America is Too Big, Like Going to a Restaurant with 20 Friends
By Joe Jarvis - November 15, 2017

Have you ever tried to go out to dinner with a party of 20? This is a group of people with presumably the same core value: you all want to have dinner with some friends. So everyone is in agreement on the goal, even if a few guys just go along to make their wives happy.

The decision of where to go out to eat is usually left to just a few people in the group. Some people might voice support for this or that restaurant, and perhaps veto others.

“Have you all tried the new Italian place?”

“No Chinese food!”

But somebody ends up taking the bull by the horns. For better or worse one person calls to make the reservation.

Once at the restaurant, you all sit down around a pieced together table awkwardly stuck in the middle of the room. It takes the wait staff about 20 minutes just to wind their way around the table. Other diners in the restaurant form a bottleneck trying to get around the makeshift banquet table to the bathroom.

Officially you have a party of 20 people successfully dining together. But can you talk to all 20 of your friends? Of course not. If you are stuck at the end of the table, you have three people to chat with. Some lucky people in the middle can converse with five different friends. But not a single person can actually enjoy the company of all 20 dinner guests.

Then it’s time to order. Some restaurants give a limited menu to a party of this size. Others might insist you order communal dishes to share. Otherwise, it is unlikely that all the food comes out at once. Do you let yours get cold waiting politely for the next person’s meal to come out?

And finally, with a party that size, the restaurant automatically adds 20% to the bill for gratuity. It doesn’t matter how good or bad the service was. And now you are all left to figure out who owes what. Are you going to go full commie and just split it evenly? Well, Susan just got a salad and no wine, so that’s not fair. Ron doesn’t have any cash, can they run multiple cards? Does anyone have change for a $50?

It is a nightmare. And you don’t have to do it.

The best thing to do is fracture into four or five groups and all go out to dinner separately. In practice, you can still converse with the same number of people, but you get to choose which ones. Other benefits of splitting up include more influence over the restaurant your group chooses. You can order whatever you want. There are no complications with finding enough seating, waiting for other’s food, figuring out how to split the check and so on.

But there was still some drive in the group to all go out together. The group is pretending to be one cohesive unit. Yet based on the noise levels and seating distance, you are limited to interacting with only a few friends. Worse, it is almost random who you will be stuck sitting next to. If you split into smaller groups, you can link up with the other folks you actually want to talk to.

Then you could all coordinate as individuals if you want to meet at a bar afterward. That is more accommodating to floating around and mixing with your 20 friends.

This is the story of America.

Why is America still trying to eat at the same large table in a crowded restaurant when we could be going out with smaller groups of our choosing?

This week a bunch of U.S. Mayors and Governors are meeting in Germany to tell world leaders they are still on board with their climate change agenda. California Governor Jerry Brown and former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg were among them.

The group just released a report that said if these non-federal entities were a country, their economy would be the third largest in the world.

If only they were their own countries! Then all the voters and leaders from New York City and California wouldn’t be ordering our meals for us. We wouldn’t be plopped next to these people who we don’t want to talk to. We wouldn’t be forced to split the bill with people who are ordering expensive and unnecessary appetizers. But if they happen to come up with something that works, we can meet them later at the bar and see if it makes sense for us as well.

In DC, Congress is trying to decide whether to force Americans to pay the individual mandate penalty for not having health insurance. This is the forced 20% tip for terrible service. And it is also like having a small salad and no drinks, then having to split the bill with people who order full entrees, appetizers, and wine galore.

I don’t smoke, I exercise, I eat healthily. I’ve never had to go to the hospital in my life. I rarely get sick, and when I do, I treat myself with plenty of tea and spices. Why should I pay thousands of dollars a year for health insurance? I can save that money, and pay out of pocket if anything happens. Even if something catastrophic happens, why not set up a payment plan after the fact, rather than paying for insurance before? The bottom line is it should be my choice. Being grouped with 320 million Americans doesn’t let me order what I want.

And all this is beside the fact that we are stuck in an expensive American healthcare system. That is like not having the choice of what restaurant to eat at. Some employers are now paying for week-long Caribbean vacations for their employees who need knee replacements because it is cheaper than getting the operation done in the U.S.

These are just some examples, but the analogy applies to almost everything. Most problems in America stem from trying to group 320 million people together. But we really can’t associate with everyone anyway, so why are we pretending to be one cohesive unit?

If we all just agreed to go our separate ways at state, or even city levels, we would get along much better. Places could team up for joint programs if they wanted. America could even exist as a voluntary defense organization that states are free to join or not–like meeting at the bar later.

But there wouldn’t be countless squabbles and arguments to overcome. California could do what it wants in regards to climate change, and New York City could implement a full-fledged police state. Texas could decide if they want a border wall, and Colorado banks could accept cash from marijuana sales.

I’m a big believer in individual action. There are plenty of ways to live free by moving to a better jurisdiction, ignoring the laws you can, and creatively and legally reducing your tax and regulatory burdens.

But if you still believe in the political process, focus locally. Get your local and state governments to protect their citizens from federal overreach. Treat your congressman like a lobbyist to protect your region from the feds.

Better yet, join the secession movements in California, Texas, and New Hampshire.

The dinner example may be a little silly, but I think it is a pretty good analogy. Where else do you think it could apply?

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Don Duncan

    I seceded in 1954 when I deduced that govt. is a gang just like the gangs in my ghetto, only with popular support. Both street and political gangs have no respect for rights and show that by using force, not reason, as their primary means of social interaction. I despise both. I am not going to join a smaller gang in hopes it will protect me from a bigger one or vice versa. All gangs suck.

    The L.P. asks us to join their gang and promises to gradually eliminate all gangs. We are asked to call compromise of principle “tactics” or “strategy”. We are told using a little violence is better than using a lot. I think not. The means and the ends can’t be separated. The first creates the latter.

  • max naegele

    absolutely true!

  • Praetor

    Seceded yourself! Forget the states. If you are stuck in the mess, start looking for ways out of the mess. Please don’t watch TV. You will only begin to believe ‘I have to be like them’ no you do don’t. Be free liberated and independent, it’s all about having individual choice. With the collective you only have one choice, their choice for you. America is big and that works to your advantage, there are a lot of forgotten places in America.!!!

  • Barry

    Really a great article. Thanks!

  • windsor1

    Why can’t Americans be a collection of individuals with a common love of their wonderful nation. If left to their own with minimal state intervention their individual efforts can and will create a great nation where all can benefit the entirety of the population.
    What you have in reality is a hugely bloated bureaucratic state trying to redefine the American identity. Because the state is so huge, so psychotic and controlling it has become an intrusive force that wants to micromanage every aspect of American Lives. In the process of becoming this monster it has become highly politicized favoring lobbies and special interests at the expense of the individual. In the end from the individual it does nothing well.
    When Obamacare was conceived $3 million per individual covered was spent on software development. This is gone and there is no system in place with the full knowledge that socialized healthcare has not worked efficiently or effectively in other nations.
    Public Health and Safety- Americans daily drinking fluoridated water. Fluoridated water is a carcinogen, causes osteoporosis and fluorosis of the teeth and lowers IQ. This is public knowledge yet governments fail to protect the public.
    FDA uses the “substantial equivalence model” to approve GMO foods. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it is a duck.Often Monsanto does the testing to prove these frankenfoods are safe. Many tests looking for genetic abnormalities in rats end testing just prior to the point where these tests would show problems. Who is the government working for? Evil psycho President Putin has banned GMO foods and is pushing Russia into being a producer of Organic Food for domestic consumption and for export.
    Vaccines contain mercury and aluminum and other adjuvents that are dangerous. The MMR vaccine has been linked to Autism. Population clusters like the Amish who refuse vaccines rarely see autism in Amish children. It is epidemic in the population exposed to vaccines. Gardisil, a vaccine to prevent young women from getting HPV has some deadly side effects yet it continues to be administered in the US and many other countries. Where is the FDA.
    The Military is intended to protect America from external not internal threats. Each year the US government spends 52 cents out of every dollar on defense. To put this in perspective it outspends the next ten biggest spenders combined. For what. Who is getting rich from this.
    The Federal Reserve is a huge ponzi that prints and controls the nations currency in total secrecy. Since it was formed in 1913 it has taken a wrecking ball to the US currency to the point the dollar has lost 95% of it’s spending power. It is on life support today only because of collaboration between large central banks and the governments. The Federal Reserve System is on the verge of destroying the lifestyle of the 99%
    International trade agreements such as GATT, NAFTA, WTO and almost TPP are designed to offshore and outsource Jobs and industry to low cost producers at the expense of the American worker. Today there are 100 million Americans who are unemployed or underemployed. 50 million americans are on food stamps. The US will have an unemployment level of 100 million for ever. If you read the newspaper they will tell you that there is an unemployment rate of 5%. This is a manufactured statistic. The trade agreements have permanently wrecked the US economy. If you are naive then Trump will fix that along with all his other unfulfilled promises.
    The climate as discussed in the article is a scam. It is a globalist fraud to make you believe that human created carbon levels will cause the destruction of the planet. Carbon is necessary for plant growth and the more carbon in the atmosphere the better plants grow which off gas oxygen. Before SUV’s rising temperatures always preceded rising carbon levels by hundreds of years. People try to blame rising carbon levels for climate change but over the centuries temperatures have always fluctuated over several decades. When in 2009 E. Anglia University did a data dump just before the Copenhagen Climate convention the credibility problem was large enough that Climate Guru and inventor of the internet Al Gore was a no show.
    The biggest contributor to global warming is clouds. Water vapor is the the most common greenhouse gas dwarfing carbon. Al Gore even ignores the effect of the sun on climate. The sun undergoes 11 year cycles and we are in a solar minimum at the present time. Solar activity is indicated by sun spots; the greater the number of sunspots the greater the solar activity. Scientists have not seen the sun so dormant in 100 years.Many scientists tell us to forget about global warming and instead predict a mini ice age like the maunder minimum that occurred between 1645 – 1715. Of course by blaming global warming on human activity the elites can implement a host of agendas such as Agenda 21 a carbon trading market and other programs to limit human freedoms and impose a host of new taxes and scams to harm humanity financially.
    Government and Foundations controls education in the US. Today you have “Core Curriculum” which is sold as providing a uniform level of education across the US. In reality it is used to propagandize education while lower the quality of education. A dumbed down society is easier to control.
    There are other programs designed to make fresh water scarce ie expensive and controlled by the few.
    There is also Chemtrails; a secret program by western governments to aerosol spray the atomosphere with nano particles of aluminum, barium, strontium and other particulates. Nobody talks about this and the health effects.
    Then there is the 5G communication systems with milimeter wave lengths. These can effect the organs within our bodies. Nobody talks about it.
    So for those of you who believe the mantra that the government is taking care of the individual; better think again.

    • asmith1234

      Regarding Carbon: THANK YOU, your mention of this was like music to my ears! You wrote: ” Carbon is necessary for plant growth and the more carbon in the atmosphere the better plants grow which off gas oxygen.”

      I don’t know why this fact is not screamed constantly. Near as I can figure, our population has been dumbed down to such a degree that they’re not teaching basic 4th grade science anymore. Anyone that has a green house, aquatic plants, etc., knows you need carbon for the plants to grow. When I’ve presented this fact to environmentalists, that have drunk the koolaid, they stare at me blankly, or, if in writing, I don’t get a response. No life on earth could exist without carbon. It’s what makes our earth green.

      You wrote: “A dumbed down society is easier to control.”

      That’s exactly the point. Just look back into history, slave owners didn’t want slaves to be able to read.

      One thing you didn’t mention in your post is the revolving door between CEOs of various multinational companies, and bureaucracies in the alphabet soup of unconstitutional federal bureaucracies. For example, CEOs of big pharma regularly get positions in the FDA. This happens all through our federal government agencies.

      I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this over the years and I’ve come to the conclusion that this almost resembles Mussolini style fascism. Mussolini defined fascism as a system based on economic interests. (think public-private partnerships) Personally, I don’t understand why people have it in their heads that ‘fascism’ is right wing, when the reality is the only difference between fascism and communism is that in communism, government owns all, and dictates to all, and in fascism, government is in partnership with economic interests and dictates to all. Same result is the people are not free and are slaves. The ultimate goal of socialism is communism, so, fascism,communism, and socialism, is all from the same pie and are not a Constitutional Republic as this country was founded.

      FWIW, I don’t agree with you on Trump. I’m still holding out hope that he at least is able to accomplish some of the promised goals. He’s only a man and he’s facing a dragon/monster inside of our thoroughly corrupt federal government. This monster has spent decades building their power base and infiltrating our government. They aren’t going to go away without a fight.

      • No question Americans have been seriously dumbed down in a multitude of ways.

        • asmith1234

          Hmm, I had to do a search for what “noq” means. Never did come up with an answer other than it stood for various specific places, or, specific things like, ‘national online quilters’. Was your reply some sort of typo?

          • Sorry, I am not sure what you are referring to ?

          • asmith1234

            I see your post, now, but earlier this morning all that it said was: “noq”. LOL, I figured I just didn’t know that acronym and so I did a search for it. Found nothing, so figured it was some sort of typo. Now, I see it’s the first 3 letters of your post. Weird????

    • no question the bureaucracy feeds on the taxpayer to grow and stay alive.

      The real question is why do people allow it all to continue unabated ? That is the crux of the matter and most people in USA today are not honest enough to face that question !

    • LawrenceNeal

      VERY well said!

  • davidnrobyn

    “America could even exist as a voluntary defense organization that states are free to join or not…”

    Wasn’t this the original idea?

    • Basically, yes. Perhaps it was the camel’s nose. Definitely not voluntary enough.

  • “How about a thanksgiving dinner with everyone in a large common
    (donated or shared) area (no restaurant staff or rules) and people
    circulate like at a potluck.”

    That sounds nice and any number can attend. 🙂 Also you get to meet new people with new ideas.

    Splitting up might cause factions to want to wage war.

  • asmith1234

    I think the author missed the point that all of these problems stem from the federal government usurping their authority under the Constitution. With regards to the three governors, (Washington State, Oregon, & California) that took off to Germany for that climate change scam, they should be prosecuted for violating the Constitution under The Logan Act. It is a violation of the Constitution for states to enter into treaties with foreign governments. Ultimately, the blame should be placed at our own feet. The federal government has been violating the Constitution and the chains in the Constitution that bind it, and usurping their authority, for a very long time. The American people have done nothing to stop them or hold them accountable. Ultimately, these crooked politicians are completely aware and counting on the ignorance of the American people of our Constitution and history. (thanks to our educational system in dumbing down the population.) Our population has been brainwashed that the average man can’t read and understand the Constitution for themselves, when, the reality is our Founding Fathers wrote it so that the average person could understand it quite clearly. We are in a sad state of affairs because a county can not survive being free and ignorant at the same time.

    Thomas Jefferson declared, “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.”

    • Yeah! Exactly spot on!

    • Great point. We just think that the U.S. is too big for the people to hold it accountable. 50 smaller nations would allow actual competition, which would show people the folly of their political ways, and allow an escape.

      • The federal DC leviathan will never allow such to happen, so we have to insist on states rights being reestablished as the only alternative and that is doable. It would start with serious tax law restructuring and term limits at the fed level as well as reducing all fed positions and agencies by cutting off and reducing funding and terminating employees who either don’t pay their taxes or are dysfunctional in any other way. Most are just leeches on the taxpayer and produce nor accomplish absolutely nothing except political favors !

    • robt

      And Thomas Jefferson was utterly despised by the Federalists; the revulsion was probably equivalent to the treatment of Donald Trump today: he was going to destroy the country, the Constitution (?!), ‘collude’ with the French, etc etc. Hamilton even called for nullifying the results of the NY elections of electors to prevent Jefferson becoming president. Sound familiar?
      Anyway, the whole objective of any governments and their leaders is to weaken or even destroy the ties that bind them, proceeding by increment is the proven way to achieve that, people keep voting for it, and consequently the government today bears little resemblance to the Republic the Constitution envisaged. It’s a natural process of history. What remains of the Consitution is assaulted by exercises in word games to reinterpret what the Founders Really Meant.
      Dicatorship naturally arises out of democracy, and the most aggravated form of tyranny and slavery [arise] out of the most extreme liberty.

  • Mindy Curtis

    The article missed the point entirely. The states are our separate tables (so to speak), and we are supposed to be able to “vote with our feet”. It worked until we got the progressive globalists into power and in order for it to work again we must rid ourselves of these progressive globalists that infect all the political parties. (think rino). Splitting the US into “smaller” countries does nothing to help America and everything to help our enemies! I will NEVER support the “succession” movements. Not now and not ever! I will support state’s rights and returning control back to the local communities. (who know best what they need or don’t need)

    • Thanks for commenting Mindy. We certainly support returning control back to the local places, but it is hard to do with an overbearing federal government.

      • Mindy Curtis

        That is why the 10th amendment is so important!

        • Nobody

          What about consent of the governed? US law requires consent of the governed for lawful government. If the people of a state want to secede are you not going to respect US Organic law? Will you support Federal violence to keep them on their tax farm? Why respect one law and not another?

    • There is no question the fed has gained far too much control over every matter and event !

    • robt

      BTW, splitting the US into smaller countries, i.e. states, is exactly how the Republic was envisioned, how it started out, but the actions of the Federalists negated that, resulting in what we ended up with today.
      The first progressive globalist was Hamilton, so the ‘Republic’ was doomed from the start: Hamilton, of great influence, and the enemy of the Republic and the friend of centralism. When the Secretary of State had two employees, Hamilton’s Treasury had 500. The Federalists, ultimately the Democrats, ended up winning and there’s no going back at least for a while. But hearten in the observation that everything in the universe agglomerates and then disperses, and hope for a better day. You may or will not see it in your lifetime, but keep on hoping.

    • Nobody

      What about consent of the governed? Do you not support US law?

  • Brad Scofield

    So sorry, Pal, but your Jtard divide and conquer rhetoric ain’t cuttin’ it here in America. WE THE PEOPLE ARE united and you ain’t ever breakin’ us up.
    What YOU need to worry about is when YOUR mass deportations will begin.

    • You are exactly backasswards. It is abundantly clear America is far from united in much of anything. Especially the so-called conservatives in DC and every state capital who rarely agree on what actions to take. I certainly wish you were correct, but you are not. If it were true millions of people would have marched on DC 5 years ago or today and demand accountability from the real criminals in our country ! And all people do is complain on the net and watch it all get far worse daily. You need to rethink a bunch of stuff and touch some reality as well as personal honesty. Here is the problem in a nutshell, far too many Americans have become fat, dumb, lazy and apathetic, simple as that. The straight up simple truth of many matters !

  • Samarami

    “…Better yet, join the secession movements in California,

    Texas, and New Hampshire…”

    And when that fails (which, indeed it will), abstain from beans.