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10 Reasons Washington Has War Fever
By Ron Holland - February 27, 2015

"War is merely the continuation of policy by other means." – Carl von Clausewitz

The political elites, Federal Reserve and special interests that really run the show hiding behind Congress and the president of either party in America's closed two-party monopoly seem to be running scared in many regards. They rightly have many fears for their political future as well as the profits and survival of the major international corporations and banking interests that support the current political leadership and regime.

Never has our nation, corporations and wealthy top 1% faced so many new threats to their efforts to grow their power and wealth around the world. Although there is enough blame and mistakes to go around, many of these threats can not really be blamed on our political or financial leaders but rather result from changes in the fast-paced world we live in today.

Conspiracy theorists prefer to see the world in black and white with no gray areas and keep it simple by criticizing secret groups or powerful interests for every problem but I believe the real situation is far more complicated. But everyone should realize the free America we grew up in has been long dead and buried with only the institutions and slogans remaining to lull the dumbed down public into apathy and acceptance. Our leaders are not omnipotent and certainly do not have all the answers and I suggest they have few answers and are actually making everything up as they go along, hence why I fear they will ultimately choose war as a solution to their problems.

Our America Does Not Exist Any More

Of course, conspiracies exist and thanks to Edward Snowden's publicity, America does indeed operate a global police state with intelligence gathering, torture and spying everywhere in the world. While I believe this effort is more directed toward controlling foreign and domestic politicians and powerful individuals than targeting helpless Americans who disagree with policies, this is a frightening situation for what once was the symbol of freedom and liberty for the entire world.

But as Dorothy told her dog, Toto, in the classic "Wizard of Oz" movie, "I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore," we're also not in the America of our Founding Fathers any more, either. Real capitalism and free markets simply do not exist any longer. A few powerful interests manipulate all markets, unlimited fiat money is a profitable franchise and we are attempting to police and control the entire world to maintain our leadership position held since the end of World War Two.

Today you are a fool to trust what the government or press claims is true, fair and balanced, as it's all just propaganda. Regulatory organizations exist only to protect the favored industries not the public, our legal system is a joke and all wars fought for democracy against evil are just looting expeditions against other nations out for profits, gain and natural resources.

All governments issue propaganda and mainstream news organizations sell the secret agendas and policies to the people. But the world today and especially the United States faces new challenges not even war-gamed or focus-grouped a few years ago and here lies the problem and risks for the nation and citizenry.

War May Be the Only Solution Left For Our Political Elites To Survive & Prosper

As Clausewitz so clearly stated, "War is merely the continuation of policy by other means," and our leadership and the special interests behind them want to continue the policies and actions that have created so much wealth and world power for them. Think for a moment about the threats they are facing at home and abroad and how a major but limited war could solve or postpone most of their problems and threats to their powerbase.

There are two problems with the war solution. First, while it may be in their best interest to guarantee their survival, war would be bad for our military, soldiers and civilians as well as our economy, private wealth and remaining liberties. Second, there is no guarantee that a real war once started would remain limited in nature. I think both world wars are historical examples of how plans for limited wars can turn into major wars killing tens of millions and all of this for power hungry politicians and vested economic interests. Remember this classic quote about war: "No battle plan survives contact with the enemy." – Helmuth von Moltke, German military strategist

Wars Are Easy To Start and Rally Patriotism But Are Difficult to End

"Naturally the common people don't want war: Neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, IT IS THE LEADERS of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is TELL THEM THEY ARE BEING ATTACKED, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. IT WORKS THE SAME IN ANY COUNTRY." – Hermann Goering at the Nuremberg Trials

1. Wars can provide a crisis and justification to continue sovereign debt issuance and currency expansion for the duration of the conflict.

2. War would allow the politicians to blame Russia and China for the coming end to the dollar as the world reserve currency as well as the looming dollar and debt crisis.

3. The Federal Reserve and their global central banking cartel have really destroyed the economy of the West through excessive debt issuance, money creation and borrowing. A war would allow the blame to be transferred to the enemy nations for public consumption.

4. War would allow the US to regain control over the European Union, individual European nations and NATO. Today, Germany, France and other nations are wavering in the lockstep support for US policies and war plans in the Ukraine.

5. War would stifle secession movements in Spain and Scotland, Greece and Italy threats to withdraw from the EU and the common euro currency.

6. A war would provide the excuse for the US to reestablish elite control over news and opinion from foreign news organizations and alternative Internet news competition.

7. A war against Russia and Iran would safeguard competition from Russian and Iranian oil and gas delivery pipelines as well as allow us to control Middle East production and continue the Petrodollar system for years to come.

8. As in both world wars, a major war would allow the government to terminate all domestic political movements and adversaries except for "approved" controlled opposition candidates from the two major parties.

9. A successful war against allies of China would delay the global power challenge from a resurgent China for a few years.

10. Finally, during a wartime crisis situation, politicians can always get away with attacks on civil liberties, freedom of the press and wealth confiscation to a degree never possible during peacetime and here lies the ultimate war threat to the majority of the American people. The much hyped and often undercover agent driven fake terror plots designed to keep the citizens living in fear and willing to give up liberties for safety simply does not work any longer now 14 years after 9/11.

But a real war would provide the crisis excuse to confiscate your gold and "excess" retirement plan and IRA assets, reduce or curtail your social security benefits, dramatically raise taxes and institute total exchange controls while curtailing your remaining freedoms and ability to resist for the duration of the crisis. I'll be speaking on wars, conflicts and why you should have a safe haven residence at the upcoming Terra Viva meet and greet in May.

I hope I'm wrong about war becoming the solution of choice for Washington's many mistakes and shortcomings. Watch what happens in Syria, Iraq and the Ukraine over the next year and we will likely have the answer. But one of our founding fathers certainly knew better than to allow war or a war crisis to override good leadership and common sense.

"They that would give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." – Benjamin Franklin

Ron can be reached with comments or questions at ron@haim.li.

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Posted in EDITORIAL, International Real Estate

    War has to be the government’s means of operation. After WWII which was preordained by Britain and FDR, it seems war is not just the answer, it appears the only answer our elites have. Consider, Korea police action, Advisory role in Viet Nam, and on and on. And lets face it our military complex is enthralled with new weapon systems and how better to test them than under real conditions. I give you Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan for consideration. America is not a place it is an idea. You have carried it to Switzerland and others are reviving it in Central and South America. Our ideas and ideals are not gone, just moved to new locations.

    • Ronald Holland

      Yes, it is sad the American Dream is indeed still alive and possible but just not in the United States for most people.

  • Mortimer Sled

    “Conspiracy theorists prefer to see the world in black and white with no gray areas and keep it simple by criticizing secret groups or powerful interests for every problem but I believe the real situation is far more complicated.”

    I agree. The scary thing is that our so-called elites no longer have everything in hand. Scary in the sense that they will be compelled into Clausewitz’s last option, and it will be desperate, convulsive and ill-conceived. The Internet reveals deceptions and false narratives practically within hours. It tactically overwhelms the grand narratives with a million tiny bites.

    War has lost its efficacy. What thinking Americans should be asking themselves is that, while it’s cathartic in a way to expose the elite’s schemes and rail against the corruption of it all, how do we avoid going down with the ship? We are not so much citizens as hostages lashed to a runaway ruling class. Shame on us for our prolonged ignorance and passivity. Karma could be a witch.


  • kentclizbe


    Thanks very much for your excellent, in-depth explication of the reasons the vile neo-con/Politically Correct Progressive lash-up must go to war.

    In Oct. 2011, I said it this way:

    “As I predicted the
    day after his election, Obama and his radical clique are hell-bent on
    destroying the traditional USA. Stymied in their overt
    attempts—ObamaCare, trillion-dollar stimulus deficit spending, financial
    reforms—they’ve resorted to covert actions. This is their comfort
    zone—lie, obfuscate, cover-up, excuse, deny, make counter-accusations.

    PC-Progressives are liars by profession. They cannot reveal their true
    beliefs. If they did, they would be run out of the country on a rail. So
    they lie, obfuscate, conceal. Thus, PC-Progressives take very well to official covert actions.

    Covert action requires lying. The lying is officially sanctioned. The
    Obama administration, the most radical anti-American administration in
    history is immersed now in official lying—covert actions in Yemen,
    Pakistan, Egypt, Libya, Mexico. What will the end game be? God help us.

    Eric Holder, no stranger to counter-constitutional measures is being
    slowly encircled by constitutional investigations. The subpoena he
    dreaded arrived in his office this week.

    Anticipating the Fast and Furious subpoena, walls closing in around him,
    Holder-Obama sprung a surprise–Iran plans an attack on American soil!

    A manufactured crisis leading to war is the only way out for these
    malefactors. Like their role model, FDR, they believe that the only way
    for their Keynesian economics to heal the country is to destroy it. The
    only atonement for America’s imagined past sins is to wash them away in
    blood—oceans of blood. As their castles in the air dissolve, both
    domestically and internationally, the only possible PC-Progressive
    response is to start a war—the bigger, the better.

    Just like their ideological fathers,
    Lenin and Stalin, the Obama-Holder-Hillary clique must instigate
    international turmoil to distract from domestic man-made disasters.

    What better way to instigate turmoil than an FBI-DEA entrapment
    operation? Convince a poor schmuck Iranian with ties to the Ayatollah’s
    regime that he’s dealing with big-wig narcos. Talk him into a big
    operation—“let’s whack the Saudi ambassador! That’s the ticket!” Get him
    talking about the operation on tape. Then, when needed, publicize the bust, fan the flames of hysteria.”


    • Ronald Holland

      You are certainly right about the Obama-Holder-Hillary Clique.

    • FauxScienceSlayer

      KENT ! ! !

      I reviewed you pre-press copy of the history of the CIA and refused to support the Eagle Scout/Choir Boy hypothesis. I referred you to massive evidence on the shadow CIA. It is heartening to see you evolve, read my comment above on the 911 crimes. Keep in touch !

    • Ronald Holland

      Entrapment by undercover agents is the procedure used to generate fear and funding when needed.

  • FauxScienceSlayer

    Monarch-monopolists have been at war with meritocracy, Truth and humanity for an eternity, stage setting, directing and ‘profiting’ from every human carnage for centuries with their feudal banking crime syndicate. Ron’s article a good introduction, the documentary “All Wars Are Bankers Wars” on youtube expands this subject. To promote warfare in the 21st century the ruling Neo-Cons needed a “New Pearl Harbor” and set about structuring a false flag attack.

    Prior to 911, four FBI field offices reported arab/flight school anomalies, all were ORDERED to stand down by DC. One of those flight schools that reported had a ‘student’ with 57 hours of dual time that they would not allow to solo. That student then went for 747 flight simulator training, and that school reported him. Investigation showed he was an immigration violator and he was arrested by FBI agents Harry Samit and Coleen Rowley, who requested further investigations, but were ORDERED to stand down. On Aug 18, 2001 Agent Samit sent a 26 page report to FIFTY DC FBI OFFICES requesting further investigation, and was ORDERED to stand down. Other evidence is “Extreme Prejudice” by Susan Lindauer, the US Army “Able Danger Unit” and “Urban Moving Systems”.

    I am a trained structural engineer who attended the Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth DVD Premier in Austin, Texas in May 2009. I have reviewed the original NYC stamped approved structural plans for WTC-1, 2 & 7 and massive evidence on this event. It is my professional opinion that this is the best analysis of that tragic event, “Rainbow in the Dark, Powerful Proof of 911 Nukes” at Veterans Today. Find and share Truth. End feudalism.

    • fenwick’s in the manger

      Love FSS! He’s got the brain I wanted… Keep up your good work buddy.
      Excellent article DB. Actually, lately DB has been hitting it outta the park.

    • Mortimer Sled

      “Monarch-monopolists have been at war with meritocracy”

      Well said Faux…

      Dynasties are leadership via rear view mirror. They run on fumes, the accrued goodwill of prior merit. The Bush-Clinton ping-pong game is late-stage Empire. Sclerotic power centers purged of innovation and fearful of the future. Unsustainable. The venerable labor-capital lever is breaking down. Why? AI/Transhumanism is eroding labor input. Entire industries are being replicated on desktops. Capital-intensiveness was a player in heavy industry. Information has less need of the banking paradigm. This suggests a diminished role for capital and is reflected in powerful deflationary forces. Problem? Legacy (prior era) debt and the levers of power still beholden to bankers. This is a powerful and potentially lethal anachronism. The current power structure needs to promote chaos and nihilism to survive. WW3 will be the last gasp of the old regime. The problem is WW3 may kill us all. Alas, that doesn’t make it any less inevitable.

      The Plan is to retreat into neo-feudalistic central bank cantons and leave 95% of humanity in a Hobbsian plight outside the gates. For the powers-that-be, the only viable future is retreat behind electronic moats. Surveillance is designed to protect capital not labor. The road to the future is narrow and blood-soaked.–nb

  • Guy Christopher

    His Imamship is arming America’s enemies around the world, while disarming Americans at home. That may be all we need to think about.

    • Ronald Holland

      Yes I fear the plan is to disarm and disenfranchise us then take our property and wealth.

      • Guy Christopher

        That, Ron, is where “No battle plan survives contact with the enemy.” I served in combat. I know plans are made and changed moment by moment. The trick is staying in the fight.
        cc: NSA, TSA, DHS, FBI, CIA

  • Fabian

    You forgot the most basic reason; when you have the most powerful army in the world, you’ve to use it. It’s as simple as that. Too many careers and to many dollars are at stake otherwise.

    • Ronald Holland

      Yes I did forget, thanks.

  • Bill Ross

    I’ll collapse your ten “reasons” to one: Predators foraging “tasty prey” (the productive and resources):


    your “reasons” are just various perspectives of methodology / goals.

    And, conspiracy is just “division of labor in pursuit of criminals goals”

    Not dissing your fine article, just trying to simplify the nature of the opposing viewpoints, to make it easier for less sophisticated thinkers
    to “choose sides”.

    • Ronald Holland

      Yes you have narrowed down the # of reasons accurately but my problem is no one would read an editorial that had only one reason for something.

      • Bill Ross

        Well, it may be boring and easliy rationalized as dogmatic, one hammer for all “problems” appearing as nails, but I give one reason, expressed within as many perspectives as I can comprehend:

        “Come with me if you want to live”

  • william scott

    Good article Ron. And a “second passport,” etc. seems the logical insurance policy, as they might also choose to foment a civil war within the US… or even allow Russia and China into Alaska, etc. to get everyone on board, after the expanded conflict/s “abroad?” I don’t plan to be there, for the “North American Union” against an air / land invasion, nor await potential nuke (or super weapon) strikes from Russia and China, etc. We need to ask ourselves why there is a “DHS” and now approx. 800 FEMA encampments on rail lines, within the continental US? Either they plan to put the (profiled) unruly citizenry in them, and / or anticipated foreign invaders?? Either way… I’m likely not going to be waiting for the execution of “Plan A, or B…” And who knows what Plan C is??? South of Mexico is looking better, in 2016…

    Another potential warfare, wildcard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBEtDw4GIRA (An estimated 26+ trillion cubic feet of NG, off the coast of Israel???)

    • Danny B

      Not all of that gas belongs to israel;

      • william scott

        Hey Danny, TRUE and great (article) find! Regardless of WHO gets that NG off the coast of Gaza+ it’s BAD for Russia…

        Fairly telling, eh? “Over the last decade, Israel has experienced a growing energy crisis. Between 2000 and 2010, Israel’s power consumption has risen by 3.5 per cent annually. With over 40 per cent of Israel’s electricity dependent on natural gas, the country has struggled to keep up with rising demand as a stable source of gas is in short supply. As of April, electricity prices rose by 9 per cent, as the state-owned Israeli Electricity Company (IEC) warned that “Israelis may soon face blackouts during this summer’s heat- which is exactly what happened…”

        “By unleashing Hamas’ rage this November, Israel was able to justify an offensive designed at least in part to begin engineering conditions conducive to its control of Gaza’s offshore gas reserves. But this is just the beginning – many analysts note that Israel is preparing the ground for a wider military assault against Iran…” (Nov., 2012.)

        You probably won’t find THAT, in the MSM? (I don’t watch…) I think Israel / Britain / Vatican should pay the US, UK, etc. taxpayers back with any proceeds, from stealing Gaza +’s NG reserves? But it’ll likely just go to VC / London / DC empirical black ops? And WHY would Israel care about tapping the Gaza gas deposit, after what they’ve gotten away with, since 1948? They think they “own” the entire area, and everyone knows… the Zionist Khasarians are the (Vatican – IHS) “god’s chosen people!?” 😉

  • Ronald Holland

    An interesting report today on Zero Hedge about China siding with Russia and against the West concerning Ukraine. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-02-27/china-just-sided-russia-over-ukraine-conflict

    • Danny B

      The U.S.S.R agreed to go quietly into the long dark night if America would refrain from expanding NATO. Ukraine agreed to get rid of the hundreds of nuclear weapons if the West agreed not to attack. America responded by surrounding Russia with new NATO bases and invading Ukraine. LIARS AND THIEVES. China may have previously been hesitant to side with Russia but, the intentions of the West are painfully clear. China knows that they are next on the list of competitors to be chained and fleeced.
      “And then, Qu’s slap in the face of Obama: “The United States is
      unwilling to see its presence in any part of the world being weakened,
      but the fact is its resources are limited”
      Ahh, the sons of SunTzu have mentioned that our resources are limited. They will be even more limited when China and the Eurasian union take overt action. Sovereign States never pay back their debt. They roll it over ad infinitum and print the debt service. Those who hold our external debt will never be payed back. They convert U.S. debt to gold as fast as they can.

      When the gold runs out, they will dump the rest of U.S. debt paper. They have no interest in continuing with vendor-financing.

      When we default, the Chinese can just seize the physical assets of the multinationals as collateral for payment. China does not want to be the next State thrown into the FED mulching machine. The R.O.W. is well aware of the fact that we want to give them a good rogering.

      We’ve essentially united them against us.
      Even though drilling for fracking is rapidly dying, oil production is rising. Once domestic oil production starts to fall, the R.O.W. will yank out the rug and stop exporting to us. Everything that you see in Wal Mart will be unavailable. The domestic economy will be in tatters.
      The district of corruption can address resources to the war OR, they can address resources to the general public.
      I suspect that all resources will be addressed to the war,,, initially. There will be great unhappiness 🙂 and poverty. The very compliant part of the poor population will be invited to camp at camp FEMA. Nobody will be rounded up to receive 3 squares and a good bed. Invitation only. There are 6 military bases that have already been converted to hold the less compliant part of society.

      “The Rex 84 Program was established on the reasoning that if a “mass exodus” of illegal aliens crossed the Mexican/US border, they would be quickly rounded up and detained in detention centers by FEMA. Rex 84 allowed many military bases to be closed down and to be turned into prisons.”
      The District of Corruption is fighting for dominance. The R.O.W. is fighting for survival.

      • Ronald Holland

        Danny I think you are totally right on target about this.

        • Danny B


      • william scott

        RIGHT ON, Danny… And I too, concur. China and Russia aren’t going to “play ball,” much longer! Then I suspect the “empire” will strike first, before “Asia” gets much stronger… and the psycho- meglos loose their “top dog” eatin’ hegemony?? And “ROW” = Rest of (the) World?”

        • Danny B

          Correct; rest of the world
          Gold is ingrained into the psyche of the East. It doesn’t matter if they want tulip bulbs or sea shells or gold. We have to pay in the coin of the(ir) realm. The West is sending all the gold to the East. The West is buying time (kicking the can) to preserve domestic tranquillity. The East is buying time to get their banking union in place.
          The West is hoping for a complete meltdown in China, India and Brazil that will keep them so busy at home that they won’t have time to maintain their empire. The East is hoping for a total meltdown in the U.S. of Amerika that will drain all resources away from the military. We will have American austerity comparable to North Korea.

          • william scott

            AGREED, and I guess the “better educated” to “non conformists” had better do their best to avoid the DHS / FEMA “austerity” hotels, ala N. Korea, then! 😉

      • WinChll

        When the gold runs out, they will dump the rest of U.S. debt paper.

        Yes, but all those pension/401k’s/ira’s will be steered into govt securities thru new laws/regulations. Just wait.

        • Ronald Holland

          I’ve written about the future forced investment of US retirement funds into government securities on numerous occasions. This will likely happen when the entire world is dumping the Treasury securities and the presidential executive order will simply obtain by a few weeks some stability before all of the govt securities become worth pennies on the dollar. in other words, the forced investment into govt securities will be total confiscation of the assets.

  • Praetor

    All be in the same boat. Economies world wide are in the tank. So, war it be. The Warmongering Monarchs of Destruction are in control, they have China in trouble, Russia in trouble, U.S. in trouble, Euro’s in trouble, Middle East in Trouble, lets just say the Worlds in trouble and war it be. Everyone’s stockpiling petroleum. They most all keep their war machines running. Whom will have the resources to continue the fight? Will it be limited or total war? Will the alliances formed now continue to the end or fall apart as the war escalates beyond their control? The Monarchs of Doom will have their war, and the question for them is where will they go when the war starts, where on this earth will they be safe! The questions are meaningless if YOU don’t survive, so if you are not prepared for this WAR, you will not survive. They dropped the bomb on Hiroshima and people survived, so survival is possible. There will be war, no doubt. They are insane. Prepare, yourselves!!

  • James Evinstone

    That the American leadership wants and needs war is clear, the problem they have is that they cannot get the war that they need. What they really need is a re-run of World War 2: a large scale, conventionally fought war, conducted over an extended timeframe ina geography remote from the American “homeland” against a plausibly existential threat that, nevertheless, they know they will be able to defeat eventually. Such a war provides plausible cover for all kinds of necessary repressive measures, plenty of opportunities for the enrichment of military-industrial-intelligence insiders, a wealth of material for much needed new national myth-making and the chance to hit the reset button on the world order and have the US back on top. Failing that, the next best thing would be a credible new Cold War against a new “USSR” that would enable domestic repression to be expanded and current enrichment processes to continue. Unfortunately, neither of these options are on the menu.

    What is available are small scale, one-sided conflicts against desert or mountain-dwelling “primitives” and while these have been ok for the past decade and a half, they are just snacks, hors d’ouevres, and the War Machine is getting hungrier and hungrier and needs to be fed a real meal soon. These “enemies” are just not sufficiently credible to provide the cover for things like a dollar collapse etc nor do they provide sufficient material for domestic repression and myths of necessary national sacrifice (a previous poster mentioned pension plan confiscation). There is no “honour” or “glory” here, it is all just too small-time!

    Ukraine was clearly the latest hope for igniting something more substantial but neither the Russians nor the Europeans are playing ball and the whole thing is fizzling out. Europeans are many things, but they are not suicidal. Nor are they blind to the rising power to the East. They may make the “right” noises in public but, when it comes to the crunch, they will not go to war. America has hundreds of bases around the world but it is geographically separated from the Eurasian landmass by vast oceans across which it must move the huge numbers of troops and armour for any invasion. Without European allies to act as staging posts for the build-up of its forces an invasion of Russia is not possible. China appears to have been watching carefully, waiting to decide which way to jump and appears to have decided to throw in with Russia as well. Thus America is denied the large-scale land war that it needs.

    So, what is left? The Middle-East of course, but that is such an old story that I cannot see it generating the necessary level of excitement and interest – Gulf War 3 just isn’t going to cut it long term, but it may be all they can get For now so it is probably a given. The other probability will be to try and get Japan to act the “European” role in the Pacific and do something suicidal against China. If there is to be a US v Russia/China conflict, my guess is that that is where it will begin. But hopefully, with Putin able to counsel the Chinese to keep their cool and not be drawn in (as he has not been drawn into Ukraine) this may be avoided. One of the problems with running the same playbook for a very long time is that your opponents learn your plays…

    Finally, Nuclear war clearly features heavily in the fever dreams of many who comment on this site, but a nuclear exchange won’t solve the problem for America either. That doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen, but I do think it means it won’t happen as the chosen solution to this problem. Where nuclear may feature is a “suitcase-nuke” type false-flag attack against a US city to usher In a new Cold War against an ISIS type enemy. This may well be the most likely scenario but, again, it is a poor meal for the War Machine and will do nothing more than “kick the can down the road” for a little bit longer.

    • Ronald Holland

      James, what you’ve written is very good. Maybe you should be writing editorials.

      • James Evinstone

        Thanks Ron!

    • Bill Ross

      Too tangeable, too much real information available for independent threat assessment by the internet reformation. The “invisible” terrorist threat (anyone can be “decree of man” a terrorist), coupled with the 9/11 false flag (Reichstag) has about run out of steam and, the real target (enslaving the productive) are feeling the pinch.

      IMHO, the most plausible scenario you present is suitcase nuke false flag and, even that requires “faith of the governed / controlled”, hard to come by.

      If the implausibility of a “united front” within central control ranks is considered, the most probable (since the prey / productive are tapped out) is a civil war, with elite globalist forces splintering and warring against each other.

      It will be “war of all, against all” as Hobbes noted regarding the English civil war, due to absence / warring viewpoints of “the social contract”:


      I conclude that internally, statist forces have concluded “cannot win” and, elements within are smashing and grabbing all they can, under the delusion that their ill gotten gains (self-alleged property rights) will be respected and that “torches and pitchforks will not manifest.

      • WinChll

        ..with elite globalist forces splintering and warring against each other.

        Already happening. I agree with Mr. Holland that much of the spying/data collecting is aimed at the “insiders”, indicating they
        eat their own. Imagine the fear/panic/intimidation within that club. No mercy on them. Perhaps it is just those torches and pitchforks that will help to separate the conscientious from the soulless.


      • Ronald Holland

        But maybe torches and pitchforks will happen eventually?

        • Danny B

          Ron, I found a good article on espionage;
          “The War on Terror’s voracious appetite for information produced, in its first decade, what the Washington Post branded
          a veritable “fourth branch” of the U.S. federal government with 854,000
          vetted security officials, 263 security organizations, over 3,000
          private and public intelligence agencies, and 33 new security complexes
          — all pumping out a total of 50,000 classified intelligence reports
          annually by 2010.”

    • Tom Welsh

      “…a nuclear exchange won’t solve the problem for America either”.

      Actually it will, but not in a way that anyone will like. It would end all problems for good, along with all people.

      • James Evinstone

        That isn’t “solving the problem” though, it is “ending the game, forever…”

      • WinChll

        Some actually hope for such. Apparently thermo nuclear only kills life not infrastructure.

    • davidnrobyn

      A delightfully cynical (aka, accurate) analysis of the situation. Kudos.

    • Z Kim

      What happened to your website, Mr. Evinstone?

      • James Evinstone

        Unfortunately, offline life got in the way for a bit and then I forgot to renew the registration. But it is back up now and I intend to get back to updating it regularly.

    • Sunny
  • 2prickit

    “Why hinder’est thou the bold deeds of war, O sluggard [Piety],
    peace-devoted deity? Hence, shameless one! this battle-field, this day is mine;
    too late now defendest thou guilty Thebes. Where wert thou then when Bacchus
    made war and the orgies drove the matrons to arms and madness? Where wert thou
    idling, while the snake of Mars drank the unhallowed flood, while Cadmus
    ploughed, while the Sphinx fell defeated, while Oedipus was questioned by his
    sire, while by my torch’s light Jocasta was entering the marriage-chamber?” —Tisiphone

  • freewheelinfranklin543

    DC is making war on the whole world including the Americans. Their industrial base is gone to China. Their infrastructure is old and rotten.
    The US military is worn out and demoralized by 14 years of war. Their equipment is worn out and obsolete. The Russian ability to turn off Aegis and the ability of Chinese subs to surface undetected in the middle of a carrier battle group should give these dc wingnuts pause…but it wont. They are going to get themselves and a good chunk of America destroyed due to their desperation,selfishness and greed!
    God help us all!

  • Ronald Holland

    How many of you would consider the possibility that the recent murder of the Russian opposition leader was a false flag operation and what nation or political group was behind it?


    • Danny B

      Ron, the West desperately needs to demonize Putin in the eyes of Europe. There are anti-FED rallies in Germany. The TTP is a hollow arrangement that is a last gasp at economic hegemony. About 40 States have Yuan swap lines. The FED is desperately trying to stop the exodus out of the dollar. They key to holding confidence and leadership is to convince potential trading partners that you will play fair and square. It’s pretty funny that the West is trying to convince European leaders that Putin is an assassin. S&P downgraded Russia to junk even though Russia has little external debt and the Russian stock market is very healthy. The CIA throws feces at the wall to see what will stick. Remember that the point of the pin is tiny compared to the bubble.

      Putin has a box of pins. The recorded call from Nuland was one of them.

      Evil must operate in the dark to hide it’s intentions. The net shines light into very inconvenient places.

    • Felix

      Mr. Holland – after the Ukrainian coup I’m ready to believe anything. What I wasn’t so ready to believe was how fast people got on board the govt bandwagon. It was appalling to have friends tell me ‘we have to help those people,’ and ‘Putin is a thug – a new Hitler.’ Right. And people who should know better are whining about it being 1938 again. These same folks claim that Obama is a buffoon and govt is corrupt. I call that cognitive dissonance on a wide scale if they are willing to risk war with Russia with this pack of scoundrels in charge.

      Point 2 – if our clowns do manage to get us into a war, then what is to keep the country from falling apart internally? Do they really think all this central american rabble that Zero has pulled across the border want to fight his stupid wars for him? The abyss I fear, is staring back at us – we looked into it too long…


      • red pill990

        Sometimes I think it is the rednecks with guns, and morally righteous hacker nerds, that will be on the front lines in the war against tyranny.
        Don’t forget, the elite who are imposing tyranny upon us thrive and prosper from chaos and social unrest/mayhem. They WANT societies to collapse; it’s how they take over. So, collapse of American society (economically, politically and culturally)
        is their plan unfolding.

    • bilejones

      Given the known history, isn’t False Flag the first assumption?

      • Scott W

        That was my immediate assumption. Isn’t it obvious?

    • red pill990

      Very likely. My guess is it is 90% chance it is a false flag. And of course it is the neocons in DC who have the most to gain by demonizing Putin.

  • Pilgrim

    Prediction: Nuclear detonation on American soil this side of September 2015. False-flag or not.

  • red pill990

    Great article…..BUT… IMHO the 1% (more accurate would be the .01%) have got all they wanted, and are not afraid at all. They got their eternal war a la 1984, they gutted the Constitution with impunity, they have a thoroughly dummed down population, the Presidency is a dictatorship with executive orders, the Military-industrial-banking-oil-pharma complex has 99% of Congress in their pocket, etc etc
    They are not afraid, running scared.They are raising glasses in toasts to their victories, and laughing all the way to the bank.

  • Danny B

    NATO is demanding that all States spend 2% of gdp on weapons