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As Europe Trembles, US Emerges as 'Safe Haven'?
March 04, 2014
Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. One could certainly say Merkel is out of touch with German reality, but she – and the German media – don't see it that way. The citizens of Angela Merkel's country are quite worried about being part of the euro a ...
Tim Cook at Apple: Massive Sell Signal?
March 04, 2014
Tim Cook has decided that if you believe in global warming you should buy Apple. If not, don't. This is certainly some sort of nadir for Corporate America, which has seen plenty of down moments. Thomas Jefferson warned against corporations and the US founding f ...
Washington Post: Military Maneuvering is Putin's Fault
March 03, 2014
Is President Barack Obama weak? That's what a spate of articles has implied recently regarding Russia's apparent invasion of Crimea-Ukraine. The uprising in West Ukraine has resulted in the ousting of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. He has fled to East U ...
Freedom Is the Best Monetary Shaper of All
March 03, 2014
Robert Shiller wrote this article, and it caught our eye because it is so complex. Soon, you begin to feel like you're in the middle of a giant math exam. He's parsing this and deconstructing that. Before you know it he's juggling three – count 'em, three – ...
FT's Shocking Gold-Manipulation Glitch
February 28, 2014
This is yet more evidence that the current system is breaking down. An article goes up on the website of a major newspaper and then is removed without explanation. Combating the Internet Reformation means dying by a thousand cuts. Any one cut doesn't matter muc ...
Directed History of the Marijuana Meme
February 28, 2014
Two things we believe about the sudden marijuana legalization meme: It is no accident, and it is going to happen in a powerful and efficient manner. There will be glitches, of course, but this movement is just like so many others that alternative media observer ...
Rand Paul Drives Libertarian Politics Toward the Top
February 27, 2014
Readers of these pages will not be surprised by this article in the National Journal, which is reflective of the way libertarianism has grown in the past decade. The National Journal, in whose pages this article appeared, is part of a larger publishing company ...
US Points the Finger of Corruption Elsewhere as a Strategic Distraction
February 27, 2014
We've been reporting on the Swiss banking saga for years now and have always been irritated by the hypocrisy and power politics surrounding it. The US government has likely spent tens if not hundreds of millions attacking Swiss private banking because Swiss ban ...
Bitcoin – Did We Tell You So?
February 26, 2014
Mt. Gox, the bitcoin exchange, is gone and bitcoin closed under US$500 today, which is nowhere near its high. More importantly, many questions have arisen ... and the answers as we are seeing are not necessarily positive. We don't take any great pleasure in wha ...
The Internet Reformation Versus Snowden's Revelations
February 26, 2014
We've been writing about the creeping (galloping) authoritarianism of Western governments for years now. But we've tried to be careful because of the import of what's taking place. It's not easy to overstate it, but at the same time, one can easily be branded a ...
Markets Climbing a Wall of Worry – or Manipulation?
February 25, 2014
What can we say about a stock market like this? We do understand why the market keeps moving up, though most people probably don't. Of course, the large stock market players probably do understand. They're well aware of the various mechanisms that have been put ...
Smugness of the Climate Changers
February 25, 2014
We focused yesterday on the sudden reoccurrence of the singularly obnoxious Al Gore and his rejuvenated climate change pitch in the face of so much seeming weather turbulence. This Bloomberg article, excerpted above, following on the heels of Gore's drumming is ...
Advancing the NAU – We Told You So
February 24, 2014
Well, color us paranoid (regularly). We don't find the above discussion of the advantages of a "closer" North American Union to be coincidental in any manner, shape or form. Now, from our perspective, the true reasons for NAFTA and CAFTA become clearer. Those w ...
Climate Change and HAARP – A Working Relationship?
February 24, 2014
Al Gore is back at it again. One of the best-known climate doomsters is apparently on the hustings once again, and for various reasons that we will mention in this analysis, his reappearance is disturbing, indeed. At a time when the charlatans behind global war ...
Elite Free Trade: Smell the Panic
February 21, 2014
The power elite does not take kindly to political interference with one of its most sacred causes – so-called free trade. We say "so-called" because the kind of free trade being practiced by nation-states these days is anything but "free." Each modern free-tr ...
Decriminalization to Legalization – It's Happening Fast
February 21, 2014
We've been predicting that the movement to decriminalize marijuana would eventually end up at legalization but we never expected things would move this fast. On the other hand, we believe this entire movement to be a kind of dominant social theme. For one reaso ...
Marijuana: The Game Is Afoot and Smart Players Will Win
February 20, 2014
Our point regarding the first steps toward global marijuana legislation is that it has already been decided. The legalization of marijuana has quickly escalated to the level of a full-fledged dominant social theme. In other words, for various reasons, the power ...
Entrepreneurial Analysis and the Economist's Limited Frame of Reference
February 20, 2014
The Economist magazine has decided that Henrekson and Sanandaji (see above) have the right idea when it comes to entrepreneurs: Bigger is better. The Economist being a manifestation of globalism could surely be expected to take this view. But it is misguided no ...
US Leftward Shift? Don't Believe It
February 19, 2014
How can someone present an analysis showing that the US is shifting "left"? There is the matter of the "tea party" movement that, in this Internet era, has shoved many voters toward libertarianism. And then there is the widespread dissatisfaction with Barack Ob ...
NAU Conclave Advances the Cause of Authoritarianism
February 19, 2014
We just mentioned Keystone yesterday within the context of the controversial North American Union, and here it is again in the news. In fact, this article is full of hints about the NAU that is so staunchly denied by the officials of the US, Canada and Mexico. ...
Sly McConnell Supports the NAU?
February 18, 2014
Mitch McConnell, the mild-mannered Senate minority leader, posted the above editorial at Reuters to memorialize the incompetence of the Obama administration in announcing to the world that a US$800 billion "stimulus package" would create the jobs the US needed ...
Warmist Gambit Continues
February 18, 2014
One has to give globalists credit for continuing to promote the global warming meme. After 17 years without a temperature uptick, after a series of exposés that show the warmist position was manufactured by a handful of supporters with a chokehold on journal p ...
Drink From the Punch Bowl, Ms. Yellen – It Will Sour Soon Enough
February 17, 2014
Here is an article posted at Reuters that informs us that the economy is doing so well that "the world can finally see evidence that the extraordinary monetary and fiscal policies of the post-crisis period are starting to work as intended." When one is exposed ...
Gold Surge: What Took So long?
February 17, 2014
We have asked why, when Indian and Chinese consumers queue regularly to buy gold bullion with seeming desperation, the Western press – and the investment community – continually degrades the value of gold and the necessity of holding it. Manipulation seemed ...
How Long Will Bernanke's Reputation Survive?
February 14, 2014
This is a somewhat shocking article appearing at Bloomberg in that it is not a hagiography of former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke but a fairly clear-eyed criticism. Because this intermediary business cycle has not yet come to a thudding halt, there is ...
EU Sign of the Times?
February 14, 2014
This seems to be a week for the mainstream media to speak plainly about the Afflictions of the Age (see other article on the Fed, this issue). This article does something that is not usually done: It questions not just the euro but the viability of the EU itsel ...
Reality of Inflation's Outcome?
February 13, 2014
Print, print, print. Miles of newsprint have been wasted writing about "tapering" and "tightening" when, in fact, there is none. Yesterday, new Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen made it clear in what Bloomberg called "interminable" testimony that the Fed inten ...
The Real Value of Travel Abroad
February 13, 2014
We agree with this editorial! US citizens SHOULD go abroad. (Maybe they would stop calling themselves "Americans," as America is putatively a continent not a nation.) In any event, they would surely find travel "broadening," just as this article suggests. The U ...
Yellen, Triumphant, Joins the Wall Street Party?
February 12, 2014
This article confirms what we've been predicting since we opened up the new and improved Daily Bell within the umbrella of High Alert. There is going to be no real diminution of Federal Reserve money printing, though this will be the mainstream media narrative ...
House Dithers With the Debt as Leviathan Shakes
February 12, 2014
John Boehner and the Republican Party are gradually falling apart. What Boehner should do is paralyze the ship of state by refusing to provide the fuel. But over and over he hoists the can, carries it to the cap, unscrews it and pours, further fueling the engi ...
Immigration Reform? Switzerland Pushes Back
February 11, 2014
The destruction of Switzerland's culture and borders has halted for a moment with this vote against immigration. One does not need to be "conservative" or racist or anything else to believe that politics and regulatory democracy should not determine immigration ...
Meme of Marijuana Is One to Watch
February 11, 2014
We became aware of this meme several years ago because of the ongoing fixation with "medical marijuana." Over time, we've watched the meme grow into a full-fledged dominant social theme. This article in USA Today is a good example of how entrepreneurial enthusi ...
Demise of Freedom's Conversation
February 10, 2014
Oh, this is a funny article, making the case that US exceptionalism is subsiding. What makes the article funny is the way exceptionalism is described. The exceptionalism that exists in the US was defined by President Barack Obama when he answered a question abo ...
Directed History of Scottish Independence Moves in Subtle Ways
February 10, 2014
Last week, we posted an analysis of a US State Department leak in which it was revealed that Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland was contemptuous of European Union efforts to support a resolution of the Ukraine political and economic crisis. We explain ...
Conservatism Is Not Freedom
February 07, 2014
This Reuters editorial makes many points that we've made in the recent past about the Tea Party. We've argued, in fact, that the Tea Party in its more inchoate form is a force to be reckoned with not just for the Republicans but for the Democrats as well. That' ...
Ukraine Leak Reveals Anglosphere Directed History
February 07, 2014
This article shows us once more that the practice of statecraft is becoming more difficult. All high officials in the West and probably throughout the world are tapped ... and this is the age in which we live. But what makes this article worth analyzing is what ...
Salvaging the Post Office at the Expense of the Private Sector
February 06, 2014
Lord, help the poor. Senator Elizabeth Warren wants to give them over to the tender mercies of the US Postal Service. This most inefficient of agencies filled with self-loathing employees and merciless unions is now to be specially dedicated to helping poor peo ...
On the Eve of Anniversary, Disinformation Swirls Around World War I
February 06, 2014
This Telegraph article explores the necessity of World War I. The war is beginning to receive a good deal of attention because it began on July 28, 1914 and thus, the 100-year anniversary is imminent. We have expressed in the past that we have a good deal of tr ...
What Emerging Markets Crisis? Create a Union!
February 05, 2014
This is an interesting article because it shows us agendas that may lurk behind the headlines. Usually the agenda is a globalist one, and in this case it may be as well. Here is how the article ends: "It is surely time to forge an Emerging Market Bloc strong en ...
Scalia Blows the Whistle on US Internment Camps?
February 05, 2014
This is a very disturbing article, but one that could surely be accurate. It is apparently based on a report from the AP that puts Scalia's comments in a more speculative – hypothetical – light, as follows: Avi Soifer, the law school's dean, said he believe ...
Republicans Redefine Themselves Out of Existence?
February 04, 2014
Again, we are exposed to debt limit warnings. In truth, the US Treasury Department along with the Federal Reserve can print as much money as necessary to stave off a default. Of course, inevitably this would result in price inflation, but the endless arguments ...
Directed History of Stock Statistics
February 04, 2014
Once more the Dow has plunged, this time some 300 points amidst another global selloff. But let us grapple with the reality of these numbers. In some ways they mean little or nothing. REAL numbers are a good deal worse than the phony stats trotted out every qua ...
Reuters Explains the Prevalence of Central Bank Money Printing
February 03, 2014
This Reuters article (somewhat surprisingly) makes a good point about central banking policy ... that lying is part of necessary bank policy. It also makes a point we've been making for months now: While a good deal of discussion will focus on "tapering" and ot ...
Does Censorship Have a Deeper Motive?
February 03, 2014
The galloping censorship of the UK media continues apace. It wasn't enough to block pornographic sites (which turned out to be a blockage of various politically incorrect websites); now the British establishment is taking aim at journalists directly. Of course, ...
Economist's Sad Analysis of Obama's State of the Union
January 31, 2014
The editors of The Economist magazine gazed upon Barack Obama's state of the union message and decided it was good. The reason it was good is because the US president gave indications that he would try to "get more done" over the next year or two than previousl ...
Inflation Versus Deflation: Pick Your Poison
January 31, 2014
Markets travel up on a wall of worry and there is plenty to worry about when it comes to Western – and BRICs – economies. This UK Telegraph article makes the case that the world's economy is on a deflationary bubble – one that could burst shortly. We tend ...
Forward Guidance – They Know Not What They Do?
January 30, 2014
So now we finally come to the nub of what forward guidance REALLY is, thanks to this illuminating UK Telegraph article. Millions of words have been written about forward guidance, explaining that it was offered as a way of making Western central banks more res ...
The Internet Reformation Is Hard to Contain
January 30, 2014
This is a typical meme expression of the mainstream media regarding what we call the "Internet Reformation." We've tracked this meme on and off for well over a decade and can say emphatically that as each freedom-oriented advance occurred, various weary justifi ...
Filling the Punch Bowl With Iraqi Oil
January 29, 2014
Again we see our Wall Street Party meme buttressed. Does anyone believe that the puppet government of Iraq does anything without checking with the United States? This begs credulity. We're supposed to believe the idea of opening the oil taps is totally an Iraqi ...
Kindly Ellen Brown Dishes Out Snake Oil as She Runs for CA Treasurer
January 29, 2014
If we can do one thing in this life, it would be to expose the economic gobbledygook behind the resurgence of "public banking" economics once and for all. Ellen Brown is seemingly a kind person – an engaging individual, erudite and obviously well meaning in m ...
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