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Confirmed: The People Printing the Currency Are Inflating the Stock Market
June 18, 2014
For many years, we've been writing that Western stock markets are pushed upwards via central bank money printing. So the idea that central banks are directly holding equities is no surprise. What is slightly surprising is that the OMFIF is being allowed to publ ...
Drug Legalization: A Meme That Continues to Be in Play
June 18, 2014
We offer this analysis as further proof that the meme we've discerned regarding the legalization of drugs – all drugs – remains in play. Context is important, and so we note that Rand Paul's perspective on drug legalization founds its way into the Huffingto ...
When Asset Bubbles Expand, Vigilance Is Its Own Reward
June 17, 2014
Another article about the lifestyles of the rich and famous provides yet more evidence of growing asset bubbles. The biggest bubble of all is in equity markets, especially US equity markets; for those who want further proof of how central bank economies work, t ...
Tentacles of Authoritarianism
June 17, 2014
This is a tough article about Homeland Security and what it is doing to what's left of US freedoms. The author is John Whitehead. Here, from his bio: John W. Whitehead is an attorney and author who has written, debated and practiced widely in the area of consti ...
The Warning Inherent in Escalating Official Lawlessness
June 16, 2014
This is a good example of the deteriorating level of US government behavior. It's disturbing because it seems to shows an escalating level of recklessness. We last wrote about this here: When It Comes to Lawlessness in the US, Preparation Is the Essence of Fore ...
Growing Warmist Intolerance Threatens Social and Legal Fabric
June 16, 2014
Western officials are increasingly willing to make threats in support of elite dominant social themes. Not surprisingly, we're seeing this sort of behavior as regards global warming. There is no doubt that warmist sentiment is waning in the West but this does n ...
The Biggest Political Problem of All
June 13, 2014
We didn't intend to comment on the Cantor defeat again, having just written about it yesterday. But our attention was drawn to this article in the National Review because of the description of the Tea Party as "radical, anti-institutional, anti-leadership, anti ...
Drug Warriors, Grab Your Resumes
June 13, 2014
Do you work for the DEA on issues related to the continued criminalization of marijuana? Better have your resume handy ... As we've pointed out many times before, increasingly the "marijuana meme" is not up for discussion. There are powerful forces at work supp ...
Nikkei's Turn to Soar?
June 12, 2014
From a UK Telegraph article we learn that, "Authorities are about to funnel large sums into Japanese stocks openly and deliberately under the next phase of Abenomics, both by regulatory fiat and by purchasing the Nikkei index directly with printed money." Does ...
Cantor's Defeat Provides Further Support for the 'Reagan Meme'
June 12, 2014
Cantor wasn't tough enough on immigration, and that's why he lost. This "explanation" fits in with a larger meme that we've presented in the past: There's no stopping the Tea Party, at least at a personal, non-organizational, level. Of course, parts of the poli ...
Repudiate the Public Debt? How About Corporate Personhood and Monopoly Central Banking?
June 11, 2014
Just yesterday we criticized the movement to create a universal basic income. This movement to repudiate public debt makes us uneasy as well, unless it is accompanied by a rollback of the fundamental building blocks of the modern state: corporate personhood and ...
Sell Gold, Buy Equities?
June 11, 2014
The Indian media, like the Indian government, has been "talking down" gold for quite a while now. This is unusual in a country where so many people buy gold, especially gold jewelry, on a regular basis. But it is symptomatic of a larger "bankers' war" being wag ...
When It Comes to Lawlessness in the US, Preparation Is the Essence of Foresight
June 10, 2014
The world grows more lawless. It is especially obvious in the US, where bold, public displays of lawlessness have been not been a common occurrence in the past ... These days, there seems to be a steady stream of questionable activities taking place. Obamacare ...
One Relentless Equity Party
June 10, 2014
Again the market climbs. And this is why ... A nearby comet made of salt has focused certain gravitational flows by seasoning the appropriate neurons. This has created higher stock prices by acting on the Big Board the way the moon acts on the tides. We can do ...
IMF's Lagarde – Perpetuating Untruths on a Massive Scale?
June 09, 2014
If Britain's economy is improving, it's due to monetary stimulation not natural causes. Ms. Christine Lagarde ought to comment on the mechanism of "economic improvement," but she won't. She should comment on it because the kind of low-interest, high-money print ...
Profoundly Immoral, Increasingly Popular, the 'Unconditional Basic Income' Becomes a Meme
June 09, 2014
The libertarian media has been extraordinarily successful in this era of the Internet because freedom is the default preference of most people. Ask individuals if they want to pay high taxes, have their movements restricted by a plethora of passports and visas, ...
Equity Benefits From Central Bank Paper Shuffling: The Economy Not So Much
June 06, 2014
Read the above explanation for why stocks have "made a new record," and one can come away with the idea that the market is being driven by fundamentals like "employment" ... along with necessary strategies involving deeply discounted interest rates. The overwhe ...
#ResetTheNet Versus Deeper Change
June 06, 2014
Excuse us for being cynical, but this is not the way real change occurs. This is kinda ... Hollywood change, where large groups get together spurred on by "leaders" and society evolves in ways that are admirable and well-intentioned but ultimately ineffective. ...
The Golden Bear: Pure Directed History?
June 05, 2014
Is the gold bull market really over? Bloomberg says it is. We see the world a little differently, of course. We don't see any real lessening of demand for gold, or for silver for that matter. But Bloomberg has a narrative and they're sticking to it. Here's more ...
Fed Money Pumping Brings Results: The Affluent Society Returns – For Now
June 05, 2014
Let the good times roll. Once again, monetary inflation is being confused with high-end entrepreneurialism. If there was any question about our Wall Street Party meme, this article should help dispel it. Always, these sorts of articles show up when the stock ma ...
Do Not Look to Politics to Remedy NSA Overreach
June 04, 2014
Many now know about the security overreach in the West and especially in the United States, thanks to Edward Snowden's exposes. We are not so sure about the Snowden narrative, believing that it at least partially served the interests of a Western intelligence t ...
The Direction of Equity Marts Seems Clearer than the Economy's
June 04, 2014
We believe equity marts are headed higher still. But we are not so certain about the direction of the larger economy, either in the US or overseas. However, this article, excerpted above, seems to take it as a given that the US economy is headed up. In the long ...
Is It a Crash Yet?
June 03, 2014
In keeping with one of our newer dominant social themes, we present the above excerpt on the possibility of a near-term stock market crash and how investors seem to be ignoring it. We call this meme the "Wall Street Party." Now ,why would there be a party durin ...
Mainstream Media Versus National Security: A Portrait in Irony
June 03, 2014
We have sympathy for James Risen, even admiration, but it is considerably tempered by the newspaper for which he works. The New York Times – as the face of the Eastern metropolitan elite – has consistently enabled the US imperium and provided justifications ...
Facing the Invasive Onset of GATCA, Take Human Action
June 02, 2014
International Man has offered a timely update on the implications of FATCA and how this invasive global facility is likely to expand via something called GATCA. The end result of all these acronyms can be seen above. Our excerpt concludes: "In the end, this mea ...
EU Political Response May Increase Chance of Violence
June 02, 2014
This Reuters editorial shows us clearly how pro-EU forces are reacting to recent elections (Reuters being one such). These elections made it clear that large parts of the European electorate are fed-up with the euro and the EU as well after some six years of er ...
Flawed Assumptions of Bilderberg Secrecy
May 30, 2014
Do an Internet search about the Bilderberg conference now underway in Denmark and you'll find remarkably little news from the mainstream press. There are articles and videos – but as before, it's the alternative media on the scene: Infowars, AFP, etc. This ar ...
The Strange Tale of Swiss Banking – And What It Means for You
May 30, 2014
What, really, do the Swiss have to offer now? Is it possible that the UBS scandal was in some sense planned to bring down the system. The damage is certainly clear; the Swiss government and banking community sacrificed centuries of banking history and culture t ...
Capitalism, Worth Fighting For?
May 29, 2014
There is apparently consternation among those who define the West's dominant social themes. Keynesian economics is clearly not working and needs a reset (or so we are told), as we analyzed in yesterday's article. And now we can see clearly in the above excerpt ...
Olympics, a Collapsing Meme
May 29, 2014
In keeping with the modern propensity for "bread and circuses," the Olympics have grown vastly over the past century. But now that growth seems to be halting, as we can see from this article excerpt. Is that so bad? In fact, the Olympics are a kind of moral fai ...
Reuters Suggests a New Economics to Take the Place of the Neoclassical Model: Good Luck With That
May 28, 2014
The reason we follow the Reuters opinion page is because we often find substantial rebuttals to what we call the Internet Reformation posted there. This editorial seems to be groping toward a new elite dominant social theme designed to negate points made by fre ...
Africa Rising: The Military-Industrial Complex Gets to Work
May 28, 2014
We've often pointed out that there seems to be a globalist plan to swap in Africa for Japan and China when it comes to creating nation-states and regions that can buy US Treasuries. We have named this meme "Africa Rising," and you can see some of our articles h ...
Puerto Rico – A Tax Haven Uncle Sam Tolerates?
May 27, 2014
Puerto Rico is hot – not weather-wise but as a business destination. And perhaps there's a reason. Uncle Sam is well aware that many are doing their best to move their money and themselves out of the US; But if the funds have to go anywhere, US bureaucrats pr ...
Europe Sinks … As Predicted
May 26, 2014
The headlines exploded last night with EU election results showing clearly that voters in France, England, Germany, Denmark, Hungary and Greece (among others) had had enough of the EU. Of course, our readers are not surprised. We've been predicting this for yea ...
Surprise! … UN Involvement Promoted to Advance the Marijuana Meme
May 26, 2014
In numerous articles, we've pointed out that the globalist power elite was backing what we call the marijuana meme – the decriminalization and eventual legalization of cannabis. We believed that this was an important perspective. The elite's support of legal ...
Hawks Take Flight: Why the Fed's Hypocritical Dialectic Continues
May 23, 2014
Once more, uneasy institutional voices are raised about the Fed's money printing. The idea is that the unholy trillions created by the Fed have been offered to commercial banks and may be used as loans at some point. Too many loans and too much currency can cre ...
First Pot, Now Hemp: Directed History of Cannabis Legalization Evolves
May 23, 2014
Now Bloomberg is promoting the marijuana meme or at least beginning to support its affiliated product – hemp. This is right in line with what we have been predicting. The marijuana meme did not emerge simply from popular action. It is surely part of a larger ...
Europe's Unraveling Is Not Political but Technological
May 22, 2014
This article in the UK Telegraph points out succinctly the problems faced by the EU but spends a good deal of time wondering why European leaders like Francois Hollande are pursuing policies that are giving rise to extreme opposition and further damaging econom ...
Underestimate the Internet at Your Peril
May 22, 2014
Despite regular efforts to downplay the political change taking place around the US, events like this one – in the excerpt above – show that the sociopolitical fabric itself is being attacked by citizens who for one reason or another have had enough. They w ...
Recognizing Government for What It Is
May 21, 2014
Here is a mainstream media article about the necessity for governments to reduce their size and scope. It is surprising for the strong language it uses in tracking the West's current dilemma regarding expanding and divisive bureaucracies. Nevertheless, it does ...
Immorality of Biotech?
May 21, 2014
High Alert has taken a position that some investments are more palatable than others. But unlike the mainstream media, we don't believe that adhering to elite dominant social themes defines "morality." Ethical investing often focuses on "saving the planet" by s ...
Does the National Security Media Abet the Surveillance State?
May 20, 2014
This interesting Reuters article provides us with a quasi-review of Glenn Greenwald's new book, No Place to Hide, and concludes that Greenwald is occasionally overwrought. The real issue seems to be that Greenwald doesn't think much of "national security" repor ...
Global Warming: The Incredible Shrinking Meme
May 20, 2014
In the past few days we've read numerous articles about how the Antarctic is melting and that it is too late to stop it now. Being long-time analysts of dominant social themes, we didn't take the meme seriously even though it was repeated over and over again. B ...
Madness of Crowds Meme Debunked? One More Big Gov Justification Drains Away
May 19, 2014
It is common knowledge we need modern regulatory justice because of an inherent tension between the rights of individuals to be left alone and the rights of others not to suffer from the acts of a few. This is most famously summarized by a statement in Oliver W ...
Drug Legalization Around the World: The Dialectic Evolves
May 19, 2014
Let the dialectic begin. Inexperienced meme watchers might believe this report expresses the bureaucratic view of the UN regarding drugs: Criminalization should stand. But wait ... We think much of what is going on today is in a sense preordained. The marijuana ...
Desperation of the Elites: S&P Declares Climate Change a 'Mega Trend'
May 16, 2014
A few years ago, we began writing about how the big credit rating agencies had blown up. The agencies didn't foresee the credit meltdown of banks and financial firms in 2008. They had no idea that Lehman Brothers was bankrupt, that Merrill Lynch would have to b ...
Overturning the War on Drugs Part of Elite Strategy to Enable UN Millennial Goals?
May 16, 2014
This "article" includes a slide show that presents 25 public figures in various stages of climb-down regarding marijuana. The names include everyone from John McCain to Pete Holmes, the attorney for the City of Seattle. It's quite startling to read what people ...
Apocalypse Later: The BOE is Surely Not so Oblivious as It Appears
May 15, 2014
There is probably nothing more destructive to Western economies than interest rates that are held down for too long. That's what is going on currently and it will surely end horribly. In between, the Wall Street Party we've predicted will probably move forward ...
Why Departures of Three Top Female Editors Fails to Spark a Predictable Meme
May 15, 2014
Once upon a time, it was thought that female writers and editors might bring special qualities to newsrooms that male-dominated enterprises lacked. Additionally, it was thought that liberal-oriented (leveling) publications with a stake in creating "equality" mi ...
Search Result Privacy: Leviathan Confronts Leviathan
May 14, 2014
It occurred to us long ago that the price one paid for modernity was an increasing lack of privacy. But then we began to notice the "take downs" on YouTube, Yahoo, Google and other large Internet facilities. If so much information could be removed from the 'Net ...
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