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Putin: It Is Time to Play Your Ace in the Hole
By Ron Holland - December 26, 2014

You've got to know when to hold 'em

Know when to fold 'em

Know when to walk away

And know when to run

You never count your money

When you're sittin' at the table

There'll be time enough for countin'

When the dealin's done.

"The Gambler" by Kenny Rogers

The entire world is watching Putin play poker with the Western politicians lead by Obama and followed by Washington quislings in London, Brussels and Berlin. America's goal since the end of the Cold War has been to weaken by financial, economic and, if necessary, military means any real competition to its global financial and resource domination through the petrodollar and dollar world reserve currency status.

The current trade and economic sanctions against Russia and Iran follow this time-tested action that is never successful on its own, as we know from the 50-plus-year blockade of Cuba. But this strategy can lead to opposition nations retaliating by military means, often their only alternative to end blockades etc., which are an act of war and allow the US and other democracies to bring their ultimate superior military power to bare against the offending sovereign state. This worked for Lincoln against the Confederate States of America, by Woodrow Wilson against the Central Powers before World War One, against the Japanese Empire before World War Two, Iraq, Libya – the list is endless.

Recently the US has created the oil price collapse, working closely with its client state Saudi Arabia, in order to weaken the economic power of both Iran and Russia, the two main nations opposing US hegemony, foreign policy and petrodollar policy. Yes, this will play havoc with the US shale oil industry as well as London's North Sea oil industry but oil profits pale in comparison to the importance of maintaining Western power over Russia and China.

I hope Putin realizes the US is not playing games here, as this is a financial and strategic game to the death for Washington and it's Western allies that have foolishly followed the Goldman Sachs/central banking cartel's deadly sovereign debt recipe and for growth and prosperity. The time is up; the debts can never be repaid and sooner or later must be repudiated one way or the other.

China is waiting in the wings as the new world economic power and while it is too big to challenge, US strategy is to take out its top two allies, Iran and Russia, to buy time for Wall Street and Washington. The strategy might be a competitive economic course of action but the risk of military consequences and even a third world war loom on the horizon and no country has ever defeated Russia in a land attack. This is risky brinkmanship just to protect our banking and Wall Street elites and their profits at the expense of the American people, I might add, but the US has done this before.

Is This Just a Repeat of the Versailles Treaty, Russian-style?

This has all happened before. It's the same old game with different players. I fear we are watching a repeat of the Versailles Treaty, Russian-style. If you look closely at real history rather than the establishment-directed propaganda dished out to the public, you'll realize that the Western financial elites and central banking cartel seldom change tactics. Why should they? Their financial empires continue to grow during all major wars and financial crises and if they should guess wrong, then they get taxpayers to bail them out.

The Goldman Sachs, Rothschild and Soros types control the Western democracies as well as the financial markets and use paid or blackmailed cheerleaders and front men to advance their best interests to the populace as acceptable economic or political policies.

For example, Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points statement given on January 8, 1918, claiming the war and US intervention was a moral cause to advance peace in Europe after World War One, was one of the leading reasons the Germans sued for peace. In hindsight, we know that American intervention was really instituted to prevent an Allied loss or negotiated settlement that could make it impossible for French and British banks to pay back their massive loans to the US banking establishment and thereby bankrupting our leading banks of the day.

Once the war was over the platitudes about freedom, self-determination and making the world safe for democracy dissolved into the Treaty of Versailles, probably one of the most vengeful and unfair peace treaties ever forced on a defeated foe. The entire Austrian-Hungarian empire was totally destroyed except for the small area of present Austria and Germany, which was stripped of much of its territory and subjected to a vengeful, unpayable war debt comparable to America's current national debt today. Sadly, the treaty created the public anger and economic chaos that eventually brought Hitler to power and set the stage for the Second World War.

So Where Does Russia Go from Here?

First, the US cable pundits are suggesting that Putin might retaliate by invading Ukraine. Why would Russia want Ukraine? Except for substantial agricultural resources that can be purchased on the open market, this is a bankrupt country with a long list of failed governments. The country has become a pawn in the battle between East and West, and its people have already suffered so much. Now Russia might move in the East to protect Russian-speaking areas and could be willing to suffer the additional economic consequences of creating a land bridge to Crimea but the military option appears quite limited and counter-productive at best.

No nation will win a shooting war between the US, UK and EU versus Russia and China. The consequences are too horrible to be contemplated but Russia has an ace in the hole that can win the financial and economic battle going on today.

First, Russia should join with China in a new gold, oil and natural resource backed monetary union as an alternative to the failed debt democracy model pushed by Wall Street, the central bank cartel and self-serving politicians in the West. It simply does not work in the long term to finance prosperity and improved standards of living through mountains of debt placed on future generations.

Washington has destroyed every tax haven and bit of personal and financial privacy in the world because of its desperate need for revenue. Every financial haven has caved, including Switzerland, because they cannot hope to prevail against the US, UK and EU. The US intends to make Russia a pariah state and cut it off from trade, funds transfer, banking and Western credit markets. It will not relent until Putin is overthrown and Russia is compliant with and a supporter of the New World Order. Next in line following Russia will be China. Thus, a monetary union could provide the needed support for Russia necessary to guarantee the independence and self-determination of China.

Second, Russia should act offensively rather than defensively on the financial front by creating corporate tax-free/low income tax zones and welcoming corporations, successful individuals and entrepreneurs to take up residence and create jobs and prosperity. The Hong Kong model does work to create industry, service industry and free-market prosperity and to win, Russia needs far more than a resource-based economy.

Russia needs more population and a larger middle class and should offer residency and citizenship opportunities to productive and successful workers, entrepreneurial businesses and corporations etc. with the right of reasonable financial and corporate privacy along with the low tax benefits.

Canada, the wonderful country I live and work in today, offers permanent residency benefits and citizenship to hundreds of thousands of foreigners wanting to work and immigrate to Canada together with low corporate tax benefits.

Russia can and should do the same, although the market will require bargain prices as Russia does not have the long history of rule of law, security and peace like Canada does. Russia should look at good climate areas like Crimea and other areas around the Black Sea and maybe Kaliningrad in the north directly in the middle of the EU.

Competititon, free markets, minimal regulation and low taxes are the 21st century solution to military aggression, over-indebted and resource-hungry empires. Putin said it best in his news conference last week.

"They won't leave [the bear] alone. They will always seek to chain it. And once it's chained, they'll rip out its teeth and claws. The nuclear deterrence, speaking in present-day terms. As soon as this happens, nobody will need [the bear] anymore. They'll stuff it. And start to put their hands on its Taiga [Siberian forest belt] after it. We've heard statements from Western officials that Russia's owning Siberia was not fair." – Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin, now is the time to play your ace in the hole. Russia can win the financial and economic war being waged against it but not by playing the same old game of poker where cheating prevails. Show the world that Russia is worthy of 21st century leadership in a peaceful and competitive manner by using the debt, currency and banking weaknesses of the West to defeat an opponent out to chain Russia as it has the rest of the world into surrender and serfdom.

If you are as concerned as I am about where the world is headed, consider securing a second home internationally in the right location as a means to protect you and your family. Think of it as lifestyle insurance.

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  • Great ideas Ron Holland. I thought the ace-in-the-hole would be cutting off energy flow to Europe, instead you propose a much more positive process with long term benefits for Russia and the entire region. I hope this concept is taken up by the great bear.

    • Ronald Holland

      Gregg, thank you for your kind words but I must say that although I share your hope of long term benefits for Russia and the region, my major reason for writing the editorial had more to do with the risk of major military and economic conflict and how America and it’s citizens can survive the coming global payback from our past policies and actions.

      • Our ruling robber barons have convinced themselves that a limited nuclear war is survivable, at least for the ruling few and their necessary slave state. They have claimed for a century that the planet can only support 600 million humans, and the excess must be exterminated. At the turn of the century, with 1.2 billion humans, this meant half should die. Now at 7 billion, they claim that 90% must die. These elitist have stage set, directed and profited from every war for centuries, and prepared other threat vectors with toxic, monopolist controlled food supply and weaponized disease vectors. It is past time to end this feudal banking/government/media monopoly.

        If you are a ‘partner’ in the extermination of 90% of all humans, ask yourself….
        would these same demons exterminate 91% ? How lucky do you feel ?

        • Bill Ross

          Or, what happens, “mission accomplished”, when you (a pawn) are no longer “of use”?

          The master manipulator KNOWS:


          honor among thieves? Hah!

          • NO honor among thieves, even less honor among mass murdering pedophiles.

          • William Scott

            If only it was as “easy” as WINNING via “economic warfare.” However unfortunately one country (or states alliance) cannot control the ultimate (retaliatory) outcome. It’s a chess match, at best… or a bloodbath, at worst? And since a primary goal of the (insane) PTB is “depopulation…” that likely then equates then to a “mutually assured” DESTRUCTION of nearly ALL LIFE on this planet? And the psychos can only hide underground (together) for a short time, at best. After that, the RADIATION will kill them ALL… The “end game is thereby quite PREDICTABLE, I think??? (i.e. NUKES, etc. = a MASS EXTINCTION.) Humans are therefore apparently more fascinated with WARFARE (i.e. dual use development of Uranium and Plutonium, vs. Thorium for nearly limitless energy, for example) and CONTROL than truly EVOLVING as higher beings, of conscience / consciousness? (As clearly evidenced by their little “g” gods, in say Masonry, etc.) Time will tell??

      • Survival will indeed be the operative word as the US transitions into third world status. Payback is a bitch.

  • Bill Ross

    A similar, more comprehensive analysis of “the game” and the strategic alliances China / Russia have been forced to, in defense against the hegemon was done by The Saker and Larchmonter 445. The full pdf and analysis (link within) is a must for strategic thinkers:


    Good “follow the money”, cui bono analysis, Ron.

  • Bill Ross

    Not surprising:

    RH: “Once the war was over the platitudes about freedom, self-determination and making the world safe for democracy dissolved into”

    Well, add a few qualifiers in BOLD, for an eerie sense of “deja vu”:

    BR: “Once the COLD war was over the platitudes about freedom, self-determination and making the world safe for democracy dissolved into WHAT IS COMING”

    • Ronald Holland

      Bill, yes you are right and I prefer the way you have written the qualifiers and sense of “deja vu”. I’ve been researching the First World War in detail and it was likely a preplanned effort to limit the growing economic competition of Germany with Great Britain that just raced totally out of control once the war started and nationalistic passions were inflamed. That is my real concern today.

      • Bill Ross

        Thanks Ron, we are of one mind on many things.

        In the war for survival, there are two basic choices:

        Compete (acquire resources) by excellence, or, compete by destroying the competition.

        I have also paid close attention to WW1 and also concluded, Germany was a very formidable cultural / intellectual leader, the crime for which they had to be neutered, harnessed, placed in servitude. The forces should have continued competing by peaceful excellence, letting the best ideas win, to the benefit of us all.

        Since Germany’s forcefully imposed position post WW1 was insane (unsurvivable reparations), their “solution” to an insane problem was also, prima facie, insane.

        Now, we have nukes and polarization of opponents, claiming, but unwilling to put to the test of reality their “opinions” within the court of objective opinion (AKA: unseen hand) and “right” to impose their will on others.

        It is truly MAD and, only the internet reformation and the coming global epiphany to collectively turn as one against and rejecting predators has any hope. This is a matter a timing, a race between two diametrically opposing processes.

      • The Schlieffen Plan would argue, it seems to me, that Germany was doing their own pre-planning for conquest.

        • Bill Ross

          Does not differentiating “conquest” versus “defense” depend on who strikes first, including trade sanctions, the first shot of war? (WAR: demonize, socially / economically isolate, weaken, move in for the kill, feed from the carcass, next prey)

          • Well said and of course the best defense is a great offense or so they say. If in fact the hidden hand was behind WW1, they may have pre-selected the winners and losers although it was a very close contest to be sure. I get the feeling that the same clique has now decided that China will be the new hegemon, the US has served its purpose although if the PTB are willing to soil their own planet we may in fact have a nuclear resolution: unthinkable.

          • Bill Ross

            resolution: unthinkable

            Well, the war is among predators competing among each other for prey (our productivity), making productivity impossible, consuming / destroying the seed corn of civilization.

            The last predator standing will have an epiphany: Oops, scorched earth, no prey. Adios.

            That’s a “resolution” of, sorts. Be careful what you ask for.

          • Nuclear War is unthinkable to any civilized person, that is certainly not what I am asking for! We live in an era of directed history, but watching it unfold is becoming increasingly painful and disgusting.

          • Bill Ross

            Sorry, my mistake. It is a stretch to think we are discussing “civilized people”. Thought NEVER dawned upon me. Silly me.

          • tee hee. You seemed to imply I was wishing for a nuclear resolution, as for the PTB civilized they are not.

          • Bill Ross

            Nope. My communication is sometimes interpreted personally, when I state a general truth:

            Be careful what you ask for.

            In my-speak means: All of us, by action or, inaction.

          • Lonesome Gun

            I’m thinking biological rather than nuclear. They’d like to keep the barn and get rid of the herd.

        • Ronald Holland

          Greg, I agree that no side or nation in World War One is without guilt in the conflict but in Germany’s defense to play the devils advocate only as I believe Serbia deserves the most blame here, Germany had to have an offensive strategy to have any chance of victory stuck as she was between Russia on the east and France on the west in a two front war. To have fought only defensively would have guaranteed defeat. Actually I think the main mistake Germany made was the Kaiser’s dream of building a navy to compete with Great Britain in the North Sea. This perceived threat to the British homeland almost guaranteed the UK becoming an enemy of Germany when in fact both nations traded a lot together and had similar foreign policy objectives. But hindsight is 20/20.

          • If only hindsight really were 20/20! More like “through a glass darkly” at least as pertains to WW1. How could the combatants have been so blind to the upcoming slaughter when they had the War Between the States to instruct them? How could the Generals have been so blind to the power of the machine gun against their outdated tactics? The ability of human beings to f__k things up is truly monumental. The lessons of history are lost in less than one generation. In spite of the example of Cypress (and the soon-to-come example of Greece?) nobody – and I do mean nobody – thinks the banks could close in the USA today, ala 1933. Couldn’t happen here!! Not with FDIC!! It is tragic how somnolent the average American is, and it is a portent to serious problems in our future.

          • Hey You

            Your comment that the lessons of history are lost in one generation is certainly correct. Like one of Issaca’s Laws says, “They make the same mistakes that their grandfathers made”.

          • Ronald Holland

            Yes you are correct and my grandfather fought in World War One and 100 years later little has changed. He was gassed and in the hospital and to the day he died he refused to ever speak of the war. He captured two German machine gun nests and received all kinds of decorations even one from France. He was an avid reader and I’m glad he never lived to see the Internet Reformation and learn how he and his brave generation were so used and abused by the bankers and the political establishment but then again I think our brave forefathers in every nation in the conflict would now feel the same way. Maybe the British have a point with their 100 year secrets regulation that protects those alive from knowing the truth about their politicians during their lifetimes as i guess control and tyranny works better than way.

          • Lonesome Gun

            Learning the lessons of history is impossible if the history they are studying is incorrect. The victors write the history.

          • Rusty Brown in Canada

            “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand
            our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there
            would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

            Attributed to Henry Ford

      • bilejones

        Churchill remarked that if Germany was allowed to rise again as an economic power then the great war was all for naught.

        • Ronald Holland

          Well Winston Churchill is one of my favorite historical political characters but he did at times praise the national socialist regime and Hitler until 1938. But I’m sure you are right and he said this too as the great war and Treaty of Versailles were attempts to limit the economic growth and power of Germany. The problem looking back in history was the allies were too greedy and vengeful and thus Hitler and Hitler’s war to restore the territory taken away by the treaty were in hindsight born at The Treaty of Versailles as are the world’s current Middle East problems.

  • Bruce C

    Questions for Ron:

    I don’t understand how the US created the oil price “collapse.” Saudi Arabia didn’t do anything other than speak on behalf of OPEC to not change anything. Why would they want to drop production anyway? No other oil producer is doing so (except Libya). For that matter, why not make OPEC increase production to create an even bigger glut? Why do you think it’s not caused by a global drop in demand? What about all of the other industrial commodities? Every single one of them are down too.

    In any case, why do you not include Iran in your proposed monetary union of Russia and China?

    I like your idea about Russia adopting a “Hong Kong” model to develop it’s domestic economy, but that will take years if not decades to develop. Do you really think the situation can last that long?

    • Ronald Holland

      Bruce, my view and I certainly don’t have a crystal ball is the US wants to bring down the existing government leadership in both Iran and Russia and since both countries depend on oil and natural resources for much of their revenues, then the best way to promote unrest and opposition groups is to hurt their economy. Saudi Arabia has a two fold reason to follow American preferences here and to even go further than Washington might want. First they are Sunni and really fear Shite Iran first for religious reasons and second most of their oil is in eastern Saudi a region with large Shia populations. Second they want to get the price down to bankrupt and slow down growth in fracking oil production in the US. Yes of course I agree with you that bringing down the price of oil for political and foreign policy benefits is only possible because of the worldwide recession and fall in the demand for oil.

      I didn’t include Iran or other BRIC nations in the possible future monetary union because if I started naming other countries I would not know where to begin or end the list although I fear the list may be very long if monetary cooperation (maybe union was too strong of a word to use) is successful. Finally, no I don’t think the the situation can last long enough for a “Hong Kong” model to develop on its own but should Putin and Russia decide to go this route with their form of government, decisions can be made and implemented quite quickly. I happen to believe that just announcing the reforms I suggested could cause a significant change in US and EU policies because real competition and the free market with a low tax and regulatory state combined with China financial resources and Russian military might could make a Russian tax haven and favorable regulatory environment quickly challenge the high tax policies of the US and EU elites.

      • Bill Ross

        “quickly challenge the high tax policies of the US and EU elites.”

        respond in kind, a kick in the economic nuts, while down. Seems “fair” same / no rules.

        Need a financial “pipeline” to drain the western swamp into the eastern sea.

      • Guy Christopher

        Question for Ron Holland: What would you think of the theory that Russia (for instance) could crash the US economy overnight by standing for delivery of physical gold at Comex? It wouldn’t take much through a proxy broker to bring down such an important market that is leveraged paper to physical a minimum of 100 to 1. I know it’s not theory, and certainly possible, but my question to you is: Would it be a practical move for Russia to make(as an example) or counter-productive?

        Seems to me that bankrupting Comex, with dominoes reaching all Western banks would be cleaner, quicker and only slightly more humane than launching nukes, and with much the same results, and would certainly be treated more kindly by history than physically destructive military moves. I’d think that crashing the paper gold mirage at Comex (and The Street) would be an entirely appropriate response to crashing the life blood of oil, wouldn’t you say? And talk about reforms…..seems it would be in line with competition and free markets, which you noted in your piece, not to mention payback for the USSR’s bankruptcy 1989-91. And not to mention a dangerous Vlad Putin, who happens to firmly believe in the power of gold, and who is aware he’s another regime change target of the US. My question again, how practical, or even how counter-productive, might that move be?

        • Ronald Holland

          Guy you probably understand workings of Comex far better than me. Personally I’m just not that sure that the gold market is as important today as it used to be. I agree the extreme leverage is there, most of those claiming to have gold reserves whether private or governmental have sold or leased them away and that China probably owns more gold than any other nation including the US regardless of what the false US gov statistics show. In any case I hope and attempted to provide a peaceful response to our aggression as no one wins in a Third World War situation except the banks and bond dealers.

    • Ronald Holland

      Bruce I just replied to your excellent questions but don’t know where it went. Maybe the DB has it reviewing the contents.

      • No, nothing in review ….

        • Ronald Holland

          Thanks but it is now showing below.

  • Fabian

    Russia doesn’t stand a chance. It’s what I try to explain to my wife who is Russian. If they let people freely chose, they are all Americans within 3 months, like the Germans, like the French, like the Swiss. It’s the power of marketing and consumerism. If you can’t provide an alternative to consumerism to the masses but you offer them a choice, you lose them. It’s certain. An iPhone, Kim Kardashian and a Big Mac are much more powerful than any ideology to convince people. Give them bread and games is still a valid policy.

    • Man on the street

      I do agree about the American attraction, but, I would like to explain: SO WHAT? Yes, we have I phone & Big Mac, but so is Russia, and China. Whatever we make goes to the whole world, and visa versa. The difference is our disposable income is vastly larger than most countries. My Russian friend came back from visiting her parents telling me that the fancy hotels, shops, luxury goods, and bars rivals anything we have in America. When I traveled in Italy last July, I was amazed at the fancy highway system, which was lined with green glass panels itched with nice images. The notion that AMERICA has, and no one else does, or AMERICA is exceptional is simply an arrogant statement. The only way for peace on earth to recognize sovereignty of all, and respect of others. What we have done to SYRIA is a crime recently, only matched to what we have done to Iraq.

      • Fabian

        I should have written Putin doesn’t stand a chance. As to your “so what?” it’s because you’re blase. But your “so what” is a dream for the vast majority of these people. Furthermore, I haven’t even started with the cultural impact. I just saw that a bank in Russia went bust and its head promoter was Bruce Willis. Can you name one Russian “celeb” who could promote something of importance in the US? My point is that if Putin gives his people choice they’ll take America before Crimea. Hence, he can’t give them choice and people will not invest there.

        • Rusty Brown in Canada

          blasé, to be precise.

          • Fabian

            Lazy as a matter of fact. To catch an accent on an American key board I have to press the “e” for 5 seconds. But let’s face it, in the middle of a sentence in English, this was not the proper word.

          • Rusty Brown in Canada

            No big deal – I was just showing off. I do it by holding down the “alt” key and entering “130” on the numeric keypad.

          • Rusty Brown in Canada

            No big deal – I was just showing off.
            I do it by holding down the “alt” key and entering “130” on the numeric keypad.

        • Man on the street

          That is simply bragging. Russia, went from totaleterian communist country into thriving economy in less than twenty years. More Mazaratti, Farrari, Rolls Royces are sold in Moskow then Washington. Keep listening to your monolethis media, and you will learn nothing except misinformation.

    • Which American do you perceive is able to chose freely? It is bread and circuses, and we’re not talking about intersections in London.

  • objektwerks

    The relationship between China, Russia and Iran is defined by energy, yet not constrained by it. Alone, each country is vulnerable. Together, they are formidable.

    Ron, you take a shot at the US embargo of Cuba. I would love to see you post a thoughtful article on the topic, here on DB. Because too many people take a side on this issue without actually explaining their position. Thanks in advance.

    • Barney Biggs

      Perhaps energy to an extent is defining the three but I think more so is they are all anti US and the West.
      Obama and crew would place sanctions on China if they thought they could get away with it and not reap retaliation they cannot handle.
      I also think that Putin is currently a surrogate for the Chinese to keep Obama and friends including Harper preoccupied while they
      slip under the radar in other parts of the world including North America.
      Once this Ukraine issues is settled and Putin has the Crimea and a land corridor I expect to see China make some moves in the Asian area in China sea and the Islands. This should give Putin a breather.
      Take a trip around the world (literally or through the internet) and note the Chinese are everywhere especially Africa buying resources and influence everywhere while we focus on the Ukraine and Dancing with the Stars.
      Will be most interesting to watch the world unfold. Tough on your kids and grandkids.

  • Praetor

    Do a Nixon in reverse, Russia and China go back on the Gold standard, dissolve (Ban) your CB’s, quit the IMF and World Bank monopoly money systems, and renounce your U.N. membership. Make a difference Putin, and China for that matter. If the U.S. has lost its mind, thinking it can rule the world with Keynesian monopoly money, show them their wrong. Do it right, Putin. Good article Mr. Holland.

    • Ronald Holland

      Of course and a bit self-serving but I agree with your idea.

      • Praetor

        It would be nice to see someone throw a wrench into the turning gears of the Keynesian world governance feudal system, will it happen, God only knows. As, George Orwell said: In times of international deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act. In our time truth is almost nonexistent. If Russia, was to become a beacon of true free market principals, that would be a good start in throwing that wrench. But, it does come down to, does Putin, care more for his country and people or is he out for power, and position, in the global game. This be where truth is hard to fined, what motivates, Mr. Putin. Thanks Ron, for your insightful articles.

        • esqualido

          Putin reserves the despotic right to void the democratic election of any provincial leader he chooses. Would such a person put the nation’s gold reserves in the hands of his people- for that is what a gold standard is- the currency is a receipt for gold, exchangeable on demand. . There are democracies, kingdoms, communist and socialist governments- and not a single one is prepared to issue a hard currency, for that would involve balancing the budget or raising taxes.

      • Richard

        Hi Ronald, I liked your article, and seeing in Russia a counter-hegemon, I tend to agree with your views, except I’m a bit hesitant on the immigration front. It took the US over 300 years to become a solid majority white country, at ~90% in 1965 before the Zionists got their long-desired Immigration Act passed. Over 70% of the population was against the law, and to assuage their fears, the traitorous politicians told them that the new immigration law would not change the racial profile of the US. Needless to say, they were lying. In 2011, less than 50 years after the passage of the law, white births accounted for less than half of all newborns — for the first time since the US won its independence! So you know where the US is headed. A demographic time bomb has been planted, and it’s only going to get worse.

        You mention living in Canada, so let me recommend this reading:


        In the US there is a white anger brewing. Putin should exploit it to the maximum and he could possibly make Russia the next US. Russia’s demographics is 81% ethnic Russian and 19% ethnic minorities (mostly natives to the vast country), 3% of whom are other Indo-European ethnic groups, so Russia is about 84% white, as opposed to the US, which today is about 60% white, and decreasing at an accelerating rate. A monarchy-proportional democracy mixed system can protect this potential Russia from declining in the same way the the US declined. The monarch and his or her advisers would be the supreme power (above the supreme court) in 3 policy questions:
        1) Immigration and citizenship
        2) Keeping the central bank in the hands of the state (as opposed to a private entity run by banking dynasties)
        3) Declaring a war or using the military against other nations would need the approval of the monarch. The military heads should be selected by the monarch instead of by the government.

        The banking cabal, composed of mostly non-gentile elements, undermined the US by attacking the aforementioned 3 points.

        Laws and policies about the economy, environment, workers, public projects, education, taxes, retirement… indeed, everything else not related to the duties of the monarch as described in the 3 items above, would be decided by the parliament that was elected by the system of porportional democracy.

  • “survival of the fittest”, since day one, trumps all. we’ll see how pretty soon for sure.

    • Still a Putin fan?

      • gerry d welder

        Remember “F+CK THE EU”?

        American citizens are on the globalist menu as are the Europeans, Russians and Chinese.

        If you understand the treasonous club things will make sense.

        The treasonous club hates the Tea Party and constitutional conservatives.

        Boehner, McCain, Kerry, Bush(s), Clinton(s), McConnell, Graham and who RINOs and all democrats bow to.

        See for yourself…

        Check out the last 30 seconds of 2, then watch these two short videos:

        youtube: Obama and Rockefeller 1

        youtube: Obama and Rockefeller 2



        Once the USA is toast the rest of the world will be a piece of cake.

        Hey federal employees, the globalists can’t create their NWO without you.

        The bigger the federal government gets the worse things get, the faster the USA is going broke, getting sick and sliding into tyranny.

        Have the Rockefellers and their personal tools; the NSA (and apparently the FBI) totally neutered our legislative and judicial branches of the USA?

        This is too much power in too few hands and is very dangerous.

        Who, exactly, gets to see the US taxpayer funded NSA files if even Merkel can’t?

        The US military industrial complex (that Eisenhower warned us about) finally has the perfect business plan: provide advanced tactical weapons and technology to BOTH sides to maximize profit$ while destroying American sovereignty.

        The Rothschilds have been funding both sides since the Napoleonic wars, look how rich they are now:

        And look who got to sleep in the Clinton White House ~

        Listen to the last 3 minutes and ask why NOT A WORD FROM THE UN, or Hillary? (sarcasm):

        youtube: The Rothschilds Exposed 3/3

        They own the banks too, get it yet?

        I wonder when the ‘cannon fodder’ (as Kissinger refers to our soldiers) gets it?

        (…they funded the Knesset too?)

        Know Your Enemy (Part 71 – Israeli Supreme Court)


        youtube: Slave Queen
        by TruthNeverTold

        Now considering Obama’s ill treatment of Netanyahu and sending Churchill’s bust back, insulting the Queen of England, could the Rockefellers be in a winner takes all conflict with the Rothschilds?

        Hey Angela, can’t see your own NSA file and Germany’s gold is gone, what’s up with you? (Evidently not a member of the ‘club’)

        10 nations that control the world’s gold – MarketWatch
        Oct 20, 2012 … The International Monetary Fund is the third-largest official holder of gold, with more than 2,814 tonnes.

        Where’s all that IMF gold coming from? (Ask NATO< Libya? Egypt? Tunisia? Ukraine? soon Syria?) And Germany can't get their's back?

        The IMF is ANOTHER UN agency, it is not a 'nation', it has been deemed 'supranational sovereignty' (deemed by the UN's 'International Court of Justice' -yep, another UN agency). so the UN creates an agency to deem itself and it's other agencies supranational sovereignty over the world and makes it's own laws, decides it needn't pay any tax nor provide any revenues -sweet deal if your a UN employee.

        Did you know your taxes are funding foreign UN retirees? Do you even have a pension?

        Our federal agencies increasingly supporting the NWO elites and banksters. Think the top officials at the DOJ, DHS, NSA, TSA, EPA, DOE (energy AND education) are working for the benefit of the American tax payer and upholding the US Constitution and Bill Of Rights?

        Did you know the EPA has been giving the UN (back door funding) millions of our tax dollars on top of the 22% that is funding the UN and al of it's now countless agencies, organizations, commissions and now supporting thousands of foreign UN retirees and beneficiaries? How many of you even have a retirement plan?

        "There is a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman and child. Before I leave this high and noble office, I intend to expose this plot."

        – President John F. his assassination.

        President John F. Kennedy was murdered 51 years ago in a modern day coup in America. Those responsible for the assassination were never punished and the evil that they ushered in has grown and grown since November 22, 1963 to the point now where we are in unlimited wars, the economy is a shambles, our vital constitutional freedoms are mostly lost, the planet itself is in danger, and we are facing the Third World War/Armageddon.

        "If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered…I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies… The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs."

        – Thomas Jefferson

        • William Scott

          Sounds like you’re on the “right track,” here in North Americo, Gerry (my father taught welding) now also EXPAND that perspective outward towards: London, Brussels, Vatican City, Berlin, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, etc., then over to China and Russia, as this is afterall a NWO / OWG “hostile takeover” business plan… irrespective of the current nation state boundaries (and national trades, currencies, languages, cultures, religions, etc.) they are HELL bent (pun intended) in ERADICATING then remolding (in their “image of a new “UTOPIA”) the world, as we know it… So much for “American exceptional “ism?” The “directed history book” ruse was merely a MIRAGE. (As in, same’ ole play… different country.)

        • A lot of people hate the Tea Party.
          Accept that.
          TJ and RR would NEVER approve of the Tea Party.

  • WhatTheFluck

    Not sure where to start. So many inaccurate statements. Russia had a tough time in their afghan war (aka lost). Canada’s economy is imploding right now. Money is fleeing Hong Kong because that pesky rule-of-law concept is under assault, and that concept has never existed in China or Russia. Yes, the US is flawed badly, but it is the best house in a bad world. This article is ill informed at best. I am not enamored with the West, but you clearly don’t get out much.

    • What is it you admire most about the US? Six million in various states of incarceration? Hundreds of undeclared wars around the world? Sixteen separate intel agencies working overtime, many spying on US citizens? The bifurcated rule of law that provides one kind of justice for the wealthy and another for the poor? A dollar that has lost 95 percent of its value? A tax system that attacks people based on their political beliefs? An executive branch that approves of torture and then covers it up? Are you a government employee of some sort? …

      • Other than that, it is great : )

      • Guy Christopher

        I believe his real name might be WhatTheSandraFluke…..

      • You forgot the fact that each of the sixteen intelligence agencies, by policy, refuse to communicate with any of the others.
        Of course, since they are all unconstitutional while all of their staff have taken an oath to protect and defend that which they violate routinely. The day may come, soon, when the average American citizen will have to resort to the premise of the 19th century vigilante to defend his/her property and loved ones from those claiming to be patriots.

        • William Scott

          YAH, however their (“citizen,” if that hasn’t been denounced… as many US congressman, senators, etc. have done) “oath” is in effect “moot” (i.e. now only symbolic) under the “different rules” and legal framework of the (now reinc. several times) “city state” of DC… that answers to their sister “city” at the center of London… who answers to the Vatican – Jesuit / Black Nobilty / UN, et al… and likely whomever “puppeteers” them (i.e. the Committee of -300?) at the pinnacle of that Masonic / Zionist+ “All Seeing Eye of Horus,” Luciferian pyramid of sun god reincarnated, “light???”

        • bilejones

          And that is the reason for the militarized police state.

          American’s are astonishingly quiescent, poorly educated and un-inquisitive. Eventually, and my guess is after the next round of major looting by the banksters; when the words bail in will be understood, there will be major civil unrest and people will begin to understand just what sort of infrastructure has been put in place to protect the State for the last 35 years.

          • If they did talk to each other, we would have had the police state as a follow on to Pearl Harbor instead of 9-11.

    • Ronald Holland

      WhatTheFuck: Yea an appropriate name. I must admit that I wish I didn’t get out so very much but I’ve traveled all over Europe, Asia and South and Central American so far this year. I have only two questions – first have you been to Hong Kong or Vietnam this year and seen all the growth or prosperity as I have and second “Canada Imploding” what an uninformed joke of a comment. HAve you been to Toronto or Vancouver lately? There is nothing imploding in Canada and the skylines are exploding with new condos etc. simply because they have a low corporate tax structure like Hong Kong as I recommended to Putin. I may not be correct in some of my analysis but uninformed or not getting out much are just wishful thinking on your part down in your mom’s basement.

      • William Scott

        LOL… Good SLAM 😉 I’ve been in BC (not Van, as I don’t like “cities” either) vs. Northern Cali for the past year… and the “cost of living” is already WAY… to HIGH for the lower income 80%+. (Example: the mean price of housing nationwide went up nearly 100% in less than the past decade… now averaging over $400k.CAD!) Furthermore, Canadians are presently still at least as clueless / denialist (having sustained no real CORRECTION, since the ’80s) as their southern counterparts. That being said… unless say Russia or China has nukes pointed (and/or land invasion designs… as they are supposedly now helping rebuild the Canadian railroads, alongside Chinese TROOPS, vs. civilians?) at Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto, etc., I don’t suspect a (by enlarge) “disarmed” and “Socialist” leaning population seems a serious THREAT, to the PTB? If the few RCMP on the streets here (in a smaller city) or the whopping (3) Canadian FEMA encampments are any indication (of course the railroads come first) I doubt that Canadians are going to “fight back,” like I envision happening in the US? (With 800 camps, and counting???)

      • You appear to have missed the “l” between the “F” and the “u.” Maybe it is time to see an optometrist.

        • William Scott

          He was being “sarcastic…” I thought the same, until I “got it…” 😉 WTF: “This article is ill informed at best. I am not enamored with the West, but you clearly don’t get out much…” And some of the more recent commenters above clearly don’t “see the bigger picture” just yet, either. And many of us are still “in the middle,” I suspect??? (Myself, included…) Good thing we have the NET to do more research, as some of the “rabbit holes…” run DEEP. (Under say, the Atlantic.)

          • Of course, when the entire article appears to be demonstrating an ignorance of factoids that are redundant online, it makes one wonder if those reading the articles shouldn’t be those writing the articles instead of the ignoramuses doing it.

          • William Scott

            TRUE… but then every other article that “we the readers” wrote (for instance, I didn’t agree with some of Ron’s views, which is a given… and one is always limited in the number of characters, time to write, edit, etc.) and most of us wouldn’t take the “constructive input” with as much “finesse,” I don’t think? (Wendy and Anthony seem the most tactful here on that note, as well as great writers, with a knack or picking relevant subjects… but I don’t know who writes many of these articles?) I myself prefer that they write, we “add -n-vent” (and learn from each other) and their next article should therefore (theoretically) in turn be an expansion of thoughts and consolidation of understanding, on a given view / subject? One can “hope…” anyway?! I too get “impatient” reading redundant content / comments. Their “line” is often “academically, deconstructionist…” while say mine is moreover often: “wake the HELL UP, people… as TIME isn’t, on your side! (Consider the subject matter, as well as the TIMES.) It’s a “balancing act” to be sure… and I’m certain Tony & Co. know that if they “cross the line” as (apparently) non insider, controlled opposition… they won’t then have the time / resources to combat the comments and ensuing repercussions… (So why even go there?)

      • Rusty Brown in Canada

        Thank you. Last time I took the train to Toronto for the day, I was astounded to see how many new buildings with construction cranes on top of each were going up downtown as we pulled into Union Station.
        Toronto will be a wonderful city when they get it finished. (old joke).

    • Guy Christopher

      You know, you really don’t have to spend a lot of time reading to get a good dose of political or social commentary that you might find obnoxious or disagreeable. Just tune in to a good ole American football game on CBS or NBC.

  • William Scott

    “And in his final words I found, an ACE that I can keep…” (As in, this is now either a FINANCIAL war? Or a nuclear meltdown??)

    EXCELLENT editorial, Ron 🙂

  • carefix

    Where can I open a Russian bank account in the UK? Indeed, can I?

  • Montana Joe

    For decades, the US played foreign entities against each other. Seems China now has the upper hand and is playing the US and Russia off against each other

  • Man on the street

    The US owe the FEDS trillions of dollars, which they can never repay. In addition, even if we had the cash, and paid these few rich families our multi-trillion, what they are going to do with such unimaginable load of cash? Beside, if we simply sniffed them, what are they going to do? We have the military, and they only have a few bean counters!

    The fact that Warren Buffet, and Bill Gate amassed a huge wealth, and do not wish to keep it or to use it in a scheme to enrich their families even further? The Rothchilds, and Soros need to give up their NEW WORLD ORDER goals, and be happy enjoying the rewards of giving.

  • Andriy

    Russia has lost this fight.
    I think everyone forgets that Russian oil field is 80% dependant on companys like Halliburton and schlumberger. They will fall under sunctions starting Jan 1st and will stop doing bussiness there. That will bring there oil production down by min of 10% every year. There is no analogs in Russia or the rest of the world for that metter. So we will see price of oil come up and ruble gonna keep falling.
    With the new interest at 30% there farming industry will struggle starting spring time. Weak ruble will add to it, expencive import prices for equipment parts, etc. Russians gonna be a little hungry next year.
    I am all for return of gold standard, but russias time is running out. I think US bought themselfs enogh time to finish there shale rovolution to become energe independent. When they are ready, they will forgive every one for there dept and defolt. Until then, they will keep buying time and accumulating dept.
    I am from Kharkov Ukraine and work in North Dakota, so kinda see bouth sides of it with my own eyes.

    • William Scott

      As was pointed out in Ron’s article, Putin had better EXPAND the playing field options BEYOND gas and oil VERY quickly… or Russia may INDEED BE as good as “burnt” English / American empirical TOAST? (And that would then likely lead to a “shooting war” with ALL major players, down the road to the NWO of OWG? (And the END of Protestant / Orthodox CHRISTIANITY, Vaticanus style?) And CHINA had better then have TWO ACES, up their sleeves?? And WHO is “puppeteering” them… at this point???

    • Guy Christopher

      Who says Haliburton, Schlumberger, Exxon, Shell or any ultra-banks care a whoop about Washington’s sanctions? I appreciate your viewpoint, but rules and regs are written here in the U-S for us dirt-scratching peasants, not mega-donors to political parties.

    • James Clander

      CRAP !

  • Anyone who thinks there is no reason for Russia to want to control the Ukraine has never seen a map of the nexus of pipelines in the country.
    Russia has already joined into a military and fiscal alliance with China, and Iran.

  • rickj2

    Ever since Jacob Schiff of Kuhn, Loeb over a century ago financed Trotsky and other Bolsheviks, the Globalists have had their eye on the vast Eurasian landmass that is Russia. The Rothschilds, Rockefellers, etc. would like to divide the planet’s largest repository of resources among their few families. It is inconceivable that any one group could control the planet without “owning” what MacKinder called the “world island.”

  • Terry Hulsey

    Mr. Holland,

    You reference “Terra Viva.” Is this site, which is about 20 miles southwest of Medellin on I-60, the future base for “the rapidly developing global cannabis industry”? If so, would it be fair to state that this is a “high-risk opportunity”?

    Also, FYI: “power to bare” should be “power to bear”; “it’s Western allies” should be “its Western allies”. — Just a quibble; I share your view that Putin should play the gold card, though you do not detail how the gold gambit might work, nor even once mention the word “gold.”

    • Ronald Holland

      The site of Terra Viva is today far further than 20 miles out of Medellin as it is a 2 hour drive which will be cut down to around an hour when the freeway is completed. No the area to my knowledge has nothing to do with cannabis in any way. Where did you get such information?

      • Ronald Holland

        Actually I did mention “gold” in the paragraph about my first recommendation concerning a currency union between Russia and China backed by gold, oil and other natural resources.

        • Terry Hulsey

          My oversight. Thanks. How that would be implemented is sketchy to me.

          • Ronald Holland

            Yes the implementation is sketchy to me too but I couldn’t go into much detail in an editorial and so far it is just an idea but one article yesterday gave some credibility to the suggestion. BTW on the grammar correction, you should see what I write before it is edited (grin).


          • ameer jabril

            Hasn’t this whole the US collapsing in dept story been going on long enough? The fact the US still has not collapsed after these last 10 yrs should be a wake up call. The US like the UK has managed to fuse its economy into the globalized world economy and will not be collapsing unless the other major economies of the world collapse with it. And as far as having an economy based on natural resources ur forgetting that the US has plenty of its own natural resources including shale gas, the worlds largest reserves of grain and wheat, and the great lakes which holds over 30% of the worlds fresh water. US hegemony may decline but to say that Russia joining with china will somehow cause the Us economy to collapse is a piped dream.

          • Ronald Holland

            The US has a lot of strengths and you mention many of the main ones in your paragraph above. I believe our main economic weakness is our dollar and its long term strength at the expenses of our nations because of our world reserve currency status and the petrodollar system. This is our main weakness that can be held off for a while by our military power. But when oil is no longer priced in dollars but in other currencies and if China especially as they hold far more gold reserves than officially stated and Russia combined their strengths (note both countries also have many weaknesses) then the dollar is finished as the forced demand will be gone and this will dramatically hurt our economy. Finally I agree that many “experts” have been advancing the too much national debt story since the 1960’s to promote products and services and while this scenario may be getting old to you and me, this does not mean the scenario will not eventually play out. What people forget is the other side of the equation which is to never doubt the power of government, financial power and propaganda to delay economic and financial consequences of what used to be free markets. Just because one doesn’t like a government or agree with it’s policies and actions does not make wishful thinking a near term future event. Communism never worked but look how long it lasted and I think the same will be said ultimately about debt democracy.

          • Ronald Holland

            This article today better explains my concerns about the petrodollar and our world reserve currency status than anything I could write. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article40584.htm

          • James Clander

            “US hegemony may decline but to say that Russia joining with china will somehow cause the Us economy to collapse is a piped dream”
            I’ll be bitterly disappointed if you’re anywhere near right. The World’s wellbeing depends on the USA economy crashing and the sooner the better. The beast needs defanging!

          • ameer jabril

            The world post ww2 would not even exist today without the US economy propping it up afterwords. Look it up. And u don’t have to be american to know that.

      • Terry Hulsey

        Mr. Holland,
        I asked the question based on this Daily Bell reference to Terra Viva: http://highalertconference.com/

        • Ronald Holland

          Terry, please call me Ron in the future as if we are posting together we should be on a first name basis. Sorry to my knowledge the cannabis opportunity is on the opposite side of Medellin compared to the community and they are about 3 hours drive apart or more depending on traffic.

    • Rusty Brown in Canada

      Also, FYI: “Western politicians lead by Obama…” should be “…led by Obama…”. (“lead” is a heavy metal) if we are going to discuss spelling.

  • Randy

    Debt? Debt? WHAT debt can there be when nothing of any real value has been loaned out? For example, let’s say that you come to me, wanting to borrow my electric saw, thinking that you will get a nice, working Black & Decker or maybe even a Skilsaw to use on your little project. I hand you a box with some fancy pictures and writings on the outside of it with the tab all tucked into its slot. Cheerily, you spin around on your heels with the heavy box in your hands and make your way back home. It is there that you open the box and find not a working saw, but a broken one that does not even have a blade or cord on it! Or maybe no saw at all, but a cement brick! You call me up and complain about there not being a saw in working condition in the box, or maybe no saw at all, and I tell you that yes, there was a good saw in the box when you left my house. Now what do you do about all of this? There you have a box in your lap, and no saw, and no recourse when I demand that you return my saw to me! Are you going to go down to Wally World or see Homer Depot and buy me a new saw to “return” to me? Where’s the logic in THAT? But if I am twice as big as you and can kick your butt all the way down one side of the street and back up the other, you’ll most likely buy that saw to return to me what I had “loaned out” to you, right? Maybe you’ll complain to the neighbors about all of this and there is one or maybe two that this kind of scam was run on as well, but again, because of my size, no one wants to take me on and take me to task, so life goes on and I get things that I don’t deserve to have because I have committed some kind of fraud to get them.
    This is the exact same scam that is run on the world by the banksters, folks!! Through chicanery and sleight of hand and outright lies that flow out of the mouth of the banksters like water goes over Niagara Falls after a heavy rain, we are deluged with a fictitious debt that can never, ever be “repaid” with even more debts!! Now is the scam of the financial system beginning to dawn upon you, Dear Reader?
    My dear, departed friend Kent and his wife made a business of exposing the fraud of the banksters to help people stay in their home when foreclosure was threatened after the collapse in 2008. He used The Credit River Decision after I tipped him off about it. He’d still be doing it today had he not succumbed to the cancer caused by Agent Orange exposure while in country. RIP my friend, RIP. Here is my paper on The Scam of the Financial System.

    Scam of the Financial System

    as there is the scam of the legal system (detailed in the treatise of
    the same name), there is also a scam going on in the financial
    system. It is referred to as “the financial system”, since
    that is all that we have all around the world now. One universal
    concept of stealing wealth from people via a fraudulent monetary
    system. There isn’t anything else than a fiat currency system
    comprised of phony electronic bookkeeping entries created out of thin
    air and some nearly worthless pieces of paper in the world. The
    coinage has been debased as well, and we will not ever again see real
    money circulating until the fiat currency system has run its course
    like any other disease and has finished collapsing under the weight
    of its own lies.

    as no one who is a member of the legal profession can stand to have
    the fraud of their enterprise exposed to any degree, so too, the ones
    who make an immoral and unjust profit off of the victims in the
    financial system abhor any amount of truth of it being brought out
    into the light of day. Is it really any wonder why banksters are
    typically referred to as vampires? They suck the life giving blood
    right out of us and can’t tolerate sunshine! Leech is another word
    that is more appropriate for them and their cohorts such as brokers
    and “financial advisers” than most people really know.
    Again, they suck the life giving blood out of us and give nothing of
    value in return. Unless you are really fond of the marks they leave
    upon your body when they are done feeding, that is.

    a fiat currency system is put into place, it immediately begins its
    downward spiral. It starts out very slowly at first, but increases
    in rate more and more as the years go by. Before the age of
    computers, this usually happened in a decade or two, three at the
    most. But thanks to the dumbing down of the general populace and the
    injection of meaningless pastimes such as various unreality TV shows
    and sports teams, very few people are aware enough of what’s going on
    around them to do anything about it. A fiat currency system is very
    similar to the life span of a bearing in a machine. Leave it well
    sealed up on a shelf someplace, and it will last for 10,000 years or
    more, and be just like it was on the day that it was made. But, take
    that bearing and put it into use, and it immediately begins to wear
    out and ultimately fail. If it’s not overloaded too much or starved
    for lubrication, it will last for far longer than one that is abused
    or over worked. But ALL bearings fail one day. And sometimes that
    causes lots of additional damage when they do. Fiat currencies when
    left to die a somewhat natural death can last a long time, but the
    more that they are abused by the crooked and greedy banksters, then
    the quicker they will fail. Only so many guns can be employed to
    enforce the acceptance of the fiat currency, and only so many people
    can be killed in order to preserve it.

    currencies are fine to talk about and speculate about what can be
    done with them amongst others until late into the evening as the
    Merlot and aged brandy takes its effect upon the mind, but as soon as
    one of them is started up, it, on that very same day, begins to wear
    out to the point of utter failure. This has been proven over and
    over again, and is why the Founding Fathers decreed that nothing but
    gold and silver shall be used as money in the payment of debts. They
    knew full well the folly of trying to create a financial system out
    of nothing, that a real financial system has to be based upon human
    labor and the trading thereof, not the pipe dreams of some banksters
    and “professors” who never had a real job in their life.
    This is covered in the treatise What is Money?, a landmark work by
    this Author, from back in 1996.

    fiat currency has no real purchasing power itself, as it represents
    nothing of any real value. Scant human labor goes into its making,
    the paper making process itself is a scam as they use old rags (the
    cheapest thing that can be found in order to increase the profit
    margin as much as possible) for a feedstock. Machines then macerate
    the old cloth and break it all down into a gooey paste of sorts, some
    chemicals are added in with a few security features and then it is
    rolled out and dried. And then some designs and numbers are printed
    on the paper to denote a pretended difference in value between them,
    and after being cut apart, they are shipped out to fool people into
    thinking that they have something of value in their hand. Why does a
    bill with 20 printed on it have twenty times more value to it than a
    bill with just a number 1 on it? It most certainly doesn’t have
    twenty times more ink or paper to it, so why do we accept it as fact
    that it’s worth twenty times more? Is it due to ignorance,
    brainwashing from an early age, or peer pressure, what is it? Maybe
    it’s a combination of all of those things plus a few more. Like
    force of arms. Who wants to be given some bullets as a reward for
    going against the tide of fiat currency? The jackbooted thugs are
    all too happy to hand out such a reward, it seems. Just read about
    The Credit River Decision sometime to find out just how far these
    criminals will go in order to preserve their crooked enterprise. Or
    maybe they’ll use the corrupted legal system in order to lock someone
    away in a cage where they won’t be too much of a bother anymore with
    their wild-eyed desire for spreading the truth far and wide.

    the thing that is overlooked the most in a fiat currency system, is
    that as more and more of it is printed to shore up the lost perceived
    purchasing power of the fiat currency, more and more of it must then
    be printed up in order to offset the loss from printing up too much
    of the fiat currency!! This is insanity at its highest, and just one
    of the mechanisms behind the demise of a fiat currency. We also have
    a lessening of the power and ability of the ones who enforce the use
    of it to do so, the wising up of the people who are being stolen from
    so that they then look for other means to pay for things, and the
    people who speculate on the relative value of one fiat currency
    against another one knock the level of confidence out of all fiat
    currencies. Those are the big ones, there are several smaller ones

    someone tells you that inflation is due to an oversupply of money or
    something else like that, know then that they are speaking either
    from ignorance or they are trying to deceive you. It’s one or the
    other. There isn’t any other explanation no matter how hard it is
    wished that there was one.

    doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see truth when it is placed right
    before our eyes, all that it takes is a willingness to make an honest
    observation of the facts and see how they fit together. We have to
    be able to say what it is that we see when we see it, regardless of
    how much it might sting someone, even ourselves! This aversion to
    even a little bit of pain is what causes people to turn a blind eye
    to the crimes of others. If we look closely at the acts of others,
    we are then obligated to turn our attention inward as well, aren’t

    the scam of the financial system and of course likewise the legal
    system, no one is told that there really are no valid contracts
    ANYWHERE AT ALL as they ALL violate what the definition of what makes
    a contract a contract in the first place, in one way or another.
    Look in a law dictionary sometime for the word contract and
    you will find that there are five essential elements to one. They
    are called essential because that’s what they are, they have to be
    there! Just as oxygen, food and water and relative warmth are
    essential for life to exist, so too must a contract have its
    essentials in order to exist. And no where in there can you find out
    to what extent an alleged contract can be violated and still be
    considered by any sane man or woman to be valid. That’s because
    there is no amount that an alleged contract may be violated and still
    be valid. This is in all likelihood the biggest secret of the scam
    of the legal system. This Author cannot think of anything that is
    bigger. And that is after a quarter of a century in studying the
    legal system!! This is all summarized quite well in The Three Magic
    Questions. What is the EXACT AMOUNT of fraud that ANYBODY has the
    right to commit? What is the EXACT AMOUNT of fraud that ANYBODY has
    an actual obligation to endure? What is the BASIC PREMISE that is
    being operated off of in the instant case? Those three simple little
    questions take apart anyone’s assumptions like a pack of hungry lions
    on a zebra. It matters not even one little bit what area of life you
    are referring to, they work everywhere! Just as communication is
    often called the universal solvent, the TMQs are the ultimate
    scalpel. They cut right through everything that they touch with as
    much ease as a powerful laser beam goes through tin foil. It’s
    because they are truth itself, and truth cannot be contained for very
    long. It always finds its way out. The logic of the TMQs is its
    director and shows it the path to follow. But this is not a defect
    or some kind of problem in design, as the criminals would like for
    you to believe, Dear Reader. It is the most beneficial property that
    anything could ever have. If it is not, then please explain what is
    actually better. Ignorance and slavery? Is that really better than
    knowledge and freedom? Not to this Author it’s not!

    only correct and 100% workable definition of money is this one; An
    idea backed by confidence. So long as there is confidence that the
    medium of exchange will be recognized as a real representative of
    human labor expended, it will retain its purchasing power. But, as
    more and more people realize that the medium of exchange DOES NOT
    represent the same amount of human labor as it did before, then more
    and more of it will be asked for in order to make up the difference.
    And that is the sole reason for the price increases which we call
    inflation. Price gouging during a time of emergency or short supply
    is not the same thing as inflation, for when the emergency subsides,
    or more of what is desired in the market place comes along, the
    prices will drop again. Why should someone accept getting less pay
    this week than they did last week if they are working the same amount
    as before? Inflation is basically the same thing as a pay cut, but
    few ever realize that fact.

    times of a fiat currency system, gold and silver are NOT a good way
    to preserve wealth from confiscation due to inflation, they are for
    holding onto until the fiat currency system collapses so that we can
    have something of value to use as a medium of exchange once again.
    When converting gold and silver back into fiat currency, you’re just
    back in the same boat as prices of goods and services in terms of the
    fiat currency have gone up! DUH!!

    • Indeed, Randy.

      The ‘Essence of Economics’ is a ‘Promise’.

      • Randy

        Jonathan, there is no such thing as fiat money. There is fiat CURRENCY or there is money, which is an idea backed by confidence. For a medium of exchange to qualify as being money, it MUST have a substantial amount of expended human labor in it. Just as I stated in my treatise what is Money? from 1996. That landmark work was the result of the discovery by me of how fiat currencies are actually created and work, but work only for a select few who know how to not be trapped by it.
        Here is my paper What is Money? for you to read and consider, and of course share with others.


        is Money?

        of the most esoteric, confused, convoluted and obfuscated subjects
        that has ever been debated in the history of mankind is the subject
        of money. And from money, we go into other subjects such as banking,
        inflation and finance. But let’s start with money first and get it
        properly defined, so that we can make some sense out of the whole
        mess, OK? And after we get money properly defined, we can then use
        that concept to think with and come up with good answers to some very
        perplexing questions. When you start to think about a problem with
        the components of that problem properly identified and named, it will
        be much easier to see the real causes and effects going on. So here
        we go now.

        that money is, is “an idea backed by confidence”. That’s
        all, nothing more or less than that. And in that word confidence is
        buried the fact that certain people have agreed upon something to
        function as a medium of exchange. That medium of exchange is money,
        regardless of whether it is wampum, diamonds or precious metals. The
        confidence factor then comes into strong play here and is the whole
        basis of that medium of exchange. Money acts as a sort of
        “lubricant” in the dry mechanics of an economy. It’s just
        not always feasible for a person to haul around his crops, goods or
        livestock in search of someone who is willing to trade with him
        somewhere for what HE needs. So what do people do to get around
        that? Well, they use an intermediary which we call money.

        people agree that some quantity of the money represents a certain
        amount of labor, it can then be exchanged with someone else for a
        similar amount of represented labor. And that’s the main thing that
        money does. It represents the fact that a person had to do some kind
        of work to come into possession of that amount of money. Usually.
        Now when someone either steals goods or money, or creates some
        “money” through some bogus means, then the confidence
        factor suffers and it becomes worth less and less over time. When
        governments print up fiat currency which has no real value behind it,
        it’s not worth as much as actual money, something which DOES have
        real value behind it.

        you have two people, and one of them has to sweat out in the hot sun
        or work in freezing cold to earn a living while the other one does
        little or nothing, then there is a disparity and animosity between
        them. Why should one toil away while the other one is able to loaf
        and still eat? Welfare programs, and this includes government jobs
        which produce no real products (almost all government jobs fall into
        this category by the way!) run by governments with unlimited access
        to fiat currencies ALWAYS cause at first an “inflation” of
        the fiat currency, and then a total collapse of it. Now I’m not
        saying that we shouldn’t look after and care for those who cannot
        work due to some kind of disability, but it should be done with real
        compassion, and NOT with the viewpoint of making someone dependent
        upon the government so that they then agree with all kinds of insane
        laws just to keep the bread and butter coming in. These economic
        collapses are always the result of a socialist/communist/fascist type
        of government. And they never last more than several decades at
        most. The saddest part of the whole thing is that through the
        manipulation of the history books, people do not know the true causes
        of these engineered monetary debacles, and so repeat them with great

        look at gold as money. It takes a certain amount of labor and
        equipment to locate and then collect this metal. Now back in 1925,
        an ounce of gold would buy a man a pretty nice suit, and today, an
        ounce of gold will still buy a man a pretty nice suit. Why is that?
        It’s because back in 1925, the ounce of gold required a certain
        amount of time and labor to locate and collect it. Today, it still
        takes about the same amount of time and labor to locate and collect
        an ounce of gold. Please don’t get confused now over the fact that
        “dollars” today don’t equate with dollars in 1925. If we
        were still on the gold standard, the number of dollars that were
        equal to one ounce of gold in 1925 would still be the same today.

        of the fact that our “money” is no longer backed by
        anything of real value, it takes more “dollars” to equal
        the one ounce of gold. Why is that? There are several reasons why,
        so let’s take a look at a few of them now. First off, when these
        “dollars” are printed up willy-nilly, they lose most of
        their value right there. A big reason is that the “dollars”
        are all printed up with the exact same amount of ink and paper to
        them, regardless of their denomination. There isn’t twenty times
        more ink and paper in a twenty “dollar” bill than there is
        in a one “dollar” bill, is there? So with each bill having
        the exact same value, they all become worth the same as the lowest
        one. And not just according to what’s printed on it, but what it’s
        actual intrinsic worth is. As it costs less than 5 cents to print up
        a fiat currency “dollar” bill of any denomination, that’s
        about what it’s really worth. And in actuality, these pieces of
        inked paper are Federal Reserve Notes with no value to them, other
        than the fact that someone down the street or around the corner may
        be willing to trade something of real value for them. They are also
        known as debt bearing corporate notes, because the corporation known
        as the U.S. Government has been bankrupt since 1933, but not formally
        acknowledged as such until 1939 with the court case of Erie R.R. v.
        Tompkins case.

        reason that these fiat currency, debt bearing corporate notes lose
        value is because of computerized electronic bookkeeping entries being
        used instead of actual money changing hands. Every time that some
        government agency buys some goods or services with nothing but a
        change in bookkeeping entries, a bit more confidence is knocked out
        of the “money” and thus we have “inflation”. All
        that inflation is is “a decrease in the perceived purchasing
        power of a fiat currency”. That’s all it is, folks!! Forget
        all of these stupid proclamations that inflation is due to an “over
        supply of money” or some such clap trap. If that were really
        true, then just by taking money out of circulation we would be able
        to solve inflation. But it doesn’t. What it DOES do is make it even
        harder to purchase goods and services, and then the economy really
        tanks, big time.

        John and Jane Doe perceive that they will need a greater amount of
        fiat currency tomorrow in order to maintain their lifestyle of today,
        they then have two choices. One, they can work more hours in the
        day, or two, they can charge more for the goods or services that they
        provide to the society in general. And since they can work only so
        many hours per week, they must then increase the rates which they
        charge. And so begins a vicious circle of everyone down the line
        doing the exact same thing until it comes back around to John and
        Jane Doe and then it starts all over again. And when thinking of
        inflation, think of it not in terms of things becoming more
        expensive, but rather in terms of the fiat currency becoming worth
        less and less, which is the truth of the matter. The instability of
        fiat currencies and economies becomes much easier to understand once
        you can do this.

        fiat currency is given to people for no reason, or loans are
        defaulted on, there too, more and more confidence is knocked out of
        the fiat currency and it becomes worth less and less. This idea that
        there are “money multipliers” in an economy is just so much
        hogwash. There is absolutely NOTHING which can multiply human labor,
        and since money is supposed to be based upon human labor, there
        cannot be any money multipliers. See how simple this is? Granted,
        there may be more efficient methods found to do certain things, but
        they always come with some kind of a cost attached to them. There’s
        no such thing as a free lunch. Someone, somewhere, somehow is paying
        for it.

        go back to gold mining for a moment and look at a few things in more
        detail. When a person goes out into the wilderness to look for some
        gold, he must take with him food, clothing and equipment to survive
        with and make the discovery and collection of the gold possible. And
        while he is collecting that gold, he cannot possibly be planting and
        growing food or weaving cloth for his clothes or making a shovel
        either for that matter. So the prospector come miner must EXCHANGE
        some of his labor for these items in order to start his new pursuit
        and continue in it once he has found a place that has some gold in

        is not like farming or ranching where the product grows and
        multiplies itself. It costs pretty much the same to obtain an ounce
        of gold no matter where it’s found or the process used. The result
        of a man panning a few nuggets and flakes out of a riverbed by
        himself, or a huge mine employing thousands of workers which makes
        several ingots per day equates to about the same overall cost.
        People must be paid a wage unless they are slaves, and machinery must
        be bought, powered and maintained in order to get the gold out of the
        dirt each day. This is why there’s no economy of scale (cheaper due
        to more volume) in mining and consequently the value of the gold
        stays on par.

        Mr. Tailor sells his fine suit for an ounce of gold, it’s because of
        several reasons, but the most important one is that the sum of the
        labor involved in the making of the suit from raising the cotton or
        wool to the weaving of the cloth and then the sewing of the pieces
        together requires the amount of labor that the ounce of gold
        represents. With some allowance for a profit of course! If there’s
        no profit in a venture, it will fail of course. And when governments
        step in to prop up a failing venture or support one which never had a
        chance of succeeding in the first place, we again get a lessening of
        the confidence in the monetary system and that’s our old “friend”
        inflation coming to pay us another visit. And with friends like
        that, who needs enemies?

        actual gold and silver specie are used, there’s NEVER any inflation,
        if a free market enterprise economy is used. The reason for that is
        very simple. If someone gets out of line and tries to get rich
        quick, someone else will come along and pick up the business that the
        first person loses due to the price increases. And if the quality
        level between the two providers is about the same, the first one will
        drive himself out of business rather quickly!

        • Rothbard disagrees with you …

          • Randy

            Rothbard who? Just because Rothbard or anyone else who has never had a real job in all of their life chooses to disagree with the facts of how the real world operates, that is fine, it’s their right to do so, but it’s NOT their right to enslave other people at the point of a gun barrel to try to make their fantasies become reality! Marx, Mao, Keynes et al had these crazy ideas of how the world should work, and tried to bend it to their will, and ALL of them not just failed, but failed miserably.

            What I lay down here is not my own idle speculations, these are the facts and nothing but the facts. They have been proven to be true time and time again over many hundreds of years now. Rewarding production gets more production, of ANY kind! Reward someone for bad behavior, and you will get more of the same, reward people for good behavior, and you will get more of that too. So it comes down to which you would rather have, good behavior or bad behavior?

            You need to read my paper Why Capitalism is the Worst of All, which fortunately for you I am pasting in here.


            Capitalism is the Worst of All

            There are
            plenty of lunkheads out in the world who are still so brainwashed,
            conditioned and indoctrinated by the public fool system that they
            have no idea what the differences are between capitalism,
            corporatism, socialism, communism and fascism or some other ism that
            is used as a means to suppress and control people. And for some of
            these idiots, they are all just blurred into one big confusion and no
            distinctions are made between them. They just blithely go along, not
            even realizing that there is anything wrong with the society that
            they are living in until it completely collapses on their head, and
            then they sit there with a blank look on their face and wondering
            what has happened to them.

            The reason
            why capitalism is the worst of these practices is that it’s so
            subtle, so conniving, so gradual in its machinations, virtually no
            one sees where it is taking them, until it is far too late in the
            game to do anything about it. These dull witted people who think
            that capitalism is a good thing, some kind of great economic engine
            that cranks out all kinds of prosperity and opportunity for people,
            never stop to even ask anyone what capitalism is really all about.
            If you look at it honestly, it means using what is referred to as
            money to create even more money! That’s like saying that if you have
            a jar of honey, and you loan it out to other people, that you can get
            them to pay you back the original honey along with some ADDITIONAL
            honey and no bees were involved in the process! That concept only
            works in a fiat paper currency system where the medium of exchange is
            created out of thin air by fictitious bookkeeping entries and old
            rags are chopped up and used to create the fiat paper currency.

            For a
            medium of exchange to have any hope at all of surviving as a medium
            of exchange, it cannot be something that is just made up by someone
            sitting behind a wall or curtain. It absolutely MUST have a
            substantial amount of human labor behind it for it to be taken at all
            seriously and last for more than a few decades. Without computers
            and high speed communication systems in place to bolster the ever
            crumbling institution known as a fiat paper currency, it usually
            can’t last more than a couple of decades. What happens is so much of
            the confidence (perceived purchasing power) is knocked out of it, it
            will be inflated away into nothingness, the very place that it came

            labor comes from live men and women, and there is no way to fake
            that. Nobody can create human labor in a lab or factory somewhere
            and bottle it up for use later. It takes lots of real human labor to
            make an economy grow and sustain itself. When people are paid to NOT
            work via various kinds of social programs that usually do far more
            harm than good, the society ALWAYS fails, falls apart. When farmers
            are encouraged via payments to not produce food, it wreaks havoc with
            the production of food. When people are paid to not work, it wrecks
            the society’s work ethic. When people are given a free ride through
            life, it makes them criminals because they do not exchange honestly
            with others.

            is not possible without having a fiat paper currency in place first.
            And a fiat paper currency system will always lead to many more deaths
            and much more starvation and depravity than any other system
            practiced when it finally does fail. The reason why is that
            capitalism helps to create a false sense of prosperity, one that is
            not able to be continued to infinity like is promised to the suckers
            who buy into the scam. This false sense of prosperity, for as long
            as it lasts, encourages people to have a large family and to live
            well beyond their means with all kinds of stuff that they will
            ultimately lose once the bottom falls out of the fictitious economy.
            Too many people living the life of Riley with no real world skills is
            just a recipe for disaster on a huge scale. The “information
            age” is a huge lie pushed off on people who like to dream that
            they can have an easy career that consists only of moving worthless
            data from one side of a desk to the other one or one computer to
            another one. How does data with only a minimum amount of human labor
            behind it create prosperity in a society? In short, it can’t.

            When you
            look at a society that is forced to live under communism or some kind
            of socialism, they are very poor and most of them know it all too
            well. Technology for the masses pretty much comes to a halt for the
            people living under that kind of rule. And a good example of this is
            in 1916 Russia. Back then the main mode of personal transportation
            was the bicycle, because that was the most advanced personal
            transportation technology available to the common man or woman. And
            up until the time that the Soviet Union collapsed, it was still the
            bicycle that most people depended upon for personal transportation!
            After the revolution in 1917, there was not much incentive for anyone
            to push the envelope of creativity, so ideas and inventions had to be
            stolen from the people of other nations. And the communication lines
            to the rest of the world were cut off, so little information was
            shared from the outside world and no inspiration for advancing the
            society was the result. The people living in those conditions bore
            their strained existence because they didn’t see much of a way out of
            it. And they were all unarmed, so could not throw off the yokes of
            their oppressors easily.

            But under
            capitalism now, there is a big illusion that most people are
            prospering and will continue to do so until the day that they die.
            If only that were the real case. In the economic system of
            capitalism, when it fails, the high and mighty fall down from their
            lofty perches with a most horrible thud. And the ones who are
            dependent upon the government for a welfare check of some kind are
            destroyed as well, of course. Here is where people really need to
            wake up and start paying some serious attention; a free market
            economy is NOT the same thing as capitalism. They are as different
            as night is from day. Capitalism is the sworn enemy of long term
            prosperity for all, and free market economy practices are what
            guarantees long term prosperity for all. These facts have been known
            about for hundreds of years at the least now, but they are seldom, if
            ever, taught to the general population. If these facts were not kept
            away from the average man or woman on the street, the banksters would
            not be able to commit their foul deeds and cheat people out of their

    • william scott

      Thanks Randy 🙂 Very well articulated! I was again thinking about what you mention lastly (final paragraph above) yesterday, after viewing a YouTube video with an excellent point about being left “holding the bag” (about 22 mins. into the video) when the music stops, and all one has LEFT is PAPER… with no precious metals (or likely even barterable goods?) after the dominoes FALL on their house of cards. (Keiser Report: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vWIxPf3HUI&index=1&list=FLu17C8pGu_UgARiYQwihjvg and again today, on Kitco News: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQh7_N6Fcz8 )

      • Randy

        You’re very welcome, William! I am glad that you are able to understand what I am saying here, many cannot. It is too much of a shift in reality for them or they just can’t believe that they were falling for the biggest scam to ever hit planet Earth. But just wait, soon there will be a “severe reality adjustment” in their life!
        Sandeep gets it too, but all three of those guys there still are not looking at the entirety of the picture at the same time that they are looking at the small details of it. They switch between them, and each time that they do so, the other part falls down into some kind of memory hole! I call it mental tunnel vision for lack of anything better to use as a descriptor.
        Listening to these guys makes me wonder, how much of my own work have they read? Sandeep was practically quoting from some of it!!

        Have you read any of my other work in these postings?

  • popeye2010

    The UN, not the US is behind all this wealth confiscation, though with Barry in charge it’s hard to tell them apart. Russia as a tax haven and enterprise zone is kinda funny considering what happens to billionaires and journalists that run afoul of the ruling class. There are no safe places left for liberty to run now that America has capitulated to socialism. The problem, sadly, is the majority of humanity that picks security over freedom and winds up having neither one.

  • Joe Palooka
  • mkwrk2

    Why an autor-“la Belle” Canada’s citizen emphasizes on US activities only?

    The USA look more and more as a piece in a more complex game.

  • dok

    Ron Holland is quite the hypocrite. He resides in a country where he is guaranteed freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Yet he rants against the UDA and supports Putin who denies the Russian people freedom of speech, freedom of association, and freedom of the press. Secondly Holland enjoys the security of living in Canada, a NATO country but yet he counsels Putin on how to damage the West. Does Holland understand that if Putin attacks any country in Europe that is a NATO member, that Canada will also be dragged into the war. So his children or grandchildren or nieces or nephews could end up having to go to war against Putin. Better to stand up to Putin today and not sell out your country to a dictator. Holland is a pathetic hypocrite. If life is so good in Russia under Putin, then go and live in Russia. Nobody in Canada will miss your hypocrisy.

    • Here, we repost a reply that you can also farther down on this thread …

      “What is it you admire most about the US? Six million in various states of incarceration? Hundreds of undeclared wars around the world? Sixteen separate intel agencies working overtime, many spying on US citizens? The bifurcated rule of law that provides one kind of justice for the wealthy and another for the poor? A dollar that has lost 95 percent of its value? A tax system that attacks people based on their political beliefs? An executive branch that approves of torture and then covers it up? Are you a government employee of some sort? …”

      • mtbrdot

        This reply actually means that a Ron Holland does not know a fact about Russia.

        Do you really think that putting Russia, with the SAME inequalities but implemented on a MUCH LARGER scale, on the top of the game is really an answer to your minor issues with the western way? The US might not be an ideal state (haven’t lived there) but calling for barbarians to overthrow your emperor is so not a wise move. Romans learned that hard way. Do you really want to retrace their steps?

        • Your admiration for Rome is overrated. And no one here is calling for the overthrow of the US. Staff reports supplies many responses to feedback, not necessarily Ron Holland or others.

          • mtbrdot

            I just guess that R.H. is not well-informed about Russia internal affairs. That’s quite typical for day-dreaming advocates of russian foreign policy “against the US aggression and corruption”. The funny thing is that russian nationalists, isolationists, imperialists take such pieces of pure imagination as signs of real support for their actions (which is 100% opposite to R.H. fantasies) in the ranks of westerners.

    • Arnold Twitcher


      Are you just stupid or naive or both? You slam Putin as he deals with the mess in Ukraine caused solely by the ultra-hypocritical USSA. Ever hear of Victoria Nuland and Geoffrey Pyatt? Want to see a dictator, a REAL one? Look no farther than 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Want to see a dictator-in-waiting? Wait until the next Canadian General Election this October and watch your beloved Canada, a bankrupt shell of a country peopled by propagandized zombies all dancing to the tune of warmonger O’Bummer, unable to critically think, turn into a totalitarian disaster as the entitled imbecile Trudeau finishes the “work” of his Marxist father.

      You are the perfect example of the dupe who sees the slob sitting on the stage but totally misses the “man behind the curtain.” You, sir or madam, are in for quite the rude awakening.

      And if you are so learning-impaired as to believe the popular fable that NATO, the stooge of the USSA, can win any kind of war with Russia, check out what befell the USS Donald Cook in the Black Sea at the hands of the Russians. Time to lose the naivete, buster.

      • Ron Holland is not a hypocrite but an honorable man of the world. He understands a good deal more than you and if you continue to name-call, you will be banned.

  • Barney Biggs

    I am amazed at the quality of the comments and discussion here. I may not agree with all of you but it is wonderful to digest your thoughts.
    On the subject of Russia and Putin a read of the Marin Katusa book “The Colder War” is a very worthwhile effort from somebody who has first hand knowledge of both Putin and Russia.