Anarchy: How a Region of Somalia Just Solidified Its Independence
By Joe Jarvis - November 26, 2017

If you hate the government so much, why don’t you move to Somalia?

That might soon be a great option. The truth is Somalia is not without government. It actually has multiple governments.

In the south, you see corruption, crime, and gang-like government oppression. This is what the United Nations and most of the international community call the official government of Somalia.

And in the north there is a separatist state called Somaliland. Here crime is lower, and the economy is freer. More people have power and water. The standard of living is higher. The region bases its law on the historical Xeer system, similar to Common Law.

And until now, no international entity wanted to recognize Somaliland.

Did the people protest? Did the government petition the UN? Did they rebel against the southern “official” government?

No. Economic opportunity surfaced. Somaliland’s first international ally is not a government, but a business.

The fourth largest port company in the world made a deal with the government of Somaliland. DP World will build an economic free zone in the new Republic.

A total of 12.2 square kilometres of land has been earmarked for the Berbera Free Zone (BFZ), which is to be modelled on Dubai’s Jebel Ali Free Zone (Jafza), the Middle East region’s biggest free zone.

The Dubai-based ports operator signed a 30-year concession agreement to manage the Port of Berbera in May 2016. In September 2017, the port recorded a 40 per cent year-on-year increase in container volumes – the highest total volumes in the port’s history, DP World said in a statement.

The new economic zone aims to position Berbera as a gateway port for east Africa, by encouraging investments and trade in the warehousing, logistics, manufacturing and related businesses.

DP World will develop the free zone in phases, with the first phase focusing on 4 sq km of land, according to the terms of a deal signed this week between Somaliland’s foreign affairs minister Saad Shire and DP World group chairman and chief executive, Sultan bin Sulayem.

This is actually a really big deal. It shows a number of developments.

The northern region of Somalia effectively seceded from the south. Its economy is doing much better than the rest of Somalia. And by opening up some of their land to free zones, the government of Somaliland is proving that they are forward thinking. They are ready to bring this unstable region of Africa into the modern economy.

And that is all well and good. But now a successful company with an amazing track record is making a deal with Somaliland. This company had no small hand in developing Dubai into the economic powerhouse and model modern economy that it is today.

This partnership is huge for Somaliland. And at the same time, it promises to be quite the boon for DP World as well. The company has the opportunity to design a Special Economic Zone from scratch. They can take all their best practices from other special economic zones, and apply them in a region scarred by anarchy.

And this will show the world just what kind of governance can be built by private companies.

“Somaliland’s development opportunities…has parallels with the start of our own growth in Dubai and the UAE,” said Mr bin Sulayem. “Our vision is to make Berbera a trading and transportation hub for the Horn of Africa.”

Somaliland gave DP World a 30-year concession and majority control to manage the new port. Now the new country can gain a foothold with a powerful ally on their side. And DP World can design a governing structure for their port that will attract business and investment.

Somaliland was an isolated separatist region of a war-torn vacuum of power.

Now, they are positioned to become the next Dubai.

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  • Alan777

    Interesting. Let’s hope the UN and other regional powers let them prosper. They may become a prize or a threat to the status quo.

    • Nalejbank

      As long as they play ball with the IMF, the EXIM Bank, the World Bank and the international banking cabal, they might stand a small chance of prospering.
      But as with all tendencies of governments and humans to live at another’s expense there will come attempts by others to get their dirty little fingers into the cash flow of others.
      Liberty is not free and cannot be guarded by anyone that won’t defend it!

      • max naegele

        si vis pacem para bellum

        • Col. E. H. R. Green

          Mirabile dictu !

  • william readling

    I have a very good comeback for the “why don’t you go to Somalia” question. I say that “Somalia does not have no government, it has way too many governments. Each bandit gang is a government enforcing it’s edicts, taxing whom ever it can, and trying to take territory from the neighboring governments. After all, it’s like Murray Rothbard said, Government is nothing more, and nothing less than a bandit gang writ large.”
    Then I say that people who thing socialism is a good thing should ship out to Venezuela, before the worker’s paradise there completely collapses.

    • Exactly! somehow they don’t seem to rush to Venezuela…

      • william readling

        They won’t even go to Canada, after they swore to if Trump were elected. I suppose you should always expect deception from collectivists.

    • It seems Somalia is not in anarchy. It has competing conquerers. If the news descriptions are accurate. Somaliland sounds like it’s stable enough for the company to trust this agreement.

  • James HIgginbotham

    this nation our USA needs to get OUT OF THE UN, AND GET THE UN OUT OF THE USA.

  • Nobody

    Sick of the ‘if you don’t like the US, why don’t you leave’ position. Why don’t we just bring the criminal tyrants in the US to common law justice??

    The irs, ‘law’ enFORCEers, cia, nsa, ‘judges’ applying law for government to the People, fedres and treasury personnel, national ‘guard’ and all less than useless bureaucrats should all be rotting in a prison at minimum for their on-going criminality injuring the People under color of law but the American people, in their state of stockholm syndrome slave mentality won’t do anything to stop the on-going never ending injury these criminals continually inflict upon us.

    Nowhere in any Constitution in the US does the People grant authority to make and apply law to the “People” nor does any statute or other law claim to apply to any of the People whom are made up of men and women not within the capacity of government, but everyone is so brainwashed that they think we need vote our way to freedom from their tyranny of applying law for government upon us which is utterly absurd and totally intellectually bankrupt.

    Everyone should be beating down the doors of the Grand Juries to get indictments of every “person” in government applying government law to the People. The Constitition(s) and all derived statutes are intended and explicitly worded for application to “persons” which is a man/woman in the capacity of that entity (government entity).

    Common law is for the People, as in each man/woman has the right to face the man/woman making the accusation(s) against him/her. Nothing is “illegal” for the People, our actions are only determined to be lawful or unlawful by impartial jury of peers. Legality is only for work capacities of bounded duty. The peoples’ only duty to government us to alter or abolish government when it becomes destructive to securing unalienable rights granted by God. The Peoples’ law is Common Law, Constututional and Statutory law is law government!

    • Nobody

      Typo correction:
      The Peoples’ law is Common Law. Constututional and Statutory law is law for government!