Reality TV: America’s Next Top White House Staffer
By Joe Jarvis - July 30, 2017

I was pretty sure before, but now I am entirely convinced. The executive branch of the U.S. government is simply a reality TV show. It is the latest entertainment from the man who brought you The Apprentice.

And boy does he know how to keep the attention on him.

What the media couldn’t grasp during the entire election is that there is no such thing as bad publicity.

“Yes but in politics…” No. Wrong. Maybe in the past, there were exceptions. But probably not, as Presidential campaigns from the beginning were pretty ridiculous.

Jefferson’s camp accused President Adams of having a “hideous hermaphroditical character, which has neither the force and firmness of a man, nor the gentleness and sensibility of a woman.”

In return, Adams’ men called Vice President Jefferson “a mean-spirited, low-lived fellow, the son of a half-breed Indian squaw, sired by a Virginia mulatto father.”

So perhaps even then, but definitely today, publicity is power. If you have a stage, you have influence.

But how does it help Trump that Scaramucci talked a bunch of trash about Priebus? How does it help that Scaramucci’s wife filed for divorce a day after he got his job at the White House? Why would Trump stoke feuds and rivalries within his administration, giving the impression that he is an incompetent manager? Why does he seem so keen to tell White House staff and cabinet members, “You’re fired!”

Because it gives people something to talk about.

If Trump put together the most stellar team ever conceived, and executed his agenda like clockwork, would the media report that? Would they say, nice job, and tell everyone they were wrong about the Donald, and he is actually really organized and effective?

No! The media was going to find things to criticize, but they weren’t going to be as interesting as what Trump had planned. When Trump hands them the big stories, he controls the narrative. He brings everyone into his grasp. Then he can decide what to do with different segments based on their reaction.

The ones who have the biggest fits help Trump the most. His base absolutely loves seeing the liberals freaking out. The agenda wasn’t to defeat ISIS, and build a wall. The agenda was to piss off social justice warriors and throw it in their faces that a man like Donald Trump has influence over their lives.

It is a reaction from smug liberals telling people that Obamacare was the law of the land. It is the natural outcome of a bunch of people with nothing in common being grouped together and forced to pay for each other’s random whims.

Anyone who thinks they are witnessing Trump’s unraveling or downfall is sorely mistaken. This is exactly what Trump wants. This is his marketing strategy. This is the reality TV show environment in which he thrives. Not as an effective leader, but as a celebrity, a star, an entertainer, a villain, a martyr, whatever.


The left continues to take every opportunity to attack Trump. They fail to differentiate between true worthwhile and legitimate criticism (of which there is plenty), versus transparent and self-serving publicity stunts of the critics. They focus on superficial gaffs and quirks that don’t actually matter. They reach too far for hard to prove or unsubstantiated accusations which bore most voters.

Covfefe was a turning point.

When FDR was president, the Republicans attacked him relentlessly, while he stayed mostly silent. He only responded when the Republicans finally criticized him for wasting tax dollars flying his dog to join him on vacation.

FDR joked that he could ignore the attacks on his administration, and he could even handle the personal attacks, but when they criticized his poor defenseless pooch, they had gone too far. Everyone laughed, and this took all the wind out of the Republican sails, even though they were right to criticize the waste and abuse of power.

If Trump does what FDR did and generally refuses to respond, or only hits back with jokes and humor, the public will come to see him as relatable. This will only further frustrate the left, who will double down on the same approach, and subsequently, alienate more people who don’t identify with or understand the shrieking.

By the time the left realizes they have overplayed their hand, it will be too late to recall the flying monkeys, and Trump will return to the field to play out the game after the halftime show.

Just to be clear, I think the whole Presidency is a sham. There is plenty Trump has done wrong, but it probably hardly matters who is in the white house.

It may be the deep state or the New World Order truly running things. It may simply be a bureaucratic train without a conductor heading for the end of the tracks.

But even if you could get “the right people,” elected, I doubt they would be able to change things. A Jesus Buddha ticket could win the Presidency in 2020, and probably still not solve anything. The solutions are not in the realm of politics, they come down to individual action, which adds up to make a difference.

Do you agree?


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  • Oliver Twist

    You correctly wrote:
    Just to be clear, I think the whole Presidency is a sham. There is
    plenty Trump has done wrong, but it probably hardly matters who is in
    the white house.

    Donald Trump was the golden boy meant to play the role of President although
    we were given to believe from the propaganda that Hilary was the one selected.

    If the Presidency is a sham, surely every thing connected to it is merely more lies
    for the masses to digest.

    All of the scripted disputes and upheavals are meant to divert us from the
    fascist police-state which is rolling in full speed ahead.

    The facts speak for themselves.

    Look at the actions of the players and how they play into the Orwelian
    laws and plans for the technological enslavement of humanity.

    The evidence is right there in front of our noses

    while the scripted disputes continue.

  • Alan777

    I support Trump and that doesn’t mean I agree with everything he does. Given our massive corrupt non-constitutional government, absolutely corrupt media, and corrupt political parties, I believe Trump is our last best chance to get us back on a path to much more limited government and to preserve our culture before it is completely ruined by “diversity”, where everyone is unequal under the law based on their race and religion.
    So Trump has a very tough row to hoe and he’s using unconventional tools and means to get this disaster under control. This is not a job for just anybody…

    • Don Duncan

      “…not a job for just anybody.”?? How about a job for any pompous ass who can play to the crowd? This is entertainment to distract from the real problems.
      Distraction is necessary to keep people from thinking maybe they are being exploited. Once people lose confidence in our system, not just the actors, it’s game over. But that won’t happen easily. And Trump is giving them a great show. He reminds me of Reagan in that respect. Of course, Reagan had a great libertarian writer, e.g., “Govt. is not the solution, it’s the problem.” And people cheered, not understanding the full implications, e.g., no govt. governs good enough to exist.

      • Alan777

        Trump has a very heavy schedule and is righting many wrongs of the previous administration. If you don’t believe me check the record or better yet get on the white house email list to get the “1600 Daily” to see what he and Pence are actually doing.

        • Don Duncan

          So, you admit a system of institutionalized violence can inflict “many wrongs”. And you claim the same system can correct those wrongs. Furthermore, for proof, you tell me I need only ask the politician in charge if he is making progress. Why? Will he tell me if he is not? Can i trust him to let his press agent (spin doctor) tell the truth? If so, this would be the first time. Can you prove this president is different from all the rest? Can you show he is the first to tell the truth, and not propagandize? To do so, you must first ask me to NOT judge his actions that contradict his previous promises, e.g., promising to end military entanglement in the middle east and improving relations with Russia, then attacking Syria/Russia without Congress.
          I judge actions, not promises, then more promises that the previous promises are being kept, despite actions to the contrary. Your insistence that I use his assurances to judge him/his administration is absurd.

  • gamathers

    It is the plan to keep the narrative on the divisions and to ignore who and what are creating those divisions. The bankers fund both sides of most of the wars. They are now just taking that strategy and expanding on it. If you don’t like puppet Bill Clinton they’ll put in puppet George Bush. If you can’t stand puppet George Bush they’ll put in puppet Obama. If you hate puppet Obama they put in puppet Trump. Each time the side that feels disenfranchised tries that much harder.

  • Brabantian

    Am not quite sure the conflict of Team Trump vs the Deep State – the media & Congress & think-tankers etc – is all a sham, tho for sure the US Presidency is at least half a sham as DB suggests.

    And I agree with DB that Trump’s ‘antics’ are clever by half, not ‘stupidity’ that will lead to a US Constitution Article 25 removal from office on grounds of mental unfitness (half the Cabinet declares Trump unfit, Congress votes, he’s gone), as classic ‘liberals’ like Jim Kunstler (‘Trump won’t last much beyond Labour Day in September’) imagine.

    What I think is afoot, is Trump being the spearhead of a growing reformist faction within the US apparatus … a faction of powerful people who think the previous cabal (Clintons-Bushes etc) went too far. Some military backing Trump too.

    Arguably, the Trump White House is giving priority to the Fake News & media-manipulation issues, as the beasts that must be slain before any other USA reforms can get done … We’ve seen other things too, such as Trump cancelling Obama’s war-crime-murderous ‘moderate jihadi’ programme in Syria.

    On the media front, some impressive Trump admin news from Steve Bannon, is that he is moving to destroy the monopolistic power of Google search & Facebook, and put them on a leash as public utilities under direct government regulation, exactly as they should be

    Combined with the € 2.7 billion fine against Google & threat of further action against them by the European Commission, this is one of the most important things that needs to be done in the world … bring to heel the propaganda overseers / censors of Google, & their Facebook cousins as well.

    Tho one could argue Team Trump is merely trying to shift the power of Google away from the old guard criminals and into their own favour … the fact is that it is much better to have these internet monopolies as explicit public utilities, which everyone can fuss about in public discourse, rather than as alleged ‘private companies’ with shadowy links to the Deep State & Bush-Clinton type mafias.

    Tho am usually quick to denounce ‘fake populist heroes’ offered to us … am a bit in awe of what Trump & Bannon have accomplished with the ‘Fake News’ meme, clearly creating a revolutionary mind-set amongst US citizens … this is an achievement that is Trump’s forever, regardless of what betrayals are in store, or if Trump is killed or removed from office tomorrow … For decades to come, people will remember those two words, ‘Fake News’ … God-speed to Bannon on coralling & de-fanging those controlling, manipulative gangsters of Google.

  • Gerold

    Trump never expected to win the election. Look at his photos
    after his victory was announced. He had the “deer-in-the-headlights” look. He
    was probably thinking, “OMG, now what have I done?”

    I agree with Ann Barnhardt’s analysis; that he was running
    to protect and expand the Trump brand. It was free publicity.

    Now, he’s playing it for all it’s worth. Every one of his
    utterances sets off the dolts on the left and makes them look ever more
    foolish. It’s entertainment at no additional charge. It’s the band playing
    harder and faster as the Titanic sinks.

    • That is true, South Park also hit the nail on the head with their more crude analysis.

  • autonomous

    The progressives have succeeded in regressing the population to a precivilized condition. Now they will try to rebuild us into their vision of what they plan for us to be. They will certainly fail. Their only possible recourse will be to erase the board, kill all the undesirables and repopulate with a pure race. That will also fail because the new race will consist of their offspring: the same fatal flaw as the Nazi worldview–they are not a pure race, just as the Aryans were not pure.

    Darwin’s theories warped from adaptation to constant upward progress to striving for perfection. Lesser intellects (most of us) do so, providing evidence that adaptation is not always improvement. The story of Genesis illustrates the second law of thermodynamics: everything in the universe eventually moves from order to disorder. The first family went from perfection to fratricide in the first generation. What is lost in rejection of the Genesis story is the possibility of reversing that law.

    The urge to ‘do it for myself’ which we all have to some extent is symbolized in the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Taken to the next level it becomes ‘do it my way,’ and thus is born government.

  • “It may simply be a bureaucratic train without a conductor heading for the end of the tracks”

    I believe that this proposition is nearest to the truth. What we are witnessing is the beginning of the end of an empire. Like all failing empires before it psychosis enters the minds of our elected masters; enchanted by the perception of abundant power, they display excessively – pounding the world stage – preaching to all how they will make America great again.

    This is Caligula all over again except instead of bringing his horse to the Senate our present day narcissist leaders bring a Tweet-storm and a reality TV show to the circus. This is nothing new and the end can be predicted without difficulty but we can’t say when

    Perhaps the clue will be when we find the barbarians of the east at the gates of the imperial city.

    • Oh, just noticed your Caligula point – it is true – great minds think alike. Greetings from Downunder..

  • john cummins


  • Douteux55

    The first question is whether or not Trump became president by surprise or design. I tend to agree that some controlling entity/ies must have gotten tired of the Clintons and the Obamas and decided that they needed a new poster boy. There’s at least as much mystery around DJT as there was around Obama. Very little is said about his childhood, his family or his education. There are rumors about his being Jewish, his parents buried in a Jewish cemetary in Brooklyn or Long Island. There’s very little info about his sister and 2 brothers. All the noise is concentrated around his kids and their spouses, but his ties to the Rabbinic Empire are not hidden. His finances certainly are. He doesn’t drink or smoke which is intriguing to start with but his misogyny is pure Talmud. There seems to be a lot of legislating in the background, child trafficking laws, economic ones. I half suspect that other world leaders are in on it. Nothing prevents him from going rogue of course and his handlers have their work cut out for them, but I’m more and more inclined to believe he’s putting on an oscar-level performance. The more concerning question is why is the MSM allowing it, or worse, reveling in it? You would think they’d want to expose him. Maybe they love the ratings. Maybe he’s really getting somewhere with the fake news meme, but they enable it. Is it desperation on the part of the losers, Obama & the Clintons. Hard to tell. Is there a method to his madness or not?

    • Of course, all politics may be seen as “The Gods At Play”. Those who actually own us do much just for their own amusement (Caligula, anyone??)

  • So, Joe, you’ve twigged on to the game.
    Washington is is like a screen behind which some actual events go on……
    although The Donald is prone to giving hints to the hoi poloi

  • Erik Garcés

    As Chris Duane says:
    “There is no solution to collectivist problems with a collective effort. The answer lies, as it always has been, in the individual.”

  • Don Duncan

    “…the solutions…come down to individual action.” Wow! Great closing Joe. Succinct, apt. It belongs on a poster, tee-shirts. My favorite tee-shirt says, “Disobey”. It implies one should govern himself, not be governed by others at the point of a gun.