1945 AP Report Shows Hiroshima Was Firebombed Prior to Claim of Atomic Bombing
By Daily Bell Staff - June 13, 2016

The memory of the use of the first nuclear bomb that brought the second great global inferno to an end continues to weigh on the collective consciousness despite the passing of more than 71 years since the tragic military intervention that obliterated the civilian population … Because of their massive destructive power, nuclear weapons represent a huge contradiction that surrounds the power of international politics: It is desirable to eliminate them, but their possession carries strength and status. Moreover, it is clear that weapons of mass destruction affirm what specialists have conceptualized as mutually-assured destruction. -Watching America

An AP article published in the Los Angeles Times on Aug 7th, 1945, shows that Hiroshima was subject to an incendiary bomb attack prior to Truman’s announcement of dropping an atomic bomb.

The article itself can be seen on Youtube HERE.

Photos of Hiroshima at the time seem to support a firebombing. For instance, wooden buildings burned but stone structures were left standing. You can see an article we’ve written HERE.

Meanwhile, the article we begin with, above – posted at Watching America – shows the importance of Hiroshima and following developments.

Because of their massive destructive power, nuclear weapons represent a huge contradiction that surrounds the power of international politics.

Indeed. President Barack Obama just visited Hiroshima and his speech, in which he declined to apologize for dropping an atomic bomb on the city, was debated worldwide.

Government derives tremendous authority and emotional heft from being the guardian and gatekeeper for nuclear weapons. The power of international politics was tremendously enhanced by control over a bomb that could destroy the world.

Government, in other words, took on a gravity and importance that it would not otherwise have had after the war concluded.

The advent of nuclear weapons allowed run-of-the-mill government and military officials to assume an almost godlike power.

Suddenly, corrupt bureaucrats were responsible for the fate of the world.

Also such a terrible weapon justified continuation of tremendous government security measures.

It justified continued, massive funding for the Pentagon.

Now all that was needed was an enemy that would also discover and refine the same nuclear technology.

This enemy turned out to be the Soviet Union.

Roosevelt was friendly with Stalin. In light of growing skepticism about the reality of mid-20th century nuclear weapons, there are those who speculate a deal was made between Roosevelt and Stalin.

The deal was that the US would create a fake atom bomb and the Soviet Union would acquire it later.

No doubt Stalin would have been amenable to such a deception, guessing that his countrymen would be impressed that they, too, had acquired the world’s most powerful death device.

Hiroshima was central to “endless war for endless peace” in the latter half of the 20th century.

Given all the recent coverage of Hiroshima, it’s amazing that the mainstream media hasn’t investigated further.

Not one mainstream media report that we know of mentioned the 1945 AP article and the surrounding evidence that casts grave doubt on the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear narrative.

When it comes to events surrounding modern technology, the mainstream media is almost useless. It simply regurgitates the official line.

Fortunately, there is the alternative ‘Net media.

Though we initially missed it, the video presenting the AP article on Youtube is not hard to find. In fact, the video reproduces the short article in full. Other Youtube videos mention it as well.

The AP article does not seem speculative. It reports matter-of-factly that trains had been stopped from traveling into Hiroshima.

As for the young men who dropped the bombs, they may not even have known the name of the city they were targeting.

They may simply have been given coordinates necessary to do the job. Further discussion would have been discouraged as both Japan and the US swiftly passed laws making it punishable by death to speak about any aspects of the bombing.

There are survivors of the nuclear attack in Hiroshima but who knows if they remember the attacks accurately. Or if they are not speaking the truth for other reasons.

AP reports Hiroshima was firebombed. Truman said it was atom-bombed. This apparent discrepancy dramatically reshaped the history of the second half of the 20th century.

We’ve commented on additional aspects of the West’s nuclear meme in other articles, including one  HERE.

Conclusion: Even given that wartime conditions prevailed, is a government able to perpetrate a seeming fraud of this magnitude to be trusted? Its actions now cast further doubt over other events of the 20th century – and now the 21st – including continuation of nuclear weapons programs themselves and NASA’s massively controversial “space” program.


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  • Spence Kerrigan

    Fire bombing does not leave the target radioactive

    • Correct. Though controversial, there was apparently a lack of radiation – noted and explained at the time by the “bomb” being detonated well above the city.

      • Dimitri Ledkovsky

        Too many desperately want to “believe in” the fabrication, similar to 9/11. Otherwise their whole Weltanschauung falls to pieces. Can’t have that!

      • bouf

        Yet the survivor photos show burns that are not consistent with ‘fire’, but are consistent with gamma-ray radiation poisoning. And regular fires don’t etch a silhouette into the wall behind a victim either….

        • “The Japanese in their simple wood/paper shanty houses in the two towns were killed and burnt by US napalm carpet fire bombings. The rich Japanese lived in the suburbs.”


          Here is a link that raises questions about the destruction caused by the bomb …

          • bouf

            Did someone doctor the photos? Who knows – seems like a much further stretch than I am accustomed to the DB reaching for.

            I hope you guys and gals didn’t spend too much time on that website. I’m no Jew, as I know the whole story, so I’m not personally offended by the anti-semetic nature of nearly every post, but the level of scientific understanding that the site displays would make any physicist or chemist cringe. And I have worked in a nuclear reactor facility. Although the energy conversion process is rudimentary (boiling water to run a steam turbine), it still works. This site would have everyone believe that nuclear power and/or radiation doesn’t exist at all.

          • “Seems like a much further stretch than I am accustomed to the DB reaching for.”

            We received the same reaction when we began raising questions about vaccines, Peak Oil, global warming and central banking. All of the aforementioned are evidently and obviously thematic elements of a globalist argument.

            The nuclear bomb dropping on Hiroshima has the familiar structure of a Hollywood drama. The brooding president alone in the Oval Office trying to decide the fate of millions, the single airplane wending its way to Japan. The struggle to arm the bomb, etc.

            This is certainly not to make light of the horror that occurred. But an AP story now reports that Hiroshima was firebombed. This has never been brought up in articles, historical analyses, etc. Why not?

            Why would Truman firebomb Hiroshima before dropping a much bigger bomb on it? Doesn’t make much sense. Nor does the apparent cover-up of a firebombing – as we’ve seen it mentioned in the mainstream media.

            Hiroshima is an enormous, tangible, emotional event. It helped the US government freeze a post-war authoritarian regime in place. It set up the Cold War, etc.

            What if the bombing were a promotion? What if it was a lie? Government never lies? Government never creates big lies? The bigger the better?

            And why did they make it a capital crime to talk about the bombing?

            As for the shadows … Yes, the questionable shadows bear scrutiny. The issue isn’t Antisemitism. The issue is whether or not the Pentagon and those affiliated with it faked evidence. Supposedly, reports about the Hiroshima were doctored to raise the mortality and injury level. That’s just one example.

            The day before 9/11, the Pentagon announced it had “misplaced” some $2 trillion. We would bet the Pentagon hasn’t grown a lot more efficient or competent since then. Not when it comes to money anyway.

            But the Pentagon and related personnel are good at lying. The US public was lied to about the Vietnam war. Roosevelt certainly lied about Pearl Harbor and had advance notice.

            Most recently, evidence shows that the Pentagon lied about bombing ISIS in Syria. And ISIS is actually a creation of the CIA and related facilities and allies. It didn’t spring up independently. That’s another lie.

            The point of ISIS is to perpetuate a “war on terror” that the West’s military industrial complex and its backers find useful. A few months ago, the Russians revealed that the Pentagon pretended to bomb ISIS but was actually bombing Syrian infrastructure.

            Are we sure that Truman dropped a live atom bomb on Hiroshima? Or is it possible the Pentagon lied about this too?

            And what about current nuclear arsenals in the US and abroad? Are we being told the truth about them? Are they as large as they seem to be. Or as effective.

            Are we sure that North Korea now has advanced nuclear capabilities? How do we know?

            We just carried a post about the lunar rover, one which bears a suspicious resemblance to a World War II jeep. Boeing apparently charged NASA between $40 and $60 million for it.

            You want to defend the Pentagon, NASA and other large government facilities and maintain they tell the truth to the American public as a matter of course?

            Top government officials work for international banking powers. Both groups lie all the time, in our view. Is Hiroshima an exception?

          • bouf

            I don’t believe what anyone tells me, I’m a skeptic, much like you are. It’s why I keep coming back to this site. You guys do consistently bring up good points, just as you have in this post. My reaction was more to the lies site than your work.

            BTW, I doubt Truman approved conventional bombing targets. I’d like to believe that Ike was on the up and up, but he was CFR, and if he was up and up, he surely wasn’t allowed to know the whole story. Surely not the one that Roosevelt and Churchill knew. These are good questions, but pointing anyone to that particular site asking these questions seems like a poor place to start. .02

            Thanks as always for a great read.

          • Thanks for your comments.

          • Here is the correct link –

  • Leon Gall

    To believe that Nuclear Weapons are not real is “Crazy Flat Earth” talk. I have lost all respect for the credibility of this web site. I served 20 years in the USAF and US Army. Nuclear Weapons are real and will kill you. You can take that to the bank.

    • We never wrote that nuclear weapons do not exist.

      We stated that we had serious doubts as to whether the US had a nuclear bomb when it claimed it did and that there is much about the Hiroshima attack to confirm the suspicion that Hiroshima was firebombed,.

      We suggested this weeks ago and now we have found reports that Hiroshima was firebombed as suggested. That we are able to confirm our initial suspicion regarding Hiroshima, which has been reported in only a few other places, will add to our credibility not subtract from it.

      Here is another thought: .Why would the US Dept. of Defense firebomb Hiroshima if it was planning to drop a tremendously destructive atomic bomb on it?

      Perhaps you are suggesting that the Pentagon and related Intel agencies do not regularly disseminate propaganda and implement false flag events. This is not a stance we share. An out of control military-industrial complex is destroying the US. Its manipulations started long, long ago.

  • KingTut

    This is ridiculous. The recollections of physicists and records form the Mathattan Project make it absolutely clear that three bombs were built, one Uranium bomb and two Plutonium bombs. One Plutonium bomb was tested at Trinity, and the other two were dropped on Japan. Just the photos from the Trinity site are enough to convince you there was a nuclear weapon tested there. Even more certain is that the team that built these would never have gone along with this absurd scenario. You are talking about 10’s of nobel prize winners who are above intimidation. None of them died mysteriously.
    It only takes a few pounds of enriched Uranium or Plutonium to build these smallish bombs. The Hiroshima bomb was so simple, it was never even tested. Given the resources deployed and the incredible team building them, there is no reason to doubt these explanations.
    You guys can’t afford to loose credibility like this. The whole argument wrong AND pointless.

    • Many of the videos and camera angles of the so-called nuclear tests in the ’40s and ’50s seem to have been faked. Cameras filmed the destruction of objects and buildings at close quarters but were not themselves destroyed. Then there is the issue of the nuclear blast. It has been suggested that a nuclear blast should give off a clean, bright light as no “sorbents” (powdered shells, etc.) or other elements are burning, only nuclear material “splitting.” Ironically, mushroom clouds are apparently associated with massive detonations of dynamite.

    • Here is a link that raises issues regarding the destruction caused by the bomb …

  • CAI

    This article is utterly ridiculous. You are loosing what credibility you have left and will continue to do so if you continue to post nonsensical articles like this.

    • It it upsets you so, Cai, why don’t you write to AP? They published the initial article on the firebombing. What we cover is elite propaganda, their themes and memes, and this evident manipulation raises obvious questions.

      • thefinancedude

        damn this reply is ON POINT…troll (“mental boundary police”) can go back in plato’s cave…i’ve known of this particular hoax for a few years so its awesome to see others finally noticing it also – keep digging, one guy is central to modern understanding of ancient history, one joseph scaliger…this fake public (news) isn’t new, u know!

        oh ya and radio carbon dating isn’t reliable so how do we date old stuff again? 🙂 (NYT:

        adults are liars…did it take more than experiencing childhood to figure it out?

  • Ghostrider

    And what did the air crew of the Enola Gay say about the explosion? Their remarks are published.

    • We’re not aware they had the latitude to say whatever they wished.

      Anyway, there are tens of thousands of articles on Hiroshima. We would be surprised if a single one mentions AP reporting that Hiroshima was fire-bombed prior to Truman’s announcement regarding an atomic bomb.

      Of course this may be because the US and Japan almost immediately made it a capital offense to talk about the bombing or the nuclear program itself.

  • Davis

    I live in Japan and work in the nuclear energy field. I’m also starting to have doubts about the official Hiroshima narrative, so I appreciate The Daily Bell’s analysis of this. There’s certainly no question that an atomic bomb was built by the US during WW2. I’ve seen many of the facilities myself and know some of the people who worked on the Manhattan Project. But was an atom bomb actually dropped on Hiroshima in August 1945…? I’m not so sure.

    • What kind of doubts?

      • Davis

        Just some ambiguities, if you think about it…

        · No Japanese photos of the mushroom cloud, which would have been visible from many miles away to thousands of potential witnesses;
        · Many stone and steel structures surviving, even near ‘ground zero’;
        · Aerial photos of Hiroshima and Nagasaki look exactly like aerial photos of fire-bombed cities, as many people have observed;
        · No crater or other marks directly under the supposed point of explosion;
        · Apparently little fallout/residual radioactivity, even immediately after the bombings;
        · Radioactivity levels today are background;

        · The explosion at Alamogordo was not a ‘bomb’; it was a nuclear explosive device placed carefully on a platform and detonated electronically; was it possible make it into a bomb and transport it to Tinian in two weeks?

        On the other hand…

        · Many survivors spoke later of a fireball and a huge flash;

        · Many Japanese medical personnel described people having ‘genbaku-sho’, atomic bomb disease, which we would call radiation poisoning;
        · There is no account of any fire-bombing fleet attacking the cities (at least I didn’t know of any until I read your article today…);
        · The atomic bombing took place in daylight, unlike most fire-bombings, and eyewitnesses spoke of the sky being empty of attacking planes (anyway, no fleet of planes…)


        • “There is no account of any fire-bombing fleet attacking the cities (at least I didn’t know of any until I read your article today…”

          Yes, this is why the AP report is important. Thanks for the followup.

  • Bruce C.

    I’m not sure I get the distinction between a “fire bombing” and a “nuclear bombing.” My understanding is it’s all about heat, whatever the source.

    • Davis

      The fire bombs dropped on Japanese cities were thin-skinned canisters of highly inflammable substances: napalm, phosphorus, powdered Mg. They didn’t leave craters. Fleets of B-29s scattered these over the Japanese cities in huge numbers, and they basically just broke open and burned when the canisters hit the ground. The atomic bomb was supposed to have been detonated in the air 600m above ground. An atomic bomb would be an intense point-source of energy. It seems to me it would have to leave a symmetrical, circular pattern of damage centered directly under the explosion.

      • Judging from photos, the Hiroshima damage seems to be typical of firebombing. It has been compared to Tokyo firebombing damage.

        Here’s a panorama shot. Brick buildings remain standing. Even the roads seem untouched. The poorer Japanese lived in the city in great numbers of wooden structures. These obviously burned down.

        • Jim

          lots of evidence of fire, but I can see no blast effects in the whole 360 degree photo. how are all those trees just burnt but still standing? No big blast happed by the evidence in the photo

      • Bruce C.

        It’s another interesting mystery. The destructive capability and willingness to use it is not in question, only the particular means. I remember reading some things from Richard Feynman who worked on the Manhatten project that there were a lot of unknowns about how the bomb would work, including risks of creating a global chain reaction. Therefore, what it “should have done” may not be so clear. Maybe it was good they never used it on Japan, but it seems hard to believe nukes have never been developed since. They didn’t have to move on to fusion powered “hydrogen” bombs either, for example.

        • Davis

          I’m quite sure nuclear weapons exist, unfortunately. The question is more what really happened at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

          • Why are you sure?

          • Davis

            I’ve seen many with my own eyes.

          • You’ve seen actual bombs – or actual bombs exploding? And if you’ve seen bombs exploding, how far away were you from the detonation? We ask because discussions involving nuclear detonations usually place the witness far away from the actual explosion. Thus there is no way of determining what was actually detonated close up … As usual when it comes to “weapons of mass destruction” there are many questions and few answers.

  • Doc

    I can’t see how the AP article confirms a firebombing.

    However, looking at the 360-pictures of Hiroshima, the most striking thing is that telegraph poles and chimneys are still standing. If there would have been a big blast and a shock wave, they surely wouldn’t, but after a fire they probably would. Like burnt trees in a forest still standing.

    So if the picture really is from Hiroshima, there would certainly be some doubt about the big blast.

  • mary

    DB, have you seen this one?

  • alohajim

    Kudo’s to DB for sticking their neck out. Waaay out. My initial reaction was reversed after checking the links. Seems to me DB is ahead of the pack in searching out and presenting what Bill Holter describes as ‘truth bombs’. Two observations : 1) if it’s true that nuclear bombs do not exist and all the nuclear munitions in place now are fake and will never work as Anders Bjorkman claims, the implications are staggering. This by far would be the mother of truth bombs, incredibly more damaging to the system than moon landings, 911, all false flag events and faked ‘lone wolf’ mass murders combined. 2) the truth about our world, widely known, imo, is the only thing that will end the tyranny and enslavement of humankind by banking families who have been working overtime to devolve humans into easily controlled, dependent, pleasure seeking animals with no spiritual dimension whatsoever.

    Thank you Daily Bell. My hope is that you continue to report on this issue which in turn, inspires others to do so as well.

    • Rich Faussette

      alohajim wrote: “the truth about our world, widely known, imo, is the only thing that will end the tyranny and enslavement of humankind by banking families who have been working overtime to devolve humans into easily controlled,
      dependent, pleasure seeking animals with no spiritual dimension whatsoever.”

      great summary of the hole we’re in…

  • Previously 1945-1990 most US a-bombs were manufactured at a little town with 10000 inhabitants in New Mexico – Los Alamos – at the end of a narrow road.

    Today, 2016, all US a-bombs are allegedly manufactured at the Pantex Plant, at Amarillo, TX, USA, that is operated by Consolidated Nuclear Security, LLC (CNS) company from 1 July 2014.

    It is a strange place in the middle of nowhere … where nobody but well paid guards work! I assume no US a-bombs were ever made.Only dummies and stage property!

  • robt

    It’s very comforting to finally learn that nuclear weapons are a hoax.

  • agneaux

    This account of an “incendiary bomb attack” was due to the Press misunderstanding what an atomic bomb was capable of doing. I wouldn’t put any credence into it. It was one and the same as the atomic bomb blast. Remember, this was the first time (other than the earlier “Trinity” test at Alamogordo, NM, which was not well reported due to secrecy surrounding the Manhattan Project) that an atomic bomb had ever been used in warfare; there was bound to be mass confusion on the part of the Press in reporting it. All of the photographed damage was consistent with an atomic blast in the air over the city.