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Obama: Pro-Business or Corporatist?
July 24, 2014
Our perception has changed. Once this article would have made a kind of sense to us (long ago). But it surely doesn't now. It's jam-packed with various sorts of financially illiterate assumptions. Sorry for picking on it; there are hundreds if not thousands of ...
Another Chinese Economic Problem: Sky-High Debt Ratios
July 23, 2014
This UK Telegraph article, predictably by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, gives us some more insight into how China's impossible boom has been created, leveraged and elongated, possibly to the breaking point. It's not a pretty picture. Years ago, we began to write tha ...
More Voter Participation? Mainstream Pols Better Be Careful What They Wish For
July 23, 2014
We heartily encourage people not to vote. Your vote doesn't really matter within the larger scheme of things. Anyway, many voting districts are so gerrymandered that the incumbent would have to perform a ghastly crime in broad daylight to stand any chance of lo ...
The Manipulated Dialectical Destiny of the BRICS
July 22, 2014
This pernicious elite meme amply illustrates what we call directed history. In this case endless articles are appearing to explain why the dollar is in terminal decline as the BRICS (including South Africa) are ascending. We last wrote about this issue here: Do ...
Rand Paul: Presidential Victory and Then a Long Repentance?
July 22, 2014
Will Rand Paul be the next US president? We believe it's perfectly possible, and thus we've been following this meme. Now it seems Rand Paul – and the news media – are coining a new phrase, "conservatarian." We weren't familiar with the term, but we found n ...
The Logical Conclusion of the Modern, Monetary Argument
July 21, 2014
This is an interesting article because it shows clearly that controlling the Fed's business practices is a kind of non-starter. Reining in Fed behavior won't make a real difference. The article revolves around a Republican proposal having to do, in part, with r ...
Drug Decriminalization: Lesson Learned
July 21, 2014
US fedgov is going to reduce sentences for drug offenders. With a push on to decriminalize and legalize drugs, why should people continue to stay in jail? We asked that question a while ago and now have our answer. People won't. A bigger question, of course, is ...
Illiterate Twofer: Rise of Robots Demands Universal Basic Income
July 18, 2014
Dominant social themes are almost always economically literate. But rarely do we discover linkages that allow the presentation of two at once. This article offers one untruth – that robots will put almost everyone out of work – and then compounds it with an ...
Answer to the 'Right to Be Remembered' Is Natural Law
July 18, 2014
There are two ways to confront this wrongheaded Reuters editorial. One way is by pointing out that aggregators like Google (and others) are protected by various legislative and court rulings that allow them to post the most salacious and destructive information ...
Trillion Dollar Google: The Myth of Capitalist Enterprise
July 17, 2014
Nope. We are past believing in such fantasies as a trillion dollar company. These will not be companies but titanic mercantilist organizations. Of course, for smaller, nimbler companies, such vastness is a good thing. As stock markets climb and trillions slosh ...
Fallout of IRS Scandals May Be More Serious Than Seen
July 17, 2014
We've noticed this meme is gaining popularity "on the left." The idea is that tax-exempt social welfare organizations should not engage in politics, and that when the IRS began to examine these organizations, Republicans moved in with trumped up charges because ...
Santelli Vs Liesman: A CNBC Shootout That Ultimately Misses the Point
July 16, 2014
This is one of the better articles we've read in the mainstream media recently because it efficiently covers two sides of the Western economic argument. Only at the end does it fail to come to logical conclusions. But what it does provide is both entertaining a ...
Mission Accomplished: Abe Remilitarizes Japan
July 16, 2014
Japan is going to create a standing army; supposedly truculent Premiere Shinzo Abe is leading the way. But there seems to be another side to Abe. Apparently, he can be politically astute and considerate when he wishes to be. At least that's what we read in The ...
Let's Tax the Poor and Call It Progressive
July 15, 2014
This article from Slate makes several arguments regarding higher taxes: Taxes are necessary and higher taxes are even more important for social comity. Why the "left" (if we can characterize Slate a leftist rather than corporatist) always seems to want to justi ...
CIA Scandal Shows Necessity of 'Living Free in an Unfree World'
July 15, 2014
We cover dominant social themes and often you find these in the mainstream media. But sometimes a meme is revealed by its absence. One such case is this article posted at the World Socialist Website, which provides us with an elite theme that has not really bee ...
Improving the Fed: So Many Windy Words …
July 14, 2014
Another article, among thousands every year, explaining how the Fed can be more effective if it would just do ... this. Or that … The rhetorical element always involves explaining what the Fed has done wrong, and continues to do wrong, and why the Fed can bec ...
Atlantic Mag Shock: US No Longer Under 'Rule of Law'
July 14, 2014
Here comes The Atlantic magazine – that bastion of international socialism – with a scathing article about the US's rising lawlessness. Of course, we have no idea why this article appeared in The Atlantic, a publication dedicated to advancing an ever-closer ...
Al Jazeera: Hike Taxes to Create Prosperity?
July 11, 2014
Al Jazeera wants to make sure that people are aware that tax cuts are not beneficial. Presumably additional taxes would be helpful, using this logic. These sorts of articles remind us of why US citizens in particular are economically illiterate. Of course, the ...
Legislative Dysfunction Is a Hopeful Sign
July 11, 2014
Thank goodness for a do-nothing US Congress. We've written about this before but it is worth repeating. Every law and regulation produced at a federal, state or local level in the US – or in the EU, anywhere really – is a price fix, a redistributive act, ta ...
Don't Be Fooled by Transcontinental Rivalries
July 10, 2014
The temptation always is to believe that Russia and China operate systems that are much different than the West's. But perhaps not. Two recent articles remind us that what seems separate includes significant elements of compatibility. The world's leaders run in ...
Don't Fall for the Energy Hype
July 10, 2014
Anthony Evans-Pritchard has made a bold statement in the pages of the UK Telegraph, the newspaper he writes for: He is predicting the eventual implosion of the oil and gas industry. Of course, green-energy types have been predicting the end of oil and gas for d ...
As Tax Collectors Grow More Aggressive, Payers Are Caught in the Middle
July 09, 2014
Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs doesn't have enough power, or so the British Parliament is told. HMRC wants to be both judge and jury when it comes to recalcitrant taxpayers. It wants to the ability to "raid bank accounts" and to do so without a court warrant. ...
Why Popular Music Is Less Successful These Days
July 09, 2014
Another meme is souring. We've tracked the gradual decline of movies, television, modern art and meaningful fiction. Now we see the same thing when it comes to popular music. And we should note that popular music has had a strong run in Western culture ever sin ...
Italy's Renzi, a Charismatic Technocrat and Internationalist
July 08, 2014
Oh, boy ... Renzi! Here is a modern technocrat and a darling of Reuters. Let's see what his esteemed qualities can tell us about the globalist agenda generally. This article, unlike most, seems to make it fairly clear. Renzi is held up as everything that is goo ...
Internet Reformation Stymies BBC Reduction of Climate-Change Denial
July 08, 2014
From the perspective of the power elite, there's a lot riding on the success of the climate change meme. But it's not really working out. The idea apparently was that a carbon crisis would allow governments to centralize regulation in the UN and to spread it ar ...
Is the Level of Economic Illiteracy Among the West's Top Thinkers Deliberate?
July 07, 2014
Amazing. Ms. Lagarde regards the stagnating economy worldwide and advises ... more government involvement. Reuters and other major media pick up her speech and report it without any further commentary. And thus we understand the following: The global economy is ...
Immigration Reform: Do They Fear a Reaction to What They Plan?
July 07, 2014
Dominant social themes having to do with civil unrest are piling up quickly now. This article above is a kind of elaboration on a theme, but no less troubling for that. Previously, we covered the "neo-French Revolution" meme, in which the power elite seems to b ...
Shock: Markets to the Moon … As Yellen Prepares for the Biggest Stock Crash Ever
July 04, 2014
Central banks cannot do anything to avoid asset bubbles and subsequent crashes, according to the head of the world's most powerful central bank, Janet Yellen. We had to read this article twice to make sure we were "getting it." Yellen has decided that screwing ...
Internet Reformation Continuing to Undermine Confidence in Government?
July 04, 2014
We are not surprised by the declining confidence of citizens in the US government. What is there, after all, to be confident about? Congress is posturing and ineffective. The president continues to centralize and further regulate large chunks of the US economy, ...
Not Over for Obama
July 03, 2014
This is a negative article about a powerful man. President Obama has changed the way US citizens receive health care and now he is convulsing the nation's southern border by deliberately abrogating its security. Love him or hate him, if Obama succeeds in changi ...
V Bomb: Governance Is Not the Solution to Corporate Overreach
July 02, 2014
So here is yet another wrinkle, Class V shares. Are they, finally, a panacea? Probably not. Corporations get bigger and bigger, and the people running them accumulate more and more power and wealth. That would be fine if corporations were an outgrowth of the fr ...
Despite the Latest Scandal, Facebook Won't Change
July 02, 2014
The Washington Post has leapt to the defense of Facebook. Both Facebook and the Washington Post are affiliated with US Intel, from what we can tell, so it's probably not surprising. Facebook recently ran an experiment on its users to see if what they read over ...
BIS Bubble-Blower Warns About Bubbles
July 01, 2014
What an article! Only by treating most every statement as false can we begin to approach the truth. The excerpt notes that corporations are not "taking advantage of the booming stock market to step up investment." In a way, this is surely untrue. Corporations h ...
The Brutalization of the West
July 01, 2014
Al Jazeera uses euphemisms in this article because the reality is incendiary. President Barack Obama is not "going it alone" on immigration reform. He is breaking down the borders of the country he is supposed to defend – illegally so. He may scold Republican ...
Fanning Social Unrest: A Diabolical Strategy With Bad Ramifications
June 30, 2014
This is the second recent article we've noticed that predicts that rich people are going to be attacked over income inequality. Here was our analysis of the previous one: An Unfortunate Politico Promotion? Nick Hanauer, author of the Politico article, was obvio ...
Role of the Alternative Media in Covering Cannabis Legalization
June 30, 2014
The nightmare of law enforcement is having crime go down when criminal acts are legalized. That seems to be what's happening when it comes to marijuana. The above Drug Policy Analysis article was reposted around the Internet because it makes this point. And one ...
BOE Head Mark Carney Flunks Economics 101
June 27, 2014
What nonsense is this? A small group of good gray men announce they are fixing prices throughout Great Britain; the West's supine press has nothing to say? These same individuals describe their actions as "significant" and "breaking new ground." Indeed, it woul ...
Legalize Heroin: The Meme Continues
June 27, 2014
Our attention was first drawn to this apparent dominant social theme when marijuana legalization exploded onto the scene. In reporting on the marijuana meme, we began to find evidence that marijuana was not the only drug that might soon be legalized. We have th ...
Yahoo Shock: Markets Are Rigged, Yet Can Be Profitable
June 26, 2014
This article makes points that we have made in the past about the "Wall Street Party" and how equity markets have been positioned for higher-highs. Specifically, this article refers to "high-frequency trading," but in fact, market rigging is an ancient tale. Mo ...
No, We Are Not Fans of 'Open Source' Public Solutions
June 26, 2014
Former spymaster Robert David Steele seems like a sincere and passionate fellow. We're sorry to report, then, that it is difficult for us to fully accept his analysis. We'd like to, as it in many ways matches our own. We, too, have maintained that the Era of th ...
New Political Leadership Is No Substitute for Individual Human Action
June 25, 2014
So we learn once more that the US president stands as a proxy for the entire country. If the president, you see, isn't doing his job, then the entire country of some 300 million people can sink into a "malaise." When the president is vibrant, so are you. When t ...
The Advent of Sunni ISIS/ISIL: Directed History Marches On …
June 25, 2014
The above excerpted report refers to four experts, but we don't need experts to tell us what is going on. There are no experts anyway, just people with more or less "education" and certain agendas. Anyone who has been viewing Daily Bell staff reports and editor ...
The Difficult Proposition of Frontier Markets
June 24, 2014
Frontier markets are certainly "big," as in the next big hustle. Here at High Alert we've made the point continuously about the Wall Street Party – a regulatory and monetary phenomenon that we believe may move the Dow to 20,000 or more before it's over. We te ...
The Unraveling of the Warmist Meme Is a Profound Development for Our Time
June 24, 2014
How much negative publicity can warmism take? This article by Christopher Booker of the UK Telegraph was featured on the Drudge Report, seen by millions if not tens of millions. It states succinctly that NOAA – see above – has been manipulating surface temp ...
Bloomberg Shock: Financial Regulation Should Evolve Along With Central Banking Policy
June 23, 2014
Leviathan's bold policy makers are busy launching a whole new rationale for perfervid market interference: Central banking policy is evolutionary and thus regulatory policy needs to be as well. You read that right. Regulations should be written so that they can ...
Failed Strategy Redux: Italy Wants More Europe, Not Less
June 23, 2014
We've been continually predicting this evolution ever since recent elections showed more and more "Europeans" are rejecting both the euro and the European Union. Eurocrats believed that implementing the euro would eventually prove economically destructive but t ...
The New South: Fighting a Civil War or a Revolutionary One?
June 20, 2014
This editorial is startling because it marries strong rhetoric to a simplistic view of the US South and its apparently irredeemable backwardness. The putative reason to write this editorial is because of the publication of a new book that argues that Northern d ...
Marijuana Ventures Make You Feel Disgusted
June 20, 2014
It's happening throughout the US: Entrepreneurs are finding niches to exploit the coming marijuana legalization. There are an increasing number of media reports about various ventures. This article mentions two of them. The first is a company that delivers mari ...
Another Fed Forecast Reminds Us of the Logic of Central Bank Conspiracies
June 19, 2014
The Federal Reserve has cut its growth forecast but we know that such conclusions are bound to be faulty because the numbers being used are inaccurate and the assumptions behind Fed pronouncements are illogical. It is hard to constantly remind oneself of the es ...
Reforming the Corporation: How Far Does One Go? Not Far Enough …
June 19, 2014
Milton Friedman is for the most part considered a great man by free-marketers. But when one looks at his work dispassionately several questions arise. How could someone so motivated to enhance marketplace freedom come up with the idea of "income-tax withholding ...
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