Alleged N.K. Nuclear Activity – How Do They Know?
By Daily Bell Staff - June 09, 2016

Reports: North Korea Recycling Plutonium to Make Nuclear Bombs … An unnamed U.S. official has confirmed to Reuters that evidence indicates North Korea has begun to once again produce plutonium fuel, a key ingredient in nuclear weapons. North Korea’s communist government appears to be reprocessing plutonium that has spent its radioactive energy in use at the Yongbyon nuclear facility. The rehabilitation process makes it possible to use the plutonium in a nuclear bomb.  -Breitbart

More nuclear tensions reported by US officials. Do reporters ever try to find out the truth?

Why does the Western mainstream simply parrot what it’s been told when it comes to technological issues?

Real reporting on technology – space exploration and nuclear war in particular – is moribund.

What the Pentagon says, reporters write. What NASA tells them, reporters write. Even the alternative media is guilty of this.

But we would like to know where the evidence is. We wrote about some of our questions HERE.

For instance, the bombing patterns of Hiroshima and Nagasaki resemble fire bombing.

Go see for yourself. The “atomic bombs” wiped out wooden buildings but left the stone ones standing.

US videos of 1950s nuclear tests are obvious fakes. And why doesn’t the US test its nuclear devices anymore? Once there were hundreds of tests. Not now.

Where does the smoke and the mushroom cloud come from?


An a-bomb explosion will not produce a mushroom stem + dirty cloud. An a-bomb explosion shall, if it works, just produce pure energy – light/heat – in a FLASH.

Makes sense to us. Of course we don’t trust the Heiwaco info either. But the text certainly raises questions.


So in the end it was agreed that sudden compression of Uranium metal atoms to twice normal density would initiate the a-bomb detonation that would last a few nano-seconds without any testing.

Of course with a fast, free neutron in between! That little thing -a fast, free neutron – will start fissioning billions of compressed metal atoms releasing energy and more fast, free neutrons. 

An a-bomb explodes! But you cannot compress an atom or a piece of metal by a collision. It just bounces.

We don’t know much about nuclear explosions. But why does compressing metal atoms to twice their density set off explosions that can destroy much of the world?

How is it that the US government discovered atomic bombs and sent men to the moon in a period of only 30 years? These constitute the most miraculous decades in the history of mankind.

But such miraculous competence is fleeting. Some fifty years later, the US government couldn’t manage to put together a health-care website.

What about the moon landings? Why did NASA destroy the original videos to save money? That’s a bit like discovering the Holy Grail and then discarding it to save space.

And what about this astronaut – who seems to rise up on the moon without using his legs. (See the three-minute mark.)

Why does the lunar rover have such a strong resemblance to a World War II jeep?

We take no positions. We have questions. Questions that should be asked of the authorities that constantly issue unsupported yet authoritative-sounding statements.


“They take the spent fuel from the 5 megawatt reactor at Yongbyon and let it cool and then take it to the reprocessing facility, and that’s where they’ve obtained the plutonium for their previous nuclear tests. “So they are repeating that process,” the unnamed official told Reuters …

The official noted poignantly that “everything in North Korea is a cause for concern.”  This report follows rumblings from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that North Korea may be looking to continue developing their nuclear weapons arsenal.

In a stern statement, IAEA chief Yukiya Amano condemned North Korea this week for showing “no indication that it is willing to comply with the Security Council resolution adopted in response to its nuclear test earlier this year.”

What nuclear tests? And what is a reprocessing facility? And why does it need plutonium? And how do Western observers know that North Korea has set off nuclear bombs to begin with?

Because the ground shook? Couldn’t someone use a lot of TNT to mimic the same effect?

Are we to be convinced about these issues – especially nuclear weapons – because officials around the world accept them and comment on them confidently.

We were told vaccines were effective, but now a lot of them seem to be ineffective or even dangerous.

Almost all countries seem to accept the hoax of global warming and are prepared to suck carbon out of the air and bury it. Talk about futility.

Almost all countries have installed monopoly central banking even though there is plenty of evidence that the constant debasement of currency generates recessions and depressions.

In other words, just because countries and officials around the world seem to be in agreement doesn’t mean that agreement guarantees the truth.

People often agree on things that are not true.

In this Internet era it has become increasingly obvious that some of what was accepted in the 20th century is either questionable or obviously false.

Conclusion: So what’s true? Gold and silver? Owning and farming your own land? Trusting what you can see, hear, feel and touch? Yes, perhaps. Suspect the rest.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • john cummins

    The emperor had no clothes, the little boy warned everyone, he was ignored!

  • Dimitri Ledkovsky

    There’s no business like show business.

  • Thanks for linking to me at about me being an a-bomb and metal atoms compression denier. It seems you shall be punished by death for it in the USA as it affects US national security.

    • You’re welcome. We’ve mentioned that law is “on the books,” in the US and Japan. They don’t seem to be enforcing it anymore. Would be immensely controversial and also look entirely ridiculous if they tried …

      Maybe somewhere, at some point, you can explain how the US actually claimed to “prove” that compressing metal atoms caused a nuclear explosion. Who actually claimed this idea worked? Einstein? It all seems somewhat murky …

      • Marten

        Argument to consensus is a false argument…
        97% of Scientists disagreed with Copernicus…
        Keep the good works D.B……

      • It took me >40 years to become an a-bomb denier. Around 1964 Swedish Nobel prize winner physics 1924 M. Siegbahn didn’t recommend physics as a future job prospect for me. I learnt later that Siegbahn had been offered the job to make a Swedish a-bomb 1945 and agreed subject all info becoming public. So he didn’t get the job but $1M from the Rockefeller foundation to do something else. So I did something else. 1998 I met a person who had assisted Stalin to build the Soviet a-bomb 1948 onwards. The person had worked for Wismut AG in Saxony mining the uranium for Stalin’s bomb since 1945. But Wismut AG was just propaganda and didn’t mine anything of value and the person was later arrested by KGB and had a hard time to flee west. It seems Stalin and FDR agreed to fake the a-bomb together from 1942 onwards … in my opinion today. FDR adored Stalin and handed him eastern Europe on a platter.

  • Blank Reg

    OK….this is starting to get REALLY old, so let’s cover this again, one final time:

    “What about the moon landings? Why did NASA destroy the original videos to save money? That’s a bit like discovering the Holy Grail and then discarding it to save space.”

    – Never attribute to conspiracy or malice what you can attribute to simple bureaucratic stupidity (this should be a corollary to Occam’s Razor). “NASA”, the big government agency, didn’t destroy the videos. Some low-level idiot did in an effort to save storage space someplace, blissfully unaware of what s/he had done. NASA – the agency – tried to sweep it under the carpet after the fact, and looked silly doing so.

    “And what about this astronaut – who seems to rise up on the moon without using his legs. (See the three-minute mark.)”

    – The Moon’s gravity is 1/6th that of earth. The combination of an astronaut plus all the gear necessary to keep him alive, weighed close to 350 lbs. On Earth. On the Moon, however, it’s about 58 pounds. There is another video from Apollo 16 or 17 where the guy almost did a complete face plant, but pushed himself back upright with his arms alone. 58 pounds. However, while your WEIGHT due to gravity is 1/6th that of Earth, your MASS does not change. Simple Newtonian mechanics. That’s why they sometimes had trouble keeping their balance. Momentum is a bitch.

    And the final idiocy:

    “Why does the lunar rover have such a strong resemblance to a World War II jeep?”

    – Oh gee, I dunno, maybe because they were on a fast deadline to get to the moon and they went with an engineering design they knew would perform well in rough terrain in order to save time and budget?? Engineers are notoriously conservative when needs must. And many of them at the time were WW2 vets.

    None of these yawningly repetitive “questions” raise any real doubts at all. None. I wish TDB would let this one go. You are tarnishing your brand.

    • 1. The astronaut’s motions look very odd. 2. It would be very strange for a “low level idiot” to have access to such important tapes. 3. “They went to an engineering design they knew would perform well.” And charged $40 million?

      Sorry, the questions remain.

    • mary

      “Some low-level idiot did in an effort to save storage space someplace, blissfully unaware of what s/he had done.”

      Not sure this adds up. If I were trying to save storage space, I’d digitize the tapes and then pitch them. I think I’d also look at the tapes before i did anything. Where were the tapes? Were they video? If so, they have a life of about 15 yrs, I think. Celluloid is longer. So there should have been a program of proper storage and restoration of such valuable material. One has to ask, if there weren’t such a program, why not?

      And why would the gov’t try to save storage space anyway? I mean, their sole job is to waste money. What do they care if old junk piles up? 😉

  • Praetor

    Keep questioning DB. 1984 was all about a fictitious narrative, and the perceptions people live under, in this so called modern age. Yes, question everything you see and hear at this time in history!!!

  • Question is; why is China not taking action?

  • Sydney

    Most people simply cannot wrap their minds around just how effective oaths of secrecy, compartmentalization of information, hierarchical organization and bottlenecks of information of all kinds can be. These means of information control are real and extremely effective! It is a pyramid and the lower levels often don’t know of anything above themselves. Accept the effectiveness of such controls and add to that the power derived from a monopoly on currency, credit and debt of perhaps (at one time) the greatest industrial power of apparently all time and there is no limit to what lies could be told and accepted. Forget the bubbles of the tech, real estate, stock, or bond market. USD as the biggest bubble? Nah, it is the LIES that the entire civilization is built upon that make up the biggest of all bubbles! The world is swimming in lies, so much so that nothing can be taken at face value to be true. Nothing parroted by the MSM or government agencies, or universities can be considered beyond questioning. More to the point they simply are great big lies, that empower the very few over the very many. The more they empower the few the bigger and more certain the lie. The only issue that remains is what is the truth? Can it be that the pendulum of power has swung so far toward the very few elite that emerse the very many in the lies that empower and enrich themselves that not only is the lie a lie but it is actually the very OPPOSITE of the truth?! Whenever the issue lends itself to a duality, then almost certainly the truth is the very opposite of the lie. The people portrayed as heroes are actually the villains and the villains are actually the heroes, and the greatest heroes are actually the very greatest villains and the greatest villains are actually the very greatest heroes. Of course this assumes you are a member of and sympathetic to the very many who are being exploited rather than a member of the very few who are enriched. Perhaps it really is that simple. Perhaps at this stage one who wishes to think and do rightly simply needs to think and do the very opposite of what is pushed at them, by the MSM and overall narrative. If they want you to be afraid, don’t, Be courageous. If they want you to be distracted, don’t be. Be focused. If they want you to go into debt to please yourself, don’t, In fact save as much as possible, If they want you to save and invest in their arenas of Big Banks, Wall Street, USD denominated assets ect. , then don’t. Take your money away from them and use alternative currencies, gold, silver and alternative type investments. If they want you to watch TV, don’t. If they want you to go to their movies or read their books, don’t. If they want you to hate certain people, don’t. In fact try to understand those people and emulate whatever those people were doing in opposition to the shadowy elite that want you to hate those people. If they want you to fight and kill their enemies, don’t. Let them do it. If they want you to degrade yourself, well, don’t. In fact try very hard to cultivate and enrich yourself in every and any way keeping in accord with the Golden Rule. If they want you to lie , cheat, steal, kill because it is the pragmatic thing to do, then don’t. If they want you to worship the god of materialism, then don’t. If they want you to crave status, well don’t. If they want you to vaccinate your children or yourselves, don’t. If they want you to believe that the food of plants (carbon dioxide) is poison, don’t. If they want you to take large doses of pharmaceuticals daily to treat symptoms but never restore health, then don’t. If they want you to turn over your personal responsibility to “experts”, don’t. If they want you to believe you are weak or stupid, don’t. If they try to shame you, don’t be. If they try to vilify you or your loved ones or your children or your ancestors or your culture, don’t accept the lie. If they want you to believe your cultural ancestors were guilty of enormous crimes that their ancestors committed, don’t. If they want you to believe they are the victim, don’t. If they want you to believe something, simply don’t and maybe, just maybe you will be ahead of the game. Maybe farthest ahead if you assume the very opposite of what they say to be true and act on that truth. Maybe the game has to do with more than you life, but the lives of all you hold dear. Maybe the game has to do with your eternal destiny. They certainly don’t want you to think so!

    In any event, as always, thank you for a great read.

    Best Wishes.

    • We didn’t have the energy to put it all down. Thank you.

  • spdlf

    Keep going DB don’t stop. Thanks for the link.

    ‘They’ have been faking events for HUNDREDS OF YEARS.

    The Salem Witch trials were probably faked. Just study the players involved and see their strange bios and connections. Red flags all over. It was a power play (King Charles was just deposed and the Massachusetts Bay Charter was up for the taking).

    Lincoln was never assassinated. Again the mainstream story makes no sense plus a hundred other anomalies. 200 guards stand outside the Ford Theater while Lincoln is protected by drunken policeman John Frederick Parker who leaves the theater to go to a tavern nextdoor. Not only does he escape punishment, he helps Mary Todd Lincoln pack her bags on the way back to Illinois….

    Its not just the questions surrounding the moon landing or a-bombs that are suspect, its when you take a strong critical eye as what has been given to us as ‘history’ and see the same players involved all running these manufactured events. I understand the emotional connection people will have towards current events (took me years to accept it) but if thats too much for you then start looking into events long ago.

    Honestly I wonder if anyone can really persuade another on these matters. Its something you have to just see and understand for yourself if you work at it.

    • Yes! The last thing the great McGowan wrote was on Lincoln. Believe we have read that the Jesuits supposedly took the “C” for Christ and turned it into a 0, adding 1,000 years of false history.

      • Doc

        What did the Jesuits do, I’m not following what you mean?

    • Bruce C.

      The thing about all of these alleged lies is that they seem so unnecessary.

      Why do “we” need to suddenly learn about North Korea suddenly doing such-and-such, for example? What difference does it make? Whatever happens next will happen regardless of what “we” think or believe or want. Wouldn’t it be easier for “tptb” to just do whatever regardless of all the hoopla? They do anyway, so why bother with narratives, etc.?

      • spdlf

        Actually, from my readings, I believe its the complete opposite in terms of power. The lies are absolutely necessary. As Sun Tzu and others have taught all (successful) warfare is based on deception. The side that does not show its hand to its enemy and tricks them into thinking they are very strong while actually they are very weak, or vice versa, will have the advantage. Frank Baum was giving us a hint in the Wizard of Oz.

        It matters because if you can trick the populace into thinking they are living freely while actually they are living in serfdom it makes governance all that much easier. They learned long ago they can get get much greater yields from tax farming and tithing the population by allowing them to free roam (income tax) and licensing and regulating them just enough to keep them in their ‘place’ (and bothering the ruling class). All the manufactured events are there to support this system, among other goals I’m sure.

        After all, power is a never ending king of the hill game. There’s always contenders willing to whack the king and take his throne. Its better to rule from the shadows and let the jail-bait do your dirty work. As Mark Twain I believe said its easier to fool the people than to convince them that they have been fooled.

        Understanding the realities of human nature is half the battle to see that its conceivable much of human culture is/was a hologram.

        • Bruce C.

          Maybe so, but that all may “ptb” bs that they believe in their own circular mentalities.

          As far as I’m concerned whatever N.K. alleges to do or actually does – to use that example again – is beyond my control along with whatever the rest of the world does or doesn’t do about it. I just think it’s all much ado about nothing. I don’t see why the ptb cares what I think. Heck, if I didn’t read about this at this website I’d probably not even be aware of it. I’m sure the vast majority of the world’s population is even less aware, so why should they bother?

          • spdlf

            Well why are you here? Obviously you are interested in this at some level or some reason otherwise I don’t think you would be here commenting. Not trying to be rude.

            It does matter because all this non-sense is used as pretext to control you, your family, and take your money. Yes they don’t care what you think about at all. That’s correct. All they care about is that you are sufficiently scared, docile, or compliant, and that you don’t bother them or their schemes.

            I agree again they majority of the world’s population shouldn’t bother themselves with this fake manufactured world either, however they are less aware and these social engineering schemes are taking a huge toil on society. America isn’t quite a beacon of physical or mental health either. In fact the people are suffering, quite much.

            I don’t like living with this fake manufactured world and really no one else should either.

  • Still Smokin’

    The drug war propaganda and the legions of complicit researchers fits in nicely as well. A direct parallel to the climate change promotion, yet prepare to be shouted down as a heathen unbeliever if you dare question the gospel truth of scientism.

    Enlightened times…

  • Pilgrim

    The bible said there would be strong delusion in the times we’re living in. It rings true.

  • Doc

    What is modern mainstream journalism but propaganda? Look at this from the first quote:
    “An unnamed U.S. official has confirmed to Reuters that evidence indicates North Korea has begun to once again produce plutonium fuel, a key ingredient in nuclear weapons.”
    “Unnamed”, “confirmed”, “evidence indicates”, “once again”, “key ingredient”. If you believe in such reporting, you are definitely brainwashed. It’s all bogus.

  • DriverRob

    It’s wise to be skeptical and check for corraborating information if there is any. But this picks a Pentagon news release of something that can be determined easily and takes skepticism to the moon, quite literally, indicating skepticism not only of North Korea reprocessing nuclear material for bombs, but of the moon landings, too. The quality of what you are smoking is very good. You definitely have to get acquainted with the nuclear fuel cycle (it’s online, google it), grok the terminology and then you can understand what they are saying. The Pentagon is not going to say how they know because that gives away sources and methods that the North Korean’s could mask or do differently.
    What they are saying is that is that North Korea is reprocessing “spent uranium fuel rods” that come out of their reactors there at Yongbon. The fuel in the rods has undergone some transmutation of elements so that Plutonium 238 is produced, so now those rods are taken to a ‘chemical reprocessing facility’ to separate out that Plutonium. There are telltale signs when this goes on. The issue is N. Korea violating it’s promises not to do reprocessing. By now doing it again, they put pressure on everyone in the region to deal with N. Korea and make another deal that gives N. Korea more food, fuel, attention, money, or whatever we gave them last time to stop. If you want to be cynical, why not get cynical over US policies attempting to stop N. Korean nuclear and ballistic missile advances that fail time after time after time.

    • You believe Hiroshima was nuked as well? We’ve written several articles on that recently. How about vaccines? Vaccines are safe? Cows are heating the planet with flatulence? And what did the Pentagon do with the $2 trillion it mislaid before 9/11. That’s never been found, has it? Why exactly are we supposed to trust the Pentagon? You don’t believe the Pentagon lies? You don’t think its faked weapons programs in the past? Is it a policy of the Pentagon to tell the truth to American public?

      • Rob Calvert

        Wow. All I get back is a personal attack. I give you facts of what N. Korea has done in the past to gain attention, such as restarting their plutonium reprocessig facility and you attack me for believing everything the Pentagon says, and also the issue of vaccine dangers which has nothing to do with any part of this story. You could have done some thinking about the motivations of the Pentagon making this announcement, such as using it as a pretext to continue building up our armed forces in East Asia. This is an exceptionally dangerous area for armed incidents with China. We need a coherent policy for the region that the American people can understand and support because we are not going to war with China or even N. Korea just because some American leader or general has a bad day or needs some action to focus attention away from failed policies and a declining economy for most Americans.

        • Please note, you wrote, ” The quality of what you are smoking is very good.”

          We’re not smoking anything, but your comment did encourage us to respond in kind. You make some good points about US policy toward North Korea. However, we have a larger problem with the coverage of North Korean nukes generally. We’re not sure they exist, or not in the number and variety they claim. It’s part of a larger problem of reporting on military technology. The mainstream media simply reports what the Pentagon provides. There’s little if any critical thinking involved and that’s too bad.