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Private Prisons May Be Profitable, but Still Despicable
July 05, 2016
Guaranteeing minimum quotas of women and children to private prison vendors turns them into human products to ensure that the system remains profitable. But the human toll is real. ...
Brexit Pushback: Vote Has Increased Controversy, Not Resolved It
July 05, 2016
Grieve urged a constituent to continue to protest and “petition.” However, most of the signatures on a much ballyhooed petition to re-do the referendum turned out to be fake. Reports are that hackers spammed the petition with millions of signatures from ...
Hillary Clinton Did Not Really Jeopardize National Security, Despite Accusations
July 04, 2016
Barack Obama himself apparently received communications from Hillary directly and responded. Obama himself, therefore, participated in a security setup that is now seen as potentially unlawful. If Hillary were indicted, Obama would surely be her first witnes ...
Gold and Silver Continue to Sizzle as Timing Is Right
July 04, 2016
Gold and silver are having great runs now that the monetary manipulation has eased a bit. That’s our take anyway, following Deutsche Bank’s admission of guilt and willingness to testify against other metals manipulators. ...
More Fakery: The Ozone Hole Is Supposedly Healing But There’s Always Been One
July 04, 2016
The article adds that “NASA is keeping close tabs on the Ozone hole in the Antarctic.” If so, and if the hole is naturally occurring and will never “heal,” then NASA should step in and correct the misstatements of Professors Solomon and Morgenstern. ...
New Bio Evaluates Bush, Who Shouldn’t Have Had So Much Power
July 04, 2016
Presidents always attract these massive biographies. They can focus critically on even minute details. But such books rarely if ever question why a given president should have so much power. Nor do they note that the power to do "good" things - as they conce ...
No Email Charges for Hillary in a Series of Polarizing News Reports
July 03, 2016
Despite Hillary's polarizing personality and politics, and her fairly obvious malfeasance, CNN believes she is going to remain a candidate and quite possibly win the election. Whether purposefully or not, lack of action regarding Hillary will be seen by a te ...
Has Brexit Really Damaged London’s City or Will British Finance Benefit?
July 03, 2016
We're not sure that Brexit will threaten City business in the long run. Nor is the idea of "remorse" sincere. The top bankers in our view are going to use Brexit to further a globalist agenda... ...
Elite Jiu Jitsu: Brexit May Not Be Formalized and a More Centralized EU Could Be Built Rapidly
July 02, 2016
The Brexit Vote and Hillary’s troubles are being broadcast by the mainstream media, which surely means they are thematic elements of a larger narrative. Usually, in this modern era, reality is exactly the opposite of what’s taking place. ...
Gold and Silver Blast Higher, Subject to Fewer Manipulations
July 02, 2016
Usually the mainstream media provides us with a variety of propaganda that distorts the truth. But there was little in the way of distortion yesterday when gold and silver moved higher convincingly. ...
Questionable Reports on ‘Uncrooked Hillary’ Claim She Is More Honest Than Trump
July 01, 2016
We are told by Andrew Tobias that Hillary was actually the most truthful candidate (of either Party) in the 2016 election season, according to Politifact. Tobias is both a Democrat and a defender of Hillary Clinton. He’s also a well-known writer who once w ...
Pentagon’s Not Properly Funding Its Trillion-Dollar Nuclear Costs
July 01, 2016
As communications technology continues to expand, there will doubtless be more and better investigations about nuclear weapons, how effective they are and why they cost so much. Hopefully, they will come from third-party sources. This hasn't happened yet, bu ...
Brexit Is Justifying Aggressive EU Banking and Political Centralization
July 01, 2016
Soros brands Brexit as a “trigger” for an upcoming crisis that includes deflationary trends. The article doesn't describe the deflationary trends, but what Soros is talking about is the lack of progress central banks are having in stimulating economies via ...
Central Bankers Use Brexit to Argue for Increasing Financial Centralization
July 01, 2016
Brexit reverberations continue to generate calls for more central banking coordination. Just yesterday, we wrote about Mario Draghi’s demand for more centralization, HERE, and now we seen a Bloomberg article on the same subject. ...
Top Pollster Would Rather Lose His Business Than Pick Trump to Win
June 30, 2016
Nate Silver is back at it, predicting a Trump defeat. The most famous pollster in America was wrong about Trump numerous times during Trump’s rise to the GOP nomination. Each time, Silver would predict that Trump was about to fade. But instead Trump would ...
Draghi: Let’s Create An Aggressive, Globalized Central Banking Monopoly to Destroy the World
June 30, 2016
How is it that people have been put in jail for conspiring to create monopolies but central banks are exempt? Here comes Draghi demanding that central banks act together around the world in a disciplined and forceful way. Surely this would create vast econom ...
Large Corporations Aid the Expansion of Authoritarian Government  
June 30, 2016
America’s vast corporations are the product of an authoritarian state that has reduced freedom generation after generation at least since the Civil War. Thomas Jefferson and the founders were so worried about corporate power that they left the supervision ...
Trump May Win Because His Populism Is in Line With Larger Elite Strategies
June 29, 2016
Trump has been identified as a “nationalist” because of his crusade to “Make America Great Again.” But essentially, his positions are populist ones. While Hillary champions ways of making the system work more powerfully on behalf the poor and working ...
Guardian Survey Shows Major Online Abuse for Hillary, Other Female Politicians
June 29, 2016
The Guardian newspaper has reported on a survey by a Brisbane-based social media company, Max Kelsen, that shows both Julia Gillard and Hillary Clinton are recipients of major online abuse. The newspaper also cautions that public figures are generally subjec ...
Golden Opportunity: Post Brexit, Banks Around the World Ponder Opening the Money Taps
June 29, 2016
Start with the Bank of England. Governor Mark Carney acted quickly to provide liquidity by injecting £3.1bn into banks just after Brexit. Nonetheless, the pound dropped hugely and UK equities plunged too. The next possible step is a rate cut but the fallin ...
Brexit’s Modern Manipulation and Its A-Bomb Beginnings
June 29, 2016
In past articles we’ve pointed out the beginning of a new, elite dominant social theme: globalism versus populism. Brexit is being positioned as a populist uprising and so is Trump’s campaign. ...
Anthony Wile: Colombia grants first cannabis processing license, country poised for greatness
June 28, 2016
In the long-running global war on drugs, arguably no country in the world has suffered more than Colombia, where I have been doing business and living part-time for over 15 years. Violence, poverty, fear, destruction of families and communities, political uphea ...
Sociopath or Public Servant? Clinton’s ‘Trust Gap’ May Be Rooted in Her Personality
June 28, 2016
This recent speech by Ms. Clinton was an effort to rectify a growing "trust gap" between her and voters. It was all about acknowledging mistakes - and showing she listened and cared. But Clinton also blamed external factors. She pointed out that opponents " ...
Unusual Central Bank Criticism Isn’t Good for Solvency or the Economy
June 28, 2016
Globalist central bankers want to do the right thing, we read. But they are holding back because of the emotion of the crowd. The populists, in other words, are standing in the way of the globalist saviors... ...
‘Wonks for Hillary’ – New Program Just Disguises her Lust for Power
June 27, 2016
Like her husband, Hillary is fond of being portrayed as a policy “wonk.” It’s hard work of course as “wonks” tend to the engine of legislation. They are not interested in the glamour of government but in using the bureaucracy in creative ways to ...
Brexit Politics: Elites Set Up New Conflict Between Populism and Globalism as Chaos Looms
June 27, 2016
The mainstream media usually doesn’t acknowledge globalism as an issue. Like central banking it is simply asserted as a fact, as natural as the air we breathe. But now all of a sudden we are finding out it is a policy after all – something made by the ha ...
As Investors Look for a Safe Haven, Either the Dollar or Gold Could Surge
June 27, 2016
Goldman analyst Jeff Currie told the FT that purchases of gold might better be denominated in pounds or euros than dollars given that most of the Brexit impact will be felt more severely in Europe. The idea here is that more money will eventually flow into t ...
Brexit Economics: An Intentional Financial Destabilization of Europe?
June 26, 2016
The Economist thinks the victory of Brexit is a tragic split. But they’re wrong. They are also wrong that Brexit is “irreversible.” Brexit is not a given. And negotiations could take two years or even longer... ...
Brexit Vote Is Great News for Britain, but Difficult Times Ahead
June 24, 2016
We rejoice in Britain’s sudden freedom from the corrupt and authoritarian EU. We’re happy David Cameron is leaving. He did his best to start wars and shut down free speech, especially when it came to the Internet. But we can’t believe it’s that simpl ...
Neocons Endorse Hillary as the US Party of Empire Is Finally Revealed
June 24, 2016
According to Foreign Policy, Robert Kagan, co-founder of the Project for the New American Century, is going to speak at Hillary's fundraiser in DC’s Logan Circle neighborhood, July 21. Foreign Policy states that this marks a shift in the Clinton campaign b ...
CNN Shows It Has a Better Understanding of Trump’s Speech Than AP
June 24, 2016
CNN has now weighed in with an analysis of Trump’s Wednesday speech acknowledging its emotional appeal and criticizing Hillary for apparent ethical lapses. This is a much more balanced analysis of Trump's speech than the one we analyzed yesterday from the ...
In Surprise Analysis, Bloomberg Chronicles the Failure of Expert Propaganda
June 24, 2016
Now here’s an interesting reversal. A Bloomberg editorial that blows up a powerful dominant social theme – the competence of experts. Experts are central to the evolution of the modern, globalist state. The technocrat is the white knight of the modern ag ...
Brexit: I’ve seen more subtle propaganda coming out of North Korea
June 23, 2016
Western nations-- particularly the US and UK-- have been champions of ‘democracy’ around the world (though they typically mean ‘republic’). Now, today the voters of the United Kingdom go to the polls to decide whether or not their country will remain ...
Trump Speech a Hit: Emotional Honesty May Be Pivotal to His Election Success
June 23, 2016
As with a good movie, Trump isn't interested in the plot so much as the feeling. And his latest speech proved particularly effective because it portrayed Hillary’s larger political philosophy... ...
The Real Reason Fed Stress Tests Aren’t Credible
June 23, 2016
Federal Reserve stress tests for banks are a fantasy. They don’t address contagion, for one thing. Contagion makes everything much worse... ...
Looking to Hike? Yellen Finally Admits Stocks Are Overpriced
June 23, 2016
"The Federal Reserve Says U.S. Stocks Are Overpriced … It’s the starkest warning yet under Chair Janet Yellen." It's true of course. But no doubt she has an ulterior motive for mentioning it... ...
Libertarian Party Offers Government Policy Instead of Persuasive Philosophy
June 23, 2016
The problem with the Libertarian party is that to be a libertarian means you don’t believe people ought to be forced to behave a certain way. But government is all about force. ...
Something Terrible Has Happened
June 23, 2016
Something terrible has happened. The “common wisdom” that people grew up with is fading rapidly. It's not comfortable or soothing. It's upsetting and unsettling. ...
Disband the Fed: The Most Accurate Statement Yellen Could Make
June 22, 2016
Here’s a question: Why is the Senate listening to Janet Yellen about the economy? It’s like the blind leading the blind. The Senate has no idea what’s going on with the economy. Neither does Yellen. ...
Hillary’s Economic Proposals Will End in Despair
June 22, 2016
Every time a law is passed or a regulation is applied, it diminishes prosperity for some at the expense of others. Voluntary competition and cooperation are building blocks of wealth. Unfortunately, in the US today, major politicians don’t recognize any of ...
Speculation: Lagarde Is Out and India’s Rajan Is In
June 22, 2016
The head of the United Nations’ International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, is facing charges in France for embezzlement. If found guilty, she could go to prison for ten years. According to an insightful commenter who wrote to us last night, the Lagard ...
Nothing to Admire in Bush’s Attack on Trump
June 21, 2016
George Bush is now supposedly “saving” the GOP from Donald Trump. Too bad someone couldn’t save the GOP and America from George Bush. ...
How Zuckerberg Stands in the Way of a New Renaissance
June 21, 2016
Some now hail Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg as the Gutenberg of the New Renaissance. However, the truth is that Zuckerberg is the one greatest obstructions of the Internet Reformation. ...
The Internet Just Debunked the NY Post’s War on Terror
June 21, 2016
The truth on a variety of subjects is easily available on the Internet. And that’s probably why despite warmongering efforts of editorial boards like the Post’s, the New Crusade against Islam have yet to fully take hold. ...
Hillary Seen as Winning, According to Dems and GOP Establishment
June 20, 2016
Two statements issued recently show that Left and Right both expect Hillary to be the next President of the US. One was a document sent from State Department explaining that targeted military strikes were needed against the Assad government if ISIS were to b ...
India Sheds Central Banker Rajan, Revs Up Monetary Printing Presses
June 20, 2016
According to mainstream central banking coverage there are either “good” central bankers or bad one. Central banking itself is simply a given. It exists like sky, earth or water. It is the central banker himself who can make the difference. ...
Putin Suggests Cameron Actually Blackmailed EU
June 20, 2016
The Economic Times states that Putin made this comment “Friday during a meeting with representatives of news agencies, including AFP.” Reuters, as you can see in our initial excerpt, has much the same quote and identifies it as something Putin said "on t ...
NY Times: Hiroshima Mushroom Cloud Actually ‘Smoke from Raging Firestorm’
June 20, 2016
A recent report from the New York Times points out that the photograph of the atomic bomb’s mushroom cloud at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum “stretching from floor to ceiling” is actually a photo of the Hiroshima firestorm. ...
Too Big? Brazil and Olympics on a Failing Path
June 19, 2016
The economy is in a quasi depression, and already the President has been impeached... The more Brazil struggles to pay for these games, the more alienated many citizens will feel and the worse things will get. ...
The Clinton Foundation’s Corruption Captures Supporters, Including Bill Gates
June 18, 2016
The Clintons have ties to officials at the most important multinationals, banks and governments. The couple have used their power and influence to secretly steer US government relationships and resources to those who donated to the Foundation. ...
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