Manufacturing Dissent
By Paul Craig Roberts - March 27, 2015

Professor Michel Chossudovsky is the author of many important books. His latest is The Globalization of War: America's Long War Against Humanity. Chossudovsky shows that Washington has globalized war while the US president is presented as a global peace-maker, complete with the Nobel Peace Prize. Washington has military deployed in 150 countries, has the world divided up into six US military commands and has a global strike plan that includes space operations. Nuclear weapons are part of the global strike plan and have been elevated for use in a pre-emptive first strike, a dangerous departure from their Cold War role.

America's militarization includes military armament for local police for use against the domestic population and military coercion of sovereign countries on behalf of US economic imperialism.

One consequence is the likelihood of nuclear war. Another consequence is the criminalization of US foreign policy. War crimes are the result. These are not the war crimes of individual rogue actors but war crimes institutionalized in established guidelines and procedures. "What distinguishes the Bush and Obama administrations," Chossudovsky writes, "is that the concentration camps, targeted assassinations and torture chambers are now openly considered as legitimate forms of intervention, which sustain 'the global war on terrorism' and support the spread of 'Western democracy.' "

Chossudovsky points out that the ability of US citizens to protest and resist the transformation of their country into a militarist police state is limited. Washington and the compliant foundations now fund the dissent movement in order to control it. He quotes Noam Chomsky and Edward S. Herman about manufacturing consent. He lets Paul Kivel describe how funding of dissent by the elite results in the co-option of grassroots community leadership. The same thing is happening to environmental organizations. Black Americans also have lost their leaders to the elite's money and ability to bestow position and emoluments.

Chossudovsky notes that progressive, left-wing, and anti-war groups have endorsed the "war on terror" and uncritically accept the official 9/11 story, which provides the basis for Washington's wars.

Having accepted the lies, there is no basis for protest. Thus its absence.

As Professor Stephen Cohen has observed, dissent has disappeared from American foreign policy discussion. In place of dissent there is exhortation to more war. A good example is today's (March 26, 2015) op-ed in the New York Times by neoconservative John R. Bolton, US ambassador to the UN during the George W. Bush regime.

Bolton calls for bombing Iran. Anything short of a military attack on Iran, Bolton says, has "an air of unreality" and will guarantee that Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Turkey will also develop nuclear weapons in order to protect themselves from Iran. According to Bolton, the Israeli and American nuclear arsenals are not threatening, but Iran's would be.

Of course, there is no evidence that Iran has a nuclear weapons program, but Bolton asserts it anyway. Moreover, Bolton manages to overlook that the agreement being worked out with Iran halts the Iranian enrichment program far below the level necessary for nuclear weapons. Bolton's belief that Iran would be able to hide a weapons program if permitted to have nuclear energy is unsubstantiated. It is merely an implausible assertion.

The neoconservatives constitute a war lobby. When one war doesn't work, they want another. They have an ever expanding war list. Remember, the neoconservatives are the ones who promised us a 3-week "cakewalk" Iraq war costing $70 billion and paid for by Iraq oil revenues. After 8 years of war costing a minimum of $3,000 billion paid for by US taxpayers, the US gave up and withdrew. Today, jihadists are carving a new country out of parts of Syria and Iraq.

It is now a known fact that the neocon Bush regime's Iraq war was totally based on lies, just as is every other neocon war and the current drive for war with Russia and Iran. Despite their record of lies and failure, the neocons still control US foreign policy, and neocon Nuland is busy at work fomenting "color revolutions" or coups in the former Soviet republics of Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

Without the support of the New York Times, the neocons could not have got the Iraq War going. Now the New York Times, faithful to the neocons but faithless to the American people, is helping the neocons get a war going with Iran and Russia.

I have friends who are college presidents who still read and believe the New York Times. The wars with Iran and Russia that the New York Times is encouraging will be much more dangerous than the wars with Iraq and Afghanistan. Humanity might not survive them.

This article provided courtesy of PaulCraigRoberts.org.

  • Whenever the Jihadis go smart and dark and covert and concentrate on neutralising the leadership/owners of the likes of the New York Times whenever it be responsible for warmongering, will sweet natural justice and Allah’s will (PBUH) be served and servered?

    The New York Times though is just but one ignorant and arrogant tool in that target rich environment which is bound to be explored and exploited sooner rather than later. One cannot expect to make tainted snowballs for others to fire and escape being held responsible for rogue and renegade action. Such is a madness to consider.

  • Both Bush wars in Iraq were based on LIES, but the Baby Bush lies are the worst TREASON in history. See “911 Conspiracy Solved, Names, Connections, Details” on youtube. Once you are aware of the financial crimes and intended coverup, then read, “Slam Dunk, Most Classified 911 Revealed”….”VT Flexing It’s Nuclear Muscle”….”Rainbow in the Dark, Powerful Proof of 911 Nukes”….all at Veterans Today. The destruction of WTC-1 & 2, caused 500,000 tons of building material to vaporize. More of the mosaic dots are connected in “Unequivocal 911 Nukes”, an interview with Dr James Fetzer on REAL DEAL on youtube. Every member to the Texas House Homeland Security Committee was given this information on March 22, 2015. US Homeland ‘Security’ Chairman, Rep Michael McCaul and minority Chair Bennie Thomspon were also given this material. The premeditated set up included US Army Able Danger Unit, CIA asset Susan Landauer, FBI Agent Harry Samit arrest of Zararias Moussaoui (#20) on Aug 16, 2001 and “Urban Moving Systems”. Slick Willy appointed Assistant Attorney General Jamie Gorelick, who installed the blamed “FBI-CIA Firewall” that caused the “intelligence” gap, and was then appointed by Baby Bush to the 911 Whitewash Committee.

    Please review this evidence and contact the US House and Senate Homeland Security Committees….


  • Well, as one who once upon a time agreed with Chomsky, I now believe he is also part of “manufactured dissent”. The dissent factory is not American, it is the global government shadow cabal, and they are manufacturing dissent, here, there and everywhere and on every side of every issue. That way they can play them all against each other for their own purposes of a global centralization of power –and of course control over all wealth possible– in their own hands.

    Libertarians and the freedom-minded themselves must free their own minds of the arbitrary border-thinking that traps them into only seeing their own “national” government’s dirty tricks. This is a global scenario.

    And each incident outside our borders reflects our own.

    Apply the same “manufactured dissent” principle to Venezuela. Chomsky would never ever do that in a million years. This guy, who dedicated his book to Lucifer, the liar and father of lies, and who did it to try to fool the gullible, would tell you that Chavez and Maduro were only trying to “free” their people from the Yanks, something Paul Craig Roberts has also said. Roberts also defended the Chavista-Obama-Clinton meddling in Honduras, trying to throw them to the socialist wolves.

    That made it personal to me, and exposed all this naive grumbling about American support for right-wing dictatorships. Hypocrites never saw a leftist tyrant they didn’t really love. A pox on all the sneaky liars who seduce the unwary with half-truths (American is an imperialist police state) to help bring the gullible into line with centralized globalist authoritarian plans.

    • Mortimer Sled

      Chomsky is a one-note Charlie: American hegemony. You always get the sense that Shangri-La lies dead ahead if we can only circumnavigate the Washington Consensus. Please, the vacuum will be filled. The NWO will make many yearn for the good old days.

      There is a transnational class that at this moment is trying to shed the Empire and head east. Hopefully they have a very skilled bomb squad because recalcitrant factions are in no such hurry. Exorbitant privilege is like crack cocaine.

      Alt news has smothered dissent by expropriating and manufacturing it jut like the Big Boys…two competing barcodes:

      “At first blush, the Internet and alt-news outlets tantalize as possible ways out—until alternativeness is expropriated, becoming yet another energy sink. The conspiracy sites log each fresh assault on liberty, the truth and the surreptitious run-up to war with a threadbare intensity that falls despairingly short of needed action.


      • Yes, that said, this little interim we’ve enjoyed finding each other outside of all that on the Internet in places like this, and especially after Ron Paul’s candidacy, there are signs of blowback from the Empire. Climax ahead, around a couple more corners.

  • FreeOregon

    What if humans are no different from other animals? When parasites reach the brain they cause the animal to engage in behaviors contrary to its own interests.

    Might parasites explain why some people prefer force and threats of violence in response to every challenge?

    Or is a militarized mindset simply cultural? We do know how to change culture without violence.

  • Praetor

    War, Is all they have left. Protest, and its absence = consent. I, doubt the Roman citizen cared little about the wars of their times. The difference, today, nuclear weapons and the technology that surrounds them. All, humanity will suffer, no place to hide, no land untouched. If, the U.S. warmonger’s think they will sit in the U.S. of A. untouched, they be touched in the (head). The unintended consequences, are their problem, what living in a hole in the ground, for how long, and what an FKUP life that would be, waiting. Yeah, they have consent and complacency, now, but wait till the fiat collapse.

  • Bill Ross

    used to be a crime to incite violence in civil society who’s highest crime and supreme “faux pas” was “disturbing the peace”, now rationalized away to misdemeanor at the worst by “rule of who lives / dies man”as opposed to “rule of law”:


    the way we’re headed the only peace will be collective extinction, a failed experiment in “fitness” of intelligence:


  • The Eagle may struggle in a spat against the Bear but the Dragon has wings, claws, a mouth full of flames and more than enough teeth for that fight.

  • US Is an Oligarchy Not a Democracy, says Scientific Study
    _ _ IS ANYBODY THERE? DOES ANYONE CARE? “… our analyses suggest that majorities of the American public actually have little influence over the policies our government adopts.” http://www.commondreams.org/views/2014/04/14/us-oligarchy-not-democracy-says-scientific-study

    • Praetor

      IS ANYBODY THERE? DOES ANYONE CARE? Well, Yes. The majority care. Friends and myself, have discussed this very thing, and our final conclusion, Comfort and their being distracted!! Every bodies comfortable, even the poor are comfortable. Homes are warm, shelves are stocked, stores are open, gas in the fuel tank. Take the protestors in Ferguson, after their done protesting where do you think they go, (home), not a mud hut, tin shack or tents. They go home to a well furnished apartment or house, frig; full of food and beer, a big screen TV, to watch the next sporting event or to watch themselves throwing rocks. In the great old U.S. of A; the people are comfortable, and (ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED) the people view all as entertainment. Yes, a lot of us care and don’t like it, but as you say, we have (NO) influence over the government. Once the fiat collapses, you will see a different U.S. of America. No prediction, lets just say, no more oligarchy, and no more fascist government, plus we will have to start over. Does that tell you if we’re here and care! Don’t let the tube propaganda ‘fool ya’. This is the U.S. of A!! By the way, the whole worlds becoming us.