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Are You Ready For Total Currency War?
By Ron Holland - February 18, 2015

"Are you ready for total war?" "Sind Sie bereit für totalen Krieg?" – Joseph Goebbels

On February 18, 1943, German Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels delivered a rousing speech at the Berlin Sportpalast, asking the German people, "Sind Sie bereit für totalen Krieg?" or "Are you ready for total War?" Germany had planned for Blitzkrieg and a short war and was unprepared for a world war as the combined military forces of the United States, England and the Soviet Union crushed the Reich relentlessly and systematically. Although the people and economy rallied in defense of Germany, total war only prolonged the horrors of war and delayed their inevitable defeat.

Today, 72 years later, another quasi-fascist empire formerly at the pinnacle of world economic power is being taken over, this time on the economic front, by China and the BRICs. Yet it retains the ability to project military power on every continent, with troops deployed in over 150 countries, and is involved simultaneously in regions ranging from Europe and the Ukraine, across the Middle East and Africa to the nations in Asia surrounding China.

The leadership of most foreign vassal states are threatened, bought off or blackmailed into doing the empire's bidding lest they be overthrown and replaced through covert black-ops that often masquerade as homegrown domestic uprisings like the Arab Spring or the Ukraine coup in 2014.

Non-cooperating foreign nations, central banks, domestic nationalists and powerful centers of influence are threatened with state trade sanctions, individual sanctions and blacklisting, banking prohibitions and bond-rating downgrades in addition to other economic and outright military threats. The empire's powerful propaganda machine based in New York and London that, when needed, can within only weeks turn former allies into evil despots without cause, reason or evidence.

An unforgiveable crime is to threaten the mountains of government debt and endless trillions in derivatives issued by vassal state governments led by controlled foreign political leaders where old bond offerings are simply rolled over, along with interest owed, into new obligations. This further burdens citizens and taxpayers just so favored global investment banking interests in the US, UK, Germany and others can continue their fee and commission gravy train.

Greece is the Achilles Heel of the European Union

But the cardinal sin for a politician or political leader is to threaten the ruling entity, as Greece is now doing with the European Union. The EU has a ruling junta of unelected politicians and banking bond-holding interests hiding behind political leaders like Merkel in Germany. This modern-day creation of a permanent union built upon the fatal flaw of the American union, where formerly sovereign states are free to join but can never leave, is a recipe for disaster.

This was the case with the Civil War in the United States or today in Greece, with the total economic destruction and destitution of both the state and the people to foreign banking interests and debt slavery. This permanent debtor status to German and other banking interests appears to even preclude Greece getting financial help from Russia or China.

Make no mistake; tiny Greece does threaten the survival of the EU monstrosity. Should Greece prevail in its efforts to separate from the EU, Italy, Spain, Portugal and other nations will surely follow its bold path back to prosperity, independence and sovereignty, not possible without a dramatically weakened euro.

The Establishment Media Insures the Currency War Is a Secret War

"The first casualty when war comes is truth." – Hiram Johnson a Republican politician from California who served in the United States Senate for nearly 30 years.

Thanks to the establishment propaganda media outlets – all major cable news channels including the neocon Fox News – relatively few Americans are able to see the ongoing global dollar and economic wars raging from Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Iran to Greece and the Ukraine. Most assume the EU banking assault on Greece in response to its threats to leave the European Union and its bond debts to German banks is a separate economic issue from US and EU financial sanctions against Russia. Likewise, there is little discussion and even less understanding by Americans about how the ISIS movement, originally created by the US as a moderate faction against the Syrian government, suddenly morphed into the Sunni Caliphate movement now controlling the majority of Syria and Iraq.

The real question is whether this economic and financial war being waged between Washington and vassal states including the supra-national European Union versus the Russia/China alliance will remain an economic and currency war or go hot over ISIS and nationalistic resistance. The ultimate goal of the empire is to maintain the survival of the petrodollar energy market priced in dollars – and that is the reason behind the ultimate US goal, which is to wrest control of oil and gas pipelines through Iraq, Syria and the Ukraine from opposition regimes.

As an American, I'm writing here about a coverup of an ongoing war between Washington, London and the EU versus Russia and China. The EU, historically a vassal state controlled by Washington, is now being pushed into a military conflict over Ukraine. Today there is a policy rift taking place between Germany's Merkel, joined by other major European countries, and the formerly dominant US/UK leadership as to whether military weapons should be provided to the American-installed government in Kiev.

Europeans Remember the Horrors of World War Two

What most Americans do not realize is that during World War Two, every European nation had at least a contingent of troops fighting on the side of Germany against the Russians – and Russians are tough fighters. Putin's 80% approval rate in Russia dwarfs the popularity of every Western politician and political party. It is difficult to imagine German or French troops fighting and dying for Merkel or Hollande on the plains of the Ukraine, formerly part of Russia, where millions of Soviet troops died during the Second World War.

While the usual neocon spokesmen like John McCain and Lindsey Graham might want the US involved in a military conflict with Russia in the Ukraine, and uneducated Americans might even go along with them, Europeans know their history and are rightly horrified at the prospect.

Remember, the old Soviet Union during the World War was a hated communist government led by a tyrannical dictator. Active military conflicts are tough for politicians to justify unless there is a cultural, religious, patriotic or ethnic aspect to the military action. Joseph Stalin, one of the world's greatest tyrants, was able to get the Russian people behind his war with Hitler only because to the public, defeat meant either lifetime serfdom or death under the foreign Nazi regime. The cruelty of the German and SS armies ultimately guaranteed their defeat; although in many areas they were initially welcomed as liberators, eventually military occupation by the Nazis became equal to or worse than the terrors of Stalin and the Soviet Union.

Today the Internet Limits the Effectiveness of Government Propaganda Efforts

Governments and politicians now have to deal with the Internet Reformation where alternative media outlets often present an entirely different view of war and financial market manipulation than does the establishment media with their sanitized video footage supported by "patriotic" propagandistic editorials and financial news comments.

While historically the Washington Empire was somewhat benign and even helpful to former adversaries following World War Two, US incursions over the last two decades have been more of a horror story of nation destruction than liberation and prosperity – witness Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and Yemen just to name a few. Of course, all nations and empires compete and none of our competitors from Russia, China or Iran etc. are ruled by saints or without their own atrocities but retribution does happen and the chickens do come home to roost when nations or empires lose in military, economic or currency wars. Sadly, the innocence of civilians is no protection when the surging tides of empire turn.

Innocence Does Not Offer Protection

Ask the hundreds of thousands of Germans who were drafted into the Volkssturm in the last year of World War Two, given a Panzerfaust and marched to the front to attack Soviet tanks and defend the Nazi leadership in Berlin. Or consider the innocent civilians in a firebombed Dresden where tens of thousands were roasted alive or suffocated by the allied terror bombing at the end of the war, not to mention the hundreds of thousands in Japan who were victims of fire-bombing and atomic bomb attack.

Personally I don't plan on defending American politicians in Washington from foreign or domestic assault or the central banking cartel and Wall Street investment bankers who ultimately will destroy the world in a sea of debt. But emergency presidential executive orders guarantee we will not be able to protect our retirement funds, savings and investment portfolios from confiscation when the chickens come home to roost on the Washington Empire.

If we have some wealth or property left when the dollar fails, we cannot stop the future "means testing" of our Social Security and Medicare benefits. Much of our domestic real estate holdings may well be stolen by favored groups and individuals when we can't pay the exorbitant annual property taxes just like much property in the defeated South was taken by northeastern "carpet baggers" after the War Between the States – or lost during the Great Depression, which is a more likely scenario for comparison of what all productive Americans will face in the future.

Right now there is a world war taking place right in front of us but all we see on cable news are the nightly military skirmishes on the periphery of the conflict. The real war is economic, financial and currency related and the empire is already over-extended in debt, military operations and financial manipulation. Surely the near-term dollar strength is evidence that while defeat is not imminent and that all markets can be manipulated for a season, ultimately real global market forces will prevail.

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late

Americans should take advantage of recent dollar strength to diversify into gold, investments, real estate and safe haven locations outside the US dollar and the United States. Better to be early than too late because eventually the consequences of aggressive military actions, central banking manipulation and uncontrolled government debt and unfunded liabilities will come home to the American people. Neither the guilt of our political and banking leadership nor the innocence of our citizenry will protect you, your assets or your family.

Don't wait for a Greek withdrawal from the EU, a run on euro debt, a third US invasion of Iraq, war against ISIL or an escalation in Syria or the Ukraine in an attempt to secure oil and gas pipelines to act. Just remember that all empires eventually become over-extended financially, economically or militarily and the consequences of retribution and blowback are real and deadly to innocent populations.

Ron Holland can be reached with comments or questions by emailing ron@haim.li.

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  • Ron, Mr Holland, If you are going to write articles that you wish people of some intelligence to read – then it is absolutely necessary hat your writing is based on FACTS – The Russians were waiting in Berlin – for the American and British to arrive – Russia lost 27 million persons killed in this war – how many americans – how many british – so get your facts straight.. thanks

    • Ronald Holland

      Sorry Lloyd I don’t agree and nor does any history of WW2 that I’ve read and I’ve read hundreds, state that the Russians waited anywhere. The Russians certainly never waited in Berlin for the Americans and British to arrive as they were determined to take Berlin first. You are certainly correct about massive Russian loses as the European theatre was a minor side show compared to the battle to the death between Soviet and Axis forces. I’ve read somewhere about where 90% of the German war effort in the later years of the war was concentrated on the Eastern Front.

      • Tom kauser

        Comic books?

      • Tom kauser

        American propaganda rewrites to place the US as a liberator of Europe and of course be paid back for some Marshall plan the internationalist put together and sold to the American people as relief? When in fact the Marshall plan and the American entry into the war was about protecting the bankers interest during and more important after hostilities ended and saving democracy was a sidebar?

        • Ronald Holland

          I don’t think saving democracy was even a sidebar as one party and one leader rule actually lasted longer in the US under Roosevelt than in Germany under Hitler. Also while protecting the US bankers interests was certainly the motivation for entering World War One, I think Roosevelt provoked the Japanese into attacking in order to get the US into the war and defeat Hitler.

      • Bill Ross

        I was gonna agree with Lloyd, based on a flawed recollection of historical timeline, the Berlin Blockade, believing that it was at the point in time Berlin was first occupied. Nope, it was a cold war “blip”:


        but, surprise, surprise, the root of the “conflict” was the Allies introducing (OK, insisting on) a new fiat “currency”


        and, this cross-post may be pertinent:

        This fake “money” is perceived to “real”, because the “guns of state” smites anyone who attempts to “trade” using any other medium of exchange.

        Hitler’s Germany was the darling of the bankers and social “engineers” UNTIL they started to BARTER manufactured goods for raw materials, bypassing the money changers.

        Saddam Hussein was smited for his oil bourse in Euros endeavors.

        Ghaddaffi was smited for his gold backed pan-African dinar.

        We are well on the path to WWIII because Russia, China and the BRICS are setting up “alternative” mediums of exchange, bypassing the “money” counterfeiters.

        All wars are bankers wars. Their “power” comes from a forcefully imposed fiat printing monopoly from people who can perceive “no alternative”.

        The fiat, “paper tiger” (Mao) empire has “mortgage” against YOU and, your terror should you look in that place few dare to go and, refuse to honor a “contract” to which you have not consented. People are enslaved by their ignorance, which is partially because of ruthless suppression of alternatives.

        THEY print fake “money” from nothing, alleging it represents wealth (stored productivity) and, it is dutifully exchanged for REAL goods and services.

    • Tom kauser

      Poland moved on Germany first!

      • Ronald Holland

        Actually I somewhat agree with you. Poland did move against German minorities forced into Poland by the Treaty of Versailles prior to Germany’s invasion. It did not move against Germany proper prior to the Nazi invasion and the well documented German black flag operation to justify its invasion. Personally based on my research I think Poland and Germany could have come to at least a temporary deal over Danzig and a German corridor if not for the false promises to the Poles from the UK but there was so much propaganda going on with both sides it is somewhat hard to determine what really happened.

        • Tom kauser

          they already had a deal! in fact everyone involved broke a mutual deal to not use hostilities to solve mutual problems Kellogg-Briand?

        • Danny B

          I found an interesting item about Ploesti; “The first great Ploesti raid left from Benghazi in
          Libya on Sunday, August 1st”
          http://www.uh.edu/engines/epi1219.htm Roumania joined the axis out of fear. Hitler needed oil more than anything.

  • Danny B

    The stage has been set. The players are in motion. But, who wrote the script. Who is the pushing force? Kissinger gave us a hint;
    “Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful!”
    Things will get so bad that we will welcome actions that we never dreamed possible in our worst nightmares.
    The bond market will blow. Everything else will be in taters. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-02-16/end-global-debt-system-approaches

    The psychopaths at the top wrote the script. They favor control and population reduction. Preferably, ABSOLUTE control.
    Who is the force pushing all this? Legions and hordes of bureaucrats. Like army ants, they have no discernible communication but still, they have one driving force. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KPIw_4wE8c

    Their legions have been made obsolete by machine intelligence. Collectivism is their god and saviour. The collectivists have always lamented that it would work if only EVERYBODY were included. Control of the currency just wasn’t enough. The next step is NO currency.

    The bond market will crash. Things will get VERY bad. Jim Rickards and his spooks ( who have no legitimate purpose in a free economy) will ride to the rescue of GOV with trainloads of SDRs. GOV will then be recapitalized AND, we will get our smart cards. Our brand new cashless economy.
    It was tested in Keyna and Nigeria. We will welcome it. The underground economy will vanish. The taxman will be very happy. Control will be
    absolute. I wrote more; http://www.energeticforum.com/271491-post590.html

  • Tom kauser

    Just another zerohedge nosepicker who needs you believing its getting worst because of his book and not anything else?

    • Bill Ross

      hmm, you’ve got me “wondering” re agenda. And, personal attacks, unsubstantiated opinion will get you nowhere here @DB

      and, if you think ANYONE makes a buck from books these internet reformation days, you are sorely mistaken.

      • Tom kauser

        I am of the opinion that Greece is fluid and falling apart missing deadlines and taking Europe down? except on football days? when stadiums are full and everyone is enjoying life. as for personal attacks and talking books its really simple this mans opinions are total money losers. and must come from that zerohedge website that only makes money on advertising sex partnerships with hot Asians near or far?
        we have been in a currency war since 1975 when it took three dollars to afford one pound sterling

  • Tom kauser

    Greece and IMF will wait to the very last second and than announce an extension which is the best both sides can agree to and talk in 3 months about a more permanent package?
    THE SAME SCHEME THAT RUNS DC extend and forget ( for the time being) permeates international relations? Borrow more and forget your problems for a while longer and promise to reform and sell off more assets?

  • Bolt Upright
    • Ronald Holland

      Casey Research always has some excellent information on their websites.

      • James Clander

        I’ve found over many years of interest in PMs that Casey Research is questionable & self serving. An example

        “Doug: I don’t believe in the conspiracy theories regarding gold price suppression. There’s zero credible evidence for it, and I’m embarrassed having to discuss the subject with outsiders who have heard it; for them it’s more evidence that gold investors all wear tinfoil hats. The fact is the government doesn’t care about gold; they really do think it’s a barbarous relic that should be used to plate urinals, as Lenin supposedly suggested. They don’t care about its price, and even less about that of silver ”


        Anyone who denies that CBs actively supress the POG (through intermediaries) is not to be trusted.

        • Casey Research has been in business a long time and has provided people with an alternative view of economics, history, etc. Many of their predictions have proven out and they’ve taken many courageous stands as well.

  • Christian paisse

    Don’t ever Forget the name of the game the élites are playing,the name of the game is “AGENDA 21” .90% world dépopulation…they control everything.they change the rules as they go along,keep your eyes on the ball.They want total control of the world.once you know what game your playing,you have a better chance of surviving.Prepare now for the worse…..

    • notyranny

      Suggestions on how to prepare are welcome,

  • Danny B

    As usual, Martin Armstrong sounds quite a bit like Antal Fekete. ” This crowd further fails to comprehend currency. It was a joke to see
    them saying that Swiss had to vote to deny selling gold reserves and the
    Swiss franc would become the strongest currency in the world backed by
    gold. They hate the dollar perpetually and cannot grasp that a strong
    currency reduces exports and increases unemployment. A strong franc was
    precisely what the Swiss tried to prevent with the peg to the Euro.”
    “Our forecast for a strong dollar is NOT BULLISH for the
    US economy. It does not even pretend there is some robust recovery. The
    dollar will rise as the economy turns down as it did from 1980 into
    1985 and during the Great Depression. This is HOW it
    turns down. The dollar rose dramatically during the Great Depression and
    that is the very reason FDR confiscated gold devaluing the dollar
    pegged to gold from $20.78 to $35.”
    “These people are just fixed in their views and they preach nonsense to
    people costing them a tremendous amount of their life savings. We are in
    a Sovereign Debt Crisis and what made the Great Depression so bad was NOT
    the collapse in the Dow, it was the complete wipe out of sovereign
    bonds. These bonds went off the board. The Investment Bankers sold
    foreign government bonds to the average person in small denominations.
    They were listed on the NY market. Today, such bonds are bailed-out
    because the bankers own them – NOT mom and pops.”

    “Let’s just get the facts straight Read Herbert Hoover’s Memoirs
    for 1931. Galbraith’s book became the seminal work on the Great
    Depression that I had to read in school. It was nonsense and political
    propaganda to support a Socialist Agenda. There was no mention of the Sovereign Debt Crisis
    that wiped out capital formation for that would lay blame on
    government – OMG!. So it is no wonder why these people keep touting
    scenarios that are just nonsense that never happened. They have an
    agenda to sell that has already been predetermined. Hence, all facts
    must be selected only to support that agenda and ignore the rest of the

    We see that Greece is crashing because they can not devalue their currency. FDR had the same problem. Sure, the dollar is rising. The Dollar carry-trade is going into reverse and people need dollars to service dollar-denominated debt. The FED printed a LOT but, it still isn’t enough. If the FED prints dollars, the bankers front-run the FED and the money does not go where it is needed. If the FED does not print dollars, foreign bond markets are headed for a crash. Triffin’s delimma makes it clear that no sovereign can hold the reserve currency indefinitely. Gresham’s law makes it clear that all currencies must be close to equal. Globalization makes it painfully clear that NO sovereign can afford to have a currency that is gold convertible.
    Once again, the currency wars will end in disaster. This time around, there can be no Bretton Woods. NO currency can have a fixed gold backing. It is a straightjacket. Globalization has made sure of that. There will be NO reserve currency. The FOREX will disappear. ALL currencies will instantly convert,,, like the cash registers in Andorra used to do.
    With the collapse of the bond market, trust will be the rarest commodity.

    J.P. Morgan;
    “Money equals business which equals power, all of which come from character and trust.”
    Asked: “Is not commercial credit based primarily upon money or property?”
    “No sir,” replied Morgan. “The first thing is character.”
    “Before money or property?”
    “Before money or anything else. Money cannot buy it…Because a man I do not trust could not get money from me on all the bonds in Christendom.”

    • KarenHudes

      Danny B,
      Since you like bonds so much, what do you propose to do with the Treaty of Versailles bonds held by the Global Debt Facility: https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/Treaty+of+Versailles+Gold+Bullion+Certificates.pdf

      Before attempting to deny the validity of the Treaty of Versailles bonds, you need to discuss the response of the Fed, the US Treasury, the Development Committee, the Postmaster General of the US, and the Director General of the UPU to this communication: https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/postmastergeneral6.pdf

      • Danny B

        Ms. Hudes, thank you very much for participating in this discussion. Actually, I do not like sovereign bonds. They are debt instruments generally created to wage wars. As you are probably aware, I am a nobody in the world of finance. I do read a lot though. I read the 2 links that you posted. I have noticed a couple of inconsistencies. There is mention of a quadrillion dollars worth of gold but, Wiki, “The total value of all gold ever mined would exceed US$8.2 trillionat that valuation. However, there are varying estimates of the total amount of gold mined to date, mainly because gold has been mined for
        thousands of years around the world.”

        The certificate pictured mentions 25,000 metric tons deposited at the FED bank in NY. The vault at the FED bank in NYC is described so, “The gold vault — about half the size of a football field — was built
        and lowered into New York’s bedrock in 1921 before the building was completed in 1924.”
        While gold is quite dense, 25,000 MT still takes a considerable space.

        There is mention of the Yamashita gold but, little else to identify the source of this enormous hoard. After WW II, the U.S. gold hoard was reported at about 25,500 tons. Where did the gold that backed the gold bonds come from? Post-war, there wasn’t even very much gold. http://www.financialsense.com/sites/default/files/users/u6/images/2010/all-gold-in-world.png
        I don’t doubt the existence of the gold bonds. I find it difficult to identify a source for either 25,000 M.T. of available gold OR $ 1 quadrillion of any kind of liquidity. I’m sure that you are aware of the $ 6 trillion+ of bogus bonds that have come to light in Italy.
        I suspect that there is no gold available to back said bonds.

        Thanks, again for participating and for your work with the World bank.
        Dan Breeden

        • KarenHudes

          a) do not believe everything you read in Wikipedia — it is the mouthpiece of the network of global corporate control. Our history stretches back to before the current ice age, as documented in the Admiral Piri Reis world map of 1513 that shows the coastline of Queen Maud Land in Antarctica. How could a map drawn in 1513 include a continent that wasn’t discovered until 1820, ignoring the current ice caps that have obscured the coastline since this Ice Age? We have been mining gold far longer than 5,000 years.

          b) what the Fed has stated is that it has gold certificates, not gold. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGz8-8GmOZU&sns=tw
          most of the gold in the Global Debt Facility is in the Philippines Central Bank vault, and also buried in a location guarded by US military, who used the Haiyun Typhoon as cover. According to Wolfgang Struck, Keenan obtained the bonds in Italy from Wilfredo Saurin https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/Twitter8.1.14.1.pdf

          • sportstef

            Ancient Greeks was in America thousands years before. No doubt about it. Thats why the Piri Reis have a world map….

    • concerndcitizen

      FDR confiscated gold and devalued the dollar relative to gold because the Fed had printed 53,000 tonnes worth of gold certificates, but there were only 6,000 tonnes in the vaults. This is why the 1920’s “roared”, it was from money printing in excess to supply. When the banks started to suffer from mal-investment and suffered losses on their loans, depositors became suspicious and started to redeem the gold certificates for gold coins. It was only a matter of time before this swindle was revealed, hence the executive order.

      Gold confiscation was done to bail out the Federal Reserve and to tear up any gold contracts. There wasn’t enough gold to pay for everything.


  • It “insures” a currency war? Really?

  • Ronald Holland

    Here is a good link from Zero Hedge yesterday on how Russia is fighting the currency war. Sorry if this doesn’t work right as I sometimes have a problem posting links. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-02-18/de-dollarization-accelerates-russia-launches-swift-alternative-linking-91-entities

  • KarenHudes

    The alternative media is often a mere extension of the mainstream media, only giving lipservice to one piece of the puzzle in order to confuse those who do not buy into the mainstream media. Ron Holland is warning of a dangerous “currency war” between Russia, China and the US. In reality, the only danger is from Ron Holland and the network of global corporate control that that he is serving with his disinfo. The BRICS, China, Russia, and US citizens who know the score (which includes the County Executives of America and the National Taxpayers Union) are replacing the fractional reserve fiat currencies with local currencies and national currencies of aurum minted from the Global Debt Facility. (a trust for the benefit of humanity containing the world’s assets created by Jose Rizal and Ferdinand Marcos at the end of World War II). The network of global corporate control was hoping that we would not be able to use the Bretton Woods institutions to redeem our wealth. (See paragraph 6 https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/BILATERAL.pdf )

    The network of global corporate control was not counting on the internet or a dedicated group of whistleblowers who would pierce their disinfo. They guessed wrong. The chances we win and the network of global corporate control loses is 90-95% http://philosophyofmetrics.com/2014/02/18/sdrs-and-the-new-bretton-woods-part-six/comment-page-1/#comment-584

    Here’s where things now stand:

    @KarenHudesRetweeting correspondence with HM Treasury, along with reset links: https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/Twitter2.19.15.pdf (this document was originally linked and Twitter replaced it with another: https://t.co/kZJeVn6buI — we are going to continue to have to struggle to accurately inform the public — as we go forward the best way to know whether you are getting the information you need to make informed choices will be to see what is happening to the whistleblowers)

    • From Interpretermag …

      Meet Karen Hudes, whose bio says she worked as an attorney at the World Bank from 1986-2007, during which time, she says, she revealed conspiracies such as one she says involved a crony of then president of the Philippines illegally taking control of a bank in that country. Hudes says that these revelations eventually led to her firing. She now makes her career as an anti-bank activist billing herself as the “World Bank Whistleblower”. Using that as her brand, Hudes has been able to build a small but devoted following among consumers of the so-called alternative media. (Her name occasionally makes its way into more mainstream forums, such as in a recent speech by actor Edward James Olmos.) …


      • AnotherConcernedCitizen

        why bring this info up – which could be true – instead of bringing up relevant information about Karen Hudes. Have you followed her work? She has predicted every event the past year correctly? If the information she has exposed is correct and becomes viral – we can stop WW3.

        • Ronald Holland

          I don’t know Karen but she seems to have some crazy idea that myself and the Daily Bell are somehow providing disinformation for some secretive “network of global corporate control”? And now she somehow claims a 90- 95% plus chance of winning at something. All the while she is spending her time promoting her copies of previous stuff sent to people on the Daily Bell’s comment area provided free for readers.

          Well I’ve never heard of her but I just write what I want to write and when I want to write it to the best of my limited abilities and I’ve never had a 95% chance of being right on anything. (grin). I have nothing more to comment on her and I sure wish I was able to predict every event in the past year correctly and my writings would go viral on the internet.

          “Fools take
          a knife and stab others in the back. The wise take a knife, cut the cord and
          free themselves from the fools. – unknown

      • Joe

        I don’t trust Karen Hudes for a second. I think she is a misinformation specialist! She is quote a number of books and conspiracy theories and giving them life. The fact she is still alive makes me wonder

        • KarenHudes

          Your logic, Joe, makes me wonder. I think you’re the misinformation specialist!

        • Semjase

          I know Joe is a shill as soon as he mentions Conspiracy theories..

      • KarenHudes

        Does The Daily Bell doubt whether I worked in the World Bank Legal Department from 1986-2007 or whether then President of the Philippines Joseph Estrada was ultimately impeached for the corruption and cover-up to the World Bank Board which I reported up the corporate ladder to the World Bank’s Audit Committee and then to the US Congress, which commissioned a GAO audit that the World Bank refused to cooperate with? For the record, I am not “making my career as an anti-bank activist.” Instead, I am claiming that the Bretton Woods institutions were created to return the world’s wealth to the world’s peoples under paragraph 6 of the Bilateral Minesfield Breakthrough Successor Agreement. https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/BILATERAL.pdf

        Has Secretary Jack Lew or any of the other 188 Ministers of Finance questioned whether the Board of Governors of the World Bank or the IMF reinstated me in order to qualify for the US contribution to the World Bank capital increase? Have I been reprimanded for signing this letter as Acting General Counsel of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (a copy of which was mailed to all of the 188 Ministers of Finance)? https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/Twitter1.8.15.pdf

        Why is the Daily Bell dragging up a stale article when I have left all further discussions on this esoteric subject to Dr. Edward Spencer, whose theory this is?

      • Filip Sandor

        Give it a rest, we all make mistakes and we all get a little excited about things (does the war against Osama Bin Laden ring a bell)? Let it go and move on to what you can confirm and know to be fact. Or stay in your little fantasy world, leave us out.