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Gerald Celente: Threatening Western Freedoms With Trans-Pacific/Atlantic Treaties
By Anthony Wile - December 28, 2014

Introduction: Forecasting trends since 1980, Mr. Gerald Celente is publisher of the Trends Journal®, Founder/Director of the Trends Research Institute® and author of the highly acclaimed and best selling books, Trend Tracking and Trends 2000 (Warner Books). Using his unique perspectives on current events forming future trends, Gerald Celente developed the Globalnomic® methodology, which is used to identify, track, forecast and manage trends. His on-time trend forecasts, vibrant style, articulate delivery and vivid public presence makes him a favorite of major media. The Trends Research Institute has earned its reputation as "today's most trusted name in trends" for accurate and timely predictions. On the geopolitical and economic fronts, Celente and The Trends Research Institute are credited with predicting the collapse of the Soviet Union, the last two economic recessions, the dot-com meltdown, the 1997 Asian currency crisis, the 1987 world stock market crash, increased terrorism against America, "Crusades 2000," the quagmire in Iraq … before war began and much more. The Trends Journal is on YouTube here.

Anthony Wile: Thanks for making time to talk with us today during this busy holiday season. Let's talk about your Top Trends for 2015. You write of "bankism" and say it is fast becoming the dominant global economic system. What do you mean by that?

Gerald Celente: It's very clear what it is, in that it's not capitalism anymore. Capitalism means there's no such thing as too big to fail, and the too big to fails are the banks. The banks are the ones running the show, not only in the United States but in a country near you. For example, we saw the Dow nosedive in the beginning of December and then it hit new highs by the end of the year. Why? Because the central bank, the Federal Reserve, said they were going to keep interest rates low. They used the phrase "to be patient," to have patience. They have not raised interest rates now since 2006. So the banks are controlling the world economy, not only in the United States; you look over in the European Central Bank and it's the same thing over there. They have negative interest rates. What did they do? In the States they had a round of quantitative easing and now you'll see in 2015 the European Central Bank will not only want to be buying government bonds; more than likely they'll be buying corporate bonds.

So the banks are in control. And by the way, in the United States in most of the presidential elections in the 19th century wanted to prohibit a central bank from controlling the nation's money supply and printing, and then of course, we got our private central bank, the Federal Reserve, in the early 20th century. So bankism has replaced capitalism. There is no such thing as a company rising and falling on its own when you're a bank. They're in control. Again, four words killed it: too big to fail. This article is going to be written by Nomi Prins who, of course, wrote the wonderful, very insightful, scholarly book All the Presidents Men. So this is just an overview of much more than will be detailed in the Trends Journal.

Anthony Wile: Let's talk about another trend, one dealing with inflation and deflation. You foresee a deflationary trend in 2015, correct?

Gerald Celente: I've never been a proponent that the printing of the dollar was going to cause inflation because it ties into the other trends that we're looking at, and that is price wars. You're seeing the prices of oil and natural gas continue to decline. They took big hits in 2014. It's more of a supply issue and a demand issue – too much supply and lowering demand. It's not only in oil; it's in corn, it's in copper. You can buy a ton of rebar, reinforcement rod, cheaper in China than you can a ton of cabbage.

But if you are Russian and you have a ruble it's going to cost you twice as much to buy. That's not because the price has gone up; in fact, the price went down. It's your currency was devalued. That's what I see more of – not supply and demand inflation but currency devaluation inflation. You could not have a clearer picture than being a Russian right now. If you were being paid in Rubles and you lived in the States or in Canada, you just saw half your income decline. But the price of the product hasn't gone up that much. Product prices have gone down in some areas but you're paying double. It's a deflation of pricing but it's an inflation of cost because of declining incomes and declining currencies.

Anthony Wile: Is some of this price deflation artificial, for instance Saudi Arabian oil? Are there other situations like that?

Gerald Celente: I don't see it as artificial. I really don't. As I said, when you look at commodity prices, a lot of them are at five-year lows because of demand. If the Americans and the Europeans don't buy a lot of things, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh – all of these cheap-labor countries, they're not making things. If they're not making things, then Canada, India, Chile, Brazil – natural resource countries aren't selling to them because they're not using up as much product, so they're selling less. That's driving down the price of commodities because of demand.

So I don't look at the low oil prices being manipulated by the Saudis. Do the Saudis want to keep prices low to push out the competition? They said they do. Is that a realistic avenue to take? I don't know, but I do know that Rio Tinto in Australia keeps producing more and more iron ore and selling it to get rid of the marginal players that are their competitors. Will it work in the long term? I doubt it. I think it will hurt everybody. So I don't see what the Saudis are doing as a conspiracy. I think it's ill-advised strategy.

Anthony Wile: You speak of a rise in alternative energy as a trend for 2015 and a gradual replacement of fossil fuels. You write 2015 will mark the beginning of the grand finale for fossil fuels. That's a strong statement. Can you expand?

Gerald Celente: We don't call it alternative anymore. We call it dominant. Ironically, you're looking at fossil fuel prices going down at a time when alternatives are coming into the marketplace and that's not being talked about very much. Our science editor, Ben Davis, is one of the tops in the country if not the world. What we are looking at now is a scenario very similar to what history has seen before. From Julius Caesar to Grover Cleveland, the world's emperors and presidents and prime ministers went to their inaugurations and coronations in horse and buggies. Then all of a sudden that changed and when it began to change, the automobile was the alternative means of transportation. Then it became the dominant means. Then horse and buggy became an alternative. Same thing with iceboxes and refrigerators, candlepower and electricity.

That's the turning point that we're at now, where we see not only hydro or thorium or uranium processes, but a number of them, being solar, thermal and biofuel, that are going to replace fossil fuel. Again, ironically, this is happening at a time when fossil fuel prices are under attack. That's just a brief overview of it, but the details of it are in the Trends Journal.

By the way, we just had a conference in Colonial Kingston, where we're based, of the Top Trends in 2015. It's all been videorecorded in very high quality and people can buy the five-and-a-half hour conference DVDs. Ben Davis, our science editor, talked in detail there about this issue. It's not only in the Trends Journal but also much more in depth at the conference, about what these alternatives are going to be and how they're going to have an effect not only on pricing but on economies.

Think of what it will do to Venezuela and Saudi Arabia and Qatar and United Arab Emirates. You think the United States will have a Mideast policy if oil isn't the priority? So this has much bigger implications than just economic and industrial. There's a big geopolitical aspect to it as well. Again, it's only history going in a new direction. After all, there were many wars over resources. There were the spice Wars – they fought over spices. They're fighting over fossil fuels. Fossil fuels will be as irrelevant to fight over as spices as these new energy developments take place. And to think that we're heading into the first quarter of the 21st century using fossil fuels, it's a pretty fossil idea in itself.

Anthony Wile: You are concerned about the impact of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Can you explain why? Under the agreement, you write, multinational rulers and their dictates will rule the land.

Gerald Celente: They're selling the Trans-Pacific Partnership and its European sister, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, as though they're trade deals and they're not. It's a multinational takeover. There are plenty of trade deals in place, and it's estimated that very, very few pages of this agreement have anything to do with trade.

But we don't know all the details because we the people – in the country that supposedly exports democracy and is the beacon of freedom – we're not allowed to look at it, and neither are the senators and congressman. The only people working on it are the multinational corporations. What this does is takes away sovereign rights of nations and they become overruled by multinational regulations and laws. The multinationals become the rulers of your country. And not only in terms of trade and commerce but also in basic sovereign rights going down to freedom of speech.

It's a multinational takeover at every level and it will affect probably two-thirds of the world's population.

Anthony Wile: How will these billions of people react? Do you see any effective counter to that?

Gerald Celente: Not in the United States or North America. They're countering it in Europe. They just had a meeting in Brussels and several thousand people demonstrated against it and they're demonstrating throughout Europe against it. But in North America it's rarely if ever mentioned in the news and most people have no idea about it. And to make it even more draconian and to see, going back again to the bankism, that this isn't capitalism and it's certainly not democracy – when it does hit the United States it's going to be presented to Congress on the fast track, which means there won't be any debate on it. They won't read it; they'll just vote on it, like any good dictatorship would do.

Anthony Wile: You see war and more war as an additional trend in 2015. Expand, please …

Gerald Celente: I noticed in my studies of world events that when all else fails, they take you to war. That's what we're moving toward. The global economy is failing. China's real estate bubble has burst. The Europeans are back in recession in Italy and other countries. Germany's new forecast in 2015 is much slower growth. The Chinese growth now is back to 1990 levels and it's probably much worse. There's an estimated 70 million vacant luxury apartments, entire cities that have been built that are unoccupied. They've been propping their economy up in the same bankism way, by dumping cheap money into the system.

Now what you're looking at, as these tensions continue to increase with declining economies, when you move to the West, for example, what have they done? They've put severe sanctions on Russia. Russia does a lot of trade with Europe and Europe does significant amounts of trade with Russia. Now that trade is being stopped, at a time when the economies of both countries are slowing down. I mentioned oil prices. Do you think there won't be revolutions in Venezuela or Bahrain, and commodity prices in Angola or Congo, or the commodity-rich nations like Nigeria and Nigeria or Qatar or United Arab Emirates or Saudi Arabia? You're going to start seeing major destabilization from these resource-rich countries. They've only propped up their economy on strong demand from nations such as China, Indonesia and others that needed product to create their economic prosperity. But now that the West and Europe are buying less and, as I mentioned, they're making less, you have more and more internal turmoil.

The greatest threat to China is not Japan, not the United States, certainly not Vietnam or the Philippines who they squabble with, as well as Japan, over the disputed islands. It's much bigger than that. It's their people. They have 1.2 billion of them and they have to keep them happy. That's the biggest problem. There were reports coming out, though they've stopped putting them out – you were looking at like 24,000 uprisings and demonstrations going on in one year in China, and this was during good times. Now they're not coming out with the reports anymore. That's why you see so much money leaving China. They bought the Waldorf Astoria for $2 billion. They're building a canal in Nicaragua. They're buying up – take a trip back to Vancouver; I don't have to tell you – the China boomtown was one of our top trends for 2014. The smart money's leaving.

What I'm saying is when you go to war you see all of this destabilization taking place in countries throughout the world. Now the United States, despite Obama's recent lie – and I'm a political atheist. Whether it was George Bush lying us into the Iraq War with Saddam Hussein having weapons of mass destruction and ties to al Qaeda or Obama coming out and saying that we were going back into Iraq to save the Yazidis on the mountain, that it was a humanitarian mission. Now what do we have already – 1400 air strikes, 2,000 new fresh troops in there and a billion dollars spent. And now they're bombing Syria. You think this stuff isn't going to spread?

Now, of course, Ukraine just announced they want to go with NATO. That would be like Russia making an alliance with Canada and having missiles aimed at the United States and having troops on the border. We're moving to war. You have madmen and madwomen that keep pumping and beating the drums for war and you can see this heating up in front of us.

It's so easy to go to war. Look at the little dog and pony show they just put on about North Korea and how everybody bought it. You go online and you look at the geek world and they're saying with this whole thing, that North Korea did it is a lot of baloney; there's no evidence at all. But there was no evidence Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, yet they killed over a million people, cost over a trillion dollars and destroyed an entire country. So propaganda's a good business to get into. You can do it cheaply, stupidly and get great results. That's what they're doing, and they're leading us to war. It's cheap propaganda.

Anthony Wile: You see Occupy Peace as an optimistic countertrend to all this. Can you explain why? How will Occupy Peace play a role in this?

Gerald Celente: What we're doing on May 2, 2015, is launching Occupy Peace. We're launching it from the most historic four corners in the United States. It's in Colonial Kingston, New York, the only place where there's a pre-Revolutionary War building on each corner. And the mayor, Shane Gallo, has given us permission to close down the streets. He came up with one of the best comments about why he's doing it. He wants to build communities, not nations, to be a community-builder, not a nation-builder.

What we're doing, and being in Colonial Kingston, is honoring the Founding Fathers who, beginning with Washington – who was a real commander-in-chief, not like these little boys like Harper or Obama or Bush or Clinton or Holland or Sarkozy – they can't fight their way out of a paper bag. This is a man who led the troops in battle. Washington's farewell address: No foreign entanglements. And for all those little minds out there that say, "Oh, the world was a lot different back then," no, it wasn't. The world was at war back then, too. But our Founding Fathers were scholars, they were erudite, they were knowledgeable men. And what did they do from Washington to Franklin, from Jefferson to Adams to Madison, every one of them? No foreign entanglements.

With Occupy Peace, we have a battle plan for peace because I would rather fight for peace than die for war. Our battle plan is no foreign entanglements, bring home the troops, seal the borders and rebuild America, rather than build nations and destroy nations. That's what we're doing on May 2nd. This is not going to be a rally where people yell and scream and go home and nothing happens. As I said, we have a battle plan that we're putting in place so when people leave they'll have takeaways for action. We'll be announcing more of that later.

Anthony Wile: We have some trends we'd like you to comment on briefly in these last few minutes we have. What about the cannabis trend, as it's being legalized worldwide? What's your take?

Gerald Celente: Why was it not legal to begin with? It's a scam. They had this whole war on drugs where they put people in jail for nothing – for nothing. But now they can make money with taxes, so now they're legalizing it. I don't believe it should be legalized. I believe it should be decriminalized. If you want to eat chicken or smoke a joint that's your business. The government shouldn't be in it one way or another. They're only legalizing it so they can grab their portion of the dough from it. They made money on it when it was illegal through the corporate criminal justice system. They're running the corporate prison systems, so they made money on it that way and now they're making money on it by legalizing it so they can tax us for it.

They have no business in it at all. Who are these government officials? I'll tell you who they are. They're official jerks. They're official hypocrites. Who are they to decide? Look what they're doing to kids in school, jazzing them up with Ritalin at levels never seen before because they can make money on it through the drug companies. They've no right legalizing marijuana. It should be decriminalized. The people who are pushing for legalization are pushing in the wrong direction. It's like legalizing whatever you're eating or drinking. It should be decriminalized. They have no business in this.

Unless, of course, you like people to rule your life and you look up to politicians – because a lot of people do. They look up to their politicians. They bow down, suck up, and if you pay them enough they'd like to have a job rolling out the red carpet for them and then saluting them.

Anthony Wile: Do you think the millions being held on nonviolent drug charges now will be released, their records expunged?

Gerald Celente: Eventually they will but, again, the politicians – we began this conversation talking about it's not capitalism anymore, it's bankism. The merger of state and corporate powers is called fascism. When you have private companies running the prisons, private companies running the world, it's fascist. It's corporations over the government. They're going to keep the people in the prisons as long as they can suck money out of us so they can fill their sick needs with it.

Anthony Wile: What trend do you foresee for the farmland and organic farming trend, and of people looking at second homes or investment in foreign farmland? High Alert is developing a community in Colombia, for instance, called Terra Viva. It's one response to just what you've been talking about.

Gerald Celente: Clean food and clean water are two of the biggest trends for the future, I would say. By the way, I coined the term "clean food" back in 1993. If anyone wants to check it out they can go to The New York Times and look it up. We wrote about it in the Trends Journal even earlier than that. I also have an honorary doctorate in integrative and complementary medicine from the National University of Health Sciences, so I've been very familiar with this for many, many years. It's nothing new to me.

This is the future. The future is clean food and clean water, and it ties into one of our other trends, retro. People want real. The Millennium Generation right now has nothing real. They don't have anything to look forward to because the future, according to all the polls, is dimmer than the present. So they're going back to the past, and going back to the past is going back to the land. That's going to be a huge trend. Farm-to-table is pretty old news but it's going to be bigger news yet.

Anthony Wile: Thanks for your time!

Gerald Celente: Have a happy holiday and a happy new year.

After Thoughts

So many interesting perspectives here. We're grateful, first of all, to Mr. Celente for his efforts with Occupy Peace. That the world needs more peace and fewer wars is obvious: Less obvious is what to do about it. We hope he, and the many who join with him, succeed.

We also thank him for bringing to the attention of readers the dangers lurking in the global Trans-Pacific/Atlantic Treaties. The dangers have been mentioned many times on the Internet and thus it is easy to forget that they continues to progress no matter how absurd it seems. We'll be covering this in 2015.

The inflation/deflation issue is an interesting one. Gerald tells us, "I've never been a proponent that the printing of the dollar was going to cause inflation because it ties into the other trends that we're looking at, and that is price wars."

This is surely a crux issue going forward and we will continue to apply an Austrian analysis to this "great debate."

We've explained now in numerous recent articles that what often seems like disinflation or price deflation is actually a result of monetary expansion and price inflation. The contraction has to be seen in light of the previous expansion.

Mr. Celente is correct, of course, that within the larger, endless, asset bubble, you can have price deflation or disinflation. But again, that is an outgrowth of relentless money printing, in our view, that expands prices until they finally begin to collapse.

Moving on … we were pleased he endorsed trends that we have mentioned in the past: The decriminalization of cannabis and the increasing popularity of "organic" food.

The second trend goes hand-in-hand with the idea of a second home in an alternative overseas community. In such communities, the food can be controlled and the quality, to a degree at least, can be assured. Here at The Daily Bell, we're focused on setting up a community in an agriculture-rich region of Colombia for individuals seeking secondary addresses.

In the meantime, Gerald Celente has done his usual excellent job of making sense of the world and pointing out what we need to be examining going forward into 2015. Hopefully, we'll have him back some time next year to expand on the insights he's provided us.

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  • Dimitri Ledkovsky

    The “back to the land” impulse had a trial run in the late sixties/early seventies. We had food coops, barter, alternative currencies, organic farming and growing, etc. The works! Nostalgically I can say: I was there, I did it. The overarching mainstream economy put an end to most of that by the early 80ties. I personally was back in NYC dressed in a shirt & tie. Was anything learned? Occupy Peace has a monster task ahead. Monsanto’s depredations of the planet aren’t going away with a whimper. The human impulse towards accepting fascism also isn’t going away too fast. (Obedience to Authority).

    Gerald Celente is great. His outspokenness is refreshing and always thought provoking. Thanks to DB for interviewing him. The best of luck to him with Occupy Peace. I’m really looking forward to witnessing where this will go.

  • Another excellent DB interview. Gerald Celente, you are terrific! I have followed you through interviews like this, and on You Tube for some time. I love it, when you get riled up and tell it like it is! Calling the traitors out for what they are and naming names! You are terrific and if more people find your passion and courage we will not be in this mess much longer. I have never met you but I feel like you are a personal friend and a brother-in-arms. Hoping to attend Occupy Peace and wishing you – all of us – all the success in the world.

    • WinChll

      And he does it with a great deal of “soul”.

  • Fabian

    It’s difficult to predict the future but in my view the biggest trend is the bypassing of the check and balance systems that were put in place earlier to keep the power spread amongst different corpus. You see that with the trans pac and atlantic agreements and central banking activism. The most worrisome aspect of it is that it looks like the check and balance processes in place are not effective at stopping that.
    As to his prediction that fossil fuels are fossil, I don’t buy it and it contradicts his war trend. You don’t power a B52 bomber with solar panels (even if they start mixing jet fuel with some kind of olive oil).
    I’ll follow with interest his new Occupy movement for peace. I’m not optimistic.

  • Do not tarnish The Daily Bell with the likes of Gerald Celente.

    • middleway

      Mainstream media darling,… controlled opposition in its most garish form. One of many, whose scripted expertise and rise to the podium is highly questionable.

      • He often speaks “truth to power,” whether you agree with him or not …

        • kenvandoren

          Hey I even believe Ghandi and George Bernard Shaw sometimes. But not all. Truth is where you find it.

  • WinChll

    Since Gerry brought up the issue of TBTF’s, for those so inclined, a debated sponsored by intelligence squared on the very issue of breaking up the Big Banks:


  • don

    thank you for a great interview. Gerald is a great American that is to say a person committed to peace and prosperity which is what America was intended to be. Looking forward to May 2, 2015.

  • William Scott

    GREAT interview… And Gerald’s eloquent statement, should be an “Occupy Peace,” slogan: ” I would rather fight for peace, than die for war.”

    I’m again left wondering what “alternatives” the Rockerfellars, etc. are getting into NEXT if they’re divesting, out of PETROLEUM? And it seems to me that if the “Western Imperialists” TRULY want to put the “Russian Bear” along with the “Chinese Dragon” in their place… then it would make far more SENSE to unleash some of the BEST (vs. slightly better) ALTERNATIVES (perhaps patented under the “United States, inc.” licensed contract?) vs. dinking around any further with next to OBSOLETE so- called “alternatives,” that their cronies have been cashing- in on at taxpayer expense (i.e. solar, wind, bio-fuels, etc.) that aren’t even (stand alone) COST EFFECTIVE energy sources.

    I don’t like “nukes…” but THORIUM is BY FAR the better “nuclear option” (as they knew in the ’60s and buried it…) and China doesn’t have any raw material… although they are (now) gladly STEALING the US designed (as par) Thorium reactor plans (i.e. with slight modifications, to patent them) and cutting deals to purchase likely still the best “fuel source” known to man from US suppliers, right under our noses!? Hell, even hemp biodiesel, wave and geothermal TRUMP corn fuel, wind and solar… However the REAL (US made in the ’80s breakthrough) is COLD FUSION: See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfFwi02O4w4 . This technology is now PROVEN and destined to be THE GAME CHANGER! I suspect then that these guys FINALLY figured out what Nicola Tesla did (and JP Morgan & Co. subsequently KILLED) 100 years ago??? See also: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FilflaqbVI (CF documentary) http://brillouinenergy.com/?page=tech_summary (CF power generation) http://coldfusionnow.org/

    The US needs to “collectively” get it’s head out of you know where… and CAN the 550+ DC “career politicians” with no long term (if any?) business sense… as afterall, the US of A is (bottom line) a CORPORATION, dba a GOVERNMENT… and we indeed had / still have a next to FREE ENERGY resource to run the ENTIRE PLANET for an estimated 500 years, just using our own Thorium deposits? (Which once PATENTED… are also potentially FAR MORE PROFITABLE (and 1000x more efficient?) than OIL… after you consider all of the HIDDEN COSTS. (Like say, WARFARE…) Then license those to China and Russia… while we secretly have Elon Musk build TESLA (cold) FUSION reactors. (And then SUE CHINA when they COPY them.) OR… even better yet… why not just GET RID OF IP, CORPORATE PERSONHOOD and GOVERNMENTAL (ism) in general??? 😉

    The ONLY REASON we’re still using fossil fuels is the entrenched DC industry gravy train (wreck) lobby / Petrocorp monopoly, PETRO dollar fiat… and global marching bandwagon propogandic PUSH towards a OWG / NWO! There is no other “logical conclusion,” to make. And I predict this will be their ultimate DOWNFALL… aside from grossly underestimating the new “global awakening…” and the coming International 99.99% BACKLASH! (War, then peace? Or we depose, and replace these One World Fascist MORONS?? Either way… TIME is running out…)

    I think perhaps the BIGGEST issue often clouding our “individual / patriotic” (i.e. non- corporate / multinationalist) perspective, is that they’ve moved to goalposts from the “nationalist” mindset (whilst still using the ingrained cultural to religious… and war drum / saber rattling rhetorical propaganda, whenever useful) long ago… and we don’t tend to often RECALL that above the local, national and regional levels… there is this collectivist PUSH (now a shove) towards OWG / Economy / Religion, etc. And that’s practically ALL THEY care to SEE at this point. (And who they’ll play off of whom, next, in order to further their NWO goals… irrespective of the number of deaths, cultural, financial and resource losses, etc. To THEM, the END GAME justifies the MODUS OPERANDI… which is straight up, CRIMINAL INSANITY that will ultimately (soon) FAIL.

    • gregfullmoon

      Rockefellers are doing Resilience.. 100 Resilient Cities.


      I wrote them when I found that NZ’s Earthquake affected city Christchurch was a participant. Wellington the nation’s capital has most recently signed up to the program.

      Their public private partnerships will be looking to carve out our public estate and gobble it up.

      They also appear to be central to the Open Government Partnership scam.


      We are being encircled in many and mysterious ways. All for our own good of course. After all nations are not competent to make decisions themselves.

      The Free Trade Agreement agenda in the form of TPP/TTIP is all about locking in this corporate favouring alternate state. They dismantle our own state and erect their own pay per use version. Pigs at the trough. Our corporations get fed and we the people pay more. Same as always, just a whole lot of bullshit surrounding it.

      • william scott

        So the (sound frequency induced) earthquakes (in say Christchurch, NZ) were to “shake down” the locals for “refinancing contracts” to make the citizens “indebted” to their new “saviors?” I wonder how many of the “100” (then targeted) cities have since been HIT with “weather derivative” action (HAARP, et al) that the “insiders” (billionaires+) are betting against, prior to the offering of “rebuilding contracts” in exchange for say “privatizing their infrastructure,” World Bank(ster) style? Someone on YouTube should be (3D fault line / LIDAR / HAARP) mapping that!? And I’d wager the Berkshire Hathaway “Buffetology” strategy is the foundation of the B & M Gates / Monsanto chem trailer? (i.e. birds of a feather…) All this weird stuff, makes the head spin!

        I also suspect the CIA / New KGB whacked the half dozen inventors of the (related to the) above linked “battery” designs (US & Russian inventors) so their cronies could come in the back door and nab and /or shelf the potential / IP as par? Afterall… there are now DOZENS of leading labs to commercial opps racing to PATENT variations on the “cold fusion” tech, they claimed didn’t work! Which will then in turn KILL the PETROL / Gas / Nuclear industries, among numerous others, dead in their tracks.

        Thanks for the links… I’ll have a Looksie! 😉 And CHECK THIS OUT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBAOCC3W0Dk

        Frankly all one would need do is study the patterns and then “invest” in the season’s “top picks” for a severe drought, flood, tsunami, earthquake, etc. This is just incredible: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TuwuWPxUF-Q Gotta love the psychopathic CME Group? When not overselling paper gold by 100:1 (Or 300:1 with silver?) they’re taking hedged bets on (modifying) “the weather!”

  • Danny B

    So many subjects ! Gerald brings up a point that I have been pushing for quite some time. The West is being forced to compete with the East in many of our value-added industries. The West is slowly falling towards a global-mean wage. China, for their part, is trying to raise wages. In the meantime, there is a huge lack of demand from newly impoverished Westerners. Both East and West are competing against automation. America had a robust consumer economy because it had a lock on manufacturing after WW II. With instantaneous sharing of information and super-cheap shipping, I don’t see any one State having a competitive advantage that would allow them to have a robust consumer economy. I don’t see any cure for efficiency. As economic “inequalities” are smoothed out, there will be little opportunity for outsized gains in trade.

    The East used global-wage-arbitrage to build up a bank account. The Western job losses caused by this shift in employment caused the East to impoverish their would-be customers. The Chinese are trying to “retool” for internal consumption. I read a report that the Chinese GOV will give away the empty apartments. The Chinese can’t very well send 300 million workers back to the fields to be peasants once again. They can’t very well keep building at the previous pace. They will founder on broken promises.

    The technocrats may very well believe that they can run the whole economy. With enough information and enough control, they can make it all work. It ain’t gonna happen. They plan to be hyper-efficient. Leaving aside the fact that they can’t possibly make every economic decision for every person, their vaunted efficiency will further reduce wages and consumption. They will try to maximize profits. They can’t help themselves. The ONLY way that they could bring a renaissance in employment would be to create/allow huge price deflation.

    Everybody writes that NOBODY can accomplish a land invasion of Russia. This is too simple minded. Outside of ideology, the purpose of war is to maintain an economic advantage. If the West wants to accomplish this against Russia, Sevastopol is a good place to start. Previous wars were big, messy attempts to nullify a competitor. Churchill made that very clear. Nobody is going to invade Russia. The West just wants to limit their market access and trading opportunities.

    As far as falling into a wide war, the net has done a compression of history where it is FAR more difficult to forget previous runups to previous wars. It won’t be so easy this time for the bankers to drag us into mass killings; https://larouchepac.com/20141209/petition-update-more-calls-world-leaders-wake-dangers-nuclear-war

    • the funny thing is that China and Russia are ancient enemies, if anyone could succeed in a land based assault against Russia it would be the Chinese. Improving trade between the two reduces that possibility but things can change. One of the reasons Tibet was taken was its usefulness as a launching platform for ICBMs. The Chinese are xenophobic, and have always had a superiority (master race) complex. They place little or no value on human life and have millions upon millions of people to throw into a war.

      • gregfullmoon

        yes agreed about the historic antagonism between the Russians and Chinese.

        China doesn’t have a monopoly on xenophobia. The German 3rd Reich, the French, the Japanese, and the Anglo nations all display this tendency. The current Christian – West crusade against the Islamic nations is suggestive of this fact.

        The anglo alliance places small value on the lives of ‘other nationalities’. Millions slaughtered in the Afghan, Iraq, Pakistan, Sudanese, Libyian, Ukraine, theatres of the bogus war on terror since the criminal attack on the 11th September. You all understand that was a bogus event whose perpetrators amongst the elite of the USA are still free to commit further atrocities against their own and the world’s people.

        The English or anglo centric ‘master class’ is the architect of the current post capitalist totalitarian corporatocracy

        These are the ones who undermine global consensus on Climate Change mitigation, and a host of policies designed to improve the human condition.

        I suggest that the Chinese are merely looking to place their nation in a strategic position to surf the wave into a post anglo hegemony. Their alliance with the Russians and in BRICS is a case of mutual interest in keeping the corporatocracy at bay.

        • fully agreed on all points, in fact it seems pretty obvious that the Chinese have already been selected by the hidden hand as the replacement hegemon for the USA, on the way to a cashless globalist world. I was surprised to learn recently that in spite of the substantial Gold purchases by the Chinese Central Bank (another CB owned or controlled by the hand), their percentage of Gold reserves are tiny compared to those held by nations in the west. Tiny when viewed as a percentage of their CBs balance sheet. The dollar will not give up without a substantial fight as evidenced by the recent and prolonged dollar rally. We are at the point (above 90 in the dollar index) where a short squeeze is becoming a problem for all who are synthetically short the buck because of the massive carry trade. That includes almost everyone including many sovereign nations especially emerging nations. 2015 will be “interesting” to say the least and we start tomorrow with the Greek elections.

  • Danny B

    I had to break it up. Technology is just moving too fast for the PTB to modify their long rage plans.

    “‘Dinosaur’ Private Banks Face Tech Threat, ABN Amro Says”

    China To Launch Yuan Swap Trading With Russian Rubles On Monday

    “Today, globally, corporates and investors have borrowed over $9 TRILLION in US Dollars to finance other investments.”
    “Because when you borrow in US Dollars to invest elsewhere, you are effectively shorting the US Dollar. If the US Dollar begins to rally (strengthen) you can blow up very VERY quickly.”

    Phoenix Capital seems to think that the U.S. dollar will return to previous highs of 120 or even 130.

    “This would fuel a massive collapse in inflated asset prices around
    the globe. Anything and everything that was financed by cheap Dollars
    would collapse. Entire companies would go bust… as would multiple
    sovereign nations.

    And this process has just begun. This is why emerging market
    currencies are collapsing. Brazil’s Real has lost over 20% of its value
    against the US Dollar in the last six months. The Australian Dollar has
    lost 16%. And on and on.”

    “The real story for the world is not interest rates… it is that the era
    of cheap US Dollar financing everything on the planet has ended. What’s
    coming will not be pretty for anyone or anything that relies on cheap
    Dollars (this includes stocks, bonds, and the like)”

    It is difficult to project just where a rising dollar would take the world. I suspect that it would encourage various States to default and sign up with the Eastern powers. The demand for stores of wealth in the reserve currency gave us Triffin’s dilemma. This appears to be unwinding because fiat isn’t a true store of wealth. The SDR is tainted with the same poison. Non-tangible stores of wealth demand trust at the same time that wealth inspires corruption.

    As most of you already know, FOFOA projected that gold would settle in at a value equal to $ 54,000 in today’s purchasing power.
    Jim Willie wrote that the dollar would continue to up and up,,, and then, disappear.

    I believe that the R.O.W. will work VERY diligently to avoid war AND a dollar future.

    • kenvandoren

      We have unfunded liabilities of some $130 Trillion or almost $400,000 per man woman and child. The only way I see of postponing the inevitable default is to print more dollars which will weaken it. The only way the dollar becomes worth more, relatively, is if other nations inflate their currency faster. A fools race to financial ruin. As I see it, it is not so much wealth that inspires corruption, but fiat currency, which IMHO IS corruption, corruption that favors the banksters, their closest friends and the politicians who are to be purchased to keep the charade going. All these manipulations make the system less stable, more prone to risk, less predictable, all of which mitigate against real wealth creation and accumulation.

  • Danny B

    There has been a lot of speculation one way or another if the Russians have kicked out the Rothschild bankers. I believe that the Russian CB is still controlled by the B.I.S. Federov says that a purge is coming. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qLMG0KD3rI
    The vid starts to get very interesting at about 23:00. Best to watch the whole thing. He refers to the bankers as the “Fifth Column”.
    Here is an earlier vid where he explains that nobody in Russia can get any money for enterprise because the CB won’t allow it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VT085isnyB0

    If Putin is indeed trying to kick out the B.I.S. , he had better do it very soon before he is taken down. The B.I.S. worked long and hard to get into several “holdout” countries recently. They aren’t going to easily give up on a State with so many natural resources. They have their sights set on Cuba now but, Russia is re-opening the listening station at Lourdes.

    Putin could go the way of Ghaddafi. Ghaddafi predicted it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6syr1tjbgA

    • William Scott

      TRUE… Did he actually KICK OUT the MAIN PROBLEM? Or merely the so- called “Jewish Oligarchs??” And what about the “deal” Russia recently made with Visa / Mastercard? Aren’t they owned / opp’d by the same elites?? The thing I don’t GET is WHY say Putin (or Hussein, or even Ghadafi?) seemingly didn’t anticipate the repercussions… and use their power, resources and influence to get the MAIN (European / UK) Banksters OUT, FIRST? (The Gold Dinar alone was a “death sentence,” otherwise!) “They” have purportedly assassinated / poisoned some SIX US Presidents, and attempted to get rid of several others, including Andrew Jackson, multiple times! And this of course goes BEYOND the so- called, “Bankers.” At the very least… find out WHO IS above the Jesuits / Black Nobility / Illuminati, et al in Europe and OUT THEM BY NAME AND LINEAGE PUBLICLY, for the next televised “Inquisition!”

      If I had Putin’s “Intel” at my disposal… I’d make that THE MAIN PRIORITY. (Finding out WHO is above / controls WHOM, and HOW?) Unless, of course, say Mr. Putin… is also PART OF the upper, established “light order?” I DO HOPE he accomplishes some LASTING CHANGE for the BETTER, while in office… It’s positively IRONIC that one of the few remaining HOPES for “heading off’ what’s planned for humanity… appears to be a former Intel officer, for the ENEMY?! If he “stands down” in Ukraine, then brings cannabis cures and Cold Fusion to the masses… and kicks the Brotherhood / Zionists / Banksters / Vatican out of Eastern Europe… then maybe he’ll be IMMORTALIZED as “Vlad, the Saint?” But as the adage goes, “I’m NOT holding my breath…” (He’s afterall, only one man.) 😉