A Disturbing Trend: Internet Exposure of Bilderberg Is Met With Defiance
By Daily Bell Staff - June 10, 2016

What to Know About the Bilderberg Group’s Secret Annual … Barriers stand in front of hotel Taschenbergpalais Kempinski in Dresden, Germany, where the Bilderberg conference will take place place from June 9-12, 2016. Little is known about the secretive group, but conspiracy theorists have plenty of ideas  A shadowy world government. Political kingmakers. A capitalist cabal looking to impose its will across the globe. –TIME

The Bilderberg meeting in Dresden Germany is receiving a good deal of publicity, unlike in times past.

The above excerpt from a TIME magazine post is symptomatic, astonishingly, of mainstream media coverage.

The UK Independent, the Guardian, various American publications and Drudge have all featured the ongoing meeting from June 9-12.

Unlike in years past, Western media is covering the conference.

The coverage is somewhat bland. Not so the coverage of the alternative media.

The alternative ‘Net media makes it distrust of the conference and attendees clear.

The most prominent alternative media website, the Drudge Report, has again featured the meeting and linked to, an Alex Jones website.

Jones is a famous, alternative media publisher. The latest article on his website regarding Bilderberg reads, “Exclusive: Bilderberg Planning to Trigger Financial Collapse.”


For the second time in the space of ten years, the powerful Bilderberg group is plotting to trigger a financial collapse, with elitists already positioning themselves to profit from the next economic meltdown.

As we reported back in 2006 during the Bilderberg Group’s meeting in Ottawa, Canada, leaked information from an American delegate revealed that insiders were preparing for the housing bubble to burst and a global market crash.

Over the course of the next two years, that exact scenario played out, culminating in the collapse of Lehman Brothers and a worldwide recession.

As the global financial picture begins to look increasingly bleak, with worries about a Chinese stock market collapse triggering a wider panic, Bilderberg is once again scheming to benefit from the fallout, while the “precariat,” those who are living paycheck to paycheck, are set to suffer the most.

The Internet itself has exposed the structure of a secretive world order focused on building corporate-run globalism.

It is apparently a banking conspiracy funded by endless amounts of central bank cash.

Those running it are not making much of an attempt to hide themselves any longer.

Having been exposed, they are now using the Internet to spy on the general public. And they are doing it in an obvious way to intimidate.

This is a change of direction. It emphasizes intimidation over secrecy. Incipient violence over privacy.

The message of continued Bilderberg meetings is clear, and it is confrontational.

It is part of a larger pattern.

The world’s elite controllers have their own culture and religious rituals. Increasingly, these are being publicly displayed.

The recent opening of a huge Swiss tunnel was accompanied by a ceremony of a man in a goat costume.

And in both Britain and the US, Satanic temples are raising their profile.

The continued presence of Bilderberg is just one more indication that banking elites do not intend to hide anymore.

Perhaps in this Internet era, they don’t believe it’s possible.

Conclusion: Inevitably, this will generate more controversy and confrontation. The tools of globalism are increasingly being brought to the fore. These include war and economic destruction. And unfortunately, this year in Dresden Germany, Bilderberg is probably planning both.

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  • Praetor

    These people are strange indeed! And their religion is of a peculiar kind. You really begin to think who is controlling them. These individuals have connection that go back millennia. It seem there are no more conspiracies!!!

  • r2bzjudge

    “Unlike in years past, Western media is covering the conference.
    The coverage is somewhat bland. Not so the coverage of the alternative media.”

    Who owns the western media?

    Relatives of big wigs at the major U.S. networks, work in the U.S. government. In what manner does that bias news reporting?

    Katie Couric was just called out for deceptive editing on a story about guns. Deceptive editing made the story a propaganda piece, not a news story.

    It is important to get news from several sources, including outside the main stream and outside the U.S. Do not trust any source at face value, mainstream or alternative.
    All are telling the viewer what they want the viewer to see and they are controlling the narrative, just as Couric did in her propaganda piece.

    • wrusssr

      Who owns the Western media?

      The same people who own the world’s 150 (+ or -) central banks, the Bank of International Settlements in Basil, Switzerland, the Vatican and its bank, the 10-square miles that comprises Washington D. C., every major mass media (read: propaganda) outlet in the world, and who also fund the annual Bilderberger meeting.

      A 3:37 brief video titled “Empire of the City” that summarized the people who own the above has been taken down on YouTube. A 7-minute video, (also titled “Empire of the City”) has been substituted in its place. The first 3:37 of the 7-min video is identical to the old one, and is the truth. The last four minutes are lies and propaganda.

      These London bankers control the globe’s governments and their military forces with their central banks that print money for each nation for the cost of paper, ink, and press-time; which they sell to those nations at face value and perpetual interest; their central banks securing these deliberately generous loans (that cannot be paid back by these countries) with hard asset collateral (gold, silver, gas, oil, land, etc–what they were after from the beginning) that the governments own; their end game being to own/control all of the world’s resources. They also control the world’s propaganda (MSM) outlets, and are master, biblically-referenced deceivers.

  • lulu

    Sounds like this defiance is a preparation for a showdown. Why else would the shroud of secrecy be lifted? Grab your tools of the trade and be prepared to fight fire with fire!!

  • Castle_Nut

    Hillary Clinton has already been chosen by the Bilderbergers to usher in the New World Order.

  • alohajim

    Agreed it is much more “in your face” than ever before. That’s not by choice, more people are aware and it’s no longer practical or possible to hide it. This is actually a very good thing as imo, it will allow even more people to figure out the truth. As these globalist organizations and loyal minions get outed we are moving forward towards the day when the system itself that enables their power gets outed. Think of how central banking, fiat currencies, and fractional reserve banking require the public’s ignorance to exist. The truth of how money is created and it’s evolution throughout human history is not taught, is obfuscated, is lied about, and will be the globalists downfall. It’s only a simple con on an unprecedented scale. The light of truth destroys it as the human beings on the planet begin to understand that the power to create currencies from nothing is the reason the bankers own it all and the people have nothing. When Joe Lunchbucket realizes this and begins to understand the three way legally sanctioned plunder of taxation, inflation, and poverty level wage rates he will be pissed. Rightly so.

    • James

      The problem is that those few who do know that something is wrong tend to be apathetic and fatalistic. And most people I know are all for the New World Order because of all the free s–t it promises to give them. And most people I know support the ending of racism, sexism, homophobia, and anti-transgender bigotry. But maybe it’s just because I live in the San Fran Psycho Bayarrhea Kalifornia.

  • Gambeir Bay

    These people have no borders. A bunch of self proclaimed rulers sitting around discussing plots designed to make themselves our rulers. It is that simple.

    What we are confronted with is people who have now managed to obtain so much wealth that they are now a physical threat to life on earth and yet are too stupid to know it.

    Someone explain why we need these kind, or why anyone should even be allowed to accumulate so much wealth and still have no social responsibility, nor legally binding obligations to their own nations, let alone to our own species.

    Maybe they aren’t actually humans after all, but I am beginning to think there is a form of mental illness which surrounds the mentality where money becomes a God and where that obsession replaces rational thought. Maybe all these people are actually mentally defective and need to be locked up with compulsory treatment

    Christ sakes, we got an entire ocean destroyed by radioactive waste from these idiotic nuclear jerkwads who can find new ways to forever destroy life, yet cannot somehow find a way render the waste byproduct of it safe. In my own state they have spent 20 billion dollars dumped on Hanford in the last 19 years and not one ounce of radioactive waste cleaned up. I wonder what kind of individuals steal 20 billion dollars while the planet they are living on is poisoned? Would it be sane people you think?

    Isn’t it about time we do something about this abomination?

    • Cat-astrophe

      It is probably safe to say they are extremely intelligent narcissists and psychopath’s.
      I am probably being too kind.

  • bouf

    Well DB I have been trying to get you guys and gals to pick up Atwill. If you had you would understand the joke behind the goat outfit. I’m sure it was hilarious for those who understood the symbolism. Me, I get the joke, but I don’t think it’s funny.

    • James Clander

      “I’m sure it was hilarious for those who understood the symbolism
      Me, I get the joke, but I don’t think it’s funny ”

      How about enlightening us all ? Please.

      • bouf

        Pick up and read Joseph Atwill. You can get him for free on the Piratebay and I have an email from him that he doesn’t mind if his first book is pirated provided it is read.

  • nickspm

    They appear to be on the run, literally. I doubt much is discussed in those meetings now that really remains secret for very long from the rest of us.

    Many of these attendees leave their nice little families at home to attend these meetings where they openly discuss eliminating large parts of humanity. To me it doesn’t seem a very wise thing for them to do at all…