5 Reasons Franklin D. Roosevelt was the WORST
By The Daily Bell Staff - August 20, 2017

Can you believe that there are at least three statues of Franklin D. Roosevelt in Washington DC? There is one in South Dakota too, another in Virginia, and even more in London.

It appears all these places are overrun by racists and fascist sympathizers. How can people put up with revering a man who:

1. Literally Rounded Up 120,000 Japanese Americans, and Put them in Concentration Camps!

That was authorized by executive order 9066, which Roosevelt signed February 19, 1942.

How is this fact so often left out of any discussion about how “great” FDR was? These people were American citizens, and they were arrested for no reason other than their heritage.

He imprisoned an entire race. How is he not widely accepted as the biggest American racist of the last century? He was certainly the most effective racist.

Two reports which Roosevelt commissioned in the years prior found that Japanese Americans posed little to no risk to the government. Since FDR ignored the reports’ recommendations, it seems his violation of the rights of Japanese Americans was motivated by racism.

2. He Actually Outlawed Gold!

FDR had absolutely no respect for the people’s rights. He had no respect for the rule of law. He was a tyrant!

With Executive Order 6102, signed on April 5, 1933, everyone living in America was given 25 days to turn in their gold. Yes, their property was confiscated without due process. The government set the price they paid to about $20 per ounce. Three months later, the price miraculously jumped to $35 per ounce.

The law wasn’t repealed until 1974!

3. FDR was Pen Pals With Mussolini, Whom he Admired.

It was a mutual love between FDR and Mussolini. The book, Three New Deals, shows how similar the movements of the 1930’s were in America, Italy, and Germany. It recounts how Roosevelt said:

“‘I don’t mind telling you in confidence,’ FDR remarked to a White House correspondent, ‘that I am keeping in fairly close touch with that admirable Italian gentleman'”

And Mussolini reviewed FDR’s book Looking Forward.

“Reminiscent of Fascism is the principle that the state no longer leaves the economy to its own devices.… Without question, the mood accompanying this sea change resembles that of Fascism.”

4. The Roosevelt Administration was Infested with Russian Spies.

Diana West described in her book, American Betrayal, just how well the Soviet Union infiltrated the White House. Top officials close to the President were supportive of the Soviet Regime to the point of suspicion.

In one sketchy encounter, soldiers were told to stand down when they witnessed American secrets being smuggled out of America on a plane bound for Russia, guarded by Soviet soldiers. This may be how the Soviet Union was able to make nuclear weapons.

And other policies were directly influenced by socialist sympathizers and possibly outright spies in the government during FDR’s tenure. Soviet troops were given precedence for American supplies over American troops during World War Two!

5. FDR Hated the Press and Suppressed Them.

Reason Magazine describes FDR’s War Against the Press:

Roosevelt warned in 1938 that “our newspapers cannot be edited in the interests of the general public, from the counting room. And I wish we could have a national symposium on that question, particularly in relation to the freedom of the press. How many bogies are conjured up by invoking that greatly overworked phrase?”

Roosevelt started the FCC and limited licenses for radio to six months.

It did not take long for broadcasters to get the message. NBC, for example, announced that it was limiting broadcasts “contrary to the policies of the United States government.” CBS Vice President Henry A. Bellows said that “no broadcast would be permitted over the Columbia Broadcasting System that in any way was critical of any policy of the Administration.” He elaborated “that the Columbia system was at the disposal of President Roosevelt and his administration and they would permit no broadcast that did not have his approval.” Local station owners and network executives alike took it for granted, as Editor and Publisher observed, that each station had “to dance to Government tunes because it is under Government license.”

FDR’s government illegally intercepted telegraphs and used the ill begotten information to subpoena journalists, chilling any decent, and drying up the flow of information to reporters. A law was even proposed to give prison sentences for anyone who knowingly published false information: fake news.

Tear down this racist, fascist’s statues!

James Altucher: “Do NOT Buy Bitcoin Until You See This!”
I repeat… Do NOT buy Bitcoin before you see what I’m revealing here.

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  • Stop erecting statues depicting the criminal, er, I mean political class, period. Problem solved!

    • Exactly!

    • autonomous

      Maybe not solved, but one can of flammables removed.

  • georgesilver

    He was also the one who engineered the Atomic Bomb hoax with Stalin and Churchill.
    The original press releases said that Nagasaki and Hiroshima had been firebombed.

  • CCblogging

    Roosevelt was a Democrat. That alone makes Roosevelt a jackass.

    • egavacs

      Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the foal of an ass.

      • CCblogging

        Well, that ride didn’t make Jesus a jackass like Roosevelt. BTW, Jesus wasn’t a Democrat either!

  • John R Hanson

    He also rounded up over 5,000,000 Mexicans and sent them home during the American harvest. Why did he hate our farmers so badly? I believe the year this happened was 1938.

    • Praetor

      Depression and putting the American citizen to work. The War came around and those 5 million were allowed to come back. The American citizen now had to go fight and die for the progressive cause. A little different today, but the same old game.!!!

  • egavacs

    You’re painting a biased picture. Representing the rich opposed to the poor and low wage workers. The rich called Roosevelt a traitor because he didn’t fall into self aggrandizing capitalist nationalism.

    • Don Duncan

      Just because you don’t agree doesn’t mean you can erase hundreds of facts by citing one article. FDR sold himself constantly on radio without any fear of contradiction because he controlled the media via license. The bankers who funded FDR’s campaign did call him a traitor but they also openly opposed the Federal Reserve Act which they conspired to get passed as an anti-banking act.

      There is nothing wrong with being biased if the facts warrant it.

      • egavacs

        I realize I’ll never fathom the complexities of histories politics. I’m absolutely sure of it. Not erasing hundreds of facts it this article paints the man as if he’d never done anything good. To me it still seems like hard-line republicanism. Makes it seem a four term president was elected by a bunch of fools.

        • Col. Edward H. R. Green

          “Makes it seem a four term president was elected by a bunch of fools.”

          Yes, he was.

          Anyone who votes for any politician at any level of government for one term or many terms is a credulous, ignorant, defectively-educated and willfully and complacently indoctrinated fool handing a loaded gun, its aim directed by his vote, and placing it in the hands of a psychopath attended by fellow sociopaths an psychopaths to aim at himself and his fellow voting fools.

          “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”
          –H. L. Mencken

      • Col. Edward H. R. Green

        There is everything right with being biased in favor of the facts.

  • Praetor

    Statues/Monuments. In today’s world we are pikers compared to Egypt and the BC crowd. It would be interesting to know how Christians view this destruction of statues and monuments. Exodus 20, “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image or likeness of any thing.” There is always this place where the rubber meets the road.!!!

  • oblangata

    The people hated Franklin D. Roosevelt so much he was elected President of the United States four times: 1932, 1936, 1940, and 1944. The people must have really disliked him a lot.

    • Praetor

      A well orchestrated play was it not. Depression government intervention government war and all orchestrated by the Oligarchs of doom to gain a command and control of all civilization. They are still trying to gain control. Not as easy as it looks.!!!

      • oblangata

        Why did they keep voting for him? People wanted peace. Mostly, they wanted peace of mind instead of gnawing fear.

        The first time they voted for him, they sought to escape from a financial, personal terror which had stalked them for three years. They wanted the peace that comes from security in their homes: safety for their savings, permanence in their jobs, and a fair profit from their businesses.

        Next, they wanted peace in their communities, peace that springs from the ability to meet the needs of community life: schools, playgrounds, parks, sanitation, highways, things that you would expect from a solvent government. They also sought to escape from bankruptcy in their local and state governments.

        They voted for him again, because they wanted protection of their currency, fairer wages, stronger labor laws (the ending of long hours, the abolition of child labor, etc.), things like Social Security, but mostly the elimination of wild-cat speculation in the stock markets…

        Yeah. Stuff like that: That’s why they kept voting for him.

        • Praetor

          You forgot to say, they wished they had the internet. That way it would have been harder form them to be fooled about big socialist progressive government and a federal centralized banking system, that got them into the mess they found them selves in. With the internet we now know, back then their goal was one world global governance, where freedom liberty and individual determination is eliminated. You forgot all that.!!!

          • oblangata

            Yes, obviously you are so much more informed than your forefathers who did not have the internet, where they could literally be consumed with all kinds of crazy conspiracy theories and propaganda.

          • Praetor

            Nothing is obvious. There are no conspiracy theories, that is a propaganda meme. Roosevelt’s were nothing more then a Globalist Oligarchs. To bad you refuse not to be blinded by you’re love of big government. But as they say that’s you’re problem not mine.!!!

          • oblangata

            You need to decide (1) whether you are going to take another shot off of that whiskey bottle or (2) get yourself a spell checker.

          • Praetor

            As always. When you brain dead have no argument, you are left with spelling punctuation sentence structure drunk drugs or mental retardation. And as always. Shove It.!!!

          • oblangata

            I’m not sorry I hurt your feelings, snowflake.

          • Praetor

            Sorry failure. Idiots like you come here all the time and spew the same garbage. Go back to you’re government job and STFU, fool. Try hard next time.!!!

          • oblangata

            I’ve been crushed by a member of the educated freedom-loving benign populace that wants nothing more than to spread their good fortune and obvious superior morally advanced way of life throughout the world.

          • Praetor

            You used the word obvious again and it is obvious you are a moron. You should have you’re oblangata looked at, it has disconnected from you’re useless brain. Keep trying you may yet find you’re way out of the fog.!!!

          • Col. Edward H. R. Green

            The medulla oblongata (or medulla) is located in the brainstem, anterior to the cerebellum. It is a cone-shaped neuronal mass responsible for autonomic (involuntary) functions ranging from vomiting to sneezing.

            Well, Mr. Oblangata (sp.), judging by your “comments”, your name explains your mindless defense of FDR and other statists and their totalitarian agendas, a defense that is as autonomic as vomiting.

        • Heywood Jablome

          Most of what you have just said is plain nonsense, economics were terrible and he did not solve the problem of the depression, he was dyed in the wool socialist, almost communist, and he did more damage than good, and the electorate had only newspapers and radio for their information, and no alternatives, Goebbels was a master of lying to the masses and so was FDR. In the absence of any way to obtain an alternative premise the population put their faith in the media, and we all know how that ends, maybe you should do a little research and upgrade your historical, social and fiscal perspectives.

          • oblangata

            If you do a little more work, you’ll readily determine that *** at the time ***, communists/socialists were crawling out of the woodwork in America, they were extremely popular and they were victorious in many local and state elections.

            FDR co-opted these groups. He accomplished this by incorporating in his own rhetoric many of their demands, and the democrats absorbed the leaders of these groups into FDR’s following. If you would but open your eyes, these were conscious efforts to undercut left-wing radicals and extremists into the democratic party, thus PRESERVING capitalism. Otherwise, it (Capitalism) probably would not have survived.

          • egavacs

            Wasn’t the spinoffs from socialist thinking responsible for allowing miners to be paid in U.S. currency, not company chits? Chits that had to be used for company stores and housing? Where terribly lax safety requirements were upheld by the ‘robber barons’? As far as I’m concerned and believe, all systems are socialist. Robber barons socialized a system separate from the U.S. system. Cable TV socializes content. You can’t buy what you want. You must buy what others watch to subsidize the business. It’s either nice or not nice. Right or wrong.

          • Don Duncan

            An important part of socialism is the application of force, i.e., the concession that violence is moral if done in the name of the collective.
            A business may get a contract signed that violates rights, but it can’t morally enforce it because in a capitalist system, rights are primary and can’t be waived. This is not true in statism.

            So when you say “all systems are socialist” you cannot include capitalism, even if many call themselves capitalists while putting authority before rights. They are not correct. Their beliefs have been adopted by memorizing slogans and oxymorons, not by careful thought.

          • egavacs

            This may sound ignorant and stupid, but I believe capitalism is worship of money. Morality doesn’t come from money. So, if our capitalist system says regulation makes it too difficult to profit, in spite of environmental degradation and destruction, then capitalism has the answer?

          • Don Duncan

            One of the best answers to your inquiry about capitalism, i.e., the production and marketing of goods/services (for love or money, both of which one may profit from, e.g., may value) without hinderance, is the speech by Francisco d’Anconia “So you think money is the root of all evil?”. You can hear (YouTube) or read it.
            Hint: A morality that values money, values life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness. They are all tied together, logically, as Francisco argues so elegantly.

          • Col. Edward H. R. Green

            So, FDR preserved capitalism by co-opting groups of socialists/communists, thereby providing them with a national platform for them to promote their agenda against capitalism.

            In other words, he defended and preserved legitimate individual rights, the foundation of capitalism, rightly understood, by allying his administration with people like him and the members of his “brain trust” who resolutely attacked and denied those rights.

            I’ll give you this much; You’re quite fluent in Orwellian.

          • gdrkn

            Hey how are things down on the farm Putin stooge?

        • Col. Edward H. R. Green

          Their grave and dangerous mistake was “thinking” that the government could provide them with those things.

        • RED

          Simplistic tunnel vision thinking!

    • vongoh

      This is because vast majority ‘the people’ are genuinely ignorant of the true history, personality, nature and actions of the faraway ‘leaders’ they vote for. They easily programmed by propaganda, and therefore fall in love with delusional mental constructs of strangers.

      • oblangata

        According to your reasoning that is precisely why Donald Trump is now the president of the United States.

        • vongoh

          Yes. Its at the root of the heuristic tree of bad decisions and faulty reasoning that lead people to blindly vote for ALL leaders that are complete strangers..

          The further away they are from personal experience, and the ‘higher up’ the chain of authority they are, the worse the decisions are and the farther way the voter is to understanding who they are actually voting for.

          This applies to all national Presidents by definition. If there were any Presidents that turned out to be reasonably close (in reality) to the person that the people thought they were when they voted for them, genuinely were who they presented themselves as during the campaign, and took sincere consistent actions for the benefit of the people – it was pure luck.

          • juhneen

            Then I’d say Donald Trump has been pure dumb luck so far.

          • Don Duncan

            What people don’t understand, often because they don’t have enough info, is referred to as, “luck” (good or bad), fate, chance, or coincidence. But those words are NOT explanations, but the opposite, i.e., a result of ignorance.

            Metaphysically speaking (in reality), cause/effect is always present, meaning our ignorance of the cause doesn’t change the fact that a cause always exists. Therefore, the above words are not metaphysical but epistemological, pertaining to our state of mind, our knowledge, understanding. But many take those words to be an explanation, implying some reality is unknowable. It isn’t. We are just not all-knowing, infallible.

            Who knows what the general opinion of a candidate is? It’s anyone’s guess, and some pundits make a living telling us, but in the end they really capitalizing on our need to feel like we understand important stuff, like who will rule.

            But JFK took many principled stands that threatened TPTB. Obviously, TPTB made a mistake letting him get elected. They quickly corrected it.

      • autonomous

        With Hitler in the left eye and the depression in the right, it was easy to mislead voters. Then with war fear and fervor, the tide was set,

      • Don Duncan

        “They are easily programmed…”
        If not taught in childhood to think, learning while living can lead to many cognitive mistakes. It is the first responsibility of parents to teach HOW TO THINK, and let the child decide “what to think”.

    • Col. Edward H. R. Green

      “The people must have really disliked him a lot.”

      It is more accurate to say that his continual re-election demonstrates the truism, attributed to Alexander Hamilton, that “the masses are asses”.

  • egavacs
  • Ethercruiser One

    FDR basically set the nation on a course of socialism & bigger government. This would ultimately prove unsustainable. But he did it for what he believed was a good cause in the midst of a Great Depression. He also made decisions that helped win WW2.

    • Don Duncan

      FDR had the strongest laissez-faire (free market) platform of the 20th century in a time of great economic stress (a bust) brought on by Wilson’s F.R.A. (the 3rd central bank). Americans were still pro capitalism so they trusted a capitalist president would be best to restore prosperity and elected him. He had lied and totally misrepresented his politics. Are you claiming he did this to save the people from capitalism and limited govt.? And this betrayal was out of compassion? His blatant violations of Constitutional limits served TPTB (the international banking cartel who funded him and backed all sides in WWII).

      He conspired to get America into war for the military/industrial complex.

      • egavacs

        Germany already had plans to attack the United States with long range bombers and ballistic missiles. The American people were against war. That’s a horse to ride if you’re unaware your next in line for nukes. Germany sent fissionable material to Japan via submarine.
        If Europe couldn’t contain the fascists?

        • Don Duncan

          Germany’s plans are irrelevant. “Every warrior has a plan, until he gets cold-cocked.”
          Germany was beaten by the USSR, by the irrational Hitler, and by the mass delusion of superiority.

        • Hitler had only one objective – wipe out Poland and Russia.

      • Ethercruiser1

        “Are you claiming he did this to save the people from capitalism and limited govt.?” -Obviously not!
        “And this betrayal was out of compassion?” -Like the Dems, RINOs, “presstitute” MSM & liberal teachers/professors of today, many of these people are simply deluded into thinking they are doing the “right thing”. Of course, they are not & many are evil knowing they are doing the “wrong thing”. FDR bragged about how he could “stretch” the Constitution without “breaking it” in order to get done his “New Deal” & other things he wanted done.
        “He conspired to get America into war” -Yes, I believe he did. But he did not know that the USSR would be able to defeat Hitler on their own. He also did not like what Japan was doing in China & other parts of Asia. He had to convince a basically non-interventionist majority in the USA to intervene in WW2.

    • autonomous

      He didn’t set the course, but he gave it a gargantuan kick in the ass. Without Teddy, Wilson and Hoover, arguably FDR might never been elected.

      • Don Duncan

        Quite true. The American political course was being altered from the outset, with an intellectual counter-American coup, the Constitution. It strengthened elite, centralized control, over rights, threatening the unique paradigm of the sacred individual as primary over govt.

      • Ethercruiser1

        Yes, the Income Tax (& the IRS to enforce it) + the creation of the Federal Reserve under Wilson (& the fabulously wealthy & powerful Central Bankers) is, in my opinion, the key power that will lead to the collapse of the USA. It’s no coincidence that once that was done we had 2 major world wars & many more wars the USA has gotten into since then. Pretty much perpetual warfare! Nice for making money by the industrial/military/intelligence complex but bad for everyone else.

  • popeye1951

    From the Mies Institute: How FDR Made the Depression Worse

    • Sam Fox

      popeye, in contrast to FDR, there is also some good history to learn about in The Depression You Never Heard Of.

    • Sam Fox

      popeye, I got a notice that you asked me about The Depression You Never Heard Of. I can’t find your comment so I am replying here. Enter that phrase in a search. In the FDR sponsored Great Depression, FDR & the ‘Federal’ Reserve did exactly the opposite of what the ‘Fed’ & prez did in the much shorter DYNHO.

      That short depression gave way to the Roaring Twenties.


  • Rolf Loth

    Yes, Oblangata, you depict and represent a large majority of brainwashed sheeple that regurgitate the propaganda fed to them without the slightest idea of how history is manipulated. Roosevelt was a true, double-faced hypocrite and warmonger, responsible for Pearl Harbor and co-conspirator that caused WW II. He had no compassion for the little people, or the American soldiers that died in Europe. He belongs into the ” Hall of Fame for the Evil.”

    • oblangata

      I will have you know, sir… I’ve spent years successfully perfecting the art of manipulating and managing brainwashed sheeple.

      • Praetor

        Lying to yourself is really stupid. Stop watching TV, you might learn something.!!!

  • teabagger_1

    The second democrat president to inject “progressive socialism” into the modern American Culture. Wilson being the first. Both grew government and eroded people’s rights. True American racist and fascists. Too bad most Americans are too stupid to see the truth.

  • michael Ponzani

    Two other things came to mind: Roosevelt really screwed over the poor consumers by “helping” them in these fashions. 1.) He forced the farmers to slaughter their pigs so the remaining animals’ prices / pound would go up. Sorry Charlie shopper trying to feed your family on say, $30/wk. Pork might have been 15 cents/lb. and may have fallen to 10 cents/lb. Happiness for the worker. If it went up to 20-25 cents/lb.—misery for the worker. Apply the same prices to milk, except substitute gallons for pounds. Same thing.

  • OldJarhead03

    There were a few German-Americans and Italian-Americans rounded up too. Don’t forget Wickard v Filburn and the abuse of the interstate commerce clause either.

  • Roderick T. Beaman

    Try the fact that FDR ordered G-men to seize thousands and maybe milions of gallons of milk and pour them down sewers; this at a time when people were starving. It was to increase milk prices.

    He denied a small Catholic radio station in the mid-west a renewed license because it was critical of him.

    He was a very mediocre attorney. There was an office memo from a partner that no case of import or challenge should be entrusted to him.

    At Tehran, he sold out Eastern Europe to Stalin.

    He was the one, in the 1930s(?), who promised our intervention in the Near East to the Saudi king.

    He had no intellectual curiosity. Even his biggest supporters in the White House staff, said they never saw him read anything other than an occasional mystery novel. Does even Agatha Chirstie rise to great literature?

    This friend of the poor, my father saw chew out a sailor mercilessly when FDR boarded his ship because he didn’t tend to him timely enough.

    He was a fraud & a phony. A maliginant senile hypertensive.

    • Col. Edward H. R. Green

      FDR was as much of a sociopath and a narcissist as was his fifth cousin, the “big stick” thug, and fellow statist, Teddy Roosevelt.

      Then there is Eleanor, FDR’s wife, whose physical ugliness matched that of her support of communism.

      Poor Fala !

  • Don Duncan

    My mother & father (children of the Great Depression) worshiped FDR but were confused by his order for the caravans of trucks loaded with produce be dumped into the Sacramento river. Soldiers “guarded” the caravans to keep starving mobs from salvaging the fresh produce. Why were the starving shot for trying to feed themselves/families? The official explanation was: Destroying produce keeps prices up and stops farms from going under. But how does a broke family pay higher prices when it can’t pay any price? And why can’t a farmer decide to sell direct or give away his produce? Who authorized govt. to make these draconian decisions?

    You did, when you voted to let an elite make “some decisions” believing they would self restrain themselves, only protect rights and never violate them.

    Did you ever stop to think: Who will protect you from your protectors?

  • autonomous

    There are undoubtedly many more than five reason. The man should have been numbered among the most anti-Americans in our history, including the present radicals. Great summary.

    • Thank you! Very true, many more examples.

    • Robert

      Actually the article could be entitled 50 reasons, or even 500 reasons, and they wouldn’t be hard to find. Roosevelt was a psychopath, but that’s why the liberals and communists surrounding him liked him. If he called you ‘my friend’ that was the indication you’d be stabbed in the back, or somehow destroyed politically, or maybe financially, by use of the IRS, despite any supportive promises or committments that had been made to gain your support.
      An excellently written biography by Conrad Black, while meant to be a hagiography, ironically reveals on virtually every page what a treacherous scum Roosevelt was despite all the rationalizations and justifications by Black of his hero’s behaviour and actions. Deal with DeGaulle or Vichy? Vichy, of course. Bomb Rome, an open city, after promising the Pope not to?
      Sure, and bomb the Pope’s summer home, where he was sheltering refugees, too, refugees that got killed. The Germans had better behaviour – they wrote the passes for the refugees, including Jews, to shelter there.
      The US even bombed Pompeii.
      As for ‘socialist’ sentiment, especially by Eleanor but supported lavishly with tax dollars, the model community disaster of Arthurville provides the example of social engineering dreams with the result that we are all too familiar with.
      And had the depression-era policy of Roosevelt been to do no harm, the recovery after the wretched excess of Wall Street under the supervision and inaction of Roosevelt as governor of New York for several years would have been probably been quick, as it usually has been.
      As just one more insult to the American people, after withholding participation and approval of the Hoover administration’s action plan for the banks for 5 months after the election, purely for political reasons and exascerbating the banking crisis, the day of his inauguration Roosevelt implemented the Hoover Plan, and even used the speech written by Hoover’s Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, verbatim and naturally without credit. Thus Roosevelt’s ‘plan’ to save the banks.
      Gawd, you could just go on forever …

  • lois

    I trust no politician.

  • MetaCynic

    Worst of all, FDR was a bloodthirsty warmonger who manipulated the Japanese into attacking Pearl Harbor.

    • Casey Phyle

      And that SOB called Pearl Harbor a surprise attack, and 12-7-1941 a Day of Infamy, when the true day of infamy was when he started to manipulate the Japs into war.

      • MetaCynic

        Having broken the Japanese naval code FDR’s administration shamelessly silently monitored the Japanese fleet as it approached Pearl Harbor. The base’s precious aircraft carriers and submarines were conveniently sent on an errand, leaving behind aged capital ships and sitting duck sailors

        • Col. Edward H. R. Green

          My father was aboard the USS Minneapolis, which had been sent 20 miles away from Pearl for “target practice” on December 7, 1941.

          Decades later, when my father learned the truth of FDR’s treacherous responsibility for setting up Pearl Harbor for attack, and educated himself about FDR’s statist agenda that he had been so stupidly credulous to accept at face value before and during his navy years. and afterwards, for so long, he was so furious–and rightly so–that he sent all of his medals and honorable discharge papers, accompanied by a very “hot” letter (that I proudly helped him write, and I co-signed it) to the US Secretary of the Navy John H. Dalton (1993-1998) and advised Mr. Dalton to shove them.

          • MetaCynic

            Out of curiosity, was 20 miles sufficient distance from Pearl Harbor for the USS Minneapolis to escape detection from Japanese aircraft? Perhaps the Japanese attack planes were under orders to concentrate on their primary mission – Pearl Harbor – and ignore everything else.

    • Even worse was the FDR invention of the atomic bomb – .

  • Clearpoint

    And yet he was democratically elected by the people 4 consecutive times, with all 4 elections being landslide victories. Sometimes there are nothing but bad choices — Trump vs Hillary. You still have to make a choice. What that tells you is that the people considered the stay the course alternative considerably worse.

    • Bombaste Von Hohenheim

      killary got almost elected and hubby would have been elected a 3rd time had it been possible. Misology anyone?

    • Col. Edward H. R. Green

      “What that tells you is that the people considered the stay the course alternative considerably worse.”

      What it tells me is that millions of so-called “Americans” (certainly not Americans, in terms of its founding political philosophy of individualism) were so willfully mentally evasive, ignorant, and indoctrinated with statist ideology that FDR advocated and enacted into thousands of laws and alphabet programs that they acted not like critically-thinking human beings, but like sheep and lemmings in human form.

      Millions of Americans had supported the rational alternative of isolationism, a nod to Washington’s Farewell Address in which he sagely warned Americans to maintain neutrality in their relations with the peoples and governments of other nations, but FDR and his fellow statists used propaganda, including a cult of personality, “fireside chats”, etc., and treacherous acts to persuade them to disabuse themselves of it and engage in a world war.

      • Clearpoint

        The people you deride by calling them “mentally evasive, ignorant, indoctrinated, statist, sheep and lemmings” were living witness to the elites greatly enriching themselves due to their extensive positions of economic power, only to watch them bring the economy to its knees with their greedy and rampant corruption. So they did what democracy allows them to do, and voted for what they considered an alternative to the current elite leadership. That’s called democracy, and I’d much rather have that than someone like you picking our leaders.

        Regarding WW II, none of the tactics you attribute to Roosevelt got us into WW II. Pearl Harbor did; until then, the people who you call “lemmings” were steadfastly opposed to entering another European war until then.

        • Col. Edward H. R. Green

          Thank you for not bothering to read my comment before posting your response and choosing to refuse to look objectively at FDR and his own elitist and statist mentality, and his tactics that resulted in Pearl Harbor being unprepared for an attack.

      • RED

        Well stated Explanation!

  • Ticked Parent

    FDR also stacked the supreme court with his minions that hated the constitution and upended the rule of law.

  • JMiller

    Executive Order 6102 DID NOT make it illegal for U.S. citizens to own gold as the article wrongly states. Executive Order 6102 forbid the hoarding of gold coin, gold bullion, and gold certificates within the continental United States. Not gold ownership. Everyone was allowed to own gold jewelry and gold numismatic coins. Also every person was permitted to own up to $100 in gold coins equal to 5 ounces of gold.

    Some of the other points are probably not accurate either.

    • Bombaste Von Hohenheim

      so if you had more than 100 bucks you were screwed right?

      • JMiller

        No, not really. Some people sent their gold overseas. Many others did not even turn theirs in. It is estimated that only about 20% of the gold was turned in. That is why we have a lot of older gold coins around today.

  • MetaCynic

    I read recently that FDR was an admirer of Mussolini going so far as to carry on friendly correspondence with him.

    For all of FDR’s shortcomings and outright criminality, two other presidents were even worse than he. Woodrow Wilson for one. Without his intervention in WW1, the exhausted belligerents would probably have agreed to a truce thus saving Europe from the postwar convulsions and the world from Communism, Fascism and Nazism and later WW2 and the Cold War. The U.S. would have also been spared the Great Depression.

    However, the number 1 villainous president must be Lincoln, the Great Power Centralizer. It is Lincoln who unleashed a war to prevent the secession of the Southern states, a war which killed about 800,000 Americans and destroyed the economies of the secessionist states. As bad as those crimes were, he destroyed the decentralized Republic and left us a legacy of crony capitalism, empire and a central government which recognizes no limits to its power.

    It can be said that it is the Lincoln Myth that legitimized Wilson’s and FDR’s agendas and the anti liberty behavior of all the presidents since.

    • Randy Wedin

      Lincoln was cruel, but nothing like Andrew Jackson, the father of the Democratic party. He was a ruthless and cruel slave owner, but also the reason why the Indians had to endure the Trail of Tears. Jackson was as racist as it gets. Then Andrew Johnson, a Democrat, sanctioned the startup of the KKK in 1865 – a Democratic militia group sponsored totally by the Democrats. Then under Woodrow Wilson, the KKK made another huge surge in popularity under Democrat Party sponsorship, including lynch mobs.

      Jim Crow was also created by Democrats and integration was fought tooth and nail by the Democratic Party up through Lyndon Johnson. Remember George Wallace, a good Democrat, flanked at both elbows by huge state troopers, blocking the integration of a school. Democrats also responsible for setting up Blacks into government housing in the northern cities, also called the ghettoes. Like Hotel California, you’re always welcome to enter, but you can never leave the ghettoes. The Democrats own you through welfare, food stamps, Obama phones, and no jobs to allow you to escape.

      Don’t forget, FDR segregated our military as well. His New Deal plan was also copied by the Nazi party in 1935, but the Nazis even thought the New Deal and Jim Crow acts were too vicious. So they didn’t copy all of the racist laws FDR sponsored – too cruel!

      Makes you wonder why Blacks fall all over themselves to support the Democrats when it was the Republican party that was totally responsible for their freedom and their ability to vote.

      Don’t believe me. Research all that yourself. Good starting point is “The Big Lie” by Dinesh D’Souza. It’s all out there, including the Democratic Party transferring the Neo Nazis, KKK, Fascists, and White Supremacists to the right, when those movements have always been associated with far left, Marxist politics. I guess that’s why neo-Nazis, fascists, and Antifa have been spotted getting off the same bus, only to be filmed fighting each other a few minutes later – paid by the same socialist, George Soros $25 an hour.

      So to set the record straight, the leftist Socialist Democratic party owns BLM, Antifa, Neo-Nazis, Fascists, White Supremacists, and communists. None of these organizations have anything in common with Republicans or conservatives whose conservatism is only to save the U.S. Constitution. The Democratic party is for globalization and the total takeover of America by violence, lying, or stealing and to demolish America as the true Republic that it is and make it part of a huge Socialist state, with a few of their rich empowered elitists in charge of course.

      • RED

        Not much more to say. You have nailed it with your summary!

  • Living_Commentator

    Regarding executive order #9066: Even more despicable than FDR himself was the Supreme Court which miserably failed to uphold the constitution.