Is Credible Media Both Anti-State and Anti-War?
By Anthony Wile - December 12, 2015

The Hill, not necessarily known as a conservative-leaning publication, has published an article entitled, "The shrinking impact of mainstream media," by Patrick Maines. The article announces that the mainstream media is a "carrier" of left-leaning news and opinion, and of Democratic viewpoints, generally.

Maines is the president of the Media Institute. According to the organization's literature, "The Media Institute is a nonprofit research foundation specializing in communications policy issues. The Institute exists to foster three goals: freedom of speech, a competitive media and communications industry, and excellence in journalism."

The Institute seems fairly well connected, with numerous important media types sitting on its board. But despite his organization's own exposure to mainstream media, Maines puts forth some maverick opinions in this article. He seems to believe the mainstream media is doomed. It has the feeling of an important piece of journalism and was posted for several days on Drudge. Here's an excerpt:

The bottom line is that perhaps one-half of the potential audience for these media outlets holds negative opinions about them. This practice confounds most people's understanding of the marketing of mass products.

It's not what explains why the reporters and editors don't care that they are perceived as biased. They don't care because the overwhelming majority of them are Democrats and/or liberals, and they think their point of view is both objective and correct.

Maines then tries to figure out why the owners of media corporations don't make more of an effort to provide a balanced approach to news and information. He speculates that it is hard for the heads of corporations and their immediate assistants to "exercise control" over the editorial end of the business without being accused of unethical meddling.

He also speculates that corporate CEOs may actually agree with the left-leaning bias of the mainstream media. Finally, he offers the idea that editorial biases are woven into the texture of modern journalism to such a degree that it is difficult or impossible to do much about them.

What makes Maines's article compelling is his contention that the challenges to biased, mainstream journalism have now reached a critical mass. "It's unlikely that this state of affairs will go on much longer without notable consequences for the mainstream media," he writes. Why? Because of the explosive growth, "courtesy of the Internet," of conservative and libertarian publishing outlets.

Of course, there are those who may disagree with Maines's timing. For instance, we'd argue what he is observing actually happened years ago: that the Internet's impact has been stronger and swifter than Maines suggests.

This may be an arguable criticism, but others likely are not, in my view. For instance, Maines states the challenges to the mainstream media are conservative and libertarian publications. Claims of media bias, he writes, are "made by all the right-of-center media and conservative journalists within the mainstream media."

Surely this cannot be true. There are significant conservative or quasi-conservative mainstream publications that provide right-of-center views, especially major business publications and media.

Also, many so-called liberal publications tend to be quite conservative when it comes to military adventurism. Both conservative and liberal publications often accept intelligence narratives of the military and law enforcement at face value. Thus, there is not so much difference between liberal and conservative publications as Maines seems to believe.

He postulates that half of the population is skeptical of the mainstream media. But probably it is more than half because there are many non-conservatives who find the mainstream media off-putting because portions of it are increasingly intolerant (anti-Islam) and generally and militantly interventionist.

Thus, Maines is misreading the reason that the mainstream media is losing credibility and viewers. It is because there is plenty of content in the mainstream that now offends EVERYONE, given that people are more aware of ways mainstream media reports diverge from reality.

The media revolution taking place in the US is far broader than one that pits conservatives against liberals. It is one that affects every part of the national conversation. I strongly believe that broad cross-sections of the population find parts of the so-called conservative agenda to be just as offensive as conservatives find parts of the liberal agenda to be.

There is no single truth embodied on either side, and both sides rely on government for part of their agendas; the state remains central to the sociopolitical narrative. Conservative leaders often want the government to further activate the military-industrial complex. Liberal leaders want additional and expanded welfare programs.

Fortunately, in the Internet era, there are numerous publications that approach reporting without supporting either the warfare or welfare state. If you are reading this article, you may know some of them already.

Here at The Daily Bell, we try avoid biases on either side of the aisle and believe our writing is more interesting and provides more insight because of it.

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  • Earn nest

    Money is the great power today. Men sell their souls for it. Women sell their bodies for it. Others worship it. The money power has grown so great that the issue of all issues is whether the corporation shall rule this country or the country shall again rule the corporations.

    –Joseph Pulitzer
    December 1878, St. Louis Dispatch

    • Don Duncan

      If by “country” he meant “gov.t” then the country invented the corps, protects them, conspires with them to exploit the people. This is called fascism. It is a form of socialism, as is communism, but with the pretense of property rights, unlike communism. Both use authoritarianism as their means. Both are unsustainable.

      Money creates economic power superior to barter. It is often blamed for evil, just as a gun is blamed. It is a tool. As such it cannot be evil or good. But good/evil can be achieved with any tool. Blame the user, not the tool.

  • natural human

    Clear thinking people see through the lies and sick of it. All we want is the truth. Is that too much to ask? It seems so, as all modern media outlets, save for a few brave alternatives like the Bell, drive the overarching agenda of the crime syndicate which actually runs this world. Left, right, schmeft, schmight…everything we read and hear today is manufactured by the syndicate as a dialectic driving toward the synthesis of a one world neo-feudal fascist technocracy. Stray strong brave Bell. The untamed world weeps, begging for the voice of freedom, fairness, liberty and truth.

  • For me the credibility is not in any preconceived stance – but in the extension and honouring of a genuine willingness of communication and relationship.
    In consciousness and in society – the balance points need to be held to keep the space open for a healthy diversity. The idea of centralised ‘top-down’ control has had its epoch. The force of such denial and suppression of Life is a death force when identified with exclusively.
    The ‘global agenda’ may believe itself nearly victorious – but it can only see what its own Life denying thought dictates.
    The prepare for wtshtf CHAOS agenda may be shifting power from people to corrupted forms of governance that corporations milk in true socialist fashion while the bottom feeders get free-market freedom to race to the bottom.
    The mind’s attempt to get Life into stone tablets or indeed ideological premises is a conforming and limiting movement. There are times to limit and conform our impulses – but not to set such moments out of context and apply without discernment.
    Perhaps we live in the breaking of the wave and the only option is how we relate to that process of change. Mapping control types seek better boats or strongholds or places of refuge but a surfer needs to be the relationship with the wave as it moves through them.
    My feeling is that the world as we know it is not as we think and that the wave is breaking through us in a way that effects the breakdown of control in the sense of a sense of private power over Life. Much of our illusion is ‘made real’ to us by reinforcements of tacit or overt agreements, as well as the subconscious responses of deeply imprinted conditioning. If we have no capacity to feel and know and act outside the box of our conditionings then as conditions of support are no longer available, the core beliefs and definitions one actually lives by are exposed – be that personal or corporate. Humiliating – for humankind I do not doubt. Humbling” Perhaps. Ultimately Life is what we make of it by our chosen response – regardless the outer condition. We forget that and run on auto pilot, many levels deep… until its time for a Refresh – or perhaps just time to fade into the lifelessness of no desire for the experience of Existence.
    Anti-war is also war. To be wholly FOR something as one’s freely accepted or chosen path, is not to actively deny any other possible choice by giving it negative charge of invalidation AS a choice. Being ‘against’ something ‘negative’ is a trick-device to keep it in secret while purporting to get rid of it. Temporarily expedient at times, but the ‘secret’ of subconsciously repressed or unconsciously denied Life is a shadow ‘jack in the box’ that runs our lives while we ‘live on the surface reality that substitutes a guilted and fearful existence for Life, lived, known, felt and shared.
    The hatred of ‘being controlled’ is accepted over against deeper fear of losing control to terror, rage and powerlessness. An honest perspective cannot continue to pretend the surface reality is not breaking down – and that there are ancient conditionings that it was originally made to keep out or suppress. The Currency of our conceptual framework is as bankrupt as the fiat money system. Indeed it is a direct Reflection. What then is true worth, truly shared value and a basis for a grounded Sanity of being? Old words don’t have any power unless they are truly lived and exemplified. Because all of them have been debased, corrupted and rendered meaningless by what they have been used FOR.
    Purpose is foundational. I am attracted to finding fresh ways to witness to Life, simply because I feel Life within me – and as a result become more aware of lifelessness in terms of all that undermines, invalidates and conforms Life to a loveless agenda – often in the name of love. So this means I read the world – and the Media at a deeper level than surface reaction – for I am also reading my own thought and response as part of the otherwise hidden context in which any ideas run.
    Credibility is a matter of establishing and growing a relationship of mutual trust. Not a technique of assertive targeted presentation!

  • autonomous

    Media is by far more consumer-driven than ideology-driven. Marketers always set their sights on the portion of the population, or segment of the population, away from either tail of the bell curve. And the media is owned by marketers–right or left leaning media consists of 15-20 minutes of non-offensive idiocy, that will not impede the remaining 40-45 minutes of advertising. Television and radio lose out to the internet (print is long since dead) because internet ads are easier to avoid than are TV and radio ads.

  • dave jr

    “There is no single truth embodied on either side…” – DB
    Bingo. I would like to believe people generally have a healthy enough tolerance for ‘bias’ in the mainstream media, as there should always be room for opinion and interpretation. What is not tolerable are outright lies, lies by omission, consensus building for obvious narrow agendas and shameless pandering to power and authority as if it were an eternal fount of righteousness and virtue. People are forever and always hungry for truth, especially in an increasingly complicated world. If the mainstream media, through their own highest offices and editing rooms choose not to deliver that one commodity (truth as dictated by reality), or to embrace/protect corruption from up high as a business plan, then they should not expect mainstream attention except for reporting Hollywood fads, shallow consumerist stunts and do-dads, rubber neck gawking incidences, and feel better puff pieces…which is akin to scraping the bottom of the information barrel, to which it has sunk. Is Maines getting a clue? I doubt it. He still seems to think it’s a popularity contest, all about winning the hearts and minds (adoration) of the masses.

  • Danny B

    I would like to remind all of the writers and commenters, and most of the readers that you do not represent the general majority.

    H.L. Menken;
    As democracy is perfected, the office of the President represents, more
    and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and
    glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s
    desire at last and the White House will be occupied by a downright fool
    and complete narcissistic moron.

    Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.

    Democracy is the art and science of running the circus from the monkey cage.


    51% of Americans receive a check from GOV. 25% of welfare cases are in
    California. All democracies fail when the people learn that they can
    vote instead of working, for support. When the crash comes, even those
    who worked (with holding tax) will be screwed.

  • martae

    The mainstream media’s bias is not liberal. It is corporatist, and statist. In short, it is fascist.

    • rahrog

      Exactly. Thank you martae, for seeing the truth, and sharing it here. The ruling class are fascists, and should be addressed as such.

    • Agent Revolver

      You said it, martae. Finally.

  • Bob_Robert

    The “left” and “right” is a false dichotomy. Especially in America, the one Party of State Power has a restaurant-menu style of selected issues pre-determined to be “conservative” or “liberal”, and to agree with one issues it is magically assumed to mean agreement with all, and rejection of the other list of carefully selected issues.

    The Party of State Power is Fascist in purpose and effect. The United States was Federalized a long time ago, and it is finally reaching the point where full state Socialism is being openly discussed. Neither “Conservatives” nor “Liberals” object to this, because both “sides” get what they want: More government.

  • I know the chief editor of my preferred news gathering and deciphering service really well. He is not always free from bias and lacks proper knowledge in many areas but I am confident he always tries to get to the root of a matter to the best of his ability, is constantly striving to improve and does the job well enough to deserve my general confidence. I know all this because he is me!

    • Congratulations on your editor.

      • And many thanks for the great quality editorial provided from The Daily Bell, a veritable flourishing oasis in an otherwise parched desert.

        • That sentiment is heartily seconded from this space, EUbrainwashing 2015.

  • Quite so, Anthony. There is a silent revolutionary shift in media management of perception for practically remote and virtually anonymous and increasingly autonomous executive administration of current affairs and present events creating bases in which futures are phished and phormed/realised.

    Is the Daily Bell content to be just as an honest reporter of such as is the growing fact and absolutely fabulous fiction, or pleased to be much more an astute active proactive leader in the genre/meme?

    Future builders, your readers and supporters would surely like to know, for there is infinite strength available for sharing in that knowledge.

  • Many people believe that the restriction on free speech, the rise of the PC movement, the talk of microaggressions and safe spaces are about protecting marginalized minorities when in fact they are nothing more than tools used to entrench the positions of power, to eliminate resistance to their aims and objectives and to silence, once and for all every voice that fails to sing in the chorus of the State. The reason men like Cass Sunstein are employed by the State is because the veil has begun to fall. When people begin to question the veracity of the government, the next step, logically, is to question the legitimacy of the institutions that keep it in power. It is not a safe or reassuring thing to believe that your government is capable of plotting to kill you or those you love for it’s own ends, it is frightening, and demoralizing. It is also the first step in reclaiming our sovereignty. Just as no rational person would want to remain in a relationship with someone who repeatedly lies and cheats, neither would they be expected to offer allegiance to a State that would do worse. …. The problem when conspire usurps aspire

    Whenever a presumed dumb people, and easily enough led by media people, become significantly more intelligent than was ever previously thought able, do the heads of failing controlling organisations heed and rightly need to fear for their very own personal and institutional existence and the lives of all around and dear to them? Does the system turn grindingly slowly but ever more surely against them, and deliver them as valid targets, in order that command and control systems survive differently in the future in a brand new phorm phished from the ether?

    Or is that put in place by other men and/or smarter beings, with systems just doing their bidding in revised programs?

    • Agent Revolver

      “do the heads of failing controlling organisations heed and rightly need to fear for their very own personal and institutional existence and the lives of all around and dear to them” –

      Hi Everyone,

      it’s a pleasure to participate in being @this planet, while there’s Wile and his colleagues at this planet, with amanfromMars making the climate of the company as heartly as it needs for the fingers to type a humble reply.

      What do they control except the physical force of the police and gangstering institutions, which also do attempt to own and control them in an eternal curriculum mortae? This is the question which is appearing before any valid answer to amfM’s question comes to mind.

      S*logy and N*w *ge look quite agreeable candidates for the mastering as sitting/running targets for the, I would cite amanfromMars, “presumed dumb people, and easily enough led by media people, becom[ing] significantly more intelligent than was ever previously thought able”.

      I believe this is the answer. Oh, time is running, I dunno when my unknown fellow neighbours at my new “place” will switch off their mobile SIM internet. I’ll just press “Post” and leave it here.

      Do these organisation have a say at your desk, DB? Funny if so.

      https://youtu.be/zt_tyk3K1dY , there is lyrics for those who know how to read and, which is of no less life importance, speak and how the word “RAGE” is written in languages.

      Remember Haru Mamburu? https://youtu.be/8RX87QNxygI (-;

      55 73