Joe McKinney on a Startup Societies Conference to Benefit Puerto Rico
By Joe Jarvis - December 24, 2017

The Startup Societies Foundation is hosting a conference on January 19-20 at Georgetown in Washington DC. The conference aims to bring together the top minds in various fields to exchange information and develop strategies for rebuilding Puerto Rico.

I talked to Joe McKinney, the CEO of the Startup Societies Foundation, about the conference.


FYI: The Jones Act is a United States law from 1920 which requires American vessels to carry all goods between American ports. For Puerto Rico, this means an increase in shipping costs for any supplies coming from the mainland USA. Neighboring islands benefit from lower shipping costs by contrast, since they are not beholden to the American rule. The rule was temporarily waived during the aftermath of Hurricane Maria but has since been reinstated.

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  • Don Duncan

    Joe Jarvis: Your audio is two low to be heard without his being too high.

    • Thanks Don, I had some technical difficulties. I will get it fixed for next time. Appreciate the heads up!

  • Don Duncan

    Meeting “local needs” is irrelevant for changing their political paradigm. Improving their standard of living will happen quickest when it starts at a grass roots level, not with an imposed outside centralized plan. Coercive govt. (meaning all govt. at present) will only get in the way, and when it doesn’t it will come in eventually and expropriate newly created wealth while destroying incentive to create more. Poverty is a product of govt./law. No work-around will be permanent until the political paradigm is changed.

    Don’t change laws or technology, change minds with respect to fundamental social interactions based on the initiation of violence, threat thereof, and fraud. A new political paradigm based on reason, zero initiation of force, and voluntary social interactions will create incentive for innovations unimagined and unpredictable.

    That realized, the challenge is how to overcome the faith in force that leads to a coercive govt. How do you replace a destructive superstition/myth with a creative social order? Especailly with TPTB working to stop this threat to their control? They will stop at nothing, even species extinction, to keep their control.

    The answer will come from a deprograming technique that replaces mentally controlling concepts with mentally freeing concepts. The cognitively controlled are simular to psychological zombies who cannot be rational about some ideas. They have mental blocks which may provoke violence when confronted. Helping them free themselves from the mental chains installed by a lifetime of indoctrination is paramount.

    • Xandasu

      That’s a very nice-sounding notion, but it ultimately doesn’t work. History has been made by those who got the most minds to follow them for their evil causes and none of it has changed to this day. The average person doesn’t care about esoteric political or philosophical ideologies, they’re more focused on raising a family, working a job, and so on. What tangible benefit would they get from knowing something so vague? I’m not doubting that voluntaryism is viable, but people involved in politics aren’t going to turn their backs on all the friends and connections they made, and the experiences they had for an entirely new idea, It’s not human nature, unless they see physical evidence.

      Rather, we should create an alignment of incentives for the same outcome. Seasteading for example, takes the political goals of everyone to create competition in governance. Special Economic Zones are aligning the interests of business people with those of the average worker, and prosperity is created.

      • Don Duncan

        Capitalism, i.e., free economic activity, the free market, is in the interest of everyone, but the average laborer sees it directly in a higher standard of living. That’s why people immigrate from less free societies to more free. We don’t need SEZs to align interests. We need the masses to think for themselves, not blindly conform to social myths, e.g., the worldwide political paradigm that govt. is the only civil way to live and any society that rejects that paradigm is dangerous and needs to be violently crushed. Or a business activity that is not taxed/regulated/given advance permission is out of control (not regulated), free-loading (untaxed), and is potentially dangerous.

        It might be argued that civil liberty cannot exist without business liberty because they both rest on the concept of rights. Rights were the basis of the American Revolution, a goal sought because people were influenced by Thomas Paine’s pamphlets which enjoyed 90% readership. The king’s subjects read the works of the Founding Fathers and found them inspirational, not too esoteric as you claim the rabble do.

        If people reject the current political paradigm, it doesn’t matter a bit what “people in politics” do. Why? The masters won’t be obeyed anymore. People will have freed themselves to live and let live but this time it will be by a conscious choice that the initiation of violence is immoral.

  • Boysie

    Great idea – wish you could do the same for Jamaica

    All my best wishes for a very successful event and continued success in 2018

  • Chris Johansen

    Best to become a place like Hong Kong of the Spanish-speakng world.