The Origin of Discontent
By Joe David - October 26, 2017

America is collapsing on almost every crucial level.

Our great universities, which were once a fortress of reason, are shamelessly responsible by producing men and women hell-bent on destroying our free nation. In the last decade especially, corruption has become so widespread in America that many citizens accept it as the norm.

This collapse of law and order didn’t occur overnight, even though it is fashionable to think so by blaming it on the Trump administration. It began years ago when educators systematically began to encourage student disrespect toward America by romanticizing globalism. The anarchy that I predicted in the 80s in my nationally acclaimed novel The Fire Within has today become a reality.

Many of the schemes to break down societal order, first tested and perfected in inner-city schools, have spread throughout the public school system, and into our great universities. This has left many parents bewildered and searching for an explanation.

The excuses often echoed by prominent educators and publications like Education Week are almost always the same with parental neglect, stagnant school spending, lack of diversity, and even racism usually getting top listing. Rarely are educators heard sharing the real reasons for the problem. Those credentialed men and women who have the knowledge and the willingness to shed light on what’s happening are not being allowed to speak out publicly. Whatever crucial information that they may have to share is silenced by disagreeable students and the endless blast of denial and propaganda from the mainstream media.

Our great universities, which have the skill to unite the country, are working hand-in-hand with the media to divide it. To circumvent this national trend, many prominent leaders committed to open dialogue and freedom of speech are boldly resisting this trend by attempting to speak out on campuses against the organized movement to silence them and to subvert freedom. What they are facing almost everywhere for their efforts is armed resistance.

The very institutions that once peacefully guarded our freedom and nurtured our independence are encouraging rioting. UCLA-Berkeley is an excellent example. In a Los Angeles Times article, one demonstrator, disturbed by the negative news coverage campus protestors were getting, wisely believed that such continued coverage would turn the public against the student movement. Unfortunately, the demonstrator didn’t seem to realize that this was exactly what the masterminds behind the rebellion wanted.

In order to break down order in a powerful country like America, they needed widespread discontent. The best way to do this was to train students in Alinsky-style protesting and turn one group against the other. As a young man, educated traditionally in the forties and fifties, I wasn’t prepared for the modern classroom. In my day, the schools were orderly, not a fist-fighting, pill-popping jungle.

Although I was sometimes smart enough to spot the mendacity and propaganda that was creeping into the schools during my school years, the schools were generally a safe place for traditional learning. Most students were taught to understand through education and hard work that they could realize their dreams. When I decided to teach in the sixties and seventies, I saw for the first time the raw reality of change, especially in inner-city schools.

Understanding the cause for this rising breakdown of order didn’t come easily for me. It took time – and much reading, thinking and testing to identify. Like so many teachers, I was concerned about the students’ freedom to run wild and to destroy property with immunity.

At first, I blamed the principal, attributing the disorder to his inability to motivate the students – until I realized that the principal was in place, not because of some accident, but because he was exactly the person needed by the system to advance such chaos. This was true, not just where I taught, but at other inner-city public schools as well. Many principles were used like pawns, carefully chosen, to set in motion activities that would accelerate the disintegration of education.

They did this by employing a myriad of activities, like mismatching teachers and subjects, encouraging student power, and supporting academic programs that would handicap learning. (Several examples of the latter included teaching the look-say reading method, the confusing new math system, and even revisionist history.)

To give purpose to the chaos that followed, ruthless teachers who thrived in failing classrooms were hired to advance their political agenda, in lieu of reading, writing, and arithmetic. When I finally stepped through the cloud of deception, carefully created to blur my understanding of the problem, I began to see a very dark force at play.

Quite by accident I came across Dr. Maria Montessori’s book, The Absorbent Mind, which was published many years earlier. This honest, and easy-to-read book immediately clarified the problem for me. Instead of advancing the moral relativity inherent in pragmatism, taught in most government schools, Dr. Montessori advanced a philosophy of education that respected the moral and intellectual growth of each child.

In my novel, The Fire Within, I identified these two diametrically opposing views of education and set them against each other to demonstrate what would happen when they were put into action. After publishing my book, I went on the road in the early 80s to promote it. Through hard-work and design I was booked by many talk shows, locally and nationally.

I believed then, as I do today, that the surest way to societal salvation begins with the right educational philosophy. This can best be achieved through an education system, like the Montessori system, which respects moral development and individual freedom.

Unfortunately, pragmatism, which basically conflicts with the Montessori system, has a stronghold on today’s education. Ending this stronghold isn’t going to be easy. But if we are to survive as a free and independent society, we must succeed. What is happening today all around us should convince us of the urgency.

Joe David is the author of numerous articles and six books, including The Fire Within and The Infidels. www.bfat.com

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  • Rebelmark

    I taught high school science for 32 years in California (started in 1984 – perfect!) and watched the schools deteriorate as the years went by. The deterioration accelerated after the passage of “No Child Left Behind” during the early 2000s… Sadly, short of a public revival and awakening the public schools are doomed to their fate of being ” weapons of societal mass destruction. I encourage all parents now to home school their children.

    • Maximiliano Plus Adrienne

      the harvest of “Frankfurter Schule” is coming in! Romans would have never allowed their offspring 2 b educated by a stranger!

    • Common Sense

      It started when tight monetary resources kept getting funneled into ESL classes. English secondary costs lots of money. And it slows the entire class progression. Plus, keeping the kids dumb means the banana republics might catch up or even surpass our studies, which appears to be the New Democrat party’s agenda.

  • DjangoCat

    The overweaning question behind all this is Why? Why would any group or organisation with the reach and power to influence the education system want to create chaos? I am, by nature, am an anarchist, but the chaos being generated is not in the proper spirit of anarchy, where people are encouraged to cooperate and work together freely, much as the Montessori education system encourages the students to work together and teach each other.

    I am coming to the belief that there is a great evil loose in the world, and that those at the top of the pile are being co-opted into the secret and evil societies who hold the power. Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut” briefly touches on this phenomenon, without suggesting any antidote. Andrew M. Lobaczewski’s “Political Ponerology” is on my desk to read, being a WWII study of the science of evil. The manuscript was twice destroyed over a period of many years until finally reproduced by its last surviving researcher in 1984. According to the back cover, publication was blocked by Zbigniew Brezinski. The first english edition was published in 2006.

    Interestingly, today Gerald Celente has published a short essay on his meeting with John Connally in Dallas, Texas in 1992, reviewing his experience of the Kennedy assassination, wherein he tells Celente:

    “Gerald, I read your book and it’s a fine piece of work,” he said. “And I know that your heart is in the right place, but you don’t have a clue of what’s going on in the government, and neither do the American people.

    “Because if they did, there’d be a revolution in this country.”

    • Maximiliano Plus Adrienne

      check out the film “Idiocracy”! est modus in rebus

  • Dimitri Ledkovsky

    There’s no question but that our so-called educational system, otherwise recognized by many as a system for brainwashing and queuing up a barely literate and virtually enslaved work force, is in deep do-do. History teaches us that when such a system gets immovably entrenched only a major societal upheaval will cause it to be jettisoned. Expect such an upheaval during the coming ten years. If it fails to appear liberty and morality will be the casualties.

  • The destruction of US university education started maybe 1945 with the invention of
    explosive fission, a military, secret, physical fantasy invented 1942 that, by suddenly
    compressing two bits of non-critical metal, the result was one critical bit that exploded, vaporized and deadly radiated anyone around, e.g. 100 000’s of Japanese. The atomic bomb! It was a US invention. Very popular. Even
    today. But it remains fantasy. However, to become a university, scientific, nuclear expert you must agree it happened. It works brilliantly 2017! If not, FBI will arrest you.

    The next great US fantasy invention was human space travel 1962. John Glenn, an American total nobody was ejected into orbit by a rocket and flew three times around the Earth globe before firing another rocket over Hawaii to slow down over USA to land in the Atlantic Ocean. It was fantastic. Very popular. It never happened
    in reality, but to become a US university, scientific, astrophysical travel expert you must agree it happened. If not, CIA will ensure you agree.

    The 2001 destruction of the WTC at New York produced a great number of new scientific, university experts! Structures suddenly destroyed themselves by gravity! A small, weak top could crush the big, solid, strong bottom into dust and smoke, when Arabs landing up top initiated the weak top to drop! It was a great show live on TV. It never happened in reality, but to become a US university, scientific, structural
    engineer you must agree it happened. If not, GWB & Co were upset.

    Critical engineering and thinking does not exist any longer in America. So the result will be, hopefully, a total collapse sometimes.

  • Samarami

    “…America is collapsing on almost every crucial level….
    It’s fine, as I see it, for that collectivist phenomenon called “America” to collapse. Just so neither you nor I collapse with it. My grandkids (thankfully) are mostly homeschooled, and will not enroll in “universities”. Too many on-line alternatives.
    I can be free. Here. Today. Now. Where I’m “at”.

  • Rosicrucian32

    As “we the people”, we hold responsibility for letting much of this to happen. Good times we let this happen because we are comfortable. Bad times we let this happen because our families and livelihood takes precedence. What is our excuse now?
    It is a time to go forward and take a stand, no longer should we analyze what happened. It is here. Time to get involved, time to toss PC, you don’t have to be rude to state your opinion. If you truly believe what your position is be prepared to support it with conviction and data, then stand your ground when the Hegelian dialect is tossed back at you.
    Be polite, Be professional, and have a plan…………………..

  • Heretic Jones

    Authors, writers, and contributors, please try to understand the meaning of a particular word before using it.

    In the third paragraph the author suggests anti-statism is bad because it leads to so-called ‘anarchy’. This is unfortunate. Statism and the state are bad. Anarchy, which is merely self-ownership, non-aggression, and free association, is the path away from the coercive violence of the state and toward a civilized society. The so-called ‘anarchy’ on the author’s mind usually stems from watching too much TV and, today, reflects well-funded leftist groups bent on fomenting chaos and fear with the goal of expanding the state apparatus. Anarchy means life without a ruler or master. Nothing more.