10 Reasons Why the Future Will be Amazing
By Joe Jarvis - May 18, 2017

Imagine if a third of your family died of the plague as religious fanatics preached “The end is nigh!” and threatened that the few pleasures you could squeeze out of life would lead to your eternal damnation. As wars raged around you, surrounded by death, disease, and the lowest grimy depths of poverty, it would be understandable to think the world was in the midst of an apocalyptic collapse.

There have been a lot of periods throughout history when people thought they were living during the end times, and for some, this was an understandable attitude. But what about the person who tweets that the world is going to hell while safely sipping a latte on a city avenue? In many ways, things have never been better, yet there is still so much pessimism about where the world is heading.

It’s not all the fault of the negative people. There are those who dedicate their careers to making sure the population stays angry, stressed and scared–we call them the media. I admit to being a part of the problem at times out of my failure to balance alerting readers to real dangers and giving breath to needless anxiety.

Of course, there are some things that need to be addressed in order to make sure human lives continue to improve. But already progress is overwhelming. All you need to do is look around to realize that we have a historically unrivaled ability to shape our lives to match our dreams.

As penance for any past negativity about the future on my part, here are 10 reasons to be excited and hopeful for the future. 1o ways that we are not on the edge of a cliff, but at the foot of a glorious mountain of prosperity.

1. The Democratization of Exponential Technology.

Technology is allowing anyone to be economically independent, and its rapid growth is paving the way for unprecedented access to freedom and wealth.

Democratizing technology means the masses now have access to what only the rich and powerful once controlled.

Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler describe this process in their book Bold, about creating wealth in a changing world. They reference a chart that shows how technologies develop, from an initial idea which only a few understand, to excitement when the public catches on, to disillusionment when people realize it’s not ready yet for mass adoption, and finally to a user interface that allows the technology to be widely adopted by non-experts.

When my uncle bought a VCR in the 1980’s, it cost him somewhere around a thousand dollars. He paid a high price for the reward of being one of the first to own a new technology, and in doing so helped pay for the next generation of much cheaper VCRs.

Democratization is what happens when those hard costs drop so low they become available and affordable to just about everyone.

The same thing happened with cell phones, computers, and cars, and the process is now continuing with things like 3D printers, infinite computing, and robotics.

3D printers are about to become household items revolutionizing the consumer industry. Imagine having the ultimate choice in what specific products you need, downloading a design online, and printing the item in a matter of minutes.

The first few people who own one will pay a ridiculous cost, and show off to all their friends with glee. We have them to thank for the later affordability of technology.

Quickly the price will drop, and the initial cost of the machine will be dwarfed by the savings in the products you can personally manufacture in your own home.

And that is just one example. There are now tons of internet based tools which allow any individual to access mountains of computing power, office tools which used to cost thousands of dollars for a license, file storage, video editors, website hosting and so much more.

Do me a favor and add your comments about specific technology that has been democratized that is meaningful to you. For me, cryptocurrencies, and online publishing tools for the web and print have had the largest impact.

2. Transportation is on the verge of a revolution.

I am so ready for driverless cars. Time is the most valuable resource, and morbidly limited. Anything that allows me to kill two birds with one stone is something I want. If I can reclaim a few hours here and there while getting to my destination, that makes me more productive.

After half a century of using basically the same exact technology for airplanes and cars, we are finally about to get something new and better. Self-driving cars, the hyperloop, and space planes will make travel and shipping cheaper, safer, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly. Part of this revolution will be enhanced by 3D printing as the costs of making engines and other components freefall.

The final frontier, space, is opening up, giving us countless new solutions to Earthly problems and a backup plan in case Earth hits a roadblock. Peter Diamandis started an asteroid mining company; Virgin, SpaceX, and others are competing to be your premier space travel agents, and bullet trains and hyper loops promise to make ground travel efficient enough to have breakfast in Boston and lunch in Los Angelos.

Lord Wellington famous lamented in the 1800’s that railroads would “only encourage the common people to move about needlessly.”

He could move about all he wanted due to his wealth and stature. It’s been a long time coming, but technology is the great equalizer of human beings. The freedom to move about needlessly allows anyone to seek better opportunities, innovative experiences, and specialized knowledge.

3. Beer is only getting better.

Make no mistake, civilization is built on beer, and putting a microscope to the delicious beverage can indicate the type of society in which we live.

The pendulum has swung from quantity to quality as craft beers continue to take a larger share of the overall beer market. Over 20% of the money spent on beer in America went to craft breweries in 2015.

There are also a record number of brewpubs, microbreweries, and craft breweries in America, and still almost ten times as many breweries opening than closing each year. This tells us people are preferring local breweries to supply their beer, despite the world becoming more globalized than ever.

Some people tend to think of businesses as only getting bigger, crowding out competitors, and eventually establishing a monopoly. That was arguably the case for a while, as Anheuser-Busch and Miller-Coors dominated the beer market. But people’s standards must have risen, and with it, their quality of life, as they can now enjoy a decent beer.

The success of craft breweries is a positive indicator of what people are valuing in business–local, quality, and an experience.

4. Mom and Pop Restaurants are thriving.

At first glance, this may seem unimportant and erroneous to the larger point. But think of the implications of why mom and pop local restaurants are topping their chain competitors.

This is another sign that the American dream is alive and well. It is part of a growing trend that people are looking into the businesses they support by reading reviews and shopping around.

In a world where anything can be ordered on the internet, people don’t want the same computer-like feel when they go out to eat. This is a great sign that the culture is embracing research to make informed decisions about using products and services.

It also suggests people do not want a prepackaged factory experience but are counting on restaurants to wow them–after all, they have plenty of other options.

I think this goes hand in hand with the local food movement, as people pay attention to whether food is nourishing or poisoning them.

The ebb and flow of society offer these corrections. Humanity was correct to be super excited about factories, assembly lines, standardized products, and mass production from the late 1800’s onward. But at some point, it went too far, and we are just now reclaiming some industries that might not need to be so streamlined after all.

5. Reefer Madness.

How could things be getting worse when you can now smoke weed without the threat of being caged in 21 states?

But seriously, marijuana legalization is another indicator of a cultural shift toward chilling out and allowing a live and let live philosophy. The war on drugs was a failure, costing far too much money and human lives.

Cannabis legalization is showing the first cracks in the colossal disaster. But the most important thing is that we are stepping away from legislating morality, and letting people make their own choices, and not be thrown in prison for non-violent victimless crimes.

We can also now properly research the many potential health benefits of cannabis, which could lead to a new health revolution. Cannabis is the lightening rod of healing herbs, but it will help free the mind to pursue other promising herbs that humans have forgotten can heal and prevent a multitude of illness.

6. The internet is growing up.

Let’s not forget that the internet is still maturing, and only in the last two decades have we begun to see the monumental upsets in industry that the internet has caused.

Disruptive technology is what Diamandis and Kotler refer to as “any innovation that creates a new market and disrupts an existing one.” The internet has put the power to disrupt the largest technologies in the hands of the people.

The creators of Airbnb and Uber disrupted the behemoth hotel and taxi industries, without furnishing a single room, or buying a single car.

Finding employees and creating products was costly and time-consuming before crowdsourcing came along. Now hop on the internet, and gain access to millions of people willing to do free and cheap labor to help you learn about an industry, create a database, analyze mountains of information, or design a new logo for you.

Even websites like Craigslist should not be overlooked, connecting people far and wide for exchanges of services and products.

For me personally, being able to work from anywhere in the world is the ultimate freedom. I am currently sitting under a tree at a picnic table on a mini-farm in Florida.

The topic of how the internet has changed the world could fill countless books. So let me know in the comments the specific ways it has helped you achieve goals, and live a better life.

7. Cell Phones and Mobile Networks put the world in your hands.

Mobile devices are also just coming of age, and work hand in hand with the internet to provide unparalleled access and options.

Again, this is one of those technologies that we have the insufferable 80’s and 90’s yuppies to thank for making it available to the masses. Those rich technophiles with terrible hair and oversized suits paid for the advancement that gave to us handheld devices with more computing power than the entire world had just 50 or 60 years ago.

Rescuing yourself from a car breakdown, meeting up with friends and family, or coordinating important events has become child’s play.

You have access to a world of information, tools, and entertainment wherever you go. Don’t use that power to tweet about how much life sucks.

8. Soon, Everything Will be Free.

Or at least the costs will be so minuscule that it is an afterthought. Already we pay for more and more with our personal data, albeit so that the companies can then sell things to us through extremely targeted advertising. But the ultimate power still rests with us on whether or not we buy what they are selling. And even when they sell things they have to give some free stuff away first.

Who subscribes to anything without first using the free trial? And I know I’m not the only one who fills up on free Chinese food samples at the mall. Free wine tastings? I’m in!

I wrote a novel about life in 2115 New England after the collapse and rebirth of society. In the novel, advertiser’s apartment, or adaps, were available for free to anyone, as long as you could put up with constant advertisements all over your walls.

One character routinely filled up on free samples from the market, after leaving his job at Utopacorp which provided everything an employee needed–housing, healthcare, food, recreation–in exchange for 30 hours of easy labor per week. 

He lamented the fact that he could not afford to travel to the moon, or that he was not rich enough to get an adap bigger than a studio apartment. He was oppressively forced to rely on free clinics for medical solutions because he could not afford to inject nanobots which prevent 99.9% of diseases. He avoided the free church dinners because he didn’t want to be preached at while filling up.

But I didn’t just make these things up, I based them on the trends that we are seeing already. For some reason, people are still paying for college while everything they teach you is available online for free, for the small price of putting up with advertisements.

You can join communities like Couch Surfers for free accommodations, and get free books, toys, and clothes from recycling websites. Stop in any McDonald’s parking lot for free wifi, and camp in any Walmart parking lot for free. Get your first teeth cleaning free at Aspen Dental. Go on Craigslist to find free wood, free plants, and free building materials. Dumpster dive for free meals past the expiration date, but still perfectly fine.

The more competitive business gets, the more free stuff we get to lure us to their products and services. The more wealth is created, the easier it is for companies to provide basic free services (Pandora for music, WordPress for publishing, FreedomPop for mobile service), in the hopes that you upgrade to their paid services.

The future is free. But you will always be able to pay for an upgrade.

9. Healthcare is Improving Despite the Industry.

Don’t look to the government to advance this one, they put bandaids on bullet wounds. Yet the tools to massively improve health and longevity are budding. The sick healthcare industry is poised to be healed by disruptive technology.

In the 1920’s, President Calvin Coolidge’s son died from a splinter he got while playing tennis at the White House. The poorest person in America today has access to better healthcare than one of the most powerful people in the world fewer than 100 years ago.

Many of the ills in the world can be chalked up to growing pains, trying to patch an old outdated system instead of embracing the new one.

My grandfather, leading the research and development department of a company in the 1960’s, created a new process for thawing blood in hospitals. Nurses would have to guess about how much blood they would need throughout the day for infusions, and set the frozen bags out to thaw. He developed a system for rapidly thawing the blood without destroying it. The nurses rejected his innovation because they thought it would be a hassle. They were stuck in their ways.

Sometimes, you need something entirely new in order to not be negatively influenced by old rigid systems and prejudices. There is a bill right now in Congress to allow over the counter hearing aids to be sold. In other news, you currently need a doctor’s prescription for a hearing aid!

This just shows how slow those in power are to come around to advancements which seem obvious to normal people. People might be 3D printing their hearing aids with illegally downloaded designs before congress gets around to graciously allowing us to take healthcare into our own hands.

Many of these technologies discussed here will contribute to rapid advancements in healthcare, as long as cultural dinosaurs don’t successfully stop the progress. Medical devices will be 3D printed. Diseases will be diagnosed with handheld devices, apps, and artificial intelligence. Preventative care will eliminate some of the most costly aspects of medical care.

And if I am correct in the local beer and food movements being indicators of society’s values, we will see a rebirth of people treating food as medicine, avoiding the vast majority of current medical problems.

10. Freedom.

No, not democracy, freedom. This is a hard one to define, and even harder to see a larger trend. There are places on Earth today as oppressive as ever, and there were places in 2000 B.C. where you could be as free as the wind. But combined with modern technology, humans are about to become absolutely free. And it will not lead to The Purge or Mad Max.

The limits of freedom are obviously the collision with other people’s freedom. It was difficult in the old days to allow people to be free without having their freedom cause negative externalities for others. But in the modern world, technology is making it easier to regulate actually harmful behavior, without violating the freedom people need in order to be prosperous and happy.

Citizen journalists now have the power to record and publish abuses of power. Amateur sleuths comb the internet for signs of conspiracies and power grabs.

There may be more laws than ever, but many are impossible to enforce and easy to get around.

The power structure of the past millennia is crumbling as humans become more connected, sharing information, and lifting one another up to realize their potential.

Technology is liberating. The ability to travel is freeing. Information is power.

Everything on this list contributes to lubricating human interaction to reduce the friction that causes conflict. And without conflict, with options for redress, with advancements in the quality of life which make crime pointless, we get closer to true liberation.

We aren’t there yet, but the future is blooming at an exponential rate.

Don’t fear the future. Embrace the exciting changes which are transforming the world into a better place. It is an exciting time to be alive, contributing to the construction of a bold future of freedom, prosperity, and peace.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Charlie

    absolute bs. what bubble do you live in? when a politician can go from one criminal activity to many and just slide by in todays America how can a normal citizen think times are good? only money creates power and the guys in charge are so imbedded in the government and the department of justice there is no way to get a good society back and how much is enough money? when money can be created by pressing a button without ever earning it how can that have value? 3d printers are for discovery and one off parts not producing manufactured parts for assembly lines.

  • 2manylostsouls

    Definitely rose colored glasses but also not factually accurate.

  • Breedapart

    Is this satire?
    Driverless cars, living on free handouts, gmo mom & pop food, weed that will be controlled by corporations that will turn it into a useless plant. Beer? This doesn’t smell like freedom to me.

  • robertsgt40

    Don’t confuse perception with reality.

    • Don’t confuse perception with reality. …. robertsgt40

      Hi, robertsgt40/Daily Bell Campanologists

      Whenever you are able to both realise and/or virtualise the one as the other … perception as reality …. are you a person/program of interest and dangerous to know and not know and a prime asset for guaranteeing security in systems for continuity of exclusive anonymised executive office services/zerodays/daily presentations?

      And is such an operand extremely valuable/expensive/worthy and cheap to buy/lease at whatever price it takes? And in some cases is an enormous fiat currency sum spend best paid to be accepted to ensure future non-activity with Zero HyperRadioProActive IT Radicalisation …….. aka Fundamental Model ReProgramming, whenever that be so easy to globally release, virtually command and remotely control from space places which are impossible and impervious to attack and which detect for anonymous catastrophically destructive assault, would be attackers?

      And would that be classified as an Almighty Weapon and/or Heavenly Tool with which not to Fool?

  • JohnnysZone

    This does not seem to be the plan of the NWO elite. If it were the plan then it would be like “Brave New World”. But this is already what we have now. We are transitioning more and more towards ” 1984″. Probably it will be a mix of the two. Both authors were insiders. They did not wrote warnings, but manuals (revelation of the method). And then you know in communism everything was free, but somehow it did not work out that well (it was never intended to).

  • Bob Reselman

    Yes, Kevin Kelly asserted in New Rules for the New Economy (http://kk.org/newrules/newrules-intro.html) that things were going to free. Yet, as I remember, deflation is bad for an economy. And, at a simple level, if prices go down, how are profits to be made and employees paid? Without income, until that time when stuff is free, things are going to be rough, I seems.

    • Boysie


  • JohnnysZone

    The “civilization” we have is a satanic cattle farm, led for ages by the “elite” on its way towards the worldwide plantation of chipped human resources and you are raving about the new shiny and more efficient fences awaiting us…

  • rsanchez1

    The article is supposed to be optimistic, but is actually meh.

    • thefinancedude

      Man i almost typed – meh…so with ya…this sounds like shit…but trust us, it wont stink…sure…so much is missing…all external based solutions/vision…the comment above talking on elites using opaque control mechanisms to acquire wealth, they didnt steal it, they feigned their positions and the masses bought it (art of war would be their coming out party imo) – mind control, is a skill – do remember 🙂 there is a choice at least on America (anagram: i am race) – self govern (as a pope/king/misc) or enjoy all these free services coming to a corner near ye!

  • Love my servitude

    The author sounds like the happiest tool on the face of the earth.

    • autonomous

      happiest tool or happiest fool?

      • Rusty Brown in Canada

        “Living in a fool’s paradise” as someone once said.

  • Praetor

    Freedom! Freedom is the battle field of the mind, its not so much external.

    The beer thing, I can get behind that. Rogue Nation, its Brutal. Buy a couple of cases of piss water or one six pack of Brutal, now that’s progress. With Brutal three and done. Save yourself some money.!!!!

    • Rusty Brown in Canada

      If I have freedom in my love
      And in my soul am free,
      Angels alone that soar above
      Enjoy such liberty.

      Richard Lovelace [1617-1657]
      (written while imprisoned for his politics).

      • Rocketman

        You’ll notice that Mr. Lovelace only lived to be 40 years old. My guess is that the time that he spent in prison really took a toll on him.

  • ABreedapart

    Freedom is a battlefield of the mind sounds like New Age crap. I’m all for positive thinking but if the day comes where I can’t decide what gets ejected in the my body, I know freedom won’t be back for generations.

    Just remember, all that craft beer is still made with flouranated water.

    • Praetor

      Ok, Debbie Downer. You liven behind bars, got chains around you’re ankles, someone walking you around wearing a dog collar, can’t cross state lines/can’t leave the country. So, what is it exactly that keeps you from doing what you want?

      Ever see how they make craft beers, the filtration systems are amazing.

      May be its all just in you’re head.!!!

    • Rusty Brown in Canada

      I take your point, for sure, but I think you mean “injected” in my body. “Ejected” means pushed out. Don’t go there…

  • autonomous

    Whenever things sound to good to be true, they are–and the gullible listener will soon be much poorer and no better off. Remember the constitution? Well sold, poorely delivered. George III would have laughed is he had been sufficiently sane. Too paraphrase the old song, I’ve been 3-D’ed and flying car’ed…

    • Boysie

      But extremely sadly – NO CLOTHES!

  • Here’s another reason why the future will be amazing, JJ. And to dismiss it as an unlikely fantasy rather than consider it a current unfolding reality is all the magic needed for its assured success.

    amanfromMars 1 Fri 19 May 05:53 [1705190553] …… crafting something to spin on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2017/05/18/senate_introduces_patch_act_to_force_intel_agencies_to_fix_found_exploits/

    Re: Don’t trust ….. and Persistent Advanced Cyber Threats

    Don’t trust Anyone…Anonymous Coward

    Don’t trust Anyone ever, forever, is super secure internetional default for all valued and valuable systems touting cybersecurity credentials offering virtual protection against phantom enemies, AC. And it is a currently extremely active live field of PACT endeavours with all manner of Majic trickery?!. 🙂

    Current Situation

    It is considered as far as the current situation is concerned, that there are few indications that these objects and their builders pose a direct threat to the security of the United States, despite the uncertainty as to their ultimate motives in coming here. Certainly the technology possessed by these beings far surpasses anything known to modern science, yet their presence here seems to be benign, and they seem to be avoiding contact with our species, at least for the present. Several dead entities have been recovered along with a substantial amount of wreckage and devices from downed craft, all of which are now under study at various locations. No attempt has been made by extraterrestrial entities either to contact authorities or to recover their dead counterparts or the downed craft, even though one of the crashes was the result of direct military action. The greatest threat at this time arises from the acquisition and study of such advanced technology by foreign powers unfriendly to the United States. It is for this reason that the recovery and study of this type of material by the United States has been given such a high priority.

    You can be sure that is fake news …. for the present situation is nothing at all like any of that old material. It is much more serious than was ever not imagined possible, and now super hypercritical?

    There’s been a Public Domain escape and things have gone all Renegade Rogue and Private Pirate. Are you assured when that is treated as fake news or is Absolutely Fabulous Stealth virtually guaranteed by such action/treatment/non-active reaction?

    Ps….. Did you know Renegade was POTUS Obama’s Secret Service handle? Interesting times is some very strange spaces and all manner of weird places ahead.

  • jacob

    I think I both agree and disagree with the pessimistic comments posted below. Short term I agree with the comments. Long term I agree with the author, with one caveat: elite response to the explosive leveling power of the internet. Never before in human history have millions of people been able to instantly communicate with one another at nearly no cost. Fast forward to a hopefully more peaceful time when highly aware people will exercise saner more effective political organization. Humans haven’t yet discarded outdated politics, but they’re getting smart fast. Hence I worry about my caveat.

    Elite power comes from enslavement. Their wealth wasn’t earned through talent and toil. They stole it using highly complex opaque repressive governance disguised as normative collectivism. The internet makes that methodology transparent. People will hopefully grow sufficiently aware to reclaim local self-rule.

    The elite is now waging outright war on the people by inculcating systemwide debt servitude, importing waves of immigrants to disenfranchise local populations, and by passing harsh legislation punishing as racist hate speech any opposition to this outrage. This is no humanitarian effort. The elite won’t stop until sufficient collective awareness and outrage is reached.

    • JohnnyZ

      “Elite power comes from enslavement. Their wealth wasn’t earned through talent and toil. They stole it using highly complex opaque repressive governance disguised as normative collectivism. The internet makes that methodology transparent. People will hopefully grow sufficiently aware to reclaim local self-rule.”

      A very good summary. It is one of my hopes as well. But even that is not realistic and I do not rely on it. People want to remain sheeple, be governed, be told what to do and be lied (nicely!!!) to. They will actively pull any truth messengers. All the (semi) awake people you see on such blogs are a tiny minority, maybe 1%. And the sheeple will actively pull them down – back to status quo order. Then, many truthers seem to be just the controlled opposition – mixing truth with lies, a limited hangout. Meanwhile the cacophony

      on the internet is increasingly exponentially (an elite strategy), so that even quite awake people have struggle distinguishing the signal from the noise.
      And stuff like weaponized immigration is not enough – see Le Pen was not elected, nor Wilders, but Merkel is on the way to reelection. Also look at the Greeks – they chose to remain in the EU and Euro.

      • jacob

        I am not sanguine either, at least not short term. The problem isn’t so terribly difficult for most to perceive. Its so astronomic and diffuse, however, that few are willing to grapple with it, much less take action. Most see it as hopeless dreaming and so go along to get along, further compounding the problem. Resolution, if it occurs, will come from an unstoppable idea.

  • notwithabang

    If your freedom depends upon something external – anything – like electricity for all those gadgets & apps, then it follows that you’re not really free…

    • thankfully, it doesn’t.

    • If we are talking about freedom of the mind that is certainly true, and the same could be said of depending on external things like land to live on, air to breath, or water to drink. It is all a matter of degree.

  • Very optimistic, not that I disagree entirely, but I will be driving my stick shift Jeep Wrangler with manual windows until I am dead and gone. No self driving thinga majiger for me. No way.

  • SnakePlissken

    Yeah, but what about the zombies?

    • That really depends on whether they are slow “Night of the Living Dead” zombies or spry “28 Days Later” zombies. We don’t have the expertise at this time to make a proper assessment, but we will tackle this important subject as soon as possible.

  • Ticked Parent

    The future is always going to be foggy and is dependent on the actions or inactions that we take today. That said the past is a good guide stone. Highly complex societies are subject to rapid catastrophic failure because of the required delicate infrastructure required to sustain it. Readily available, inexpensive energy, supermarkets full of food that you can afford, civilized peaceful society to name a few. Break down in any one of this delicate balance and the whole house of cards comes crashing down on the society that we enjoy.
    There are many threats to this stability including many internal and they are all from the left or radical Islam. Communism/Socialism is incompatible with our way of life but the brain dead zombies of the left are bound to bring it down, what they don’t understand is that they will suffer the most.

    • lulu

      All from the left?all from radical Islam? How about the radical Born again Christians? The oppressive oligarchic states? Greed and Wall Street? OMG. We could go on. These very bi-polar perspectives make simple accusations just that… accusatory and simplistic thus not likely valid.

  • Steven Hotho

    Technology is going to save us? What a fanciful idea! The ghost in that machine is man’s moral and existential capacity for managing a world dominated by technology. No social or political system without a sense of the eternal and divine can possibly persist with only technology.

    • Ephraiyim

      Umm, cars, telephones, computers, tractors, the cotton mill. Geez, when will people realize that technology is morally neutral?
      It is how people choose to use said tech that is the problem.
      I grew up being taught that television and movies were evil, rock music was also evil. None of that is true, though programs, movies and music can certainly have evil undertones because of the evil individuals producing them, they are not evil themselves.
      The article is pointing out all of the good about these technologies and how they can be used positively. I imagine the author is completely aware of the possible abuses as well but THAT is not the subject of the article.
      Occasionally I find that some people who read the Daily Bell don’t have a friggin’ clue as to why it exists.

  • Shamus

    I appreciate the optimism, and I hope you are right. But not being completely demoralized by everything has become a daily chronic struggle.
    (And the onset of a grand solar minimum doesn’t inspire much in the realm of optimism either.)

  • Fred

    It is good to hear a few words of optimism.

    I am not so optimistic as you. I am more inclined to believe that our children’s destiny will be more like the American Indian. They live on ‘Reservations.’ We will live in their modern day equivalent, ‘Smart Cities.’ Maybe they should be called ‘Zoos.’

    Come and go as you please at first, but with increasingly restricted departures due to ‘Global Emergencies.’

    And like animals in a zoo (as long as it is convenient) we will be fed on schedule, vaccinated on scheduled, de-loused and de-ticked on schedule, And culled on schedule when the populations become too large You know, like we do with the deer and the antelope and such other little ‘creatures.’

    That’s the elite’s plan for a ‘final solution.’ I propose we design some zoos for the elite. We call them prisons.


  • Thank you, Mr Jarvis, for presenting things as they “might and ought to be”.

    You and Jeffrey Tucker are two lighted candles in the darkness. We need more candles to be lit from yours!

  • Centurian

    I agree with all of this except #2. Self driving cars, VTOL aircraft and the like are prone to technical and intentional error. There is great debate right now in the aviation community that current levels of automation have caused some very serious and high profile crashes resulting in many deaths. It seems that human butts in seats at risk for their lives often make better decisions than source code and integrated circuits that don’t care. Compare the Miracle on the Hudson to the Asiana crash at SFO as one example. What if there was one big red button that a bureaucrat could push that stopped all cars, trains, busses and aircraft at once? Not trying to be a downer on this, but this level of potential control is scary. Additionally, most of these developments are funded with tax funds through corporatist schemes that put money and control in the hands of politicians. Elon Musk doesn’t make money. He siphons it from taxpayers through government.

    • Rusty Brown in Canada

      I agree with your basic premise: it has occurred to me that those little self-driving vehicles could be used to carry a homemade IED – a crude bomb of some kind – to your enemy’s – or your ex’s – house late at night with no danger to yourself, or to any place where you want to inflict damage and destruction.

  • Boysie

    This chap has definitely spent too long in the KAZY,,,(a) no one is afraid of the future – They are afraid of the American government (get your fact straight) (b) TECHNOLOGY will NOT bring anything to the lives of people – except MISERY AND MORE MISERY – Not only had this chap spent most of his youth in the KAZY, he also elected to spend most of his adult life in the KAZY as well – (c) most if not all that he has written – is PURE mushroom fertilizer,,,,,I understand that if you did not PAY such people to write such (PMF) – then your newsletter would just be White Space – not a bad idea – for some editions – juts think how much you could / would save…If it NOT a CRIME to pay people to write such (PMF) it aught to be a crime…(I am deadly serious – if this is journalism – God won’t be able to help you…the intellectual content does NOT approach ZERO – Please forward my comments – let him understand that – if he wants to be a journo – then it is NOT too late to do a course in JOURNALISM,,,i AM A geriatric – BUT i STILL LIKE TO THINK THAT i CAN RECOGNIZE ONE – WHEN i SEE ONE AND THIS IS DEFINITELY not IT

    • Mitchell Timin

      Why did you think the readers would know what KAZY means?

      • Boysie

        Using your imagination is NOT too difficult – Try it and See…

    • Don Duncan

      1. Screaming (all caps) does not make your point stronger. It shows your insecurity. 2. Repeating your point over & over, ad nausea, does not make it stronger. 3. Tech is the extension of our mind, our intellect, and it is labor saving, life saving, on net. It could someday be used to destroy our species, but that will prove we were not civilized, in fact delusional. 4. Attacking the writer’s credibility without any proof does not address his point. 5. How do you know what god can/will do? Does he consult with you? Seek help.

      • Boysie

        Don, Dear Don,

        Being pedantic does NOT add gravitas to your argument – What is your argument – do you have one – O have made my comments – what is your – do you have a credible comment or are you as brain challenged as the writer –

      • Boysie

        Sorry, I am a bit late – However my devout policy is to respond idiots first and morons little bit later…

      • Boysie

        Have a read of this – all the way through

        Russia to open first summer camp that is entirely in English https://t.co/rxTmhkswbr

  • Agent Revolver

    “Whenever you are able to both realise and/or virtualise the… … continuity of exclusive anonymised executive office services/zerodays/daily presentations” @ amanfromMars earlier, yet not brought by the mod to appear in comments –

    A great lot of multilingual reading and connecting the dots in the blocks in order to produce the future motion picture in a short commentary is, probably, a hell of a job, as one can suppose. The moderate standards of living should ensure that the costs of the affair are surprisingly low.

    On conditions like these, as one would foresee, a Lifetime service would be a pleasant and useful benefit (-:

    Fortunately, it shall remain a misunderestimated or simply a non-decypherable alphabetical noise among the thinking loud public.

    The Tension is Fragile.

  • Rusty Brown in Canada

    “lightning rod” not “lightening”…

  • Don Duncan

    “…nearing the end times…” is a common theme down thru civilizations. I think it is based on the unconscious acceptance of the end of personal existence. It is psychological not scientific or based on evidence. As Ayn explained it, “When I die, it’s as if the universe dies also.”

  • Sorry to rain on that parade, but the Evil Empires of all history have almost never gone quietly.

    The dark shadow stealth state actors that are executing their stealth coup against the electorate of the U.S.A. are still entrenched. They are there, they are square, and they are on a year.

    They have been getting ready for decades to get a chip under your skin to control your life for surveillance and police state purposes, and for all their corollary projects. They are worse than a dog with a bone, they are addicted to the immense power they have had.

    Plus burst you bubbles now. There’s also a spiritual element behind it. These evildoers are the worst religious fanatics. That’s the main reason they hate Jesus Christ. That also explains why they have their gullible minions making allies with Islamists.

    Their end will come, though, because the current lead-up was also foreseen. Daniel 11 describes the international intrigue, negotiation, and wars.

    Then the top dog among these beasts himself gets his, finally. “He shall come to his end, and none shall help him.”

    The lead-up has “Many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.” Psalm Two reads a lot like what these heads of state are doing today. They are throwing off what’s left of the bands of Christian culture.

    To help, Nahum 2 describes an autobahn at night (lit up like torches, chariots running like lightnings, “..in the day of his preparation..”)

    • meugene

      The prophecies of Nahum were written prior to the historic destruction of Ninevah (the Assyrians) by the Babylonians, in fulfillment of Bible prophecy. This account serves as a reminder that the most glorious city of man, protected by the mightiest military power on earth, is easily overthrown if God has willed it so: He…removeth kings, and setteth up kings…” (Daniel 2:21).

      Psalm 2 describes a literal global conspiracy by “kings of the earth” who “take counsel against the Lord, and against his anointed.” This prophecy is specifically about the powers that be (driven by “principalities, and powers, and spiritual wickedness in high places”) who are arrayed against Jesus, and which ultimately sought to crucify him.

      By extension, this illustrates the hatred of the world toward those who faithfully follow Christ, who said: “If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.” (John 15:18). However, by crucifying Jesus, the antichrist forces did not thwart God’s plan of salvation for mankind, but fulfilled it.

      (For those following this thread who seek understanding of this, read John 3:14-21.)

      • Psalm Two is more specifically about today’s “people of the Prince that shall come” of Daniel 9, from my reading of it.

        • meugene

          Yes, ultimately Psalm 2 has a future fulfillment. The “kings of the earth” correlate to the spiritual realm as well as the physical realm (Ephesians 6:12). So in one sense, the forces that conspire “against the Lord and against his anointed [Jesus]” are both ancient and contemporary.

          As Daniel prophesied in 536 BC, “Messiah shall be cut off, but not for himself” (Daniel 9:26). This was a prophecy of Christ’s crucifixion in AD 30., which was followed by his resurrection and ascension to the right hand of the Father (Acts 2:32-35), with the promise of his return “in all his glory” (Matthew 25:31-34); cf Psalm 2:8.

          As Psalm 2 indicates, God will have “the last laugh” so to speak. Psalm 2:5 indicates he will exact vengeance upon the wicked, and eternal judgment. In verse 6, God declares, “Yet have I set my king upon my holy hill of Zion.” This did not occur during the first advent of Christ, when he came as a humble babe, and as a suffering servant; but it will be fulfilled at the second advent, when he returns as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. This will fulfill the Scriptures that prophesied “and the government shall be upon his shoulders” (Isaiah 9:6).

          Additionally, “people of the prince that shall come” are the loyal servants of Antichrist, who will be a political and spiritual “super-man” who will work “lying signs and wonders” (2 Thessalonians 2:9). Indeed, the “kings of the earth” mentioned in Psalm 2 appear to correlate to the ten horns of Revelation 17:12, which are ten individuals who will “receive power as kings one hour with the beast.”

          Thus, it is fascinating to watch the march toward globalism, when the earth will be divided into ten super-regions or “unions” in accordance with the dictates of the Club of Rome. Established in 1968 by the United Nations, this globalist think tank was given the task of uniting Europe and dividing the world into ten economic regions. In 1973, the Club of Rome released a report titled “Regionalized and Adaptive Model of the Global World System,” in which the world was divided into ten political/economic regions referred to as “kingdoms.”

          This drive to globalization and division is the agenda of the NWO. Readers would do well to consider the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation as a guide to understanding what is happening in the world, and why. And ultimately, should consider the spiritual origin and consequences of the political wars that rage in our world today.

  • meugene

    Is the world headed for a humanistic utopia, or an apocalyptic end? The answer is both: “For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.” (1 Thessalonians 5:3).

    The world was one giant prosperous party before the flood of Noah: “But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark, And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.” (Matthew 24:37-39).

    Similarly today, we are living in one enormous bubble of prosperity, where everyone is seeking wealth along with “peace and safety.” It is entirely possible that WWIII will occur prior to the final bubble; and it’s also possible that after the next total war, the world will adopt global government and crypto as part of the final attempt at utopia. Either scenario would fit perfectly within the prophesied biblical framework.

    But rest assured, whether in this generation or the next, the biblical prophecies will be fulfilled. That is why the Bible warns, “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” (Mark 8:36). Technology is exciting; it is powerful and even “wonderful” but it is quickly becoming a replacement not only for humanity, but also for God as Creator and Savior.

    Thus, while technology in and of itself is not evil, it is ultimately aimed at humanistic endeavors that are antithetical to God’s created order, which is health and wholeness for all of humanity. The rapid changes in culture and society are being forced upon us, as the real is being ripped away, and replaced by what is unreal. This fact alone indicates that technology is being hijacked, if not actually driven, by forces that are diametrically opposed to God’s created design.