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North Africa Explodes? DB Readers Get News Two Years Before It Happens

West faces 'decades' of conflict in N Africa ... David Cameron has raised the spectre of Britain being sucked into the fight against terrorists in north Africa for "decades" after the Algerian hostage crisis ended with more than 80 reportedly dead. The UK prime minister said on Sunday that the growing threat of Islamist militants in the Sahel region of Africa required "a response that is about years, even decades, rather than months". He compared the situation with that in Afghanistan, saying: "What we face is an extremist, Islamist, violent al-Qaeda-linked terrorist group, just as we had to deal with in Pakistan and Afghanistan." – Financial Times

Dominant Social Theme: Violence in North Africa. What a surprise ...

Free-Market Analysis: The Financial Times (excerpt above) is reporting that the West "faces decades of conflict in N. Africa." The world's biggest news aggregator, Matt Drudge, is featuring the news on his front page. No doubt it's being promoted throughout the mainstream media as if what's going on is a surprise.

But the news shouldn't come as any surprise to Daily Bell readers and members who were first informed of what was to come some two years ago. And six months ago, we not only reminded our viewers of what was taking place; we spelled out the grim reality. Here's some of what we wrote in "Reality Check: The African Region that Western Elites have Subjected to War Is Now Larger than the Entire US."

The entire upper half of Africa from the Ivory Coast to Somalia has been set aflame with violence and war. The geographical scale is staggering.

What has been set in motion is sure to destabilize Africa and the Middle East for decades to come. Begin at the beginning: The Ivory Coast, where this latest round of violence started some two years ago, is hardly pacified.

How could it be when Christian Ivorians have been stripped of their birthright and political party while an Islamic regime, backed by the United Nations, attempts an illegal takeover?

In Somalia a proxy war is roiling between Somali Islamists and the Kenyan army. The results are not bringing Somalia closer to reconciliation, but they begin to destabilize a large swath of Kenya.

In between the Ivory Coast and Somalia lie the smoldering ruins of Muammar Gaddafi's Libya. Gaddafi's own tribes-people are not apt to forget what took place, especially because regime change was basically imposed from the outside in.

In order to ensure that the warlike Libyan tribes are kept busy with an outside enemy instead of seeking domestic retaliation, the West has come to a deal with the blue-dyed, tribal Tuaregs to create a new nation stretching across parts of Mali, Niger, Algeria and southwest Libya.

Never heard about that, dear reader? Well, the nation-building is taking place now ... though for all the attention it's gotten from Western media it might not be happening at all.

Add up all the various states at the crest of Africa that have been either destabilized or subjected to a phony "youth rebellion" and you end up with a geographical space as large or larger than the United States (maybe with Alaska thrown in).

"Abu," one of The Daily Bell's most helpful friends, recently provided the following commentary in the feedback queue:

Speaking of False-Flag Operations ... more than a year ago DB asked in a Staff Report, "Anglosphere Plan to Create Islamic Crescent Yielding Results?"

Click to view link

And two years ago – to the day, that is – DB asked, "Western Elites Secretly Still Building Islam?"

Click to view link

DB concluded, TWO YEARS AGO, "We are proposing a new stage in the manipulated war on terror. Having built up the Middle East through enormous cash infusions, the Anglosphere is continually expanding the role of fundamental Islam and may even be prepared to overthrow old and trusted allies to do so"

Abu also pointed out that Der Spiegel had posted an article on the issue of the growing war in Mali.

"Europe's Challenge: A Terrorist Homeland in North Africa ... Dozens of hostages have reportedly been killed after Algerian forces attempted a rescue operation at a natural gas complex overtaken by Islamist gunmen. The incident demonstrates the brutality and determination with which militant Islamists in North Africa operate, just a short plane ride south of European soil"

The Financial Times article above makes it clear that the exploding war in Mali is a big deal.

[Prime Minister David] Cameron said the UK must "work with others to defeat the terrorists and to close down the ungoverned space where they thrive with all the means that we have". He said the threat would "require a response that is about years, even decades, rather than months, and . . . that is patient, that is painstaking, that is tough but also intelligent".

"What we face is an extremist, Islamist, violent al-Qaeda-linked terrorist group, just as we had to deal with in Pakistan and Afghanistan." He said he would use Britain's chairmanship of the G8 this year to ensure that the issue is "right at the top of the agenda".

We don't think it HAS to be a big deal, of course. Our paradigm is that the West is deliberately whipping up these wars in order to create an East Versus West reality that will allow governments to increase domestic authoritarianism and justify it in the name of "terrorism."

The idea is always divide and conquer. Create false-flag panics, scarcity scenarios and "enemies" and then reconfigure society so that it is more amenable to globalism. World government is apparently the ultimate goal.

Using this paradigm, we were able to predict the current outcome because we noticed the supposed youth rebellions occurring in Upper Africa and the Middle East were inevitably substituting the CIA-controlled Muslim Brotherhood for toppled secular regimes. A little bit of digging also confirmed that the West supported the AYM youth movements that were toppling overseas governments in the area.

The idea that there is a tiny elite group that is working hard to build global government and using all the awesome resources of central banks to do so is a hard one for people to internalize. Likewise, the idea that modern history is "directed" by the elites who have literally redirected all of society – art, politics and economics – toward supporting this goal.

The current war blowing up in Mali is, however, a perfect example of directed history. It has been "in the works" for at least two years but probably far longer than that. Not only has it been planned, it has been gradually developed through a series of supporting wars in the Middle East and Africa. All of this manipulation was intended to make this outcome look inevitable and natural. It is not.

People DO want to continue to live in Dreamtime. They want to believe the myths that have been prepared for them and are so desperate to do so that they will allow themselves to be continually manipulated and will attack the messenger rather than take responsibility.

This is too bad. Fortunately, the Internet Reformation is making elite manipulations easier to spot and is yielding up numerous informed observers and Web sites that, like, regularly comment on what is actually taking place. Understanding one's world is critical to survival and the ability to prosper in an ever more manipulated environment.


Ironically, The Daily Bell's modest staff will receive no journalism awards for its groundbreaking journalism ... but no matter! Our most important and most treasured award is your patronage.

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