Argentina – and Cristina – Sink into Crisis
By Staff News & Analysis - February 21, 2015

Rocky road ahead for Argentine leader over Nisman case … The still unexplained death of prosecutor Alberto Nisman, who was found shot dead in his apartment on 18 January, has highlighted how intertwined the judicial system and politics have become in Argentina. – BBC

Dominant Social Theme: Don't cry for Argentina. The kids are all right.

Free-Market Analysis: In this article, the BBC does what it often does, which is provide a "balanced" narrative regarding semi-authoritarian rulers and their bad behavior. This article pays little attention to Kirchner's truly outrageous behavior and instead "profiles" her in a fairly sympathetic manner.

There's probably a reason for treating the current Argentina mess this way. The current Western meme – the one the media is engaged in – proposes that a recovery is underway. Dwelling on Argentina and its impact on the rest of South America undermines some of that perspective.

This is what being evenhanded means …

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has been president of Argentina since 2007 but this, the last year of her presidency, is undoubtedly the most difficult period she has yet had to face. Cristina, as most people here colloquially call their president, is occasionally flamboyant and is naturally politically combative.

At times like this she seems loved and loathed in almost equal measure. Her supporters are fiercely loyal to the woman they see as continuing the Peronist tradition, the Argentine political movement based on the legacy of former president Juan Domingo Peron.

The president's public appearances are few and far between and she certainly does not trust the country's independent media.

The post goes on in this vein, calling her a wealthy woman with support from the "working class." The article even claims the country's welfare programs and price controls are popular.

This seems a little strange given many Argentines have lost a good deal of wealth with the currency's de facto devaluation and the slump in housing prices. Vacations abroad have turned from holidays into luxuries. Fewer travel outside the country.

The article predictably makes a comparison between Cristina and Evita Peron, whose husband did so much to undermine Argentina's economy under the guise of social justice.

A post at WAToday takes a different approach. The article points to recent demonstrations against Cristina and explains that her response indicates Argentina is getting a good deal more polarized.

Social mobilisations in Latin America have been the pinnacle of democracy since its return to the region in the 1980s. They played a key role in both the transition and the consolidation of democracy. The mothers of disappeared children embedded the practice of marching silently around the Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires to demand justice. Such public demonstrations in Argentina have a role in history and are fundamentally linked to calls for democracy, justice, and human rights. Moreover, these social mobilisations have served as a model for citizens around the world to get visibility for what they consider to be unjust.

In contrast to the Argentine government's pre-18F comments, this march, regardless of the fact that it may only represent the views of one side of what is becoming an increasingly polarised and politically divided society, is evidence of a consolidated and mature democracy. Even what is referred to as the "procedural minimal definition of democracy" includes the condition that citizens have the right to express themselves.

A string of disastrous political regimes have decimated Argentina's prosperity and entrepreneurial vitality. Argentina's current situation and the increased disgruntlement of its electorate is a kind of time bomb for South America.

The article concludes by explaining that Ms Kirchner's reactions "show how disengaged she is with her public and how much she fears her own uncertainty." It points out that the marchers were "silently questioning whether their leaders were following the rules" of certain social and political conventions that have governed Argentina in the 20th and 21st century.

Argentina's citizens suffered horribly in the depression of 1998 to 2002. According to a Wikipedia post, the economy contracted by 20 percent and over 50 percent of Argentines were impoverished. "Seven out of ten Argentine children were poor at the depth of the crisis in 2002."

Things are better now but the economy is still in bad shape with high inflation and a shrinking industrial base. A prolonged political crisis could make things much worse. Cristina's evident disengagement and Argentina's inability to solve its current economic problems may turn into a rolling recession affecting Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, and even Brazil.

After Thoughts

There's a lot more at stake in Argentina than is currently being reported.

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  • New Think “balanced” reporting is an elitist thought crime. The J P Morgan owned, Lusitania was loaded in NYC harbor with Dupont and Morgan war material, making this clandestine HMS light cruiser into a legitimate war target. German spies forwarded info on this and the German embassy posted warning notice in the NYT three weeks prior to departure. When the false flag target reached the Irish Sea, on a clear day, the Director of Admiralty, Winston Churchill ordered the liner to half speed and removed it’s destroyer escort. The sacrifice of 180 American passengers was hoped to be catalyst for US entry into WW One, however the NYT warning prevented that. Anxious for war, congress passed, and Woody Wilson signed the Espionage Act of 1917. Hundreds of newspaper owners, editors and reporters were jailed, this media value plunged and J P Morgan bought 50 of the largest ‘independent’ newspapers for fraction of value, adding to his propaganda portfolio.

    Following WW One, combined efforts of CFR and Skull and Bones traitors converted ‘news’ to propaganda and stage set, directed and profited from WW Two. Following WW Two, the margins of national debate were set by CIA/Skull & Bonesmen Henry Luce at Time magazine and Wm Buckley at National Review. Yellow journalist master, Randolph Hearst had created the ‘New York Examiner’ as a way to smear opponents and to brand all conspiracy theories. In the fifties, a CIA/mafia contact was setup as owner and the Enquirer went National to brand UFO and CIA false flag attacks, like Operation Gladio and Operation Northwoods as ‘conspiracy’ theories. When the elitist controlled parrot press, like BBC, or Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC, et al….make a claim of ‘fair and balanced’ you can be certain, Truth is not considered within the directed narrative boundaries.

    • Tom kauser

      CFR may be a little early?

      • Wiki/Council_on_Foreign_Relations…..founded in 1921….do your homework.

        • Tom kauser

          I think they were still MILNER roundtable groups however i would hate to challenge WIKI or name drop outside the box. JP Morgan did not need international groups interfering with his business besides the newspapers had already been consolidated 8 years earlier and the narrative was already in place.

          • your uninformed comments are not worthy of reply….

          • Tom kauser

            Milner/CFR was a counter to Americas continued support of the Kaiser,(1921′ split of the roundtable group the change of alliances had been completed)you are good at finding dates its the lack of putting it together that must be frustrating for you?

      • WinChll

        CFR’s website states establishment in 1921; sister to the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London.

    • jackw97224

      I gave you a thumbs up, but I know some “conspiracy” theories are still just that, while some conspiracies are indeed fact and have been verified. Someone once said that the first casuality of war is the truth. The Earth has been at war for eons. Islam seems to have been at war with the rest of the people who freely and independently chose something other than Moho.

      • See “Why Are We Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret” by Dr Bill Warner, on youtube for the endless moslum war. See “How to Steal an Airplane, from 911 to MH370” at Corbert Report, on youtube for airliner info. See “Massive Fire Engulfs Dubai ‘Torch’ Residential Tower” at InfoWars, note ‘residents were allowed to return to lower floors after fire’….NO COLLAPSE. Then review “Rainbow in the Dark, Powerful Proof of 911 Nukes” at Veterans Today.

        We have been systematically LIED to about everything.

        • jackw97224

          I’ll check those missives as time permits. The commie/socialists tyrants don’t lie about everything; they always throw in just enough truths and facts so as to keep people deceived as to their real plans. Sift the chaff from the grain, as the Bible teaches us.

          • When they think they need to, they throw a thousand more “conspiracy theories” into the mix to confuse the ones that know something’s wrong with the official story. There are a thousand different people and organizations who have been accused of killing JFK for that very reason.

  • Tom kauser

    all we need is a color 4 the revolution

  • jackw97224

    Problems are the result of men and women who succumb to the Devil Satan’s power and thus impose their evils on others. One of the root causes of our disasters is the dishonest monetary systems, i.e. fiat currencies, which are ersatz “money” unbacked by real substances like gold and silver. So, the governments/politicians of the world are always pushing the can down the road, hoping that the game of fallacious economic and financial “musical chairs” will continue, as these politicians will lose their heads when worldwide economic depression hits, à la the French
    Revolution. In the long run, economic catastrophe awaits; ignorance is bliss but it leads to the abyss.

  • Me Again

    The BBC balanced? Surely tongue in cheek that one……

    • Brabantian

      BBC – British Bullshite Corporation – actually was founded in 1922 specifically as a propaganda operation, arising out of huge British success in 1914-18 with its Wellington House WPB or War Propaganda Bureau, credited with convincing gullible Yank Americans to enter the war and help destroy Germany with Versailles ‘peace’. WPB lies against Germans were so outrageous that the WPB burned its records as the war ended, to help hide who created those lies.

      Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels actually modelled his work on the British, extending it, and then he was copied in turn by CIA’s Operation Mockingbird and USA ‘media management’.

      But the BBC, tho gov’t-run, still does its propaganda with more subtlety than Yank ‘private sector’ news presenting the oligarch-funded ‘Terrorism!’ etc stories. EU ‘news’ is sinking fast but there’s yet a long way to parity with USA ‘news’.

  • As a former missionary in Latin America, with two marriages to Latin American women, I have followed news south of the border more than most North Americans. Kirschner does have a lot of protesting public. BBC pretends never to notice that the “rightist” movements in the region are more than anything spontaneous blowbacks from the middle class. The worldwide thought police guidebook today says rightists movements are always organized by either the rich “oligarchs” or by the CIA, so they don’t see anything that doesn’t fit that.

    They didn’t know what to do with Honduras, that broke all the left-fascist stereotypes. EVERY institution loudly protested Zelaya. I think the Internet gave the phenomenon of the uprising against Zelaya its strength. The international reaction put the lie to the denunciations of Honduras. The Internet exposes his attempt to subvert the constitution to establish a lifetime dictatorship using the Chavez method, after it worked in Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, and to an extent in Argentina and less so in Brazil.

    After all that, Honduras showed it’s okay to say Hell No! to left-fascist subversion. A kick back against the tide. El Salvador straightaway backed off from Chavez and gang, Caracas demanded some Honduran “cojones”, an ex-president of Guatemala suggested a combined Guatemala-Honduras-El Salvador joint foreign policy, and a little later, Paraguay avoided another auto-coup by a left-fascist “liberation theology” priest.

    In a sad day for Christendom and for the world, liberation theology Ernesto Cardenal gets his revenge for the rebuke to his face from the Pope John Paul 2. A liberation theology reprobrate now sits in the Papal throne. And a liberation theology pastor mentored the current White House resident.

    • epazote

      You’re badly misinformed about events in Latin America

      The focus of this site in politics and activism across Latin America that corporate media doesn’t report.

      • I’ve lived with Hispanics more years of my life than I have with
        gringos, so you’re very self-misinformed about me. For starters.

        Corporate media is just one-half of the government-media complex
        everywhere. Constant wars are aided and abetted by media even
        while they pretend to blast at warmongers like Bush and even Obama
        (tho’ not so much).

        And they joined in the bullying against Honduras in 2009. Along
        with the billionaire-funded and corporate-funded web site in your
        link. My family spent time there at the time that year, and Hondurans DID

        want Zelaya OUT.

        When Zelaya showed his fangs as a socialist extortionist, and corrupt at that,

        there were some gullible souls (Lenin’s “useful idiots”) who followed along. But even the poor saw Venezuela’s political and economic ruin, and Cuba’s, and they said they did not want it.

        So he was arrested by order of the COURT and NOT the military. That was the big lie carried around the world. One reporter on CNN had a brief moment of honesty that day and told the audience through the camera that they had received hundreds and maybe thousands of emails cheering the arrest of Zelaya and the new president Micheletti, and NOT ONE protesting it.

        When I heard NPR discussing this a couple of days later, that got calls from Hondurans saying the same thing, and who were upset at the talking weenies at NPR who supported Obama’s support for the socialist caudillo. One of them showed his ignorance by saying Obama wanted to show they were no longer meddling.

        Obama meddled like always! The US ambassador support the fraudulent survey cover-up and the other machinations, knowing his abuse of aid money and his major thefts. Insulza stopped talking about pajamas after Micheletti met with him and showed him the pictures of the ex-president in full super-expensive suit and well dressed, as neighbors also reported later. Hugo Llorens was in the palace helping plot the auto-coup the night before.

        Don’t listen to the sneaky corporate-financed corporate-supported so-called “social justice” frauds. Not for nothing George Soros pays for coups around the world like in Egypt and Ukraine and Georgia.

        But God is real, he is not mocked and they will sew what they reap. God is in control.

        • epazote

          Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the USA Treasury for Economic Policy , Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal, columnist for Business Week.
          Dr Roberts has this to say (today) about current events in Latin America

          Stick with your missionary efforts (in the USA, we don’t appreciate your intrusion here in Latin America) because you know nothing about the political situation

          • By their fruits ye shall know them, and his ignorance of Honduras is fruit of something. He’s right about Ukraine, he was big time wrong about Honduras, a country I know something about. I’m a Honduran citizen. My wife and the stepkids raised there say I’m more Honduran than they are.

            Just like Wilberforce had his mission field of ending slavery in the British Parliament, mine is telling the truth and exposing lies in the interest of the people I love.

            It was Obama who was intruding in Latin America, and Paul Craig Roberts was cheering the intrusion, cheering the corrupt thieving president, and who cheered Chavez while Chavez was alive.

            The CIA has done its atrocities, and so have the socialists south –and north– of the border. But for PCR to say Putin has no ambitions at all smacks of downright gullibility.

            And though he may have fooled medio mundo, Reagan was no conservative either and joined Carter, Bush, Nixon, Clinton, Bush again, and Obama in sending the USA down the death trap of the dollar crash into the abyss.

            After the Soviet Union, North Korea, Cambodia, East Europe, the mad rush of East Germany to join West Germany, the spectacle of Greece’s bankruptcy, and the socialism-driven bankruptcy of the US, and Cuba, and Venezuela’s economic ruinous poverty, after all that, it should be obvious that the socialist demagogues are either liars or dangerous morons or evil villains that have sold out to the corporate-created world government in formation.

            Freedom and free markets are the best way to get government and corporate greedy hands off of the poor, because the poor have just as much right as the rich to do business and prosper.