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Republican Establishment On Brink of Imploding Once More
May 14, 2014
In this past presidential election, the Republican Party establishment brain trust was so worried about libertarian Ron Paul that the party furiously staved off the congressman's bid before settling on the more establishment friendly Mitt Romney. Of course, the ...
Freedom Is Not Pragmatism
May 13, 2014
Here is an article about dogmatism versus pragmatism. The idea is that conservatives may be victorious in upcoming elections but even if they win they may lose. This is along the lines of what we have been explaining in the recent past. The Tea Party is more th ...
Tina Brown Unravels
May 13, 2014
Tina Brown, perhaps the most storied journalist of her generation, has posted an article about Monica Lewinsky that reveals a lot more about Brown than Lewinsky. The article is noteworthy, unfortunately, not only for what it is but for what it is not. It is nei ...
Drum the Market, Ride the Wave
May 12, 2014
This article drums up the market. It makes the point that equity market gains in the first four months have been more limited than at any time since 2009 — "just 1.6 percent on the S&P 500." At the same time, bonds have done much better. It's time to sell, ri ...
Scottish Independence: More Important to the City or Scotland?
May 12, 2014
The greatness of a great land is long gone. Scotland is the home of dreary socialist cities glowering under a gray sky. And Scotland's fate will not really change whether it stays with Britain or goes with the EU and the euro. The choice is to be Europe or Brit ...
Oligarchy in the 21st Century … Get Used to It?
May 09, 2014
Interesting question and answer. Bernie Sanders' query is predictable but Janet Yellen's response is not. Alan Greenspan no doubt would have answered in a way that allowed for multiple interpretations. But Yellen took the question with little equivocation. Here ...
Uruguay's New Regs: Unreasonable on Purpose?
May 09, 2014
Uruguay legalized cannabis, but perhaps infighting between anti-drug warriors and tolerant "new wavers" has resulted in a setback – as the legalization is fraught with government control. Is this what we call "directed history"? Right after Uruguay legalized ...
The Cannabis Conspiracy?
May 08, 2014
This is a new dominant social theme. The old one would be: Drugs are evil. Why the change? Good question. We'll offer an answer toward the end of this analysis. But to set the stage: We've grappled with the issue of why cannabis is suddenly being legalized – ...
NSA and Stocks: Paranoia Outstrips the Meme
May 08, 2014
The NSA's comprehensive effort to create "dragnet" software aimed at investor data could give it the power to manipulate major stock markets comprehensively. That's the charge over at alternative media website Infowars, in an explosive article that was posted a ...
Bloomberg's Tough-Minded Article About Economic Assumptions Exempts Own Behavior
May 07, 2014
So economic analysis is flawed by assumptions? Congratulations to Bloomberg for allowing this observation to be published. It is, in our view, an extremely credible observation. Interestingly, the editorial was apparently ignited by a book called Capital in the ...
Climate Alarmism – A Viable Strategy in the 21st Century?
May 06, 2014
The US government is reportedly about to release the grimmest study yet of climate change/gobal warming. Of course, these studies are not the same as "evidence." They are a compilation of data and opinion. The same sort of approach is used to create the famousl ...
Accountability: Multinationals' Biggest Problem?
May 06, 2014
This article makes an interesting point regarding Monsanto's evolution from a technological standpoint. It's "food for thought," so to speak. Instead of mixing different DNA together – which has brought the company much bad publicity and public distrust – M ...
Ukraine Heats Up … Will Control Slip?
May 05, 2014
The world is full of directed history and Ukraine is no exception. We've watched the propaganda mount and if the Ukraine promotion is any example of how conflicts get started and then enlarge, we can safely say that war is a racket – and a hoax besides. That ...
Bloomberg Editorial: Deepening the Ignorance
May 05, 2014
So Bloomberg suggests that schools only hire education-school graduates from the top third of their graduating class. These "super teachers" will improve the system. That's the idea anyway. Bloomberg claims this system works well in places like South Korea. Th ...
Corporatism Finds Its Pied Piper?
May 02, 2014
This article proposes that it is necessary to confront the growing rage of ever-poorer populations with solutions that will produce increased income equality. Those at the "top" of society are obviously growing more uncomfortable with the increasingly evident f ...
Bloomberg Sees Misery in Silver … But Why?
May 02, 2014
So silver is suffering from its relationship to gold? That's a bit strange. Gold has been circulated by humans for thousands of years. Supposedly they may have found 100,000 year-old gold mines in South Africa. But the power elite, ever jealous of its paper pri ...
New Dow Record Expands Wall Street Party
May 01, 2014
So the Dow has hit a record high. We told you so. There is NO reason for the Dow to go "up" so much. The US is mired in a quasi-depression, Europe is in chaos, China continually faces a hard landing and the BRICs generally are struggling. Where is the growth to ...
House Poverty Hearings: A Dialogue Between the Deaf and the Blind
May 01, 2014
Talk about an exercise in futility ... The US Congress is holding hearings on whether or not fedgov policies encourage poverty. Of course, the real reasons for US poverty are obvious to anyone who studies the matter seriously. Western fiscal, monetary and judic ...
The Shocking Truth About Regulatory Costs
April 30, 2014
Surprised? The article also notes that on a per-household basis, federal regulatory costs average nearly US$15,000. That is reportedly a bigger sum than individual and corporate income taxes combined. Also, US regulations are not "capped" nor are they subject t ...
Germany's Green Energy Revolution May Be on Verge of Failure
April 30, 2014
German green fanaticism turned into national policy some years ago and the largest economy in Europe created a political blueprint to reach truly utopian goals. And now it's all falling apart. That's what happens when politicians substitute their judgment for t ...
Surprise! Economist Magazine Approves of Internet Governance Conference in Brazil
April 29, 2014
So now what we consider to be the Snowden false flag comes into clearer focus. Directed history has taken us from the hard-to-fathom escapades of Snowden himself – very suddenly – to a conference of 1,200 wise wonks that want to "change" the Internet to sav ...
Monsanto Meme Disintegrates as Organic Ascends?
April 29, 2014
Here at High Alert we can tell the difference between science and exploitation. Much of what passes for applied science these days in the West is unfortunately fear- and greed-based exploitation. It is the power elite that organizes these faux-science applicati ...
Immigration Overhaul: NAU on Track?
April 28, 2014
Directed history advances once again? Here's what the Washington Post concludes about moving ahead with immigration reform: The takeaway? ... that would be a bad thing for Republicans. What kind of politician directly advances programs inimical to his party's r ...
Is Anti-Obamacare Rhetoric Part of Movement Toward Alternative Healthcare and Organic Farming?
April 28, 2014
The mainstream media in the US has always seemingly been pro-Obamacare. The program never received a forceful vetting and now with the program supposedly gaining traction, defenders are out in force. This Reuters editorial is a good example. The talking points ...
Analysis of Retirement Reveals the Possibility of Great Socioeconomic Change
April 25, 2014
So now we know: Even a million dollars isn't enough to retire on. Sounds reasonable, given all the obstacles to retirement in the West and especially in the US. But there is a problem with this article that is much bigger than the retirement issues it explores. ...
Alternative Health: Trend or Anomaly?
April 25, 2014
As we chart the results of the Internet Reformation, we make certain predictions. We have felt for a long time that elite dominant social themes would gradually shift under pressure – that in a sense the power elite would have to take an aggregate "step back" ...
Attacking Bundy Won't Solve Larger Problem of Fedgov Perception
April 24, 2014
There's been a lot of pushback regarding Cliven Bundy and most recently in the article above, Bundy comes in for direct criticism as a serial liar. Yet it is not difficult to understand the disapproval people feel when confronted with what seems to be another h ...
Privatization – The Atlantic Gets It Wrong
April 24, 2014
The Atlantic magazine has discovered that "privatization" doesn't work. Of course, privatization as defined by The Atlantic and others is simply hiring a private firm to enforce a public monopoly. Successful privatization would entail introducing competition in ...
Focus on the Inflation, Not the Keynesian Argumentation
April 23, 2014
This article tells us about the challenges that central bankers are facing in managing the economy going forward. Those in the alternative media discount the ability of central bankers to successfully manage trillion-dollar economies. This article makes the arg ...
Ubuntu: Tool of the Gods?
April 23, 2014
The analysis of elite dominant social themes is always difficult. It is like putting together pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Only in retrospect does one often begin to see larger promotions at work. Michael Tellinger and his new Ubuntu Party initiative may provide ...
Reuters Analysis: Printing Money Is More Important Than Ever for Yellen
April 22, 2014
This Reuters editorial presents the reality of Yellen's upcoming Fed regime. Peter Schiff and others – including The Daily Bell – were correct. There is not going to be any radical tightening at the Fed. Supposedly, Yellen was going to cease quantitative ea ...
Marijuana Meme: Another Gatekeeper Bites the Dust
April 22, 2014
Dr. Sanjay Gupta has apologized. Is it enough? Seriously ... how many marriages were broken up because people were incarcerated for smoking dried leaves? How many jobs were lost? How many children suffered? And how many people are STILL incarcerated in the US a ...
Reuters: What Great Beast Slouches Toward The Remnants of Western Wealth?
April 21, 2014
This Reuters article/editorial says that central banking doesn't work. But after admitting that central bank modeling is dysfunctional, the article predictably proposes that the solution is MORE SOPHISTICATED central banking. And not just a more sophisticated v ...
Marijuana and the Nanny State – A Predictable Paradigm That Could Be Good for Investors
April 21, 2014
This article is noteworthy because it endorses what we've been arguing these past months, that "legitimization" of marijuana is inevitable because globalist forces have gotten behind it. Now, as it is in any orchestrated composition, we are starting to notice o ...
The Crime of HFT Is 'Freelance Manipulation' Not Market Distortion
April 18, 2014
We'd like to know how the winner of an economic "Nobel" – the erudite Joe Stiglitz – believes that markets can fail and that regulation can succeed. Really, this is one of the sharpest minds in the business. Regulations usually have unintended consequences ...
Public Justice Under Attack?
April 18, 2014
For many years the High Alert "brain trust" has pointed out that one of the last memes of the power elite to come under sustained pressure would be the theme of Western "justice." This would be an inevitable part of what we call the Internet Reformation. The po ...
More Evidence That Consolidated Global Power Is Wielded by a Tiny Elite
April 17, 2014
Gradually and continually (we humbly observe) our theses are confirmed by others. The Anglo-American axis indeed controls the world – China, too. We find this startling admission in a recent article posted at the UK Telegraph. And, yes, we've reported on it i ...
East v. West in High Finance – Directed History or Real Schism?
April 17, 2014
Here is yet another article on the proverbial decline and fall of the West, and especially its Anglo-American backed economic and financial institutions. We have a difficult time, however, believing fully in the veracity of this East versus West meme. Something ...
In Defense of a Progressive Tax System … Not
April 16, 2014
This Reuters editorial makes the case that progressive tax systems are good and that the "wealthy" among us ought to pay "their fair share." The editorial also makes the point that progressivism generally seems not very popular anymore and that progressive tax ...
Conspiracy Theory Goes Mainstream?
April 16, 2014
Feedbacker Alaska forwarded this astounding article posted at the well known website Gawker. Alaska's point is that Gawker is a kind of gatekeeper for the mainstream media, and by publishing this article before someone else does, Gawker editors can "spin" it in ...
Predictably, Central Bankers Suggest the 'S-Word' … Securitization
April 15, 2014
So Europe's central bankers have decided that the only way to revitalize the European economy – especially Southern Europe – is via securitization of assets. This we learn from Jeremy Warner, assistant editor of The Daily Telegraph, and author of the articl ...
OWS 2.0 No Better Than the Original
April 15, 2014
Unbeknownst to most, Occupy Wall Street is morphing into a perennial campaign mode. Much like a politician who does not want to admit defeat, OWS has revamped its message and methodology of protest. The new (and perpetual) campaign is something called "March Ag ...
Mainstream Media Presents 'Divide and Conquer' Meme to Tame Rising EU Discontent
April 14, 2014
Will Germany be fined for being too prosperous? That's a possibility according to this UK Telegraph article. How can an entity – a region – be attacked and made poorer because its people are industrious? To ask the question is to reveal the growing desperat ...
Bundy Boots the BLM – Is This a Significant Moment?
April 14, 2014
Some in the alternative media have been celebrating the defeat of the Bureau of Land Management, which unsuccessfully attacked rancher Cliven Bundy for not paying grazing fees. This analysis attempts to ascertain the importance of the Bundy "victory." After nat ...
IMF Misleads on Interest Rates – And So Does the Media
April 11, 2014
The UK Telegraph has posted an article entitled, "The world economy may well be stuck in neutral for years." The article points to low interest rates as a point of concern, even though these rates are to some degree not a market phenomenon but a human (central ...
Sen. Sessions Explains Some of Obama's Immigration Policies – But Not All
April 11, 2014
In numerous articles of late, we've explained the operative strategies of the Obama administration. When it comes to Obamacare, the administration may be seen as rolling out a chaotic program in order to build support eventually for a single payer system. The w ...
When Opinion Becomes Disinformation
April 10, 2014
This Reuters opinion piece discovers a new kind of monetary danger: unproductive credit. This kind of credit is apparently utilized by the borrower even when the results are not useful to society. Of course, the problem here is defining what IS useful to societ ...
The Marketplace: Emotion Versus Education
April 10, 2014
Obama supporter Cass Robert Sunstein seems to have one main preoccupation: Expanding the efficacy and scope of government. Sunstein was previously the infamous Administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, and is now the Felix F ...
How the Directed History of Libertarianism Could Collide With the Real Thing
April 09, 2014
We've written a number of articles pointing out that the US electorate is basically libertarian, so we're pleased to see influential libertarian David Boaz of CATO sounding a similar theme in the online magazine Politico. Is what we observed many years ago abou ...
Let's Flee to Climate Controlled Cities
April 09, 2014
The alternative 'Net media is often portrayed as loony and conspiratorial by the mainstream media. But actually, it is the other way round. In a more normal sociopolitical and economic environment, James Lovelock would be labeled what he is – a crank and a ko ...
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