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What Janet Yellen Will Host and Why
November 15, 2013
What is most interesting about Janet Yellen's nomination and expected confirmation, as mentioned in the article, is that it is taking place at all. The Internet and alternative media websites are filled with frustration over central banking policies. Free-marke ...
Silence of the Vaccine Makers
November 15, 2013
This is indeed a tremendous coincidence. Just as two pharmaceutical corporations are in the midst of researching bird flu vaccines come worrisome reports that a certain strain of bird flu is spreading from birds to humans. You can almost see the profits lining ...
The UK Recovery that Isn't … the Market Recovery that Is
November 14, 2013
The meme of "recovery" is in full bloom, as we can see from this article. But that's all it is. A meme, a promotional element plucked from an elite quiver full of such. Let's review what we've learned in the five years of the Great Recession. We've learned that ...
Congressional Hearings to Provide Bitcoin Enlightenment?
November 14, 2013
We've written several articles somewhat critical of bitcoin, which has predictably generated a wave of irritated feedbacks from the faithful. And certainly bitcoin has its defenders. In fact, the electronic currency has considerable value according to quoted pr ...
AP Exposes Ethanol … We Want More
November 13, 2013
As we can see, AP is fearlessly pursuing the problems with government-sponsored ethanol production. AP is one of the leaders of Western journalism, known for its extensive coverage of Lady Gaga and probing analysis of the West's power structure ... an analysis ...
Typhoon Haiyan: Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste
November 13, 2013
We have often referred to this dominant social theme as a kind of metaphorical zombie that continues to lurch forward even when partially dismembered. We can see here how this theme progresses once more. Mr. Sano is in tears because he is sure the typhoon that ...
EU Easing to Infinity and Beyond?
November 12, 2013
Unlike many mainstream publications, the UK Telegraph often takes an idiosyncratic view of mainstream wisdom, at least when it comes to the European Union. And this article is no exception. It debunks at least some of the latest elite narrative regarding the EU ...
Summers's Startling Obamacare Admission
November 12, 2013
From a freedom perspective this is almost a funny editorial. Lawrence Summers, who nearly became head of the Federal Reserve, is worried not only that the flawed 'Net rollout of Obamacare is hurting the initiative but also that the government's obvious incompet ...
Having Removed Money Competition, Bernanke Contemplates an Artificial Moral Hazard
November 11, 2013
Bernanke wants to scare the bankers, as we can see from the above article excerpt. But why not just let the marketplace do it? Competition can provide the necessary discipline. This is part of the frustration of reading such articles appearing in mainstream edi ...
Der Spiegel: US Paranoia is a Cultural Phenomenon … Say What?
November 11, 2013
If you are an aficionado of dominant social themes the way some are fans of fine cigars, then Der Spiegel is the Cohiba Esplendido of Western mainstream media, ranking right up there with The Economist and the Washington Post. This article is so full of dominan ...
The Madness of Twitter
November 08, 2013
IPOs sometimes catch the spirit of the times and Twitter certainly did. A company that allows people to send out tiny messages to lots of "followers" is worth US$25 billion or so based on yesterday's IPO. The company sits on the Big Board where Ford sits, where ...
McAuliffe Lesson: To Change Politics, First Change Culture
November 08, 2013
We can see from this bit of news (published before the Cuccinelli loss in Virginia) that it is "open season" on the Tea Party and libertarians. The mainstream parties are united only in their disdain and fear of what can certainly be characterized as a growing ...
Premeditation of Currency Wars
November 07, 2013
Directed history? The top men in banking and industry want a world currency. John Maynard Keynes, the most influential economist of post-World War II decades, suggested that something called the bancor be formed, perhaps based on a basket of currencies. This is ...
Tea Party Declining: A Fundamental Misreading of History
November 07, 2013
This opening Bloomberg excerpt describes "a retired software engineer" who believes the Tea Party has hijacked his party. Our question: What party is he talking about? And here is another question: Just what the hell is the Tea Party? Perhaps the Bloomberg arti ...
IPO Market Taking Off, as Predicted
November 06, 2013
We've often written about directed history and how elites put in place historical justifications for war, political movements, economic episodes and, of course, market movements. The current convulsion of stock market activity is very much a kind of directed hi ...
The Greek Dilemma Is the Product of the Dialectic
November 06, 2013
This is one of those Guardian articles where you can almost hear the newspaper's inner socialist shouting come out. The trouble is that the Guardian writers and editors are having trouble building the proper workers' narrative. Instead of pointed, even dramatic ...
Gold Will Have Its Day
November 05, 2013
Every week or month, Bloomberg editors attack gold and this article, striking out at chief gold bug Peter Schiff, is more of the same. The bias is subtle but apparent. The article manages to point out that Schiff's father is in jail for tax evasion and that Pet ...
Twitter IPO Another Sign of Burning Market
November 05, 2013
We remember the Internet IPO boom nearly 15 years ago and how it ended in tears for so many. Now we've got a new boom on our hands, apparently, if Facebook and Twitter provide us with accurate evidence of what's going on. Of course, as indicated many times, we ...
Corporatism: Another Tentacle of Mainstream Republicanism
November 04, 2013
There was a brief moment when Ron Paul was breaking away from the field and was even threatening Mitt Romney several months before the convention. Then all hell broke loose. Ron Paul reps were beaten up and various rule changes were rushed through benefitting R ...
IPCC Global Warming Leak Proverbial Third Shoe Dropping
November 04, 2013
Was this IPCC report leaked on purpose? A strange coincidence anyway. Follow the logic ... Saturday's editorial at The Daily Bell pointed out that James Cameron was leading the charge to cover global warming through the eyes of world-famous Hollywood stars. Mea ...
Bill Gross's High Stakes Hold-Up
November 01, 2013
This is surely a blossoming dominant social theme. The bigger you are in the 21st century, the more you owe society. But like all such memes, you need to turn it upside down to fully comprehend its awfulness. This is nothing but a high-stakes hold up on Gross's ...
UBS Finally Made Some Money for Someone
November 01, 2013
We used the word "country" above to exaggerate a logical flaw: There is no "country." There is a Swiss culture but from what we can tell, the people partaking of the culture are not in any way happy with UBS regardless of how the "bailout" turned out. Why shoul ...
The New Deal Is Still a Non-Starter
October 31, 2013
Just in case there was some doubt about the amount of monetization going on, we present this report by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard via the UK Telegraph. "The most extreme excess of global liquidity ever," JP Morgan tells us. That's a significant statement. We've wr ...
Conspiracy Theories? BBC Loses Its PC Mind
October 31, 2013
Who on Earth commissioned this article from the BBC? From the point of view of dominant social themes and the dialectic it is an admirable piece of work but from every other standpoint it is a miserable failure. A few decades ago, we wouldn't be commenting on i ...
Introducing Islamic Financial Futurist David Cameron!
October 30, 2013
We've written many times that the United Arab Emirates was being used as a laboratory for Western finance. Well, they are, you see! This article certainly seems to confirm it. (Thanks, Hugo.) Here's more. "For years people have been talking about creating an Is ...
IMF Happy Talk Cannot Obscure Japan's Reality
October 30, 2013
Printing a lot of money is really helping the Japanese economy, according to the International Monetary Fund. In fact, according to the IMF, there's plenty of room to do more if need be. This is part of a larger trend we've been observing of late. Whether it is ...
Carney Gets Ready to Blow Up the World
October 29, 2013
This article is truly scary. Like a bullet across the bow, or the crack of a whip, it announces with certainty that the world's top bankers intend to blanket the world with faux currency. They don't give a hoot. They're out to give us the business and bust the ...
Economy Coming in High and Hard
October 29, 2013
In the other article in this issue, we indicated that the sociopaths running central banks were not going to be satisfied until they'd inflated markets far past where they've ever been logically or historically. But there is one caveat to this scenario that Blo ...
America's Slippage Is Obama's Fault … or Not
October 28, 2013
Talk about "crocodile tears." This McClatchy article lists why foreign leaders are upset with the US but hardly a word of it is true. It's part of a larger narrative now being established that the US is losing its "leadership position" and that like other might ...
EU Leaders Plot New Crisis?
October 28, 2013
We've written in the past about how certain European Union leaders made statements that a fiscal crisis would eventually drive a deeper political union. Well, they got their crisis, a rolling one, but the deeper union is taking a good deal of time to consolidat ...
Let Our Debt Scrub Our Brains
October 25, 2013
This is kinda out of the blue. Broke individuals tend to borrow on the off chance that they'll be able to reimburse the money next time round. Usually that doesn't happen, which is why it is a bad reason to borrow when you're already not making it. Better to pu ...
Finally, the End of Keynesianism
October 25, 2013
Are you a Keynesian? So many seem to be. Do you really believe that a properly functioning, mathematically literate approach to high finance can salvage what's left of the financial systems of the US, the West, the entire world? Top central bankers apparently d ...
Facebook: Changing the Face of Mercantilism
October 24, 2013
Facebook is an example of how corporate America has gone off the proverbial tracks. It is, unfortunately, a powerful signifier about how finance works in the 21st century, in the West anyway. It surely holds various lessons for investors. For speculators, ident ...
Global Warming – A Dangerous Insanity on Many Levels
October 24, 2013
This article was posted at the Drudge Report and elsewhere with a headline referring to its claim of US$1 billion dollars a day in expenditures. The real news, therefore, was not that the world's spending was "flatlining" but that a billion was being spent ever ...
Stagflation of the 2000s
October 23, 2013
There has been criticism aimed at the free-market economic paradigm over the past few years. But as far as we can see, it's been correct. In fact, as we can see from this excerpt, the only model that makes any sense these days is the one that has predicted for ...
What Is Fed's Third Mandate?
October 23, 2013
We hardly know what to make of this. The US Federal Reserve is responsible for maintaining a healthy level of employment and also a stable money supply. It doesn't do either because it can't, and thus has now received what is basically a third vast responsibili ...
Economist Mag: Just Print, Baby
October 22, 2013
Just when we believed the lunacy couldn't get any worse, here comes The Economist magazine with a diagnosis for fixing what ails the US: Print more money. Print it hard and fast. This analysis focuses on the proverbial "liquidity trap." It is, of course, a Keyn ...
Swiss Turn to Legislation to Save Capitalism?
October 22, 2013
We retain a level of respect for Swiss society, though the Swiss political class seems to be doing what it can to damage what's good and increase the bad. The article seems to show the Swiss are fighting back. The Swiss bank-based economy is certainly under att ...
Debunking the Recovery Meme – A Lousy Job but Someone's Got to Do It
October 21, 2013
The only real recovery that is taking place in the US or Britain or the EU is a financial industry recovery. Sooner or later stocks are likely going a lot higher and the mainstream media is going to report on this manipulation as if it is representative of a mi ...
Healthcare: The Technocracy Strikes Out
October 21, 2013
This article in The Wall Street Journal seemed noteworthy to us because it was actually honest about the current disaster that is Obamacare. Because of this, it is also attacking a main elite meme of "technocracy," the idea that government is filled with effici ...
No, Economist – the Real Problem of Big Science Is Big Banking
October 18, 2013
The Economist has focused on one of the enduring scandals of the past century – which is how science and scientific research has been perverted by the pressures of modernity. We've written about this a good deal, of course, and our conclusion is that science, ...
The Taper: Reality and Myth
October 18, 2013
Seldom in any modest-sized article do we find so many dominant social themes presented in such a rapid-fire way. Ostensibly, this Reuters article excerpted above is simply an examination of the tapering timeline. But such a simple subject yields up one problema ...
Shutdown Ending but Larger Difficulties Remain
October 17, 2013
As of our deadline, the US Congress had struck a deal to end a government shutdown, as described in the Jerusalem Post article, excerpted above. The Post explains how the shutdown occurred and mentions the main ramification, which is that Fitch Ratings is ready ...
Money Play? New Media Strikes Back
October 17, 2013
In this article, we will comment on the New Media venture referred to in this blog from the standpoint of information control and also from a Daily Bell perspective. Ultimately, what is going on may reveal business opportunities, and we'll mention those as well ...
Fama's Nobel and the Non-Science of Investing
October 16, 2013
The Nobel Prize was NOT awarded to Eugene Fama and his colleagues this week, though the same loosely affiliated cabal that tries to make central banking into a technocratic discipline wants you to think it was. And today, we take advantage of this. The awarding ...
Now France to Break Away From EU? Stay Tuned
October 16, 2013
In our quest to quantify what we call the Internet Reformation, the Telegraph's Ambrose Evans-Pritchard is sometimes helpful because of his skill (unusual in the mainstream media) in integrating business and economic trends with political ones. This article, ex ...
Ms. Yellen Swings the Axe
October 15, 2013
Can we call 'em or what? This is one of those narratives that grows stronger as we go. First the JOBS Act, then the cave-in on "tapering" and now comes the Big Bird herself, Her gray eminence, The Dove: See the article excerpt above. Janet Yellen ... The Big Bo ...
Economist Mag's Wise Words to the BRICs … Not
October 15, 2013
The Economist is truly "the gift that keeps on giving," for an alternative news group such as ours. We couldn't resist this article because it is so, well ... fatuous. The Economist wants the BRICs to slow their monetary output and practice austerity. India, Ru ...
Who Is Really Destabilizing the Dollar?
October 14, 2013
With this announcement, excerpted above, what's going on worldwide becomes just a little bit clearer. We take it for granted at this point that the Edward Snowden affair is not what it seems (we've mentioned our reservations previously) and a lot of the followi ...
Cynicism of Bankers
October 14, 2013
This Reuters article above reinforces the meme mentioned in today's lead article. The idea basically is that the US is being a terrible steward of the world's reserve currency and that its carelessness is putting the world's "recovery" at risk. Of course, if th ...
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