Jack Perry: No Empire Lasts Forever
By Anthony Wile - January 10, 2016

Introduction: Jack Perry lives with his wife in Tucson, Arizona. He is a writer, traditional archer, amateur bread baker, and a Christian Buddhist. He was born in Southern California and travelled quite a bit after a stint in the U.S. Army.

Anthony Wile: Hi, Jack. We noticed your articles on LewRockwell.com and wanted to chat with you about them. You seem focused on an anti-war message. Were you ever in action?

Jack Perry: No. I was in the Army during the Cold War.

Anthony Wile: Tell us about you experience with the Army.

Jack Perry: My experience was that they work hard to get you in there, but once there, you're worth less than the equipment issued to you. I was in a serious training accident there, trapped in a burning vehicle. Know what the sergeants were saying? "The weapons! Don't forget the weapons!" Right. Don't worry about getting your seriously injured buddies out; make sure you get the weapons out. Probably so they don't have paperwork to do about weapons accountability.

That one incident colored my entire perception about the military and the U.S. government as a whole. That one incident is where I stopped being a True Believer. And that wasn't the last time I saw a serious accident where the military demonstrated how much they "cared," either.

Anthony Wile: How have your perceptions changed since you enlisted and then left?

Jack Perry: I'd say I've become even more suspicious about the military as a whole since then. I noticed that the military was literally throwing lives away in Iraq and look how the wounded were being treated at Walter Reed, for example. Did you know that around 20 veterans a day commit suicide?

Look, this was going on in the 1970s with Vietnam War vets – I saw that growing up – and now the VA comes out and acts like they've discovered America. Give me a break over here. The worst thing you can do in this country right now is enlist. You might as well put yourself on the suicide watch list and put the suicide prevention hotline number on your speed dial if you enlist. Yeah, "Support The Troops" – until you get out. Then they don't know you anymore. That goes for all vets, by the way. I've never been to one job interview where they asked if I was a vet.

Anthony Wile: What was a turning point for you?

Jack Perry: Like I said, a training accident where some crappy M-16A1 rifles were worth more than the soldiers carrying them. "The weapons! The weapons!" You'd have thought those weapons were made of solid gold. It didn't help that we were also training Guatemalan soldiers and I wondered what that was about. Yeah, well, I found out what they'd gone home and done. And so I played a small part in that. We are all responsible for these crimes as long as we support this, even if we do so by silence.

Anthony Wile: How did you live your life after the military? Did you go back to school?

Jack Perry: I've actually never been to college. When I got out of the Army, I was pretty much a nomad. I went where I wanted and had nothing but what I could carry in a pickup. I've been a truck driver, tow truck operator, electrical equipment repairman, and I've even worked in a fruit-packing shed. You can learn more about life by getting out there and living it than in college. Colleges teach you curriculum. Life teaches you life. It wasn't easy. But I've seen things and done things most people only read about in books.

Anthony Wile: Why did you start writing? You're very witty.

Jack Perry: Thanks! I started writing while living in Los Angeles; Hollywood, actually. Mostly poetry and short snippets about stuff I saw there. I used to post this on this bulletin board in the apartment building I lived in. They got up a betting pool to try and figure out who it was. But the political writing started about a year ago when I finally said, "I need to say something here. I just can't keep silent anymore." And I wrote an article, sent it off, and got it published. Since then, that's what I do.

Anthony Wile: How would you characterize your politics?

Jack Perry: Actually, I consider myself apolitical. I'm not attached to any political party. I need the flexibility to say, "No, this is wrong," or, "Excuse me, but this is what's right." The major problem we have in America right now is that people are so attached to their political parties they'll do what they know to be wrong. My own political beliefs are, basically, do what's right. And what's right? If your own heart cannot tell you what the difference is between right and wrong, well, you need to spend more time in prayer and meditation and less in the voting or public office.

Anthony Wile: How did you end up writing for Lew Rockwell?

Jack Perry: Lew was the first place I sent my very first article.

Anthony Wile: What do you think of the great war novels of World War II like Norman Mailer's Naked and the Dead?

Jack Perry: I think novels can be great, but we now have a fundamentally ignorant population in America that no longer reads anything beyond text messages. Look, we've got Christians out there that haven't even read the Bible, Buddhists who haven't even read so much as the Diamond Sutra. Therefore, how can you espouse that which you don't truly understand? Easy. The TV tells them. Movies tell them. "Life Coaches" tell them. So, war novels can tell people that war is horrible, but it cannot compete with certain movies that glorify it and wave the flag. The visual impact is just too much to overcome.

Anthony Wile: Do you think US intelligence in some sense sponsored or eased the way for the war genre after World War II?

Jack Perry: I know they did. The Department of Defense will only cooperate with movies that are pro-war. If you want to film on the deck of an aircraft carrier, you need their cooperation. Every movie made that has footage filmed on-location on military bases with military weapons has been approved by the Pentagon. Now, when other countries did that, we called that "propaganda." "Triumph of the Will," and all that. But when we do it, it's called Hollywood, see?

Anthony Wile: We noticed Norman Mailer wrote a huge book about the CIA. He always needed money and presumably there might have been some sort of relationship

Jack Perry: You might be surprised at who gets money from the CIA. Look up "In-Q-Tel," for example. Look up "Skybuilt Power." Yeah, here were these granolas saying, "Oh, look at us! We're building green energy wind turbines! We're so cosmic!" Right, and the CIA was buying those wind turbines through Skybuilt Power to outfit black sites in Afghanistan.

Anthony Wile: Tell us about the military-industrial complex.

Jack Perry: It's deeper than anyone knows or admits. It's all built upon the "These are good jobs!" shibboleth. Listen, I live in Tucson now. This city is predominantly liberal to the core. But on any given day, it sounds like we're in a war zone. Davis-Monthan AFB is running A-10s, F-16s and C-130s low-level over this city constantly. And the city basically kisses Davis-Monthan's bootie to make sure the base stays here. Why? Because those are GOOD JOBS! So, even the liberals dig the military. They need to change the bumper stickers they've all got on their Prius cars to say: "End War – Unless Doing So Costs Me My Job."

We have Raytheon here and they make missiles. And I happen to know that liberals work there, too. Now, they'll whine about this-or-that humanitarian disaster and won't ever admit that they play a part in that. Excuse me, but those missiles are used in wars. They kill people. So how can you occupy some moral high ground and pontificate to the rest of us about what's moral when you yourself don't even do what's moral? The military-industrial complex is now "Green," did you know that? Yes, and I worked in a place once that was staffed by liberals almost as a majority. But the CIA's money is spent there. They had private military contractors come in as prospective clients. Everyone thinks the military-industrial complex is a Republican, conservative thing. Excuse me, but it was a Republican that coined the phrase to begin with. But the liberals and Democrats are in just as deep as neocons.

Anthony Wile: Who runs America?

Jack Perry: Wall Street and the Pentagon. Listen, is it any wonder that the SAME people go from Wall Street, to government office, to Pentagon positions, and then back to Wall Street? We are all serfs in this equation, but we live under the illusion we're free. Free? How so? Can you declare that you take nothing from the government and, therefore, owe no taxes? Can you build your own home without a permit? Wall Street is collectively pauperizing the entire country and people think that's freedom.

The Pentagon starts wars with nations about 80% of Americans can't find on the map and people think that's freedom. And when you have a population as collectively ignorant as this one, this control is remarkably easy to maintain.

Anthony Wile: What is the ultimate aim of the Pentagon?

Jack Perry: The same as everyone else that was cut from the same cloth as them – like the Romans, for instance. It's about control and power and wealth. And all three of those are actually the same thing. Every major power in history has done this, without exception. No country has become immune to tyranny once it has amassed power of the status we call "superpower."

The Romans were a superpower. Look what they did, killing and enslaving entire nations. No nation has ever overcome the desire to wield such power in a way that enriched it while enslaving others. Find me one honest and decent nation in history that had the power of the United States. And, no, it isn't the United States, either.

The Book of Ecclesiastes tells us there is no new thing under the sun. You can find the truth of the human condition in the Bible. Every major power in history seeks to enrich itself and enslave others. Or kill them if they resist. It's because of greed. Every religion – Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, all of them – warn us repeatedly about greed. Because from greed proceeds all the murders, wars, crimes, and so forth. Is it as simple as that? Yes, it is. Overcoming greed takes tremendous self-discipline and religious devotion. Many people can't do it. How less so an entire government composed of people dedicated to the principles of greed?

Anthony Wile: Does the US seek to win wars?

Jack Perry: No. We don't need to win wars to profit from them. See, towards the end of World War II is when the defense contractors saw the money to be made off of wars. That's when the expensive weapons like B-29s began to be realized as huge money makers. But if a war ends, then how will you sell more of those weapons? The value is in the destruction of the weapon, because then it has to be replaced. Do you follow what I'm saying here? That's why the Cold War was an "arms race." It was the constant replacement of weapons because the military told us they were "obsolete" just a few years after they were manufactured. And we needed to keep up with the Soviets.

Davis-Monthan AFB here is also known as "The Boneyard" because it's where the Air Force has junked the decades worth of crap they badgered us into buying. There it sits out there, a tremendous monument to waste and the stupidity of mankind. But something funny happened at the end of the Cold War. How could money be made with the Soviets gone? Easy. Begin having little wars all over the planet and then you create cash flow potential for the manufacturers of the cruise missiles and bombs. Has anyone noticed that since the end of the Cold War, we have been involved in one war or another ever since? Right. We have been at war for 25 years now. We are not seeking to win these wars. We only need to keep them going to sell weapons and occupy certain territory long enough to extract natural resources or just maintain a foothold.

Anthony Wile: How can the military-industrial complex be reduced or removed?

Jack Perry: People need to overcome pride and greed. This mindless patriotism must first be shed for the sin that it is. These wars happen because people support them. They think it's "unpatriotic" if they don't. Excuse me, but what's "patriotism"? And why was it wrong for the Germans in 1939, but it's ok for us to do the SAME right now? What was the difference between Germany invading Poland in 1939 and us invading Iraq in 2003? Many people forget the Germans invented a false-flag pretext to invade Poland, just like we did in Iraq. Since we refuse to repent from that, this just keeps going on and on. We'll probably end up committing ground troops en masse to Syria within the next few months. And for what? Because Assad ran Syria?

You see, patriotism is based on pride. It's also a form of idolatry that is no different than the Romans that made gods out of their emperors and demanded people sacrifice to them. That's what the Roman persecution of the early Christians was over, you know. They refused to offer sacrifice to the Roman emperor and, thus, were unpatriotic. Yet, many conservative Christian churches today have forgotten that and support every war this country gets into. They revere the flag as if it is some kind of holy relic. And what is that but idolatry? People need to first shed patriotism. That's number two.

Number One is shedding greed. I'm not saying everyone has to renounce all possessions and live like ascetics. But I'm saying this way of life we've got here has a price. Ok, those are good jobs over there at the Acme Missile Factory. But those missiles can only be manufactured and purchased if they are used. Listen, at some point, we need to become self-reliant as a nation. This thinking that we're all owed this "American way of life" is built on borrowed time, credit, and falsehoods. If you look into history, we had a pretty good life before we got into worldwide wars. That period of time is what produced the best American literature. And literature, by the way, that became classics in world literature. Is it any wonder we haven't produced another Walt Whitman in this age? Is it any wonder we haven't seen another Thoreau? I'm not saying it was perfect. But since World War One, our culture has begun to decline as our power as an empire has increased.

When I say we need to shed greed, I mean we need to start understanding the difference between what is ours and what belongs to someone else. Respecting private property rights should extend worldwide. Meaning, you don't get to tell other countries how to run their affairs or just fly over and drop bombs on them.

Anthony Wile: Can it happen in your lifetime?

Jack Perry: I don't know. I think some people are beginning to wake up. It takes a paradigm shift in what we truly value. Do we value human life, or do we value killing other people and watching it on TV, chanting, "USA! USA! USA!"? Do we value the rights of others to have their own property even if we do not agree with them? Or do we take it away from them and justify it as "national security"? But I'll tell you this. Nothing lasts forever. The Romans didn't. And neither will the United States.

Anthony Wile: How can the US population become less militaristic and more educated about its manipulation?

Jack Perry: They need to turn off the TV and READ!!! I can't say that strongly enough. People! Every time you turn on the TV to the major networks, you are being lied to. Even the commercials are lying to you.

"Buy this!" "Vote For Dorky McDoofus!" "Here, take this medicine. It might make you wet your pants and jump off a bridge, but take this medicine anyway because it'll make you happy." "Depressed? Ask your doctor if Plutoniumzor is right for you!" "Hey, kids! Eat this cereal!"

See, you have to pull the plug on all of that. Education is a personal responsibility and effort. I've read thousands of books and still read about two to three books a week. No one makes me. I've never been to college.

So I don't buy anyone's excuse that they don't have time, or no money, or no way to educate themselves. I did it and I haven't got any money. There are public libraries, people. Get off your butts, turn off the TV, and wake up. Because by the time you figure out what's going on may be too late. Maybe it already is.

Anthony Wile: Are wars ever worth fighting?

Jack Perry: Not any we've been in for well over a couple hundred years now.

Anthony Wile: Is war a means of domestic social control?

Jack Perry: Sure. It kills off the segment of the population most likely to rebel. Those that survive usually support militarism and the government afterwards.

Anthony Wile: Is the US an empire?

Jack Perry: Of course it is. Two hundred years into the future, schools will teach about "The American Empire" just like schools now teach about "The British Empire."

Anthony Wile: What's the best way to deal with militarism – to leave the US, to try to live free in an unfree world?

Jack Perry: Here's my advice. Turn off the TV, read, meditate, pray and realize that the United States is impermanent. It will not last forever. Don't buy anything just to buy it. Live simply. Live a life that affirms life, not one that justifies the taking of it. Walk with God. Find His paths. Speak up against wars when you hear the media beating the war drum. But don't become attached to any outcome. Things will come to be and then pass away. But if you center yourself in your spiritual practice, you will be unmoved by this. You will see this for what it is and refuse to be a pawn of militarism.

Anthony Wile: Any other comments you want to make, thoughts you want to share?

Jack Perry: We're living in an era of uncertainty. But when that is the case, you need to center yourself in a practice. Be that a spiritual practice or whatever, you need to center yourself. This government will not save you or provide for you that which only you yourself can provide. What, the government will enlighten you or bring you peace? Good luck with that, say I. Self-reliance means not relying upon the government, among other things. We've been at war for 25 years now. Had enough yet?

Anthony Wile: Other writing you'd like to mention?

Jack Perry: Well, I'm always looking for writing gigs. I have a book I'm looking to publish. But as for the writings of others, here's my list of what I call "The Backpack Books" – books I'd have if I could only take what fit into a backpack: The Holy Bible, The Buddhist Bible, Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman, and a blank journal with plenty of pencils. See, it's important to write for yourself. You need to center yourself in your practice. Whether you alone read it, or you share it, write. Meditate, pray, read and write. You will wake up.

Anthony Wile: Thanks for sitting down with us.

Jack Perry: It has been a pleasure. God bless and keep you.

After Thoughts

Jack Perry makes a number of good points in this interview but two stand out. The first is his observation that the most important centers of power are Wall Street and the Pentagon – and that powerful people travel socially and professionally between these destinations.

He further states that "we live under the illusion we're free" and it is a testimony to how malleable people are that so many have believed this for so long. The Internet has made it a good deal easier to see through all kinds of sociopolitical and economic memes but understanding one's own manipulation and doing something about it are two different things.

Jack's solution is similar to ours: human action. Education is key and Jack's advice simple and cogent: "Turn off the TV and READ! … Every time you turn on the TV to the major networks, you are being lied to. Even the commercials are lying to you."

A wide frame of reference is the best protection against insularity, ignorance and fear. Knowledge creates more and better lifestyle choices. In these challenging times, comprehending one's options from a sociopolitical and economic standpoint is most necessary. Here at The Daily Bell we strive to promote a wider frame of reference. Our thanks to Jack for expanding what we understand.

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  • FauxScienceSlayer

    “War Is A Racket” by Major General Smedly Butler, USMC, who was also recruited by Prescott Bush and others into the…

    Wiki/Bankers_Plot. Then watch 45 minute “All Wars Are Bankers Wars” on youtube

    • gringott

      I always keep in mind that Smedly Butler was the Number One Racketeer in the War Racket, both in the Marines and in Public positions. On the same lines as some of the books written by Mafia hit men. Doesn’t mean war isn’t a racket, but Smedly Butler was a hypocrite.

      • Harry Skip Robinson

        Unless you live the experience you can not share it with others from that perspective. Pretty arrogant position calling him a hypocrite. How well did you know the man and his life? When he started out I’m sure he thought he was in a honorable profession. I know my uncle did but he got out after 25 years. Once you find out the truth sometimes you have to grin and bare it to get your retirement benefits. It may also have been this time when he learned the most.

        • gringott

          Again, are you also defending Mafia Hit Men who write tell-alls? We are not talking about a young man of 17 who did one tour, we are talking about a guy who did this his entire adult life, also took “leave” from the Marines to do it in American Cities. He suddenly “got smart” at the end? What?
          At what point in his 25 years did your uncle figure it out? Retirement day?

  • Injun Holbrook

    Wow! This interview reads like it was provided by a disgusted volunteer veteran, nomadic truck driver, tow truck operator, electrical equipment repairman and a self-proclaimed uneducated fruit packing laborer.

    • Harry Skip Robinson

      Injun. Wow. He said he was self educated by reading books and did not go to college. You need to work on your reading skills and not be so arrogant as a so-called educated human being. Your comment was also worthless, so who is the educated one and who isn’t?

    • Praetor

      What is your point. Explain your comment!!!

    • We admire his commitment to self education.

      • Injun Holbrook

        Dear Bell, I too admire self-education as it applies to each of us in one respect or the other. But to use one’s self-education and experience, good or bad, to present an argument on subjects that are much more complex than self-education permits is plain nuts. To have an opinion is one thing. To pray and wish for a simplistic way of life, doing nothing while the person knows or believes, he or she is about to be politically and financially stoned to death is absurd. To preach, is great. To wish is blissful. However, it takes action to create a better way of life for all. Not for just one disgruntled vet.

        He doesn’t know this but I have seen him a thousand times before. The first time I recognized him in the rice paddies of Southeast Asia. The second time in Europe during the cold war and a third time in college when I was a student at burning campuses. Oh, then I saw him again at Wounded knee in 1973, watching, while we went to the defense of our elders. And finally, upon graduation, I went to Washington D.C. to work in the upper echelon of government to change this country to a better way of life, he so bravely prays for. Where was he when when the establishment turned on me with the full weight of BIG government to shut me up? Oh I forget….he was nowhere to be seen. DB forgive my bluntness, but yes, I have seen this gentleman before. Always sitting on the sidelines watching the battles as if they were a high school basketball game. I too am self-educated, but I was on the court, in the game, not sitting in the bleachers eating popcorn and praying.

        • Jack Perry

          Injun, you THINK you’ve seen me a thousand times before. What you’ve seen are your own limited perceptions based upon your own anger that things never went the way you wished them to. Take for example that Wounded Knee Uprising. What got accomplished there? What’s being accomplished now? I lived up in Northern Arizona. The phone is ringing off the hook for the elders to step in and save Native kids falling into a morass of substance abuse, foster homes, and fratricidal violence. Except the “elders” are in the tribal government and too involved in corruption. Yes, tell me all about Wounded Knee 1973 and I’ll tell you more Native people die on a weekend in Gallup than there. Be careful on the high horse—it’s a long way to fall. By the way, in this state they’re trying to change ICWA so non-Native people can adopt Native kids in foster homes because, guess why? The elders won’t step up and adopt them. So, people standing on the sidelines, you say? Do tell.

          • Injun Holbrook

            Jack, I enjoyed and expected such a reply on my comments about your interview. I stand by my direct statements and your response has confirmed my knowledge that you know nothing about what you discuss except what you believe you have seen without direct knowledge or education. Especially since I am a noted expert in Indian law, Native American affairs and have testified before Congressional hearings regarding the subjects you seem to think you know about.

            But I suppose you believe that by living in northern Arizona self educating yourself on Indian affairs makes you an expert on our elders, child welfare act and tribal government constitutions. By responding to me in your “better to raise our children than us attitude”, just goes to show other people that I am correct when I wrote about your self educated opinions.

            Sir, you know nothing about what you are responding about, you know nothing about Wounded Knee, Indian affairs and you have no business adopting our children. You should get off that high mule you’re sitting on before you fall and self educate yourself again. Stick to something you’re already self educated in…..such as driving a truck, and for goodness sakes, don’t tell me about Indian Law in Arizona as I live in Scottsdale. I now have seen you 1001 times before.

          • Jack Perry

            I suspected I was speaking with yet another “noted expert in yada-yada-yada” who has testified before Congress, touched the Liberty Bell, and attended fundraisers at various actresses’ houses. Excuse me, Injun, but do you know how much you sound like Barack Obama? He’s another “noted expert”. There is but one thing you are an expert in: Anger. You’re one of these “noted experts” that wants action. “Action, I say! Action!” That’s how Obama got elected. And we got “action”, didn’t we? Obamacare and Syria. Perhaps if you weren’t so angry that things you were involved in didn’t work out the way you wanted, you’d find out that “action” is often more harmful than anything else. Wars happen when people need America to “take action” against Iraq. Obamacare happens when people demand government “take action” and “do something”. Lots of people have testified before Congress, Injun, and not all of them made any sense. Testifying before Congress isn’t something that’s all that impressive. Now, if you told me you invented a vaccine for Ebola or even a new sandwich, then I’d be impressed. But testifying before Congress? That’s the same as testifying before a committee of organized crime members.
            I recommend that you understand my readership is tired of all the “noted experts” that have gotten us into the quagmires we are in today. We don’t need any more “noted experts”. What we need is a return to basic common sense. That doesn’t take a college degree or trotting before Congressional charlatans to obtain.

          • Injun Holbrook

            My final comment sir. You seem to be well intentioned, but in the end if you want things to change, you and your readership need to take personal action. Readership is a start. But personal action is more important. One cannot change government alone, nor can he/she impose consequences on those who abuse. But collective action always works for change and holds those accountable. If you look at the recent past most all of government change has happened because of collective action except for the abuse that Obama has committed. Abuses that are flagrantly waived in front of our noses and yet no personal action is taken to stop it. Reading about it and eating it are the same thing with no action. I (we) took action against what we (indians) thought were illegal,and Obama exempted us from his looney Obamacare instead of the fight he could see we were fronting. It was a grand opportunity for the general public to counter his forced concept. Who showed up? No one! The general public simply read about it and did nothing. That’s the people’s government for you. If you do nothing, you get nothing, except what the ruling elites want you to have.

            I cannot fix everything for everybody. But I and others collectively have fought for our people and have won. We continue winning and refuse to take Obama’s or anybody else’s goof ball ideas and digest them without a fight. Government is a messy entity. Most changes are accomplished in an alley fight. I must admit, I have been called blunt, politically incorrect and lord knows how many other unprintable names. However when you and your readership get into a Washington bar room brawl that carries out to the back alley of Congress you better know how to fight. It is a fight of different rules. It is a fight of different laws. It is a fight of a different language. That’s why Obama does what he does with his pen. He knows the general public isn’t about to fight with him. That’s why he also doesn’t mess with the tribes because he has found out we will collectively show up at his front door and get down right dirty in the alley if we have to.

            Your pen, your thoughts and your ideas are simply concepts to be broadcast to your readership. To rally one’s readership into absolute ACTION is the true value of a man looking for common sense government. I envy those like yourself who have the ability to write and express thoughts and concepts. As for me, I simply am an expert in bar room brawls. I wish you great success in your writings.

          • Jack Perry

            Thank you for your response. I understand what you’re saying, but I am not the one to rally people into action. I’m not that guy. But, understand this also. I did call people to action. I said turn off the TV and educate yourselves. That is the very first thing that must be done for people to wake up. The TV is the best propaganda medium ever devised. When shown what TV was capable of, it was Adolf Hitler that first recognized the potential of it to brainwash the masses and said, “Dude, we GOTTA have that!” The very first thing before taking action is you must carefully investigate what the proper action to take is. You just can’t go off half-cocked. Lots of people have done that. And where are they now? Dead, in jail, disillusioned, or co-opted when money was waved in their faces.
            Action must be done skilfully and with skilful means. In other words, you have to know how to inform people why taking action is necessary. But if they’re afraid they’re going to miss Seinfeld re-runs on TV if they take action, the fight is already lost. People are already disillusioned and that’s why they don’t participate in United States politics. My investigations tell me United States politics is theater put on to soothe the masses into thinking they have a voice. The action I espouse is local. Don’t enlist in the military. That begins in your heart. Get involved in your community. I don’t want to get involved in Washington or even with the equally-meshuggeneh Arizona state government. The community is where things can be done. We went big with creating a huge federal government and look where that’s gotten us. We need to return to small. Local-based government and community action. I would say the proper course of action is realizing action in the federal government only happens with what they allow to happen and then they let you THINK you won some victory. It’s like Kissenger feeding intel to Egypt and Israel both during the Yom Kippur War. He needed to support Israel. But he also wanted Egypt to win a battle or two so their feelings weren’t totally hurt and they didn’t fall totally into the Soviet’s lap on the rebound. Cynical? Yes. But that is the truth of how our government works. You win the “victories” in Washington they allow you to win. The ones that don’t really matter to them.
            Therefore, when it comes to action, the number one action is turning off the TV. If you cannot get people to do that, sorry, but you’re going to have very little success with rallying this nation. For that matter, most people out there are just too busy and frazzled trying to just make ends meet to get involved. They want what every human being wants: Food, clean water, clothing, shelter, relative safety, and love. People are busy obtaining those things. See, I walk around here on foot and see people. I talk to the homeless, the poor, Muslim refugees, and so on. People want to live their lives with the things I mentioned. They want those things. Many are desperately scrambling to get those things. What you have to demonstrate is why the action you propose will be better at providing those things. If you can’t, they’re not going to deviate time from their quest for those things to take part in your action. Sorry, but that’s just the way it is.
            Is there action to take? Yes. But we must do some deep looking to understand what the most skilful action is to take. There’s lots of unforeseen consequences for doing even what we think to be right. They thought getting into World War One was right. That one thing led up to World War Two and the Cold War. Nothing just happens. A series of causes and conditions leads up to it. That is why any action we take must be carefully investigated and done skilfully. And we cannot become so attached to it that our egos cling to it obstinately and we can’t compromise. Action, yes. But deep looking first and skillfulness after that. Blessings and peace. Jack.

  • windsor1

    Naive, naive. Why focus so strongly on the military. Ask yourself who controls the military? Then ask yourself who controls the politicians? Forget about left and right and being apolitical because the same hand controls all politicians. The outcome with a Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton will be the same for the pleb on the street. The last clown is attempting to deliver on a promise of hope and change. Now ask who controls Wall Street? Who controls the educational System? At the top of the food chain is a cabal who wants you to believe:
    – You need gov’t to protect you from other evil empires. A benevolent gov’t that cares for its citizenry and who wants to bring freedom and democracy to the world.
    – We need carbon taxes to save the planet from ourselves
    – If we want sustainability the lower classes must practice austerity
    – Only phd. economists working for a private central bank have the wherewithal to oversee and manage national economies responsibility and maintain the economic stability.
    – America needs to spend as much on defense as the next ten largest military spenders on the planet to keep the world free and safe. America needs bases in over 130 different countries to keep the planet safe.
    – Unlimited debt is good. It ensures rapid economic growth, a high standard of living for everyone and the highest levels of employment.
    – GMO foods are good for you. Fluoridated water protects your teeth.
    – People under responsible gov’t do not need guns.
    – Deficits don’t matter (Dick Cheney)
    – Concentrated media ownership means everyone will get the best perspective on all issues that are important to people.
    – We need wars of intervention to make Americans safe at home.
    – We need TSA at airports, Homeland Security, NSA, CIA a bigger military, big government and plenty of anti-terror legislation to protect the population from terrorists your government created. In the words, war without end.
    – GMO food is safe and does not need to be labelled.
    – Americans need cost effective, affordable, national health care.
    – Americans need a standardized educational system (Core Curriculum) to ensure the highest standard of education for our youth. The result is the lowest SAT scores in 40 years.
    – Americans need a Patriot Act & NDAA approved and renewed by both political parties to keep Americans safe at night. We need TSA, Homeland security and NSA data warehouses in Bluffdale Utah that stores all your email correspondence to protect you. They can find any email you have written. Finding Hillary’s emails though are a little more complicated.
    – The gov’t must make vaccines mandatory to protect and keep Americans healthy while sick illegals flow across the southern border.
    – Trade agreements must be negotiated in secret to protect the welfare of the American public
    – Terrorists everywhere who resent the wealth and liberties that Americans enjoy
    – Heavy immigration adds necessary diversity and vitality to a country.
    – It is normal that a student pay $45k a year to earn a degree so the graduate can work as a bar tender. It is ok that you cannot eliminate student debt by declaring bankruptcy. A generation ago people paid less than $1k per year. Is this a way of controlling young people?
    Critical thinking has been systematically bred out of us. Hansel and Gretel followed the bread crumbs and it was the yellow brick road in the Wizard of Oz. Today it is the money trail. Want to know who is in control follow the $$
    – Who funds election campaigns
    – Who do lobbyists represent and who has the most lobbyists ie countries corporations, industrial sectors such as defense contractors
    – What interests have revolving doors between government and private concerns?
    – Who gets favorable legislation to enrich themselves
    – What sectors get bail-outs and now bail-ins?
    – What programs are embraced and promoted by govenment? Global warming, gun control, defense programs. Whose interests to these protect? Do you feel left out?
    – Most importantly ask why a privately held non public corporation prints and issues all money. It has not accountability to the state and issues no financial information. Is this power? The most important function of any society, more important than even its military has been outsourced to a private group connected to the banks and has no accountability. Even those with no critical thinking ability should see the problem here.
    The curse of humanity is greed and need for power and control. It is imprinted in our genome. This combined with a minority inflicted with psychopathy assures the ultimate destruction of all democracies and civilizations.
    The interviewee seems to realize that the cancer goes far above the military apparatus which is simply a tool for the ruling elite to project its power.

    • Over eight years, we’ve dealt with this issue plenty of times ….

    • dauden

      “The curse of humanity is greed and need for power and control. It is imprinted in our genome.” The Holy Bible calls this sin. But this is too uncomfortable so its become unfashionable to bring to the intellectual table. The religions want you to change your behavior. The grace given to the apostle Paul (chief of sinners) is the same grace given to the whole world. Christ took our sin and gives us his righteousness…….the behavior change comes from studying the doctrine for us today found in Romans thru Philemon in the authorized text KJV.

      • Sorry, Injun, Jack is doing his best, as you are. Why throw stones?

    • Linda

      Interesting and well said Windsor1. Good job! Linda

  • HarrySkipRobinson

    I would like to add that Wall Street is essentially owned and controlled by the central banksters as many call them and may be a term he uses for the entire cabal. Those that can borrow funds from the Fed window at close to “0” percent when the return on reserves are paid and calculated into the APR.

    The Fed and the income tax play a vital role in the funding of the military industrial complex and why we have been in almost constant war and/or recession/depression since the enactment of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and the Income Tax Act of 1913. The income tax is used to bring back the money to the government and central bankers, to both keep the money supply down so they can re-lend that money out again. Who cares if it is killing the poor and lower middle class. A defeat of the Federal Income tax would be a huge win for liberty.

    In my book The Achilles Heel; IRS Notice of Federal tax Lien, I show the material evidence that the majority of the Liens are invalid because they do not note the essential elements on them to make them legally sufficient as valid liens. An essential element for a lien from taxation is that the “authority” must be noted on the Lien and this is based on both Federal Statute and case law. The only way to gain authority by a government agency is by a Legislative Act. We tried five different methods to obtain this Congressional Act and we were ignored or fought when we sued them. If the law existed it would be a simple correction to the Liens and they would have provided us the Act when requested but they will not.

    Believe it or not, whether the law exists is irrelevant because their liens are invalid. They lack the essential element of authority. That means the IRS and their prosecutors are committing fraud against most Americans who have been issued liens and especially the Federal Judiciary is often a co-conspirator in the fraud. Since the Liens kick off the collection process, we now have the evidence to nullify the liens if we can get in front of an honest Judge. State court is best and there are a couple of untested causes of action that can be mounted by those with liens.

    We already have two cases where the Federal Courts granted dismissals to the IRS/Treasury based on their request because of lack of jurisdiction. This allows for the cases to remain in State Courts were there is a much greater chance of winning. The government will still attempt to move any case to the Federal Courts so the acting Party(ies) cannot let this happen.

    A quite title action can be done which is absolutely a State Court action and we may be able to sue a title company for not issuing a title policy because they require the Liens to be either removed or paid. Since the liens are invalid they should not be required to be paid as a condition for title insurance. The Attorneys are going to have to figure out the specific cause(s) of action.

    I am not an Attorney so disregard anything I’ve written above but surely check it out for yourself. Go to your local courthouse and pull up some Notice of Federal Tax Liens. See if you can find their authority. A couple of hints. 1. Title 26, Internal Revenue Code is “not” Positive
    Law according to the Law Revision Council of the U.S. House of Representatives and Sections 6321, 6322 & 6323 of the Internal
    Revenue Code according to the Federal Statues provided by Cornell University, gain their authority from Title 27, Alcohol Tobacco &

    Title 5, the Administrative Procedures Act (APA) enacted in 1954, is where I found the required elements necessary for liens issued by Federal Agencies to be valid. Case law also clearly support this. Good luck. If I can help let me know.

  • bionic mosquito

    JP: Right, and the CIA was buying those wind turbines through Skybuilt Power to outfit black sites in Afghanistan.

    BM: Interesting – the CIA also wants to “get off the grid.” In all seriousness, apparently one more reason for government to subsidize so called “green” energy.

    AW: Is war a means of domestic social control?
    JP: Sure. It kills off the segment of the population most likely to rebel.

    BM: This reminds me of Stalin’s actions. When the Red Army was advancing on Warsaw toward the end of the war, the resident Poles revolted against the occupying Germans, believing that Stalin would assist. Instead, Stalin waited until the Germans killed off many of these Polish fighters. If they would rise against the Germans, they would also rise against the Soviets. Problem solved.

    JP: See, it’s important to write for yourself.

    BM: Amen, brother.

    • Praetor

      Exactly! They knew a long time ago the fiat Empire would fail at some future point. That is why he say don’t enlist. The war will be here, on U.S. soil one day. Those of us here will have to defend our PROPERTY!!!

  • Bruce C.

    This was an entertaining and interesting interview, so thank you for that.

    I understand and agree with his view on the military and I’m surprised that he finds most people don’t because I think I had a pretty typical American upbringing. My father was a Marine in WW 2 and although he admired and valued the discipline that the military instilled he also said he would never encourage me nor anyone else to join (although he never said exactly why and he died when I was 10.) A sort of surrogate father of mine was a Navy pilot and “got a lot out of it” but also didn’t recommend it for me or his own son. I had a lot of friends who had older brothers in Vietnam and all of those vets regretted it when they got back (except one who went back about 3 times before getting killed.) My point is that in my experience it’s pretty common knowledge that the military “sucks” and is only a good option for those who have few others.

    Similarly, I don’t know anyone personally who supported any of the wars since WW 2. In fact, before Obama’s first election in 2008 I was surprised to see so many pro-Obama signs displayed in the yards of huge houses in wealthy neighborhoods. Some of those people were customers of mine and ALL of them said they were voting for Obama to protest the war in Iraq. My point here is that I don’t think that many people support the military or war mongering or US nation-building or the MIC, etc., it’s just that the government has become so big and powerful that it does what it wants despite the will of the people. Obama’s executive orders, a compliant Congress, and an enabling Supreme Court shows that every day.

  • Linda

    I agree with Harry Skip Robinson, but I tried to ask some serious questions of Lew Rockwell, and of one the Oathkeeper Guys, and I got nothing fron Lew, and nothing but fluff back from the Oathkeeper, then they wouldn’t talk to me. Hence, I am not a Libertarian. My questions were neither rude nor contentious, so I lost respect for that stance.
    I can’t shrug my shoulders and say that honor and respect for a Constitutional way of life are wrong and (Ho hum) the Empire is falling. ( I think the Empire is EVIL and the rebellion is honorable, – if that doesn’t sound too Star Wars of me. ) The Constitution has merit, if stripped to what it was intended to be. Sadly, Each generation has been co-opted and defeated by various intentionally, externally applied self -defeating strategies. This sounds like another one to me. By “externally” I mean the strategies are applied by those who profit, to those who work to make a living.
    Those who make a living often get burned out in one way or another, ( serving in war, worked to death, subjugated by poverty and famine and disease). As we get older, we are marginalized, the fabric of our world is destroyed, or altered beyond recognition, and the lessons we learned are pushed under the rug as antiquated. Instead of learning from the good truths we have accumulated, we build from the rubble that is left over after we ignore our grandparents lessons until they are lost forever. I honor my parents and grandparents. Their struggles and sacrifices are potent lessons, and I respect what they taught me. Each of you has struggled, learned things, and will try to pass those lessons on. Godspeed, Good Luck, and band together, as best you can. I am neither an enemy of freedom, nor a scapegoat for my grandchildren. If they are smart they will learn; but I am only responsible for passing on what I know. I cannot make choices for anyone else. Linda

    • Kernel01

      Oathkeeper guys? Stewart Rhodes, the Oathkeeper founder, has been writing articles trying to wave off any confrontation between the squatters and the Government. Gone into his lawyerly writing mode (he is a lawyer) when the going gets tough, and recommends putting down the show of resistance and going home. What a crock of baloney. Wonder how rich this guy has become off of Oathkeepers? Folds like a cheap tent when the going gets tough and indirectly starts siding with “the Government”; lawyers yapping just like him. That’s the problem when we’re led by lawyers; we only get talk and rhetoric whilst they enrich themselves.

      • “We cannot force ourselves or our protection on people who do not want it.   Dwight and Steven Hammond have made it clear, through their attorney, that they just want to turn themselves in and serve out their sentence. And that clear statement of their intent should be the end of the discussion on this.  No patriot group or individual has the right or the authority to force an armed stand off on this family, or around them, against their wishes.  You cannot help someone who does not want your help, and who are not willing and ready to take a hard stand themselves.”

        There is more at the following link. It is well thought out and principled, unlike the attitude of Ammon Bundy which more closely resembles the USA policy of bombing the Middle East into freedom, whether they want it or not.

        oathkeepers (dot) org/the-hammond-family-does

        • WoodsWoman

          You apparently assume this statement from Oath Keepers is factually correct, and it may be, though it is editorial in nature. However, it is also worth considerating that given decades of intimidation, harassment, threats, etc. which reportedly continued until the moment the Hammonds surrendered themselves (to serve a second sentence for the same “crime” for which they’d already been sentenced and served time… uhm?) it is not surprising the Hammonds’ attorney would say they “just want to turn themselves in and serve out their sentence.” Perhaps they’re going to appeal, as they should, and distancing themselves from these resister-ranchers is prudent. Either way, the history of this situation (like so many ranchers have endured) is absolutely horrendous and Americans SHOULD stand up to fight this kind of injustice.

          The question in my mind about the position taken by Oath Keepers and others criticizing Bundy et al. is this: Should those who recognize the injustice of this not take ANY action? Or is it just not THIS action that’s “proper”? Or is it that ranchers (and famers) shouldn’t have anyone standing up for them at all? (Yes, a certain Niemoller quote comes to mind here.)

          The deeper question here is, perhaps, what does “resistance to tyranny” actually look like? Many are quick to shout/preach from their keyboards that people should “fight back,” but then do not support those who do – and not just in this situation, mind you, but generally speaking. Not only does the mainstream media immediately make “resisters” of any stripe (environmental, anti-Fed, anti-GMO, alternative healthcare activists, etc., etc.) out to be kooks (or domestic terrorists or anti-government whackjobs or …) but many citizens seem to respond (out of fear?) with instant attack, as well.

          So what does taking a stance look like, then? And who gets to “approve” such actions? … Food for thought.

          • “The history of this situation (like so many ranchers have endured) is absolutely horrendous and Americans SHOULD stand up to fight this kind of injustice.”

            We do agree with each other about the problem–AND the solution.

            I don’t think that a rerun of the Alamo led by genius Ammon Bundy and his two outed Agent Provocateurs is the right time, place or people. I was pleasantly surprised by the Oathkeeper’ principled statement in that same regard.

        • Kernel01

          By law, through law, Zew law. Jack my jaw, I’ve been to Harvard Law. A real confrontation to open up the issue and what do we get out of The Oathkeeper, nothing but lawyerly talk. So what exactly are The Oathkeepers standing for? Suspect that Stewart Rhodes will fold like a cheap tent when any type of local-regional-National door-to-door gun confiscation by armed authorities goes down, for which we’ll just get a “well thought out lawyerly argument”. Gee thanks.

  • Renov8

    “The major problem we have in America right now is that people are so attached to their political parties they’ll do what they know to be wrong.”
    Low information voters, cognitive rationalization and ignorance define the new voter in this country…….they speak and vote in half truths, knowing the other half to be false. These low information voters continue to support the political party or candidate on the half truth premise…….I know all candidates have some weakness or point of contention that should be considered when looking to support said candidate, but to ignore the falsehoods and character flaws of said person running for office and allow your mind to convince you the half truth merits “your” vote is cognitive rationalization run amok! The ignorance of voters has been building for years….thanks to the internet. People read what is posted and don’t question it, because of the source. The source always has an agenda…..its the readers responsibility to figure out what that agenda is. Once you do, you are starting to understand the position being presented in the article. There is always an agenda……..I have an agenda in writing this comment……..have you figured it out yet?

  • autonomous

    This is the first interview that I have read all the way through. I usually read one to three paragraphs of an interview, then toss it. For thoughts off the cuff are usually just dirty sweat that accumulates on the cuff on a hot day when there is a lot of dust blowing. But Jack Perry, who I did not know before, is obviously not a TV addict, nor an internet addict. He is what used to be known as an autodidact. And it is very clear that he thinks for himself, and, I hope, is not one who requires of others that he think for them.

    I have four sons and eight grandchildren and two great grandchildren, and many nieces and nephews, and therefore have had cause to observe closely what has become of the coming generations. I have cut myself off from TV. But before I cut that connection completely from my own life, I got to the point that I refused to watch or listen to commercials, and I noticed that whenever children or anyone from the next generation was in my house and I muted or flipped channels during a commercial, those younger folks invariably would get anxious looks, verging on panic–even if they were glued to their iPhones or in the midst of drama-queen yammering that now passes for conversation. At first, I was amused at the phenomenon, but it crew into concern as the realization downed on me that they were addicted to the noise of constant stimulation. Then I began turning the TV off whenever I had company, and eventually cancelled cable and quit watching TV at all. Now I hardly ever have company, family or not.

    Modern society might very well be past help. Every restaurant, store, and almost every public space is surrounded in the sounds and images of television advertising, which while it constantly stimulates, it smothers the real emotions and intellectual pleasures that used to be part of being human. Beauty is smothered in plastic cosmetics. Music, especially, has been lost to plastic sounds put to the rhythm of self-pleasuring. The younger generation seem incapable of natural reproduction, trading sex for mutual masturbation, unable to find natural rhythm, they depend on someone else to provide a substitute.

    War, now more lethal than ever, has become a video game; many warriors never having to look an enemy in the eye, never having to smell gore or rotting flesh. The red of blood has been rendered into the green of riches.

  • Kernel01

    War fighting is the ultimate in Schumpeter’s “creative destruction” which works fine in business competition, but has the consequence in killing human beings: either you kill them, or they’ll kill you. So we need to keep up the evolution (thru competitive spirit), if you will, of our military strength and innovative weaponry, ‘cuz if we don’t, someone else will. Historical fact when looking at how changing technology gave certain countries the military advantage for which they used it when they obtained it. Hence, we’ve got to continue pouring money into the coffers of DARPA, etc. to maintain the leading edge. We won’t keep the leading edge by listening to some feckless bozo leader who can only give a speech and mesmerize an audience, but cannot govern, maintain, nor advance the system that provided him with his affirmative action Presidency that he now holds. His ideologies such as global warming, gun control (confiscation), women in the infantry, gay marriage, and income inequality are all a ruse at a higher level to dumb-down and numb-down the aggressive American spirit and values that have led to our leadership. For when we dumb-down and numb-down aggression, we can then begin to live in peace and harmony? Maybe on a different planet, but not this one. Furthermore, these continuing wars and fire fights will be the nature of things to come for quite some time. Until, perhaps, some country invents a weapon that can be a technological step beyond nuclear weapons to be so advanced in neutralizing nuclear weapons or making them obsolete. Pretty hard thing to fathom, but could be in the realm of something maybe like a controllable zero-point energy weapon just for starters; science fiction you say? Fantasy is the impossible made probable, science fiction is the improbable made possible; (Thanks Rod). Only the dead have seen the end of war.

    • Praetor

      What a sad state of affairs. The only way we can live with each other is to kill each other!!!

    • Danny B

      Keshe is iffy but, there are indications that it might be real; http://www.starshipearththebigpicture.com/tag/keshe-foundation/

    • nailheadtom

      What do you mean “we”, white man? You’re assuming that everyone within the borders of the USA is in this together. Ain’t so. In 1940 the Krauts defeated the French but never bothered to occupy the whole country because the French themselves had plenty of Nazis to carry out the program. Same thing in the USA only the country didn’t need to be invaded, it was taken over from within. Americans have nothing to fear from Iraqis or Afghanis. The threats to freedom hang out in DC, Maryland and Virginia.

  • dauden

    Another excellent interview worthy of sharing.

    • Shark-Proof


  • Praetor

    Excellent! The Empire will fall! They all do! And should! You must feel sorry for those that have invested so much of themselves in a failed empirical system that uses lies and manipulation to gain the power it has. Until government is removed as the god of this world nothing will change. When this Empire falls, we will see a psychological depression in the U.S. that goes beyond anything we can imagine, people have invested so much faith and belief in a system built on ‘LIES’. Anyone’s existence that relies on the lies for survival will be so grief stricken, that the system has failed them, their lives will be over and they will not survive, and they will leave this world with their delusionary bubble busted. No matter if they are ties and suits or standing down at the welfare office the delusionary lie will be over. You must feel sorry for these people!!!

    The only real way to survive the delusionary bubble busting is to secede yourselves from the system of lies and manipulation. The simple life, people ask what is ‘THAT’. That is exactly how everyone lives and survives, when the Empires fall. If you are not preparing yourself for the simple life, you are living in the empires delusionary fiat bubble and you are going down with the ship. So, prepare yourselves for the simple life, it is the only way to survive. Why not, if you survive the boom, you will be living the simple life anyway, because that is all that is left!!!

    • “…prepare yourselves for the simple life, it is the only way to survive.”

      One way to prepare is best summed up by R. Buckminster Fuller: “You never change things by fighting the existing reality.  To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

      The Covenant of Unanimous Consent offers one such model–and a peaceful one at that. When the Imperial Roman Empire finally died, many people had ALREADY abandoned Roman Law and worked out agreements or “covenants” with other people for mutual protection and trade–i.e. they had already built a new model that did NOT require a central government, and in fact, the model was to serve well for 1,000 years.

      What can we learn from that example? And how might we improve on it? Much can be learned from the current Amish and Mennonite colonies within the USA boundries.

      Perhaps we should ask: What *IS* the absolute bare minimum that Voluntary Groups of any size–two people or more–need to agree upon, in order to live together peacefully and productively?

      I asked that question at the following link:

      tinyurl (dot) com/The-Bare-Minimum

      Dennis Wilson
      Signatory: Covenant of Unanimous Consent

  • Danny B

    Dear Bell, you know that I always take the path less travelled. I’ve already written here about killing. I want to add to that.
    The Psychological Cost of learning to Kill in War and Society; https://archive.org/details/On_Killing

    I know personally a couple of murderers who were never caught. I believe that killing another human leaves a permanent “stain” on the soul.
    This may not be too important to most people but, times are changing. There is growing proof that physical death is not the final end.

    The ancients may very well be correct about an after life. http://www.theepochtimes.com/n3/681034-3-year-old-remembers-past-life-identifies-murderer-and-location-of-body/

    If it is proven that physical death is not the end of the line, attitudes about killing may make a radical change. Here is an interest page from a guy who is doing a lot of investigation into the matter; http://www.kapillavastu.com/
    I, personally have avoided killing because I was afraid that it would be too easy the second time. I knew a Viet Nam vet who had this problem.
    The universe is electrical. Our bodies are electrical. Energy is neither created nor, destroyed. The body loses weight when death occurs. Does our energy field stay coherent when we die or not?

    • Bruce C.

      Belief in an afterlife like “heaven” (as Islam and Christianity do) obviously is not sufficient to abstain from killing. However, the knowledge/belief that the object of one’s hatred psychically binds one to it can discourage killing, especially if one also believes in reincarnation and “karma.”

      What is the most illuminating and liberating belief/knowledge of all, however, is that one (one’s consciousness) forms one’s reality/experience and so there really is nothing outside the Self. It’s an illusion to experience concepts. I’m not holding my breath on many accepting that but I still think it’s true. In fact, that is why even killing in self defense is still a violation because the self creates the conflict/threat to begin with and killing is not a valid way to deal with that. The situation should be dealt with “mentally” in the same way that it was created. Speaking the word PEACE aloud, or even saying it mentally, towards one’s attacker could very well save one’s life because it short-circuits the problem (according to “esoteric philosophy”).

      One reason I’ve never actually bought a gun for self defense is because I don’t think I would actually kill someone, or wouldn’t want to for the reasons given, but it could be handy for slowing or stopping one’s advance or scaring them away.

      • alaska3636

        The body is as spiritual as it is economic (or physical and scarce). I think it is short-sighted to ignore this dual aspect of nature. Refraining from self-defense might be a good policy in general (spiritually), but it can get other people killed or put them in danger they otherwise would not have been in. There is also a case to be made about removing threats to freedom and property by “self-defensing” them back the the kharmic wheel to try again under different circumstances. Just my opinion though

        • Bruce C.

          I hardly claim to have all the answers, but if one accepts the premise that one forms one’s own personal reality/experience then any encounter with danger or threats are manifestations of one’s own physically manifested psychological drama. Therefore, killing in such cases, even in self-defense, is a kind of cop out. From a “greater self” perspective you could liken it to a kind of “check-mate” situation in which one learns that certain ideas don’t work out so well.

          Evidently, most don’t interpret their experience in that way so threats are considered outside, other, uninvited, aggressive, etc. and are dealt with on that level.

          Personally, I have little to no direct personal experience with threats and aggression and violence so I don’t have any further personal insights to offer. My sense is, however, that it takes a lot of mental energy to create threatening encounters and it should be fairly obvious to all concerned what the real issues are when the encounter occurs. At that point it’s a question of how one wants to handle it.

          • alaska3636

            I grew up with two older brothers, but that is the only violence I have ever experienced and probably for a good reason: siblings are ruthless. I am with you 100% on the self-constructed universe ideas, I just know that very few people grasp the concept and, even though I choose my company very carefully, I can’t control for every miscommunication. I would probably only find myself in a “self-defense” situation as a result of the defense of someone else I cared for more than their attacker. But maybe, I am just being overly cautious, I really do choose my company (construct that aspect of my universe) to avoid unnecessary conflict, much less violence. Still, I think there is objective moral superiority in your idea of creating a conflict free universe; if somebody else wanted to encroach, I do not see the karmic wheel being unkind to you for protecting yourself and others.

    • alaska3636

      The DB’s Reformation has claimed another topic from the void: Scientific American runs article claiming Electric Universe theories are pseudoscience (namely, because the author overhead a conspiratorial conversation regarding 9/11 at the conference)


      Comments to article are, of course, price less.

      Rebuttal from folks at Thunderbolts:


      A glimmer of something, perhaps?

      • alaska3636

        Further comments from the EU’er Stephen Crothers who was mentioned in the original article:


        He links to several short essays in this link that are clever and amusing. I won’t extra-double link them here, but I recommend checking them out. EU getting defamatory coverage (or, any coverage) is a pretty big deal if you ask me.

    • gsvasktg

      We are all holograms in the gravity field . It has a purpose and period . Fulfill it and go , Predestination
      see kapillavstu dot com axiomatic solution

  • Wrusssr

    Injun and Gringo, there’s no doubt it. That Smedley Butler was a rascal. What cinched it for me was when he prevented the ancestors of people who nod paychecks through today for ‘Net trolls, from taking over America in 1933. Congress refused to give WWI vets—trapped, impoverished, and desperate in the throes of the Great Depression caused by these same ancestors—their bonus checks. So The Ancestors approached Butler to lead these disgruntled veterans—because they knew of the respect these vets had for him—in the overthrow of the US government; assuring him they would pay their salaries. Butler instead outed them before congress and you know what? Not one of the major players went to prison. (See link for those major players. Make ya eyes bug out. ) Oh wait a minute! Didn’t something similar just happen this century with a money and bank crisis or some such?

    Smedley Butler: An Honest War Hero
    http://www.real-debt elimination.com/real_freedom/portal_to_dictatorship/smedley_butler/honest_war_hero.htm

  • Wrusssr

    Not really sure what happened to the Smedley Butler link, but here’s the google and the link again.

    The Google: General Smedley Butler an Honest War Hero

    The Page Url: http://www.real-debt-elimination.com/real_freedom/portal_to_dictatorship/smedley_butler/honest_war_hero.htm

  • rahrog

    Thanks DB for bringing Jack Perry to these pages. — “We are all responsible for these crimes as long as we support this, even if we do so by silence.” —

  • Jack Perry

    I appreciate the comments. I seem to have touched a nerve in at least one case in that I don’t advocate some type of “action” to “fix” everything. Therefore, say I…What am I going to do, sit here and advocate a revolution? Then what? Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. We’ve been playing political tennis since the 1960s at least and each side has been “taking action” and where has that gotten us? The ball goes back and forth from Democrat to Republican and back again over the net. This is the longest tennis game I’ve ever seen. What do we do?! What do we do?! Hey, man, what if the answer is to do something totally different for a change and understand this entire political system is a scam? That’s right, the entire thing is a scam. It’s a carnival midway game. Right, so what, you think you’re going to knock over the bottles and win that snazzy stuffed bear for your wife? Sure. Good luck with that. Even if you manage to knock over the bottles in the rigger game some $150 later, you won’t win the bear. They’ll hand you a Lady Gaga poster and tell you to get lost.
    I have no dogs in this fight. I don’t own a dog. I don’t care who wins what election because they’re all the same thing. It’s like the difference between name-brand and generic macaroni-and-cheese. Throw away the box, the family can’t tell the difference. Oh, right, let’s go to Washington and fight for change! Would that be “change we can believe in”, perhaps? How’d that work out for us? The SAME “fight/take action for change” mindset was present in that 2008 campaign. I’m not here to present my solution as if I own this country. I wouldn’t want to take over ownership of this government. I don’t want to be the guy that finds all the “Past Due” notices from other countries crammed behind the desk drawer in the Oval Office. I have no interest in being El Jefe.
    Yes, I’m self-educated. That means: I didn’t sit on my keester watching “Dancing With The Stars” and eating white cheddar popcorn. It also means I’m not a professional college student that spent all his time in school obtaining initials to park behind my name but couldn’t change a flat tire if my life depended on it. I never professed to be an expert in anything because I’m not out there to impress anybody. I’d rather sit home and make a dozen arrows than go up and testify before Congress even if they paid for the trip and sent me home with a gift box from See’s Candies. What would I tell the Congress? You guys are crooks? They already know that. That’s how they got elected. Going up to Congress and telling them they’re crooks is like carrying salt water to the Pacific Ocean and saying, “Hey, look what I found!” Come on, man, let’s get serious here. Even cheesy B-movie actors have testified before Congress. Shoot, one of them became president, remember? That was a great movie. “Bedtime For America”. A classic.
    I’m not Thomas Jefferson. I’m also not Emma Goldman, even though I look like her. Come on, I know that’s what you were thinking. “Look at those glasses…he looks like Emma Goldman!” I’m just who I am, calling them as I see them. I’m not calling out for solutions as I see them because—ta-da!!!—I have no interest in being a revolutionary. The revolution will not be televised. I think Emma said that. or maybe I just did. Anyway, thanks everyone who read and liked my interview. As far as action, I have an action to take. I need a cup of coffee.

    • Thanks to Jack Perry for the interview and now his comments.

    • WoodsWoman

      Bravo, Jack! Thanks for your candor. It’s good to read. We are in a distressing/frustrating state of affairs where people who theoretically have the same goals in mind are at each others’ throats… Interesting that the brainwashing goes so deep that “we” see divides between us where they don’t even exist – particularly when it comes to the “right” way to “fix” things, as I wrote below. As a college-educated self-employed person whose uber-costly degrees involved a huge amount of fun in addition to hard work, and was actually relatively interesting but utterly worthless in the “market,” I applaud your choice to follow your own path. And to tell us about it. Thanks for contributing your time and energy for this interview and the comments.

    • Marten

      Enlightening article.”Your “Life” depends on expanding your understanding of “Life”
      Thank you very much for your time Jack

  • Danny B

    There has been a lot of discussion here about native Americans. I’ve been on various reservations,, been chased off,,, Cibique I was in Gallup during a 7 nation indian Festival. I’ve had run-ins with the Aleut and Eskmos,,, 7 road trips to Ak.. I’ve been to aboriginal reserves around Darwin, Au. I can tell you one thing for sure. The opposite of life is not death. It is boredom. I was up in Barrow, Ak. Even the little old ladies hated me.
    The Native Lands Settlement Act wasn’t exactly a blessing. The purposeless life leads to escapism. The alcohol and drugs soon follow. Raising sheep on bad land holds no interest for the young of any race. The bright city lights and chemical escapism are just too much for the young.

    I raised a bunch of kids,, not mine. If you can just keep them from getting bored, there is a good chance that you can get them past the stupid years without major damage. These same kids are now going to funerals for their age peers (mid 20s).
    The young start off with so much promise; https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/24/66/9f/24669f472cee8f1ca667f46509032926.jpg
    Then, life gets in the way; https://www.think-aboutit.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/native-american-quotes-on-death-1.jpg