading in some publications now that markets have taken a tumble. We're not so sure. Our short-term perspective has been that this faux Wall Street Party can go on at least until the fall – as we've been writing ...
The Marijuana Meme Rolls On: Canadian Poll Shows Support
August 01, 2014
Those that honor us with their patronage know that we have been ahead of the proverbial curve when it comes to what we call the marijuana meme. This poll proves it once more. Think about it. Does the Canadian government takes polls and advertise them on subject ...
Steady-As-She-Goes Yellen Intends to Continue the 'Wall Street Party'
July 31, 2014
Recovery? Really? Now the trumpets are sounding for a US recovery, but as we've pointed out many times, what is going up mostly is the stock market as the Fed determinedly debases currency. And as we've predicted, Ms. Yellen has no intention of stopping. She is ...
Income Inequality: The New York Times Throws a Temper Tantrum
July 31, 2014
Boy, this is a patronizing story from the New York Times. It basically says that people are stupid and they should be rioting in the streets over "income disparity." They just don't know it yet! We're well aware of this meme, and have written about it a lot. We ...
Abenomics Keynesian Approach to Japanese Success Wanes?
July 30, 2014
So we learn that Abenomics is not working so well. Okay ... we never expected it to. Honestly, where has a Keynesian economic program ever really rebuilt an economy? FDR tried it in the US, but the US economy didn't recover until the end of World War II when vi ...
Competing Histories of Marijuana Prohibition Emerge
July 30, 2014
The New York Times is out with what is apparently intended to be a definitive history of why marijuana was criminalized. This is a very important issue because the sudden reversal in marijuana laws and regulations is bringing up a question about criminal justic ...
The Misleading Technocratic Meme of Modern Portfolio Theory
July 29, 2014
Here is an article that probably has been written to remind people that it is possible to approach the stock market rationally using the tools provided by Great Minds. The subtext of the article is the efficacy of modern portfolio theory, which we shall see is ...
Water Scarcity: Blame It on Corporate Manipulations, Not Markets
July 29, 2014
We've predicted this in a series of articles. Enforced scarcity is how the power elite initiates further globalism and exercises controls. Of course, the mainstream media is sure there's a water problem, one that is only going to be compounded by a capitalist t ...
The Fed Is Blowing a Titanic Stock Market Bubble Despite Media Denials
July 28, 2014
If the government or mainstream media say something definitive, assume the opposite. This article explains to us that the Fed has little power to create "irrational" bubbles. And that the current stock bubble – bigger than any bubble in history – is a ratio ...
Exploiting The Ebola Tragedy?
July 28, 2014
We are very sad for the chief Ebola doctor, Umar Khan, who is only 39 years old and a valiant fighter against this terrible disease. Wikipedia describes it as follows: "Manifestation of Ebola begins abruptly with a sudden onset of an influenza-like stage charac ...
Bubble Bashing Bankers: Don't Fear Asset Inflation
July 25, 2014
It began with a bizarre statement by Janet Yellen. "Monetary policy faces significant limitations as a tool to promote financial stability," Yellen told an audience at an event put on by the International Monetary Fund. We covered this announcement via a write- ...
Meaningless 'Minder' Interviews Are Not the Real Problem
July 25, 2014
This article supports the meme that the mainstream media in the West is engaged in a meaningful news exercise. It is not, but pretending it is sustains the larger media fiction. It is amazing how intricate journalism has gotten in the past century. Unfortunatel ...
Shock: Colombia to Legalize Marijuana
July 24, 2014
The news regarding Colombia's intention to legalize marijuana – as yet little reported in the wider, Western world – is truly shocking, though regular readers of our publications will not be much surprised. More than almost any other publication we know of, ...
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