Gary North: Free Market, Ron Paul Curriculum Advance and Public Schools Are Doomed
By Anthony Wile - December 21, 2014

Introduction: Gary North, Ph.D., is Director of Curriculum Development for the Ron Paul Curriculum and editor of the Tea Party Economist and GaryNorth.com. He is the author of more than 30 books, including Mises on Money and Honest Money: The Biblical Blueprint for Money and Banking and a free 20-volume series, An Economic Commentary on the Bible. Gary North's articles have been published in The Wall Street Journal, Journal of Political Economy, Commercial & Financial Chronicle, The Freeman, Modern Age, Journal of Libertarian Studies, LewRockwell.com, CoinAge and Coin World.

Dr. North has previously served as a research assistant for Congressman Ron Paul, Editor of Journal of Christian Reconstruction, President of the Institute for Christian Economics, Founder and editor of Remnant Review and a senior staff member, Foundation for Economic Education from 1971-73. He earned a Ph.D. in history from the University of California, Riverside.

Daily Bell: Hello, Gary. Thanks for joining us to talk about the Ron Paul Curriculum: The Story of Liberty, K-12, "an education in liberty like no other." Although I'm sure many of our readers have looked at the curriculum, it is constantly evolving. Please give us an overview of the program today.

Gary North: K-5 are free for now. These are readings-based. They can be downloaded for free. Parents should come to the site and see what is available.

Beginning on August 1, 2015, we will be substituting video-based courses. The K-5 program will then be available only to subscribers.

Grades 6-11 are available now. Grade 12 will be available by August 1, 2015. Parents can preview the existing courses. The first lecture/assignment of each course is online as a sample.

Daily Bell: What was the impetus for the Ron Paul Curriculum? Is Dr. Paul the sole driving force behind its inception or was this a cooperative effort?

Gary North: It is an extension of his book on education, The School Revolution. I am the site's manager.

Daily Bell: Is the Ron Paul Curriculum a complete curriculum, K-12, or do students need to supplement with other materials or programs?

Gary North: No. Our free PDFs do just fine.

Daily Bell: There's quite an impressive list of scholars who are preparing and facilitating the Ron Paul Curriculum, including you. What is your role now?

Gary North: I am director of curriculum development. I produce two or three courses a year. This year it's Western literature II (1492-present) and economics.

Daily Bell: What was your own schooling like?

Gary North: Standard public high school/college. In my sophomore year of college, I came up with the basic outline of what needed to be done: a curriculum tied to Western civilization and Austrian School economics. That was in 1960. In the late 1960s, I was a teaching assistant in the Western Civ program of the University of California, Riverside. That further persuaded me about the need for such a program in high school. But the technology for delivering the lectures was limited: cassette tapes. These were too costly to deliver for high school.

My conceptual breakthrough came in 1982. I saw a way for Pat Robertson to use video technology to take over fundamentalist higher education with his satellite. I presented a paper to him, at his request. He ignored it. So, I published it a year later. A man at Jerry Falwell's Liberty University read it. Liberty was about to go bankrupt. It could no longer pay interest on its bonds. Ron Godwin read my essay, and he presented it to Falwell to create Liberty's "university without walls" program. Falwell approved it. Godwin did it with VCRs, not satellite. That program made Liberty the largest and most profitable private Christian university on Earth. The article was "Levers, Fulcrums, and Hornets."

When I saw YouTube, I realized that what I had recommended to Robertson in 1982 could be done without satellite.

In short, technology caught up with my vision.

Daily Bell: Why is there a need for something like this?

Gary North: Because millions of parents are discontented with tax-funded education, but they cannot afford private, brick-and-mortar education, and they do not have the time and self-confidence necessary to design and implement a K-12 homeschool program. So, beginning next August, we will do all of the teaching above grade 2. We will do 90% of it in grades K-2.

Daily Bell: Was there a time when education in the West was a positive in children's development? What has happened to education in the US and the West?

Gary North: The invention of the printing press with movable metal type was the technological revolution needed to create universal education. (The Koreans invented it first, in the 13th century, but it did not change much – no alphabet.) English Puritans took advantage of this revolution early. So did Dutch Protestants. They created programs of literacy for the masses. But they adopted the medieval university's curriculum, and that was a huge mistake from which they did not recover. That model was too far removed from the world of business and technology.

Daily Bell: What is the most harmful aspect of modern Western schooling?

Gary North: Tax funding.

Daily Bell: Have children always been required to attend school for so many years in the West?

Gary North: No. It began only after World War II in the United States.

Daily Bell: Why do people need to go to school for over a decade to become "educated"?

Gary North: Because they accept the state's model for shaping children's minds. Colleges require it.

Formal education in the West, ever since the late 11th century, has been an extension of the universities. It was education for the elite. The elite wanted access to bureaucratic posts: church or state.

Calvinists in the sixteenth century wanted universal education in the churches. They wanted everyone to be able to read the Bible. But they refused to tamper with the elitist model for college. The college remained an institution designed to supply screened members for the pulpits and the state bureaucracies.

Daily Bell: Does having a doctoral degree mean one is educated? How valuable is post-secondary education at this point?

Gary North: In the spring of 1969, the Ph.D. glut began. It has only gotten worse. I have written about this for years. Even The New York Times picked up one of my articles on this, "The Ph.D. Glut Began in 1969. It Is Far Worse Today, a Million Ph.D.'s Later. Still, the Lemmings Do Not Learn."

Post-secondary education is required to get into college. College is a screening device. It lets businesses recruit. Colleges do for businesses what college football does for the NFL. It trains candidates at no cost to the NFL. The NFL then picks the most likely masters.

College education has always been about getting accepted by the bureaucratic elite. Today, there are millions of degree-holders. The rate of return is falling in most fields. Engineering is an exception.

This is why the Ron Paul Curriculum recommends distance learning for college. It is cheap: under $15,000, total. One of the RPC's instructors, Bradley Fish, earned his B.A. on his 18th birthday. He paid about $11,000. He produces the RPC's courses on cramming for CLEP/AP/DSST exams. Any RPC student can easily enter college as a junior.

Daily Bell: Does Western schooling educate students?

Gary North: Yes. It produces the kinds of voters Keynesians approve of.

Daily Bell: There is a rather widely held belief among some that schools, even public schools, used to teach children how to learn rather than what to think. Is that accurate, generally speaking, or a romanticized notion of the "good old days"?

Gary North: This has never been true. Until the invention of the printing press in the West, formal education was the province of priesthoods and lawyers. Price competition broke the stranglehold. That was in the mid-15th century. The next phase began in 1990: the World Wide Web. In 1995 came the graphics user browser: Netscape – great invention, but no business plan. Bill Gates saw the opportunity. He used Internet Explorer to move Microsoft onto the Web.

Daily Bell: Give us a historical example or two of effective educational systems.

Gary North: The Khan Academy. It is the model of the future. Everything else is comparable to mass education before 1455. Doomed.

Daily Bell: Was Bismarck the founder of modern Western schooling? Were his ideas good?

Gary North: No. No.

Read two books. Start with R. J. Rushdoony's Messianic Character of American Education (1963). It follows the confessions of faith of the founders of modern American public education. It traces the origin to the state board of education in Massachusetts. Massachusetts was the last state to abandon tax-funded churches. That was in 1833. It replaced tax-funded churches with a new form of church: tax-funded education. That was in 1837. Horace Mann was the pioneer. The pubic schools are America's only established churches today.

The other book is John Taylor Gatto's Underground History of American Education. He follows the money. It leads back to big business, which wanted compliant workers in factories.

Both books are online for free.

Daily Bell: What about Dewey? Didn't Dewey believe more in socialization than education?

Gary North: Yes. But he was a late-comer: Chapter 15 in Rushdoony's book.

Daily Bell: Let's get back to the specifics of the Ron Paul Curriculum. It is mostly self-taught. Explain the benefits of a self-taught curriculum.

Gary North: Students learn at their own pace. Parents after grade 2 do not have to do anything, other than pay for the curriculum: around $500 a year for the first student, and $250 for the others. Parents are encouraged to read the weekly essays, but they don't have to.

Daily Bell: The courses are video-based, delivered via the Internet. What benefits are provided by this format as compared to traditional textbook-based lessons?

Gary North: Modern textbooks are written by low-level educators to get past screening committees of establishment academics. These books are aimed at public schools. They parrot the latest party line. The best book on this is Francis Fitzgerald's America Revised (1979). It reveals the most important historian in American history: David Saville Muzzey. From 1911 to 1966, his textbook dominated the teaching of American history in high schools. I was one of his victims. No one remembers him today.

The RPC focuses on primary source documents. The lectures provide the narratives and analyses to take students through the primary sources.

I use a textbook for the first half of my economics course: Robert Murphy's textbook, which is aimed at high school students. It was not written for a committee. I then take students through monographs by Mises and Rothbard, as well as some of my own monographs.

Daily Bell: Are there books that you do encourage students to read? Give us some examples of the most important books to read – by students or anyone, for that matter – to get a good understanding of the overall principles stressed by the Ron Paul Curriculum.

Gary North: I start the government course with Bastiat's The Law. I add other classic essays by Bastiat. I take them through state Senator H.L. Richardson's What Makes You Think We Read the Bills? That immunizes them against the claims of politicians. In economics, they read Mises's Bureaucracy. They read Rothbard's What Has Government Done to Our Money? They read Mises's classic essay, "Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth" (1920). In literature, they read literature – an amazing concept!

Daily Bell: You and Tom Woods, both prolific writers, teach students to write beginning in the fourth grade. What approach do you take to teaching writing, and how does that differ from what's taught in most Western public schools?

Gary North: They write a weekly essay for each course in social science and humanities. Do that for eight years in two or three classes, and you learn how to write. Writing is a self-taught skill. Read well-written materials. Then write about them.

Daily Bell: Why has writing become such a lost art? It does not seem to be taught at all in most modern Western schools. Why not?

Gary North: Writing cannot be graded by Scantron. Yet.

Daily Bell: What kinds of things do students write? How are essay topics chosen?

Gary North: Topics are selected just as they have been for 900 years. "What can most students write about coherently in 100 to 200 words?"

Daily Bell: You are one of the main teachers in the social sciences and humanities. How do you approach your educative responsibilities?

Gary North: Two lessons a day. Maybe three. I have cranked out 610 so far. I have 650 to go.

Daily Bell: This curriculum teaches self-discipline. How?

Gary North: By requiring a weekly essay or exam. Then we strongly recommend that students create their own WordPress.com blogs, and post their papers where everyone can read them. Students do not like to look like dolts in front of their peers.

Here are examples of student blog essays.






Daily Bell: How are you able to keep the costs of this program so low?

Gary North: Camtasia Studio and Amazon S3.

Daily Bell: At this point you're offering courses for grades 6 to 11 in English, history, Western Civ, math, science, biology, physical science, chemistry, public speaking, government, economics and personal finance. What other courses do you expect to offer for the upper grades when the curriculum is complete?

Gary North: Physics, U.S. history, English, business, and math through calculus.

Daily Bell: Will the curriculum emphasize spiritual or religious issues?

Gary North: Every issue is religious. Commitment to the free society is deeply religious . . . and not widely shared.

Daily Bell: Students get two courses on free-market economics. Can you expand? Do they learn about Keynes or just Mises, et al.?

Gary North: This has been cut to one course. They read mainly Austrians, but I will go through Marx, which I wrote a book about in 1968 (Marx's Religion of Revolution), and Keynes.

Daily Bell: There is a how-to course on how to reclaim America. Is this possible? What is the format of the course?

Gary North: It has been canceled. I figured out that students will not take elective courses that are not required by colleges. That means only one economics course and one government course. Students are hard-pressed to get through everything. We make two exceptions: Western civilization – the RPC's core course – and business, where money is on the line.

Daily Bell: Are you hopeful that this course will have an impact on public schools?

Gary North: No.

Daily Bell: Could it sweep the country?

Gary North: No.

Daily Bell: Can people entirely home school with the Ron Paul Curriculum instead of sending their kids to school?

Gary North: Yes.

Daily Bell: Are public schools doomed?

Gary North: Yes . . . for the same reasons that established churches were doomed. They extract money from taxpayers who disapprove of both the priesthood and its theology.

Daily Bell: Are modern private schools any better, curriculum-wise?

Gary North: A little. Sometimes.

Daily Bell: Why is Western schooling so socialistic?

Gary North: It is funded by the state. Follow the money.

Daily Bell: Can Western schooling be turned around by programs like this?

Gary North: Yes.

Daily Bell: Any other comments you want to make?

Gary North: Anyone who reads this and who does not immediately pull his children, grades 6-11, out of the public schools, is normal. There is great resistance. "Our local schools are different!" The textbooks aren't.

Daily Bell: Resources you want to mention?

Gary North: Ron Paul's The School Revolution.

Daily Bell: Thanks for your time. Good luck.

Gary North: You're welcome. But there is no such thing as luck. "Luck will get you over the ditch if you jump hard enough." – Charles Spurgeon.

After Thoughts

Ha! … Gary North can be a kind of curmudgeon but his insights into modern Western economics are often brilliant and usually plainspoken. In this case, he is taking on a monumental and worthwhile job.

Just as Lew Rockwell and the Mises Institute changed economics in the US and even in the West, so this curriculum will likely prove a blow to public schooling.

Of course, as Dr. North points out, Western-style public schooling is probably doomed in any case. It is becoming less and less relevant even as it is becomes more of a burden for the taxpayer.

There is already significant unrest in many major Western countries regarding taxation. And without taxation, were the current tax systems to fail, public schooling would likely collapse as well.

Can't happen too soon, in our opinion. Children spend an incredible amount of time in school these days and most of what happens in those schools involves indoctrination rather than education.

These schools fail to include a main component of education, which is critical thinking. Nonetheless, the Internet Reformation is beginning to spawn what public schools lack – credible information and informed history.

The Ron Paul Curriculum will only increase the pressure on accepted Western schooling, in our view. People are becoming increasingly aware of the kind of alternative history offered by alternative media sites including, of course, The Daily Bell.

A final note. Gary North alludes to a number of historical influences on education and information. Bismarck, Dewey and Gutenberg surely remain important influencers along with those Dr. North mentions.

Our thanks to Dr. North for the good work he is doing and for taking time out of his busy schedule to provide this informative and provocative interview.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Bill Ross

    Well done, Dr. North, Ron Paul & DB

    Influence young minds before dogma becomes habit, creating Pavlov robots / slaves out of people.

    My chosen approach / task is complementary, to overcome the entrenched dogma, requiring a bigger, less subtle / politically “correct” stick:


    After all, defeating any enemy requires a pincer movement, “on all fronts” and, the internet reformation has taken the war against intelligence n-dimensional, and, the war, nth generational.

    The bigger they are, the harder they fall – a truth that dinosaurs and centralized power (states) have in common. Too big and stupid to adapt.

    • Thanks.

      • Hey You

        DB: The various essasys and comments which appear on your site tend to be intelligent and pertinent. I am somewhat put-off by religious content which typically promotes ideologies with which I have serious questions. On the other hand, the Daily Bell most often provide factual information. Perhaps this factual information can be distilled into a coherent education program that can escape the “baggage” of religion.

        • We are primarily a news journal that educates within our paradigm. We look forward to the RPC curriculum and trust that it will be appropriate for various belief structures and ideologies. Lord knows, something needs to be done …

  • davidnrobyn

    This seems to be a very well-planned and thought-out homeschooling course. But the main thing is, homeschool! You can do better than the public schools. Really! Homeschooling starts out with a huge advantage: It is a real-world environment, rather than an artificial, contrived one. Everything else flows from that.

    Parents reproduce themselves. If you’ve only got an 8th-grade education, well, that’s a good start for your kid! And you’ve got specialized knowledge you can only teach him/her if YOU’RE the teacher/mentor.

    I’ve known several homeschool families, and without exception, the kids are more thoughtful, more articulate, less susceptible to peer pressure, and BETTER SOCIALIZED (yes, really) than their dumbed-down peers in the government schools.

    Go for it!

    • acudoc1949

      I teach homeschoolers. They are non-neurotic. What a pleasure to teach!

  • Sydney

    If I may, No, nether Lew Rockwell or the Mises institute changed economics (discussion) in the US. If anyone can be acknowledged it would be Ron Paul (advocated withdrawing military support from another country in the Middle East in a televised presidential debate and then suggesting people consider Austrian economics. The jaw dropping courage to present the first opinion made the suggestion to explore Austrian economics very appealing) and then the internet as a forum, and sites like the DB for excellent content and free-market thought. More and more it appears Mises and the Mises institute (and members there of) play a very important role in the dialectic of economic control. Per Dr. Fekete no one from Mises will debate him on Adam Smith’s gold bills, all the while as a group they disparage or ignore the concept of real bills which diseminates the time value of currency into the hands of the individual (most beneficial to members of the chain of production of seasonal items) rather than concentrating it into the hands of a diminishing smaller group of finical oligarchs, while the financial oligarchs are not necessary or even desirable. The infinitely expanding mound of wealth and power consolidated within the world of finance lies upon the obfuscation of real bills and the lie that government is necessary. There will be gangs of murderous thugs don’t ya know? Of course that’s apparently what we have now, a phenomena that grows in proportion to government spending and overall size of government. Don’t forget government is the very best customer of the financial oligarchs. Go ahead Mises and Mises institute, prattle on, and on, and on about honest money but don’t ever, ever, never ever, bring up, discuss, debate any thing close to real bills. You see real bills play a significant role in providing liquidity in redeemable commodity (gold) currency which empowers the individual. Also, and perhaps more importantly, Real bills direct the time value of currency away from the financial oligarchs. Charging interest on debt in the form of paper or decimal entries is not necessary or desirable unless of course you have a franchise on it. The mirror image of this practice, which at one time in human history was disparagingly referred to as usury and held in very low repute, is transacting in media that has its value tied to production and then a designated amount of gold. Hold and trade that media, a real bill (gold bill) and redeem it for less than face value until a certain date when it becomes redeemable for full face value of gold. It is of interest and note that except for the DB, Dr. Fekete does not have much of a presence even on the internet representing increasing control of the discussion even on the internet. RT gave him some time because he criticized the growing popularity of the Austrian school. To RT apparent dismay he did this NOT by emphasizing the Austrian Schools lack of value but by pointing out that it has been subverted. Yes, that Austrian School that the Mises institute represents. According to Dr. Fekete, Mises himself blatantly ignored the work of Mises’ contemporary Carl Menger from whose work the Austrian School sprung forth. After making this clear Dr. Fekete’s mic at RT was promptly shut off. You see the work of Carl Menger is pure Austrian economics, a philosophy of free exchange and economic prosperity which rests at least primarily on honest money and the liquidity that arrises from real bills. The current financial oligarchs have known this full well for a long time even going back to when they trotted Mises out to subvert the Austrian School by dooming it to a lack of liquidity, economic depression of gold without real bills (or silver). Oh, yes, yes, I know that Mises and the Mises Institute have done such great work and such great things. Ok, if you want, but please consider they also implicate themselves as having corrupted the true Austrian School, Carl Menger’s Austrian School, all the same and in apparently a purposeful way, by ignoring Dr. Fekete. Great praise to the DB, maybe the last bastion of free market thinking and discussion, for giving Dr. Fekete what little internet presence he has without the obligatory partnering of Dr. Fekete with Karen Hudes (apparent disinfo.) in the only other appearances Dr. Fekete seems to have had. Best Wishes.

    • Thank you, Sydney, but let’s give credit where credit is due. Von Mises and Lewrockwell.com have been important influencers. Dr. Paul was a close friend of Murray Rothbard’s. Dr. Fekete has important things to say and history’s dialectic will prove them out to a greater or lesser extent. That will not negate the legacy of those that have gone before. Also, you make a most incendiary analysis of Mises et. al. But we met Rothbard and can say with some certainty that he was no one’s puppet. If someone wishes to charge interest, an age-old human practice, they ought to be allowed to do so without being thrown in jail.

      • Sydney

        Certainly agree should not throw anyone in jail for charging interest or borrowing at interest, or for almost anything else for that matter if it could be resolved privately, I guess. I would humbly submit that one should share a reasonable alternative to lending or borrowing at interest if one exists. And yes an alternative does exist. Not sharing reasonable alternatives in a good natured way and we are then on our way to “gaming the counterparty” (DB term, one of the reasons I enjoy reading here). If someone refuses to offer a reasonable alternative or even consider it openly then we are all free to judge that person on that basis and if we so desire disassociate ourselves from that person to whatever degree we choose, aren’t we. Does that make me a “brutal libertarian”? I would guess DB would not call me names but apparently others would (reference to J. Tucker per W. McElroy 7/31/14). If someone chooses to be a member of a club that obfuscates other options to lending at interest, well no hard feelings really but no, one should not ignore their actions (their decision to bury a topic of import) and solely listen to what they say. I highly doubt Mises and Rothbard for that matter was/were anything but highly intelligent (ignoring real bills was not an over site) and like other people, all others likely, had their loyalties, on whatever bias. No, definitely not a puppet. Did Rothbard forward some good ideas? OK, fine, he did. But I don’t think it is that terribly incendiary (certainly no intention of offending anyone really) to suggest he chose, like Mises and Mises followers to this day, to ignore reasonable alternatives to lending at interest. And finally, who exactly is Ron Paul and his son Rand? I am of the mind really best wishes to all, but I wouldn’t expect, nor believe anyone to be a saint, although its hard not to be a fan of Ron Paul. Some say his wife (and Ron?) where/are part of what has become a notable club? How does this factor into being a fan of his, I really don’t know. In the end we all have our agendas. Please allow me to make mine plain. I enjoy the hell out of this web site and am really grateful for a daily read and feedback opportunity. If it wasn’t for the DB I would have to watch the blank stares and endure awkward changes to meaningless subjects in conversations like this that I no longer attempt with family and friends. All I can say is that I play the lottery regularly and someday if I win the DB will win big too. Best Wishes.

        • Ha, thank you, Sydney.

        • Bill Ross

          “would have to watch the blank stares and endure awkward changes to meaningless subjects in conversations”

          yep, well said, makes one want to be a hermit, if not for a very rare remnant of notable friends and dusty, marginalized books, due to lack of fit intellectual company.

          and, why might that be?:


          • Praetor

            Why might that be? Deficiency or the absence of true critical thinking, (thoughts). Disraeli: Experience is the child of thought, and thought is the child of Action. We cannot learn men from books. Every one in the western world is allowing someone else’s to think for them. No experience, No thoughts, No action, they are boring. They sit in their house while it burns They are ineffectual and have no meaning in their lives, and are only existing to live another day. The Elites have succeeded in producing a generation of dolt’s, of course not “All”, some are aware, but, not many. If their is action, its one of hate and envy. So, why might that be, becoming a hermit, I mean!!

  • I homeschool, using the K12 curriculum. This program is widely state approved and is also popular where it is not state approved. So far history has been a disappointment. They actually teach bible stories as history. When they’re not doing that, they’re deifying the state. They taught the George Washington cherry tree story as fact. They occasionally describe pharaohs as benevolent rulers. It goes beyond all of that with the PC bs. My son doesn’t see people of different races as different. The PC agenda they are trying to teach is trying to end that. Big government and big religion are in full force. I’m an anachocapitalist and an atheist. As the teacher I’m able to teach with sidebars and occasionally completely skip lessons. Obviously this helps. I’ve considered the RPC although when I looked at it a while back it seemed a bit too unstructured for my needs. I’m still in the lower grades. I’ve been thinking of switching and when I read this interview with Dr. North I was once again intrigued by the RPC. I’m still concerned about the religious aspect both Paul and North are well known to be religious. I’m also worried about the idea that they teach my son instead of me teaching him. I get great rewards teaching him. I would like to stay involved. It also allows me to run interference when ideals I don’t agree with are introduced. This is my fourth son. My first three went to private school while I ran my business. This time I was fortunate enough to be able to semi-retire early to enjoy teaching and spending time with my boy. I’m not entirely happy with the curriculum I’m using. I would like to find out more about the RPC.

    • There plenty of material available on RPC. Good luck.

    • Bill Ross

      Man is intellectually parochial, adrift in an infinity of possibilities, seeking advantage for restricted POV’s, first pointed out by Smith, Wealth of Nations, myopic corruption of professions. The epiphany that is being collectively imposed upon us (by natural law, actions leading to consequences) is “All POV’s are VALID (for those who hold them ONLY)”, so long as everyone faces the consequences (good or bad) of their own actions. Clearly, in the coming renaissance, meddlers and controllers no matter how glib, “are not welcome”

      • The most curious social convention of the great age in which we live is the one to the effect that religious opinions should be respected.
        — H L Mencken, in American Mercury (March, 1930)

        • Bill Ross

          not biting, We could go on forever, attempting to out-quote each other with “great truths”

          as to the quote above: true, so long as respect does no extend to allowing opinions to be imposed on you, should you dissent. Clearly, respecting a cannibal’s self-decreed religious “right / belief” to eat you is not to be respected.

  • Another wonderful interview and I learned many details I was unaware of. Thanks. I appreciate the personal experiences from RS below, and especially the insightful comments by Sydney. I see the balance in DBs response to Sydney but I do suspect the Mises Inst. has been co-opted. If in fact they are in opposition to Fekete and in particular to real bills, they are suspect in my view. Instead of opposing or ignoring Prof. Fekete, why not work with him to further the art (I am afraid economics is an art and not a science – a black art as practiced today – but an art nonetheless)? We need all the help we can get in constructing a better monetary system! As for education, if a parent encourages their child to think for themselves, and engage in critical thinking, the internet – along with experiences in the real world – can provide all the resources needed for that young person to complete their education themselves. That is already taking place today in so many ways and the DB is one of the ways that I trust. I am not sure why but there seems to be a lack of a hidden agenda here for one thing and the ability for others to comment is helpful. DB seems to me to be tribal in its nature and that is a good thing.

    • Thanks. We state our agendas. Also, the Mises vs. Fekete thing has been going on for decades. Rothbard was anti-real bills as well.

      • I have not studied these monetary philosophies as deeply as you and others have, but I cannot see why a common synthesis – and a way to discuss and work together – would not be preferable to ivory tower disputes. The money power presents a united front, anything hoping to supplant it must as well, I would think.

        • Bill Ross

          “anything hoping to supplant it must as well, I would think.”

          Nope. Monolithic POV’s, given the false assumptions / simplifications they rely on are subject to “death by a thousand cuts / dissenting POV’s, evidence”. Trust in the internet reformation and the diversity it / we collectively bring to bear.

          • I do, but if a coherent and workable monetary system is to replace what we have now then the bickering has got to stop and knowledgeable people will have to work together in a spirit of goodwill to create a monetary system that empowers the individual rather than the hidden hand. That is my point Bill. Unfortunately it resembles politics – if a new system is to be accepted by all it will involve compromise and in the best of words politics is the art of compromise.

          • Bill Ross

            Well, fiat is again / still on a trajectory to worthless. Lack of medium of exchange will require barter as an interim step and, since fiat is worthless, there goes the theft of power from controlling it. There will be a power vacuum into which individual (unopposed) free choice will step, AGAIN freely choosing precious metals and other non-counterfeitables / perishables as medium of exchange.

            Historically, the unseen hand (of collective free choice) ALWAYS wins. The fools lost the control game the instant they started. Too bad about a century+ of lost progress and social / economic destruction.

          • I have a funny feeling our friends in high places have the replacement for US Dollar fiat already lined up and waiting in the wings. Probably in the form of IMF SDRs “backed” by a “basket” of currencies, maybe some gold, even some crude. Basket to be removed as soon as possible, of course. It only took them 20 years to remove the gold from the US population (1913 to 1933), although another 40 years and two world wars before they could abrogate (default) on gold for international settlements. What a coup that was in 1971 a financial coup of unimaginable scope and power. It seems likely the master plan is to bring everyone to their knees from which position the helpless sheeple will BEG for a new monetary system. It is the same old technique used for millenia: create the problem you then provide the “solution” to, the “solution” being what you wanted all along but it never would have been acceptable until you created the problem. Problem-Reaction-Solution……

          • Bill Ross

            “helpless sheeple will BEG”

            you have reversed beggar and begee

            The productive will continue shrugging and, the parasites will be begging / manipulating (to no avail):


          • davidnrobyn

            Yes, I wonder if Nixon was actually aware of the magnitude of what he was doing, or if he was simply the mouthpiece/pawn of far more powerful/knowledgeable entities?

          • I have no idea but he was a very intelligent man and if nothing else would have realized the freedom of finance this would give to the military-industrial complex, the Fed and Congress to pursue US hegemony in the world and of course foreign policy was his passion so maybe that was their way to him.

          • Bill Ross

            To me, the point of the bickering is control and, the Miseans are on the wrong side of the issue, Dr. Fekete is correct, by the only REAL standard of correct / incorrect, right / wrong that can exist: natural law.

            Historically, REAL bills actually worked, creating a stable, non-inflationary trade environment, meeting the needs of both buyers / sellers. Thus, it had to go, since it left no “cut” for fraudsters / charlatans and those who profit be creating instability, economic and otherwise in civilization.

          • This may not be correct. Chances are gold and silver were money thousands of years before a formal REAL bills standard, practical though it may be.

          • Bill Ross

            Of course. REAL BILLS solved the innovation / credit security “problem”, by pledging a portion of REAL production as future security, in exchange for wages and materials immediately, a means to finance innovative production by those with ideas, but, inedequate financial means.

            As such, it was an augment, but no replacement for the gold standard. Call it the “production standard”, or whatever.

            Anyway, was not dissenting DB’s well articulated position re REAL money in history.

            Contrast REAL bills, where the only risk pledged is future production, as opposed to left nut, all of your assets and firstborn under vulture capitalism.

            By the way, I owe a real debt to Ingo Bischoff for educating me / us in this area.

          • Ken Griffith

            You’ve got that backwards, friend.

            The Sumerians were using invoices payable in grain written in cuneiform on clay tablets sealed inside clay envelopes in 2000 BC.

            Abraham made the first recorded purchase of land using silver around 1900 BC.

            The first gold coin was made in Lydia (Turkey) in 600 BC. It’s pretty safe to say that the rise of gold/silver money and the rise of invoicing and discounting were close to simultaneous.

            There has never been a “formal” real bills standard. Real bills are just signed invoices. No state ever made anyone else accept them. People would accept them as second choice to coin, but at a discount.

          • There are said to be 100,000 year old gold mines in South Africa … And there are cities off the coast of India that may be more than 10,000 years old. You really believe that urban civilizations´use of silver, gold and electrum only goes back 2000 years?

          • Ken Griffith

            Academic chronology rejects eyewitness testimony and contemporary records from informed sources who had access to primary records, in favor of archaeological estimates based on shit they dig up and can interpret to fit their marxist-darwinist paradigm. You are welcome to believe what you wish, but in reality there are no 100,000 year old gold mines in South Africa except in the wild fantasies of archaeologists who reject written history and date stuff based on rocks that cannot be calibrated. At any rate, advanced civilizations in Sumeria and Egypt had gold and silver, but were using grain as money up until about 1900 BC. Silver and copper ingots were used as money during the bronze age, and coin was invented in Lydia in 600 BC. There have been some suggestions that round metal objects from 2nd millennium Egypt were coins that have been mis-interpreted as “religious votive objects” by archaeologists. If that is correct, then the first bullion coins date to 2nd millennium BC Egypt.

          • Yes, you and the Indian government both discount ancient drowned cities such as Dwarka (apparently) off the coast of India. Archeologists have discovered ancient assembly lines of a sort going back 30,000 years but along with Ellen Brown, you believe the use of precious metals only goes back a few, paltry thousands years.

          • Ken Griffith

            I don’t question the existence of the drowned cities or ancient mines. I question their age. They are 4000 years old, 5000 at most. Not 30,000 or 100,000.

          • Marten

            Did you read ” Forbidden Archaeology ” by Micheal A Cremo, if not, you will change your mind

          • Ken Griffith

            Yes, I have a copy. As I said, it is not the existence of ancient cities or metallurgy that I reject, but the claimed age relative to recorded human history.

          • We were using the term informally. Rothbard and Fekete did not agree, that’s well known and the sentiment at Mises obviously continues. Fekete does seem to advocate a kind of formal Real Bills standard, at least if we understand Ingo Bischoff correctly.

          • Ken Griffith

            Yes, the disagreement between them has been a loud one. But the crux of their debate is over fractional reserve banking, not the use of real bills for commercial credit.

          • Hey You

            Try to be less provincial by acknowledging the various monetary systems which exist. For example, the bulk of my liquid assets are overseas, in a foreign currency which has been (and probably will be) more stable in purchasing power than has been the US$.
            In the USA, silver coins have been a very stable currency. My guess is that there is an economy which uses silver coins as a medium of exchange. If not, buy some junk silver and see whether those coins provide somewhat stable purchasing power; mine have.

          • Ken Griffith

            Respectful debate is healthy. Ad hominem attacks like the Mises Institute uses are unhealthy and detract from respectful debate. I agree with the Mises Institute, but Salerno’s attacks on Fekete are low class.

        • Hey You

          No, supplanting political collectivism can readily be done by individuals. I think that I have somewhat escaped the hand of collectivism by treating it as a (un)natural disaster. Just as I might be caught in an earthquake or tornado, I can be caught in governmental disaster. Living is dangerous (but often very satisfying) so I accept the good and the bad as each comes my way.

      • Ken Griffith

        No, my friend. Rothbard was anti “real bills doctrine” (RBD) which is entirely distinct from “real bills”. The supply chain still uses 90 day real bills today, but they call them “invoices” and “accounts payable”.

        The RBD was Adam Smith’s theory of fractional reserve banking (FRB). All banks today are simply extensions of RBD, They lend against real estate in addition to commercial goods.

        Fekete simply advocates the historical gold standard banking practice. Rothbard and Mises Institute use ad hominem to distract from that instead of arguing against his actual position. I agree with Rothbard’s conclusion that RBD/FRB is inflationary, but the Mises Institute verbal assaults on Fekete as a “monetary crank” is dishonorable and a major black eye that makes them look like petty people.

        • I was in the wholesale diamond business which is just as much a credit business as a diamond business since as you say almost all sales are invoiced 90 days. The difference from real bills is, those invoices are not redeemable in gold and they are not countersigned by numerous parties (as when discounting real bills) whose full faith and credit are also on the line for a real bill. So if in the final offset of the debt the gold is not forthcoming the payee has numerous signors to go to for satisfaction. My understanding is that real bills worked extremely well for many decades prior to WW2……….

      • acudoc1949

        Perhaps someone could define the Real bills Doctrine in fifty words or less. My understanding is that it is analogous to using post-dated checks to make purchases, and then discounting them when they are endorsed to pay others in further purchases. When the date on the check finally arrives, the last person holding the check goes to the bank on which is is drawn and collects the ‘gold’.

  • Blank Reg

    Dr. North, for all his gifts and contributions, is too focused on a strict interpretation of religion for my comfort zone. I mean, who WRITES a “20-volume Economic Commentary on the Bible”? And who READS it?.

    R. J. Rushdoony was his father-in-law, and a great influence upon him. No one would remember his name if it wasn’t for North.

    He has also wasted a lot of bandwidth railing against all NASA funding, for any purpose. Why? Because he believes that NASA is out to “get” his religion and all its earthly followers. In his worldview, the discovery of a single living microbe on Mars would shatter the fundamental foundation upon which his entire religious belief system rests. And he will fight that day of reckoning at all costs.

    • Dr. North has his biases like all humans. But his economic insights are brilliant sometimes …

      • I’ve only skimmed a little bit of those twenty volumes but I’ve read most of the book in the study (the Bible) and it is 100% compatible with the economic wisdom he’s shared with us all.

    • john cummins

      Nonsense Blank, read all of his books, learn economics! People who read his 20 volumes actually get educated. You are wrong on both counts about both men. These are 2 of the greatest authors of the last century, period. I suspect you’ve simply not read there stuff.

    • Ken Griffith

      I read North’s 20 volume economic commentary on the Bible (but I also read the entire Encyclopedia Britannica Macropedia). I read all of his books because he was the first author I encountered that told me something different than my public school education. North’s commentary shows that Moses was the first Mises. Give it a whirl if you want to learn something.

    • NASA indeed is out to “get” his religion and any other religious philosophy –including YOURS– that competes with the statist religion. They used to say the emperor was a god, or then the king had “divine right”, or the secular government of the Roman Catholic Church –inside and outside the Vatican both– said he was the “vicar of Christ” whose word superseded the Bible. Your religion is presumably libertarian, for which reason I don’t understand why you would not see ANYTHING the NASA promotes as being anything other than more statist programs, financed by YOUR money.

      Sure, NASA and its scientists formally support the official state religion of agnostic “humanism” and the worship of the collective and they have special opprobrium for Christian faiths. It works for the same agency as PBS, Public Broadcasters for Socialism, and “Cosmos yesterday, Cosmos today, Cosmos forever and nothing else”. Man causes global warming, we must have central planning for how many carbon atoms you produce, how much water is in your toilet, how much water you get to drink, how many calories your son and daughter can have at lunch (including your 6’5” jock teenager). We admit we don’t know what 95% of the universe is, but we know it’s there, but no worries, mate, we got names for it!

      Other than that, no problem!

    • jgelt

      Hi Blank. My daughter was enrolled in the Ron Paul Curriculum for a year. We dropped it because the reading requirements were too intense for her at the time. I hope we pick it up again. The material was not in any way heavy handed with religious views. I am a Deist and am very sensitive to what views my home schooled children are exposed to and how information is delivered. I’ve seen many other Christian programs and I consider them nonsensical drivel. The RPC material was no nonsense and liberty minded. I certainly don’t agree with all of Dr. North’s religious views. However, I have no fear whatsoever of RPC being an indoctrination tool for Reconstructionism. The RPC has a money back guarantee. If you enroll your children in the course and don’t like what they are getting, you get your money back. So far the government schools have yet to give me the same offer.

    • Hey You

      Actually, NASA was (and maybe is) a great pageant, as is the cornation of a king or queen. However, it seems that using taxpayer monies for pageants is not something which should be justified.

  • Praetor

    Sir Walter Scott: In a letter to J.C. Lockhart, All men who have turned out worth anything have had the chief hand in their own education. IMHO, the only place you can educate an Individual is in the home where that individual lives, take the individual out of the home and place that individual in the collective and you will have a individual trained by the collective. Every home is a school, and every neighborhood a playground. Education is a life long endeavor, from birth to death, a never ending process. If you or I ever come to the point, that we think we no longer need education, we be fools. Look at history, education was in the home, life skills, survival, trades all were schooled out of the home. The religious institutions introduced the collectivist schools to the human society. I could feel this page with what I think about education, but, do not wish to bore all to death. One thing, this technology, right here is the greats educational tool ever created, as long as its the truth, and used wisely, by wise individuals. Thanks DB, education will be the difference between peaceful change or violent change. For we all know change must come, just what form.

    • Hey You

      With respects to the “education” establishment, I am somewhat sure that the public school education which I received in the 1930s was good – – or perhaps, I should say, “not bad”. I even learned in a California school that the wrong side won the USA civil war. Even now, I’m pretty sure, that that learning was correct. Also, most of the public schooling that related to math and science was correct; it’s somewhat difficult to be politically “correct” about gravity. But then, that was before the federals got mixed into local education.

  • Bruce C

    I never had kids so I never had to learn about the realities of childhood educational options. Nevertheless, whenever the subject comes up I continue to wonder about something.

    We’ve all heard that public school education is pretty bad (“indoctrination”) and that private schools are generally “better” but I’m not sure why. Or, rather, the reasons given vary (smaller classes, more one-on-one attention, etc.) but never have I heard a parent say that there is less “indoctrination.”

    So, my question is, what kind of education do young “elites” get? Those of the alleged super wealthy, super powerful, globalist plutocrat, behind the scenes directors of history? Do their kids somehow learn the “truth” so that they can continue to advance the elitist agendas of their forefathers? I would think that they would have to know at the very least a truer version of history and the true workings of the modern central banking monetary system to know what needs to be controlled and suppressed as well as what should be promoted, protected and supported. So how and where do they learn this? Do they go to public schools (I doubt it)? To private schools? If so, which ones? Or, are they “taught” (i.e., indoctrinated in other ways) by private tutors? Do they go to universities and get degrees? If so, which ones? And why would they need them, anyway, since their “parents” run the show and would simply place them?

    Another possibility is that they really don’t get any special or better “education”/indoctrination than anyone else can, but that they are simply born sociopaths who naturally gravitate towards controlling, Marxist ideologies and work to advance them. They actually don’t know any more or better than anyone else, they’re just driven to fulfill their distorted ideals at all costs.

    Just wondering.

    • Hey You

      Education is essentially indoctrination. There is little difference.

      As for being born sociopaths, evidently 4% of the population is. But then, that can be an “education” process, too.

      • Bruce C

        “[All (?)] Education is essentially indoctrination”.

        That’s a cynical way of saying that all truth is relative, no?

        Including that “fact” is important. It maintains an open mental system rather than a closed one – other possibilities, errors, etc. versus intellectual rigidity.

    • spekulatn

      Great question Bruce C. Look forward to the feedback.

    • The children of the elites and wealthy get their own special type of indoctrination. Governor Clinton set up a special school for the brightest ones and indoctrination is especially heavy. My gifted-class daughter joined all the “gifteds” for a city-wide assembly once that after the fact I was told by her teacher was to teach them to be “citizens of the world”. The divorce threw us for a loop but I regret not pushing harder for a private Christian-school education.

      From personal experience, the top layers of the controlling elite (as far as they are able to “control”), it looks to me like they are encouraging their own to study science. The top dog of secret societies has a recruitment web site, I was invited anonymously to consider it. It said that scientists should rule the world. It also said there were thirteen Jewish families that rule the world. Take all their public airings with a BIG grain of salt, but in earlier years my son had a buddy whose Dad was one, he found out. Goats’ heads all over the shelves and walls in the house. Yes, they are “spiritual” in that sense.

      So there are various levels of “elites”. Also, special programs. Rhodes scholars I’m sure get special indoctrinations into “we are supposed to rule” attitudes.

      One of them “corrected” me in a Computerworld forum posting once, using a user-ID of “Beelzebub” spelled backwards. They love backwards spellings, and more especially palindromes. That’s why Dan Brown used them in his disinformation book about them.

      As to their ultimate dictator and themselves, though they be the main guys in government and have their hands on a lot of buttons, and they will do a lot of destruction before they fall, know this: They are NOT omnipotent, and they are not omniscient. God will laugh at them, and their Antichrist (aka “the Beast”) “will come to his end, and none shall help him”.

      • We´ve written about this. Bush’s “no child left behind policy” was yet another attempt to winnow the most brilliant children at the youngest age. They are then provided special educational treatment and pointed toward the “best” educational facilities.

        • Hey You

          Seems more probable that “No child left behind” must in actuality mean “No child will advance”.

      • Bruce C

        I am aware of some of the allusions you mention. The extreme accusations would be that the “elites” are involved in “black” covenants with “aliens” or “the Devil”. Maybe they think they are. In any case they are very serious and intense and INTENT. Ironically though, not very well “educated”/”indoctrinated”, or let’s all hope so.

        But my initial question pertains to how, when, what, and where such “indoctrinations” takes place.

        I’ve heard from every parent I know that their children are born with definite personalities (and maybe agendas too).

        If so, then how does “education” deal with that?

        Maybe some people – as you say roughly 4% – are psychopathic. Done deal, end of story…except what to do about that?

        On the other hand, perfectly “normal/healthy” children can probably be configured mentally in any number of ways given all of the findings in propaganda research, etc. Heck, even “normal” state sponsored education does so, as per this article.

        It’s a potentially vast topic and I don’t want to be a bore.

        • You are not boring Bruce. I read of an instance where the Rothschilds killed one of their own who was a very promising young man in his 20s that was threatening to expose the whole show. Whether we believe in demons or ETs is a personal matter but they may be involved here, either indirectly or very directly at the very peak of the pyramid of control. David Icke has done a lot of work of how all the pyramids of control (medicine, science, busiiness, military, crime, etc etc ) are inter-linked and controlled by the over-arching pyramid at the very top represented by the eye on top of the pyramid on the federal reserve note. The religion of the highest in the power structure – those at the top of all pyramids – is satanism, which routinely uses ritual murder and/or ritual torture, ritual rape, all kinds of sacrificial rituals to shock the mind and create “alters” in the subconcious of young children where the personality splits into parts that do not admit the existence of each other to the individual. The movie “Eyes Wide Shut” gives a glimpse into this world, Kubrick died mysteriously not long after releasing the movie. As with most children, the parents have the most impact and all children simply absorb many of the best and worst qualities embodied in their parents. I hope this provides some ideas for research into this subject, see David Ickes books, see the “Educate Yourself” website, there is much that is questionable or unbelievable but you pays your money and takes your choice. BTW, when you post here if you avoid paragraphs it will leave more room for others to post. GF

          • Bruce C

            Interesting. Thanks.

          • I don’t hold to some of Icke’s ideas, they detract from the more evident truths. Reptilian hybrids, not. Nephilim, yes.

          • yeah, as I said, everybody can evaluate for theselves, in the final analysis it does not matter to me whether humans, reptilians, reptilian/human hybrids, demons, nephilim, or all of the above are running the show; whoever it is, whatever their ancestery or bloodlines are, they suck and so does their agenda.

          • Just an FYI, nephilim died out in the Flood.

          • Pilgrim

            Yes, the nephilim of “those days” died in the flood, but the Bible says there were more “after that”.

            “There were giants (heb. nephilim) in the earth in those days; and also after that, . . .” Genesis 6:4

          • That verse was before the Flood. Gen 6:13.

          • Pilgrim

            Au contraire, it was written long after the flood in reference to events before the flood with an allusion to a period “after that”, which, when given the thought it requires, can only refer to events after the flood.

          • The “after that”, in English grammar, refers to aforementioned text, not later text. “After that” means after the preceding events earlier in the chapter. There is absolutely no reason in or outside of the language to make it after the Flood. Let the reader check the text itself.

      • kenvandoren

        Did the goats have ruby eyes?

        • Dunno about that. I was busy trying to help my son see clearly…
          And I don’t like the “ruby” reference, because I will soon start learning Ruby on Rails…

          • kenvandoren

            No offense intended. Reason I ask is that in conjunction with occult symbols, the goats eyes are often ruby red. Also, while I lived in AZ, there was a Muslim organized crime group that was also big into ruby-eyed goats.

          • I took no offense. The “Ruby” comment was a joke, really. And glowing ruby-colored eyes seem appropriate. I kind of doubt it, don’t know why I don’t think so.

  • Philip

    Philip to Sydney. For some reason the DB has in the not too distant past found it at times a little difficult to understand (so they say), the work of Professor Fekete. There is no other site comparable to the DB that I have read. So saying they have given him excellent coverage. I cannot say the same for Gary North and I have not read anything from Ron Paul on the subject of the Real Bills Doctrine. Under these circumstances thanks for your very necessary honest input. Personally, I have no problem in understanding the RBD and the formation of interest that Fekete advocates. It wasn’t until i read his work that I began to understand economics. To this day he wonders why Lew Rockwell has ignored his work. Not to take anything away from the Austrian school which is worth its weight in gold but not 100%. Philip

  • Influencing minds is the issue. Initially the young absorb much of what is given them – but not all. Passing on the tools to facilitate participation in life is in a sense extending a welcome. But such as a society is mentally sick or addicted it will pass on its fearfully defined and dissociated models of fear and guilt operating as leverage and incentives to override the signature movement of being that is an individual. Educaré – to lead out, will only be embraced and extended by those who have uncovered their own freedom to love. Core sense of value is healing and wholeness. Society can fake a sense of worth based on external attributes but that doesn’t have innate or natural potency – in other words t has to be defended against the truth with lies.
    True foundation may express through infinitely varied expressions – that open a creative potential within their interrelations.
    Communication is either truly and undefendedly and openly engaged – or it is denied and usurped by a substitute act whose function is influencing minds rather than extending the core value of the mind aligning in the Soul or Wholeness of being.
    Rationalism can never exceed the darkness of a mind at war with its own being. Only yielding the fearfully defined and over-controlling identification allows realignment of a true presence as insight, inspiration and practical action or application.
    The very nature of what I indicate here is that it can and will ONLY come about as the result of a recognition of the failure or disintegration and disillusion with the independent ego or separating self as Self.
    The ‘Prodigal’ is in essence the running out of options to persist in denial of an utter fruitlessness of thought and identity. The latter stages of desperation in many aspects of addiction are easy to see in the world at large. Deceit, terror and willingness to betray or abuse any trust in order to get a fix or indeed in the attempt to get out of one.

  • Dr Stephen Nordstrom

    Hi Anthony Wile,
    Your penultimate sentence mentioning Johannes Gutenberg’s importance: I think that goes partly to Gary’s point that we haven’t been properly educated.
    The Korean monk Baegun invented the printing press using moveable metal type one hundred years before Gutenberg.

    • We are having trouble communicating it seems. We never claimed Gutenberg founded moveable type. We have made the point over and over that it was his press that evidently popularized the technology.

      • Dr Stephen Nordstrom


  • kenvandoren

    Another alternate curriculum worth a look is Freedom Project Education fpeusa.org Offered as a virtual school for about $1500 per year with a live instructor. One of their mottoes:
    Teaching HOW to think rather than WHAT to think.”

  • As a parent with two children I see this as an unprecedented opportunity. My problem right now is that I dare not take my kids out of public school due to the abject lack of motivation my eight year old shows. If there was any drive at all I would jump on this. Having a demanding career I can’t be there to supervise my children all day and enforce their school work. Perhaps in time I can utilize this.

    • HardcoreSkeptic

      After multiple generations of Americans focusing on making money rather than preserving their Liberty, we find ourselves under the thumb of a fascist state.

      ‘Perhaps in time I can utilize this.’

      Time has just about run out for America. Jefferson warned that freedom & ignorance cannot co-exist.
      The ‘schools’ you now send your children to are designed to spread ignorance.

  • HardcoreSkeptic

    I don’t always agree with Gary North (a good thing since it opens up the range of one’s thinking). I often find his comments to be thought provoking, however. This was an excellent interview and I’d like to thank Gary North for his work on the RP Cirriculum. Perhaps they will help produce a few young Americans that will help restore our country. The level of ignorance I’ve observed in most h.s. & college students, and their parents, (also products of the current ‘education’ system), is astounding.