As Predicted, North American Union Returns Under Guise of ‘Greater Integration’
By - August 05, 2016

Trump’s Border Wall Idea Dismissed by Mexico’s Foreign Minister  … Nation ‘not even considering’ candidate’s proposal: minister Ruiz calls for passage of TPP trade deal to build on Nafta  … Mexico’s foreign minister, Claudia Ruiz Massieu, dismissed Republican U.S. presidential nominee Donald Trump’s calls for the nation to pay for a border wall, calling instead for greater integration between the nations. -Bloomberg

As we predicted some time ago in a series of articles, Trump’s strong stance against Mexican immigration is producing the inevitable pushback.

Predictably, it is making conversation about a “North American Union” feasible again, as we can see from this Bloomberg excerpt, above, stating that Ruiz hopes for “greater integration” between Mexico and the US.

When interviewed by Bloomberg, she used the opportunity to respond to Trump’s ideas, including the famous “wall.”

“We’re not even considering such a proposition,” Ruiz said. “We’re in the business of creating prosperity, creating jobs, creating more investment to detonate more opportunities for our people, as are most governments in the world. The way to do that is to go further with more integration, more integrated chains of value, and remaining more competitive.”

We predicted this HERE: Trump Irony: Candidacy May Unify U.S. with Mexico.

More from DB:

Is it possible some sort of dialectical strategy is taking place? [George] Soros provides the thesis, you see, and Trump the antithesis. Out of media-promoted conflict emerges a synthesis that considerably deepens the relationship between Mexico and America.

Trump’s “wall” – his signature political issue – would be at the center of this cultural and geographical realignment. Out of its construction, might emerge a greater union embracing a much larger geographical region.

Since we suggested this idea, we’ve seen a considerable upsurge in Hispanic and Mexican activism.

The idea of a North American Union – which had failed  utterly – is once again a topic for discussion, and more … an item of considerable controversy. George Soros has constructed an entire new series of activist non-profit groups around Latino agitation.

As we pointed out in March, Soros and other liberal donors are donating $15 million to a campaign aimed at counteracting anti-Mexican rhetoric. The campaign includes a new PAC called Immigrant Voters Win that is “more explicitly partisan” than in the past.

More from Bloomberg:

In interviews … Ruiz cited the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership as an opportunity to deepen the trade relationship created by the North American Free Trade Agreement, which took effect in 1994.

Trump has been anti-TPP, and good for him. But Ruiz’s mention of the partnership is further evidence that the Trump campaign has revitalized conversation about the Mexican-American relationship and related subjects as well.

Was this somehow purposeful? When it comes to Trump, we still have little idea of how sincere he is or whether his campaign contains elements that are involved with unstated outside forces.

In fact, we may never know unless he wins the presidency. And even then, there might be certain aspects of his actions that remain murky.

What we are certain of is that the US-Mexican relationship is once again front-and-center and sooner later may include conversations about Canadian participation.

This trio was always at the heart of the proposed North American Union.

Conclusion: With the EU imploding, you would think the idea of a North American version would be regarded with a good deal of skepticism. Obviously Ruiz and her Mexican counterparts are not at all discouraged. And we’re not surprised.

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  • AmericanGold

    Good Lord and Great Balls of Fire, DB!! Come in from the cold already. Are you actually suggesting that due to Trump’s insistence on America First policies he is somehow complicit in the evil agendas of those who are hell-bent to destroy this nation? You doubt his sincerity and call his actions “murky” because they are not spelled out in detail … how many enormous projects have you embarked on knowing exactly what needs to lined up beforehand? Have a little faith, wise and good friends that you are, and trust the better judgement of the American people. In case you haven’t noticed we are rallying behind him in the tens of thousands and growing.

    • Samarami

      “…trust the better judgement of the American people…”

      The only “American people’s judgement” I tend to trust are those who know enough to abstain from beans. Sam

      • AmericanGold

        If I understand your message correctly, then by my refusing to participate, I can avoid coercing others. But I only have my one vote … how is that coercion? On the other hand, can one stand silently by without consequence? If the boat I share with high-minded abstainers is sinking in the stormy sea, will I grab my bucket and bail with the “thoughtless”… or pretend I’m above the fray? Maybe I am misunderstanding the bean rationale?

        • Samarami

          By al means, American Gold — you’re one who should vote. Do not let me stand in your way. Sam

          • AmericanGold

            Okay, well … there’s a cold shoulder.

  • EDD

    I don’t know what kind of president Trump might make, but as a registered Republican, it is interesting that I have received a couple of polling emails asking what I consider to be priority issues when he takes the reins of leadership. It is my hope that when certain Repub leaders vow not to support Trump, they actually do so and maybe the party can be rebuilt to favor the party base. The base is extremely tired of being betrayed by the party leadership in bed with corporate interests.

    They are the Benedict Arnold(s) of this era.

  • evader2014

    In fiction it’s been done.
    Novel by Brock Stimson
    But you won’t like the depiction of US military.
    Patriotism being the first refuge of scoundrels.

  • Cynthia McKinney PhD

    We have to wonder what the price to Trump is of Sheldon Adelson’s support. Zionists to the left of me, neocons to the right, here we are stuck in the middle again.

    • Jose Maria Claramunt

      Well said.

  • Is Machiavelli, the end justifies the means, at play with the border wall?