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Angela Merkel: Let Us Deepen the Union to Raid It
December 20, 2013
Frau Merkel is at it again, proving what we have long observed – that the top men of the eurozone have in mind using every scrap of each EU disaster to promote a further, deeper union. This has actually been stated in so many words in the past, and here we ca ...
When We Will Celebrate the End of QE, and Why
December 19, 2013
The promotional propaganda is well underway. We are told that central banks are starting to print less money, especially the Federal Reserve. But to run a central bank is to run a printing press. And no one – no one at all – can ever say with certainty how ...
The Economist Hoists Its Battle Balloon?
December 19, 2013
You can't make this stuff up. The top men in the globalist community have been hard at work building wars and potential wars, and now it's time to let 'er rip. This is one dominant social theme we saw coming miles away. We've been writing about its imminence fo ...
Forced Savings Bait-and-Switch
December 18, 2013
Step by step, government organizes savings for private citizens. Each step may seem logical at the time but the cumulative effect is to strip individuals of any ability to survive outside of the womb of the nanny state. This Reuters article is proposing that "f ...
Schekman's Criticisms of Science Don't Go Far Enough
December 18, 2013
We've often wondered what constitutes civilization. Ayn Rand believed civilization's highest art was privacy. But perhaps, to a degree, it is the rigorous adoption and promulgation of the scientific method. We arrive at the idea by returning to the Renaissance, ...
Cognitive Dissonance of Ben Bernanke?
December 17, 2013
It's always a treat – if one is in the debunking business – to read an article like this in the Financial Times. Pompous, pious, filled with reverence for modern, monetary price fixing, almost every word is a lie and every paragraph offers us identifiable ...
Is NATO's Invisible Hand Alone in the Ukraine?
December 17, 2013
This is one of those stories with no easy answers – except perhaps one. And we'll get to that shortly. The poor, beleaguered Ukrainian culture is torn between East and West and those wishing for a better life apparently have to choose between Russia and the E ...
New Era in DC Is Business-As-Usual … Really?
December 16, 2013
We return to this meme because it is a popular one. We've commented several times before on the mainstream media's determination to declare the US Tea Party dormant. This Reuters article is a good example of the genre. What must be galling to those proposing th ...
Ensuring the Boundaries of Truth
December 16, 2013
The only trouble with this kind of mea culpa is that nations really don't exist. And this is especially true at the top of the federal government where powerful factions compete for clout and funding. It's a blood sport and losing can be serious, indeed, potent ...
Monsanto Marijuana Initiative Grows in Uruguay?
December 13, 2013
Are considerations regarding Monsanto's business progress in South America behind the legalization of marijuana in Uruguay? George Soros was a significant supporter of marijuana legalization in Uruguay, and Soros is reportedly also a big Monsanto shareholder. H ...
Telegraph Article a 'Twofer' When It Comes to Monetary Misdirection
December 13, 2013
This is one of those articles that attempts to humanize central banking by treating these facilities as people and casting (modest) doubt on their expertise and intelligence. Of course, those who stop by here regularly know that we believe monopoly central bank ...
Top Conservative Pundit Endorses Redistributionist Major Douglas!
December 12, 2013
We've tried to keep track of this meme because it is perhaps the most insufferable single dominant social theme disseminated by the power elite. To recap: We begin with Henry George who created the idea of a land tax in the mid-1800s; he influenced his disciple ...
From Obamacare to Single Payer – We Told You So
December 12, 2013
Yes, this indeed is what we've predicted. As aficionados of directed history, we observed the recent rollout of Obamacare and decided it was probably incompetent on purpose. We don't have any direct evidence for this except that it is so terribly produced and s ...
Real Reason for the US's Global Tax Levy
December 11, 2013
One thing is for certain: This amped-up regulatory regime is not about taxes. It's about control ... not just of Swiss banking facilities but ultimately of banks around the world, large and small. In fact, the top elites already run central banks around the wor ...
The Dialectical Pomposity of the Tapering Promotion
December 11, 2013
In fact, the tapering conversation is not complicated at all. Take a look at a picture of James Bullard sometime. The Bloomberg article carried a photo of him in front of a podium, serious and a bit truculent looking. But in the Modern Era, the wages of success ...
FT Explains the Decline and Fall of the West … Thanks!
December 10, 2013
The Financial Times does us the favor of advancing what we call directed history in this article. It is certainly an amazing article, explaining how the West is collapsing and what it portends. You can see at the end of this excerpt that a specific threat is le ...
Silicon Valley Is Not the Answer to the Surveillance State
December 10, 2013
We are supposed to be grateful that the world's largest tech companies are standing up to US government and its intrusive intel operations. But we have a difficult time summoning the appropriate enthusiasm. From our point of view, it's a kind of "directed histo ...
Questions About Bitcoin, Alternative Investing Lead to Freedom Fund
December 09, 2013
Let's start with bitcoin. Then comes a bigger announcement ... We've been skeptical of bitcoin for years. The smug techno-geekness of bitcoin's backers irritated us, especially when we realized what they were supporting – a system that keeps track digitally o ...
Extraordinary Directed History of the WTO Trade Breakthrough
December 09, 2013
We're probably just in a worse mood than usual, but to us this Reuters article has an unusually gloating tone. And we reject totally both the gloating and the reason for it. Governments don't create trade. All governments can do is get in the way of businesspeo ...
Taxes: Another Weapon of Globalist Destruction?
December 06, 2013
Say what? This WSJ article warns us that most major governments around the world are contemplating significant tax hikes. There are three major conclusions that we would draw from this. First, those globalists who want homogenized, high-tax societies have no in ...
A Danger to the Constitution? Solutions Must Be Individual
December 06, 2013
This RealClearPolitics transcript is taken from a recent House hearing that featured Professor Jonathan Turley, someone who is #38 among US "public intellectuals." In the excerpt of his address to Congress above, Turley registers concern that President Barack O ...
Reuters: Why Modern Society Must Do Away With Privacy ASAP
December 05, 2013
Think of government as a stern father or an understanding confessor. Reveal your most intimate secrets. It won't hurt. And it will help to forget that governments slaughtered something like 200 million people in the 20th century. We're well on our way to compre ...
Surveillance State? Washington Post Explains It … Not!
December 05, 2013
Thanks, Washington Post, for explaining what's really going on. But have you? Really? Hmm. We recall Operation Mockingbird, a CIA operation that even Wikipedia – that black hole of disinformation – admits was in force in the 20th century. Of course, we are ...
Predictably, Krugman Flees the Scene
December 04, 2013
This is a good article because it begins a necessary process of identifying those who have chosen to support the international regime and its falsehoods. As the West degenerates, as monetary systems fail, as war expands and the Leviathan produces endless, sense ...
Mercantilist Monsanto: Driver of Organic Farming
December 04, 2013
What is going on with this Monsanto study is similar to what happened to Dr. Andrew Wakefield when he had the temerity to publish information that might be interpreted as linking autism to vaccinations. Wakefield has been pursued relentlessly. Today, he is no l ...
Central Banking: Sterile as the Grave
December 03, 2013
Who knows what the Fed is really going to do? All we can say for certain, as we read this article, is that rates are not going up any time soon. Money will continue to pour into the stock market. And the coverage of what will be first a tremendous boom and then ...
UN 'Issue at the Apex of Public Concerns'
December 03, 2013
This is almost enough to make one forgive the UN. Or maybe not. Maybe this is the reaction that top men at the UN want. They want us to shout from the rooftops, finally – finally! – someone is standing up for civil rights. Someone realizes that Western spoo ...
Party On Wall Street! Larry Summers Wants to Charge People for Saving
December 02, 2013
This excerpt of an editorial by Paul Craig Roberts shows clearly that our analysis of the long-running public-banking/alternative money promotion was probably correct. From our humble perspective, these monetary cons were created as monetary promotions to provi ...
Jim Rogers … Sign of the Times?
December 02, 2013
What are we to make of this strong statement by the famous Jim Rogers whom we have interviewed in the past? Rogers is a top commodities trader and the former partner of one of the most famous financiers in the world: George Soros. Rogers saying the Fed ought to ...
ECB Warning: More Directed History
November 29, 2013
Have you noticed the disarray? China is squaring off against Japan and the United States over some funny little islands. Israel is furious with the United States over an Iranian pact and may go to war. And now the ECB is facing off with the Fed over monetary ea ...
Real Message of Global Warming Exposed
November 29, 2013
So much has been said and written about global warming that one would think it was entirely debunked by now. But it is not as we can see in the above article. Of course, as this issues out of what is inaptly called the UN News Centre, we are not surprised by th ...
Could We Have Been Any More Correct About the Stock Market?
November 28, 2013
We've been banging the drum regularly for higher highs on the stock market, and here comes Richard Duncan in a Financial Sense interview to confirm our perceptions. Of course, predictions are not necessarily reality, but Duncan sees what we do. His reasons are ...
The Morality and Usefulness of Sexual Assassination
November 28, 2013
This article makes some good points, but it doesn't go far enough. State promulgated sexual revelations are indeed a form of low-intensity warfare, but by no means are the tactics restricted to a shadowy overseas enemy. What Western intel certainly does is use ...
Real Message of Global Warming Exposed
November 28, 2013
So much has been said and written about global warming that one would think it was entirely debunked by now. But it is not as we can see in the above article. Of course, as this issues out of what is inaptly called the UN News Centre, we are not surprised by th ...
Forward Guidance Takes a Step Back
November 27, 2013
This Telegraph article features, naturally, someone who has been called "the most talented central banker of his age" and a gobbledygook term called "forward guidance." Mark Carney, the Bank of England's newest boss, is perhaps its most aggressive adopter of a ...
Masters of Destruction
November 27, 2013
The top elites are actually simple folk. They have a lot of money (more than is ordinarily dreamt of) and when they are threatened by an event like the current information revolution that has exposed them and their machinations they fight back in three simple w ...
Higher Highs and the Self-Fulfilling Stock Market Prophecy
November 26, 2013
Do you really believe, dear reader, that the US economy is booming and the stock market is soaring because things are so good? We don't believe it. But this article in the online Wall Street Journal makes the case that the US economy and its equity-based capit ...
Real Reason Behind the Ukraine Unrest
November 26, 2013
Do people in the Ukraine really want to join the European Union? Obviously, some do, as we can see from this Spiegel article. Russia is not well loved in the Ukraine and the EU is a counterweight. The history bears this out. The establishment of the Ukrainian P ...
Regarding Antitrust: Please Check Your Premises
November 25, 2013
This Reuters article is positively gleeful that antitrust enforcement is going worldwide. There is something about threatening people with physical violence that excites many in the media. They simply cannot get enough expansionist government and its results. B ...
Old Media Isn't Collapsing – It's a Lot More Complex Than That
November 25, 2013
This Business Insider article shows us clearly that we need to be sophisticated analyzers of consumer information in order to understand the trends taking place in US media. Or not. We read the Business Insider article over several times and, like many feedback ...
Bitcoin: Hoping for the Best After Bernanke's Endorsement
November 22, 2013
Bitcoin is making its way forward as digital money. Perhaps, as we have speculated, it has been chosen to anticipate other such currencies and to be controlled if possible. This opinion piece from Reuters explains the possibility of this control and also makes ...
Global Warming Turmoil: The Meme Abides
November 22, 2013
We are certainly seeing an elaboration of the global warming meme. The damages are increasingly controversial. Money is an end game, though not THE end game. The argument is seen to be one of the "rich countries" versus the "poor countries." And perhaps this is ...
Open the Window and Let Out Tedious Tapering
November 21, 2013
The exercise of power is often a ludicrously simple thing. And Federal Reserve deliberations often partake of such simplicity. The tapering debate is yet one more example. It is symptomatic of a dialectic that everyone can understand and participate in. We are ...
Census Fakery and Banana Republics
November 21, 2013
What leaps out from this information is the extent to which the US has fallen. And there is a larger question: How long can informed citizens be subject to disinformation at all levels of their lives before they become disheartened and even sickened? This is no ...
The Fundamental Characteristic that Recommends Janet Yellen
November 20, 2013
Bloomberg wants us to believe that life must always be like this ... a kind of spectator sport in which our betters make decisions about our prosperity and even our survival. Of course, the US economy has been failing for years so perhaps there is not that much ...
Delusions of David Cameron Have a Larger Import
November 20, 2013
David Cameron says that snails are a side effect of sun spots … David Cameron says that a certain kind of elderberry grows on the far side of the moon … David Cameron says that sea salt is actually the polar spume of Southern extremities … You see? We can ...
Geithner Joins the Wall Street Party
November 19, 2013
We'd like to think Mr. Geithner is qualified – but for what? This is just the way the game is played, as we can see from this excerpt. It is disturbing, though, because business as usual continues despite the nation's increasing dysfunction. And Mr. Geithner ...
EU Seizes on Snowden Revelations to Justify a Deeper Union
November 19, 2013
The often convenient leakings of Edward Snowden are bearing fruit yet again. The EU is using his revelations to posture as the sole voice of a region with dozens of nation-states. We've been pointing this out for the longest time. Eurocrats have long been of th ...
Why We're Not Sneering at the Averages
November 18, 2013
In this case, we're aligning with a primary dominant social theme, which is that the stock market is on the way up. We can see here that this meme is being enunciated once again ... and we are not surprised. In fact, as regular Daily Bell readers know, we've be ...
Retaining Their Freedom Is the Real Problem US Citizens Face
November 18, 2013
This article is a good example of how modern US journalism in the mainstream media frames problems and solutions to come up with answers that are increasingly irrelevant. In truth, the US deficit, money printing and monetary inflation are out of control – but ...
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