Thanks for the Welcome: Vote on The Daily Bell Tag Line
By Joe Jarvis - March 09, 2017

Last week I asked for suggestions for a tag line for The Daily Bell. Below are some of the responses, so go ahead and vote on your favorite one! If you missed the chance to give your ideas last week, feel free to comment a suggestion, maybe we will have a runoff.


We had some great suggestions on possible tag lines for The Daily Bell. What do you think should be our motto?
The Daily Bell Rings True
6 Vote
You are only as free as you take responsibility to be.
4 Vote
Ringing in Liberty
25 Vote
Truth Will Set You Free
6 Vote
The Wind of Liberty in our Sails
3 Vote
Liberty and Truth
11 Vote
In Pursuit of Truth
4 Vote
Liberty Freestyle
1 Vote
The Daily Bell Rings for Truth and Liberty
36 Vote


I appreciate the welcome I was given, as well as the criticism. No one ever got better without an understanding of how they can improve themselves.

I realize people have very different ideas of freedom.

What makes me feel free is being close to nature, living on a mini-farm, and working for my rent. It means I get to do something I love, and not have to earn money (and first pay taxes on that money) in order to pay rent. Obviously I earn money in other ways for other expenses, but it is a step, for me, in the right direction to cut down on the amount of fiat dollars I am required to use.

Having moved to Florida from Massachusetts, I love being able to shoot guns in my backyard. I feel free out in the country, and love making my own soap, toothpaste, and deodorant. It is a fun challenge to create as many of my own necessities as possible. It is liberating to find unique ways to recycle free materials back into making this mini-farm abundant.

And forgive me if I am exploiting the proletariat, but I use Uber and AirBnB, and that makes me feel free to travel without being forced into government approved unionized methods of transport and lodging.

I realize the structure of corporations is tied to government protectionism, but I don’t think every new business should be written off as an evil arm of global governance. In Iceland I stayed in a woman’s apartment who was a teacher. She rented rooms on AirBnB rather than get a summer job. So I can easily see how AirBnB helps people who have extra room make some money, which frees them from certain obligations.

I don’t consider working for a corporation being exploited, necessarily.

Yes, small business and individual entrepreneurship would be my first choice, and it is certainly the future of freedom. But no one forced someone to work–or rent or drive–for a corporation. And the government is the only entity that forces us to patronize particular corporations. Otherwise, you are free to withdraw your support by not voluntarily handing over your money.

If you want to go drive around trying to make money giving rides without Uber, I am all for that! In fact I even once took a ride from someone doing so.

And many people who rent vacation properties through AirBnB develop a relationship with their customers, so that within a couple years, AirBnB is cut out of the transactions in favor of a direct peer to peer vacation rental deal.

But the fact is Uber facilitates a ride sharing transaction, and therefore adds value to interactions. AirBnB does the same for renting out rooms.

I realize that Uber employs former government officials, but to me that says more about protecting themselves from government. After all, Uber was, and still is, met with hostility in many municipalities throughout the world. Some places, like Massachusetts, even force Uber to subsidize their competition.

I love the discussions here at The Daily Bell, so please set me straight on Uber and AirBnB if there is something I am missing. More specifics than “Uber is controlled by the elites” would be helpful and appreciated!

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • allstardave

    So much “fake news” and so little Truth. Like The Truth Will Set You Free!

  • timothy price

    If “The Daily Bell” is the headline, then we only need “rings for truth and liberty” to follow. No need to repeat Daily Bell.

  • rorna

    Motto suggestion…
    “Ideas are free, Liberty comes at a price”

  • notwithabang

    It tolls for thee /free

    Too late to the naming nomination party I realise, but have always appreciated that line from Donne.

  • jackw97224

    I think Lysander Spooner was correct in his missive: No Treason No. 6, The Constitution of No Authority (circa 1870) and Marc Stevens over at The No State Project on YouTube is showing Spooner to be correct. As you likely know, Stevens asks the simple question: What factual evidence do you (policeman, judge, politician, bureaucrat or anyone) have that the constitution and law apply to me just because I am physically present in some geographical location like Missouri or Tennessee? Of course there is none and never was nor could be as such would be anathema to the very justification for liberation from the English tyranny, i.e. it would only have swapped one tyrant for another.

    • The same tactic has been applied to get out of speeding tickets, the matter of jurisdiction. Certainly an interesting concept.

      • jackw97224

        Yep! The question should be raised in every classroom, every year, from 1st Grade through college/university. It might even be source for debate.

  • I like “Ringing in Liberty”, but am put off by claims of “truth”. The liberty I value means each of us can decide for ourselves what is true, false, fake or real – we don’t need these things dictated to us any more than we need to be proselytized in the name of religion or science.

    • Good point, we will have to play around with the wording.

  • I prefer “Liberty and Truth” in the motto …
    It’s rather a tautology to say the obvious in something like… the “Bell rings” or the “Bell is ringing” , etc… I mean, that’s what a Bell is supposed to do. No?

  • Col. Edward H. R. Green

    I would have proposed the tag “For Truth and Liberty”.

    “Ringing” would be the logical, implicit (elliptical) connection that a reader would mentally make between the title “The Daily Bell”, and the tag.