Anonymous Panama Papers Source Speaks Out, Demands More Government Action
By Daily Bell Staff - May 09, 2016

Panama Papers source breaks silence over ‘scale of injustices’ … Whistleblower says leak of 11.5m Mossack Fonseca files on offshore tax havens has triggered debate but not enough action. –UK Guardian

Who is this anonymous person who believes his vast Panama Papers leak hasn’t triggered enough “action?”

Why does he want Western governments to try harder to prosecute those who have put assets in places other than their own countries?

He has it backward in our view. Unfortunately, you won’t find a word in the mainstream media criticizing the decision to steal and disseminate people’s private correspondence.

And what exactly does he believe the EU, US and Britain would do with all the extra money they’d presumably receive from individuals who repatriated assets?

What do Western countries do now?

The US spends billions bombing other countries, including women and children.

Women in parts of Iraq have been told not to have babies because the depleted uranium spread by US weapons was causing so many birth defects.

And Libya is still a chaotic, murderous mess because of US and British intervention.

The US invasion of Iraq was based on Weapons of Mass Destruction that didn’t exist. And US politicians have taken to admitting that the Libya invasion was a mistake.

If Mr. Anonymous has his way, the US and other Western countries will have additional streams of revenue to help kill even more people for no reason.

Meanwhile, the EU’s ridiculous euro has virtually ruined Southern Europe’s economy. Stable work is now a rarity for an entire younger generation.

Britain can’t efficiently utilize the funds it has either. Its national public health system is a disaster. Women give birth in taxis because the hospitals are full.

But British hospitals shouldn’t be full because it is unofficial policy not to give old people anything to drink so they die quickly and open up beds.

It is not a secret. Both the UK Telegraph and Daily Mail among other publications reported on the practice in detail in 2012 articles. It included withholding food as well.

Many EU countries have significant prisons systems but nothing compared to the US. The US at any given time has six million people in various stages of incarceration.

Many prisons are privately run and the convicts are little more than slaves. Prison administrators have contracts in place with cities and states guaranteeing them a steady supply of “criminals.”

Presumably, Mr. Anonymous wants to make sure the West’s prison-industrial complex remains well funded.


The whistleblower behind the Panama Papers broke their silence on Friday to explain in detail how the injustices of offshore tax havens drove them to the biggest data leak in history.

The source, whose identity and gender remain a secret, denied being a spy.  “For the record, I do not work for any government or intelligence agency, directly or as a contractor, and I never have. My viewpoint is entirely my own.”

According to the Guardian, the whistleblower also wrote that shell companies of the sort identified in the email leaks “are used to carry out a wide array of serious crimes.”

And he added, “Income inequality is one of the defining issues of our time.”

Well, what about killing old people by depriving them of water? Or causing a wave of birth defects by exposing women to depleted uranium? Or putting people into prisons and treating them like slaves?

We previously wrote about the Panama Papers here: “Without Fanfare, Financial Privacy Was Wiped Out Last Week in DC.”

Never in the history of humankind has it been impossible to create an anonymous legal entity. But now it will be. And this doesn’t seem to be a momentous event to the world’s mainstream media which is reporting on the story as if it has to do with tax evasion.

The larger issue is that a handful of elected and unelected bureaucrats have decided that YOU – a person, a businessman, an investor – have no right to set up a corporation without publicly affixing your name to it.

The whistleblower certainly doesn’t have problems with depriving people of the right to conduct their affairs privately.

The Guardian tells us that he supports “moves by Cameron to introduce public registers of offshore companies which would show the beneficial owners of companies.” Britain, we learn, is about to provide a public register for UK companies.

Interestingly, the source did have a few reproving words for governments over “harsh treatment of whistleblowers.”

The source singled out Edward Snowden who fled the US while accusing it of monitoring citizen communications in a massive, unconstitutional manner.

Of course, one could also make the argument that Snowden had done the work of the US government by making everyone aware that they were being listened to, legally or not.

Snowden worked for the CIA before his “leak.” The source (see above) claims emphatically that he does not.

Here’s a thought: Why can’t central banks simply print money and hand it to the government? The “tax money” is printed by central banks anyway. Modern tax systems seem more about control than solvency.

Conclusion: One can certainly understand the anonymous source’s indignation that some people are so much wealthier than others. But the solution is to encourage more freedom not less. The source has it backward. The best way to create wealth is to reduce government activism,  not encourage it.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Mortimer Sled

    Oddly convoluted argument: let criminals go because tax rates are too high.

    • Actually the argument is that people are finally seeing through a convoluted “justice system” that picks and chooses who to prosecute and why.

      • RJ O’Guillory

        …on a surface level, I got the impression that the writer was more concerned with the motivations and alleged damage to to our privacy. However, on a deeper level, I think he was speaking for unrestrained capitalism through the lens of liberty….something…that if done with ethics, integrity and the same rules for all…would be a good thing. To bad human-nature gets involved…eh?
        RJ O’Guillory

        • monkeyhouse

          With honest information the cloud of bad nature can be seen through.

      • tom nogaro

        and how it metes out “justice” with its prosecution proceeds.

  • leslie o

    There is no leak.
    No… the story looking like someone is squealing on high level politicians [who will NEVER be arrested and will just keep getting reinstated] is a government plant to push through more laws restricting WE the CIVILIANS from using off shore banks.

    No one else.
    This is merely pushing for MORE regulations.

    • monkeyhouse

      They went after the PM of Iceland as one of the first targets. Coincidentally, this same PM rebuffed the international financier advances and designs for him and his fellow Icelanders a few short years back. Everything happens for a reason.

      • leslie O

        The PM of Iceland was only ONE of many. A token to show us that “democracy is still alive and well”. ALL of them have offshore bank accounts — many in the country, Panama which is basically owned by George Herbert Bush. Cheney, the Clintons, etc and even our home grown US Military Industrial Complex have offshore bank accounts in Panama.
        And they will continue to do so while WE are restricted.
        This “leak” was no accident.

        • olde reb

          Are you saying Iceland has been unique in that bankers have been prosecuted and put in prison while no US politicians have been exposed in the leaks?

          Maybe that Wall Street is the leak and is punishing those Icelanders (PM) who imprisoned the corrupt WS backed bankers ?

  • FreeOregon

    Thou shallt not covet thy neighbor’s ass.

  • Heywood Jablome

    I may live to see the complete abrogation of privacy in all things from the financial organization of private corporations to the elimination of fiat paper currency, as the west and the puppet masters move for more and increasingly egregious control of the masses. It is moving along and the perfidy is unchecked, because the average yokel, doesn’t care or know, and the knowing are accused of everything from being conspiracy theorists to being unpatriotic, all the while the levers are being manipulated behind the curtain.

  • rmp


  • Khalid Rahim

    Being rich is not a crime provided the rich don’t rob others and put their wealth for recycling in their own country and community.

  • Thomas Clawson

    It wasn’t that many years ago that U.S. citizens could take their money, even gold, out of the U.S. and place it anywhere in the world they wished. Everyone needs to recognize that it is just another freedom lost. Our reckless politicians have placed themselves in a position where every dollar of taxes are required to keep this Country from defaulting on debt. We citizens are now the losers and it is going to get much worse. Most of the people that have honestly accumulated enough funds to make it worthwhile to park some overseas, should be able to do so without Government reprisal. Our Government is the bad guy here,not those with money overseas. If I were one of those I wouldn’t be worried about losing my retirement in the coming months. This is starting to smell like 1939 in Germany, snitching on your fellow citizens.

  • tom nogaro

    simply brilliant. no more need be said. ty.

  • olde reb

    DB has written: “Without Fanfare, Financial Privacy Was Wiped Out Last Week in DC.”

    I respectfully disagree. I submit the Federal Reserve system embezzles
    $5 trillion daily using the auction accounts of Treasury securities
    which are exclusively controlled by the FRBNY. Ref. 31 CFR 375.3.
    Of course, the FRBNY is the major franchise of the BOG.

    The only mathematically possible destination of the embezzled funds is to
    the secret owners of the corporate Board of Governors. Privately
    held corporations are not required to file records with the SEC. Ref.

    Financial privacy continues to exist for the Federal Reserve.