3 Stories That Show Big Brother is Alive and Well
By The Daily Bell Staff - October 21, 2017

Getting Clever with Fear to Restrict the Internet.

Representatives from the seven countries (UK, USA, Germany, Italy, France, Canada, and Japan) known as the G7 which form the Council on Foreign Relations met to discuss what to do about extremist jihadi content on the internet. They want to work with tech giants to make sure anything that could recruit or train terrorists is taken down within two hours.

The United Kingdom actually proposed jailing anyone who even views extremist content online for up to 15 years! Of course, the governments will define “extremist content.” And as most things go, their definition will likely get looser over time.

For instance, when SWAT teams were introduced in America, the government claimed they would only be used in hostage situations. Today SWAT teams are used thousands of times a year, even for small-scale drug raids on non-violent suspects.


Prosecutors Pick a Target, THEN Find a Crime.

Practically anybody could be indicted for a crime if enough investigation went into their lives. There are so many laws, that we can’t go a day without breaking some statute.

Of course, most of us are not popular enough to draw the attention of U.S. prosecutors. But that is how they keep “the little guy” in line, by making examples out of the government’s enemies.

Reports indicate that Robert Mueller is on a fishing expedition to indict members of Trump’s team. If he can’t find any crimes, he will twist the law until something fits. Mueller and his team have done this in the past.

That’s the state of “justice” in America.

Fitbit and Pacemaker Info Used to Catch Criminals

Here’s the tough thing about Big Brother technology. In the beginning, it really is just used against actual criminals.

In one instance, a woman’s Fitbit, a watch monitoring her activity, cast doubt on her husband’s story. He said she was murdered by an intruder. He told the police a story about when she came home, what she did in the time before the supposed intruder showed up, and that she ran down into the basement. Based on information from the device, they could see the story was a fabrication.

In another case, prosecutors successfully subpoenaed information from a man’s heart rate monitor which proved he was awake when he claimed to be asleep before a fire started. He is going to trial for the arson, and a judge ruled that the evidence will be allowed to be presented.

The problem is the precedent it sets. Much like the SWAT raids in the example above, this information may at first be used to solve arsons and murders.

But what happens when it is used to fish for crimes instead? Or to frame someone in the wrong place at the wrong time?

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • What if the government started recording every key stroke and telephone conversation we make and storing it in some huge complex?

    What? Really? Never mind.

    • Bombaste Von Hohenheim

      funny and sad at the same time

    • Indeed Doc ! good to hear from you. Some do not even realize what you are saying or why ?

      What if, Hey ? See my comment above with the links.

    • The problem then which presents itself, Doc, is understanding and acting effectively to lead in the proper direction with any prime information which has been shared/purloined/discovered/uncovered. And one has to be aware that some information is deliberately placed into the paths of hunters to test for any viable future intelligence in their sysadmins which can be of assistance on subsequent steps.

      Is that a current phenomenon and virtual reality?

  • Thomas Clawson

    Maybe, just maybe, these tactics can be used to get George Soros and the others stirring up all the termoil in the Country placed in prison.
    Just a little wishful thinking……….

    • Bombaste Von Hohenheim

      soros (no caps) has 28 days to move out of Austria thanks to their new Chancelor

  • Alan777

    Interesting since in Europe they’re jailing people for simply complaining about or revealing muslim crimes and/or statistics. Maybe this is an attempt to work this into jailing “right wingers” or “white supremacists” a.k.a., concerned citizens who dare expose the media and government hyprocrisy.

    • Bombaste Von Hohenheim

      Some guys who have refused the construction of a mosque in Poitiers (where Charles Martel stopped the muslims in 732) receive a sentence of 50 000 euros and one year in jail…. while antifas never even get arrested.for destroying the country (PS: I’m an American forced to live in France when his sick mother refused to move to the States and had to care for her)(Dad was a GI)

    • Jailing people is how you hush them up and stop them from telling the truth. All control freak despot regimes do this regularly, including right here in USA today ! Don’t believe me look at this truth !

      And they tried it with this guy as well, but did not succeed

      Both have been up now for 2 years and we did get some success, so don’t give up ! Take your action today.

  • Just curious ? how is it possible FB lets all manner of jihadis post and comment all manner of criminal intentions, yet if a person who considers themself a patriot here in USA says anything about the wrong subjects or what FB determines to be offensive, they are taken down ? Much more mundane comments, like anything related to sovereignty or freedom or any truth about race issues here in USA ? Twitter does the same thing as well as Google and Yahoo and many others.

    So are they all control mechanisms ? Check out these factual rabbit holes for the simple answers.

  • JRX

    People love all these ways the government can catch a bad guy. They love the convenience of having a microchip implanted.

    They don’t really see the bigger picture. I guess school indoctrination works well.

  • John R Hanson

    So this is a great surprise? Attorney’s in the United States (especially government types) have been making laws to outlaw behavior. And not bad behavior either, just behavior they don’t like or that fit within their lifestyle. Laws such as curfew which is highly discriminatory; walking across a street when no one is in sight (they call it j-walking and in Nevada it’s a CRIMINAL offense); failure to obey signs such as stop signs when no one is close to 5-miles from you (why don’t we just start using yield signs and traffic circles?; and others. That’s what bothers me about Robert Mueller and his gang of attorneys. Do you think they will spend $100 million and not have an indictment of some kind even if its based on fake or less than credible evidence? I highly doubt it.

  • Skeptic

    Out of all the things Facebook censors – the one it goes after hardest is the ANti-Vaxxer’s – makes you wonder what they’re hiding. Surely the truth can speak for itself – only lies need a narrator

  • Jim Lloyd

    It’s eventual that those who manage an institution/organization will undermine it’s purpose and values. Being prepared is essential. Organizing/associating is the next crime-look for use of RICO, group indictments, heightened accusations resulting in conspiracy, etc. People are ratting/ostracizing each other now, but as more people are harmed by government intrusion and betrayal, more people will dissent. Eliminating dissent is ultimate goal.

    • Howdy Jim,

      Eliminating dissent is a futile goal and indicative of a lack of necessary greater intelligence to lead future events threatened by dissent.

      • Jim Lloyd

        So it won’t happen because promoters of events worthy of dissent are too dumb to realize they are inviting opposition by their actions? Eliminating dissent en masse may be impossible-the micro level is another matter. Since people rarely organize outside their cultural attributes and sticker ribbons are an acceptable expression of “action” that can offer a similar reward, viable rejection remains disparate & unorganized, is collectively reduced and extinguished individually.

        • No, Jim, things are quite different and fundamentally changed nowadays. With everything worthwhile being instantly and invisibly connectable, is nothing safe and secure against a better beta competition which might be opposition. …… and it is what is so terrifying to traditional and conventional status quo sources whenever required to engage with virtually adept forces exercising APT ACTivity in Live Operational Virtual Environments……. Lovely Advanced Persistent Threats/Treats … Advanced Cyber Threats/Treats.

          I Kid U Not.

          • Jim Lloyd

            You’re position is cyber-based; that leaves 95%+ of people out. Indecipherable/inaccessible intelligence/information has limited value undermines inclusion which…

            I love the beach almost as much as I love the woods.

          • That is as may be, Jim, but it is an improvement if you consider the popular accepted notion that it is an elitist 1% which takes a leading advantage and would rule over the remaining 99%.

            The posit here is that their time is up in the MainStream Drivering Seat. There be NEUKlearer AIMaster Pilots at Novel HyperRadioProActive Controls.

            You might like to consider the view shared here ….. Don’t be a Fools’ Tool for Fooling Again and Again

          • Jim Lloyd

            You’re conflating minorities. You’re making my balls tired.

          • Yes, conflating minorities indeed for Great Deeds. IT Creates SMARTR Movement with NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive Sources for Immaculate Forces.

            And I’ll ponder on the ranges of help for ” You’re making my balls tired.” 🙂

            Something immediately satisfying is heap good medicine, methinks, when easily applied with due diligence to the tasks.