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US Swimmers Who May Have Lied, Are Caught Up in Conflict Between CIA and Brazil
August 19, 2016
The swimmers who apparently lied about being robbed are now conveniently placed to bear the brunt of Brazilian anger at the US. Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. None of them understood the subtext of what is going on in Brazil. ...
CERN Human Sacrifice Was Fake But Satanism Is Growing
August 19, 2016
Satanic worship is beginning to edge into the mainstream with various Luciferian churches arising and advertising their presence. This sort of religion seems to be expanding alongside of internationalism itself. It is certainly possible that the “prank ...
Is the US Moving ‘Real’ Nukes to Romania?
August 19, 2016
Whenever there is tension military anywhere in the world that involves the US, it often involves the nuclear “threat” as well. But as we have been reporting, there are considerable questions about nuclear weapons – how powerful they are and even if the ...
How Hillary Could Steal the Election
August 18, 2016
Whether the “power to stop Hillary” actually exists, the reality is that if Hillary does become president, internationalism and corporate technocracy will probably increase exponentially. Additionally, the warring abroad and currency debasement domestica ...
NPR Bans Feedback Comments, Removes Reality
August 18, 2016
NPR is going to ban feedback to its articles. No doubt the move is being made because NPR leaves out so many facts. The feedbacks tend to be a good deal more informative than the articles themselves. ...
Did Canada Sell Its Gold to Prepare for the North American Union?
August 17, 2016
On a variety of fronts, the sociopolitical and economic policies of the US, Canada and Mexico are being harmonized. If Hillary gets into office, this extensive harmonization will allow swift action to realize a potential union. ...
Australia Finds Out Wind Power Doesn’t Really Work
August 17, 2016
It is relatively easy to dig up coal, or even in some cases oil, and use it. But solar and wind are not so easy to capture and not so reliable. We’ve pointed out many times that the real reason governments are anxious to migrate to such “environmentally ...
The Real Opportunity Cost of Rebuilding National Infrastructure
August 17, 2016
Hillary and Trump both have in mind mobilizing massive infrastructure building programs in the US. Is this ultimately a good notion? Not, perhaps, according to Robert Caro's great book, The Power Broker. Ideally, people should take care of their infrastructu ...
Michael Moore Claims Trump Doesn’t Want to Be President
August 17, 2016
Has film-maker Michael Moore revealed the truth about Donald Trump’s campaign? Is it just a publicity stunt gone wrong? ...
Come Visit Our New Links Feature
August 16, 2016
We had some trouble with the site and stories will be up later today. In the meantime come visit our new links feature - Notable News - or view stories you may not have seen yesterday. The problems were internal and everything is fixed now. Thanks for your ...
Hillary Plans Steps Toward North American Union If Elected
August 15, 2016
It is perfectly likely that under Hillary the concept of a North American Union, long denied and even mocked as "conspiracy theory," will continue to take shape. Some aspects of it could become a reality sooner rather than later. ...
Bloomberg Article Bashing Gold Based on Phony Jobs Report
August 15, 2016
The Bloomberg argument against gold is based on a “recovery” in the US economy. But there is a good deal of dissension about this so-called recovery. Libertarian politician and commentator Ron Paul recently posted an article entitled, “The Phony Job Re ...
NY Magazine Article Doesn’t Explain Media Hatred But Offers an Example Instead
August 14, 2016
This New York Magazine article is a perfect example of why people hate the mainstream media more and more. They can see simple truths on the Internet that are never reflected in the West’s most prestigious publications. ...
Discovery of Bulgarian Old Gold Supports the Evolution of Private Money
August 13, 2016
And now the larger question: Do money metals have to be shaped into coins in order to perform monetary functions? In India, gold jewelry adorns women but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used as “money” as necessary. In fact, that’s the whole point. ...
Solving the Euro Problem Will Not Ease European Turmoil
August 12, 2016
The deterioration of Europe continues apace. If we are correct, the difficulties in Europe are not going to be resolved any time soon and may well simply grow worse for the foreseeable future. ...
Get Rid of the Olympics, Not Performance Enhancing Drugs
August 12, 2016
Public shaming of drug users would be just one more offensive element in a tapestry of such elements. The cost of the Olympics, the corruption, the aggrandizement of the state and the general waste of the public’s money are all reasons to remove or reduce ...
As Central Banks Make Matters Worse, the Rational Choice Is Gold and Silver
August 11, 2016
Take clear, certain steps to securing one’s safety and prosperity. Part of this involves an investment in gold and silver, the world's historical money metals with value that has been affirmed over millennia. ...
The Pentagon Wants $1 Trillion to Upgrade Nukes, but Were Some Once Made From TNT?
August 11, 2016
We’ve been running a series of articles questioning aspects of the Pentagon’s nuclear program and of nuclear weapons in general. Over the years, our questions have multiplied rather than diminished. ...
Remove Intellectual Property Rights – Patents and Copyright – to Enhance Prosperity
August 10, 2016
It is no coincidence that copyright began after the advent of the Gutenberg Press. As Wikipedia informs us, “The origin of copyright law in most European countries lies in efforts by the church and governments to regulate and control the output of printe ...
Pentagon’s Recent Release of Bikini Nuke Footage Raises Even More Doubts
August 10, 2016
This Baker test is in line with other films we have seen documenting the early successes of the US nuclear program. Perhaps it is just what it purports to be, but we have difficulty accepting that it has not been tampered with, especially given other films ...
Staggering Corruption at Pentagon Reveals NATO/NASA Lie at Heart of Fedgov
August 09, 2016
We have often pointed out that the era from 1940 to 1970 constituted the most extraordinary three decades in human history. In this scant time period, US fedgov discovered nuclear bombs and went to the moon. We don’t trust this narrative at all. ...
Give People a Universal Income to Keep Them Quiet While Global Government Grows
August 08, 2016
Obviously, the globalists are aware of the push-back occurring, in large part because of what we have called the Internet Reformation. But the internationalists have a solution for that. Give everybody money ...
Humans Have Used Up a Full Year’s Allotment of Resources and It’s Only August!
August 08, 2016
None of this is about “saving the planet.” It is all about reducing the resources to which you have access. It is all about control. ...
Irony: Hillary Rebuilds America’s Trust by Using Untrustworthy National Security Narrative
August 08, 2016
The Pentagon, CIA and other facilities are perpetually at war and thus can justify perpetual lying. Ironically, her increased credibility is thus based on pervasive untruths. ...
Shock Interview: Anders Björkman Is a Professional Technologist Who Doesn’t Believe in Nukes
August 07, 2016
I am quite good a hydrodynamics and wave forces on ships and how to design the ship structures to suit. It is more complicated than nuclear physics! Once you make certain logical deductions, you realize that nuclear explosions are impossible. ...
On This Atom Bomb Anniversary You’re Being Lied to About Hiroshima – and Much More to Make You Fearful
August 06, 2016
Whatever happened at Hiroshima and Nagasaki has not been accurately reported. In fact, it is probably not too strong to say that what has been reported may constitute (in aggregate) one of the most profound lies of the 20th century. It calls into question fu ...
New York Times Whips Up Anti-Islam Hatred with Extensive Article
August 05, 2016
When it comes to Islamic terror, more and more people are turning to central government for "protection" and "action." But chaos and war are always the work of a powerful handful. People need to confront the real agents of violence if at all possible, not th ...
Hillary’s Real Contribution to the Presidential Race Exposes National Security Lies
August 05, 2016
Hillary's candidacy is unraveling the political system from the top down. That is her real contribution to the current presidential race, not the policies that she is enunciating or the "togetherness" that she is promoting. ...
The Case for Silver in 2016
August 05, 2016
Banks wish to charge customers for their services. Money is so plentiful that storing it has become a chore. Within this context, both gold and silver continue to make progress against the dollar. ...
As Predicted, North American Union Returns Under Guise of ‘Greater Integration’
August 05, 2016
The US-Mexican relationship is once again front-and-center and sooner later may include conversations about Canadian participation. This trio was always at the heart of the proposed North American Union. ...
Central Banks Take to Social Media for an Image Boost, But Isn’t It Too Late?
August 04, 2016
Of course, none of this changes the fundamental reality of central banking, which is that price fixing of the value and volume of money inevitably leads to economic instability and worse. What such banks do is counterproductive and ultimately ruinous. The " ...
Migration and Gun Control: Making What’s Personal Local
August 04, 2016
To the degree that it is possible, people ought to be advocating that issues like gun control and immigration be removed from federal control. Such issues ought to be resolved locally or at the state level. ...
Votes for Hillary: Two Party System Implodes as Top Republicans Offer Formal Dem. Support
August 04, 2016
The reality of the US political system is nothing like the rhetoric surrounding it. And now this is being actively and graphically illustrated. Under both Trump and Hillary, the system has imploded. Its rhetorical pretenses have been shattered. ...
How Dangerous, Really? Trump Now Denies Asking Why US Does Not Use Nuclear Weapons
August 03, 2016
The miracle of the 20th century is the US government. This government, which cannot set up a health-care website properly, somehow managed to invent nuclear weapons and space flight in a fabulous three-decade period. US Fedgov has been known to lie from time ...
Quiver of Nonsense: Asia’s Globalist Transformation Using False Economic Justifications
August 03, 2016
Directed history is hangs over Japan like a dismal cloud. Whatever is wrong with Japan could be fixed by getting rid of its central bank and letting the Japanese people revert to the culture that worked well for thousands of years. Not a chance. ...
North Korea Has Missiles, but Does It Have Nuclear Weapons?
August 03, 2016
Most reporting of North Korea’s “nuclear program” seem to assume it has nuclear weapons and thus has joined the club of nations who can “destroy the world with the push of a button." But plenty of questions occur to us ... ...
Election Fraud Should Support Hillary’s Presidential Victory
August 02, 2016
Hillary’s upcoming victory, if it occurs, is part of a larger scenario of “directed history.” Elite dominant social themes are circulated to ensure that a given outcome is justifiable. In this case, the themes center around Hillary’s lack of trustwor ...
Vox Article: Silly Slow-Growth Speculation Avoids Central Bank Blame
August 02, 2016
The nation is over-regulated and over-licensed. And, yes, the US judicial system has created a legal environment that encourages the creation of big business. But how can you write an article about economic stagnation without mentioning the horrendous effe ...
Hillary May Act Like a Dictator if Elected, But That Is Not the Worst Problem
August 01, 2016
US rulership is basically a large club driven by suspicion, fear, evil-doing and self-interest. The Clintons are not alone in the way they conduct themselves. However, they are unique in their political partnership. Their success is a result of their joint a ...
Goldman Analysis Neglects World-Destroying Crash?
August 01, 2016
This Goldman report surely scratches only the surface of the real difficulties. The US, for instance, is some $200 trillion in debt when formal and informal promises are taken into account. The derivatives markets is apparently well over one thousand trillio ...
Financial Times Wrong About Experts, Populism and Internet Truth
July 31, 2016
Government programs, laws, economic and military projections based on predictions of human activity are all at least to some degree invalidated by the iron-clad reality of human action. You can’t really predict the future because people won’t always act ...
Questions About Vietnam Nukes After Evidence of Previous Fakery
July 31, 2016
Here is another question: Did the Air Force ever use its air-to-air nuclear missiles? What were they mean to do? The US has used a dizzying assortment of weapons during its bloody, serial warfare abroad. Why not nuclear weapons? ...
Hillary: ‘I’m Not Here to Take Away Your Guns’ – But She Will
July 29, 2016
During her acceptance speech, see above, Hillary said she wasn’t going to take away guns in the US, but this is untrue. She knows just how to do it. First of all, she will make guns more expensive with new back ground checks. Second, she will make guns man ...
Britain Takes Step Toward Private Justice With Online Court Suggestion
July 29, 2016
The idea that people can actually negotiate and resolve their own problems without less rather than more state interference is certainly a step forward. In fact, that is a step toward private justice – the idea of removing the official bureaucracy from res ...
Bill Clinton’s Fanciful Speech About Hillary Shows Shared Sociopathy
July 28, 2016
And that brings us back to our initial question about why Bill Clinton would provide a false presentation of his wife’s biography on the national stage. He doesn’t care either. ...
Thiel Wants to Return to Mid-20th Century Government Glory, But What If It Never Existed?
July 28, 2016
Thiel wants to return the US to its glory days of the mid 1950s. But what if those glory days are based on a false narrative? What if the US government was lying about its accomplishments? Is that possible? ...
North Korea Nuclear Tensions Said to Increase – But How Do We Know It’s True?
July 28, 2016
The Pentagon and other military facilities continue to shape the nuclear narrative today. Reporters get their information about nuclear news from military facilities. But who checks the military facilities to confirm the truth? ...
Criticism of Hillary’s Sociopathic Behavior Has Nothing to Do With Being Female
July 27, 2016
Over time and through November and the elections, we’ll be subject to many additional observations about how Hillary is being treated “differently” and subject to more scrutiny because she is a woman. But it is her character that is really at fault, a ...
All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars: Horrible to Watch How False French World War Begins
July 27, 2016
Even the alternative ‘Net media is not covering these events properly, blaming “Islam” for what is obviously a manipulated conflict. It has happened in the past century at least two times before and engulfed the world with madness and flames. If it ha ...
‘Hillary Hate Repetition’ Is New Way to Desensitize Public to Her Troublesome Tendencies
July 26, 2016
This Huffington Post has posted an article on a new dominant social theme we can call “Hillary Hate Repetition.” This propaganda seeks to defuse negatives feelings about Hillary by repeating accusations in so many ways and with so many variations that th ...
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