African Cashlessness – Not Just a European Threat
By Daily Bell Staff - February 02, 2016

[South African based market study firm, Frost & Sullivan's] latest study titled The Telecommunications Market in East Africa — Key Fixed and Mobile Market Indicators, says text-based and online-based payment services will be deepened more when the ongoing national Internet backbone rollout is completed. The study says mobile phone operators could take advantage of the prevailing conducive policy framework in Kenya to entrench e-commerce services … – Daily Nation

Across the world there is a war being waged against cash. Driven in part by increasingly bankrupt banks – some of which are quasi-governmental themselves – governments are thinking of ways to extract the last dollar from their taxpayers.

Of course, in order to swell their coffers, governments have to be better at finding additional tax targets. And so the anti-cash drum-roll commences. It can take many forms including the study mentioned above, written late last year and reported on by the Daily Nation.

There is no doubt that e-commerce services are efficient and consumer friendly. But there is also no doubt that such solutions give governments increased power to spy and snoop. European anti-cash moves have been much in the news lately, but in Africa, one of the latest battlefields is Kenya.

Almost any elite promotion usually descends on Africa in its formative stages because African leaders are among the most corrupt, venal and fearful in the world and will move their societies toward the goals demanded of them. The ones that won't, like Muammar Gaddafi, are murdered.

A larger promotion that we have written about a lot is "Africa Rising." Kenya and South Africa are leaders, when it comes to implanting this elite promotion. Indeed, Africa is rising – along the lines mandated by the West's elite bankers.

Just like China, Africa is to expand within the context of failed Western economic technology: central banking and all that price-fixing and economic distortion that entails. And "cashless" societies are a part of this exploitative enterprise.

The Corbett Report recently listed countries that are leaders in the cashless movement. The list includes Canada, Denmark, France, India, Israel, Norway and Sweden – among others.

But add Africa, and specifically Kenya.

Kenyans use digital technology provided by such companies as Safaricom to pay bills and make other transactions. Safaricom is a Kenyan success story. But when we checked, we found out it's actually a UK company. Were we surprised? No.

Some would say that Africa is not a big deal from a worldwide economic standpoint, except as a supplier of commodities. But the banking class often tries out its most authoritarian enterprises in Africa first because there is little cultural resistance. It's a test bed of soft fascist experiments.

And make no mistake, cashlessness, for all its stated virtues, is perfectly fascist. It's just another elite-sponsored movement to strip people of the ability to conduct their business privately and hand it over to governments and the multinational banking facade.

In a cashless society, every single transaction would be available to government scrutiny. Laughably, we've read articles asserting solemnly that while there is a privacy "risk" regarding cashlessness, it could be fixed via judicial activism.

In other words, legislation would be passed forbidding intelligence operations to access citizen accounts without express permission. If said intel agencies transgressed, the courts would get involved and make sure the transgressions ceased.

Along these lines, we've got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

The idea that the West's top intel agencies wouldn't peer into people's transactional lives at will is absurd. The CIA, MI6, the Mossad and other top intel agencies do what they want. And if you seriously try to stop them, they either blackmail you or kill you.

Western societies are basically run by these intelligence agencies. In order to BECOME a legislator or judge in Western countries, you have to submit to a background check. That means you have to open up your life to "their" scrutiny.

And these intel agencies don't report to the countries in which they are lodged. They report to a global, Western banking elite. That's obvious. It's part of the disconnect between voters and their legislators.

It's the reason for serial wars, the penal-industrial complex and the endless unraveling of Western economies. It's all supposed to be this way. It's planned.

The idea is to create enough chaos and poverty so that people will virtually beg for a solution: Even banker-run globalism will seem like a positive alternative to starving in the dark.

We're living in an "us" versus "them" world. It's unfortunate, but true. Elites want a cashless society because as globalism fails upward, it demands ever-increasing control of people's personal lives.

There's nothing wrong with internationalization, of course. But there is a big difference between a private evolution of global business and one driven and controlled by the banking class.

The former is a free-market development; the latter is a horror show.

So take care. Monitor the development of cashless societies as they advance (and they will). Take "human action" to align your portfolio in ways that avoid its most deleterious and wealth-sapping outcomes.

And cheer up. The cashless society is never going to be homogeneous. There will always be ways to transact business privately and safe havens where you will be able to operate freely. You will just need to find them.

The alternative media generally will support your quest in this regard and The Daily Bell will continue to monitor the growth of "cashlessness" as well as the alternatives.

Conclusion: Stay free. Protect your privacy. It's your most important asset.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Marten

    The more complex the “Society”, the more disastrous the effect of “Controls”…Experience confirms…A complex Society needs deregulation, not regulation—Decentralization not Central CONTROL–

  • Goldcoaster

    Interesting. “See how well it worked in Africa? Yes, now good for you”. Ditto with Europe, collectively indoctrinated sheep.
    Have to wonder. Stanley Fischer Fed Vice Chair speaking at CFR conference last few days said “negative interest rates everywhere working so well, have to look at it”. And Fed, via Bloomberg today, said Fed has new bank stress test which has Adverse Scenario with…………negative rates.

    At Stockmans Contra Corner today, he thinks global growth could fall faster, and steeper, than expected. Tie it all together and maybe it don’t look so good. Systemic Fragility.

  • tom hewitt

    “The idea is to create enough chaos and poverty so that people will virtually beg for a solution….”

    Chaos would be just fine. Chaos would mean a loss of control and the inability of any entity to determine the future. Chaos is the antithesis of the status quo and the plans of the establishment. Chaos means opportunity to those willing to grasp it. But that’s not what the elite wants.

    • James

      Chaos imposed on the lives of the regular people is control for the establishment.

  • Praetor

    The future looks like if you wish to remain free, you will have to live a double life. The one they see and the one they don’t! The one they see is, your life looks as if your poor and destitute and barely staying alive, but in reality your doing just fine and your waiting for their system to crash and burn around their ears. The trick will be, how do look poor and destitute and barely alive, when in fact your doing just fine. To pull that trick off, your going to have to be very informed and smart to pull it off. Those who believe and support the globalist one world tyranny will be the ones to parish first, because they will get on the bus. We are here to help you, that is why we care these guns. It so obvious what they are intent on doing, it is sick. Don’t get on that bus!!!

    • Ho Praetor
      Well my friend J says “give unto C what is due unto C and give unto G what is due unto G”. Discerning the true nature of each makes that a no brainer. If anyone values freedom they have to embody it to grow the awareness of it. If anyone tells you how to become free they are reinforcing your belief you are not free and must join their idea of getting free.
      Clearly in physical terms we are limited each in all sorts of ways. So how we define fredom may be the point at which we trade it for illusion. It is said that truth shall make you free. I say that truth shows you, you are free. In some ways not a big deal – but what is true is already true – and if we engage in war to determine which narrative rules – then truth indeed is the first casualty.
      But yes – be on the bus that is truly aligned with who you know and feel to be and don’t let deception find you on one that denies and sacrifices everything you love – especially as the doors close and the various buses leave the station. Control mentality is not exclusive to the ‘elites’ for everyone has a sense of self-specialness that they can secretly feed as their private elitism. If it is writ large in our world it is simply reflecting the model that is pervasive. Don’t shoot the messenger!

      • Samarami

        We’re on the same journey, Binera. Or the same page, as they’re saying nowadays.

        I’ve said for some time that I can be free. Here. Today. Where I’m “at”. I can run, but I can’t hide. It’s nice to fantasize living in some small, unobtrusive “country” or “nation”. Where government — a factor in all countries/nations — is small, tame, non-aggressive, etc. Many of our friends and idols in the alternative/financial media are pulling that off nicely. I salute them for that. But human governments are eventually the same the world ’round. They are a cancer. They will metastasize.

        It’s in the Book.

        So I’d just as well explore liberty and teach its principles to my family. Here. Where they’re “at”. And recognize that the beast is awkward at best, inept and inefficient on down the scale (the nature of all monopolies); dangerous, but easily circumnavigated.

        If I study and practice and teach the fundamental principles of liberty diligently enough and long enough I will come to know the truth.

        And the truth will set me free. Sam

        • Indeed there is no need to be the same form of expression to share in purpose and love of freedom must be love of truth. “Wherever you go – there you are” is a saying that works for both directions; for if we seek to assert, maintain and protect a refusal to embrace and reintegrate self-denials, they will re-manifest in whatever new place or relationship. Serial plunder may be presented as progress in persona – but such reflected denials grow ever more impinging, oppressive and limiting to any remaining capacity to feel life. It is simply a kind of suicide.
          However, in the willingness and freedom to feel, accept and integrate one’s current experience of existence, all of what is present grows recognizable as part of you – including those parts that you no longer care to energize, animate or be ‘baited by’.

          I’ve opened to a lot of information about cancer recently – (and the cancer racket) – across a range of functional and advanced or native perspectives and see that beneath the allopathic model of rogue cells (seen as violators, or attackers), a simpler pattern of opening exposure to toxins or stress, blocking or depriving of nutrients, undermining and subversion of immune response, usurping energy supply, manifesting tumour or symptoms of dis-ease, meeting
          misunderstanding of its containment within tumour, spreading through the bloodstream as a result of breaking in or attacking the tumour, injecting broad spectrum highly toxic carcinogens to kill it – along with living cells throughout the body and brain; radiation exposures that are carcinogenic, dead tumour cells that are also toxic, diet that is often cancer feeding, and a contextual framework of managing sickness so as to extend survival by a bit more – within pronouncement of death by voodoo, while being sucked into a multi-trillion dollar industry.

          Fear – and guilt – of a self-hating or self-rejecting sense of self – is part of the human condition-ing – and it operates like a cancer that sucks out our life to feed a death cult – in which life is replaced by survival-conformity to fear-dictates and guilt undermines any movement of the power of wholeness to know itself truly in act.

          I see governance as holding the balance points within a diversity and richness of life-expression and which calls for the lightest touch – because for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction – the chaotic sense of which calls forth the suppression of Life and Consciousness to the imposition of control-mentality. That is not governance, but denial masking as power.

          Being open to Feel for the movement that is of the wholeness rather than persisting a war of parts that denies the whole – is within Consciousness rather than within the conditioned perceptions of reaction. Whilst Everyone must be rooted in Consciousness to have any awareness of anything whatsoever, the choice or focus of intention and attention is unconscious while it persists in attempting to ‘solve’ its inner conflicts ‘out there’. So much so that it has no sense of inner conflict whatsoever – being fully invested in attacking the world it feels deprived by as its assertion of freedom. Effectively proving one is free to deny freedom for as long as one can mask the pain of isolating futility in blame of self-righteousness.

          The control-mentality is the pervasive ‘religion’ that seems fully self-evident and justified, but has hidden foundations in hate that turn out to be false – IF one looks on them without judgement. Why so? Because judgement is the ‘divide and reject’ by which a partiality seeks to rule OVER the rejected. Perhaps judgement is also our ‘first born son’ because it is associated with an emergent separate sense of consciousness.

          The miracle is that a movement of wholeness will spontaneously manifest a perspective that shifts or transforms a hateful, fearful or blamefully perceived grievance or conflict to a practical freedom of being – of felt presence that naturally extends without coercive intent.

          Where we choose to give our focus of energy and attention is NOT up to advertisers, elites or our past-conditioning that they target and leverage. We may have to persist in holding self-worth amidst such reaction until enough awareness is Free to wake up as. Responsibility is painted as sacrifice by the death cult – because it defines freedom as opposition to and from the death or denial of, wholeness. But the ability to respond is not a dictate of a coercive ‘god’ but the freedom to be and know and share the true of you. Anything else is false currency.

          Elitism is self-specialness. A false god. We are each already a unique expression of Life and while I try to make anyone else fit my (often unconscious) demands or perceptions, I am denying myself no less.

          I also see that everyone plays a role in my ‘drama’ – yet I am the casting manager and all characters in a dream must ultimately resolve to the dreamer.

          “Communication breakdown” – rather than an actual disconnection. Life isn’t absent while we suffer our own beliefs.

  • The deceiver I see operates in place of any truly personal quality of will unfolding and evolving its own perspective – so it is much worse than be controlled in behaviour – though its symptom may show up there. It is complete loss of will – of true feeling consciousness – to a form of dictate. Yes it has a front end movie layer that will appeal to or terrorize according to whether you align to it as the power in your life or not. But it is your true will that is the gift of your being – without which is – some alien ‘will’ that is unlike and opposed to freedom in asserting its ‘freedom’ to deny you and to deny Life any power to interfere or interrupt its ‘freedom’ from any kind or quality of relationship at all.
    That is is seeks death as victory and uses the thought in our mind to lead us there in belief we are gaining power and protection.
    I see privacy as a gift and an honouring. I do not push into what is not my business. If I make something my business I do so in willingness to relate through the desire that brought me to self-include. If someone ‘intrudes’ into my communication then according to what that situation embodies, I will relate honestly to them as I feel appropriate.
    I cannot enforce a right to privacy upon others though I can communicate by whatever means are effective and proportional. But I can say and embody NO to that which is illegitimate – and this is something to practice like breathing – not wait for a ‘crisis’. There are many ways of withdrawing from, sending off or refusing that which has no belonging in who I am. But there is also the recognition of any corresponding ‘back-door’ through which I may be trigerred into reaction that effectively opens that door. This is also an ongoing education.
    What are the thoughts I tune into and live out from? Because they have a vibrational quality that operates magnetically as like attracts like. Many are focussed almost exclusively in superficial thinking by which they are mesmerized and perhaps ‘protected’ from a sense of responsibility so as to feel more insulated from deeper issues that they do not want to face or even know they do not want to face.
    In this sense one’s life runs on subconscious routines and is easily triggered into unconscious conditioned imprinting that is no less active for being pushed out of mind.
    Those who seek to manipulate and dominate are studying and analysing our otherwise denied and repressed feelings and core conditioning by which we are seen as golems or robotic sub humans that are therefore fit for ruling over by those who are awakened from the weak and silly dreams that render them stupid. Now it may not express itself in Talmudic forms but in effect the unworthy mob cannot be trusted to anything except brutish and chaotic degeneracy. I propose this is a projection of what the power addict cannot and will not recognize in themselves – a sense of unworthy and invalid creation that generates a rage and hatred for the “Father” – and thus usurps and denies all receptivity and embodiment of Life to serve and worship itself.
    In a war of powers, war is always the victor. Standing in truth is not abandoning truth to rush to war because of being baited, but there are many ways to say “I Exist” or “NO!” The difference between presence and enforced presentation is all the difference in the world and beyond to the one who abides in connected presence.
    Perhaps my privacy is served to some degree by writing from a different foundation that is parsed in war-mindedness – but also that I seek wholeness and restored communication – not vengeance.
    If shadow governments use all kinds of shadow economies to run outside the law then I can see the movement to limit such illegality. But as far as I see so far it is always the population at large that is targeted for more and more intrusive limiting controls – not the oligarchy.

  • Dolph Longedgreens

    Yes, but think of how wonderfully transparent those horribly corrupt 3rd world countries will become. We just need to perfect the right dosage of globalism and paternalism while speaking from a place of compassion 🙂

  • Great read !

    Thanks for posting!

  • AZSixGuns

    Good information to see observe technology trends, and Govt. controls exploited technology for various reasons. The Bible spoke of a future time that was cashless, and controlled by a world government body. So many of the prophesied pieces for the puzzle on the last days of man’s control over the earth seem to be laid out and turned over on the table. Some pieces have already been put into place like Israel becoming a nation, weapons of mass destruction, Israel taking control of Jerusalem, Egypt at peace with Israel, knowledge increase as foretold by Daniel (e.g. computer technology, video technology, bar code and scanning technology, DNA technology), central banks, rise of the United nations, rise of the Kings of the East such as China, etc. The knowledge increase will enable prophecies that seemed crazy to become true. Other prophecies like Demascus being turned into a heap of rubble instantaneously and never re-inhabited are yet to come, Russia attacking Israel with a confederacy of Islamic nations is yet to come, but we can see them as modern day possibilities.

    Everything I observe happening around the world with finances, technology, Government, and social themes validate Biblical prophecy of what may be coming sooner rather than later. The good news is that if you know Jesus, you fear not any of this world turbulence and change, and you are confident in the final outcome!

    One of my favorite scriptures is in Matthew 24. Jesus says that no man knows the hour of his return, but if the Father did not shorten the days of man, no flesh would survive. This was a statement of technology, love and mercy that Christ revealed to his believers 2000 years ago! For technology – no previous time in history could man ever destroy all flesh, until now! For love and mercy – the last days are describe by Christ like the days of Noah where man has become extremely sinful, and has extreme hatred for God, or anyone that loves God, and hatred for the Jew (the chosen people of God). In this statement, Jesus is saying that the Father would allow man to continue self-government in this broken and evil state his is living in the future, but Jesus has to step in early to take leadership of the world before we end up annihilating ourselves. To me, that is good news!