Bloomberg Supports TPP as a ‘Trade Agreement,’ But It Is Actually a Shift in World Power
By Daily Bell Staff - September 19, 2016

Help American Workers. Pass TPP … Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have both said they will oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade pact between the U.S. and 11 nations negotiated by the Obama administration and signed in February. But their views shouldn’t matter much, because the issue should never get to the next president’s desk. Congressional consideration of the agreement has been delayed long enough. Congress should vote on the bill — and pass it — before the year is out.  – Bloomberg

Mike Bloomberg wrote an editorial boosting the Trans Pacific Partnership TPP. This is just one of three “trade agreements” that are putting in place a 21st century global sociopolitical and economic structure.

Bloomberg is a multi-billionaire and he understands the benefits that the upcoming structure will bestow on a relative handful of people including himself.

And so he supports these agreements.


Anti-trade sentiment has made it fashionable for candidates to oppose TPP. But while a vocal and energized faction of voters on the left and right advocate protectionist measures, most Americans — including majorities in both parties and among independents — believe more trade is good for the American economy.

So do nearly all economists and a large majority of the business and agriculture communities.  Global trade opens up new markets to American businesses, creating new opportunities to grow. In fact, the U.S. actually runs a cumulative trade surplus in manufactured goods with our 20 trade agreement partners, and we’ve long run global trade surpluses for services and agricultural products.

This sounds fine but it has little to do with what is actually going on.

In today’s other article (here) we track the downfall of the dollar and the eventual insolvency of the world’s economy.

This is not happenstance or coincidence. The world is being prepared for a great fall, probably the worst financial catastrophe in history because it will truly be a worldwide one.

And the trade agreements didn’t just happen to get written. They are a map to a future that could be more fully realized post-catastrophe.

The crash and the reorganization of the world’s financial and industrial structure are happening at the same time. Insanely, it’s being planned by a very small group of banking elites.

In fact, these trade agreements, as has been mentioned before, are restructuring the world’s judicial system and the way that nation-states relate to corporations. Post “trade treaty,” corporations are going to have the upper hand.

Of course, today’s corporations are illegitimate, as we have been pointing out here. They achieve their massive size because of proprietary intellectual property rights, corporate person-hood and monopoly fiat central banking.

Absent these artificial factors propping up corporations by force, multinationals would subside.  In fact in the US before the Civil War there were no multinationals and only a few hundred millionaires (here). Businesses were mostly modest-sized holdings, often individual.

The future unfortunately seems clear enough. First the world is likely to undergo a tremendous financial catastrophe. Then these trade agreements will provide the basis of a new world order.

That order is something we can call technocratic fascism. The world will be run by a few multinational corporations and their rarefied leadership.

Only the “best and brightest” will work for this corporate structure. This is what we will be told anyway!

But there is no “best and brightest.” And absent judicial force, there are no modern corporations.

Bloomberg in his editorial wants us to believe these trade treaties are actually about trade. But they are part of a reshaping of the world.

It is certainly comforting to imagine that what’s going on is simply a confluence of unrelated events. But it’s not. These treaties, the emergence of the IMF’s global SDR currency basket and other happenings are all related.

Step back and comprehend that the BRICs – a Goldman Sachs concept – have been raised up over the past decade or so while Europe and the US have been torn down.

This is important because the world’s economy must be evened out if it is to become “one.”

It hardly seems that way of course with escalating military tensions between Russia, China, NATO and the US. But these military tensions are likely phony.

If the West was really intent on confronting China, would the US controlled IMF be actively soliciting the yuan?

What’s going on is planned. And the intention is to further centralized global governance.

Conclusion: Bloomberg’s TPP editorial treats the treaty as an economic event. But that is just a masquerade for a much larger and more malevolent reality.

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  • Doski

    The TPP is a Not-So-Cleverly disguised ‘Crap’ Sandwich ! Enough said.

  • No More Neos

    Here is an excellent comment that I believe nails the current state of world power:

    There are two main forces in the US ruling elite, the realists and the ideologists. This see-saw battle between them has been going on at least since the Nixon-Detente days. Both forces hate Russia but have tactical and short term differences. Kissinger, who is quite sinister, is a proponent of realism and balance of power and Brzezinski is of the ideological and since the 1970’s the neoconservative type.

    Brzezinski has been the arch villain against Russia and has been a real vile opponent of that country. He has been the leading ideologue and intellectual in formulating plans to both isolate and weaken Russia to the betterment of the Anglo-American empire. The fact that he is admitting that his previous plans to defeat Russia have failed is really in my mind earth-shattering. Although I agree with you that he hasn’t thrown in the towel, his strategy has been defeated and this is the importance of what he is admitting. Of course being a consummate supporter of empire to his dying days, he will try to rectify the situation and weasel his slimy ways to still defeat Russia. He will not succeed.

    The IMF is not the powerful institution that it was in the past and is a shell of itself. In fact I believe China has more clout in it than the US. China is just using the IMF as a temporary measure. This is why Chinese Yuan are going to be added to the basket of currencies. This really shows where the balance of power is heading. The AIIB, which is a bank started in China, will replace the IMF sooner rather than later. In a nutshell, Russia and China are interested in business and trade with all, while the US and NATO are interested in chaos and control.

    I completely disagree that the IMF and the New World Order have changed direction and are throwing the US over the boat and now switching to Russia and China as the instruments to control. There are those in the alternative media that are propagating this. This makes no sense at all. Russia and China don’t need anyone to tell them what to do, especially the IMF or the City of London. The financial centers in the west will have to be part of the new multipolar world led by the BRICS if they want to have relevancy in the world. They will have to change (forget about their controlling and dominating ways) or become bankrupt. Brzezinski may just reflect this reality, nothing more.

    One other point. In no uncertain terms has this movement of power to the east been some sort of Machiavellian plan hatched many decades ago. I don’t buy this at all! Brzezinski wrote a long essay and books on how the west can dominate Eurasia in the late 1990’s. He and his cohorts created color revolutions in the 2000’s in Georgia, Serbia, Ukraine, etc. in order to create chaos and enemies on Russia’s borders along with fomenting a civil war in Syria to defeat the axis of resistance nations (Russia, China, Iran, Syria and Hezbollah) and encourage Islamic terrorism in Russia itself.

    The fact that the coup in Ukraine is failing to isolate Russia, the fact that the axis of resistance is beating the US supported ISIS in Syria, the fact that Turkey is moving into the Eurasian sphere of influence, the fact that western Europe is itself weakened, stagnating and itching to renew business with Russia, the fact that Russia is militarily stronger than NATO and the final fact that instead of defeating and weakening Russia, it’s the west that is going under has caused Brzezinski and his ilk to scramble to find a way to stay relevant and to try to coax the Russia-China powers into some sort of manipulated control.

    It will never work. Brzezinski’s plans have been defeated and all he can do is try to play catch up with the world as it leaves the west behind. So instead of the metaphor of Brzezinski correcting the ship as it heads for the iceberg, I like the metaphor of Brzezinski holding sand in his hands and seeing it slip through his fingers.

    • The West virtually created modern Russia and modern China. The systems are the same, many of the policies and politics are the same as well ….

      • aj54

        Putin worked long and hard to get rid of corrupt western-style plutocrats, and the Soros-backed NGOs, and to restore the Christian Church. This is why he is wildly popular, because he has beaten back the west, and pursued policies that encourage the people. China pursues strategic investment with other nations. The US bombs other nations to bitty bits, but then we claim they hate us for our freedoms.

  • StarValentine

    I wonder, do any of the world’s billionaires see themselves as the senators under Caligula or Nero, shamefully cowering and powerless?
    Most of them seem to be slaves in gilded cages.
    If Warren Buffett announced tomorrow he was buying physical gold, suddenly he would have a heart attack, a plane crash, or get indicted, and surely he knows it and all the rest of them.
    Crassus said rich is when you can pay for an army.
    Even billionaires are limited in what they can buy now.
    At one time, becoming rich had a lot more sovereignty to it.

    • max naegele

      well spoken spartacus!

    • aj54

      I think the billionaires see themselves as giants and above the fray of the common man, who is given no thought whatever outside of manipulation, control, and profit.

  • deanharrington

    The ‘One World Order’ plans to end the power of Nation States to control their economies, their legal structures and TPP/TPIP/TISA are the mechanism. Anyone who has looked at the material which has been released by whistle-blowers can see the writing on the wall. Gone will be the day, when local interests on any subject will be taken seriously. Leaders in countries supporting these false trade agreements are committing treason. This is the final nail in the coffin of the U.S. ‘Republic’ and every other Nation that signs on to this ‘international treaty’ … make no mistake about it.

  • Praetor

    TPP, is rule by bureaucracy and attack China. Bigger problem intellectual copyrights, under the partnership agreement. Individuals can be restrict or access denied to the internet by ordinary citizens of the partnering countries. If, ‘THEY’ deem individuals have violated copyright laws. Go try and fight that in an international court!!!!

  • rahrog

    Brexit, Frexit, Texit!!! The NWO is frightened and desperate. Fools like Bloomberg are paper tigers. All we “commoners” have to do is resist, and The Ruling Class will choke to death on all the debt they have created.

  • aj54

    great article