Brexit Is Justifying Aggressive EU Banking and Political Centralization
By Daily Bell Staff - July 01, 2016

German orthodoxy stands on the way of Eurozone recovery argues the billionaire … Billionaire and philanthropist George Soros told the European Parliament on Thursday that Brexit “unleashed” a financial crisis akin to the 2007-2008 Lehman Brothers meltdown.  European thing

George Soros has been launching broadsides against Brexit during the past week, and this one, above, seems to be in line with the rest, but even broader.

Soros brands Brexit as a “trigger” for an upcoming crisis that includes deflationary trends. The article doesn’t describe the deflationary trends, but what Soros is talking about is the lack of progress central banks are having in stimulating economies via monetary debasement.

Soros is not alone, of course. Brexit has been condemned throughout Europe, with many top politicians and economists warning that both Europe and Britain are negatively affected on a variety of levers but especially economically.

Soros makes the distinction between what Brexit did to the world’s economy and what has already been done. He doesn’t characterize Brexit as the “cause.”

However, he was clear that Brexit that post-Brexit, the EU would have to consider ways to ensure that other countries did not try to leave as well. There are numerous other countries in the EU where Brexit style movements are currently underway.

Soros suggested that the EU consider its own “democratic deficit,” thus indicating that Europe partially shared the blame. He urged that the EU make more of an effort to ensure “disaffected voters” reversed their opinion of the EU’s current condition.

Since many of the issues surrounding the EU have to do with the intention of Brussels to expand the authority of the EU considerably, it is not clear how Soros’s suggestions would align with current intentions in Brussels or Germany.

In fact, the European reaction, led by Germany, is the opposite of what Soros is suggesting so far. The UK Daily Mail reported on European intentions in an article entitled “EU Wants an Empire.”

THE EU wants to expand its influence as far and wide as Asia and Africa … The latest EU foreign policy document, titled Global Strategy, calls for an extended reach into new spheres as distant as the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa.  It also outlined “gradual synchronisation and mutual adaptation” between different member states’ individual defence strategies.

In fact, throughout the week, Western media was reporting on an EU ultimatum to member states involving a surrender of traditional national rights including taxation and the right to self-defense.

Brussels is using Brexit to move quickly toward a United States of Europe. The move is so obvious and powerful that it has elicited numerous comments in both Europe and Britain.

Mike Hookem, the defence spokesman for UKIP – the political entity that led the Brexit movement – was quoted as saying: “The EU wants its own Empire as former Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso made clear when he was in charge. This global strategy by the EU is yet another reason why last Thursday’s result was a lucky escape for the UK.”

As we’ve reported, central bankers are using Brexit as an excuse to call for considerable consolidation of banking strategies that might include government moves as well.

Sorors points out that Brexit is both an economic threat and a political one. His suggestion is that Brussels work hard to make the benefits of the EU clear European citizens.

Instead, Brussels has moved hard in the other direction, informing member states of its determination to strip countries of traditional national rights.

At the same time, central bankers are making it clear that the result of Brexit will be considerably, additional monetary integration.

Conclusion: Centralization on so many fronts is bound to create further instability of the sort that Brexit is already being blamed for. In fact, Brexit will also be blamed for the inevitable, destructive consequences of further amalgamation and coordination. These consequences are inevitable because of the moves Brussels is making.

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  • Bruce C.

    Yet another example of the globalist narcissist sociopaths sending mixed messages and tripping each other up.

    If I were a an advocate of the NWO I would probably support Soro’s plan because since the Brexit vote was so close the EU authorities could possibly convince just enough other people in other countries entertaining the notion of an EU exit that “maybe the EU isn’t so bad after all”…until it’s too late to get out, that is.

    The fact that other NWO advocates feel the need to step things up (before it’s too late for them) suggests to me that they’re getting desperate. Instead of the final nail in the coffin inexorably going down soon, they may have dropped the nail and maybe the hammer too.

    Furthermore, if the central banks want to go level-11 and completely blow things up (without being blamed for that, of course) then they should at least orchestrate some kind of stock market swoon first “to justify” more extraordinary action. As it stands right now, the US markets – at least – have stabilized to pre-Brexit levels. Nevertheless, they may still do it out of desperation but it’s not going to help their cause. Of course, nothing else they could do would help either – except to shut themselves down and let the markets equilibrate themselves – but that would be like quitting before getting fired. Hmmm…maybe not such a bad idea.

    Here’s a good article whose title explains itself:

  • EDD

    DB: “In fact, throughout the week, Western media was reporting on an EU
    ultimatum to member states involving a surrender of traditional national
    rights including taxation and the right to self-defense.” And: “Instead, Brussels has moved hard in the other direction, informing
    member states of its determination to strip countries of traditional
    national rights.”

    The DB staff and I traded some comments on ‘unintended consequences’ in the comment section a couple days ago. Now, to elaborate: Brexit was in the eye of the hurricane during the days leading up to and including the day of the vote. Of course the hurricanes winds was occurring on the mainland with all the media chatter.

    Now the bankers and government leaders are attempting to make ‘national rights’ as the eye thereby moving it to central Europe. This storm can only escalate if member nations follow the path of Brexit as their citizens try to regain control of their national heritage. This is dangerous ground for the manipulators. If the citizens in Europe are looking for a brighter future as many Americans are, then the unintended results can only bring repercussions on those who would make the slavery of the human spirit complete.

    There are hints I have found in my research which could indicate there is a disastrous backlash coming upon those seeking to enslave the entire human race. I would pray that these events could be resolved in a peaceful manner. But if TPTB could so calmly sit by and watch thousands perish in an incident like the infamous 911 wake up call to patriotic people, a 2016 summer might become very hot indeed. Talk about ‘global warming’, just on a different angle from the one being used as propaganda to reduce energy consumption.

  • notinmyname

    He, of all people, would know. Look at what he did to the £ at the time of the ERM debacle. I would advise a little caution, though, as “rickety” is far too kind a word to describe many European banks right now. I have not seen much discussion or debate on the consequence of Brexit on the EIB – not a large investor, I know, but there must be fall-out surely?