Brexit Is Blamed for Inequality, but That Is Just an Excuse for Top Elites to Strip Others of Wealth
By Daily Bell Staff - July 07, 2016

City of London elite blame inequality for Brexit … The City of London elite are urging companies and policymakers to learn one of the big lessons from the Brexit referendum by working harder to reverse the widening wealth gap in Britain and overseas.  – Financial Times

Of course the top men in  London’s City want to reverse the “widening wealth gap.”

But not for them, you see. Not for handful of men and families that exercise vast control over the world’s central banks.

But for everyone else.

The top bankers need the securities industry to manipulate the trillions and trillion they generate.

If Wall Street didn’t exist, they’d have to invent it.

The trillions that are funneled to the Western world’s banking establishments are used to manipulate masses of people and entire economies.

The trillions create the conditions for the next runup and crash.

But ideally, the fewest possible people will participate in the riches swirling among the insiders.

Whenever possible, the amount of money available is to be reduced.

This is one of the reasons Warren Buffett has helped develop his Giving Pledge to be signed by billionaires who promise to give away more than half their fortunes.

Surprisingly, as the Wall Street Journal noted in an article posted on August 4, 2010, “It’s hard to turn down America’s richest men.”

The article went on to say that Bill Gates and Buffett had announced 40 billionaires and wealthy families, had signed the pledge.

And yes, it probably is difficult to turn down Buffett and Gates.

If you are not a dummy, you know they represent more powerful forces, still.

And those forces don’t want you to determine what you are going to do with your money. The idea is that THEY will handle it for you.

So caring of them.

This sort of shakedown goes on elsewhere too. In the recording industry for instance.

Record companies and others are reportedly not comfortable with musicians who control large amounts of cash.

Considerable pressure is brought on these successful musicians to use their money to buy large houses and expensive cars.

On Wall Street, similar efforts are made. Young people making lots of money are encouraged to live in certain parts of New York where the neighborhoods are exclusive and mansions are for sale.

Many wealthy people therefore are materially well off, but cash poor.

So we don’t really believe the top men at the City are concerned about a widening wealth gap.

They are simply taking advantage of an opportunity to further consolidate wealth among a very few.

It’s propaganda in other words. A dominant social theme.

We wrote about it already on June 3rd, in an article entitled, “Has Brexit Really Damaged London’s City or Will British Finance Benefit?”

Post-Brexit, London’s City is “remorseful” about how it has acted. Or at least it should be.  Of course a city cannot be remorseful, and we are not sure about the remorse of City bankers either.

In this article, we explained that there were elements of Brexit that were most favorable to the City.

Remorse was to be merely an outward appearance.

But in THIS case, it seems the very top of the City is going to take advantage of Brexit to reduce the wealth that others can acquire and maintain.

More than half the chairman and chief executives who contributed to the FT City Network debate after last Thursday’s 51.9 per cent vote in favour of the UK leaving the EU said inequality was a big concern for everyone.

Nigel Wilson, chief executive of Legal & General, said the electorate was “fed up of the rich and the elite shouting at them, telling them how to vote”.

That’s a lot of powerful people, isn’t it? But not the people at the very top. Not the people, for instance, who stand directly behind the Bank of England.

The people at the debate said what was expected of them. They answered correctly, just the way 40 billionaires and wealthy families in 2010 answered in the affirmative when Bill and Warren approached them.

Conclusion: Tirelessly, certain forces promote wealth-stripping methods. The ones at the very top seem to have fortunes that are incalculable. Everyone rest is to be gradually to be equalized.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Bruce C.

    This reminds me of something I read years ago about the DISadvatanges of having great wealth. Basically, the writer said you tend to spend most of your time and energy protecting it from theft in one form or another. Constant solicitations from charities, investment offerings, taxes, lawsuits, black mail, “women”, ransom, security, etc.

  • mike

    The Roschilds. Very clever scheme.

  • mike

    The record cos. et, al; are very interesting. No wonder they all have huge mansions

  • Praetor

    Just like Hillary lets blame someone or something else.

    Inequality can be a good thing, just like competition can be good, can be bad.

    How many times have we hard the Constitution is old and useless in our modern world, except one word is excitable ‘equal’, that one word has given us inequality. They have turned one word into their collective of ‘all most be the same’. How boring are these people.

    If you are a rational thinking human, you most know not one single human ever to live on this planet has been like any other, all be different, non equal nor unequal just plain different. The only time we are equal is the few seconds after our birth, from then on there is nothing equal, except the collectives view of equal!!!