3 Crucial Battles in the War of Big Tech
By The Daily Bell Staff - August 04, 2017

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1. Google Plays Favorites and Arbitrarily Bans Content From Results

Google used to base its search algorithms on what the user wanted to see. Now they are starting to interject their own ideas about what people should see. In April Google announced

that they would be taking measures to punish “low quality content” such as misleading information, offensive results, hoaxes and conspiracy theories.

They are joining the war on “fake news.” That means they are glad participants in helping the government and media serve up propaganda to the people. But could this sell out backfire, and leave room for industry disruption?

2. Facebook Has Learned “The Art of War” from China

Zuckerberg is really gung ho to get his product accepted by the Chinese government. Facebook went so far as to create a censorship tool for the authoritarian nation. Along the way, Zuckerberg has picked up some tips about controlling his subjects. Facebook wants a monopoly on social media and the people’s data. What better partner than a human-rights-violating communist regime?

3. The Big Four Battle it Out for Control Over Your Time and Data

I guess the silver lining is that competition gives us some choice. But the turf is starting to be diced up between Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple. Each company is buying up smaller rivals and trying to edge in on their big data competitors.  They are the first comers, the gods of the digital age. But even gods have fallen…

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  • Goldcoaster

    That’s it?

  • Alan777

    Google, Facebook, and Amazon are definitely monopolies using the public domain (internet) to control the population and accumulate great fortunes. The problem is how to make them and our government keep an open playing field to allow for freedom of expression. Clearly. it isn’t happening now.

  • Spanky Lee

    The war on ‘fake news’ is just another new form of censorship. But it’s just a small issue compared against political correctness which holds that there are broad classes of questions that should not be asked, topics that should not be debated and ideas that should never be shared. I won’t get specific here because frankly, the examples I would cite would serve to brand me as either a person who hates a “protected class” of people or as a lunatic.

    But just think about it for a minute.

  • Brabantian

    Counter-punch to this is happening by joint action of the European Commission & the Donald Trump White House, led by Trump advisor Steve Bannon … as the EU begins to wake up to the fact that the not-so-politically-correct Trump is not their big enemy amongst the US factions

    The European Commission not only just issued a € 2.7 billion fine against Google, with further EU actions to be taken as Google’s horrific frauds & criminal attacks against EU citizens & companies become further explored –

    But the EU now also has an ally in the Trump White House, where Steve Bannon has launched an initiative to terminate Google’s ugly role as a politically-biased & criminal private monopoly, and make Google search & Facebook into public utilities under open direct public regulation … so that we won’t have this game of Google or Facebook pretending to be ‘just private companies’ … it is high time the Google gangsters were put down

    The Eastern world led by China, is already well-aware & have begun to take strong action against what criminals they are … they will take Zuckerberg & Facebook for a nice Chinese ride after Zuckerberg shares enough of his operation with them

    • Jeff Farnol

      That is absolute nonsense.
      The EU –heavily the Germans–with its evil leftist “hate speech” laws are a huge part of the problem not any sort of solution.

  • georgesilver

    These Gods only exist because many worship them.

    You don’t have to use any of them. When you do you can use them under your own terms. You don’t have to buy anything from Amazon. You can easily ignore the stuff Google dishes up with more targeted searches. As for Apple it’s becoming user unfriendly and likes to control everything. So I use a Macbook and a Samsung phone. The Samsung phone enables me to move stuff around on the Macbook.

    In the end these four Gods will just morph into utilities.

  • Bill Ross

    4 – Your network infrastructure (routers, webcams, cellphones, …, YOUR PROPERTY) are SPYING on you.

    I was there when (’80’s) CIA / NSA sent a HUGE delegation to Nortel demanding backdoor access to our switching equipment, else “be shut down”.

    So my “heads up” came a lot sooner than most.

    Technical Defense:

    • r2bzjudge


  • r2bzjudge

    They are joining the war on “fake news.”

    I am not aware that Google has banned the MSM. It has become so obvious that the MSM news is seriously slanted and is not telling us the truth.

    Google is not the only search engine and if someone is aware of something factual and Google tries to hide it from them, it exposes Google for what it is.

  • Come on, DB. Play the white man and let the foxes see the hare. Release what has been freely shared earlier to be aired here and received a ……. Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by The Daily Bell.

    Does IT cause major problems and create fabulous solutions?