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Godfrey Bloom

Godfrey Bloom on Feminism, Globalism and the Coming Collapse of the European Union

The Daily Bell is pleased to present this exclusive interview with Godfrey Bloom

Introduction: Godfrey Bloom is a Member of the European Parliament for Yorkshire and the Humber for the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP). He was first elected in 2004, and re-elected in 2009. Before becoming an MEP, Bloom worked as a financial economist. In 2004, Bloom's election to the Yorkshire and the Humber seat was the UKIP's first seat in the region in the European elections. He is an unusual politician, known for making controversial statements and supporting them unapologetically.

Daily Bell: Give us some background on yourself. You worked as a financial economist? Where?

Godfrey Bloom: City of London.

Daily Bell: When did you decide to join UKIP – and what is it?

Godfrey Bloom: I joined in 1995, I had never been involved in politics but as head of fixed interest investments at a specialist investment company I saw the overwhelming dangers of a common currency in Europe without political reform. At the time nobody seemed to see the danger, whatever they may say now. When a guest lecturer at Cambridge University they thought I was mad.

Daily Bell: Can you give us a short background on UKIP and its leadership?

Godfrey Bloom: A party committed to secession from the European Union and small government. The leader is Nigel Farage, who is also an ex City of London man who understands how markets work.

Daily Bell: What's your position in it?

Godfrey Bloom: Economics and City of London spokesman. I am also spokesman on employment legislation which so seriously damages small businesses.

Daily Bell: In 2004, you were elected to the Yorkshire and the Humber seat. Please expand.

Godfrey Bloom: When I stood in 2004 we had no money, no infrastructure and no team. We cobbled together a small team and got elected with a staggering vote. We were much more organized in 2009 and the vote increased again.

Daily Bell: Comment on the counterproductive nature of women's rights. You've said, "No self-respecting small businessman with a brain in the right place would ever employ a lady of child-bearing age."

Godfrey Bloom: The State now tells businesses how much leave they can have, the minimum wage, pension arrangements, working time and maternity leave, which is a complete nightmare to work with. Paradoxically, most women do not want it, as they know it means they will lose the job to an older woman whose children have grown up.

Daily Bell: You also said, "I am here to represent Yorkshire women who always have dinner on the table when you get home." Some say you have a problem with women. Do you think so?

Godfrey Bloom: I made the point that homemakers are worthy of our consideration, too. I am the leading sponsor of women's rugby in the country! I have no problem with women (well, the usual ones of any red blooded male!). Nearly all my staff are women. They are marvelous and hard working but raising a family and making a home is enormously important, too. Many feminists simply can't believe that. They are locked into a bra-burning 1970s time warp. Rather sad, really. Painting me as a misogynist spares them from making rational arguments.

Daily Bell: Do you believe equal-rights legislation is in fact putting women out of work?

Godfrey Bloom: I don't 'believe it'; I know it to be so and the statistics prove it. Now, though, equal rights legislation is endangering men, with paternity leave. Young men will soon find older men are preferred.

Daily Bell: Should prostitution be legalized?

Godfrey Bloom: Of course. It would protect the women who want to do it and free those in the underworld who don't but are forced to. Liberty of contract should apply as in other transactions.

Daily Bell: Is there such a thing as climate change?

Godfrey Bloom: Yes, indeed. Roman, Minoan Warming, Medieval warming, the little ice age, warming of the 1980s, early 1990s. Indisputable. Climate change is as old as the Earth itself.

Daily Bell: Who are the climate crooks?

Godfrey Bloom: People who pretend climate change is man-made for their own personal profit. The world has not now warmed since 1995 so the hypothesis is obviously flawed. I just wonder how long it will take for politicians to admit it. In renaissance Italy it was two generations before they accepted the Earth went round the sun, in spite of the overwhelming evidence.

Daily Bell: Should the Rainbow Warrior have been bombed?

Godfrey Bloom: Greenpeace operates outside the law and uses intimidation and corporate and political blackmail. It should be sunk but without loss of life.

Daily Bell: You believe the EU to be more and more like Nazi Germany?

Godfrey Bloom: It is an interesting question. I believe it to be economically fascist and bureaucratically based on the Soviet Union.

Daily Bell: Are EU officials fascists, in your opinion?

Godfrey Bloom: I think statist would be a better description, although the economic system is fascist. I do not use the term in a politically pejorative way but as a matter of fact, i.e., control the means of production. The Soviet system owned the means of production.

Daily Bell: Is Britain over-regulated?

Godfrey Bloom: The entire Anglosphere and Western Europe is over-regulated. It has created a rent seeker class of bureaucrats. It will be difficult to dislodge.

Daily Bell: Is England getting less free?

Godfrey Bloom: Freedom is a thing of the past. You can have your children stolen by the state; over 100 agencies can break into your house; 50 percent of GDP is spent by the government. I could go on.

Daily Bell: Does England need a Royal Family?

Godfrey Bloom: Oh, yes. We are a constitutional monarchy. I just wish they would take a stronger line on constitutional matters. Think of the alternative ... a president. Too ghastly.

Daily Bell: What do you think of Prince Charles?

Godfrey Bloom: I have never met him. I have had the pleasure of meeting other members of the Royal Family.

Daily Bell: What do you think of the Queen and Royal Consort?

Godfrey Bloom: I think they have done a very good job save Her Majesty's failure to protect the Constitution. HRH Duke of Edinburgh is probably the best consort we have ever had.

Daily Bell: Who is the power in Britain, the Royal Family or the City of London?

Godfrey Bloom: Neither. It is a secret world of senior bureaucrats of whom we know little, people of enormous power whom we never see. They belong to secret organizations of which we know little. Common purpose, Bilderberg – much more sophisticated than the old-school tie or funny handshake.

Daily Bell: Are the bankers in charge of Britain?

Godfrey Bloom: No, but like rogue elephants in the drawing rooms they control events for long periods of time.

Daily Bell: Does Britain run the world?

Godfrey Bloom: Sadly, no longer. It was a better place when we did.

Daily Bell: Should Britain leave the EU?

Godfrey Bloom: Yes. We should never have joined. Indeed, we were persuaded it was just a free trade zone in 1975.

Daily Bell: What will happen to the EU? Is it breaking up?

Godfrey Bloom: It is already failing; quite how it will work out is not yet clear. It will have to go back to a trade arrangement with some other less onerous treaty obligations.

Daily Bell: Is the EU being run by Brussels? Germany? France?

Godfrey Bloom: It used to be a German horse with a French jockey. At the moment it is a German horse with a French stable boy.

Daily Bell: Is austerity a good idea?

Godfrey Bloom: Austerity is not an economic policy. It is the result of a failed economic policy. Austerity is what every family has to instigate after an expensive holiday or Xmas.

Daily Bell: Will Greece stay in the Union? Spain? Portugal?

Godfrey Bloom: They will stay in as long as the Germans pick up the tab. Why would they not? Nobody leaves a party until the free booze runs out.

Daily Bell: Does the EU need to change to survive?

Godfrey Bloom: It is beyond repair now. With no democratic mandate, it cannot survive, but when exactly it will collapse is in the lap of the gods.

Daily Bell: How about Britain? Does Britain need a dose of the free market?

Godfrey Bloom: Yes, but we move away each year as mercantilism continues its onward march. It is a tall order. People without the benefit of a traditional education (most Brits under 50) think we already have one.

Daily Bell: What about public health? Does that work?

Godfrey Bloom: Well, 1.3 million employees, half of whom have no medical qualification at all, clearly doesn't work efficiently. Politically, though, advocating radical reform is not yet viable. Might as well try and vote out the sacred cow in India.

Daily Bell: Should the BBC be broken up?

Godfrey Bloom: Yes. It is an anachronism. Why should you be sent to prison for not sending the BBC money if you have a TV? The standard of public service television is now pretty low. Repeats, mainly. The management is inefficient and top heavy. Their salaries are eye-watering. The last head of BBC TV was earning £450,000 per annum. That's over half a million dollars for showing repeats. Ordinary people struggle to pay the license fee.

Daily Bell: Why does law enforcement insist on so many cameras in Britain?

Godfrey Bloom: This is again about money. Cameras are very big business; it is nothing to do with law enforcement.

Daily Bell: Is the world headed toward government under the UN?

Godfrey Bloom: I think whenever we get close to global government the voters wake up and say no. Look at the riots in Spain and Greece.

Daily Bell: Are we on the verge of a world currency?

Godfrey Bloom: Yes, I think we are. It will be gold de facto if not de jure.

Daily Bell: How about a world depression?

Godfrey Bloom: Yes. We are at the beginning now.

Daily Bell: Is China emerging as a great power?

Godfrey Bloom: Still too early to say. Yes if she can shake off the inherent gangsterism in the system.

Daily Bell: Russia? Brazil? India?

Godfrey Bloom: Ditto for Russia. Brazil and India, no, not really. Culturally not suited to great power status.

Daily Bell: Where does Britain go from here?

Godfrey Bloom: Down before up. Britain has had a turbulent past. Very low ebb in the 1700s and 1930s and 70s. A leader will emerge; they always do.

Daily Bell: How about UKIP?

Godfrey Bloom: I think UKIP will change the political dynamic and a new party will emerge to lead us out. It will be formed by people of vision, people who have business experience, pragmatists and patriots. We must flush away the college kid syndrome, which has overtaken us in the UK.

Daily Bell: What will happen to the Tories and David Cameron?

Godfrey Bloom: If Cameron stays much longer the party will disintegrate or remain out of office for another decade.

Daily Bell: What about Labour?

Godfrey Bloom: Difficult to say. They have an unelectable leader at present. They need another Blair. Dreadful though Blair was, he was a charismatic leader. Disastrously, a leader has to look good on TV so a largely moronic electorate will turn out for him.

Daily Bell: Are these parties out of date?

Godfrey Bloom: Completely and hopelessly. They represent no one, there are no policy differences and fewer people vote for them or join them as members.

Daily Bell: Is the future for Britain a UKIP one? A free-market one?

Godfrey Bloom: I hope so. Small government, flat tax and a genuine bonfire of regulation. We are the only game in town for a free society, not just trade.

Daily Bell: Any other thoughts?

Godfrey Bloom: Yes, I know America quite well and I believe we face almost the exact same problems. In fact, after my last lecture tour in July, it was almost uncanny how similar our problems are.

Daily Bell: Thanks for your time. It's most appreciated.

Anthony Wile

The Daily Bell
After Thoughts

Thanks to Godfrey Bloom for an interesting interview that speaks for itself. We'll focus on one remark that we found intriguing. He tells us that the power in Britain "is a secret world of senior bureaucrats of whom we know little, people of enormous power whom we never see. They belong to secret organizations of which we know little. Common Purpose, Bilderberg – much more sophisticated than the old-school tie or funny handshake."

This is a great point he makes. In both the US and Britain (and throughout Europe, really) there are political posts that are basically handed down from generation to generation. This is certainly true, we've read, in the US – where various State Department posts (generically anyway) travel from parent to child in an orderly fashion.

This only makes sense over time, as government can be an arcane business. The money is tremendous and the positions themselves are most easily accessible to those who understand how to gain access to them. If one comes from a family with a tradition of public service, one is apt to have a much easier time of it when it comes to gaining an initial berth.

That does not mean however, that those who occupy these bureaucratic situations create policy, as Bloom suggests. These people DO have power within the secretive channels of bureaucracy and can affect the implementation of policy. But that's not the same as CREATING it.

No, the state bureaucracy does exercise a great deal of secretive power, but the ORGANIZATIONAL power does not lie at that level, nor could it. The implacable advance toward global governance is evidently and obviously being coordinated worldwide, and various national bureaucracies are not capable of such international coordination.

Now, one could argue that the globalist bureaucracies are driving global governance. But the staffers on the IMF, World Bank and even the UN perform policy functions. The strategic elements that have been put in place obviously derive from a high level. We know this simply from the creation of such organizations. There were individuals (the Rockefellers come to mind) who provided resources and guidance when it came to the establishment of the internationalist infrastructure after World War II.

Bloom does us a great service by reminding us of the power that the unelected bureaucracy wields in democratic societies. But what we call Money Power is exercised at a higher level than that. It's not exactly clear who wields it, which is why we usually do not provide names. But it is a good bet that the same individuals and families that control the world's 150 or so central banks are contributing in aggregate to the still-secret plan to create what appears to be a single government around the world.

Of course, people like Mr. Bloom don't agree with this globalist conspiracy and are fighting it on various political levels. For that, he has our thanks. We don't agree with globalism either, for reasons we try to explain every day on this website.

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